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Lulu NH 05-10-2014 06:43 AM

Just for one week: Exercise Challenge!
1 hour is 4% of your day and I plan to exercise everyday this week!! Everyone is welcome to join!!

PS: I would also like to challenge myself not to weigh on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - this is actually a much harder challenge for me because I continue to be obsessed with the scale. True confession: Sometimes I weigh myself more than once per day....and I want to change that habit because I think it is unhealthy....

smith1313 05-10-2014 10:13 AM


Originally Posted by Lulu NH (Post 5001555)
1 hour is 4% of your day.

:D love that quote....

I'm in, I need to get my movement started.

I want to train for a 10K for this fall, work wants to do a half marathon but I don't quite think I'm up for that....yet

wannaskipandlaugh 05-10-2014 01:42 PM

I can do this as I walk at least 1 hour (execise) a day... But I want to challenge myself to do at least 30+ squats a day!

Lulu NH 05-11-2014 06:36 AM

5/10 Walked for an hour
5/11 Planning to walk for one hour, doing Sue's squats and adding some arm curls because when I think about it my arms are weak, weak, weak......I think I may post here until next Sunday......weighing in at 169 today.

Best wishes for an on-plan day!!'

smith1313 05-11-2014 09:43 AM

5/10...played in/around the pool over an hour, trying to maintain balance on a funoodle is a lot more difficult than it seems and a heck of a lot more funnier

attempting to increase miles on treadmill, I am doing 4 miles each day this week. You both are giving me great ideas!!!

Lulu....I googled an arm workout and LOVE it, curls, arm raises, standing flies, tricep curls and cross swings.\

Sue...I love the squat idea, my sis did the squat challenge last year that was going around, she loved it...I can't imagine doing 100 squats a day (((faint)))

Lulu NH 05-12-2014 04:27 AM

5/10/2014 walked for 1 hour
5/11/2014 walked for 1 hour, 30 squats (not pretty), arm curls
5/12/2014 plan to walk for 1 hour and 30 squats, rest from arm curls

sarahinparis 05-12-2014 06:22 AM

I'd suggest that as we start the weekly challenges we do it in a way that everyone can set the bar appropriately for themselves - for some people 5 minutes a day might be a good exercise challenge, for others maybe 1 hour is too easy... If everyone sets their own goal, hopefully that will encourage more people to participate.

Also, in the future can we post the new challenge to begin on the Monday after the previous challenge ends?

But I'll be cheering you guys on from the sidelines on this one - I have too many things to take care of this week to try to add this in, I'm already at risk of dropping something important, I'm practicing saying "no"...

calee 05-12-2014 09:03 AM

Good morning, I won't be joining this one as I've been out of Pilates for over three weeks now. I will be trying gain tomorrow night.

I walk 30 minutes daily and last week also walked a 5k 3 times. I'm not slacking but exercising as appropriate for me.

This week I am stayin scale focused because I didn't make enough scale progress last week.

Good luck everyone!

newme12 05-12-2014 09:06 AM

Ok finally got started! You guys are walking and squatting superstars!! :D
I walked 2.5 miles WooHoo!! 0 squats lol!

smith1313 05-12-2014 09:58 AM

5/11....4 miles....tough, broke it up on 2 segments but jogged many times throughout, played in the pool for a bit

smith1313 05-12-2014 09:36 PM

5/12 .... managed 4 miles today, I had to break it up since I had to put eggs on to boil, then laundry, then chicken in the oven. I got my speed up to 5 mph on the small sprints : )

Lulu NH 05-13-2014 04:07 AM

5/12/2014 Looks like everyone is off to a great start!! I walked for 1 hour - had to walk late in the day as it was 85 here yesterday..hot,hot,hot!! And it's officially black fly season!!! Bug spray needed from now on!!...forgot my squats...yikes!

Plan for today: walk, squat and curl
PS. It's Tuesday and I did not weigh today...or should I say "yet" today - my own very personal goal!!

Smith- Love the noodle!!! I love the water. My mom goes to a local pool everyday and does water exercises. She has special webbed gloves, etc. Baby girl is very impressed with your training for a 10k!! Her words" I can barely get through track practice!" I'm impressed too. I can only walk because of my joints - keep up the great work!!

Newme: 2.5 miles is awesome!! How does it feel?

Calee: Do you like Pilates? I've never tried it or yoga. I'm not really flexible because of arthritis but I think there are some modified routines that can be done from a chair...?

Sue- How's it going?

Best wishes for an on-plan day!!

wannaskipandlaugh 05-13-2014 07:31 AM

5/12 - day 1 Well I walked 3.3 miles 1 hour and I also did 25 squats :)

Its nice to walk outside. This time of year is beautiful to be outside. I am going to save some money and get myself a bike (after I replace my broken TV..hmmmmmm which one of those is better for me??!!!! LOL)

calee 05-13-2014 08:46 AM

Lulu, I started with mat Pilates done on the floor. Did that for a few years. Classes though Kaiser. Pilates was developed as physical therapy. It's wonderful. Very helpful or those with arthritis. Now I do Pilates Reformer which is an hour on a special machine that has a weight system built into it. Difficult to understand but I'm starting to get arm definition, just a tad, but first time ever!

Lulu NH 05-14-2014 05:44 AM

Yesterday I walked for an hour but was pressed for time so no squats...today will walk for an hour, squats and arm curls!! I keep reminding myself to "pay myself first" - take the time in my day to exercise, plan a meal, etc....something that keeps me on track!! I have walked for 17 days in a row a which is pretty much a miracle!!

Did not weigh at all yesterday and not so far today..ate on plan too!!(my own little mini-challenge not to weigh...truly in awe of people who can weigh once a week or less)

Calee- arm definition sounds wonderful!!!

Newme/Smith/Sue - Piling up the miles!!

Best wishes for an on-plan day!!!

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