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"On the road again...."
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Angry I'm back and bigger than ever...

How do you say THREE HUNDRED lbs?!?!?!

I live in this body and yet...i just don't get it. How did I get here. I mean we all know how I got here...
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I live in this body and yet...i just don't get it.
I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes I see myself in the mirror and for a second, I'm shocked. It's really hard, but you're here, you've decided to change, and we're all here for you. Message me if you ever want to chat (or want some good low-cal recipes- I'm NOT giving up delicious foods to lose weight!!)
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Smile heads up only

I know when I was really heavy, I only looked at myself in the mirror from the head up so I looked o.k....put that makeup on, did my hair..all set to go..and, oh yes avoid long mirrors......hang in there.."one day at a time"...or sometimes for me it was" one hour at a time"
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I think we've all been there. Almost 3 years ago I can remember saying to myself to not let my weight go past 290. Then it was 300, then 310.. then I just stopped caring. I started to avoid getting my picture taken, and I never looked at myself in the mirror for longer than I had to. I even ignored the fact that I had to buy new clothes one size larger, even though I had been wearing the same size for years and years. When I finally did weigh myself, I had hit 339. Never in a million years would I have ever thought my weight could get that high.
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Larry's Angel
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Since you posted in the Atkins forum...I'm going to assume you're planning to do Atkins to lose the weight. Have you read Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution yet? Atkins Induction is 2 weeks (although, if you have a lot of weight to lose, you can safely do it for much longer) and basically, its 20 carbs per day from foods only on the acceptable foods list... Be sure to drink plenty of water & get some form of exercise even if its only a walk around the block.

For some of the best low carb recipes on the internet, have a look here...http://www.genaw.com/lowcarb/recipes.html The ones suitable for Induction are marked with an *.

You've come to a great place for advice, support & encouragement. Please feel free to post often & ask questions. We will do all we can to help you

You CAN do this!!!

All the best to you!!
Start Each Day With A Grateful Heart

Still Going Strong On Atkins Since April 13, 2004

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Glad your hear with us

Courage doesn't always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,
"I will try again tomorrow."
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Hi Tammy!
I too am back and bigger than ever.
Looks like you, me and MsRuthie are starting at similar points. I had great success in 2004 with Atkins and I HAVE to get back to eating that way. It just makes me feel so much better and I know the program works. I will catch you on the daily boards but wanted to say hi!
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It's my time to shine...
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Hiya! I'm new and just getting started as well! From what I can tell so far... these people are awesome... this site is awesome! I think this site and these people will make this whole process so much easier! Good luck, Tammy!
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