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10-03-2001, 08:25 PM
Haven't checked in for a looooooong time. My, how long the last thread became! Decided to start a new one.

I've caught up on the previous posts, and see that everyone is still going great (or at least trying!)

Work has me held hostage most of the time, so the computer is really low on my list of priorities right now. I come home from work, play with the kids for a while, make dinner, get kids ready for and in bed, and then pretty much crash myself. (My work day starts at 6:00 a.m. -- I get up at 4:45 a.m. :( ) Then I start it all over again the next day.

My weight loss progress has been very slow, although I am still in a downward trend. I have really lost motivation here for a while, but feel like I am regaining control and that feels good. I think I can make my goal weight by Christmas or New Year's. I have 12 pounds to go. Why does that seem impossible after I've already lost 30 pounds? Oh well . . . I guess I'll keep counting those points!

Hope everyone is well, and remaining motivated. I also hope to get a little more time to check in on a regular basis again! Take care all, and God Bless America.

10-04-2001, 07:55 AM
You sure have the right attitude. You will make it. Just remember to take some time for u.

I had a great day yesterday. I lost 3.2 at weigh in which totals 59.4. I have 2.2 left until goal. I cant wait. I want to be a leader after so that I can stay motivated with the program.

Gl all

Tami 203/176/135
10-04-2001, 05:55 PM

You are so close to goal! I cannot even imagine how that feels! CONGRATULATIONS!


10-05-2001, 07:50 AM
Thank You Tami.
You will get there too. How are you doing havent heard from u much.

10-05-2001, 12:14 PM
Hi Everyone!

Tami--what a wonderful explanation of why water is so crucial to good health and weight loss. Thanks for the info.

Tracey--I'm so thrilled for you! You're so close--you must be bursting with pride. You'll reach lifetime by Thanksgiving, no problem! Thanks for being such a great inspiration.

Deanna--forgetting how old you are is NOT demonstrating that the thirties aren't so bad:dizzy: Keep up the great work on your weight loss. Nice job.

Pam--glad to see you again--it has been a while!

I can't imagine how hard it must be to lose wieght while trying to feed your husband and kids. I admire all of you who are staying on point while doing so.

Yes, the George Foreman grill is pretty great. It's kind of gross to see all the fat that was in your food before you cooked it, but then you feel good that you got rid of it all! I do recommend saving up and buying one of the bigger ones, especially you guys with families.

I lost 4.6 last week after I gaining that disgusting 4 pounds. Then this week I lost 4 more. My total in now 48.2, so I'm looking forward to the big 50 AND being under 300 pounds which hasn't happened in about ten years. Pretty cool. I'm a little worried because I'm taking steroids to try and restore hearing loss, and the big side effects are bloating, weight gain, sleeplessness, and irritability. Whee. Can't wait.

Well, it's my day off, so I should be up moving around instead of sitting here. Hope everyone has a great weekend.



10-06-2001, 02:00 PM
We had a woman in our group with the same problem. Her medicines were causing weight gain. It was really frustrating for her. Can u talk to the doctor and find something to help it. The 50 pd mark was very exciting it will come. Keep up the great work all.

Tami 203/176/135
10-08-2001, 01:58 PM
I weighed in on Saturday at 166.4. I am so thankful for this weight loss. I have to do something about my attraction to sweets. My husband brought home a carton of "light ice cream". I had more servings than I should have last night. (I didn't eat the whole thing this time!) I won't be eating much today for lunch!

10-09-2001, 10:27 PM
Well, today my two girlfriends that joined WW with me had a little "rededication", of sorts. We have all done well on the program, but have been letting ourselves slip. We vowed at the beginning that if we started to slip, someone needed to vocalize it (shout it from the rooftop, if necessary) and we would regroup together. Since I have been on the same pound for a month now, I decided it was my turn to "SHOUT OUT!"

We all hopped on the scale at work in front of each other, and vowed to get back on track. That means start drinking plenty of water, journaling journaling journaling, and counting every single point. I have only 12 +/- pounds to go, so I have to get back on track! I know I can and I will!!!!!!!

I feel a small victory in the fact that for a whole month of not behaving, I have not gained weight. I must be doing something right with my eating habits, so maintenance doesn't seem such an undoable task. I just have to get to goal and then maintain!

Well, I'm basically rambling. Just to see my thoughts jotted down actually helps, so please accept my apology for the goofy post.

Hope everyone is happy, healthy, and safe. God Bless America.

10-12-2001, 01:43 PM
Well ladies. I didnt reach goal this week. I needed to make 2.2 but got 1 instead. I am not staying i am not diappointed but I know I have come a long way. Very Tired today so not staying on long. At my meeting yesterday, I mentioned the Wendee plan and no one heard of it. Does anyone have the plan some where so I have share it with them

lil miss
10-13-2001, 03:35 PM
I haven't posted in awhile, but was so glad to see all of you doing so well! My weight loss has slowed down alot since back to school, but I keep losing little by little. Tracy, I'm so glad I took your advice and gave WW 150 as my weight goal. I only have to pay one more week, then I'm a lifetime member and can go for free! That $12.00 a week adds up, but it was so worth it.

We are having a gorgeous Saturday here in Syracuse, and we finally went apple picking. It's one of my favorite fall traditions. Everyone had a great time, and they have kid's games, pony rides, a store, and a wagon ride back to the orchard.

Tracy, I have saved the Wendie Plan on my computer. I hope this works. I copied it, now I will paste it here.

Lighten Up
> Your Plan, Your Way!
> "The Wendie Plan" in a nutshell...

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Author Comment
(6/1/01 9:33:41 am)
"The Wendie Plan" in a nutshell...
What is the “Wendie Plan?”

First of all, let it be known that the Wendie Plan is NOT something different than good old Weight Watchers. Most of the people who regularly visit here are following the WW plan. However, this does not mean that the Wendie Plan can not be easily adapted for people who are using Richard Simmons, and/or counting calories. I suppose even people following a plan such as Atkins could adapt this to their program, however I do not recommend it. The reason is simple. I do not recommend the Atkins program or any other low/no-carb program like that. Why? Because it is not (or SHOULD not) be a lifestyle change, and because it is very dangerous to your health. I cannot advocate any program that would put your health at risk.

The Wendie Plan is very simple. You follow a simple plan of eating. You eat your regular foods that you have on WW. You work within your point range. You drink the water, get some exercise, etc., etc., etc. What is different? You alternate the amount of points you use each day. What could be more simple?

Let us assume for a moment that your point range falls between 22-29 points per day. (This is based on the original 123 plan, not the “Winning Points” plan) WW says that you can eat up to 29 points every day, and still lose weight. Do you? Maybe. Maybe not. Ever notice that on some days you aren’t very hungry and on other days you feel you could eat all the points in the universe? After doing extensive research, I have discovered several things that don’t always ring true.

At this point, if you are someone who has been doing the program and losing a steady 2+ pounds per week, you don’t have to read on any further. Your body is doing what it needs to for you to lose weight. If you are struggling to drop a pound, and no matter how hard you have tried the pounds won’t shake lose – read on – this is for you.

First of all, just because you eat within the points you have been assigned, drink all of your water, exercise at least 20 minutes every day, journal till the cows come home... does not mean that you will lose weight. I don’t mean to depress you, but it is the truth. We have countless people here, myself included, who can attest to this. They try really hard, but week after week they are struggling to even lose part of a pound. I see it all the time. So... what are they doing wrong?

Oddly enough, they are doing one tiny little thing wrong. It is one tiny, insignificant thing, but it is keeping them from losing weight faster and at a steady rate. The secret to The Wendie Plan is simple. Alternate your points daily. At the start of your week, alternate the number of points you eat daily. Your rhythm of your week should look like this: low/high/low/very high/very low/high/med. high.

For example. If your range allows you to eat between 22-29 points per day:

Day 1 - 22 points
Day 2 - 28 points
Day 3 - 23 points
Day 4 - 36-39 points
Day 5 - 22 points
Day 6 - 29 points
Day 7 - 27 points

On the WW plan, 22-29 points per day, you will eat between 154 points (low end) – 203 points (high end) during the course of the week. On the Wendie Plan, you will eat 190 points during the course of the week. Which falls towards the high end of the range, but not the highest. (Adjust the points to fit your current range).

