100 lb. Club - My Daily Commitments week of 12-11

12-11-2006, 11:59 AM
Alright ladies,
Just wanted to get us started for the week.
I did well yesterday, didn't finish my paper but I did make it to the gym! Not so worried about the paper though...I've always been a procrastinator! Anyway last week I officially hit the 10lb weight loss mark and I've changed my weigh in day from Monday to Wednesday since for some reason that is the only day there is ever any difference on the scale!

Well here goes for today

1. I'm upping my exercise this week....GO TO THE DAMN GYM!
2. Begin mental preparation for the company holiday party this Wednesday!
3. Holy Water Batman!
4. Survive my last week of classes, ever...and finish that damn paper!
5. Keep up the good work!

Hope all is well with everyone...

12-11-2006, 01:15 PM
1.staying on diet again
2. doing more cardio this week
3.buying new pants cause mine are falling off :D

12-11-2006, 01:42 PM
Sunshine: Your last week of classes EVER, wow what a feeling that must be. Congrats on the 10 lb weightloss and kudos for you to making it to the gym with your busy schedule!!!!

Chelseamb, great job on needing new pants, it's a great feeling.

I am very excited today, Monday is my weigh-in day and I am down 5 pounds!!! So that's 2 weeks in a row for me having a 5 pound weightloss, kinda explains why when I went shopping on Friday I was down to a size 14!! So yeah, I'm pretty pleased.

My commitments for today:

:smug: Drink lots and lots of water, I just read another article about how important it is especially when trying to lose weight. If I have a chance maybe later I will try and find it and tell you guys more about it.
:smug: Continue to stay on track with the food, under 1300 calories
:smug: No nibbling
:smug: Exercise and more exercise, sneak it in where ever I can.

Have a great day everybody!!!!!!

12-11-2006, 01:49 PM
Happy Monday to Everyone!! I have to say that I'm glad the weekend is over... it wasn't a total bust, but I didn't do great either. If I were giving myself a grade it would be a "C". I have not been indulging in the holidays like I usually do, but I'm not exactly losing weight either. But, I guess not gaining weight is kind of a victory in itself. Anyhow.... on to the good stuff.

My commitments for the day
:) I will drink LOTS of water
:) I will control my carb intake
:) I will find my sweatin to the oldies tapes so my son can dance with me
:) I will plan healthy meals for the rest of the week
:) I will take my vitamins

Okay ladies.... good luck to all!!!!!!!!!:carrot:

12-11-2006, 01:58 PM
Rockinrobin - Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Lots of victory dances for you :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

A size 14?!?!?! That's awsome!! Your CW also puts you at less than 100lbs to lose to get to your goal weight! You have hit a HUGE milestone!! I'm so happy for you :hug: :hug: Congratulations!!! :dance:

12-11-2006, 02:03 PM
Gym visits, new smaller pants, pounds lost, not pigging out like usual over the holidays?!? Who are we?! I'll tell ya-- people who are not living like fat women anymore! Woo hoo!

I'm down 3.2 pounds for the week, and that's with the scale not moving AT ALL for the last 4 DAYS. I'm laying siege to my scale. I will keep at this until it moves. I even picked up something heavy and got on it again to make sure it wasn't broken. Wishful thinking. But 3.2 is great and I just keep thinking about how fast it will move when it budges!

So for today:
:) Eat smart going out to lunch today.
:) Spend some time on the elliptical if it doesn't hurt.
:) Think positive thoughts about myself. The weight didn't go on in a week, and it won't come off in a week either.
:) Drink water. Robin, when you have time let me know what you learned about it, I need a better reason because it doesn't taste good to me.

Happy day, everyone!

12-11-2006, 02:22 PM
Nalynn I hear you about the weekend being over, they are indeed super duper difficult. Although for some reasons I find Friday nights and Saturdays to be more difficult then Sunday. Thanks for the dance. But keep in mind that's a size 14 SKIRT, not pants. I haven't worn pants in years, because of my weight, I have calves like tree trunks and they seem to be the only thing that is not budging:( . In fact I'm so frustrated over it I think I will be buying a tape measure so I can really see if they are indeed not budging. Hopefully they will catch up to the rest of me, but for now it's pretty darn bleak.

CC, What a great weight loss for you, so exciting. I find the scale does not budge til the weekend, I simply don't understand it. I know this is gonna sound crazy, but on the weekends I allow myself a few extra carbs and I can't help but think this is the reason.

Anyway that article was incredible, I got it from ediets, which I once looked into and they very often email me fantastic things. If you'd like I'd be more then happy to email it to you. If you'd like you can send me a PM, whatever you'd like. I'll tell you about the water, but there was 7 other really, really helpful things.

Water Intake: From the standpoint of water intake and fat loss, you want to be in a position where the liver is converting stored fat to energy. The liver has other functions but this is one of its main jobs. Unfortunately, another of the liver's duties is to pick ;up the slack for the kidneys, which need plenty of water to work properly (more than most people realize).

If the kidneys are water-deprived, the liver has to do the work of the kidneys along with its own (lowering it's total productivity in the process). The liver then can't metabolize fat as quickly or efficiently. If you allow this to happen, you're setting yourself up to store fat because you'e made the lver less efficient at turning stored body fat to energy. Usually if you multiply .55 times your weight, that should be enough in ounces of water to suffice. Water is the under rated fat-loss tool.

There are seven more things, maybe each day I will type something different to share with everybody here. Very informative stuff.

12-11-2006, 02:26 PM
Great Job Ladies!!
NESunshines-Congrats on your 10 lb. mark! I am stuck at 9 and can't wait till I hit that 10 lb mark. And it must feel so good to be so close to the finish line.. I can't wait to graduate!
Chelseaamb-Have fun shopping (jealous) hehe.
RockinRobin-5 lbs is awesome!! You guys are all so inspiring.
CC-3.2 lbs is great... even with no exercise you gotta be doing somthing right!
Nalynn-You better believe not gaining weight is a victory! Take it a day at a time! Just stay focused and stick to your commitments! We all have those weeks and plus like you said.. it's the holidays.

I haven't posted in a few days. I had a busy busy weekend. Went out to eat twice :S... I knew this was going to be the hard part of my diet. I didn't do bad.. I did way better than I would've done in the past-baby steps right. I know I didn't do the best I could do though. But this is all a big learning process and I'm learning what I can and can't eat and that the food isn't worth not seeing the scale move!! I lost 3 pounds last week which is great! I wanted to lose 1-2 pounds a week so 3 pounds is fine with me, but I would like to do better when I go out to eat with my friends! Anyway, I love getting on here and reading your posts, you all are doing so well!!
This week is finals week which is really stressful but I'm not going to let it get to me!! I am so determined to hit the 160's but next week!! Also, my boyfriend told me that he is going to take me anywhere I want for springbreak! You better believe it is going to be somewhere with a beach--gotta look good in that swimsuit. Now I deffinately have somthing to work for!! :)

my commitments:
-Do my pilates vidoe AND the treadmill
-Stay under 1300 calories
-keep reminding myself of how good it will feel once my finals are out of the way!
-Look online at swimsuits I would like to wear for springbreak ;)

12-11-2006, 02:32 PM
My Goals for Today:

:o Drink 8 glasses of water and 3 glasses of unsweetened tea AND NO SODA
:o Study Vitamin A and its properties (I'm learning about nutrients.)
:o Take 3 supplements
:o Today's diet should consist primarily of raw foods
:o 30 minutes or jogging or 60 minutes of DDR
:o Buy the ingredients for apple butter :love:

12-11-2006, 04:32 PM
My commitment for this afternoon is to:

Stick to my eating plan and ignore the siren call of peanut butter

Realized I probably won't be able to post tomorrow until after my trip the the "big city" so here's tomorrow's:

Eat mindfully
No cheesecake or any other high-sugar item
Take my vitamins

12-11-2006, 04:58 PM
I have a question for those who have lost 50+lbs or more. I've been meeting with a holistic health counselor and have been learning a lot about my body, habits, how to eat, etc... But I'm still having the hardest time losing a substantial amount of weight. I'll go a few weeks with really good habits, slack off, gain back, and repeat this cycle. I've gained and lost the same 3-7lbs about 4 times over the past few months and can't seem to get myself over this hurdle. I know it takes commitment, perseverance, and all of that but I can't seem to stick with it. Part of me still believes that something magical is going to happen that's going to allow me to stick with it.

So I guess my question is how do you stay committed? Did something just click with you that made you stay committed? How do you do it everyday? My family has a history of diabetes so I'm trying to avoid that fate, but I can't stay on track. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

12-11-2006, 05:02 PM
I have been lurking for the past few days again after a month or so of being offline. I like this commitment thread and thought I would join right in.

My commitments for the week:
:D Drink 3-4 quarts of water.
:D Stay away from any sweets and bread.
:D Do 30 minutes of cardio.
:D Keep my portions reasonable.

I got on the scale yesterday when I returned to the gym after 2 months of being away. (My scale is broken at home which might be a GOOD thing...I am addicted to the scale.) It was actually kind of cool. I was 11 pounds thinner than I was this time last year. I felt accomplished there. I also have been reading "YOU on a Diet" and I think when the winter break starts I am going to follow the two week eating plan in it. I like the book because it explains a lot of things in there about why fat does what it does and why things happen to our bodies.

