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10-04-2001, 12:57 AM
Hi Everyone :) I didn't get a chance to stop by earlier today. Seems like it was finally a bit busier than it has been which was nice to see.

Kay... Ooooh The Cheesecake Factory... I went there for the first time (to the one in KC, MO) last weekend when I was out visiting my friend. I don't normally like cheesecake but omg... theirs was amazing! It was so good that the next day we wound up going back again! My friend had warned me but I really hadn't believed her. I looked on their website and they have 2 in MA and 1 in NY... I think I may have to go to one up here b/c I'm already craving another slice! I know they deliver but I don't want to pay $50 for a cheesecake LOL.

Janet... Congrats! That's great news :) You and your husband must be so excited.

Kirsty... I hate all the clerical errors I run into these days. It seems like noone proofreads anything! Did I hear someone say something about a string bikini??

Oooh I joined Gold's Gym today. I have a small gym here at my apartment complex, but I only use it once in awhile. A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a friend and she was telling me that the local Gold's has an indoor pool... it was funny she had mentioned that b/c I've been thinking about going somewhere with an indoor pool for the last year or so and just hadn't gotten around to it. So she got me a day pass and I went to check it out today. The manager was really nice and spent a ton of time talking to me and seeing what would work and all that. He gave me a tour and told me all the programs they have. I was really impressed. They even have a private woman's gym on the premises. So I decided to bite the bullet and join... now I just have to make sure I get into a schedule to go. One of my big fears about gyms is the atmosphere but it was really laid back and everyone was pretty cool. I'm looking forward to swimming!

Whew... anyways :) I should be getting to bed soon. I need to start getting up a little earlier. Hope you all have a great day :)

10-04-2001, 10:49 AM
Congrats on joining Golds Shalyne! Iam sure you'll like it, I hear good things!

Well, I am driving to Winnipeg tomorrow to see my 2 very old Gramas and my one very psycho aunt. She is my dad's only sister, and she is probably mentally ill....she has hit me twice (the last time I was 21 and I was there for my grandad's funeral and my dad lost it on her for it, we arne't a physically violent family except for HER) and she is verbally abusive and just plain insane. Her latest thing is my love life....questions to my dad about if we have been sexually active, etc, and why we DON"T live together - hey, aren't family usually happy when you don't shack up right away?? Yikes.

ANyway,besides dealing with her crap, I have to deal with my very sweet 94 year old grama's cooking.....she is a force feeder. When you are there for a week, no kidding, you gain 5 or 6 lbs. She feeds you a breakfast of eggs, toast, fried pierogies and fried Wpg Bologna at about 9, then at noon a giant "dinner" of chicken, pork chops, holopchi, pierogies, kelbasa, salads (loaded in mayo etc), and pie (always 2 kinds, have to try them both or she gets upset) for dessert, then in about one hour she brings out "dainties", which she makes you feel bad if you don't eat, then at about 4pm, she re-heats "dinner" for "tea". then you eat a snack at about 7pm usually of more pie and dainties....its sick, really. I love her adn I love her cooking, but my god. You really consider purging b/c puking is almost inevitable. and the worst part is, the whole side of that family has always talked about our weight ("why are the three girls chubby?") and then they feed us like that, and force us to eat...go figure. WEll I am 25 years old, same thing happens every time I go there. And that is just her normal cooking, nevermind Thanksgiving, I have never been there for any major holiday....

Okay, then at work the s*&t is piling on. Now i am mostly doing admin work, and my boss wants me to be an assistant almost full time. I am looking for something else. I was crying again last night after being humiliated in 3 meetnigs throughout the day, and being the only woman in all these meetings is very difficult. My self esteem is suffering. I don't believe any person should be treated in this manner, no matter if I WAS just someone's secretary. Using me as examples of "low value empolyees" and tellig me to cover my ears before you talk about masterbation is inappropriate in a business environment. Never in my life have i seen b/s like this.

Why did I leave the shelter to do this? Can anyone remember??? At the shelter, though very emotionally draining, I was valued, I did real communications work and was treated like the professional that I am, and my boss even CRIED when I left. Here I am humiliated, degraded and made to be a secretary. Which is fine, but I dont' haev a university education so I can photocopy and order lunch.:( And I can't understand why they'd pay me that kind of $ to do that crapass work.

Plus, I found out the secretary down the hall makes $8/hr more than me and does **** all, she asks me for work, and her boss won't let her to "low value" work like ordering lunches adn taking minutes. She also has no education.


Okay, that is my rant for the day.