We have already seen some amazing results using the Wendie Plan. I developed this plan out of sheer frustration. After being on WW for 17 months, and having lost no weight in the last 9 months of program, but being too stubborn to actually quit, I found myself pouring over 17 months of anally kept journals, trying to find the one key which would unlock my door to success. In the first 8 months I was successful. I lost 40 pounds. What happened then to impede my progress? I was still following the program in every way. I was doing everything right, but experiencing no weight loss. Why?

Why, indeed? The most interesting aspect of my journey came at the end of May, 2000. I weighed in on WW and had reached a 40 pound loss. I decided I was close enough to a 50 pound loss and I wanted to reach it by the 4th of July. That was a reachable goal. So I worked even harder. I dropped my points down to 25 per day, and began exercising more. Everyday I was outside walking through parks or in the fitness center hitting the treadmill. At the end of 5 weeks, I had a net gain of 1.2 pounds! Muscle? To some degree, yes. But, as I never began to look like Arnold Schwarztenager, I realized that something had gone terribly wrong. I had “shrunk “ a bit, which was to be expected, but still, at the end of 5 weeks, I was heavier. I continued. I worked out everyday, and kept my points down. This has got to work, right? Not necessarily. At the end of the next 5 weeks, I was down exactly 1.2 pounds. So my net loss for the 10 weeks after Memorial Day was zero!

I continued to work very hard, and by September, I had played around with the same 3 pounds all summer. Up, down, up, down – but never gone for good. In October, I celebrated 1 year of WW, by maintaining my 40 pound loss for four months! What was up with this?

I stopped attending WW meetings in October, because first, I was making no headway, and I became so depressed at Monday’s weigh-ins that it took until Tuesday afternoon to snap back out of it; and second, I did not get the support I needed through WW. They simply had no answers as to why I was not losing weight even though I was working the program very conscientiously. At the last couple of weigh-ins, when I was going up a pound each week, I got the general impression that my leader felt that I was not really working the program. At that point, I walked out for good.

I tried several things between Halloween and Christmas to shake some pounds loose, but to no avail. I then went back to WW the day after Christmas. It is interesting to note what happened. First, I didn’t start the program that first week. I weighed in on Tuesday, and then rather half-heartedly began the program on Friday. When I weighed in on Tuesday, I was down 3.5 pounds! I buckled down and worked very hard on program the next week. I measured everything, exercised, drank my water, and journaled every bite. The following Monday I weighed in and I had GAINED 2 pounds! What is up with that?

It didn’t take very long for me to see that going to WW was not going to help me. My body was being incredibly stubborn and was not going to let me lose this weight. Do you see a pattern forming here?

In addition to having 17 months of journals, I also have kept a spreadsheet of my weight losses. I began pouring over my journals and comparing what I did on certain weeks to the amount of weight I lost at the end of that particular week.

I made an astonishing discovery.

I have always been a moderate loser. Meaning, I usually lost about a pound a week. Other people may lose 3 pounds a week, but I usually lost a pound, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. But I was very consistent in losing. There were some weeks, however, when I did lose more than a pound per week. Interestingly, the weeks I had my biggest losses were weeks when I overate! The weeks were Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! Christmas Day I ate 43 points! I lost 4.75 pounds that week! Upon further studies, I discovered something else. Every week that I overate one day, I had larger than average losses! How can that be?

It has long been thought that you have use 3500 calories less than you need in order to lose one pound. I simply don’t believe it. I know it is mathematical, and mathematics was never my strongest subject, but science has always been an area in which I have excelled. I believe that our bodies are far more complicated than a simple mathematical formula can describe. The body is like a fireplace. If you build a fire, at first it takes awhile to warm up. You add more fuel and it burns more efficiently. The more fuel you add to it, the hotter it burns. Add less fuel, and it begins to cool down.

Our bodies were built for survival. If you go on a “diet” the body can become uncomfortable. This is especially true if you take so much food away from it that it feels as if it is going to starve. There is a lot of talk about not eating too little – your body will go into “starvation mode” and you won’t lose any weight. Well, to a point, this is true. Your body will lose weight if you starve it, but it won’t want to, and it will take the weight from places you don’t necessarily want to lose it from. That is why some people who lose a lot of weight look “gaunt”, and is far more likely to hear comments like “Have you been sick?” as opposed to “You look good!”

Why does “The Wendie Plan” work?

Your body has this wonderful little thermostat inside of it. It regulates everything you do. If you feed it lots of food, it turns the thermostat up and burns it as efficiently as possible. This is why you have been able to eat as much fast food before WW and didn’t gain the amount of weight that you should have. Your body became more efficient and was able to burn off much of the excess amount of calories. Otherwise, with the amount of food we porked in pre-WW, we should have been gaining 2-3 pounds per day!

When you go on a “diet” where you dramatically decrease the amount of calories that you consume, your body thinks “Oh-oh, we’re going to starve to death here!” and immediately turns the thermostat down to conserve energy. After all, your body will do whatever it has to do to ensure that you stay alive. It doesn’t know that you don’t want to carry those extra pounds around. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to convince my body that I really do want to shed those extra pounds through talking to it.

That is where The Wendie Plan comes in. If I can’t get my body to shed the extra pounds by talking to it, then I have to trick it in to letting them go! The Wendie Plan is the trick.

If you are on WW, or even just counting calories, and you stick with a set amount of calories per day, such as 1400 or say, 27 points per day, your body will adjust to that. It will become extremely efficient at using just the amount of calories (energy) that you are giving it. You may lose fairly well at first, but after the first week or so, you will find that your losses may slow ... way... down, and even stop. Isn’t it nice to have such an energy efficient body? However, the body isn’t extremely fast. If you give it the same amount of food every day, it will adjust itself. But if you change the amount of food it gets every day, it doesn’t have time to adjust itself! Which means on that day that you eat 10 points over your highest, it tries to adjust by turning up your thermostat, but it is unable to turn it down for the low points the next day. What you are doing, in essence, is keeping your body guessing. It doesn’t have time to adjust the thermostat down, before it needs to turn it back up. What eventually happens is your body will never again feel as though it is going to starve to death, and it will never again try to shut down the thermostat, so you will continue to lose at a more rapid loss. This also means fewer plateaus.

Some people are aghast at the thought of actually eating 10 points over their maximum. I know, its the hardest part for me, too. Again, I just have to plan higher point meals for those days and make sure I actually follow through. If the huge point day isn’t done, then the body will not turn the thermostat up high enough. It is all a formula which has to be adhered to – high points, as well as low point days.

What about exercise points? What about them? I never use them. I just know that I don’t plan any big exercise on my low points days. If I am going on an 8 mile hike, I will probably do it on my high or super-high day, so that I can take advantage of the extra fuel to get me through the exercise. I think WW was using the activity points as a carrot to get people to exercise. More activity, more food. I don’t believe in that. Eat what your body needs. Exercise plays a good role in this plan, because exercising increases your metabolic rate. (Which turns up the thermostat even more!) So does increased muscle. Arrange your high point days on the days that you exercise. Or better yet, arrange your exercise around your high point days. My high point days usually fall mid-week. But why? It makes more sense to me to have my highest point day fall on Saturday. That is the most likely day that I will be doing an 8 mile hike. Fit this plan into your lifestyle.

My WW leader told us that it isn’t what you do for one meal that causes you to gain or lose – it’s what you do for 21 meals that makes a difference. What this is telling me is that I have 7 days, 21 meals, and 217 points to use. How I choose to use them over the course of a week is totally up to me. If I choose to have 42 points on Sunday and 24 points on Monday... I am still on program. Even better – I will probably lose some weight. Do not be afraid to have that one high point day. Just as you shouldn’t be afraid to have the low point ones. At the end of the week, you will have lost weight.


Edited by: lovetwin at: 7/25/01 7:50:52 am

It worked! Hope this didn't make too long of a post, but I thought others might be interested. I got it off the message boards on the WW website. I haven't tried it myself, but find the concept interesting. I have had good luck on weeks that I had a party with party food (not as much as I used to eat, but high points for now) and then made up for it by eating low the next day.

Keep up the good work everybody!

