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Default Induction and Excited

I have decided to start following the Atkins plan again. I did Atkins several years ago and felt good. I'm getting ready to purchase my induction foods. I was just wondering if there was any suggestions on items that got you through induction. I am concerned about not feeling well at first and was also wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to deal with cravings/withdrawal.


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jbwiklanski have water on hand. Drink water before you get up to eat and think about what you really want. Plan your meals/snacks so you know what you are going to the refrigerator to pick out.

Because I started Atkins in the winter I also drank tea and broth to statisfy the "pull to eat" without completely derailing myself - I really had to read labels for carb counts. I make bowls of "safe foods" like thinly sliced celery to pick out of the fridge - makes it seem like you are eating alot when you really aren't.

Start excercising - it's a new routine just like Atkins!!

Don't obsess about the scale....that's a hard one.

Most importantly I joined this forum - the online support has helped me stay on plan!! Best Wishes!!!

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Thank you for joining our group and this forum (its a greal place to frequent and Lulu is right... everyone is REALLY supportive!)

When I do Atkins. I usually have some sliced cheese (sharp cheddar in my case) to snack on. I also LOVE deviled eggs and those are like treats in my book. Try different spices... oh the more the merrier. I have tried alot of the Ms Dash ( I am trying to lower the salt too) as you can grill Chicken/fish/shrimp in different spices and that makes your mouth happy. When I have alittle extra money (on my food stamp card) I try and get some good Boars head deli meat. That is just darn good to eat plain or with cheese/lettuce/mayo/spice rollups... But I like it plain too... But I am sure that your deli has some of the good meat (not packaged processed full of preservative meats). I have alot to lose...so I really can't eat nuts and fruit... but I treat myself once a week to peanuts (in shell) or some strawberries or some almonds but I try for just 1 a week as the more I eat of those... the less I will lose that week. But I think spices and look at sauces (hot sauce has 0 carbs!).

But welcome welcome welcome and join us in the amazement of losing weight and feeling full (and not starving well except during TOM I think) and WATER... make that a habit as it does keep your organs (Kidneys and Liver) functioning much better getting rid of the icky fat and Cr*p

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My tips for induction are to have some sort of broth on hand... the salt helps... taking a Multi-vitamin and possibly Mg,Ca,K+ supplements as well... those can make a difference too... also have some sort of fiber supplement on hand just in case you need it if you know what I mean...

As far as foods... just stick to what's on the acceptable foods lists for induction... and if you're going to include cheese on induction I found it helps to stick to pre-packaged individually wrapped 1oz portions to make it easy to stick to the 3 or 4oz day limit...
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Welcome! Glad you found us here. I found Walden's products at Kroger grocery stores. They make sauces and salad dressings that are good and have no sugar, fat or carbs in them. I put those over veggies such as celery and cherry tomatoes for a great mid-afternoon snack. I also drink 1/2 my body weight in water up to 100 ounces a day. That makes me feel full in itself.

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I suggest you check labels there are carbs in everything and if you want to stay under 20 a day it ads up real quick. Sausage cheese Splenda. Only carbs besides what's in my meats and cheese are celery and lettuce sometimes cucumber.
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