AS you can see, I am a bit emotionally charge today. I said NO to all the meetings my boss wanted me intoday to "take notes" in. If I don't, I won't get my REAL work done.

I am trying to slip away to WI today, since I won't be here tomorrow, but I am afraid to WI as TOM is due on Sunday and I am a bloated whale. I stepped on the scale this morning and it was 2# down but I betcha that's cuz it was first thing in the morning...

OKay, I am really going to go do some work now.

Thanks for listening and letting me vent.....:^:

I hope you all have a great day and long weekend - isn't it a holiday in the States as well? UK girls, any bank holidays for you??


Trish O
10-04-2001, 11:20 AM
Hello all. Was in Chicago for a work meeting thing. Not fun.

First, Janet, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Ok, don't eat like I have and gain all the weight I have. I think I am at 40# up and I still have 3 months to go. I am really trying to watch it so that I only put a little more on from now on. Bad me. wow, June. You know, I hate the first part of PG, so I hope it goes fast for you.

Belle: Communication in the corporation can be the pits. I think it is better when you are on the communication team (then you have people to @#@#^ with!) I am a solo person in my company and I get no respect but nothing like with you. Also, do you have sexual herassement laws in Canada? I think you could get them on that!!! It is a holiday here but not a no work kind. On ly banks I think are off. I think even schools in IL go to school that day. Not sure about other places.

Shalyne: I love the gym...but have not been much lately. I am afraid of the machines (I tend to be clumsy and fall off) so I don't want to get on them right now and I don't think I can keep up with my kickboxing classs. Not to mention that my balance is not veyr good.

Hello to everyone else. Talk with you all soon.


10-04-2001, 11:25 AM
hi girls,
i've managed to sneak on for a bit although it's rather busy at work.
congrats janet!!
lolly - the cruise is going to palma, naples, rome, florence, pisa, sete, barcelona and back to palma. yippee!!!
belle - hope things go ok with your aunt. she sounds very strange. perhaps you should tell a little white lie to your granma and say you've discovered you are allergic to certain foods (sugar, wheat, mayo whatever) and say you'd love to try it and it looks great but you'd be ill and so you better not... worth a try if you can't say no to her...
erk, internet police. must go. hello to everyone i missed, i'll try to come back later,

Trish O
10-04-2001, 11:43 AM
Oh know, Kirsty, not you too with internet police?!!?!? Your trip sounds so great...and FREE is even better!


10-04-2001, 12:33 PM
me again,
got a few mins spare.
shalyne - good on you joining the gym. i love mine. i go to "legs, bums and tums" twice a week and yoga once a week and then try to fit in some running and weights before/after aerobic sessions or separately.
belle - go get yourself a new job where you are appreciated. or take note of everything said/done to you and sue!
trish - what's chicago like? is it windy? (as in the song from calamity jane...) ;)
i have another hour and a half till i can go home. :(
kay - how's the job hunt? oh, and kim, have you settled in to your new place now?

i bought a little purse/wallet thing to put my change in while i'm on holiday. it has little bells on it so now i sound like a cat!

better go do some work. yawn! what is everyone else up to today?

10-04-2001, 12:34 PM
Seems like we're off to another quiet start today....

Shalyne - Congrats on joining a gym. Let us know how you like it!

Belle - Sorry that you are not having a good time at work right now. It seems like you have to deal with a ton of crap. I hope things get better for you. If not, maybe it's time to make a change?

Trish - Do you come to Chicago often?

Kirsty - Your trip sounds fabulous. I am so jealous.... (of the trip and the string bikini! :D )

Not much going on today. I had a "date" last night with a guy that I have been seeing on and off for a few months. We seem to really like each other, but for whatever reason are having a hard time getting our acts together to be together. Last night was good though, so we'll see where it goes next...

Talk to you all later!


10-04-2001, 12:36 PM
Kirsty - We were posting at the same time! To answer your question to Trish, yes, Chicago truly is windy!! Quite often when it rains, you can't use an umbrella because it will blow inside out!!

10-04-2001, 12:37 PM
it just occured to me we might have different definitions for string bikini...
i mean one that ties at the sides with bits of string. it isn't a thong/g-string type of bikini bottoms... that would not be a pretty sight!!
tell us more about your date jen!!

10-04-2001, 12:40 PM
is chicago like scotland where you only get horizontal rain because of the wind?! ;)

10-04-2001, 12:59 PM
Hi all... I am doing really good this week. Journaling, exercising, staying within points! WOW. Had a yummy very filling taco salad last night. I piled my plate with lettuce, put some taco meat on, cheese, crushed baked chips, tomatoes and salsa! YUMMMMY!