10-15-2001, 08:02 AM
Thank You very much Lil. I am glad u reached the goal. I think I will start maintence this week. I am so excited. I am posting 145 as my goal but hope to lose another 10. I am on my way to become a leader.

lil miss
10-15-2001, 10:05 PM
Thanks Tracey,

I'll bet you will lose that little more you needed this week. I think you will make a great leader. You have inspired me more than once.

10-17-2001, 07:52 AM
I appreciate the compliment. I enjoy helping people and really enjoy coming to this thread there is so many great people here. I hope everyone is having a good week. I will let u all know tomorrow if I made goal. I believe I will

lil miss
10-17-2001, 11:51 PM
Tracey, Hope your weigh-in goes well. I'll be checking in to find out.

I made lifetime tonight!:) I'm thrilled. I still want to lose about 10 more, though. Was hoping to be there by the time I reached lifetime, but that's OK. They asked me if I wanted to be a leader, but don't have the time. I still plan on going to weekly meetings until I reach my personal goal, then going to the required monthly meetings. I definitely am in this for life, and am determined not to gain it back.

I have to say, I love WW. It has really saved me. It was hard to admit I needed help, but this is a plan I can really buy into; it's not just about losing weight, but also about living a healthier lifestyle.

10-18-2001, 07:42 AM
Great Job Lil, You did great. We have the same way of thinking. Lifetime committment is very important for success. It is alright to ask for help. It is the weak ones that dont ask for help that has the problem

10-18-2001, 07:53 PM
I DID IT! I needed 1.2 and I got 3.4 which totals 63.8 I am starting maintance. Thank you alll for your support

lil miss
10-19-2001, 08:17 PM
Congratulations Tracey! I knew you would do it! You did great!:)

10-31-2001, 07:55 AM
Where is everyone? Haven't seen any new posts. How is everyone planning to stay out of the halloween candy? I hope lots of kids come because i have plenty in the house. I am still holding around the 142 mark. Going for the second week of maintence. I would like to get down to 135 because I want to quit smoking and we know that adds a little pounds. Maintence ends for me 2 weeks after thanksgiving kinda glad i have an extra week to make sure I can work off the turkey

10-31-2001, 11:15 AM
Hello, Friends.

Just read with interest the Wendie Plan post. I have struggled with the same 3 pounds since August and have become quite discouraged! I am going to give this plan a try and hope it works. Deanna, you said this worked for you. Were you stuck with the same couple pounds? Did it work immediately for you (as in at your next WI?) I have lost 30 pounds since April, but haven't gone anywhere really since mid-August. Still counting points and journaling, but with a metabolism that practically shuts down . . . frustrating!

I am so happy for you guys that have reached or are so close to goal and lifetime! Good for you!!!!! I love to check in to see everyone's progress, unfortunately with some life changes at my house, the computer isn't on as much as it used to be (not a bad thing, necessarily).

Anyway, I'll try this Wendie Plan and report back. Wish me luck!

11-01-2001, 05:19 PM
Hey guys i actually think the wendy's plan could work. Since i hit maintance i have alllowed myself to eat more and a few days used some banked points and i lost 2 pds this week.

lil miss
11-01-2001, 08:06 PM
I'm so glad to hear from my online buddies again!:) I've been checking almost every day to see if anyone had posted.

I have not officially used the Wendie Plan. I just think it could work because it makes sense that if you always eat low points your metabolism could slow down. The only thing I did that is similar is I attended some parties ( on the weekend) now and then where I know I ate above my limit (hard to tell exactly how many points when others have prepared the food). Anyway, I would always eat low points the rest of the week. I weigh in on Wednesdays, and I would still lose. I hate to say this stuff because I don't want to encourage anyone to go off plan. That's why Wendie might be good. That way you're still in control.

I can also share a friend's story. She was on a plateau after having lost 60 pounds. She says she never cheats (I believe her) and always ate at the bottom of her points. I told her my leader said not to do that; to alternate points. The next week, she ate more and then lost.

Right now, I'm on sort of a plateau, but it is of my own doing. I've been tired since going back to work and haven't always been on plan. I've been fooling around and not always journaling, etc. For now, I'll be happy to maintain and am still rededicating myself every day to starting over and doing this thing right.

Another good article on breaking a plateau is at heathdiscovery.net. I've been going there, mainly for great recipes. My name is Dee-termined there. Anyway, right on the home page under health and fitness is a link to an article about the topic.

Halloween is tough. I've got three kids 8 and under and the amount of candy in the house is insane! Had a couple the past two nights but none today and I am not going to have any more. It's not worth it.

Hope everyone has a good weigh in. Skipped mine yesterday because of Halloween. I'll see how I do next week.

lil miss
11-03-2001, 09:59 AM
For those trying it, I just found a site with an entire section devoted to the Wendie plan. It is pub70.************/blightenup78347

But please come back here to let us know how you're doing!:D

On Halloween candy: Some people say it makes a great dessert because it is in portions and a lot of it equals 2 points. I don't know if I can stop at just one is the only problem.......:dizzy:

lil miss
11-03-2001, 10:13 AM
Sorry about being the third post in a row, but had to tell you, I went back to that website I mentioned in the last post to make sure I typed it right, and it looks like the originator of the Wendie plan is answering the questions. I think she goes by lovetwin.

11-05-2001, 07:43 AM
Lil i tried to find that webstite because I wanted to check out the recipes. It would not come up. Can u send me the link from the page.


Please include your name in subject since there is alot of virus's out there and I havent been opening alot from others i dont know

Good luck all

ps Lil when are you off maintanence. Why did you skip this week? You are on maintence arent you this is the time that they are adjusting your points so some gain is expected

11-05-2001, 09:07 AM
Lil i found that website. U had forgotten the l in health. Thanks for the info. Looks like a great site I will check in out more when I have more time

lil miss
11-05-2001, 06:42 PM
Hi Tracey,

Sorry about leaving out the "l". I'm usually more careful than that. They are totally "into" WW over there, a bit militant, but the no-excuses approach sort of appeals to me and they have some great ideas and recipes, especially if you go to the section of recipes submitted by users. So, for anyone else messed up by my mistake, that site is www.***************.net.

Speaking of "no excuses" (ha ha) I skipped my weigh-in on Wed. because I had to take the kiddies trick-or-treating. I'm sort of in a gray zone right now. I'm officially a lifetime member, but want to lose more. What I did was set my goal at 150, even though I would like to be around 135. I then figured in 6 weeks I would continue to lose 1-2 pounds every week like I had been. Trouble was, school started and I had a tougher time staying OP. Plus, I have found it harder to stay in the points range for under 150. So, I have lost a little and have been playing around 146-148 lbs. So, I really only need to weigh in once a month to stay a lifetimer, though I'm going to try to go every week till I lose those last pounds. Hope that makes sense.

Congrats on losing those 2+ pounds. Are you doing Wendie this week too?

11-06-2001, 07:36 AM
Lil you and I are in the same boat a far a being at goal but still losing. Even though you are at the 150 weight the range is 18-22 but maintence is around 22-27. I have been eating around 24 and still losing around a pound. Try adding a little extra points and you might boost your metabolism.

lil miss
11-06-2001, 09:46 PM
Good suggestion! Giving myself permission to eat more may be key. After being off-plan, I have always tried to make up for it by eating low in points. That strategy may not work now, because that means 18 points for me, and that's hard. Then, of course, frustration sets in, because I'm the type of person that likes to do everything right. I've been eating very low points breakfasts and lunches, but fall prey to eating during dinner prep, dinner, then dinner clean-up and packing those wonderful pbj's for the kids. That is when I'm tired and I let my guard down. I am going to try to get to bed earlier; I think that will help me with my resolve to get back to losing. Also, I'm going to try to pack the lunches as soon as we get home while the kids are doing homework. I have better resolve not to take "a little taste of peanut butter" at that time of day. I'll let you know how it goes.

lil miss
11-07-2001, 09:20 PM
I lost 3 pounds since my last weigh-in 2 weeks ago. Maybe I'm getting back on track. I'm now 144.5 and have lost a total of 30.5 pounds.:D

11-09-2001, 08:05 AM
Boy Lil that sounds like you got the right frame of mind. Good Ideas about making lunches earlier. You are doing great. I lost another pound yesterday. which total 66.8. I am hoping for another 4.8 before I reach lifetime which is the week after thanksgiving. My mom and I are trying to figure a way we can alter her famous lemon merange pie. It is my favorite but there is only 2 of us that eat it. Looking at this as lifetime decision I cant foresee not having this pie again so we are trying to making it a little different. Some thought are using free whipped cream instead of the merange or a low fat graham cracker crust. I will let u know.

lil miss
11-10-2001, 11:43 AM
Thanks for the encouragement. Things will be different for me next week. My 6 year old son is going in for surgery for lazy eye muscle on Wednesday morning. My parents will be here from Ohio to help out. It's cosidered minor surgery; he goes in the morning and is supposed to be home by noon. But, it is still nerve racking for us. I am taking Wed., Thurs., Fri. off from work, so, with Veteran's day off on Monday, will only work one day next week. As far as WW goes, I think with the stress it will be even more important to eat healthily. Luckily, my parents are all for my weight loss and healthy eating. My mom had a minor stroke years ago, which was a wake-up call for her. Now that I'm getting older, I have to make sure I counteract that gene. My dad also had surgery for heart murmer, and is supposed to watch his diet; he doesn't though, and Mom is glad when I serve them lowfat meals.

