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10-04-2001, 02:59 AM
I would love to. I hope I am home. We all need to really talk.

10-04-2001, 11:34 AM
Terri - that's attachment is soooooooo cool. Someone please send me the site to get those attachments. My e-mail is december4dianne@aol.com. I know Patti/Zoe has tried to forward it but for some reason I haven't gotten it yet. Thanks in advance.

Myra -- Wow - you are amazing, congrats on your loss!

Janie - congrats on your loss too, good job.

Jen- I saw the tribute also, it was great. The biggest surprise of all to me was Kevin Spacey singing - who knew?? :lol: I love him as an actor. And I thought he did well with the song. But, you are right, we are blessed with great families and friends and have much to be grateful for. I guess "don't sweat the small stuff" is appropriate for these new days we have faced and are still facing.

Welcome, welcome, welcome Kolika. I'm Dianne, a ww lifetime member since 1995. Reached goal, went back up and am trying to get back to goal. Hope you like it here, these guys are great, very supportive and we have fun too.

Hi Essie and Joyce and Momof4 (where are ya?). Hope you guys are doing well.

Talk to 'yous' soon.


10-04-2001, 11:58 AM
Hi Dianne. I sent you an e-mail. :D
It is great hearing from you.


10-04-2001, 01:10 PM
I just found this:

A trim U.S. prison guard has eaten his way into the world record books by munching 17,500 Big Macs. Donald A Gorske has consumed an average of two McDonald's burgers every day since May 17, 1972 -- a feat that has seen him included in the 2002 edition of "Guinness World Records", which was published on Friday. "Big Macs have always been my favourite food," 46-year-old Gorske said. "You guys drink tea all day, I eat Big Macs," he told the British researchers of the world-famous record book.

Gorkse, who sports a car registration SZME CB1 (Sesame Seed Bun), rates 1984 as the vintage year for Big Macs in terms of flavour, value, size and consistency. The most burgers he has eaten in a day is nine and the 179lb (81kg) burger connoisseur from Wisconsin has dined at McDonald's outlets across
48 of the 50 U.S. states.

I am sure our hearts are healthier than his.
I could eat 2 big macs a day when:

10-04-2001, 01:44 PM
Kolica ( I hope I spelled it right),
HI, Im Janie and I'm 43, married, with an almost 8 year old daughter Ellen. I became a Lifetime WW in 1995. I am an Environmental Scientist working in the national interest at Lawrence Livermore National Lab. My DH, Steve, teaches physics and astronomy at a local college. Yes, we do have intersting pillow talk :lol: Welcome to our little circle of friends!

WTG girl! You are awesome!!!!!! :spin:

:wave: Everybody
Regarding the chat thing this Saturday. I have never done a chat before, someone will have to tell me what to do. The other thing I want to point out is that 8pm EDT is 5pm PDT, right when I will be preparing dinner for my family. Would you folks be ok with staying up a little later and maybe starting at 9 or 9:30EDT?

We have been having really lovely indian summer weather here:cool: I am in denial and don't want to get out my fall/winter clothes, so it can stay warm as long as it wants, especially since my summer clothes are fitting so much better now. It's like I have a whole new wardrobe. I am wearing clothes that haven't fit for 2 years. I reminded Steve that I am almost at 20 lb and that he better have a really good present for me. He was fine about it and asked what I wanted. He must feel really guilty about laughing at me back in July ;)

Have a great Thursday,


10-04-2001, 09:04 PM
Hello Ladies,

Dianne, I can't seem to get the attachments. The website Zoe sent me seems too confusing. I'm going to give it another try this weekend.

Terri, are the attachments from the website Zoe gets hers? They're really cute. I can't remember the last time I had a big mac.