Belle, document everything, dates, times, what was said. EVERYTHING! I was in a job like that and some of the other managers told me to make sure I document everything that happened and be specific. Never used it, but at least I had it in case I needed to! Oh and I quit my job... and boy did it take my boss for a loop! 4 people in 2 years replaced me! That out to throw up a red flag, but it didn't!

I have a headache again today for the 3rd day in a row. They say that the pollen in low because we have already had frost, but something is causing this, I just don't know what.

Also, my mouth burns... really bad. And it is dry. I don't know how to describe it, but whenever I eat or drink the entire inside of my mouth and lips burns. Anyone ever had that. I hope it goes away! I tried listerine and I almost cried it hurt so bad. I have no sores, it is like the cheeks and tongue and lips are super tender.

10-04-2001, 01:06 PM
Belle... Ugh! What a horrible work environment. I was going to say exactly what Trish said... do you have sexual harrassment laws in Canada?? LOL Are you looking for something else?

Kirsty... Oooh those different definitions again! We here in the US were picturing the thong/g-string type LOL. What are those called in the UK? I LOVED Rome! We also saw Pisa and Florence while we were in Italy but I really liked Rome the best. It was awesome... and I'm not even that big of a history buff LOL.

Jen... A date... sounds fun lol. I always like going out with someone I already know as opposed to someone new... yuck lol, I hate those. I hope it works out the way you want it to! Everyone keeps telling me how nice Chicago is... I was thru it when I was really little but I haven't gotten to visit so that I can appreciate it.

Trish... Eeek! No falling off the machines. That would not be good.

Okies... I'm off to find something productive to do (well, maybe).

10-04-2001, 01:10 PM
Jen L... Ouch that sounds painful. Do allergies do that to your mouth? I've never had them so I don't know lol.

Kirsty... this gym offers yoga (and kickboxing and water aerobics and all sorts of things) too... I've never tried yoga... The manager said that they have the regular yoga as well as the more active/aerobic yoga. I don't know what it's called lol. Maybe I'll try it...

10-04-2001, 01:18 PM
shalyne, definitely try the yoga! start with the normal one and see how you get on and then maybe try the more aerobic one as well. i think it works wonders, mentally and physically.
jen - hope your mouth gets better. have you gone to see a doctor about it? maybe even ask a pharmacist?

Horsey girl
10-04-2001, 02:03 PM
Hi everyone - this is quick because of the police - Belle - document!!! Those kind of attitudes and that disrespect went out with the middle ages - you are a person and as such you deserve to be treated humanely.
Jen - what do you do for your allergies? do you do all the natural things?
Kirsty - did you get your tan yet?
Hi to all - I'll be back

10-04-2001, 02:28 PM
My allergies are not the kind that blow you out, so I just take over the counter sinus drugs. My mouth is weird, its like tingly numb, yet sore, but not like a wound sore. Hard tp describe!

Kirsty, I was correct in the string bikini thing... I was thinking little ties on the side. I hoped you wouldn't be doing the thong thing. That is reserved for privacy in my book!!

Lunch is almost here. Order out day, but I got some soup and a chicken sammich!

10-04-2001, 02:37 PM
Just so you all know, I have been documenting and I told the people at my staffing agencey so that they have an idea of what is going on in this department, they are very unhappy with the circumstances, and if I decide to take action it will be through them to this company's HR department. We do have harrassment laws up here.

The thing is, at the job I was at where I met my b/f, there was this 24 year old guy who was very sexually inappropriate, he woudl draw genitalia on whiteboards, and talk about sex and aids and stuff to me and 3 other girls in particular (these were the 3 that came forward, there were 2 others who didn't want to, were too scared of him). I was carpooling with him at the time, i had just met him adn 2 weeks into it, when I began to see what sort of person he was like, I told him I didn't think it was workign out (and in all fairness, he was late every morning, and would talk about his penis size all the way to work).

So one day, 2 days before the offical last day of carpooling, he put my brand new car in nuetral while i was driving. Itold him to get out of the car and i left him in the middle of the road. Then I went to work and told my boss what was going on, he already knew about how this freak was treating me and the other 3 girls, so he said for me to not even talk to him and let him know if he bothered me.

Later that day, he came in my cubicle and told me that he knew I wanted him and grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch. My boss witnessed it, much to this freaks dismay.

he then immediately sent me an email saying that just b/c he "turned me down for something intimate" that I didnt' have to be mean to him. I forwarded the note to his boss and my boss and 4 days later, after the other 3 girls came forward and thier stories investigated, he was fired.