About your lemon merengue pie; I would keep the merengue, that's the good part, and doesn't it have low (maybe even 0) points? The low-fat crust will help out, and you can't really tell the difference. Would you be able to substitute something like Splenda for the sugar? It seems like that's where most of the calories would be. Let me know.

11-11-2001, 09:28 AM
Good Luck lil I hope everything works out for your son. I am here if you need to talk. Everything with be fine. Remember food is not a substitute for emotions. Take a walk when u get in trouble. The meranage have 1/4 c of sugar which makes it a lot of points. I havent use sugar subsitute because I dont like the taste but have tried that one. I will let u know what we decide. Well of to the shower. Good luck this week. I will be around

lil miss
11-11-2001, 01:19 PM
Thanks Tracey,

I've been snacking a lot already this morning, but it's been all low-point foods, so I'll be OK. I didn't even realize why I was doing it until I read your post. Of course, that's me, the ultimate stress eater. I'm really full now, so won't need lunch. You've given me my new mantra for the next week: Food is not a substitute for emotions, food is not a substitute for emotions...........

11-14-2001, 08:08 AM
You know Lil I never thought I was an emotional eater but this weekend I was not only PMSing but I was upset with my Ex an I felt myself turning to the foods. I didnt turn to the sweets like I usually do but I did turn to carbs which can be just as bad. I am back on track even though I am still upset with him but I will not let me control my life anymore.

lil miss
11-16-2001, 11:33 AM
You go, Tracey! I think you meant you won't let HIM control your life anymore, right? I have always turned to food when stressed, upset, and need comforting, and for me it is the carbs. I still do it some, but I will make a bag of 94% FF popcorn and that seems to satisfy me. It used to be chips. The big thing is being aware of what you are doing. I used to put food in my mouth without even thinking about it.

We are all relieved my son's surgery came out fine and he was already jumping around too much that day and had an appetite. It's amazing these days what they can do with kids. I was so worried I hardly was able to get any sleep the night before. I'm so glad that I took the three days off. It's been great to spend time with my parents.

11-17-2001, 09:19 AM
I am so happy that your son is doing good. Glad things with your parents are being your spirits up. Good Luck.

I had a horrble week this week but there were some postives signs too. Thursday morning on my way to school I was in a car accident and i cracked up my car. $2000 damage to my car. I am a little sore with a minor concussion but I will be fine. It hurts to work out so I havent done it in a few days. I was still able to make my meeting on thursday and still lost 3.6. My car will be fixed so really there was no damage because no one was seriously hurt. I have a date today so I must go it is an afternoon concert we are going to. Good luck all and have fun

lil miss
11-17-2001, 01:58 PM
Wow! You have had a rough week. Hope you are feeling better. Did you go to the ER to get checked out? Being in a car accident can really shake you up for a while. It's great that you can see some positive things happening at the same time.

That is terrific that you lost over 3 pounds last week! You are definitely off that plateau. I didn't go this week because of my son's surgery on Wed. My parents are gone now, and while I ate more than usual with them here, I didn't go wild either. I'll be happy if I maintained. Now comes Thanksgiving and we're off to Ohio for a few days. I'm going to take along some of my low points foods so I have something to eat other than those casseroles my mom loves to make. I'll miss my weigh-in again. I look at this as sort of a challenge; how will I do when I do start just going once a month, or do I really need to go every week? I'll find out.

Going out on a date sounds fun. What kind of concert will you be attending? I'm trying to get a sitter tonight so my husband and I can have some much-needed alone time.

lil miss
11-18-2001, 12:13 PM
I hope you don't mind: I have been thinking about your pie dilemma and asked if anyone had low points lemon meringue recipes at ***************, and someone gave me this one. It does look good, but will it be similar enough to your original to be satisfying?
Also noticed it contains quit a bit of aspertame. Still you get to have lemon pie and not feel guilty.

1 pkg. sf lemon jello (1 pt)
1 cup boiling water
4 ice cubes
1 container lemon (aspartame) yogurt (2pts)
1 reduced fat graham cracker pie crust (2pts)
1 cup Cool Whip Free (2 pts)
1 Tb mini chocolate chips (3 pts)

Mix jello with water. Add ice cubes (stir until dissove). Whisk in yogurt. Pour into pie shell. Refridgerate until set (about 2 hours). Thaw Cool Whip (nuke 30 seconds). Spread over top. Sprinkle chips over all. The whole pie is just 10 points.
Soooo delicious! I cut it into 8 pieces and counted each slice as two points, just to be safe.

My husband and I got out to a movie last night then met up with some friends at a local watering hole. I had one drink, then switched to water. It was great to get out.

11-19-2001, 08:11 AM
wow lil thank you. No I do not mind u asking at all. Thank you for trying. I will give it to mom and check it out.

11-19-2001, 07:44 PM

I used these forums a while back but dropped off. I'm back on weight watchers and was looking for some support and I immediately thought of this site. It is so helpful to have a place where you can read and share successes, frustrations, failures and it is okay and you are not alone. Why does dieting always feel so lonely.

I am 173/WW155/goal 140

I am a moderate loser which is why I was not so successful the last time I did weight watchers. It was at work and I had huge expectations. Week after week I heard my co-workers cheer each other for their 3 pounds lost! or 2 pounds lost! and I would step on the scale and be 1/2 pound or 1 pound. The most I lost in 10 weeks was 1.2.

Well, I finally decided that any loss was better then no loss and I am very miserable being this large. My "big" clothes are beginning to feel snug and the others bunch and pull and just look bad.

I'm not very good with these "threads" yet. If anyone has any tips or pointers I'd appreciate it.


I look forward to losign with you all.

lil miss
11-20-2001, 01:40 PM
Welcome Nica! I am so glad you joined us, and decided to give WW another try! We are very supportive on this thread. Remember everyone's weight loss is different, and I have always heard that those who are slower to take it off are more likely to keep it off. Sometimes when I haven't lost, I just think about how much healthier I am eating and how good this is for me. And, even one pound a week will really start to add up!

Can you believe I ended up being home again today and yesterday because my 6 year old has strep and my 22 mo. old has an ear infection? OOPS, maybe I shouldn't have taken all 3 days off last week, but who knew? They are already feeling better after being on antibiotics, so no problemo for Thanksgiving.

I'll be off the board for a few days. I am off to Ohio in the minivan along with three kids, my husband and our golden retreiver to my parents' for Thanksgiving. My strategy for Thanksgiving is to concentrate on being with family, not eating with family:dizzy: Also, I'm taking along some things like 1 point English muffins, my Kashi, and a couple of other low points snacks in case I need to snack on something.

Tracey, let me know what happened with your lemon pie!

Happy Thanksgiving All!

11-22-2001, 10:50 AM
Happy Thankgiving all ty you for join us i was getting worried this was the lil and tracey board. First step of losing is coming back aboard so congrads.

Remember the important thing for success today is portion control and load up on those veggies. I am going with your pie lil. We made the filling and it was really good. Have fun in that mini van. I am pretty much only eating once today. Later tonight I will make a very light meal. Already got my day planned and as long as i stick with it I will be fine.