It actually kind of woke me up in some respects.

I also kicked caffiene which I had no clue about how addicted I was to it. I feel like I actually went through withdrawal with the chills and shakes. I spent two days going straight home from work and getting right into bed. When I thought through my intake I was actually drinking about 4-5 cups worth of the stuff. I have trid really hard to stay away from anything with caffiene and it has made a difference for me. Once a week I might have one diet coke but just to help me stay awake a little later than I usually do.

Have a great week.

12-11-2006, 07:28 PM
Welp, I'm joining in this week... I have my Do's for the whole week, and maybe I'll pick one extra for the daily :)

My Daily Dos :
DO drink 6 bottles of water.
DO eat within my calorie range. (1500-1950 a day)
DO avoid soda.
DO Exercise at least 4 days a week.
DO journal everyday, logging food and activity.

My Do for the day, is focus on reducing my sugar intake... I love coffee, can't live without coffee, but I use an obscene amount of sugar... today, I measured out my sugar for my coffee, 2 teaspoons per cup... a HUGE decrease, but, guess what, I liked it... go figure, I didn't NEED 50 pounds of sugar :|

Sorry about my lack of individual replies... still getting the hang of all of this again... rofl, I feel so lost :| I'll get it again.. ha, I promise :D

12-11-2006, 08:39 PM
Lola06, good questions. Sometimes I don't do it every day, which is why a thread like this is helpful. Initially, however, my desire to lose weight overrode everything else. And when that desire waned, which happened after I started to look and feel better, I wrote out contracts for myself that spelled out exactly what I needed to do for a month or six weeks. Those contracts got me through some hard times. Like an alcoholic, you often have to take it one day at a time and sometimes even one hour at a time. Sometimes I'd post here that I was having a bad day and needed support to get me through the next few hours. Please feel free to do that, everyone! As someone said, you've made that commitment to go to work (school, be a SAHM, etc.) every day, and you just do it, so if you can make that same kind of commitment to yourself, then you'll be able to stay on track.

Commitment to me is making sure that my gym bag is packed each night and my alarm set so that I have no excuses to avoid going to the gym. Commitment is ensuring that I only have healthy food in the house, and that the peanut butter jar is on the top shelf at the back where I can't reach it (unless I really, really want it). And forgiving yourself for a lapse in judgement, instead of making it an excuse to binge for days, is another tool to stay committed to yourself. If you take more steps forward than you do backwards, you'll get where you're going eventually. :)

12-11-2006, 09:24 PM
Cute pic, Casey Gail!

Thanks for joining in, Dolly and PNG! I get a lot out of seeing everyone post and meet goals for the day.

Lola06, I think Sheila said it best, but I'll add in some of my own experience. I lost over 120 pounds once before (I can't believe I gained it back - it makes me so sad) and for me there was just something that kicked in in my brain that said very calmly, "I don't want to live like this anymore." No huge bang or anger, but a realization that I was in control and I didn't have to be fat anymore if I didn't want to be. I think the much harder thing is how to hang on to that control once you've gotten to the end of the journey. I learned it wasn't about getting to goal, it was about wanting to stay there more than wanting to eat. I don't think I worked through all of the reasons why I ate, which is why I turned back to it when some big stresses set in.

Anyway, you just have to decide you're going to do it and with every victory over the urge to give up, it gets a little easier to keep doing it. Then the high of watching the numbers on the scale drop kicks in. Then smaller clothes, compliments, etc. But it can't just be about those things, as cool as they are, because once you're at your goal that stuff fades away quickly. You have to be in the mindset that it's forever. So pick your plan wisely. You'll be "friends" a long time!

12-11-2006, 10:35 PM
Welcome to everyone who has decided to join us!! I'm sorry I'm not doing the individual replies that I usually do.... I have a bit of a headache tonight and I'm not really thinking straight.

I do want to respond to the question of staying committed... or at least share my experience (as I think everyone's story might be a bit different). I have had earth shaking moments of "no more" where I have dug my heals into the ground and professed to the world that I will live like this no more; I have failed each time I've done this. You couldn't have convinced me at those moments that I wouldn't succeed. I always started out like a model dieter, and would do good for a while before I would revert back to my old ways.

So, what's different this time??? Where is my commitment coming from??? I think it's because I'm taking things one day at a time now. I also do not have the all or nothing mentality.... if I did, I would have already thrown in the towel again. To me, posting these commitments helps me set goals. Some times I meet all of my commitments, sometimes I don't.... but either way, I am much better off for having made the commitments to begin with. I finally have it through my head that I have more than 100lbs to lose. It is going to take me quite some time to make it happen.... there are no quick fixes. Sometimes a victory for me is just passing up McDonalds when I want nothing more than to pull in, sometimes it's stopping at two cookies instead of eating an entire box. Not everyone would consider this dieting, but it is changing the behaviors that got me to where I am.... eventually each behavior modification will add up and result in a new me. I'm sure as I start to see more results I'll kick up the level of commitments that I make.

So, to answer the question in short.... I stay committed with baby steps. Today I will drink 8 glasses of water. That's not exactly running a marathon, but it will help get me to where I want to be. Today I will not eat chocolate. That doesn't mean that I will only eat 1200 calories, but it does mean that my calorie intake will be less than if I give in to the chocolate temptation. Today I will be more active with my son. That's not the hour on the treadmill that some people are doing.... but it is more than I would typically burn. Do you see where I'm going with this???? There is nothing magical that is happening, but all of these little things will add up and become habits, and make way for a new level of commitment. Don't compare your commitments with other peoples... we're not all at the same point in our journey. We can't change who we are over night, but we can do little things each day to get where we want to be.

I'm sorry for rambling on... but I so love this question. It really gets you thinking. Just writing this helps me strengthen my commitments..... and for that, I'll give myself a victory dance :dance:

12-12-2006, 12:21 AM
:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

I'm victory dancing with you over that post, Nalynn! I'm so proud of you! Keep doing what you're doing. You're making positive changes that matter.

12-12-2006, 12:32 AM
I'll do a dance too in honor of that post Nalynn. So well worded and just, just, just I don't know - so right on the money.

:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

12-12-2006, 10:51 AM
Good Morning Everyone!! I have already had my coffee and I'm in a GREAT mood today :coffee:

I did pretty good on my commitments yesterday. I did struggle with keeping things low carb though... BUT I decided enough of that and went to the store last night and bought every fruit and vegetable under the sun. Today, I will not have that problem:carrot:

I have some great commitments today so I thought I'd kick the day off right!

:) Today I will cut up fruits and veggies so I will have healthy, non-carb snacks ready at all times
:) Today I will finally take the juicer that I bought a year ago out of the box and start using it
:) Today I will dig up my old "Sweatin to the Oldies" tapes so my son and I can dance together while I'm getting in my exercise (that will end the excuse of not exercising)
:) I will drink lots of water!!!
:) I will take my vitamins
:) I will eat a small handful of almonds about 30 minutes before lunch and dinner to help curb my appetite (I read that in You: On a Diet)

Good luck Ladies!!!!! Here's to a great Tuesday for us all :cheer:

12-12-2006, 10:55 AM
Thank you C.C. and RockinRobin for the dances!!! I think they're part of what has put me in such a good mood :D These little daily changes are really helping me!!

Thanks again... you guys are the best :hug:

12-12-2006, 11:06 AM
WOOOHOOOO:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

Nalynn I am TOTALLY feeling that great mood today!
Yesterday was a success for me! I even made it to the gym after work instead of going straight home! This morning I got up and decided to check in with the scale a day early and had some good news...I'm down 3 pounds....which also means that I've not only met but gone past my first mini goal which was a total weight loss of 15lbs by my 26th birthday....well I'm at 16lbs lost and my birthday isn't even until Monday! My second goal was a total of 20lbs lost by New Years and I just know that I'm gonna blow that one right out of the water too! I'm psyched.

As far as all the chat on commitment...these really help me cause I'm not much of a com miter....not really...well at least not with healthy lifestyle changes or men for that matter....and I'm more neurotic when it comes to work and school...no big bang went off for me, but one day I woke up and just said to myself I think I'll be healthier today....and I've been sticking with it and who would thunk it...its working. Taking things on a day to day basis and setting mini goals and posting here are really helping me.

Anyway for today...
1. mentally prepare for my company's holiday party tomorrow evening/night. Its a fairly big to do....I will have one treat, no more than 2 glasses of wine, drink plenty of water and be in a taxi by 8:00PM! I failed at my last test of a night out, I don't want to fail this one

2. Today... I will keep up the good work, finish my last paper at work without getting fired so that I can go to the gym tonight!


12-12-2006, 11:15 AM
Congratulations NESunshine!!! :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

I love that you have already exceeded your minigoal!! All of your hardwork is paying off!!! Meeting your next goal by New Years will be a piece of cake:carrot: And you'll do great at your holiday party tomorrow... I think one treat and two glasses of wine is a great goal! It's enough to let you have fun and be a part of things without feeling like you're denying yourself, but it also sets limits. You'll do great!!