JanieD, we could chat another day. Now, I'm not sure if I'll be home. We have to plan it for when it's good for everybody. My husband(Pete) doesn't believe in diets. He says everybody who loses always gains it back & then some. He believes in exercise. Lots of cardio with weight training. I would love to lose 20 lbs. so he can see it can be done. I'm aiming for 10 lbs. from now till Thanksgiving. Today was in the 80's & tomorrow it's going to be warm too. I'm ready for the chilly weather.

Have a good evening:)


10-04-2001, 10:52 PM
Hi Essie: I'm confused too:dizzy: Terri sent me the site, I think its the same one Zoe/Patti sent her. (thank you terri). I seem to keep going around in circles, I click on something and it brings me back to where I started from:s: Guess I'll have to play with it too. I'm with you Es, bring in the fall!

Ewwwwwwww Terri - that Big Mac stuff sounds gross. But then again, I don't eat hamburgers or hamburger meat, so I guess its easy for me to stay away from:smug:

Hi Jen, Myra, Joyce, Janie, Momof4, Zoe/Patti and Kolika :wave:


10-04-2001, 11:29 PM
Hello ladiies :wave: TGIF tomorrow and thank goodness! I'll feel better once I get out of the present week. I hope you're all doing ok and staying with your programs.

Kolika ~ Welcome to a great group of girls. Tons of gray, huh??? Me too!! I've been so gray since I"m 30 yrs old!! I'm not 46. Again, glad you've "jumped in". here.

Janie ~ good job on your loss of 1/2 lb! Any loss is a good job. :-)

Myra ~ what a great accomplishment.....congrats!!!!!

Essie ~ I hope you can get the hang of the website. See how good Terri has gotten?? :)

Dianne ~ I sent you that website again. I don't know why you're not rec'ing it because I just click on the url you type.....<scratching my head here> I feel so bad and so sorry you haven't gotten it yet. Maybe between me this time and Terri, you're bound to get it this time. Again, so sorry I'm so computer dumb.

Terri ~ WOW girl.......great job on those attachments! You're an old pro. I love the one on the first post of this thread. I musta missed that one. :)

Hello to anyone I didn't address.....gotta run. Barry Bonds just tied the home run record....Woo Hoo.......have a great night everyone........tomorrow is supposed to be cool, straight throught the weekend......fall is upon us!!

10-05-2001, 01:18 AM
I can't believe I missed the homerun. I have been watching. He used to be on my team, The Pirates. WOW!!! I would love it if Sammy Sosa would do it one year.

Chats can be overwhelming but once you get the hang of it it is fun!

The website was a little confusing but I kept it up and found a bunch. I would like to find one with a lot of congratulatory words
like "Good" Way to go" etc... Thanks Patti. I loved it. I stole the pumpkin. It is so cute!

We have been having the 70's here. It is nice. Can't wait til' it is a little cooler.
Have a wonderful Friday guys!!!!


10-05-2001, 08:24 AM
Happy Weekend! :D

Dianne, attachments-I think I give up too quickly. I get frustrated & sign out. Like you, I keep going around in circles.:rolleyes: How's the family?

Terri, the pumpkin is so cute. I did see the pumpkin but I didn't know how to get from there to here:?: Hi Brittany:wave:

Myra, how many miligrams of HTP's do you take? The one I bought said to take 1/1xday, 50 grms. I've been taking one just before I turn in & it helps me sleep.

I have a busy day ahead of me. Hope I could make it to the gym later.

Have a great day everybody. Be back this evening.

Hi Zoe/Patti, Jen, JanieD, Joyce & Kolika:wave:

Es:lol: (what my family calls me) You all are family that's why
Dianne calls me Es.

10-05-2001, 09:20 AM
If anyone can get to the attachments and see any that they like, this is what I do.....I hope this is some help.

To Save Picture or Animation
When you find one you like, even taking them from us here, just right click on it and click "save picture as"......just select a folder to save it to (I made one called animations), name it whatever you want and hit save.

To use Picture or Animation
On 3FC, just click browse at the bottom of your post, a box of folders will pop up. Go to the folder you put your pics in, highlight the one you want to use and click on "save".

