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Default How many fat grams???

Hi there...

I just started "low carbing" a few days ago... I'm keeping em down from 20 to about 33 carbs a day...

My question is how many fat grams are most you ingesting a day???

I usually eat low calories and am trying to ingest more calories... Kinda having a problem with that... So I started eating almonds... Ten here, Ten there...

Also on my salads I add a teaspoon of Udo's Oil... so that's some more fat...

I would really appreciate what you guys have to say/share...

I'm a bit concerned that I am high on fat grams.... Today I am up to 59 grams... is that bad???

And at what ( grams ) should I keep it at...?

Thanks much
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I know most people on Atkin's eat a generally high fat diet, whether it be saturated and/or unsaturated. I can't give much more input, personally. I don't low carb diet.
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My experience is that if I stay below 30g of carbs a day I have no issues with my fat intake. Once I go above 30g of carbs a day I do not lose weight if I don't also start watching the fat.

Fat + Carbs = Not a good combo and more than likely how I gained in the first place.
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When low carbing, concern yourself with your net carbs (carbs minus the fiber) only. You do not need to worry about fats.
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I have to watch my fat intake. Because when I eat too much fat after the first 2 weeks, I dont lose weight. No matter how many carbs Ive had.

I like to keep my fat totals below my protein levels. I count my carbs, eat lots of good lean protein, and keep the fat level under the protein level.

This is really easy to watch if you are using www.fitday.com
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When low carbing, you've got to be careful not to eat too little fat. I don't know if there's a particular minimum amount to keep in mind, but I know that if you attempt to drastically cut both carbohydrates and fats, it puts you at risk for rabbit starvation. (Named rabbit starvation, because it was first noticed in the wagon trains whenever folks had to live off mainly rabbit (very lean meat and few if any carbohydrates).
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