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12-16-2006, 05:17 AM
I figured I'd go ahead and start this. I am hoping that I can actually get done working soon and maybe get to bed by 3:30. Now if only Brian will sleep late....

I didn't get off work until almost 6 tonight and then I started up working again by 10PM. I'll have lots of extra hours this week. Too bad I am salary exempt.

We made it to Santa's Village tonight in the period between regular work and maintenance window work. Our school choir was really good. Then we hung around the pet shop area. They needed some extra help so Brian and I helped out with the puppies for awhile while I kinda kept things under control. The volunteers they had were letting kids pick up puppies and kittens on their own. The weather was beautiful and warm. I'm hoping we can get some bike riding in so Brian can finish his bicycling pin. He just needs one more hour of riding.

12-16-2006, 09:07 AM
Aw, Barb, I really sympathize as I went through many days and nights like you are having. The thing to do is move up the corporate ladder until you hit the place where you can just say "Keep on trying and report to me tomorrow morning!" I hope you can at least get time off for all your overtime and on call situations! It was good that things worked out for Santa's village with Brian.

Well, my life is sliding back into order. Claire and Doug came over to move the furniture back. Claire also insisted on shelving all the books and that's done too. Donna can come today and clean and I will be back on track except for hanging the pictures which can wait. I really have a problem with things out of place - minor OCD maybe?

The Girls are back from their time at the kennel and are just delighted. There is nothing as funny and sweet as a very happy Portuguese Water Dog. They make everyone smile. I've not told them that they are going back next Saturday for four days. I'll be doing a lot of running around and dogs are not welcome at some of the events!

Now I can stop whining and get on with life!

Today I'll get five loads of laundry run through - one is in progress right now. I also need to finish the wrapping and clear that mess. Making more dog food is on the list too. (The Girls dined on organic pheasant at 4PawsInn and turned up their noses a bit at my paltry offering of beef and green beans last night.) So today will be a catch up day but tomorrow I'll be decorating up a storm!

How's your weekend shaping up?

12-16-2006, 10:08 AM
Good morning chicks!
Ah Barb: Exempt status!!! Sometimes when you figure out all the hours you put in, you make less than hourly employees! I hope things calm down some for you.

Ruth: Same here for me.. finishing up wrapping - and have to do a major cleaning today and tomorrow...

This afternoon we are off to see that 10 acre tract again. We had "nixed" it as we were told that the power poles were going to be moved to a strip of land that sits on the property line and in a bunch of trees..When we went to see where they marked it - it was not where they said it would be.. Well the developer worked with Duke Power and now they tell us that they will move it to where we want it.. its marked off so we are going to take a ride to take a look... There's also a tract that abuts up against the Eno River that I want to look at- as nothing would be better than a river in my backyard where I can put in my canoe and kayaks!

12-16-2006, 10:39 AM

Sounds like everyone is up for a busy weekend. I am running my kids all over town for birthday parties and cheerleading practice. I will also need to make time to clean house, decorate, laundry and homework.

Everybody take care


12-16-2006, 12:25 PM
Good morning, everyone! I got to bed by 4:15 and got 4 hours of sleep until Brian woke up. Luckily he agreed to watch TV for awhile so I could doze some more until I had to get him breakfast. I just need to teach him how to make egg muffins with the ww english muffins, Egg beaters and RF cheese!

We're heading out soon to go bike riding. I've got a scout meeting this afternoon and I want to get the ride in first. It isn't going to be as warm today as they once predicted but it will still be very nice.

Ruth - I probably won't get any comp time since it's too busy right now but they do let me take vacation when I need to for the scout stuff so that is nice. And they are very flexible when stuff comes up. It sounds like you have a very busy day planned.

schatzi - I can't complain at all about the money which is very important since DH has been looking for a job for years now. I've been told I'm getting a very nice raise next month too. I would love to have a property where I could canoe. That would be a dream come true.

Two Peas - Last weekend was our birthday party weekend. But there is still lots to do.

12-16-2006, 03:04 PM
hey ladies!

Busy morning here as well. We went out to dinner last night so I didn't have any time to clean. I woke up at 11:30 this morning and went to town cleaning up. I think we are supposed to have company tonight but who knows. I have to go pickup a watch box from Jared's Jewelers that they have on hold. I found my necklace for the wedding! Its white gold with diamonds and natural sappphires. Estimated retail value is 699.99 but we know a guy that works there that can get it to me for 340.00 so I have it on layaway.

I bought a 3 stone birthstone ring last night with Daniel's parent's Christmas money. Hopefully the resizing gets done prior to Christmas. They promised the 23rd but you never know these days.

Ah well I'm heading off to get some stuff done..... gotta buy the cats litter and food and grab wrapping paper..... I'll be back later! :D

12-16-2006, 05:35 PM
My house is clean and I just put the tree up. It's lit but not decorated. That'll be tomorrow. I am going out for dinner with friends and will try to be good for a change although it's my favourite, prime rib roast!

Liz just came over for a visit with her wee Yorkie. Too funny to see him with my two monsters. They get along fine until Kirby suddenly realizes he's just a little guy and wants to be picked up.

We are still springlike but it's supposed to get a bit colder tomorrow. My neighbour cut his grass yesterday! This day last year we had 41 centimeters of snow! That's 16¼ inches. It's so strange - some of my spring bulbs are shooting up.

12-16-2006, 07:58 PM
Well, I ended up with lots of exercise today. Brian and I went riding for about an hour and a half. Then I got home and realized my pager was missing! I left him home to get lunch and I went back out and retraced our path through two separate nature trails and every place we stopped and found it laying on the leaves next to the path where we stopped to look at some trees that had cords on them. I was so relieved to find it! Of course, by then we had a really strong head wind going and it was a pain to ride home but it was good exercise.

