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View Full Version : Stuff on my cat - PROPOSAL! OMG!

12-08-2006, 09:35 AM

Check this out guys....

How sweet is this? And where's Heather? :lol:

12-08-2006, 11:47 AM
oooooooh, sparkly!

12-08-2006, 01:46 PM
I just want to know how he got such a good pic of the ring. Every pic I've taken of my ring sucks.

Very strange proposal but I guess it is one way to surprise her.

12-08-2006, 02:11 PM
hey thats only like 40- minutes from me.

12-08-2006, 11:12 PM
That is one weird website!


12-11-2006, 05:46 AM
Nelie - have you got a Macro setting on your camera? It might look like a Tulip... it will let you do extreme close-ups

12-11-2006, 12:24 PM
i love stuff on my cat. i've gone there lots before... my cat won't even let me put a collar on her... i can't imagine how they got their cats to do all those things.

Did you see the update? She said yes. :)

12-11-2006, 01:12 PM
Frus - Oh I do have a tulip. Maybe I'll try it again one day.

Lizziness- I just got a kitty. She doesn't mind her collar although it has a bell on it and sometimes she will forget she is wearing it and start chasing herself because she makes a bell sound. Very strange. We are working our way up to a harness so we can take her outside without a carrier.

12-11-2006, 11:19 PM
Emma would scratch my eyes out if I even brought home an harness. :) In fact, she may be watching right now....