I an add week today. Work was crazy with Parent teacher conferences so a lot of eating out. I made good choices but still gained 2 1/2 pounds but got back on the scale this am and lose them again since i got back on track yesterday. I was a good lesson though because I realized I had to slow down and pay attention.

N- dont worry about others progress. I know it is hard when every one is losing more but remember 1 pound a week is 52 pounds a year. 2 questions for u. How old are u and how much do u excerise.

I will stop in later to tell you how turkey day went and share mine.

11-23-2001, 10:38 AM
Well I hope everyone survived Turkey Day without many bumps. I did pretty good. 12 points for dinner including the lemon pie which was very good lil. The downfall was the reduced fat wheat thins with FF dip. I need to keep out of that. Everyone was impressed on my portion control. I came home and worked out right away. Over all I was happy with my day. Hope everyone enjoyed the true meeting of Thanksgiving

11-26-2001, 04:21 PM
Well, I survived. The scale showed a 1 pound gain on Friday but I am pretty confident that it will be gone by next week. I did well on portion and choices but did not drink as much water as I should.

I have 3 full days of work meetings this week (starting tomorrow) with breakfast and lunch provided. I already found out who was catering so I can be prepared and improvise as needed. I am actually very proud of myself for thinking to do that. It is not something I would normally consider.

To answer comteachers previous questions:
I am 33 3/4 ( 34 in February) and I do not exercise enough. :(
I try to go the gym in the a.m. but I only have 30 minutes tops to get in a walk or light jog on the treadmill. Depending on my work schedule that might not happen. I might make it about 3 times a week. I am trying to find ways to fit it into the p.m., but it is hard. The gym is accross from my work.
I am VERY excited about a Bally's that is being built maybe 5 minutes from my front door to its front door. They are hoping to have it open the first part of January. I hope that is true. That will make it easier to go in the evening (during everyone elses TV time) as well as on the weekends.

On WW I am entitled to 18 pts. That seems like so few to me. I start adding up what I am planning for the day and they are gone in a heart beat. I am trying to restructure my thinking a little bit. I am trying not to think of how few points I am getting and begin to realize that 18 is the NORMAL amount I should be eating. It seems so small because I am used to eating so much.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and has a good week ahead.


11-26-2001, 06:11 PM
You are on the right track planning ahead is the key. Do u consider buying a small treadmill for home. It cost as much as a gym membership than u can use it when u have time. Some are small so they dont take up a lot of space. I was eating 18 for a while too. I found tricks to stay around that. I am assuming 18 is the low end of the scale at least 2 or 3 times a week eat a few extra points towards the higher end that way your body doesnt protect the fat there is and metabolism doesnt slow down. Good Luck you will do it

lil miss
11-26-2001, 07:27 PM
Well, I survivied Thanksgiving fine. I just took smaller portions of everything. I chose pumpkin pie for dessert, but didn't hardly eat any of the crust. The hard part was staying with my parents for three days and the tendency to revert back to my old eating habits. I don't think I did too bad. My home scale (which I don't really trust) says I didn't gain any. I'll find out when I weigh in on Wednesday. I had some nice comments from my brother who I haven't seen since July. He was very impressed and was asking me about WW. Of course, he eats everything he wants and never gains weight, I think because he constantly fidgets. Oh well, who ever said life would be fair?

Nica, planning ahead has always been key for me too. I'm with Tracey in advising not to always eat the lowest points. Try to vary up and down or your metabolism will work against you. Plus, eating 18 every day is hard, and you don't want to get discouraged and give up. If your range is 18 - 23, and you eat 18 one day, you can bank 5 points for another day. Also, if you exercise, there will be even more points to use. As far as exercise goes, I just take the dog for a walk for a half hour as often as I can. All I have to do is walk out of my door, and don't have the drive to the gym. I do feel I should be some kind of weight training, but right now, that's all I have time for.

Tracey, I'm so glad the lemon pie was good. I think I'll have to try it. One thing I want to tell you; I went back to that board and someone posted a comment stating that they thought the points were wrong. The crust was figured as two points, but that is for one serving. The person said that the whole crust would be 15 or 16 points. So, while still low in points, it may not be as low as they said. Sorry if this messes up your journal!

Take care everybody! Here we go into the Christmas Season!

lil miss
11-28-2001, 09:45 PM
Well, I'm ecstatic. I lost 2 pounds (this is over a 3 week period). I would have been happy if I'd maintained. I get nervous if I haven't been journaling every day and doing everything just right; that's just my personality. This really shows that this WW lifestyle is definitely doable for the long term.

I tried a new exercise video last night: Pilates with Denise Austin. It's a mat workout based on exercises developed for dancers to improve posture and make you leaner. It's divided into two 20 minute sections, the first part being "easy". Let me tell you, I only did the first 20 minutes, and some of the things I found difficult, but I think it must be good because my abs are sore today, and that's the section I really wanted to work on.

Hope everyone is doing great.

11-29-2001, 07:39 AM
Lil Welcome back. You didnt mess me up. I calulated the points for the crust I bought and that was 2 points for a slice. I didnt use the choc chips so I counted it as 3 points per slice. Good job on the loss. I reach life time today. I already spoke to hte trainer about becoming a leader. It will happen shortly. Next goal is to stop smoking by New Years without gaining that is why I gave myself a 10 pound cushion. I figure if I can lose 70 pounds I can quit smoking. Have a nice day

12-01-2001, 03:25 PM
Well, I had a .4 loss. Disappointed at first but realizing that it is the baby steps that all add up.

The weather was nice today so I got out and walked out about a 1/2 mile and jogged back. It felt good. I really need to begin to use some weights. I got out of the shower and my arms and back look really flabby. I actually did one of those double takes, like...did I really just see that. :lol:

I have some light weights and can do some routines while I watch tv. I also really do not like sit ups, but the truth is I guess I have to do them. That will be a big challenge.

I did great this past week with water and I am trying to keep it up at home. I tend to get busy and forget where at work I can keep a big jug right there and grab it as I want it.

My son has a December birthday so we are in the midst of planning a "dinosaur" party and Christmas things together. Tis the season.

Have a great week all!!


lil miss
12-03-2001, 05:18 PM
Congratulations Nica on losing that weight! Keep on going, and, as you say, it will add up. Sounds like you have some busy times with a birthday and Christmas coming. We have a big sit down Christmas dinner party for my husband's business on Saturday. Lots of hor dourves (I don't know how to spell that!) and temptations. I think I will try to bank a lot of points this week so I can enjoy some of the special food. I'm psyched; I bought a really pretty dress size 8 for it! What a difference from last year when I didn't feel very good about my weight. Though I can wear a size 8 dress, I still haven't reached my goal of fitting into 8 pants.

Last night we took the boys to the Nutcracker. It was great. Wednesday I'm taking my chorus on a field trip to perform at an art museum, next Wednesday is our concert. Wow! Everything at once! The good news is it will be a quiet Christmas; for once we're not going off to see family, though my parents will probably visit for a few days.

Congratulations Tracey on reaching Lifetime! What do you have to do for training to be a leader? I'll bet you'll learn a lot.

12-05-2001, 10:05 AM
Ty Boy everyone is so busy. As far as training not sure. Training cant start until 3 people want to train so porbably after the holidays. I know it is 4 session but not sure what it intails. Good luck at the party just remember portions and u will be fine. Taste a bite sixe of what u want. I know I am wearing size 8 too never thought I would be in single digits again. Playing hooky today needed a mental health day. see u all later

12-10-2001, 07:52 AM
Forget the Wendy Plan folks I found the perfect diet to get over the plateau. Catch the latest Flu bug. Pretty much just eat toast and fluids. (lol) I am kidding but I havent been feeling well. i am finally feeling better but I did step on the scale and was down a few pounds. I hope everyone is doing well. Is the Xmas shopping done? I have 2 more gifts to pick up.

lil miss
12-10-2001, 10:22 PM
Hi, Just a quick post. Had a great time at the party and felt fabulous in my new dress (and new weight!) I enjoyed the food, but didn't overdo it too much. Only, it seemed to get me started and I was tired Sunday and overdid the snacks. Got back on track today.

Still have a lot to do for Christmas. Some gifts are bought and wrapped, but I'm not even close to done. Problem is finding kid-free time to shop. Plus, hubby's b=day is Thursday and would like to get him another gift. He always gets overlooked on his birthday being so close to Christmas.