More victory dances for you because I'm so proud and happy for you! :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

12-12-2006, 11:35 AM
: Good morming everyone, I am glad to see everyone in such a good mood!!!

Sunshine, I'm just so happy for you. Keep up the good work and the good attitude. The attitude is what it's all about.

Nalynn, glad you were able to pick up some fruits and veggies, I find planning the key for me.

Today's commitments:

:smug: Stay under 1300 calories
:smug: Drink lots and lots and lots of H2O
:smug: Exercise, exercise and exercise
:smug: Remeber that you want to be thin, more then you want the food.

I'm headed to the mall (maul). I have some things coming up, holiday parties and what not and I literally don't have a thing to wear. So for goodwill towards mankind I will be trying very hard to rectify that today. And pick up some gifts. Have a great day everyone. Attitude, let's get some attitude.

12-12-2006, 11:38 AM
Hey i just realized that I left out one of my most important commitments, which is "No nibbling", but I just realized I haven't BEEN nibbling lately. Kinda cool.
If you say it long enough....................

:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

12-12-2006, 12:13 PM
Wow, everyone is in such a great mood, it put a smile on my face:D

Congrats NESunshine on your mini goal, that's great. I know that has to feel so good, and it will feel even better when you hit your new year goal :carrot:

I liked all of your comments on staying commited. You all talked about an alarm going off in your head. Mine wasn't really an alarm it was more like a light bulb haha. That light bulb went off as I was looking through this site and everyones success stories. I was just sitting here thinking "these women are amazing" and i figured that if all of these other people can do it why can't I? I had just been dieting in all of the wrong ways. I think once you realize that it's not just a diet, it's a lifestyle change, that is when you stay commited and lose the weight. People who want to lose a few pounds to fit into a dress for an upcoming party-that's a diet. People who want to lose a large amount of weight and become healthy and fit-that's a lifestyle change.

Anyway, I did ok on my commitments yesterday, I didn't get in any exercise. When I got finished with my exams, I just wasn't feeling too hot. And to top things off when I got home my boyfriends mother cooked us fried chicken-mmmm nothing like good southern comfort food. I only had one leg though and still managed to stay within my calories :carrot: Now that is will power. My commitments for the day are:
:) Exercise!
:) water, water, water
:) Stay within my calories
:) Don't pig out on that peanut butter fudge my mom made!
:) Study for my last 2 tests of the semester!!!

12-12-2006, 12:22 PM
Robin, look at your chickie holding that bigger number! How cool! and cheers to Nalynn and NESunshine for the gung ho spirit today!

I kept to everything but the exercise yesterday. Same old problem. I won't bore you. Today is a maintenance day: dentist and getting my hair cut and colored. Ah, premature graying... And the scale moved upwards despite the clean eating. Ugh. I am going to need to borrow some of that good ATTITUDE today gals!

:halfempty Eat smart.
:halfempty Drink water.
:halfempty Cheer up.

12-12-2006, 02:36 PM
Anyone ever tell you guys you're waaaay too chipper in the morning?
They were wrong!:carrot: hehe, just what I need as I'm shaking the cobwebs out this morning :D Ok, so I made it through day one...yippee, and I'm back for more! Today's focus is...


Yi... the hubby is home too...
Today, I'm gonna break out the Biggest Loser workout, and give the first toning workout a looksee, and hop on my bike for a few minutes. Also, gonna read the 2 new fitness mags I got in the mail last night, and go through my stack of old ones, and cull the ones I don't need.
Also keeping on my water, watching the food, and doing the journaling. Yesterday, it was good... gonna see if I can make it better today :)

:hug:C.C. :goodvibes coming your way, hope your day gives you something extra special, to cheer you up!

Congrats NESunshine for making the mini goal :)

Good luck everyone :)

12-12-2006, 03:27 PM
Ha ha ha...chipper....yes chipper by the time that I get to work to post...not so chipper when I'm getting up at 5:00AM :dizzy: Or on my commute for that matter :devil:
I drink a ton of coffee though!

Oh and for the record....I could totally go without being at work today....its unnecessarily crazy here today! I'm sticking to plan but its all I can help to not run away and hide at the Mexican joint down the street with a burrito and a ton of margaritas! I'm really hoping I can get this paper finished so I can go try to take my day stress out at the gym!

12-13-2006, 12:20 AM
C.C. - I'm sure if you check in a couple of days your weight will go back down. Everyone's weight fluctuates day to day.... so don't let it get you down. Try not to weigh yourself more than once a week (even though I know it's soooooooooo tempting). And smile :D because you've been doing great!!!!!!!!

Caseygail - Way to go for staying in your calorie range even with the temptation of southern home cooking. Now that's willpower!!! :bravo:

PNG - How did you do with the biggest loser workout??? I have it too, and I've only done it a couple of times. The lunges kill me :( Congratulations on making it through the first day successfully! :carrot:

RockinRobin - No nibbling?!?! I need to learn your secret!! Congratulations.... that is a huge hurdle to overcome! Way to go :cp: :dance:

12-13-2006, 01:43 AM
Thanks for the "hang in there's" my friends! Today ended up being a good day. I shook off the scale bummer, got a clean bill of health from the dentist (and a "Wow, you have beautiful teeth and hygiene!" from the hygenist :D ), have no more gray roots and a great haircut, ate cleanly, drank water, and managed to stay on the elliptical for 16 minutes (more than double my previous measly record!).

I feel really good physically (sans foot). My pants feel loose, my watch is spinning on my wrist (and I'm going to leave it. It's a great reminder that it used to feel tight), and I'm sleeping easier. Oooh, so many little victories! Queue the Nalynn Dance: :dance:
For tomorrow:
:) Eat right
:) Fit in water
:) Take vitamins
:) Don't sweat the scale
:) Try the elliptical again

Have a great one everybody! You're all doing so well, and I love seeing that - you're my inspirations. :hug:

12-13-2006, 10:52 AM
Good morning weightloss partners. How is everybody today?

Casey, fabulous willpower on the fried chicken, one of the best foods on earth. I'd take a good piece of fried chicken over cookies or cake any day.

CC, You are really getting into that elliptical, awesome, I wish I could get it together. You're doing so great what with watches spinning and pants loosening. :dance: :dance: (Is it just me or does the dancing dude look a bit like Casper the Ghost?)

Nalynn as for the nibbling, I've been real busy lately which is a big help and quite frankly a little concerned about hubby, who is still under the weather and we still have no answers and my appetite is definitely diminished due to that fact. In fact, I didn't even manage 1000 calories yesterday, I'm looking to recify that today.

Sunshine, hope the paper's coming along and you managed to stay away from Margaritaville.

PNG glad to see things are moving along nicely for you!!!!

I did some shopping yesterday, 2 skirts and 2 shirts, shopping is much more pleasurable now, I actually have choices and have to hold myself back from buying too much. I don't want to stock up cause I don't want to remain at this size.

As usual could have done better with the exercise yesterday, but also could have done worse. **Note to self, self stop being so hard on yourself. Did very well on other areas.

Today's commitments:
:) Eat at least 1200 calories today
:) Move thy self more
:) Drink lots and lots of water
:) Remember that I want to be thin more then I want the food.

Just a reminder in case anyone is interested, tonight is the 2 hour season finale of "The Biggest Loser", which of course I'm obsessed with, it's THE only TV show I watch religiously. Even if you've never watched it before they give a recap and we should be seeing some remarkable transformations in the way of before and afters.

Have a great day ladies, filled with smart choices. That's what it's all about.

12-13-2006, 11:14 AM
rockin robin- I'm sorry about your hubby, I hope you figure somthing out soon. And I know what you mean about not wanting to buy too much because you plan on losing more weight. For christmas every year, I get a 100 dollar gift card for my favorite store. I usually go out and spend it within a couple of days but this year I plan on saving it until my current clothes don't fit anymore! Just one more thing to keep me motivated :)
CC-I'm so glad you're feeling better physically. And congrats on doubling your exercise time!! Those ellipticals make my legs sooo sore.

I've been really headachy the past couple of days, I think it's due to lack of sleep (final exams) I haven't been doing too great in the exercise department. I've been forcing myself to go for walks but they haven't lasted as long as normal. My last test is in an hour!! Hopefully after today, I will get back on track in the exercise department. I can't wait to see the scale move into the 160's!:carrot:

My commitments for today:
-Get rested up so I can start fresh
-Treadmill and Pilates!
-Lots of water (struggling in this area. I have to go to the bathroom every 5 min. when I drink lots of water)
-Eat light at dinner.(going to the boyfriends house tonight)

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!:smug:

12-13-2006, 11:24 AM
Good morning Ladies,
well I made it through work yesterday and did not stray to margaritas! I was going to go to the gym last night but my trains were delayed (no big surprise) so it was almost 8:30 when I got home so I just had my dinner watched house and hit the sac.
Today started off really hectic.... I defiantly hit the off button on my alarm clock instead of the snooze button so I've been rushing all day! I still got in my healthy breakfast at home...though I was eating while doing my hair but it beats dunkin donuts! I've got my food for the day planned and I'm getting ready for tonight mentally. My paper is pretty much done, I've just got to fix my edits and its not due until tomorrow so its all good.


