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Default Pork rinds?

I've never tried the things as they seem absolutely disgusting to me. However, I see SO many people on Atkins who eat them and use them as breading and all kinds of other things...I WANT to like them. How do they taste? Did anyone else think they looked gross but ended up liking them after giving them a shot? Chips are one of my favorite foods...Doritos, fritos, cheetos, funyuns, potato chips...I love them all! I'd really love to have a chips and dip type snack on hand. I like the cheese crackers but they aren't really crunchy or sturdy enough for me.
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I never was a real fan of pork-rinds, until hubby introduced me to Porkie's brand nacho flavored porkrinds. They are SO good. I tried other Porkie's brand pork rinds, and realized that some pork rinds are much better than others. So if you don't like one brand, you might like another.

I also liked the Lowry microwave "bacon curls." Very good.
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of all the crunch things I would dream of putting in my mouth, pork rinds would be at the top. love them -- kind of like eating BACON!

Am back for Round 2, beginning 3/7.
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I think they have the same texture as funyons, just shaped differently. I LOVE the spicy flavored ones. But yes, different brands, taste different. Give it a shot!
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I've had different kinds....bbq, salt & vinegar, plain, cinnamon & sugar and hot & spicy. I love them all! I ate pork rinds even when I wasn't on Atkins. I love both the texture and the flavor, when I'm in the mood for something crunchy and salty. Give it a whirl...I'm sure you'll find that you have a new snack!!!
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I don't mind the taste so much as I enjoy the crunch. I was a big chip fan and when I am needing something crunchy with a sandwich this is a good replacement. Although I don't usually eat them with a sandwich. Usually I eat them as a snack.

Just try them what do you have to loose?
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They are really hard to find here and the one brand I have found I don't care for. Its not the taste its the after feeling in my mouth that I don't like. I have broken down and gotten them when I need the crunch .. but I usually end up tossing them in the garbage soon after.

I do need to find a different brand ... but like I said, they are difficult to find here.
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I like them -- I've always liked them -- but as others say, some brands are better than others. They un-flavored ones don't really have much of a taste in my opinion, but I like to dip them in things or use them as a base for "sauce-y" food that I make (they soak up stuff pretty easily).

A word of warning: they are pretty dry, so have a beverage handy when eating them.
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Pork rinds are handy. I really liked using them as a "dipper" when I tried the Taco Bake last week. I didn't feel as if I were on any kind of healthy eating plan...it was wonderfully JUNKY!

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I ate them once, but they were the plain ones. They were okay, not disgusting or anything, but kinda 'blah'

I also didn't realize there are flavoured ones as well, and I never ate them with anything. I could see there being a lot of options with them.

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I figure plain with dip, as I don't like flavoured chips either, but haven't been able to find them. Any Canadian brands? especially in Ontario? I will keep an eye out for them.

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the frito-lay brand taste the freshest to me. i have tried the store brand and they are no where near as airy or tasty as these.

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Default PoRk RiNds==== More Info pls

You guys are saying that pork rinds how no

and that they are ok? ...... if they have none of the above.
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Porks rinds are just fried pork skin and salt (and perhaps other seasonings), so yes, they are ok.
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