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12-07-2006, 02:41 PM
Let's start over ... :comp:

12-07-2006, 02:48 PM
So ... does everyone have their tree up? We don't. Nothing's decorated, nothing's baked, nothing's done. I'm starting to wonder if Santa Claus will even find our house this year. I've bought everything for the extended family but nothing's wrapped. I'm not kidding -- nothing's done. The kids just get money (or a ride in my car) so it's just a trip to the bank and I'm done with that part.

Shaun got his orders changed this morning and is now going to San Diego instead of Jacksonville. I think he would be okay with either place at this point -- just any place where he doesn't have to shovel snow every day. Apparently that's part of their duties, to keep the base free from snow. By hand. In 8º weather. It's a wonder they're not all sick.

My parents are going to be here on the 16th for Christmas with us, so I have to get cracking. At least I can get the carpet cleaners in on the 15th. I don't want to do upstairs with our carpet cleaner because it hasn't been done in a while so I want professionals to tackle it. It's not bad, but with dogs in the house there is hair embedded.

Speaking of dogs, Vickie, how is Cassie?

Our air here is dry and static-y, and my eyes and nose itch like crazy which means my contacts are driving me up the wall. I think I'm going to go to the salon and have my eyelashes dyed so I don't have to wear mascara. That would help tremendously.

What's everyone up to?

12-07-2006, 04:25 PM
Well we are entering the deep freeze of winter - minus 10 today and icy out there - yes I do need to get my winter tires put on - but the places are all booked up! YIKES!

Dh has just advised me that he 'WILL NEVER TRAVEL WITH ME' - when only days ago he mentioned a warm weather holiday (mexican riviera cruise) last night when I provided him with options he began making all sorts of excuses - yes he is afraid to fly - will only fly on certain airlines and types of planes - so even if he agrees to come along it becomes a logistical nightmare.

So in the end comes the ultimatum - meaning I will now be travelling alone? (or w/kids or friends) - of course he doesn't like that either - and we are at a standstil I guess? I am wondering already about retirement - my plan is of course to hopefully be well enuf and financially sound enuf to travel - guess I'll be that little old lady travelling by herself? Today he is pouting and not speaking to me? (shouldn't that be the other way around?)

No tree yet and not sure if we will get one up this year - dh very lazy I guess? I did get a mountain of gifts from Avon which should cover most of his family so that's done. Not sure about kids chanukah/xmas presents yet (altho dd has been bugging me for a super expensive digital camera).

Work is crazy busy - and I am looking forward to those few days off at the end of the year. Wondering if I shall end up travelling (froufs always looking for those last minute deals) with a child or two? You never know :D

Eating is in a funk - not doing well - not following any plan - but trying to get away from binge eating - and letting things slide just because I ate one thing I shouldn't! Need to start exercising again too cuz that surely will help!

Happy belated Birthday Kathy - and congrats to Shaun for moving onto the next phase - good for him. I agree sunshine better than snow!

Sandra - welcome home - glad to see back and I really enjoyed your posts describing the events, places and people you visited.

Rhonda - where are u? Hope you have emailed me about dinner tomorrow night as I am expecting you in Ottawa for your conference!!!

Back to work I guess!


12-07-2006, 07:16 PM
i have been in zombie mode most of the day. two hot showers have helped but i'm still pooped. i'm planning to go to wi in the am. send me blinks, please!!!

kathy, we don't have a tree up either. i doubt we'll do much, if any, decorating this year. we've already had our christmas party with our texas family. we'll prob go to curtis' daughter's up here. there's really no need for a tree at the horton house. curtis and i got to stay in officers' quarters back in 2000 at san diego. shaun should like it out there. i agree that sun is better than snow.

frouf, curtis is against going on cruises. he's also against my being away without him. looks like i'll never get to cruise the seas. oh, well.

12-07-2006, 08:47 PM
curtis called a few minutes ago and made us both appointments for massages tomorrow. am i lucky or what! we're going tomorrow afternoon. i still have wi in the am.

12-07-2006, 08:48 PM
Well I am SO behind in Christmas decorating because Aaron has been laying down laminate flooring!! :cp: Yippee!! No more skanky carpet!
I did manage to put up our new (bought it day after christmas last year) pre-lit tree last night, though I haven't decorated it yet. And Aaron managed to break a limb off of it already. :no: But he says he thinks he can fix it.
I'm still trying to get pregnant. :o No luck so far. My cycles are all screwy and I'm not sure what's going on.
I'm trying desperately to get through with school. I still have two papers to write and then I'm done. I've decided not to go back next semester and it's a great relief.
PC is slow right now but that's been my choice. I'm SO busy and overwhelmed with school that I'm just trying to get things done right now.
I think that's my life in 30 seconds.
Missed you all.