Well its only one...but its a biggie! Wish me luck!

12-13-2006, 11:37 AM
Good Luck NESunshine! I know it's tough resisting such huge temptations. Especially when you have all of your friends around! This is one of my biggest problems. I know you can do it though. Remember we're all here cheering you on!:woohoo:

12-13-2006, 12:24 PM
Good Morning everyone.... I am very proud to say that I met all of my commitments yesterday! I now have a fridge full of cut up veggies for snacks, I dug out my juicer and tried it out (yummmmm! what have I been waiting for??), and I found one of my old Richard Simmons tapes. I think I have myself prepped for a successful day today:carrot:

RockinRobin - I'm sorry to hear about your husband. I will keep him in my prayers for improving health. If there is a positive, at least your handling the stress with decreased appetite instead of increased appetite (I'm sorry, I always try to look for the silver lining..... it can be annoying). I'm also so happy to hear that clothes shopping is starting to be enjoyable for you now..... it will only get better!! :dance:

NESunshine - You'll do great tonight! You already have a plan.... loading up on salad and veggies, drinking lots of water, limiting yourself to 2 glasses of wine, leaving by 8:00pm.... and having a plan is half the battle!!! I'm sending you good vibes for tonight :goodvibes: I know you'll be back tomorrow telling us how great you did!!

C.C. You are rockin' that ellyptical machine. I am so proud of you!!! That is a very difficult machine to build stamina on, and you've already doubled your time!! Also, all the victories you called little don't seem so little to me!! Your watch is spinning on your wrist, your pants are loose and you're sleeping better. Those are HUGE victories :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: CONGRATULATIONS!!

Caseygail - Good luck on your exam!! I can remember how stressful those days were.... so you are doing great by still getting your walking in!! With the stress of exams it would be so easy to make excuses to not get any exercise in... you're doing great!! :carrot:

So my commitments for the day....
:) Get all of my water in
:) Veggies for snacks
:) Use my juicer again (yum!!)
:) Sweat to the Oldies!!
:) Eat good when going out to dinner tonight
:) Take vitamins

That reminds me... I'm meeting my friend for our Christmas dinner tonight. We are going to a Mexican restaurant..... what can I eat?? I don't think they have anything on their menu that is marked healthy choice. Any suggestions???????

12-13-2006, 12:58 PM
Lola06, yes something does click but you have to keep it clicking but taking it one day at a time. I was doing the South Beach Diet, working out 4 times a week and losing weight at a nice pace but somehow, somewhere I stopped going to the gym and stopped eating right and I gained back about 15 lb. of the 30 that I lost. So here I am on day three taking it one day at a time and trying to keep my brain clicking!

Now, for my Weekly Goals........

:cool: No mindless eating, I have to sit down whenever
I put something into my mouth.
:) Eating small portions: about fist size
:cool: Eat only when I'm hungry (tummy rumblin hungry,
ya know the kind).
:) Avoiding pastries at work (especially the broken kind
that call my name :nono: ). We may not have food
at Starbucks :coffee: but we sure do have a lot of rich, yummy

Come to think of it these should be my every day goals.

Have a good week everybody :dance:

12-13-2006, 01:16 PM
ohhh Mexican.... my specialty.
pretty much non of it is healthy...but what I usually do is stick with things where the extras can come on the side....skip sour cream if you can...guac on the side, light on the cheese....salsa is great and you can usually load up on toppings like lettuce, tomatoes and black beans. If you do some sort of wrap up burrito or fajitas thing, ask if they have whole wheat tortillas available...or even spinach or tomato....I've found that most places where I live here carry an assortment. If you get any sort of salad beware of the tortilla bowl they usually served in....holy deep fried batman, step away from the tortilla bowls!

12-13-2006, 03:24 PM
Oww...oww... *hobbles in*

anyone besides me ever feel like just when you start getting your crap together, you step in it? lol

Graceful as I am I've managed to twist my back out horribly....doing well, nothing :( today, I'll break out the miracle balls (anyone have these, they're fantastic for when you're injured... or me, I have weak hips and back...and it where my fibro seems to settle) and try to put myself back together. I did manage to get 20 minutes in on the bike yesterday, low speed, high resistance. Today, if I'm able, I'll do some light pedaling. Food, not bad, but not great either, Hubby was having choco attacks, so I had him buy me some decent snacks...the ones he got weren't back, compared to what we usually get, but still a bit junky... oh well, shopping Friday, will be trying to folow a very clean list.

A question, when you ladies speak of eating clean, do you mean just eating OP, or the whole clean eating movement, that kinda follows the BFL rules? Just a ponder I had...

My goals for the day: follow my weekly do's, put myself back together, stop listening to the cries of the evil snackies!

Oh yeah... nalynn, I did one of the workouts the other day, and the lunges, I can live with, but my body just isn't made for jumping jacks :o I REALLY wanted to try the toning one... maybe I'll look through it first, and see if it can be modified for the back pain?

:hug: Everyone, sorry I'm still not up on the individuals... ha, maybe I should try posting later, so I can actually think :dizzy:

12-13-2006, 03:33 PM
Some places have soups that are pretty good and actually low in calories. Me and my friends eat mexican pretty often so I got online and found a calorie counter through google that had a list of different mexican dishes. There isn't that much to chose from. If you get a half of a grilled chicken quesadilla, it's not too bad. But I think next time we go I'm going to stick to soup! And stay away from the white queso dip yummy.

12-13-2006, 03:55 PM
My style of eating clean involves everything. I purged my entire kitchen and got rid of all the s*it and then stocked it up with staples....containers of brown rice (and cans of low sodium fat free chicken broth to cook it in for flavor) whole grain pasta, low sodium low fat soups (i like healthy choice) back ups of canned veggies like green beans and carrots so that I have something on standby in case I can't make it to the grocery store. whole grain cereal, low fat granola, whole wheat flour hmmmm what else is in my pantry! I also buy turkey and chicken about once a month and separate it all into individual pre-weighed portions and freeze them so I don't need to measure and weigh as much when I cook and I'm also stocked up on frozen lean cuisines to take to work when I don't have time to make a lunch.
I go to the grocery store weekly and stock up on fresh fruits and veggies.

I keep no soda or snacks in the house except single serving bags of the 97% fat free kettle corn (Orville's my man there) and 1 2liter bottle of diet coke per week. I make sure that my Britta is always full too. Also, sugar free fat free pudding has become my savior.... I make a batch and put them in those small gladware containers so that they are already portioned.

I've tried to make my kitchen still inviting. I keep all of the pantry items in small decorative glass containers, and have a fancy spice rack and oil & vinegar containers etc. Which makes me look forward to cooking healthy food.

I've cut out takeout out of my diet all together...though somedays it's a struggle to overcome office takeout. I'm trying to live my live full of fresh fruit, veggies, lean protein and whole grains at about 1500-1600 calories a day for now and a reasonable percentage between fat/protein/& good carbs. Its not easy but the more I go ahead with it the easier it is getting. I am also trying to get to the gym both weekend days and at least 2 days a week after work.

Its also helped me to set boundaries on where I can eat. Before I would mindlessly scarf while sitting on my couch watching TV or at my computer...now I've made a rule that I will only eat in my kitchen and will sit at the table and eat slowly and enjoy my food and be able to recognize when I'm full. This is helping me tremendously with 'mindless' eating.

I suppose this structure is ok for me since I don't have anyone else I have to feed except my cat....I have the luxury of being single and living alone so I have complete control over my kitchen and schedule.

12-13-2006, 07:56 PM
Hi everybody!

PNG, for me clean eating means not eating anything that I've decided I want to stay away from (not any specific plan and I don't plan menus - just eat only when I'm hungry and pick smart foods for each meal and snack ). I also have a side goal of keeping processed foods to a minimum, so for example, the only processed foods I've had lately is my Kashi Go Lean cereal, Mountain High low fat yogurt, and the occasional McDonald's vanilla cone (okay, that last one doesn't sound like a wise choice, but they are SO good when you are craving ice cream and are only 150 cals.). Other than that, I eat fruits, veggies, fresh fish and chicken, nuts, and homemade soups. Oh yeah, and Diet Coke. But I'm working on that.

Oh, and I'm single like NESunshine so there's no one to please but myself! I think it would be hard to do this with a family unless they all bought into what you were doing.

P.S. - I so feel for you and your back! My foot started to hurt right after I started this and I've ben trying to work around it every since. As I'm sure you're experiencing, you never know how much you use a body part until it hurts! Take care and just try to ride it out if you can.

12-14-2006, 03:50 AM
Hello friends!

Chalk up another good day for me. And psssst, I'm no longer in the "3's" anymore as of this morning. Yay! :carrot: I ate healthy foods, cooked up some stuff for the days ahead, and added another minute to my new measly elliptical record (17). Yay me, twice!

