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Cool Newbie Needs Ice Cream Recipe

Hi all, I'm new to the forum and am just beginning Atkins...and I want an ice cream recipe. I have a neat new ice cream maker from William Sonoma, and I know it's possible to make a legit ice cream. And I have faith some of you have a few all figured out...please share. (I have the New Diet Revolution Cookbook already). Don't even ask me what I'm doing with an ice cream maker...) Peace Out.
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I'm not an Atkins dieter, however, these are supposedly low carb:


Having said that, I dropped the vanilla ice cream ingredients into my calorie counter software and it's over 400 cals per serving for the vanilla. (Just so you know.)
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Atkins Induction friendly ice cream recipes:

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Cool 400 calories - Yikes!

Thanks so much for the recipes. I was happier before you figured out the calorie counts for me...I'm going to worry about calories after I survive two weeks of Induction - two days is hard. No carbs is really tough; all I want to do is eat a damned potato!

I've gained about 80 pounds in the last 6 years, and I kept quietly buying larger sizes and denying that I was getting fat. But at 246, I've finally faced the reality of my weight and my destructive eating preferences. So, thanks for the recipes and wish me strength and luck.
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No Carbs? you need 12 to 15 grams of carbs from veggies alone and 20 grams of carbs over the full day.

You should be eating so many greens and veggies you won't have room for anything more in your tummy.

It's only the first week that was difficult after that you will wonder where your appetite went........but you need to count those carbs and keep them up!

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Cool Recommendations - Calorie Counting Software?

I'm on induction, week one, and happily yumming up lots of calories...at some point soon, I think I should be more aware of the number of calories I'm consuming. Please share recommendations for calorie counting software -especially if it's particularly good for use on Atkins. I have new hot pink Dell I'm loving; I run Vista on it. (I'm reasonably computer literate). Also, pro's and con's of software choices will be helpful. Thanks for your support - everyone. It's the beginning of a new week. I'm feeling hopeful and determined.

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I saw on the other thread that someone recommended Fitday.com to you, and then I noticed that you had a link to your fitday journal posted here at 3FC (over there on the left under your name), but when I clicked on it, it wouldn't work, said there was no journal for that name.

Over in fitday, you have to choose to make your journal public before others can see it. Just click on the "Home" tab then scroll down to the bottom of that page and choose to make your journal public.

I haven't been putting my food in as religiously since I switched to carb-counting. I find I can eat the right foods and keep the carbs down low, even without counting every bite. But it's a great tool to keep yourself accountable to yourself!

Best wishes and good luck, btw!

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