I am not very good at computer stuff, I ask my son all the time but this seems to work. As for the website, it certainly is a confusing place (clipart.com) but I don't know any others. I also just take what I like from here. :lol: THAT is the easiest way I've found. Ha! Good luck........

10-05-2001, 09:43 AM
I took the Turkey. :lol: I am saving him. Are there any good threads that have icons on them? I feel like stealing some today.

Hi Es. That is :cool: We are like family. The song by the Pointer Sisters come to mind. "We Are Family". I loved that song.

Bruce went to the meeting the coaches had (He is assistant coach)
and they announced that Brandon's team, the Madison Patriots, are the only
undefeated team in Alabama. They are automatically going to the Jaguar Bowl
in Jacksonville in Nov. but they were offered another deal by Pop Warner
Football ***. Instead of the Jacksonville Bowl they were invited to go to
Athens Georgia for the regionals there and if they would win 2 games on
Thanksgiving weekend they would go to the pee wee Super Bowl at Disney
World. That game would be aired on ESPN. Parts of it anyway. Then the
winner of that game is invited to be on the David Letterman. Dave invites
the winner of that game to be on his show every year. It is a lot of steps
to get there. 3 games. But at least the boys have that little dream. Now
we have to see what our city wants them to do. Jacksonville's Jaguar Bowl
is cool too. They told the boys about it and also the fact that they are
in our street festival parade this Sat. and are going to throw candy and
they were more excited about throwing candy. lol

I hope you all have a great day.

10-05-2001, 09:49 AM
ha! Terri, I took your "lady on scale"......I just look around in those thread that I don't post. There are a few good ones but I don't remember where.....I'll check 'em out. :)

10-05-2001, 10:28 AM
That is a cute one. Here is one that we all want to come true.

Whoops I hit send by mistake. I'll put it on the next one.

10-05-2001, 10:30 AM
Here is the one we want to come true.

10-05-2001, 10:41 AM
Wow, all of you had some posting going on here! I had a lot of reading to do to catch up......the funny thing is, I don't know where I went :?:

Myra....CONGRATULATIONS!!! 25 pounds is so great,you worked very hard for it. :D

Janie, good going on another loss. Hope your husband gets you something you want! ;)

Terri, your son must be thrilled with the team's success. That is so :cool: good luck to them on their way to the top!!!!

Kolika, hi and welcome :) You're at the right place to meet great women and receive lots of support. I'm from the Chicago area, am 48, 2 grown kids and 2 grandsons. While I've never reached the status of lifetime, I've been on WW for what seems a lifetime! (well, off and on, anyway). good luck.

I've been totally immersed in the class I'm taking for the past few days; between completing a comprehensive project and a take home exam, the days have flown by!

Es, you're not alone in struggling with the attachments. I've played with them a bit, but have to give it more effort. That's why I love the smilies on this site, they're so easy! :lol:

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Tomorrow Jess and I will have a nice quiet evening (well, except for Matthew, if a 15 month old can be quiet! lol) as the guys are going to the Chicago Wolves' home opener. I'm looking forward to some one-on-one with her, it seems that we never get that anymore.

Hi to Joyce, where are you? :wave: Hi to Dianne and Patti....hope I didn't miss anyone.


10-05-2001, 11:24 AM
That one on one time is soooo important. I love to hear that. I love when Bruce takes the kids so I can be alone with my mom.
Enjoy!!! Good luck with your class. :D

10-05-2001, 03:05 PM
A reply to Terri's post about the prison guard eating all those Big Macs...... LOL Can you believe it says a TRIM prison guard? I can't even remember when the last time I had a Big Mac was.......

I'm all for setting up a chat time for all of us. We've got to keep that time difference in mind when we chose a time! What about later Saturday evening?