Robin - I dream of shopping being fun. I'm so happy for you!! :hug: And what did you think of the Biggest Loser? I LOVE that show too!! Oh, Erik, he looked fantastic. I cried happy tears for him. I think they need to add a prize for the most muscle mass added. Wylie and Marty should have gotten more kudos for that. Brian looked a little emaciated and walked away with $100k...

Casey Gail - congrats on your last test! Yay you! Exercise is the hardest thing for me, so I sympathize. But we can do it -- it's the best insurance that all of your hard work will stick.

Nalynn - How did the Mexical food go today? Ah, cheese. :nono: :cheese: :nono: The source of so many of my unwanted pounds. :^: Did your son like sweatin to the oldies? Did you?

Welcome, FloridaChick! Your goals look great. Feel free to let us know how you're doing each day!

Hope you're feeling better PNG and telling the evil snackies to go bother someone else!

NESunshine - sounds like you've got full control of your kitchen. Well done!

Well for tomorrow, here's my commitments:
:) Keep up good eating
:) Don't eat just because someone else is eating or say they are going to and want you to join. Eating is not a team sport!!! (I had a small sabotage moment with a friend who knows I'm trying hard to lose weight and "lured" me with "let's-get-McD's-vanilla-cones", I got mine and he then said he didn't want one after all. It didn't ruin my day calorie-wise, but I was mad because I let someone else manipulate me into eating when I was just as happy not eating.)
:) Get some exercise!
:) Vitamins.
:) More water. Gulp.

Good luck everyone!

12-14-2006, 09:49 AM
Good morning girls.

I just want to thank you for all your kind thoughts about my husband. He is getting worse everyday. I have been researching and researching and I hope I have found a doctor that can begin to help him, although I wasn't able to get an appointment til JAnuary 24. I am frustrated and scared beyond belief. It started out as a respiratory problem, then went to a unbelivable, unbelivable sinus, ear, throat, problem and now unfortunately it is back to a very bad respratory problem on top of the sinus, ear, throat problem. None of the doctors could connect the 2 and I firmly believe they are connected, according to what I have researched and I have never wanted to be wrong more in my entire life. Because the prognosis is not a good one. Again, I pray that I am wrong, wrong, wrong.

Moving right along, PNG eating clean for me, means having a 1100-1400 calorie day, consisting mostly of low-fat proteins and vegetables. Although my breakfast is a bit on the carb-y side, it's a high fiber cereal. I have mostly eliminated added sugars and flour. I eat them in tiny portions on rare occasions. And I promise you, I don't even miss it.

Nalynn, hope you and Mr. Simmons had a good day and that you found something to eat out at the Mexican restaurant.

Casey that's a great feeling, your last test. I'm very excited my daughter will be home from college on Friday. Her last exam is today.

Floridachick, the work atmosphere IS so difficult with all the garbage they put out there, yummy pastries and what not. And this time of year even worse.

Sunshine, good job on detoxifying your home, it makes ALL the difference in the world, without a doubt.

CC, Yes shopping is getting more enjoyable, but I've got a looong way to go. I really hate being restricted to a few stores. AND WOO HOO, WOO HOO, I'm am soooo excited for you - you in 2-ville, welcome, welcome. You are just doing a BANGIN' job. There's no stopping you now!!

Yeah, the biggest loser was really, really something. What amazing, amazing transformations. ERik - 214 big ones!!! I wonder how long it was between the last week on the ranch and the finale. Anyone have a clue?

HAve a big get together with my hubby's family Saturday night, and I am not the least bit worried about overeating, she is the world's worst cook and on top of it she keeps a gross kitchen, oh so appetizing - NOT. I've always joked that if I could just move in there for 6 months - weight problem, what weight problem? I'd come out of there BELOW my goal weight.

As usual could have done better with the exercise, anyone see a pattern here? hmm. Although I have been really, really busy and stressed, see there I go again making excuses. Everything else was on target. Although I was having some heavy duty cravings yesterday, but was able to work through them.

Today's commitments:

:) No more then 1200-1300 calories
:) Exercise more, just more then yesterday, not so hard
:) Drink lots and lots of water
:) Work stuff, house stuff, wrapping presents, stuff, just lots of stuff
:) Remember that I want to be thin more then I want the food.

Have a great day everybody!!!

12-14-2006, 11:50 AM
Hello All.... I am proud to report that I kept ALL of my commitments yesterday! You know what that means... :dance: :dance: My son had a fairly good time dancing to the oldies.... he got bored some times, so he just moved on and played. It was the perfect tape to do with him right there, because I didn't have to worry about accidentally injuring him (like trying to do tae bo or something). Anyhow, I enjoyed it too... I have always like the sweatin to the oldies tapes :)

Thank you for the tips on the Mexican food. Unfortunately they did not have any whole weat tortillas (only the traditional corn or flour). Their was also not healthy... just chicken tortilla... heavy on the cheese. So, I got the chicken & steak fajitas. And I just made a few tortillas with the meat, veggies and salsa.... no guac, no sour cream, no cheese. I also only had a few chips before the meal..... so I did really good!!! :dance: :dance:

I'm a bit rushed right now, but my goals are..
:) Sweat to the oldies again
:) Lotsa Water
:) Veggies for snacks
:) Take Vitamins
:) Juice again

RockinRobin - I would like to talk to you about what's going on with your husband. A number of years ago I experienced something very similar. I was sick for almost a year straight. It was the same thing.... ear infection, sinus infection, throat infection (with strep coming and going). Anyhow, I can share my experience with you, and maybe it will be some help. I went round and round with doctors at that time too.... it was my mom that finally got me healthy again. We can either email back and forth, or if you email me with your phone number I can call you (it will save a lot of typing!!).... either way my email address is nlblit@yahoo.com

C.C. :dance: :dance: You're out of the 3's.... CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :dance: :dance: That's a huge victory

Everyone Else - You're all doing great.... keep going :dance: (Sorry, I'm rushing so I can't do everyone individually....)

12-14-2006, 11:58 AM
All right....so here's how it went....I wasn't on par with part of my commitment for the party last night but it could have been a lot worse!
The food....not much to choose from! There was a potato bar....called potato-ini! Mashed, baked, sweet, regular, cheese, bacon, brown sugar the works! oh and the make your own cupcake bar that was torturous..No veggie bar, no salad nada! Lots of starchy carbs, fried bits, pasta, cream sauces etc.
Well... I survived the food. I went with the mini burger bar since that seemed the safest... I had 1 little mini burger in a bun and then loaded the side of the plate up with lots of slices of tomatoes and pickles. When I plugged that into my fitday today it was only just over 100 calories.

Then there's the alcohol. Well I had more than 2.... I had 5 glasses of wine...but if I look at it that was 1 glass an hour since I was there for 5 hours and I had a large glass of water with each drink. I was in a cab by 8:00PM like I planned but missed my train home so I had to wait for another (1.5 hours later) so I ended up meeting a couple of friends at a bar next to the station where I had 1 light beer. I was well on my way home on a train by 10:30....though I didn't get home until midnight since I met a very attractive man who rode the train home with me and we spent like an hour and 1/2 chatting it up in the parking lot when we got off the train.....A very tall, nice, employed motivated 29 year old man who tried no funny stuff at all....well I did get to kiss him.....but nothing funny beyond that which was really refreshing to know that he wasn't a sleeze! I'm not much for dating or relationships but I could be motivated to at least see him again maybe even for a meal ;)

Well I'm considering this night a success....not a roaring success but a big leap in the right direction. I could have very easily had a big dish of mashed taters loaded up with cheese and bacon,10 cupcakes, 10 glasses of wine, and like 12 beers and stayed out until 3am but I didn't, and even if I had more to drink than I said I would I demonstrated some sort of self control and left at a reasonable hour and was a little tipsy but not out of control sloppy drunk which is a route I've tended to go.....and met a nice man in the process (we'll see if he calls):sunny:

I calculated everything in my fitday this morning from the party and came in at a nice even 1500 calories for the day.

So here goes for today...

1. I will silently laugh at all of my coworkers that will we wolfing back chinese take out nursing their hangovers while I'm eating my happy little lean cuisine cause I'm feeling pretty good and hangover free

2. I did not get enough veggies yesterday....I will get a nice healthy salad full of yummie veggies at the salad bar before my class tonight

3. I will drink extra water today

4. I will finish my damn masters degree and free myself from my educational ties which will allow me to have less stress and more time for the gym!:carrot:

12-14-2006, 02:10 PM
CC-Congratulations! I love seeing everyone's numbers going down!
RockinRobin-I don't know if you're religious at all but I will pray for your husband! Keep your head up girl.
Nalynn-Good job on keeping all of your commitments! And you did very good at the mexican restaurant.. I am impressed. I bet it was pretty tasty too.. I love fajitas!
NESunshine- It sounds like you had a great night, complete with a kiss :)!! You did so well and I will deffinately be thinking about you next time I have a night out with the friends. That is an unbelievable amount of self control you showed. I hope you rub off on me!

