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Default Do you want some ketchup? Do you want a fuzzy navel?

Why does everyone want to feed you carbs!?!?! I swear I am constantly hearing would you like some (insert food full of carbs here) or would you like some (and again)? And I say no I cant eat that, no I cant drink that. Even my own husband was like you want some chips? SERIOUSLY!?!?! He says OPPS I forgot sorry, but come on! Ok sorry I really just needed to get that out there. How are you all doing with refusing the carbs you are offered lol?

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I just love when they ask if I want ketchup with my grilled chicken pieces... mindless robots!

I'm only on Day 3 and I'm ready to eat my own toes - with ketchup, of course
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Every time my boyfriend eats something I hear "Want a bite?".
And every time I firmly tell him 'No thanks. I'm on a low-carb diet.' (I have to put myself on repeat.)

What's even worse is when he offers me healthy foods, which he assumes I can eat, but when I try to explain that rice, granola bars, yogurt, etc have carbs in them HE ARGUES WITH ME.

To this day he still doesn't understand what a carb is. I think he must really tune me out.

On a positive note, I was out getting groceries and ketchup on sale. I bought it with my boyfriend in mind. As I was putting it away at home I noticed that it was sugar free, and only 1 carb per tablespoon. My new favourite treat is pork rinds and ketchup.
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How did I miss this thread before? I must be blind. YES I HATE IT! My family knows what I'm doing, and I have a big family, many of them have low carbed before. My psychopath sister though, can't grasp the concept though. She is the type that doesn't think there is wheat in white bread because its not "whole wheat." I asked her what she thought flour was made out of and got a blank stare. "Beer? You can drink beer, its fermented and that changes the carbs to alcohol." No really, she said that a few nights ago at our grandparents house. *facepalm*
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