Hope you're feeling better, Tracey.

12-13-2001, 08:03 AM
Thank you lil feeling better jsut a lot of heart burn now. I know doesnt feeling great showing off the new weight. I went to a meeting a saw former students I had not seen for a few years. I felt great. I decided I will weigh in today. I only have to weigh in once a month. I got the call about training. I start on the 27th. I will let you know.

12-14-2001, 09:47 AM
Hi All!

Whew, it has been very busy. Looking forward to the 21st which is when vacation starts. Tracey, I'm sorry to here you caught the crud, but glad you are doing better. I girlfriend of mine had that flu last week and she said she lost about 8 pounds! Liquid yes, but she said the same. Couldn't eat anything and then could only tolerate very basics (jello, tea, toast) for many days. Yuck!!

Well, I am down to 173.4!! At first I thought the negatives, but then as I was getting dressed today I thought.....If someone asked me if I wanted to lose 30 pounds or 28 pounds I would definately say 28. So, I am closer to my goal.

This may sound silly but I have been reading a lot of diferent health and weight books and one said to sip hot water throughout the day. It seemed weird at first, but I enjoy it. It does 2 things for me....keeps me warmer (and I was forever chilled) and it curbs my appetite ALOT more then cold water.

So is everyone ready for the holidays? I have the office grab bags things to do and that is all. I'm looking forward to that being done too.

Have a great weekend!


12-16-2001, 12:30 PM

I like the way you are looking at this weigh loss. You have a very postive outlook. You are doing great keep up the great work. I have been feeling much better thank you all. Right now my biggest problem has been heart burn and the only thing that seems to help is carbs. The absorb the acid. Hope everyone has a great holiday. By the way, we use to have a lot more people in here wonder where everyone went

lil miss
12-23-2001, 07:19 PM

Sorry it's been so long, but the Christmas rush has really struck. We had a party at our house last night, and it was a full week of getting ready for it. It was a big success, but I haven't been living the WW lifestyle very strictly recently. I've decided I'm back on tomorrow and will take one day at a time during this season. My mom, dad and brother are coming to visit after Christmas, but since I'm home and have control over things, I should be OK. I did weigh in last Wed. ( just couldn't stay for the meeting with so much to do) and maintained and was thrilled. I have missed going to the meetings this month. Most of our Christmas shopping is done, and much of the wrapping. Hubby and I will wrap more tonight after the kiddies are in bed.

Hope everyone is healthy. Hard to believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Have a wonderful, beautiful Christmas!

12-25-2001, 11:14 AM
I hear you about things being crazy. Merry Christmas to all. Hope Santa brought u everything you wanted. I too havent really lived my WW these last two weeks but I have done better than I would have the last few years. I came out of it with a 1/2 pound gains which is nothing I can work that off in a day. See you all soon

Happy Holidays

lil miss
12-25-2001, 10:38 PM
Merry Christmas!

Yes, Tracey, you're right. Being "bad" now is nothing compared to what I used to do!! I'm so much more aware of what I'm putting into my body now. I even am more conscious of feeling thirsty when I don't drink all of my water, though I drink more now than I used to on a good day.

Christmas was wonderful; the first year in a long time it was just our immediate family for Christmas, no grandparents, aunts or uncles around. The kids were thrilled with their gifts, and really behaved well. My husband and I just do stocking stuffers; it takes the pressure off of having to buy the perfect gift for each other during the mad rush, and then we usually buy something big for both of us or the house. Last year, we bought this computer for example. I am planning on buying myself the GE grill; I have done some research and learned that it does everything the GF Grill does, is much cheaper, and can be cleaned in the dishwasher! I'll let you know how it works.

lil miss
12-26-2001, 08:26 PM
Hi Everybody,

I have noticed that our board gets a lot of views, but we're down to only two or three people writing. Wouldn't some others like to join us? I think the more people to support each other, the better. So....don't be shy; please join in.:)

12-27-2001, 11:42 AM
I agree we have lost a lot of people. The few that do write are very close but i enjoy others point of view. I start leadership training today. I will let u know how that goes. Christmas went well. I got the GF grill for xmas. Tried it last night. It was alright. Nothing something. I will have to try it more with different foods. I am taking a big step tomorrow going to try to stop smoking. I figured if I can lose 70 pds in 8 months I can tackle this habit. Happy Holidays all.

lil miss
12-28-2001, 04:01 PM

My family's here and it's going pretty well, though I just ate four Christmas cookies!! They were good but not that good. I'm ready to get all of this tempting and unhealthy food out of here. When they go home, the cookies are getting tossed. The good news is, I went for a walk, so that should help some. I also ate lowfat breakfast and lunch, and will definitely eat a light dinner. It seems like Christmas is going on and on for me this year.

Tracey, how are you doing with quitting smoking? I know you can do it!

lil miss
12-29-2001, 04:18 PM
Hey Tracey,
Found this website that has all recipes for the GF Grill. This website was recommended on the healthyliving website that I visit. Thought you would be interested!


01-01-2002, 12:18 PM
thank for the site. i will check it out. Happy New Year all. As far as the smoking i am really focusing on it tomorrow when I go back to school. Right now I have too much idle time. I started leaadership training. It was good. We mostly focused on our self disclosure and policies. I have 3 more sessions. Dont worry about the cookies. I had some too and still lost .

lil miss
01-02-2002, 10:30 AM
I hate to sound bah-humbuggish, but I'm kind of glad the holidays are over and things are back to normal. My two boys took turns having the flu, and I'm home today for the tail end of the second go-round. Not much of a vacation. My parents went home early too, with the kids being sick, and another big snowfall predicted for Buffalo. It kind of took me by surprise how off the plan I got. I guess I need structure, and time to think about what I'm doing. I was eating things I never would have eaten a couple of weeks ago, snacking, etc. At least WW has taught me how to get back on track, which I'm doing today. My weigh-in is supposed to be tonight, but don't know if my husband will be home on time to watch the kids. When are they unveiling the 2002 changes, this week or next week? I heard there are only slight changes to the point values of some foods like pasta and potatoes.

I got my GE grill, and it seems good. Only made grilled cheese sandwiches on it for the kids so far, but they turned out really nice and cooked evenly. I'll let you know if I make anything good on it. I guess it works just like the Forman grill.

Tracey, I hope you're doing well kicking the smoking habit. Are you quitting cold turkey or gradually?

Take care, and Happy New Year everybody!

lil miss
01-04-2002, 07:15 PM
I made it to WW Wed. night and gained 3 pounds. I deserved it, but am trying to get back on track. I'm learning something about myself; Once I let myself get back into old habits like I did over the holidays, it's harder to get back on track than when I first started WW! I have been bound and determined to get on track, am good all day, but snack way too much in the evenings. I think I just can't get started back on old habits because it's too hard to stop. I haven't had a good day yet. Well, tomorrow is another day.

I enjoyed the meeting and love the Today's Special pamphlet they handed out. It has some great ideas and the food in it looks really good. I'm going to read through it tonight in detail to get inspired, and get started on a good grocery list.

01-04-2002, 08:48 PM
I really like your thinking and I agree. Since WW I really dont struggle with food. If a day is over range I just hop right back on track. The smoking is ok. I am doing it gradually. But oh well. Well a got a date so I am off by all

lil miss
01-06-2002, 01:09 PM
I had a good day yesterday, and am really getting back into it after my little "vacation". Made some of that garden soup and wrote out the dinner menu for next week. Planning ahead is so key.

Tracey, hope you had a good date.

01-06-2002, 11:49 PM
Hi folks

well, I'm looking 30 squarely in the eye -- less than a month to go --- so I figured this was the group for me.
I think my decision to head back through the WW doors has more to do with my impending birthday than a New Year's resolution. I was starting to feel a bit depressed as I did the inevitable taking stock of my life at this turning point. So rather than let it get to me, I've dragged myself back into the gym, and have decided this is the year to take control of my eating and exercising, and so, hopefully, my weight.
I haven't weighed in, but I figure I'm about 210 or so, and my goal should be around 150. I'm 5'6", but last time I stuck to ww (when I was 25, oddly enough) I lost about 70lbs and got down to 52..... even though my WW goal was 148, I was skinny.
so, I'll check in here and would appreciate hearing more of your trials and tribulations and hope you can welcome another into the fold

01-07-2002, 08:12 AM
Jess welcome to our group. I too started my journey right before I turned 30. I started out at 206 and lost 73 pounds in 8 months. I am now training to be a weigh watchers leader. Are you planning to hit a WW meeting. The new point system is very good and allows you to eat all foods *** long as u stay in a range. When u go to the gym start slow. Most people burn out if they do too much to fast. U didnt gain the pounds in one day and you wont lose it in one day either. Portion control and drink the water is the most important. It is always a great idea to journal your food intake too. Please come back the people here are wonderful.

