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Default Misleading Packaging

Hi all,

I've been low carbing on and off and finally decided to do the Atkins diet properly and there's something I keep coming across that really irritates me!

Misleading food labels For example, I bought some beef quarter pounders that said in big letters across the packaging '100% BEEF'

So that would contain just fat and protein right? So how come when I read the ingredients (after buying them) I see they actually contain Celery Extract, Wheat, Soya Protein, Sugar and Potato starch?? It gave them a significant carb content.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but cows don't contain any of that stuff It just annoys me that food companies can do that.
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Wow, that is amazing! I guess it just means there is no meat other than beef in the patty. If there an asterisk or something written in small letters nearby?
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I'm guessing that's how they get round it, that it's just beef, no other meat... but it's rather sneaky because usually when quarter pounders are advertised as '100% Beef' they contain only a little seasoning as opposed to the usual quarter pounders that contain all the cereal and other junk.
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You really must pay close attention to labels. Unfortunately, things aren't always what they seem or as they are advertised.

Perfect example are Atkins bars. Despite the label saying they're "appropriate" for Induction...read the label... it says they contain SOY, MILK & PEANUTS. Where are any of these ingredients on the acceptable foods list for Induction??? They also state they contain 0 grams of sugar alcohol, however you may want to read this for an explaination on sugar alcohols & how they affect the body: http://www.phlaunt.com/lowcarb/19059967.php
Atkins Nutritionals now has a disclaimer on their website stating "Atkins science allows us to calculate Net Carbs in our products more accurately. In addition to subtracting grams of dietary fiber from total carbohydrates, we're able to account for glycerin and other ingredients that have minimal impact on blood sugar levels that might not show up on a standard food label. We can also check Net Carbs using analytical techniques. But, whats important for you to know is all Atkins bars and shakes are low in Net Carbs." They've gone as far as saying "minimal impact on blood sugar levels"...interesting isn't it? MINIMAL does not mean NO impact, it means little impact! I'd say this is called Atkins Nutritionals covering their butts!

Labeling can often be very misleading, be sure you read the ingredients and if you still are unsure, verify if there are "hidden carbs" with a hidden carb finder such as this one: http://www.genaw.com/lowcarb/hidden_...alculator.html
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Buyer Beware!
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I remember my DH and myself going crazy looking for cold cuts that didn't have carbs. Finally we walked over to the prepackaged deli foods and found Dietz & Watson brand ... it was like hitting the lottery lol http://www.dietzandwatson.com/mainHome.asp

Even bacon, sausage...you name it Yep... buyer beware.


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