OKAY after that long story.....b/c of that, I am reluctant to make a fuss about the comments in meetings by the VP. B/c he is singling me out to cover my ears b/c I am a female, not saying suggestive or even blatently sexual thigns to me directly, its not really sexual harassment. Its humiliating that I am singled out as a female while he says inappropriate comments and swears a blue streak.

BUT he does humiliate me directly, like using me as an example of "low value employees". So, that's another issue I guess.

I am just going to look for another job.

Kirsty the Kitty - what a brilliant idea to tell Gram I have developed allergies!! I think that's just great....woo hoo! BTW when I was in Edinborough Castle, the wind was so bad up there that I could't breathe, and all my pics look blurred, literally, from the wind (with mist in it), it was crazy! But so beautiful. I loved the highlands. And also, I was seeing the thong string when you said that....hmmmm...your bikini sounds way more innocent ;) Have lots of fun on your cruise (I am jealous....)

Jen2/Trish - my b/f was in chicago for a thing last year and he loved it - he thought it was a cool city, but that it was windy ;)

Jen - what the heck's up with your mouth? You feel like when you ahve eaten really hot food?? I am sorry to hear that, I have never experienced that without eating an insanely hot pepper or something. If it doens't go away, see your doc! :(

Shalyne - kickboxing is great! Have you tried it? Ihave heard mixed reviews about Yoga, but personally I like it.

BTW - I had volleyball last night - I didn't realize they didn't keep score at all! they don't count points! AND I was better than most of the people on that team (which is not saying much since I suck). So I was frustrated. If you serve 5 in a row you have to give up the ball as a courtesy....frustrating :rolleyes:

10-04-2001, 04:51 PM
BELLE.... THAT'S IT... It feels like I ate an incredibly hot food. I mean scorching HOT!!! All numb and tingly and burny feeling. Hmmm! I have no clue what the deal is. I have good teeth and never had a mouth problem, so I am clueless.

10-04-2001, 05:46 PM
Jen - that is so very wierd??!! You still feel like that? I hope it goes away!! Good luck!

To the rest of you, have a great weekend, I am off to Winnipeg for 4 days.

Belle :wave:

10-04-2001, 06:34 PM
Good afternoon everyone!

I hope everyone is having a good day, remember, it is Friday tomorrow!

Jen ~ Sorry to hear about your mouth, hopefully it is just a freak thing that goes away.

Kirsty ~ I am so jealous that you are going on a cruise! I heard many of those cruises have a top deck that has topless sunbathers, will we find you there???!?!?

Wonder how Kierie is doing?? She must of picked her bf over us!!! What nerve!! :s:

Belle ~ I am so sorry you have such a crummy job. I would look for a new one, life is too short to be miserable! You should stand up for yourself, your a smart woman, again life is too short to be put down! I actually have sort of a similar situation that happened to me this week. I have been working with a man that is foreign, and it was brought to my attention that in his culture, woman play a very insignificant role, well, after working with him for several weeks, this became very apparent to me, and many times found him talking down to me. I had it yesterday, so I stood up, told him that I was the only one on campus that could explain to him how to use our statistical software, and either he had to get over his issues with women, or he can learn the program on his own...and I walked out. Time will tell if he comes down off his high horse..after I did that I felt a very big weight off my shoulders. I think everyone, especially women, should stand up for themselves, many times, if you don't, who will?? (Sorry to ramble!!) Anyway, I know your pain, do what is right for you!! :)

Hi KT!!

Shalyne ~ I hope you love the gym, sounds like it has lots of things to enjoy there! :)

Jen ~ I agree, fill us in on the date....man, it has been 9 years since I dated....wonder if DH would mind if I went out on one....just kidding.....:D

Hi Trish, hope you are feeling well. Don't worry so much about the weight. Keep an eye on what you eat, and then take it from there. When I was pregnant with my first, I ate everything in site, I should have own stock in McD's! Then, when I became pregnant with #3, I said, I am going to watch what I eat, and try not to gain too much, I still gained the same amount (40 pounds) with that one. I still think a person needs to watch it, but don't obsess about it, to some degree I think your body will gain what it wants.

Well, am I a chatty one today or what!!!

Things are good here. My DH is home sick with the flu, so I need to get home soon to nurse him. I am cleaning the house tonight and walking on my treadmill, I am staying within my points, so I am hoping for a loss on Sat.

Well, better start closing up shop. Talk to you tomorrow! :)