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12-07-2006, 03:03 PM
I joined Curves yesterday morning, and did my first work out. I was so proud of myself for getting up off my couch and doing something good formyself. Whent hey weighed me and I saw 205 pounds on the scale I wanted to cry, but chin up as they say. I did the circuit and when I was dfone I never felt better in my entire ife. I could tell that I was way outof shape because I had to really work at the machines, and midway throught he first circle I was sweaty and panting. I went hom,pleasantly sore and feeling like a whole new person after just one work out. So I slept really well and woke up ready to go, so I packed myself into my little car and drovwe over to Curves for my second workout today, and I feel wonderful:carrot: :carrot: My weight loss goal is 55 pounds in 6 months, or a size 10 whichever comes first currently I weigh 205 pounds :eek: and squeeze myself into a size 16/18 on a good day. I intend to put $10 in a jar for every pound I lose and $15 for every inch, and at the end of those 6 months I am going to do something good with that money,I am going to donate 1/2 of it and witht he rest i am going to buy myself I have always wanted...a brand new string bikini...no just kidding I am going to buy myself a day at the spa.

12-08-2006, 01:32 AM
That is a really great idea! Putting money in a jar for weight lost, then using the saved money to reward yourself with unedible rewards! Good for you for going out and doing it!!!

wanna b thin
12-13-2006, 02:32 PM
Good job pugs, Curves is a great work out and the more you put into it the more you get out of it. Hopefully your Curves will have some challenges and things going on that will keep you motivated. The activity alone won't drop the weight though, you'll need to start watching what you are eating.
Keep it up!!!

12-18-2006, 02:32 PM
Okay, here goes, after just 9 workouts I decided to get myself weighed and measured...and it was not my imagination at all....I lost 2 pounds... I know it doesn't sound like very much but get this, I lost 6 inches off my body over all and my total body fat dropped 15%!! so I am currently 203 pounds, but I can fit into my 14s again.... and as promised I placed the momey in a jar.....well an IOU because currently I don't have any cash to put in there.... doh!! :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: I lost the 2 pounds right away, within a few workouts, but the loss of inches and body fat is outstanding... my pugs are definitely anjoying the many extra walks they get now that I ma walking 5 times a day and they are always willing to tag along, plus they are aslo enjoying the ehalthy snacks I enjoy, like carrots and bananas and frozen green beans. Thanks guys for your support, its so nice to come here and get cheered on!! You guys rock!

wanna b thin
12-20-2006, 03:39 PM
Congrats Pugs, keep up the good work!

12-22-2006, 02:07 PM
I joined yetster day and I am the same wieght as you. I had a baby 1.5 years ago and toped out at 210 I think, then lost 15 lbs from birth and not a lb more! Gained 15 lbs since then *weep* So I joined curves, they had a great deal going on so that was perfect.

I am also starting a running rutine. I started a few weeks ago but hurt my knees b/c I did not have proper shoes. Got the shoes and my knees just healed so I will begin again tomorrow. Wanna be weight loss buddies since our wieght is the same and our goals are the same? I would love to be 145 but I will take 150 (or anything less than 200) any day!

My name is Jessica:carrot: