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Enjoying the journey
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Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: New Hampshire
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S/C/G: 225/192/170

Height: 5-5.5


Happy New Year!!! Ending this challenge at 1.7.8!! So my next challenge will have the same goals as this challenge! My sister and her family leave today so my house will go back to normal and all holiday food is out of here!!

Pixikat - I took your lead and called my weight change what it is "Christmas gain" - and I updated my ticker and profile - not going to lie - I hate that I have to re-trace steps!! Hoping the scale is good to you today!!

Sue Looks like you will make the challenge!! Congrats!! Thanks for all of your support this past year!! Can't wait for everyone to make it to 230s, then Onederland!! 2014 will be great for all of us!!!

Best wishes for an on-plan and downdowndown day!!!

Onederland 5/10/2013 Currently getting back to Onederland
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S/C/G: 235 / 189 / 165


So, final analysis is that I didn't make his goal, but I did get halfway there, and I had the lowest Holiday gain in many many years while still enjoying myself and staying checked in. So in summary, a success. (Trying very hard to overcome my perfectionism!)

SW : 210.4
CW : 207.6 (-2.8)
GW : 205.4

210.4 Nov 29
209.6 Nov 30
209.2 Dec 1
209.6 Dec 2
209.6 Dec 3
210.0 Dec 4
209.2 Dec 5
208.6 Dec 6
208.2 Dec 7
208.4 Dec 8
208.4 Dec 9
208.4 Dec 10
207.0 Dec 11
205.6 Dec 12
205.6 Dec 13
205.2 Dec 14
205.0 Dec 15
205.2 Dec 16
204.2 Dec 17
204.6 Dec 18
204.6 Dec 19
206.0 Dec 20
206.2 Dec 21
206.4 Dec 22
207.6 Dec 23
208.0 Dec 24
209.2 Dec 25
209.6 Dec 26
209.4 Dec 27
207.2 Dec 28
206.6 Dec 29
207.2 Dec 30
207.2 Dec 31
207.6 Jan 1

Before the holidays I was doing very well.

During the Christmas holidays (on our trip) I ate carbs but stayed checked in and somewhat in control (one meal was a planned indulgence, but there were other carb days that hadn't been planned)

Did a great job of getting back to strict low carb on the morning of the 26th.

Had planned another carb-allowed meal on Dec 31st but thanks in part to this challenge (and in part to the memory of the recent carb indulgences) I decided not to indulge in carbs on New Years Eve as planned.

The period of Dec 26-Jan 1st (included) was higher calorie than usual for me, and contained much more cheese (and he last 2 days, whipped cream). No doubt that factors into my recent weights.

I allowed myself to indulge in cheese when others had fancy desserts. And on New Years Eve and Day I had plates of red berries, which was het first fruit I've had in over 100 days.

And now, a turn back to the stricter low carb diet, watching protein and keeping a cap on calories - confident my weight will keep moving down in 2014!
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Sue finding inner song
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Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: Port St. Lucie FL
Posts: 4,192

S/C/G: 313.4/298.2/160

Height: 5' 4" 3/4


Well... I came close .8 away.. but that is okay! This is the closest I have come to meeting a challenge in a LONG time!. JUST THINK EVERYONE.... we all are lighter and have survived the holidays (Not perfect.. but then we are human aren't we?!) Looking foward to joining you all on the next challenge - OOOHHH I see it now... LOVE the LOVE for Valentines Day Lulu!....

SW 12/2 252 (it was 253.2 yesterday OUCH!)
12/3 249.6 Lost a whole bunch of that water weight HOORAY!
12/4 - 247.6 Very very very Happy!!! all water weight but 1 lb is gone! Dinner out with friends at Bonefish Grill... gotta look at the menu for low carb!
12/5 247.2 well.. had Bang Bang Shrimp (Bad Sue as it was breaded opps) BACK on the wagon of Induction again today! Wooo Hoooo - train whistle!
12/6 246.8 Oh YAY Just .2 oz away from all time low for this final journey Yippy!... gonna happen - oh yes it is! Climbing ladder this weekend putting up icicle lights and then putting lights on the palm tress... Good workout and sweating!
12/7 245.6 oh YAY BABY! Very happy!!! and I still have all my climbing work to do this weekend (rainy and humid/warm today booo I would send it up north to you all and to the west!)
12/8 245.2 WooHoo!!!!! .2 away from 75 off total.. This time last year, I would never have thought this! WOOHOO!
12/9 245.6 Salty bacon and ham yesterday... Did ALOT of climbing (ladder) and walking tho.. will be GONE tomorrow!
12/10 246 GRRRR
12/11 245.4 okay back down a scooch.. I WANT 244! like NOW! lol (demanding SueWanna here!) LOL
12/12 246
12/13 246.4 sad but in pain and ate "wholegrain Scoops" oh why did I have those in my house???!!!
12/14?? did not weigh
12/15 247.4
12/16 249.4
12/17 249.4
12/18 249.8 oooooooooooooo Yikes!
12/19 248.6
12/20 246.8 whew... only 1.6 above lowest.. can't wait til tomorrow weigh in!
12/21 245.6 ok 1.6 to Christmas weight desired (244)
12/22 245.2 getting closerrrrrrrr 1.2 more to go!
12/23 244.8 Now... 243!!!!!!
12/24 244.6 LOL going down by .2 increments.. well I'LL TAKE IT!
12/25 DNW tooooo busy
12/26 246.8 (Up 2.2 from the 24th.. understandable and I will take it off!!!)
12/27 & 28 DNW
12/29 245.8
12/30 244.8... okay....1.0 away.. can I do it in 2 days???
12/31 243.8 welll I lost that 1.0 lb so made goal sorta.. I want 243.0 even or lower for tomorrow final weigh in! -.9!!!!!
1/1/14 243.8 just .8 away from making it (and I probably did as I weighed myself before the TMI here elimination.. but I am happy... Onto the next challenge with my wonderful friends!

GW 243 or LOWER and I WILL DO IT

2013 weight loss journey start 320 Loss 111 = 209
New Goal (2017 313.4 start) Lose 10%

You have to believe it first and then you will see it!!

1 for every 10 lbs lost

to Rauros Falls 1309 miles
traveled: 1065.25 (exercise miles only) started 3/1/13
Remaining: 243.75 - Rauros Falls!
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Enjoying the journey
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Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: New Hampshire
Posts: 722

S/C/G: 225/192/170

Height: 5-5.5


Wannaskipandlaugh as far as I am concerned you met your goal!! Congratulations!! I am not a fan of any numbers after the decimal point!! 9 pounds down during the holiday - that is a miracle plus hard work!! You ROCK!!!

Sarah - You put it all in perspective for me!! Over the holidays each year I could have easily gone up 10 pounds - and this year I did not! Yes I was up but just to where I was when I started the month! Thank you for making me think...

Onederland 5/10/2013 Currently getting back to Onederland
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Location: Paris, France
Posts: 757

S/C/G: 235 / 189 / 165


Lulu, I am constantly fighting my perfectionism. And while I'm motivated by some of the time-based goals in fact what I really care about is doing my best over the long term - sometimes the time-based goals help me with that. But then I make myself be realistic and generous and kind to myself if the scale doesn't cooperate (because often it doesn't).
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