Well, I had a great day yesterday!!! I was sooo happy to be done with my finals and I got in a nice long nap! I got to spend lots of quality time with my boyfriend and I think I rubbed off on him because when supper time rolled around last night instead of suggesting hardees or sonic or mexican food he wanted to go to subway! I was soo happy because while there is still temptations at subway it is so much easier to take the healthy route and it's still yummy :) I got all of my water and fruit and veggies in yesterday. But one day I didn't do was exercise. But don't worry today is a new day! I'm so happy to have the next few weeks off because I can really focus on my diet and exercise. Maybe by the time next semester rolls around it will be more of a habit.
My commitments:
-Lots of fruits and veggies today!
-Lots of water

Good Luck everyone, have a great day!

12-14-2006, 06:42 PM
Thanks all for the clean eating replies... ha, I was beginning to think that it was a bigger movement than I thought, lol, seeing all the clean eating going on... I'm really looking into the erm... clean eating plan, I did reeally well on BFL, but loaned my book to a co-worker, and never got it back when I left the job :| and that's an EXPENSIVE book lol.

OK, for me... yesterday, not quite all my water, but almost, um, could have done better eating, had a little snack attack, but not nearly as bad as it could have been... I think it was being down in the morning over my back... but, I snapped back, I did try the toning workout on the biggest loser dvd, and made it all the way through, I did isometrics and stretched while they were doing things that would have thrashed my back further... and how bout that finale? w00t! for erik... for all of them, amazing changes... I avoided all sites dieting related bacause I had to record it and watch with hubby when he got off work...lol it was so worth the wait! Oh, and I think it's been 6 months or so since they left the ranch...

I think they need to add a prize for the most muscle mass added. Wylie and Marty should have gotten more kudos for that. Brian looked a little emaciated and walked away with $100k...

I told hubby they should have done a body fat measurment, would have been a better indicator, since those 2 became He-Men :D

Ok, today's Do's.... pick one site to journal at, and stick with it... I spend so much time on the different places I journal, I'm running out of time to actually do anything to journal about...lol

Make shopping list for 2 weeks, so tomorrow when I go shopping, I'm armed and ready.

either bike, or try to get out for a walk for at least 30 mins, and hour if I can make it... still coddling my back a bit, it's not nearly as bad as yesterday though :)

Uh-oh, today is pizza day... we have no real food here, hubby's payday, and he won't have time to pick me up anything before work, so I have to get takeout (I don't drive, and the closest decent grocery store is miles from here...) Oh guh, now I'm panicking :fr:

Looks like everyone is staying (mostly) on track, so w00t for everyone :)

:hug: and good vibes to you and hubby Robin... has he had a full allergy panel done recently? A lot of food allergies, especially wheat and dairy can cause those problems, just a thought, sorry if it's already been checked, or it seems I'm oversimplifying it... it's just somethign that a lot of doctors don't check, just because their patients never had allergies before.

12-15-2006, 12:31 AM
I hope your husband feels better really soon, Robin! I can only imagine how stressful and scary that can be. I'm sending good thoughts your way...

12-15-2006, 09:43 AM
Good Morning everyone!! Another good report for me. I kept all of my commitments except for juicing again.... but that's because I ate all of the fruits and veggies I needed for the day. So, it was a good day for me :dance:

PNG - I'm glad your back is feeling a bit better! I'm way impressed that you were able to do the Biggest Loser toning section while in pain from your back.... that takes commitment!! :dance:

Caseygail - Congratulations on being done with your exams!! That's a victory in itself :dance: It's also great that you're rubbing off on your boyfriend.... it's so much easier to be good at Subway than at Arbys or McDonalds or something.

NESunshine - It sounds like you had a great night out! I think you did very well considering the circumstances. I think I would have caved with the cupcake bar!! So you still exercised a lot of willpower... and you met a nice guy. Sounds like a victory to me :dance:

RockinRobin - It is amazing that you are able to be so committed to your dieting with so much going on in your life. I am so impressed!! It takes so much strength and I am so proud of you :dance:

C.C. - I was re-reading your post from yesterday.... I love what you said about eating not being a team sport!! I feel like having bumper stickers made with that on it :) I know I always feel left out if I'm not eating... why is there so much more attached to food than just giving our bodies the fuel they need?? Anyhow, keep up the great work.... now that your in the 2's, you're on your way to ONEderland :dance:

Floridachick - How did you do?? Are you still resisting those broken pastries at work??? That takes a lot of willpower!! You can do it :carrot:

So, you may see a pattern with my daily commitments again.... but they're working, so here goes:
:) Get all of my water in
:) Sweat with the oldies again
:) Veggies for snacks
:) Juice again (yum!!)
:) Take vitamins
:) Plan a healthy dinner for entertaining on Sunday

Okay, so that's it for now. Good Luck to everyone today!!!! :cheer2: :cheer2:

12-15-2006, 10:32 AM
Good morning ladies. I just want to again thank you all for the kind words and good wishes. It is a huge help. We are very much looking forward to this weekend. My daughter is due in later today from college and we will be glad to be all together. Trying to not think about anything else but the moment.

Everyone is doing so well, it's just sooo good to see. Nalynn you were so smart to start this thread. I truly believe it is helping all of us stay commited. And I thank you.

I didn't have a great day yesterday, not terrible, but not great. Probably ate about 1500 calories worth. A couple of pistachio nuts here, a handful of cereal there and so on and so on. Shocker here - could have done better on the exercise. I get so panic-y when I don't stick to plan as if one day is going to set me back to 287 lbs, a place I never want to be again, well duh. I just get afraid that 1 day will turn into 2 and 2 into 3 and ............But I have made progress and that doesn't have to be the case anymore. One day off plan will not spiral into months. I have control over this. I control what goes into my mouth. I overeat, I gain weight. I eat well and exercise, I lose weight. There are so many things in life that we have zero control over, our weight is not one of them. If I don't want to be fat, I don't have to be fat. Sounds simple, well it actually is. It's not rocket science and I know that. I don't have to be fat if I don't want to, it's all up to me, how badly do I really want this? I want it very, very badly and I have a choice and I will lose this weight. Because I have control over it. It is within my power. It's all up to me. Sorry, didn't mean to ramble.

My commitments:

:smug: Get back on plan today, under 1300 calories
:smug: Exercise - just do it
:smug: Water - drink it, lots
:smug: No nibbling, yeah it's time to put that back in
:smug: No nibbling, there I said it again
:smug: Enjoy this weekend with my family. Take it one day at a time. Make the most of every day, in every way.

Have a stupendous day everyone and thank you for all the support in so many different areas.

12-15-2006, 11:46 AM
Good Morning Everyone!
Well.... Its official....Yesterday I finished all course work needed to complete my masters degree! I honestly feel like so much stress that has been weighing on me for the past 3 years has been lifted... I could almost float. I went and did my final shop for Boston University goods, decals for the car, Tshirts for my parents, a nice new work out jacket for me!

I went out to celebrate, at the local watering hole which has served as a partial home and crutch while pursuing this degree. I enjoyed a diet coke, only stayed 45 minutes, and never touched all the appetizers they got (including fully loaded nachos and sweet potato fries)....none of which even interested me. I hugged my friends, some who are traveling back to their far away corners of the world, and the regulars....who I guess I have become one of, and the bartenders....two of the greatest...and cutest brothers in the business and told them I'd stop by to say hello in a couple of months.

I'm very relieved but also a bit sad as well. I've always felt that my life has been in sections....chapters....little mini books, and last night I closed a chapter and am fully ready to take the next step forward. I've already got a jump start too so that is exciting! I'm also feeling that I've made it through the rough part of December as far as outings and parties go. My shows are all running and I've done my part, all the school and company parties are over etc. The actual holidays themselves will be a breeze for me, I'll be up in Maine with my parents....and my mother is on board with the healthy kick and I'll be doing most of the cooking. There are no phones, tv, etc. up there so I'll be able to get out and go for long hikes, maybe even jobs. A week of that is just what the doctor ordered to kick off the new year in the right place.

Alright for today
1. I will celebrate full out....at the gym after work
2. Veggies and Fruit...they have been low the past couple of days
3. I will do my house cleaning tonight too so that I can have time to get out and be active over the weekend...its warm again in Massachusetts ...gotta take it when we get it.
4. I will smile :)
5. I will do my holiday shopping...and use that as a way to get a walk in (park far away from the mall, take the long route and the stairs etc)

I absolutely have to get some work done today so I can't respond to everyone individually but I just wanted to send some of my good mojo to the lovley RockinRobin and her husband and wish your daughter safe travels home!

12-15-2006, 12:19 PM
And Sunshine, I just want to wish you all the best and continued success and growth and much happiness as you head into the next chapter of your life.

:congrat: :congrat: :congrat: :congrat: :congrat: :congrat:

12-15-2006, 02:57 PM
Hello all! I had a really good day yesterday! I kept all of my commitments and didn't nibble on anything. I had lots of fruits and veggies and all of my water. I cleaned my grandmother's entire house and felt like I got a pretty good work out, but I made the decision to go ahead and go for my walk anyway :D. I love my walks, I have lots of time to think. Every once in a while I find myself smiling to myself. I'm thinking who is this person?? I can't believe how well I'm doing! And I'm sticking to it, I'm so determined. I'm sorry if it sounds vain but I really am proud of myself!! I can't wait to weigh myself on Monday!!