12-07-2006, 08:56 PM
I'm still trying to get pregnant.
Sweet! Keep trying!

I talked to my mom tonight and she might be having a blood transfusion tomorrow, so they probably aren't coming here on the 16th. I told her don't worry, we'll just come there and all go out to a restaurant. She's in pretty bad shape.

I think that Judd and I are going to the Mongolian grill tonight. I just absolutely can't think about cooking right now. I'm making chex mix when we come home, and some other stuff, to take to work tomorrow. And besides cleaning up a little, that's all that will get done tonight.

He just knocked on the wall -- my signal to "come hither". I'll be back later.

12-07-2006, 09:44 PM
melissa, i hope you make me a cyber aunt soon. this is exciting! keep working on it!!

kathy, i'm sorry about your mom. keep us posted. i hadn't realized she was still having trouble. i guess i have been in a bubble lately.

how was the mongolian grill? we have one here but i've never gone.

12-07-2006, 10:44 PM
We ended up going to what I affectionally call the "Chinese pig trough". It's a Chinese buffet ... with a little bit of everything. I ate only one plate though, and it was all acceptable. Mainly it was chicken, broccoli, mushrooms, and shrimp. I drank water and don't think there was any damage done.

My mom sounds really bad. Actually, Sandra, you aren't that much out of the loop. After her surgery, she was doing well. Then last Saturday night her chest was hurting and she went to the ER. They kept her and ran all sorts of tests. She also had gained 10 pounds in the last three days, which they assessed as fluid build-up. I'm wondering about CHF ... :( They gave her something to get rid of the fluid and some iron, and re-did the blood tests yesterday. Results are due tomorrow and if she's still low, she gets a transfusion.

Meanwhile I have talked to Kate and I do believe I've convinced her to move back home. She really must save money, and Judd has already said he would welcome her back. I jokingly told her I could use the help with housework ... but really, she's in this area every night anyway visiting her friends. This means nothing to anyone but Sandra, but she works near Alliance Airport, and lives in north Arlington. Her friends are in Mansfield though, so that's quite a hike. Most nights she ends up leaving her friends' house(s) and coming here to sleep. She might as well not pay for that apartment in n. Arl. if she's not going to stay there. She's thinking about it.

I'm making Chex mix to take to work tomorrow. It smells very worstershire-y in the house right now.

Good night to all my friends. :grouphug:

12-07-2006, 11:09 PM
kathy, that does sound like chf. i hope all goes well. as to kate, yikes!! at driving across the metroplex every day, especially when you don't have to do it. she should move home for sure.

we had a light dinner. tomorrow am is wi. after that, we're going to fling some arrows then go to lunch then to have our massages. life is good.

12-07-2006, 11:24 PM throwing tree is up and cards are written and presents are bought. I still have to clean my entire house from top to bottom, wrap, bake, make a menu for the day after Christmas celebration with the family and then execute that menu. Sheesh...I was feeling far behind until I read about all of you!

I'll be back tomorrow if I can. I can't believe the activity tonight.

12-07-2006, 11:29 PM
:tree: :santa:

vickie, it feels more like christmas just reading about all you're doing (and have done) to get ready. makes me smile.

12-08-2006, 12:09 AM
Hi All:

I'm back in Toronto, and it's so nice to read your messages.

Frouf, I'll get in touch tomorrow. I've lost my email about when my flight is tomorrow morning and completely confused our dates as you know from my personal message to you! And, Sandra, I'll write more later.

We had a wonderful trip, wedding and honeymoon. Core? What Core?!!

I'm pleased that Sandra posted the pictures and I'll post more pictures as they come. It's late, so I won't write much but, it was great to meet Sandra but sorry to miss meeting Kathy.

Sadly and unexpectedly my sister died last Sunday, the day after we returned from the honeymoon. She had experienced bleeding in the brain 5 days before the wedding so she couldn't come. But, she was recovering and I was looking forward to going to New Mexico to see her when we returned from the cruise. My only decision was whether to fly on Sunday or Monday. As Doyle was taking me to the airport on Sunday afternoon, my nephew called me on the cell phone to say that she had just died. I went on out to NM. My niece came the next day and we began the process of sorting through her things and all the other things you do when someone dies. We're still in shock, as you might imagine. I'll probably go back in a few weeks. She had requested no service and we'll respect her wishes.