10-05-2001, 08:49 PM
Jen, we love keeping in touch with eachother. When you miss a day, I miss you:( The smileys are very easy, that's why I use them alot:lol: I'll leave it up to the group when to chat. As long as it's not a weekday any time is fine with me. Have a nice time with Jess & Matthew.

Terri, I use to love the Pointer Sisters. That song was so popular back in the day. Way to go Madison Patriots! You mean we know a celebrity?! Pee Wee Super Bowl - how cute. I love The Lady attachment!!!

Zoe, I'm going to give it one more shot. I hate giving up.

Well, let me go check out ClipArt website {{{errrrrrr}}}}} :mad: I better get it this time.


10-05-2001, 09:52 PM
Thanks Es. I hope the site didn't frustrate you too much. I went through some of the threads and stole some. :lol:
I looove the Pointer Sisters. They had such UP songs. FIRE was my favorite.

Hi Everybody! :wave:


10-06-2001, 03:29 AM
Here are some other Gif sites:


There are more sites.

That last one is the best one yet. None are confusing. It is cool. I went on MSN search and typed in GIF and they gave me tons of sites.
Good night.


10-06-2001, 08:22 AM
Terri, you gave me a good laugh 1st thing this morning.:lol: The last attachment is soooooooo FUNNY!!! I'm coming back later to check out the sites. I'm not going back to ClipArt. I just keep going back to where I started from. I weighed myself this morning & I'm at 175:eek: I've been exercising 1 hr. 5 days a week but I eat my snacks before I go to bed & probably that's what's making me stay the same. I want to be at 165 by Thanksgiving. I'm setting small goals for myself. I'll set another one from Thanksgiving till Xmas. I'll have to try that for awhile to motivate myself. I must say, without this thread I probably would have given up by now.

I will be back later. It is so windy today!!! Maybe if I was skinny I could fly away.:lol:

Have a great day:D

Hi Jen, Dianne, Myra, JanieD, Kolika & Patti:wave:

Hugs, Es

10-06-2001, 10:09 AM
Hello ladies :wave: Another weekend is here, thank goodness! I am just so glad that last week is behind me and I am praying to get over my anger and resentment. I think I finally am........

Hubby is playing golf this morning, AGAIN. So I am having my coffee, reading the paper, catching up on my posting and then, going to do laundry.

Terri ~ You've really become an expert on those images. I'm so impressed and now, need to expand my own abilities. I "took" the one of the lady with the 'big pants'. That's a great one.....I just wonder if I'll ever be able to use that one. :rolleyes:

Es ~ I was confused for a long time on those sites. I'm like you, I don't like to admit defeat or give up so I know you'll get it. Saving them isn't the problem, it's because so many stupid pop ups appear and get in my way. :?: Good luck!

Hi Jen, Dianne, Janie, Kolika and Myra ~ have a great Saturday!! I'm off to the laundry pile.....I wish I could do this during the week and not take up my weekends for it.....

10-06-2001, 10:16 AM
Happy Saturday morning :wave:

Es - we wouldn't want you to fly away, Mary Poppins!:lol: The family is fine, thank God. Alana is still adjusting to Binghamton, she's been home 3 times already in one month, lol. Justin has finally gotten a room at Columbia University. They overbooked this year and he had to alternate between staying with friends in the city during the week and coming home to us on the weekends. Travel from here in Queens to Columbia is a good
1 1/2 hrs. and his classes start at like 7:00 a.m. so that would be too rough for him. Don't know if I mentioned it but my oldest son, Steven and his wife, Monica are expecting another child in December. A Christmas baby, I think.

