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12-08-2006, 07:59 AM
Brrrrrrrrrr! It's an ice cold 16* and windy today. A good day to dress in warm corduroys and stay by the fire. I think that's exactly what we'll do today. Audrey only has 1/2 day of school on Friday's, so I'm going to light a fire in the kitchen fireplace and after lunch we'll spend the afternoon making gingerbread men and sugar cookies. :stir: :cookie: :chef:

TwoPeasInAPod ~ I love your Avatar! I've been searching for that very same figurine for the past couple of years!

Weezle ~ Yes! I love Curves! I joined about 2 years ago, and I go almost every day. It's done amazing things for my body.

Ruth, Schatzi, and all you other's who are "under the weather" ~ I hope you are all feeling better soon! :getwell:

12-08-2006, 08:34 AM
Well, it's 5F up here - you don't want to know what that is in Celsius! But today is going to be a day of brilliant sunshine so the back room will warm up. I did get the fire going well late yesterday and it was sure cozy at bedtime but it's 5C (40F) out there right now.

Bill F. comes this morning "after me breakfast" to tell me how much paint I need to buy for the back room and I'll scoot off to town after lunch to get it. I am also going to get an electric heater for times when I just can't cope with the woodstove. Enough of this pioneer woman role! When I'm there, I'll pick up the missing gift cards and then I'll really be done except for wrapping.

I felt too cruddy to go visit Harry yesterday but will try to work that in today on my way back from town. (Maple View is halfway to Brockville.) I've decided this cold isn't going to slow me down - does that sound like the commercial? :lol: I'm also going to take an inventory of my made-ahead meals. I suspect I could just quit cooking for the month and live off the freezer as I've been on a bit of a roll with doing double cooking and freezing the extra. Harry used to ask "Are we expecting a famine?" !!!!

The Girls want out because they are sure we are being attacked by Ralph who still insists on tooting his truck horn when he leaves for work. So silly - for all of them!

Cozy in, darlings. :cofdate:

12-08-2006, 08:49 AM
Brrrrrr is right Cottage! It's going to be Fffffffrreezing here!
Your day sounds purfect Cottage! Enjoy! And thanks for the get well wishes.

Ruth: "expecting a famine?" :rofl: What color is the paint? Hope you get all your piffly niggles out of the way.
:wave: all you marvy chicks I've missed over the past few days!

Today will venture out to the artic and get some shopping done.. and I must finish my Xmas Village... It's sitting there unlit, with no people or trees... a Ghost town.. :lol:

12-08-2006, 08:55 AM
Morning guys :wave:

Its cold here too....brrrrrr, I am sure it will warm up some today though ;)

cottage- Have fun baking those cookies, that is what my DH loves to do when it is cold out :yes:

Ruth- I am glad you are feeling better, I know it sure hangs on for awhile once you catch it though, I kept asking my DH how one nose could run that much :lol:

Well yesterday I went off plan, we had our Tops Christmas party and the ladies all brought lowfat dishes to the church instead of going out to eat somewhere, needless to say that lowfat and Southbeach were not the same, I had fruit salad with bananas and mashed potatoes and dressing and a piece of lowfat crustless pumpkin pie, But I am back to phase one today for the 2 days before the big Christmas party tommorow night for my hubbys company, maybe it wont hurt much, I did manage to lose last night at the weigh in so I am happy with that, Hope everyone has a great day and I will catch up with you guys this afternoon....

12-08-2006, 11:23 AM
It's 22F here so that's pretty cold for Dallas. Far too cold for me, anyway!

Yesterday turned into a hectic day. We had an outage around noon that delayed my lunch and then right as I was about to shut down and fix dinner, I had two other outages. I didn't end up getting to fix dinner and I was a half hour late to my committee meeting. I finally got to eat around 9. Today had better be quieter!

Brian has a birthday party/slumber party to go to tonight where he'll be eating pizza so I'm fixing Red Snapper Courtboullion for DH and I. That will be a special treat for us. Tomorrow, I have an all day Wood Badge Staff Development meeting which should be fun. I'll be missing out on the potluck for the rocket club and the dinner for the train club but those are clubs that DH and Brian belong to so I'd rather not be tempted by the food anyway.

12-08-2006, 01:59 PM
Cottage, I want to come over to your sounds like such fun!!!! :hyper:

Just a quick check in...wish I had time to read everyone's post. :(

Got up late...I stayed up until 6 last night doing dishes, working on Christmas projects, etc. I was out shopping until midnight (last stop was Wal*Mart and they're open 24 hours) most of it done, including almost everything for our Christmas Basket family (we are giving gifts and food to a family of four for Christmas through our church).

Today I have lots of cleaning to do and may put up the tree I got last's sitting on the back porch and I pray it's not drying out!!! :eek: DH is flying back from Ireland today and it sounds like his flight was delayed. I hope he's okay. :tired:

Have a great day today, chickies, and STAY WARM!!!! Brrr.....

12-08-2006, 06:46 PM
I rather blew it yesterday at the appreciation luncheon given annually by the hospital for us volunteers. I did okay at the main buffet table, having just turkey, salad, a small ww roll, 2 small pieces of roast potato and some strawberries. Then I made the mistake of cruising the dessert table and had three small portions of different desserts. Darn!
Today I'm trying to make up for it by being extra careful but broke down and had a couple of shortbread with my mid-morning coffee. See what happens when you let carbs back into your life!!
Well, there's still the rest of the day and I plan to stay OP.
I'm not happy with the scale. It simply refuses to budge, no matter how strict I am with myself. Very discouraging. How come some people can lose so quickly and easily and it's such a struggle for others?

12-08-2006, 09:01 PM
Hi everyone

Boy do I hate cold wheather. I am freezing. I have a sinus infection. It seems the z-pack is not working or maybe I have a cold on top of my sinus infection.

Cottage-hope you find the figurine. I love the idea of Santa visiting Baby Jesus.

Christian-With the holidays I am sure we all have days we will need to plan for. I am having my 'cheat' day tomarrow because it is my daughters birthday party. Sounds like you have a good plan for the followup. I'll have to follow your example.

Barb You are a saint for being good on Brian's birthday party. The closest I'll manage is making a whole wheat crust pizza. I am eating the cake;)

Ruth and Shatzi- I hope you don't freeze to death up there. Maybe Santa will bring you some thermal underwear.

Linda I know what you mean about the carb monster. Watch out:dizzy:

Beachgal Did ya shop til ya dropped? Wonder how many calories shopping burns off?