Ps the date is going great. I met him New Years Eve and we have gone out 3 times in 6 days

lil miss
01-07-2002, 09:20 PM
Hi everybody. Jess, you are very welcome to join our group. I agree with Tracey that WW is the way to go. I would like to add to make sure to eat all of your sevings of fruits and veggies; they are high fiber and low points and will fill you up. Besides they're good for you! Of course, you probably know this if you've been successful on WW before. I notice you're from the Bahamas, how's your weather? We've been lucky in Syracuse, this morning was really our first bad driving day this winter. We've usually had lots of snow by now.

My baby (can't call her that for long) turned 2 tonight. She's so cute and was excited to open presents, which she remembers about from Christmas. We're having fun with no. 3; more relaxed and it's fun having a girl after 2 boys. Of course, I made birthday cake with pink icing, and licked the knife and all. :devil: No sweat; I will eat low points tomorrow.

Tracey, glad you met a nice guy. Hope all continues to go well. My hubby made a nice comment to me that made me feel better. He said I should be proud I made it through the entire Thanksgiving/Christmas season and only gained 3 pounds. That isn't really so bad, is it? Also, I filled in for another teacher's class today, and a teacher I don't bump into often said "Holy Moley, how much weight have you lost?" That's so fun.

01-07-2002, 10:44 PM
thank you ladies for the encouragement!

comteacher1, you've done a fantastic job. I wanna be just like you when I grow up!!!!!:dizzy:

I am going to hit the meetings. called today for their schedule and think Wednesday evenings looks like my best bet. Although I did best on the old Freedom Plan, I'm going into the new and improved points system with a positive attitude. I can make this work for me.

Even though I'm not officially on programme yet, I've had a great day. Had a soup and salad when I met friends for lunch, and cooked a scrummy low fat shrimp and brokky fettucine using a new hot pepper infused oil I found a few weeks ago. Yum!

And I made it to the gym for a brief but meaningful romp!

Now if only it would warm up I could sweat off a few more pounds....

Lil Miss, in response to your query..... tis bloody cold in these parts tonight. We've had a series of cold fronts down here, and it brings a serious chill to the air. I live overlooking the harbour on the third floor of a condo complex..... and our homes are designed to trap the cool and keep the heat out....... blankets are coming out of the closet again!

well, since I opted for real cooking as opposed to the 'tear open the cardboard box, pierce the plastic and slap it in the microwave' kind, I have lots of dishes to do.

later ladies

lil miss
01-11-2002, 06:04 PM

TGIF!!! It's been a long week. Everything good, and though not perfect, I'm finally feeling back on track. Jessijo, how's it going? It sounds like you have a beautiful view. I weigh in on Wednesdays too, but don't go every week anymore. Hope your first meeting went well. I ordered an exercise pragram called t-tapp, haven't received it yet. It's supposed to be great. I'll let you know. It gets dark so early here, and is so cold, I have a hard time getting motivated to go walking, which has been my regular exercise. My lack of exercising since before Christmas is a huge missing link, so hopefully this will work for me. Have a great weekend everybody.:)

01-18-2002, 04:22 PM
I agree thank god it is friday. a long weekend at that thank god. I finished training. I am officially a leader. I am actually subbing for a leader the next two wednesdays. Should be ok. Hope everyone i doing good

lil miss
01-20-2002, 10:29 PM
Well, I'm having a great OP day; only have eaten 17 points today, but they were all healthy points and I feel great and full! I started PartI of my new exercise tape today, and think it will be good, though it requires concentration and good form, something I don't always want. Sometimes I just want something mindless. If I see results, it will be worth it, as I have concluded that my tummy is not going to go away no matter how much weight I lose without exercise, and something more targeted that just walking. Also pulled my daughter around in the sled for awhile this afternoon; that has to count for some exercise. I agree, it's great to have a day off tomorrow, Sunday nights can be a drag, as everything has to be gotten together for the next day the night before in my house. My husband is working, so it will be me and the kids. Hope everyone is doing well!

Tracey, congrats on becoming a leader! Let us know how your meetings went.

01-21-2002, 02:35 PM
hi all

i was so happy so see some activity in these parts again. I was beginning to wonder if everyone had run away!
I'm halfway through my second week OP, and all's well. I lost 3.5lbs the first week, and was thrilled! I'm not even going to think about how many more lbs Ihave to drop. Baby steps.
I had a good weekend, though. I was invited to a party saturday evening, and was told it wasn't dinner, but that there'd be nibbles. I know me and nibbles, so I ate dinner before I went. Allowed enough points to have a few glasses of wine. The nibbles looked wonderful, adn I know pre-WW I would have taken up residence alongside it and aimlessly eaten all evening. You know what?!?! I didn't have a single thing. Because I wasn't hungry and I was in control. Then Sunday, I went to a bbq. Had a small burger, laid off the chips, and even turned down the chocolate cake. I don't particularly care for chocolate cake, but any other time, would've accepted a chunk and wolfed it down.
Before anyone warns me about depriving myself, etc, the reason these two ocasions felt so great was because I MADE THE DECISIONS and stuck to them. Yeah me!
The way i see it, these 'epiphany moments' are as important, and as much a reward as seeing the scales go down!

Enough rambling... how's everyone doing?
Tracey -- let me add my congrats on becoming a leader. How's it been? Once I get my life in control and reach my weight goals, I'd like to help others. I think it serves to also help keep you honest and on track!
Lil Miss -- did Sunday remain an OP day for you? I find weekends the hardest just because I don't have structured days..... add a bit of socialising and it can get out of control!

well, hope this new activity keeps up.

01-21-2002, 08:11 PM
Hello - - -

Is there room for one more? I just rejoined WW hopefully for the last time last Friday. So far so good. I'm very proud. I wanted to get out and walk more tonight but, it's so icy in spots from the snow on the ground that I don't want to break my neck.

Good luck to all!

MySons3 :wave:

lil miss
01-22-2002, 10:38 PM
Hi everybody!

MySons3 - welcome to our group!
I tried my new exercise video: T-Tapp. It is made by a woman that helps models look better (woo-ee). Anyway, it is supposed to take inches off. I did the two introductory videos yesterday morning, and am still sore tonight, so it must have done something! You are supposed to do it 4 days in a row, then 14 days in a row, but I think I'll put that off for now as I'm fighting off a cold bug, and my hubby has been tossing and turning at night, keeping me up too, so I'm very tired. I have decided, though, it's time to make that last push, lose those last few pounds, and tighten up my tummy so I can fit back into size 8 pants after many years.

Jess - Sunday was a great OP day for me! I do so much better when I've caught up on some sleep (took a nap Sat.), and have real time to plan ahead and exercise. Knowing I would have Mon. off was so liberating! My hardest time is when I get home from work in the afternoon (I'm a teacher and get home around 4:00). I eat lunch at 11:15, so am tired, cranky, and in search of comfort food when I get home with the 3 kids. The thing that has worked best for me is to have some low point soup made, and that takes the edge off for me. Congrats on having a great couple of weeks! WW has a great plan and is easy to live with as no foods are out of bounds. Great job staying on plan at your parties! It does really feel good when you can stay in control.

MYSons3 - I have the same problem with exercise as it gets dark early and I can't get out for my walks until my husband gets home, you guessed it, after dark. Did you ever think about purchasing a couple of exercise videos for yourself for when you don't want to go out in the cold? Just an idea...

01-23-2002, 07:53 AM
Finallly a little action in this room. I enjoyed talking to just lil but it is great to see more people. Being a leader is different but it a good way. I am subbing my first meeting tonight. It should go good. I have already presented this meeting at my training. I just need to slow down when I talk. Everyone should like they are in the right mind frame.