Zoe/Patti: I got your e-mail and Terri's but like I said I've got to get back to it and practice. But I really like your idea of just right clicking what we want and saving it. As a matter of fact, I just stole all of yours and Terri's animations I could find:devil:

Terri - I will try and go to those other sites you posted to see if that helps me, I'm sooooooooo computer challenged:( Congrats to Brandon, that's great. He must be feeling good, especially about the candy:lol:

Jen -- Enjoy your time with Jess. I know that when Alana gets married (after she finishes college and travels all over the world of course;) she and I will remain close and have those mother/daughter times together. At least I hope so - she better not marry someone who takes her to another state or country, or I'll have to kick some butt:s:

Hey Myra - Tell me again about that htp pill/vitamin. Is it a appetite suppresor? Does it give you energy, I need some energy desperately. It seems to be working really well for you. Of course, you're exercising and eating right too helps;)

Hi to Joyce, Janie, Kolika, Momof4. Hope to speak to you all soon.


10-06-2001, 01:29 PM
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That is wonderful Grandma.
So sweet! :D
That is great about Justin. I am glad things are working out.
Brandon was sooo excited. It was funny. The football stuff isn't real yet. The candy is. :lol:

Essie and Dianne,
Those sites that I posted (Whole lot more out there) are not confusing at all. There are some really cute ones out there.
I hope we can all fly away in the wind some day. :lol:
Good luck Essie. You can make that goal. We all can!!!

We will all have those big pants soon. Thanks for getting me into these gifs. They are fun. I loved the laundry basket. Hope you get done with it fast.

Well it was weigh-in again.
I lost 1/2#
Brandon lost 1/2#
Bruce lost 1.5#
Brittany stayed the same
Bradley is still bored with the whole Sat. morning scene. :lol:
On Saturday mornings our scale is worn out.
Have a great day!


10-06-2001, 02:38 PM
Dianne ~ taking those gifs from here is the easiest way. I do it too.....I lurk in other threads and "steal" them! :devil: Ha! I can send you a bunch through email too so you will have more. :)

Terri ~ laundry is done.....well, not 100% but maybe about 98......:o

I hope you're all having a great Saturday...........I shouldn't be sitting here at this computer all day. I have other things to do.....

10-06-2001, 11:51 PM
Terri - congrats on you and your family's losses. Terrific! You must be pretty near to goal right?

Zoe/Patti - Send me whatever you want, I'll take it, lol. I need some help though, I went to some of the sites and right clicked and saved some animation, but, I don't know how to put them on here!!! How to I transfer them over? I copied put couldn't seem to paste. HELP! Thanks, lol.

Spent this morning re-installing AOL 6. There was some problem with my MAIN.IND file, like I know what the heck that is:D Anyway, I couldn't open aol 6 so I had to send an e-mail, then I actually got to talk on line with a computer techie and he said no problem I'll send you instructions on how to delete you MAIN.IND file and re-install AOL6. Well, of course, I thought "yeah right". But lo and behold he sent me the instructions which were pretty easy to follow and after about 1,000 steps, there I was -- all fixed:lol: I was pretty proud of myself, I must say;) I panicked when I thought I could'nt get back on AOL, I mean how would I keep in touch with you guys on the weekends??? So, glad to say, all is well with Ms. Computer-Challenged here:smug:

Well, I hope everyone is having a good evening, its a bit chilly here today, but it feels good.

Hi, Jen, Es, Myra, Janie, Joyce, and Kolika. talk to yous soon


10-07-2001, 08:22 AM
Dianne, :lol: you are just like me when it comes to computer knowledge. You crack me up Girl. I just know the basics. I tried copying & pasting & couldn't get it. Terri & Zoe are our computer instructors. Let's see what they have to say.:D

It has been very chilly. My kind of weather. I might have to skip church today. Been doing alot of that lately. :nono: I have to shop for my brother's twins. They'll be 4 yrs. old this week. My sis-in-law said they need clothes. Lots of Columbus Day sales going on.

Terri, you guys are always losing. Congrats to all of you. I'm with Bradley - bored with it. I got to keep going no matter what. I know I can, I know I can. I'll say that 50 times everytime I feel like snacking.

Hi to Myra our Super Star, Jen, Zoe & Kolika:wave:

10-07-2001, 11:19 AM
Good Sunday morning, everyone!