I am really starting to feel that lack of sleep. I am definitely going to try to get to bed early tonight. I wish I could turn my pager off since I am not working the 4AM maintenance window but I need to keep it on in case I am needed.

12-16-2006, 07:59 PM
Hi everyone,
I finally have a chance to sit! We've been on the go since around 7 this morning, getting groceries and a few last minute stocking stuffers and I spent the rest of the day getting all my Christmas baking done, while Jake went back out to do some shopping of his own. Amber came over for a while to help, but she was more interested in playing with the toys we keep here for the grandkids. So it was a busy day.
Tomorrow we go to my brother's for our family Pollyanna exchange, and that's always a lot of fun, and my SIL always puts out an elaborate buffet lunch with lots of yummy gourmet food. She's also very health concious, so there should be a good variety of healthy food choices for me. Speaking of which, the doctor chided me about being 10 lbs heavier than I was last year at this time, so needless to say, once the holidays are over, I really really have to crack down!
Take care, everyone, and enjoy the rest of the weekend. I'm going to go make myself a nice cup of tea right now. Nite-nite.

12-16-2006, 08:01 PM
Hi, Barb, I see you are posting right now. Try to get a good night's sleep tonight, love. Take care.

12-17-2006, 04:54 AM
Oh my gosh Barb!! Your heart musta been in your throat I know ...part of you wishes it was gone but :dunno: I feel yer sigh of relief to have found it!

Cottage: Pollyannas are so fun and alot of laughs--I bet with your whole clan itsa blast! And Jeez, anymore I dont know who's busier! You or Ruthie!! Either way, I'm sure if any of us chicks were around one of you we would have a blast and run off a pound or two!
Chellez: With that description of all the jewels .White gold! Diamonds! Sapphires! Jeez! You've got elegant taste and smart with that lay a way!!
:wave: 2peasinapod...and all you :s: lurkers out there!

( yeah I know LOOK at the time!!! Insomnia :tired: )

12-17-2006, 12:20 PM
OK, Schatzi and Cottage. I'll bite! What the heck is a Pollyanna Party? I know who she is as I read the book as a kid but....??????

Barb, I'm so glad you found your pager and hope you had a peaceful night.

Great bling, Chellez! The necklace sounds just lovely. Will we see pictures?

I'm back from Church - three dogs there this morning. It was Hershey's turn and she just slept at my feet until coffee time. Then she did crumb patrol with her two friends, Charlie and Daphne.

The dishwasher is running, all the laundry is done, the tree needs another string of lights and there's a big party this afternoon for "The Silver Fox" who is a really sweet hunk of a guy who is turning 80. There will be a big crowd there as Ron is really respected in the area. I will try to decline the food but will have to indulge in a bit of wine. It will be just a "bit" as we have lots of R.I.D.E. ( checks for DIUs. I plan to visit Harry after the party so need to be really careful.

Right now I'm going to thoroughly clean my stove and kitchen counters and then do a bit of decorating and goodie making planning.

Falalalalalalalalalal etc........ :tree: :santa: :gift:

12-17-2006, 12:50 PM
Ruth, a Pollyanna is where you pull a name for someone to buy a gift for. I have no idea how it got that name. :shrug: Today we will pull names for next year's gift, so theoretically we'll have a whole year to shop, but as usual, everyone waits til the last minute! :dizzy: Have fun at the Silver Fox's party this afternoon, and don't drink too much wine!

Schatzi, for heaven's sake, try to get some sleep! I had some insomnia last night, too. My doctor gave me some Ambien CR samples to try, and I should have taken one. A weekend night would be a good time to see how they effect me. I'm just afraid of being "fuzzy-headed" the next morning. Ha! I wish I would drop a lb. or two with all the running, but no such luck! It has to come off after the holidays, though. :goodscale

Well, time to get ready for our gift exchange this afternoon. :present: I hope I get something on my wish list this year!

12-17-2006, 01:32 PM
Morning ladies!

Just thought I'd pop in and say hi. Starting to get a rumble so I need to figure out what to have for lunch. Going to the store today to buy everything to make all the holiday goodies, but I'm also buying a ton of Christmas tins so I can give it all away. That way I won't gain a ton! I need to behave! Only 27 days until Key West!!!!! Again, not that anyone's counting.

DH is asleep on the couch so I thought I'd get this in real quick. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Hope to talk to you girls soon!


12-17-2006, 05:46 PM
Barbglad to hear you found your pager. I wonder if you are feeling the effects of the extra exersize. Good thing you had to endurance to cycle back:bike2:

WeezleStay strong. Key West is less then a month away!:beach:

ChellezHope you do get your ring soon. :) I would love to see pics too.

Ruth Glad to hear things are shaping up for you. I know it nice to have your house in order and ready for the holidays.

Cottage A Pollyanna exchange sounds fun.

Shatzi Hope you find the perfect back yard. I love to conoe. Sometimes we get to do that when we go camping. The kids love it.

As for me I am trying to get rid of a headache. It was really hard sitting through Church today when my head hurt so bad. I still have lots of homework to finish. I am studying the book of Daniel. I still need to do papers for chapter 10,11,12 and two term papers. I worked on some last night and planned on today but since my head was hurting I took a nap instead.

Tonight we are taking my daughter to her birthday dinner. I only ate a salad for lunch so I could make room for an eggroll. It seems with everything going on I am eating things I should not at least 3-4 times a week. I told my daughter there are enough occasions to cheat don't waste a good cheat on something at home. The thing is she is 13 years old. She can cheat and still lose weight. I put her in dance and cheerleading at the rec. center because she would not want to play sports but does like to dance. It has been a great help to her. She has gone from a size 17 in jrs. to a size 15. I figure in about 10 more lbs. I can wear her old clothes.

That's all for now~