Handling those temping situation is much a milestone than losing on the scale because it the long run you know you can control food and not let it control you.

lil miss
01-25-2002, 09:53 PM
Yes, Tracey, I agree. You have been a great support to me, but it is nice to see more action on our board.

Well....how did your first meeting as a leader go????

My progress is stymied again as I was sick with a bad cold and the worst case of pinkeye you can imagine!:p (The fun part: the dr. wanted to know why I had lost six pounds! I love that!! Of course I said WW, and she said she is on it too and loves it.) Anyway, I have to catch up on my sleep. I have been journaling again, which really helps; especially to make sure I drink all of my water and eat all my fruits and veggies. As soon as my health is back on track I will add exercising again for that last push!!

01-28-2002, 07:25 AM
My first meeting went well. A few stumbles. I start leading an At work group tomorrow and subbing again wednesday.

I hope you are feeliing better. This weeks topic is about journaling.

I went out dancing this weekend. It was fun having people actually check me out. I will see you all later got to get ready for work

lil miss
01-28-2002, 11:29 PM
Wow Tracey, you got busy fast! With all that practice you'll have those little stumbles ironed out quick. Sounds like dancing was a blast. I'm better now, but not before adding a nasty stomach virus to the list (or I ate bad tuna, not sure). Anyway, I was sick most of the weekend. We had uncharacteristically warm weather here this weekend; only needed a sweatshirt outside, which is unheard of at the end of Jan. in these parts! I did get outside a little on Sunday afternoon, and felt much better having soaked up a little sunshine.

Gotta go. I have all new classes tomorrow. The second half of our school year is officially starting after a teacher's workshop day today. Better get some sleep so I can learn all of those new names!:dizzy:

01-30-2002, 07:43 AM
My classes switched over to so i got 350 new names to remember. Last night meeting got cancelled until next week it was a communication problem between the contact person and WW but it will be fine I will be ready. They are hoping to get a traditional meeting set up in my area soon. I got to sub 2 more weeks on wednesday

lil miss
01-31-2002, 09:58 AM
We're home on our first snow day of the year; actually the main thing they're worried about is freezing rain. It'll give me a little breathing space.

Tracey, 350 names to remember; you've got me beat! I keep my chorus, so know them, and have one section of 7th graders who I had last year, so just 3 classes of 6th graders to learn (about 65 kids). How's the weather in Maine this week?

lil miss
01-31-2002, 07:11 PM
Good news! I just got my cholesterol test back, and my total went from 208 to 152. I got my LDL down to 73 (it was in the high range before and needs to be below 130). I am on a small dose of cholesterol lowering drug, but I give WW most of the credit. Thank you WW!!!

ps. Sorry for posting twice in a row, but I had to crow!

02-01-2002, 10:31 AM
We got 6 inches of snow and freezing rain last night so I get a free day today. I get all the kids in the school for a half of the year there is a little of 700 kids grades 3-5. i started working out at the gym yesterday. I am sore even though I have been working out for 8 months. The guy i am seeing is writing me a working program to tone my body. I threw in tanning and I will be a hottie this summer

02-01-2002, 10:32 AM
Oh forgot to say wtg of the test that is great news

lil miss
02-02-2002, 02:03 PM
Isn't it great to like what you see in the mirror? Saw a teacher who has been out on maternity leave for 5 months, and she was very surprized to see so much of me gone! That is fun.

What is a working program? Is it a routine you do with weights?

I finally got out for a walk today after a couple of weeks of not feeling up to par and taking a break from exercise. The weather finally calmed down here; it got up above 50 yesterday, then fell like a rock and brought a lot of wind. We lost electricity from 7 pm to 4 am last night. A beautiful, cold crisp and sunny day for walking today. Soon I'll start that new video that is supposed to tone me up. I tried signing up for a gym last summer, but didn't even make it there for more than one trial. It's not for me in this point in my life. If I have to get in the car to drive there, I won't make it. It's lazy, but honest. I think taking care of the three kids takes up a tremendous amount of time right now. Would still like to join a gym sometime. What time of day do you typically go?

02-03-2002, 11:22 AM
I do arms one day, day off, leg the next will 20 mins of cardo on all days
The new guy i am dating is a fitmess trainer so he is writing my program

Mostly want to tone legs, abs, and chest. Well off to gym right now

Doing superbowl party watching what i eat but not counting points really will have too much alcohol to really count lol

lil miss
02-03-2002, 02:58 PM
Wow, that is convenient having a fitness trainer for a boyfriend. Does he help keep you from slacking off? I'll bet he's quite the hunk; never met an ugly trainer!!:o

Have fun at your Super Bowl party. I'm sure you'll cut back on points the rest of the week and easily make up for it. It sounds like you're getting to be the wild party girl LOL! Anyway, we're just staying home for the Superbowl and I ate low in points for brkfst. and lunch and bought some baked chips so I don't feel deprived later. I love Superbowl type snack foods, part of the problem! At least I now have some stratagies to counteract that!

02-06-2002, 06:34 AM
he doesnt put pressure on me to workout just supportive of me when I do. Yes he is a hunk. It is fun going out every weekend again.

I did ok at the the superbowl. I have put on 2 pounds not sure if it is the eating or the working out. Muscle does weigh more. I have plenty of cushion so I aint worried.

lil miss
02-07-2002, 09:30 PM
Have you measured yourself lately? That would let you know. Two pounds could just be water weight too, it might not mean anything. I haven't weighed in this month yet, but I think I am doing fine. Speaking of exercise, I have been doing the t-tapp instructional tapes and I am nicely sore all over. I think it does improve my energy level and posture too. I'll know better once I can do the regular tape without stopping for the instructionals. You are supposed to do the two instructional tapes together, but I just don't want to take the time for that as it would be well over an hour, so for now I am alternating them as I learn.

Are you still trying to quit smoking? How's it going?

02-10-2002, 10:05 PM
I know the 2 pounds is nothing actually it is coming and going on regular basis. I know how to control it. As far as the smoking well it isnt working too well but havent given up on the idea.

lil miss
02-11-2002, 09:53 AM
Never thought I'd type "good" and "veggie burger" in the same sentence, but I have found a good one. My leader recommended it. It is just over the line into 3 points, and really does taste a lot like a pizza burger! It is Morningstar Farms Tomato and Basil Pizza Burger. Has anyone else ever tried it? I had it on a one point hamburger bun w/ a Kraft 2% cheese mozzarella slice (1 pnt) and some tomato slices. Yummy!

Home again today with a sick child. Hey, what I want to know is, when will it be my husband's turn to stay home from work?????

02-15-2002, 08:09 AM
I tried the veggie burger things for a while and got sick so i stay away from them.

I am having problems with love life again so mind isnt into much. BF having doubt if divorce with ex is where he wants to go.

Guess it is time to start a new page we are running out of room

Picked up another at work group so now I am leading 2 a week looking to pick up a traditional one too

Hope child is feeling better I have been sick this week too

lil miss
02-19-2002, 09:18 AM
Oh my! It has not been a good week for you. I am sorry it has been so long since I checked in. I have been decluttering the house and obsessed with getting everything in order. It's not that the house is horrible, but I am tired of the kitchen island always having stuff on it, and desperately need to clean out my closet which has many clothes that are now too big, along with my new ones stuffed in there!

I'm sorry things didn't work out with your bf; I guess it's better to find out now, not later. :( I will give your advice back which I think of often: "Food is not a substitute for emotions". Keep your healthy lifestyle going and it will help you get through this.

After a stressful month due to financial problems at my dh's company, he finally got laid off on Friday, even though he does a great job. He does have a good lead, but of course he is now sick with a sinus infection and bronchitis, I'm sure because of all the stress he's been under. He is talking to someone tomorrow about employment, so keep your fingers crossed! At times like these, I'm glad I have my nice safe teaching job.

Are you off this week? Unlike every other school in our county, we are off only Mon., Tue, Wed, and go back on Thursday. (The rest are off all week.) Our superintendent has to be different.

Hang in there, and I hope you are feeling better. Congrats on picking up your new WW groups. I don't know how to start a new page, do you? Do you just click "new Thread"? We need Toad4Mimi to come back and do that! Anyway, I'll figure it out next time I'm on if you want.