We are enjoying the most beautiful weather here.....the frost is on the pumpkin ... first frost last night. Yesterday and today in the 50's..and bright sunshine. The fall colors here are spectacular. Joe and I are going to take a ride in the country today to find the pumpkins, Indian corn, and cornstalks. I love to decorate for fall and halloween. Joe plants gourd seeds every year on the garden fence...it's so neat to have bowls/baskets of all those funny shaped and colored gourds as decorations.

Had a great time w/Jess and Matthew yesterday. I am in love with that little guy; went shopping and had to buy him stuff ;)

Everyone is having so much fun playing with the animations. Zoe, you started it! Thanks for the sites, Terri. When I get some time this week I'm going to experiment. I did save the "flasher", loved it!

Once again, congrats to the losing family! Terri you have inspired your gang, and they're doing great. :D :D :D give them a high-five for me!

Dianne, good job on the 'puter! I'm very lucky to have Joey here to help.....when we got ours aol was on version 3, I think. He showed me how to install each upgrade, so I got a great sense of accomplishment.

I'm going to run, didn't even have coffee yet :dizzy:

:wave: to everyone

Have a wonderful day!

10-07-2001, 12:18 PM
Well girls, I feel like I have to live up to these expectations. Ha!First of all, I am so stupid when it comes to computer stuff but my son is a prgrammer and webdesigner ~ unfortunately, at the young age of 21, I have to drag the info out of him but do a good job of that. :) When I first started, I would do that little right click thingy and save but never knew where the heck I saved it to. :lol: The first thing to do is to make a folder on your computer called "animations" or whatever you want to call them. You do this by going to the icon called "My Computer", then to "Local C Drive". When all your C Drive folders are showing, you right click in the white area and it will bring up a box.....somewhere down the list in that box will be "new".....go down to highlight that word "new" and it should bring up another list where you'll see the word "folder". Just highlight and do that. That will bring up a new folder icon in your C Drive box. Name it what you want for these pic's and that's that. You now have a folder for your wonderful animations. Once that's done, you can take anything on any where you want :D:D.

To Save Picture or Animation
When you find one you like, even taking them from us here or anywhere else, just right click on it and click "save picture as"......when the folders appears, you go to your C Drive and just select the folder you made to save it to and hit save.

To use Picture or Animation

On 3FC at the end of your posts:
Click browse at the bottom of your post, your box of folders will pop up. Go to the folder you put your pics in, highlight the one you want to use and click on "save". This will put that url in that little box to the left of "browse" on your post. Finish up by submitting.

To use in your personal emails:

Where ever in your email you want to insert a pic, just put the curser there and go to the top of your email and click on "insert". When the box opens, go to "picture". On mine, it brings up a box where I click on 'browse' and it will bring up all my animations. I highlight one and click 'open'. then I click on 'ok and I get taken back to my email WITH that picture on the page.

I think this is a good start for you's. I didn't get it after this much info so if you do, you're doing GREAT! :) Good luck! Oh, and if you take one from a website and try to use it here and it says it's too big, I'm lost on that one. I still haven't figured out how to 'shrink' them......Terri, any insight for us on that?????

Have a good moring ladies. I'm off to relax............

10-07-2001, 04:55 PM
Thanks guys! I am about 5 lbs. away from goal. The real challenge will start when it is time to mainyain it. My mom lost 92# 25 yrs. ago and maintained so if she can do it I can. At least that is what she says. :lol:

I am still learning how to do things. It is fun.
Jen, Glad you had a great day. Matthew sounds like a cutie!!!!! :D

Glad that laundry is done now it is my turn. :mad:

My hubbie got a new office. It is with windows. He is so excited. :lol: I am going to help him move. I hope I get through security. It is still pretty tight.
This is getting scary. The strikes have begun. My mom is all nervous because we are by the Redstone Arsenal army base and NASA. :eek: