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Default Rewarding yourself

Okay so I started this new plan on working out and Atkins around the 27th of May and I had 1 slip up on a weekend about 3 weeks ago where I ate what I shouldn't have but Monday morning I started completly over. Starting at 251 when I started I set my Mini goal to be 235 by the 27th of June. Yesterday I weighed myself 234.5 I was so happy I met my goal. Then to ruin it lol... I went at 11pm at night when I got off work and had a hand full of Baked Doritos and some pizza Bites. At the time I was thinking I have worked my butt of I deserve a treat. Now that I woke up the next morning and have been thinking about it I have decided that was not a good treat. For one I didn't feel as good after eating it as I thought I would. It actually made me feel worse. I have been so motivated and eating that kinda of made me lose some motivation.

I wanted to know what others do to reward themselves. I know I should not reward myself with food. Thats like the worse thing to do. I tell myself that when I lose the weight and get to my ultimate goal I am going to change my eating habits because I know how to eat healthy I just have always choosen not too. Earlier in the day at work a girl offered me some fruit though its not on the atkins I took a little as a treat and I didn't feel bad about that because its fruit and I thought that was kinda of a good treat though it does have natural sugar and carbs it's a whole heck of a lot better then chips or pizza.lol.

What other things can I reward myself with once I reach my Mini-goals? I already have my ultimate reward planned next summer is my 21st birthday and if I get to 125 by then I am going to plan a weekend in Gatlinburg for my friends and I for my 21st Birthday. I need some Mini goal rewards any suggestions welcomed.

Thank You
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Getting a new hairstyle, a manicure, a pedicure, a facial, a new pair of shoes, a piece of jewelry, a new handbag, treating yourself to a movie you've been wanting to see, buying yourself a new exercise dvd...going out with your girlfriends for lunch or dinner (and you staying on plan of course!). Reward yourself with something you really enjoy doing! Just something for you!
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I agree w/ Jerseygirl. My next "treat" is a new skirt once I lose another pound or so. I had a bad eating day yesterday myself. I took the kids out to breakfast and ate all my old favorites. The weird thing is, it really didn't even taste that good. And then last night at work I had chips and salsa. Lots of water retention today, so back on plan for me!
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I've started rewarding myself with a new, pretty set of pajamas when I hit a goal. Either that, or some hot new work-out clothes.
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Every pound I have lost I have put $10 into a savings account. If I gained a pound, I put $20 in it. Seeing the #'s go up $10 at a time makes me feel happy. I'm probably going to use the money to get this hideous tattoo removed when I meet my goal of 150lbs lost
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I want to lose weight so I can feel comfortable in my own skin on my wedding day.

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I guess I'm older and more patient now. I just LOVE shopping for a smaller size every 6 weeks or so. I go to Value Village right now so the change of sizes is not expensive.......I love donating to them the bigger size that I've outgrown. On Wednesday I went down to a size 12 and gave them my size 16's now that's a huge reward to me!!

I do agree with Jerseygirl.....she has great ideas and any one or taking turns to use each one of them would be a great reward. Food of any kind should never be a reward.....we don't even use food to reward the children because we hope to avoid the thought process. It's so hard to work around.
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I love this idea! I've been spending waaaaay too much on clothing lately. Two birds with one stone if I can only allow new clothes at a mini weight goal.
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