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Default Day five on Atkins; new to this board


Today was day five on Atkins. So far so good, I think, except two problems:

1) I feel like h*ll. After some thought, I've realized it's probably because I am so not hungry that the thought of eating makes me feel gross, so I don't eat, so I feel worse, and it's a vicious cycle. After I managed to force down a little soup and stir-fry at lunchtime today, I started feeling human, and after some more stir-fry at dinner I felt like a new person.

So I think it's just mornings. When I wake up, is there some tip or trick for forcing down breakfast when the thought makes me want to hurl? Or will this pass?

2) Insomnia. I get to sleep just fine, but wake up at a ridiculous hour, drenched in sweat, suffering from bizarre dreams, and can't get back to sleep. Will this pass?

Any of this sound normal?
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to the Atkins Forum
That yucky feeling sounds like you have the Atkins "flu". Not really flu per se, but just that yucky feeling for a bit. And yes it does pass

I'm not sure about the insomnia or bizarre dreams. My dreams are bizarre on a regular basis, Atkins or not

Anyways welcome


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You'll feel like that for a few days probably. I've heard that drinking a cup of broth can help because it replaces the salt in your diet (or something). Good luck!
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welcome smurf: don't know about the dreams, but are you possibly in perimenopause? I am and sometimes get night (and day) sweats and certainly odd dreams at times.
As to breakfast, consider a little smoothie or shake to start yourself off if you just can't face "food" right away. I often whip up some protein powder with water, ice, a bit of cream ( and when I am wild and can enjoy a few carbs will add some frozen berries!) and have that, then have a more tradition breakfast a couple of hours later.

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fatmad, I've never tried a protein shake -- do you have a recommended brand? That might be a good option for me, mornings.

Whatever was going on, it seems to have resolved. I think it may have been related to not eating enough food in general. I forced down a decent lunch and dinner yesterday, and then I slept a full 8 hours last night (though I still had crazy, apocalyptic dreams -- and I think it's unlikely I'm perimenopausal, because I'm in my early 30s) and woke up feeling less gross than yesterday.

This morning, I forced down a mushroom omelette I really didn't want, but I think that was a great decision -- I feel really energetic now!
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How's it going, JustSmurfy?

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