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Default Am I eating too much????

I started Atkins a week ago today. I was 216.2 and this morning when i weighed i was 211.4 so i guess that's pretty good - almost 5lbs in one week -BUT today i felt like i ate WAAAAAY too much - i know it's ridiculous for me to weigh myself now at night after a full day's worth of eating, but i just did and i'm 215.2 - so now i'm all paranoid. today i had:

B: 2 slices of chicken breast rolled up with 1 slice of havarti cheese
S: 2 sausage patties
L: Slice of Cheeseburger Casserole (off Linda's Low carb) and a salad with vinegar, olive oil and grated parm cheese
S: 1 piece of Live Active 2% Cheese (it has 0 carbs)
D: Top Round thin steak - about 8oz - with grilled onions, mashed cauliflower with butter and cheddar cheese
Dessert: 1 tbsp cream cheese mixed with some cinammon and 1 packet of stevia - frozen

i try to eat smaller meals 5-6x a day - i'm not sure if it's just TOO much.

i am in ketosis because this morning my stick was purple - was more of a dark pink last week but today it was really purple!
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Eat enough to feel satisfied, but not stuffed. Different people have different appetites and different bodies, so it's hard to tell by looking at a list. Listen to your body.

I would skip the diet cheese and eat regular cheese, but that's completely unrelated to your original question.
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Hi Fastlanes! The good thing about Atkins is that you can eat as much as you want (of the right foods of course). It is a little hard to get used to because the "watch calories" mantra that most diets abide by. And common sense tells you that more calories is not good! But as your body gets used to Atkins and your new menu, your appetite will lessen. So eat what your body needs now (but not until you're miserably stuffed) and your appetite will go down.
I never ever thought I'd be one of those people who "forgets" to eat, but it has happened.

And congrats on getting through a week of Induction. It can be tough!
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I have to agree with Pengbear, Atkins isn't they type of diet where you have to count your calories. What I did when I was on it is I made sure to eat something everythree hours, usually a small amount of something with protein. The protein for me prevented me from being hungry.

Grats on getting through your fist week!
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If you are hungry, then -eat-. Not eating when you are hungry is actually worse for you because it puts your body into starvation (and storage!) mode. That mode makes you fatter, because when you DO eat, your body stores it instead of processing what it needs and eliminating the rest.

Also, as BA pointed out, this is not a low-fat plan. Low-fat foods are usually filled with sugar and/or bread fillers, and even miniscule amounts of those can skyrocket your carb intake. Besides, good fats help your body.
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Originally Posted by pengbear View Post
The good thing about Atkins is that you can eat as much as you want (of the right foods of course).
I just wanted to point out that this is not entirely true. Its a common misconception most people have about Atkins. To better understand what you should be eating on Atkins Induction & how much, you may want to have a look here: http://www.veronicaatkinsfoundation.org/lifestyle.htm
Basically, meat & eggs are unlimited...meaning to eat until you are satisfied but, do not stuff yourself! Cheese's (full-fat, firm, soft, and semi soft aged cheese) like Cheddar, Swiss, Gouda, goat cheese, mozzarella, blue cheese are limited to 3-4 ozs. Heavy cream, light cream & sour cream are limited to 3 Tbsp. Salad & veggies (from the acceptable foods list) are also limited.

Keep in mind Induction is 20 carbs per day, 12-15 of which should be coming from the salads & veggies on the acceptable foods list.

I agree with BlondeAmbition, I would eat full fat cheese (limited to 3-4 ozs.) You might want to also consider a small salad with dinner as well.

All the best to you!!
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Cool Thow out that scale?

Try weighing yourself once a week. Try throwing your scale out if you're compulsive or give it to a friend to stash for a while. I weigh once a week at my doctor's office - either a Tuesday or a Wednesday after 5. I run in; they buzz me through and I weigh myself. Nobody sees the results but me; so far, it's all good.

I have no scale. I threw it directly into the big garbage bin when I stumped my toe on it one "fat" day!

Start: 207 (12/04)

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