Nalynn-good job on your fruits and veggies. Somtimes I feel like I have to force feed myself! Fruits and veggies aren't my favorite but my new motto is "eat to live, don't live to eat"

rockinrobin-you are doing good! Keep your head up; you deffinately have the right attitude. Just remind yourself throughout the day how much you want this, you will be fine!

Sunshine- CONGRATULATIONS! I can only imagine how good that feels. That is a major accomplishment. And good job resisting all of those yummy appetizers at your watering hole. You do so good when you go out; I really need to work on this area. Any tips on how you resist the temptation? I know after you do so many times, it just becomes habit. But man, when you are out with your friends and they're all indulging in drinks and yummy food and you're just eating a nice little salad it's kind of depressing. It does kind of make me feel like I know somthing they don't though lol. I'm thinking "yeah you just wait until I'm hot" haha.

my commitments-
-same ol same ol: stay in my calorie range, drink lots of water, go for my walk
-but MAINLY: be good when we go out tonight.
-Keep in mind how close I am to the 160's
-Every once in awhile feel of your jeans and remember how loosley they are fitting, and how good that feels :)

Good luck ladies!! I can't thank you enough for the encouraing comments everyday... I couldn't make it w/o the support!!

12-15-2006, 07:52 PM
But I have made progress and that doesn't have to be the case anymore. One day off plan will not spiral into months. I have control over this. I control what goes into my mouth. I overeat, I gain weight. I eat well and exercise, I lose weight. There are so many things in life that we have zero control over, our weight is not one of them. If I don't want to be fat, I don't have to be fat. Sounds simple, well it actually is. It's not rocket science and I know that. I don't have to be fat if I don't want to, it's all up to me, how badly do I really want this? I want it very, very badly and I have a choice and I will lose this weight. Because I have control over it. It is within my power. It's all up to me. Sorry, didn't mean to ramble.

Hopefully this will make you laugh, Robin... I was reading your awesome self-pep talk above when an ad for the new Rocky movie came on with the Rocky music blaring! I suddenly was picturing you running up the stairs throwing air punches and dancing with your fists in the air. :D Very inspirational!

And I'm so happy for you, NESunshine, for finishing your degree, for being so strong at the bar, and for realizing that you have made such a strong start here. Wow! :hug: Maine sounds lovely and peaceful. I hope you have a fantastic time! Oh yeah, and the kiss - good for you! ;)

Nalynn, you get a woo-hoo too for another great day!! And I'll take one of those bumper stickers! ;)

PNG, how did you do with pizza day? Don't forget most pizza places also have salads you can get too! A slice of cheese pizza and some salad with low-fat italian dressing helps sometimes when you're feeling trapped into a pizza dinner. I, for one, can put away a huge pizza all by myself, so I avoid them at all costs. :mad:

Casey Gail, congrats on your finals being done! It tickled me to read about you smiling to yourself. You SHOULD be proud of what you've done! :carrot:

I realized I forgot to post my goals today. Whoopsie. So far so good though, eating well (went to a Christmas lunch and had a salad with chicken and turned down the piping hot sourdough bread that I love). I made it 18 minutes on the elliptical yesterday. I thought I'd try adding a minute a day; but I'm not sure how many times I can do that and still live to tell the tale. :dizzy:

Anyway, hang in there fellow committers! I think you all are so inspirational; it lifts my spirits to see you all plugging along at this from all corners of the country! It definitely makes me feel less alone in all of this...

12-15-2006, 11:15 PM
Whew... Busy, busy day! close to 2 hours of shopping, then going to play kitchen cosmetology for a friend going to a Christmas party tonight... would have been ok yesterday, if it weren't for the hubby bringing in one of my biggest binge foods home for me :| Meunster Cheese... guh... it's calling to me, even now. We ended up not having pizza last night, hubby squeezed in a small trip to the store... ended up with hamburgers and muenster (evilevil:devil: ) and crisscut fries... I cooked and drained the heck out of the burger, skipped the fries and made green and yellow beans, and completely went wacko on the cheese :( I did workout though, took out one of my old bellydance workouts... forgot how much fun those are... and only got about half of my water in...

Today we went shopping, and I have to say, did AWESOME. The only junky food in the house is 100 cal packs of reese's mix, and Sandies, and a 10 pack of 100 cal packs of popcorn, 5 regular and 5 kettle :D I got lots of fish, and skinless chicken, and extra lean ground beef, and loads of veggies. Hubby has to take it now, he's signed up for a fitness challenge at work... I guess he COULD argue that it doesn't start until the 9th of next month, but...too bad lol.

Nalynn... yay, I got a dancy thing! w00t! The back is much better now... I tend to muscle througha lot of back and hip pain... with the fibro, if I didn't, I'd never move again, so I kinda know where I can push it... it's just a matter of pushing past the brain cripple to do it :rofl:

Robin...:encore:great ramble... you can ramble like that for me any day... i want to go like... jog or something now :running: (I definitely wouldn't survive that;) )

Sunshine... :congrat: and a big w00t to you :D And that holiday... sounds heavenly... lol, what I wouldn't give for a nice...quiet holiday!

caseygail... Not vain at all, you have a right to be proud, and your excitement is contagious :D

CC, pass up sourdough... someone should give you an award, lol, you're way stronger than me... I could not, and probably would slap anyone who suggested I try...lol the I'm with you on that minute a day thing... trying to get back where I should be with my bike... I was doing REALLY well, able to do an hour or more... then I got whooping cough, and I never seemed to get my breath all the way back after that.

Omgosh... did I just get everyone? Did I, did I?? If I didn't I'm so sorry if I missed ya, my eyes are starting to cross...

12-16-2006, 10:00 AM
Good morning everyone!!

Oh PNG I know what you mean about jogging, not really an option right now.

Yes CC it did make me laugh! Although I was rambling I'm telling you it's how I feel. I know there are different circumstances that lead us to obesity, some worse then others and that we don't always have control over, but the bottom line is we do have control as to what we eat. So all the outside forces aside, it is within our power to change our weight. And that's a good thing.
And I am just thrilled for you with your elliptical progress. You must be so darn proud of yourself. I know I'm really proud of ya. And your food choices and you're just getting it all together!! :carrot:

Caseygail, you are doing so well and you certainly have every right to be proud of yourself!!!! It is so important to see the good that you are doing.

Nalynn you didn't post since my last post, didn't want to leave you out though - I hope you are doing well, I'm sure you are, you veggie loving-fruit discovering lady.

I had a really good day yesterday, food and exercise wise. I was so very happy to see my daughter who says that since Thanksgiving I got even "skinnier". That word still cracks me up. She was exhausted from dealing with finals and I think she fell asleep around 4:00, I woke her up for dinner and then she went to bed pretty soon after, but it's good to have the whole family intact regardless.

Check out this very motivational statement that someone passed on to me:

I believe in the ability to change my health, my attitude and my life. I am worthy of the best that life has to offer and today I have the opportunity to get closer to realizing my dreams and goals!

I thought that was just a great statement, I'm even thinking of making it my signature. It kinda goes back to the we are in control thing and we have the choice and it's within our power. I know I'm rambling again. But I really think this is something we need to be reminded of often.

Today's commitments:

:smug: Lots of water
:smug: Food within 1400 calories, going to a family gathering at the in-laws or the outlaws as I like to call them, Food not an issue I think I mentioned this before MIL lousy, lousy cook which is great for me, for everyone else - not so much
:smug: Exercise - I'd like to get in a walk today, perhaps with my daughter (s)
:smug: Lighten up on myself, no need to "speed" diet, Lord knows there's no monatary prize given for fastest removal of fat.
:smug: Enjoy today.

Have a great and wonderful and healthy day everyone.

12-16-2006, 12:11 PM
Happy Saturday All
Wow, I slept in today for the first time in over a year. I try to but no matter what everyday I'm up by 7 at the latest....I definatly slept until 10! Now I'm whiping up a healthy breakfast and sipping Saturday morning coffee! Its so strange not having to rush to get through my weekend tasks so I can get to the schoolwork...kinda nice. I figure I'll hang out for another hour or so then its off to the gym for as long as I want then time to dance through the grocery store perhaps!

Rockinrobin...Love the motivational statement! And keep up the rambling its great! I know what its like to not be tempted by family members food....every time my mother bakes anything I run for the hills its so terrible!

PNG...you go with opting for beans...stepping away from the fries is a HUGE step! Also rock on stocking up with the 100 calorie packs!

CLC...Hang in there with that elliptical! You can do it. What willpower passing up that sourdough!

Casey... Isn't it amazing what a workout housecleaning can give you .... and how walks suddenly can give you back your 'me' time ...rock on!

Alright well here goes for today....I'm gonna start including some regular daily commitiments as well cause I want to start to incorporate my everyday life with my food commitiments, I think it will help me in the long run to not keep it all separate.

1. GYM....for however long I want. I'll probably spend 1-2 hours...1 hr on the elliptical and then 30 minutes abs 30 minutes weights

2. Its grocery shopping day....lots of veggies, no embarassing dancing to my ipod down the aisles.

3. AHHHH I really need to get on that christmas card writing

4. Redo all my playlists ... time to mix up my workout music

5. Begin loading all of my recipies into a database in my computer so I can have them at my fingertips and can start trying some new dishes with healthy substitutes!