But, there is a need to be around loved ones during these times. So, hold on to one another...kiss those husbands, partners, babies, grandbabies. My sister was totally devoted to her beloved late husband and she died on his birthday.



12-08-2006, 09:35 AM
I've got a crazy day today so I'll catch up when I can.

Kathy, I hope it isn't CHF for your Mom. If it is, I hope they caught it quickly enough to treat it.

Rhonda, I'm SO sorry about your Sister. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. I'm always careful to be generous with my loving thoughts and words with those I care about. I've had a lot of loss in my life and do not want to have any regrets. You're a wise woman.

12-08-2006, 11:08 AM
Oh, heavens! Rhonda, I am so, so sorry for your loss. That is just horrible. :hug:

Vickie, we don't have a tomato throwing icon so you're safe. Oh wait ... :snowfight

There. Take THAT!

After looking at my list, and deciding that I had done nothing, I realized that actually nothing HAS to be done! :lol: I did my Christmas cards last year the week between Christmas and New Years, so that was already done. We aren't cooking Christmas dinner at my house, but will be going to Tyler on the 16th and going to a restaurant since my mom's not up for cooking, and then we'll be at Judd's parents' house on Christmas Eve and Day. If nobody is at our house, they won't know I haven't cleaned or decorated. So ... I guess I feel better.

The only thing I really plan to do is make loaves of bread for the neighbors. I have my cute little personalized bread sacks and I'd be crazy not to use them. There are only 12 other houses on our street, so I can make 12 loaves of bread in a day if I get an assembly line going. The girls will be gone on the 17th so that sounds like a perfect time for it. Hopefully it'll be a very cold day since the oven will keep the house warmed up.

Better get cracking. I'm excited to see everyone here!!

12-08-2006, 01:46 PM
Hi All:

You'll be excited to know that there will be a Froufie-Tejas meeting this afternoon. I flew to Ottawa this morning for a conference and we're meeting this evening. Oh yes, of course, absolutely, don't you know it, we will eat and drink only CORE. Of course, we may completely reconceptualize what CORE means!

We'll drink to life, I guarantee you!


12-08-2006, 01:54 PM
You are all back and the board is still here!!! I have to say it was very sad when we had the stretch when no one was posting. Then to read that the board was closing......:( I went over to the main WW board but just didn't feel like posting. I looked for you all and couldn't find you..... But now your here!!!! I'm so happy!:D :D :D THANKS FROUF!

I've been bad the last few weeks. I need to get back on plan. I threw out my back once again and my walking has been very limited. I now feel great and have gotten back to my nightly routine. I've actually started extending my walk - I love the cold nights, when there is no wind, a clear sky .... I could keep walking and walking, but I know DH would get too worried with me walking far after dark - no sidewalks and very country roads.

I'm in good shape for xmas - just ordered my holiday cards on line and they are ready to pick up. It took more time to get a good picture of Sarah for them than to have Walgreens fill the order! Tomorrow is too busy - we have a christmas party at 10 and I also have to be at Sarah's school to do registration for next year at 10, then from 2-4 our neighbor is having an open house to welcome a new neighbor, then my SIL will be at our house at 5 to babysit - we are off to do santa shopping and dinner. Then somewhere in all that I need to clean my house. Grocery shopping will wait till Sunday. Then next weekend I have my family party on Sunday...but then I'm off from work 12/18 until 12/27!

Rhonda, welcome back. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. Please share some wedding stories when you feel up to it. I loved to see the pictures Sandra posted.

Kathy, how is you mom today? I hope she is feeling a bit better.

Sandra, are you still on the road? Or are you home yet?

Vickie, how is Cassie doing?

Melissa, practice, practice, practice!!!! Thats always the best part :)

Take care all, I'll be back later -- I PROMISE

12-08-2006, 01:55 PM
One quick question - I was reading on the other board that the WW program is going to be revised in January. Any one have any insights on what the changes are?

12-08-2006, 03:02 PM
The new info will be coming out on Dec. 10, so we'll get updates then. That's only a few days away and I'm pretty excited! I read where Kelly_S said she learned from a WW leader friend that it will mainly be a minor tweak -- adding some Core foods, clarifying other Core foods, and adding some things that can be counted as dairy. I hope nothing is removed because the last time there was an update, they removed some of my favorite soups! :cry:

I guess the one thing we'll have to remember is that we have to be careful not to share WW copyrighted material here for legal reasons. We wouldn't want the board to get in trouble.

