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Default new here! i'm on atkins!

okay so i have been doing atkins for well over a year now. i was 360lbs and very unhappy with myself. i've lost a grand total of 116lbs. today my scale says 244lbs. i'm still a far cry away from where i need to be. i'm new to the forum and new to this whole thing in general. i have decided to revamp my atkins induction diet. i have eliminated for the most part all dairy. i feel that given all the research I have done on atkins and the incorporation of dairy/excess proteins, that i must eliminate it on induction for weight loss purpose. I did some reading and the excess proteins from the dairy can actually cause a rise in insulin similar if not exactly like the one you would get from eating carbohydrates. my weight loss has plateau'd. i'm dying for results. This morning i made a new grocery list. i'm not including anything new however i did eliminate a few things. i'm keeping butter, because it makes my veggies tasty/no carbs/minimal protein. Butter is the only dairy product i'm keeping until i reach my goal. I have gone bootcamp style. I have huge bags of broccoli in the fridge and will eat 2-4 cups daily of that. I also bought salmon and tilapia. So my inductions days will now include and only inculde broccoli, salmon, and tilapia. I have been drinking crystal light. I have noticed that the more water i drink the more i lose weight. Now given that observation, i also noticed that when i started including crystal light with my water...weightloss wasn't so much. Crystal light shows no carbs on the kind that i buy. some have carbs. some don't. i'm very observant and selective on the kind i get. some flavors pack more carbs. for whatever reason i believe that i'm still getting a lot of carbs from the so called ZERO carb crystal light packs. so i'm discontinuing those in my diet. from now on. PURE WATER. just good ole' H20. I've decided that since patients in the hospital benefit in terms of weight loss (among other things) with IV fluids at 2000 ml + rate that i should incorporate ingesting 3000ml/cc of water daily as well. my scale has stopped at 244lbs. this is week one of hardcore atkins. no more cheese, low carb milk, no artificial sweeteners, no stevia, no crystal light, no more omelettes with shredded cheese and cream cheese on the side. no siree! i must make the scale move!!!
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Enjoying the journey
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Welcome Falon!! Congratulations on your journey so far!!! Is your weight loss at a real plateau or is your body just re-adjusting before the next downdowndown!! You have already lost 116lbs - that is tremendous and you should be very proud of yourself!! I seem to get stuck at the end of a decade for a little while before making it into the next weight range!! Super slow loser on prednisone, 48 yo and peri-menopausal - a super excellent weight loss combination....said no one ever!! HA! The only caution I have for you is sticking to only a few foods...it would make me bored and more likely to fall off plan.....

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Welcome! It sounds like you have a plan...and a strict one at that. No cheese? I would cry! I agree with you on the water increasing weight loss and on the crystal light stalling it. I have to agree with Lulu on the food tho. I would get very dissatisfied with only 3 foods. When you say " until I reach my goal weight", do you mean 180 or do you have A short term goal in mind? I believe (and this is only my opinion) that you Will start losing again eating so strictly, but that it will be short term and that you will soon plateau again, and then you will have no where to go. For your sake I hope not, and I wish you the best! You have certainly done well already losing 116 lbs! I'm curious...is this the first time you've plateaued?
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Hi Falon. I just recently restarted on Atkins after letting my carb addiction get me up to 189 again. I had to limit crystal light packets to one per day my first and second go round. Plus I counted the "0" carb packets as 1 gram of carbs. Sometimes they are allowed to list it as "0" when it is actually less than 1. You can tell if that's the case by reading close to the bottom for a sentence says the amount of x, y and z are negligible and therefore listed as 0.

I also tend to stick to the same meals every day during induction. I did 2 scrambled eggs with ham and cheese for breakfast, Grilled Chicken over Caesar Salad For lunch, and steamed tilapia and broccoli for dinner. I ate a boiled egg for snack.

Be careful that you are eating enough. Stalls can be caused by eating too little food just as it can be caused by eating too much or by eating foods your body doesn't tolerate.

I also agree with Lulu to see if you really are stalling. Have you checked your measurements? I thought I had stalled at 172 during my last Atkins run. Altough I stayed at 172, I dropped from a size 18 to a size 12 during that "stall".

Atkins also has that boiled egg and water day that is supposed to get you back moving if all else fails.

What kind of exercise are you doing?
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Hi & congrats on great progress!

I'm new to Atkins too! I'm happy to see the scale moving downward again I had lost about 45 pounds a year or so ago after having to give up wheat, gluten, and dairy products due to allergy and intolerances. But, then the loss stalled and I couldn't make the scale budge more than 5 or 6 pounds in the last year! Until reading about Atkins and a couple other books about insulin resistance. I'm a convert! Since starting Atkins on March 10, I've lost 12 pounds! It may seem slow to some, but, for me, that's incredible!

I also choose to not use artificial sweeteners or alcohol-based sweeteners, plus I can't have the cheese and sour cream that most on Atkins can have but, I'm doing ok. I did add some nuts and berries last week to take the place of the dairy products and eliminate some food boredom. But, I'm sticking to 20 g carbs a day for now and going to stay with that for awhile, I think. I seem to be a slow loser. But, I can also see & feel inches coming off my waist, which is another incredible thing for me. I have lost a lot of inches off my legs, arms, neck, and bust areas, but the fat would absolutely NOT come off my belly before. In fact, at times, I think the fat was moving from the other areas INTO my belly! I now know carbs are just bad, bad, bad for me!

Hope you all are doing well and hope to see more of you around here!

7/18/12 became wheat- and dairy-free @ 235 pounds
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Ronni62 said, " Since starting Atkins on March 10, I've lost 12 pounds! "

Congrats on that rapid weight loss! Keep up the hard work and you will reach your goal weight in no time!

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