Oh ya, and for anyone that red my post yesterday about the attack of the office birthday cake...this is how it played out. I work in a small office so they all know at this point about me trying to lose weight and I immediatly got bombarded with the...'just shut up and have some cake', 'its for december birthdays and your one of them, just celebrate' and my favorite...'forget about your diet its the holidays, just eat everything in sight' ...and after that who wants to listen to it. I let them put a sliver on my plate with me and had a bite...did a lot of licking an empty fork and pushed it around alot until it melted (ice cream cake....cold stone creamery cookie dough ice cream cake...damn) at that point it blended in with the plate and at lest looked like I had eaten some so they left me alone. I'm thankful that there won't be another one on my actual birthday...they combined everyone from this month onto one day.

12-17-2006, 04:03 AM
Hello all!

I was running late for an appointment with a client this morning, so I didn't get my commitments posted, but I've been holding steady with the consistent biggies (eating, exercise, liquids, vitamins).

Today was a good day. I am so loving the challenge of ordering at a restaurant! I secretly feel happy when I can "out healthy" my healthy friends. :) I had a rough patch after I spent about an hour tonight looking for recipes for Christmas dinner, which almost brought on a binge. Seriously, I was salivating and dying to eat anything and everything. I tried to watch a movie to take my mind off food, then I tried going to sleep, then I got up and got on the ellipse at about 11PM. That killed the cravings. Whew! And I made it to 20 minutes to boot! That was the closest I've been to a binge since I started this in November. Scary.

I have a dinner party tomorrow night, so wish me luck! Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

12-17-2006, 08:29 AM
Good morning ya'll!!

Oh I hear you loud and clear, CC. Skimming over recipes and the such bring on huge cravings for me as well. Yes, it really is scary. I wonder if that will ever stop? But you got through it, simply marvelous. You are such an inspiration! And then you got on Mr. elliptical - fantastic. And it's like eating out for you has become a game to find healthy choices, very cool indeed. You most definitely have your head in the "right place". I'm so happy for you!

Sunshine, sounds like you handled the office-cake-shoving-upon very well. WTG. And I'm glad you're enjoying a leisurely weekend.

PNG, yup cheese is a toughy for me as well.

Yesterday's commitments went very well for the most part. I went to MIL for a big family get together, my DH is one of 5. And like I predicted the food was vile looking, even worse then ususal. I had a teensy, tinsy bit of salad. But got home absolutely RAVENOUS. So at about 11:45 at night I had a bowl of Kashi Go Lean, which filled me but did not satisfy me so I then ate a 60- calorie Jello pudding and it was yummy. Now of course it's past midnight and I started to feel guilty for eating so darn late. So I went on to exercise for about 25 mins. As much as we try to stay on plan, things do arise to take us off course. So be it. On to today:

:) Drink lots of water
:) Eat under 1300 calories, Sunday night is my carb night, I'll probably be making baked ziti and a salad. My daughter that is home from school loves, loves, loves baked ziti. I will (hopefully) have a small portion of the ziti, huge portion of the salad.
:) Exercise, including a walk.
:) No nibbling
:) Remember that I want to be thin more then I want the food.

Have a terrific Sunday everyone.

12-17-2006, 10:20 AM
Wow, quiet in here this weekend...those holidays must be getting close! Yesterday went well, made it to the gym for 1hr45min then went to the grocery store....well you know that old saying don't shop when you're hungry...well it was way past lunch when I was shopping and I was starving which made it really difficult but it was still a success....the old me would have bought a big bag of doritos or something gooey from the bakery and eat half of them in the car on the way home...instead I hit the salad bar while I was waiting on line at the deli. I filled up a takeout dish with lettuce tomatoes peppers and other salad goods and topped it with some grilled chicken, skipped the cheese, crutons and dressing. When I got through the store and back to my car I nibbled on the veggies while I drove home. I know it breaks one of my rules to eat in my car but i figure if i'm gonna break that rule, better a tomatote than a patato chip! I got all my holiday cards done, my apartment cleaning done and all my laundry done so I'm ahead of the game today.

CC. ya.....recipies.... bringing on cravings.... I hear ya! Good job resisting!

Robin. I end up eating late pretty often. If I have a show or even go to the gym after work it sometimes ends up being 10:00pm before I get around to dinner and it isn't making a huge difference, i just make sure I keep it light if its late. I wouldn't pay any mind to it, you kept it light and got some extra activity in. Also think about it, if you hadn't eaten and went to bed hungry imagine #1 how bad your sleep would have been and #2 i don't know about you but I may have wreaked serious havoc on the fridge via mindless hunger driven stargaze at 3am!

Alright here goes for today...
1. Water..I tend to skimp more on the weekends for some reason.
2. calories...I tend to splurge more on the weekends for some reason
3. Healthy cooking...I only have 4 days that my office is open before we close until after new years...I will make enought healthy food to get me through all 4, no lean cuisines this week!
4. Gym again...gym gym gym
5 work more on importing my recipes!

Alright that should be enough for today
Good luck all

12-17-2006, 01:57 PM
Hello Lovely Ladies! I don't know what the deal was but none of the posts from yesterday are showing up :( But anyway, it sounds like you all had good days!
CC- I know I've said it before but you ordering out at restaurants is really an inspiration for me! I'm getting a lot better, but this has been a big struugle for me. And great job on getting past that binge. I bet once the desire past it felt really good!
Robin- I'm glad you had such a good day :).. and I'm with Sunshine, I wouldn't even worry about eating so late, considering you ate light and then got on the elliptical afterwards(amazing by the way!)
Sunshine- Good job on skipping the unhealthy stuff and going for that salad, and extra good job on skipping the crutons, cheese, and dressing -Thats my favorite part!!

Well I did pretty good when we went out to eat Friday night. I had a grilled pork chop, baked potato, and a side salad. This is huge for me! It's weird leaving restaurants not completely stuffed and it feels great! Now here comes the bad news, when I got back to our friends house I drank 3 glasses of wine. :S That sent my calories up to about 1500. I got right back on track yesterday though and had a great day!! I've been getting used to drinking lots of water, I'm just ready for my bladder to get used to it lol.
Anyway, I have a question for you guys. I love popcorn and I've heard they have 100 calorie packs with popcorn. But I was looking on a regular box of popcorn and it said one bag has 32 calories in it after it is popped. I was shocked, why is this, I'm so confused.
here are my commitments

Have a wonderful day ladies!

12-17-2006, 04:10 PM
Good morning! (whoops, afternoon) I totally slept in today. Didn't wake up until 11AM. Yikes!

Robin, Way to go restraining at your MIL's house! It sounds like you weren't even tempted. I know some people don't like eating after a certain hour, but I think it's better to eat when you're hungry than not eat at all.

Sunshine, I used to eat in the car a lot. Part of my secret eating problem. When I'd go to the grocery store, I would always break into something for the ride home. I also used to get home form the store and find that within hours I had found a reason to break into pretty much everything I bought that was "fun" (i.e. BAD). Congrats on passing up the gooey treats!

CaseyGail, Sounds like you did well on your night out! I think it's not about being perfect all the time, it's about making smart choices most of the time so you can absorb a splurge once in a while. By making good choices at the restaurant, the wine wasn't as big a deal. Imagine if you had ordered a huge bowl of pasta or something and THEN had the wine. You did well!

For today, I need to be good at a dinner party and work up the energy on this lazy Sunday to get some exercise in before I go. Because I won't want to when I get home.

How is everyone else doing? Nalynn? PNG? Anyone else who want to join in who hasn't before?

12-17-2006, 04:28 PM
Good Morning Ladies :)

Didn't get a chance to make it in til way late yeasterday, so I figured I'd just save it for the morning...lol My daughter and I revived a weekend tradition, "Funkin' Out" lol, I load up a playlist full of old funk tracks, and we clean and dance like fools... halfway through, we changed to holiday music, but it was fun, think we'll go for round 2 today :)

I did ok, got all but the last little bit of water in... ha, it always gets me. Now I have to think about the Do's for this week... time to sit down with my journal and figure out some more goals :D

I'm praying for some sort of breakthrough here... I think I need to lower my minimum calories, eating 3 healthy meals and 2 snacks, in 2 days, I've had a hard time making it to even 1300 cals, let alone 1500, then I try to make my minimum with a couple extra snacks.. and so on, maybe I'll just kill the minimum altogether... yeah, that's it lol I'm sure what I miss in one day, I'll make up for in another :D

*sigh* Right now, I'm looking at my super athletic 6 year old bouncing and bounding across the room... thinking, "what I wouldn't give for a third of that..." lol, I'd be at goal, and probably beyond in no time... sheesh, and she can still talk 50million miles an hour at the same time... that's it, she's my new trainer :lol3:

Ok, so I can barely keep up when there's 1 day of posts, so rather than miss someone, thanks everyone for all the encouragement and advice this week... hehe, I think one of my do's for the week coming is going to be to post individuals everyday :D