12-08-2006, 03:11 PM
Oh and in case I haven't mentioned this before, those tools that come with the online program are AWESOME! I think they're a little different than the e-tools (not sure though). They look different than what I used to see when I did e-tools but maybe there have been changes since then. Anyway, our @work program didn't really work out for me even though I tried it two different times, and the meetings are at times I can't go plus waaay across town so I can't go at lunchtime. I decided to pay the $65 for 13 weeks (I think that's how long it is), and then after that it will be $16.95 a month. I'm so worth that! ;) I have been loving the beta version of the Plan Manager and hope that it's what they adopt with the new changes.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend the online program, because even if you go to meetings it gives a lot of good info. You can switch between Flex or Core, and on Core it still has a search box where you can get the list of foods to select from, like brand names and restaurants and stuff like that. It's very helpful for the soups and things like that. There's a little place at the side where you can check off your milks, healthy oils, water, fruits/vegetables, and a place for notes (I put in my daily weight and how I'm feeling that day), a place where you can log your comfort zone, and there's even a list of every Core food, and I do mean everything!

The only problem I've had with it is that it's too much fun, and I can't stop going there and playing with it. I'm afraid I'm going to get in trouble at work! :lol:

12-08-2006, 06:08 PM
Wow - everyone's so busy busy busy!

I am at work now - killing some time BEFORE MY MEETING W/RHONDA! I am so very excited to meet her - we are having dinner at this ABSOLUTELY CORE MEXICAN RESTAURANT (I called ahead and asked them to revamp their entire menu in advance of our arrival - ha ha ha) and will certainly toast to all of you.

I was however VERY SAD to read about her sister and will offer my condolences in person!

Vickie - sounds like you are well ahead of the pack and very organized. As are you Kathy - I guess it takes a lot of the pressure off when you don't have to host the big 'do'.

Melissa - remember 'practice makes perfect'! :D Are you taking your temps? It might be helpful to chart them for a few months - sometimes that might help point you in the right direction.

I also went out for lunch today with ex-work colleague - and also dinner out too! WOW. Tomorrow morning I am going to synagogue (anniversary of my mom's death) and I know I did dream about her last night and woke up crying! (and of course couldn't fall back asleep and it was 4:30 am!)

Tomorrow night we have a xmas party to go to (dh's band) and I sure hope that's fun. Sunday is hopefully a quiet restful day? DD dances from 12 - 6 pm but other than the chauffering nothing else planned.

Now I must go and try to beautify myself a bit before I meet Rhonda so I don't frighten her too much! :D


12-08-2006, 06:10 PM
We will be standing by waiting for reports! I hope she wears her pink cowboy hat for you!!

12-08-2006, 07:53 PM
Ohhhhh....I'm too crazy here now to respond. I'm reading though. I was out all day long with a Doctor appointment for Jim and banking and errands. I'm cooking dinner now....Core sloppy joes and oven fries. One of my favorite meals.

Frouf....lucky girl. I wish I was getting to meet you both. You know, Frouf, we have absolutely NO idea what you look like. I sure hope Rhonda has a camera with her!

Are you just teasing me or did you REALLY find a Core mexican restaurant?

12-08-2006, 10:30 PM
She's a tease...but, we didn't do too badly..."fruit" to drink and salmon for the main course.

We had a great time telling our stories, toasting life and the Board members, and planning the next cruise. If Frouf takes the pink bag and I take my pink hat, we'll be the main attraction for certain.

Frouf, I hope tomorrow goes all right for you. And, Vickie I read about your friend. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers also.

I'm bone tired tonight and have to be up early for the conference tomorrow. I hope everyone has a good night.


12-08-2006, 10:40 PM
Rhonda, thanks for the report. Wouldn't it be so much fun to do a cruise together? I love those Carnivals out of Galveston (because it's so easy for me to get there! :D ) ... it's wonderful to hear that you guys had a good time.

12-09-2006, 12:49 AM
She's a tease...but, we didn't do too badly..."fruit" to drink and salmon for the main course.

We had a great time telling our stories, toasting life and the Board members, and planning the next cruise. If Frouf takes the pink bag and I take my pink hat, we'll be the main attraction for certain.

It was a pleasure meeting Rhonda - we had lots of fun chatting and finding out more about each other.

Rhonda - I love the 'fruit' to drink (translation: lime margarita and guava margarita - perfectly core I"m sure!:D ) We had this pepper stuffed with marinated salmon chunks - and the main attraction was the frouf favorite of some lovely smoked salmon slices draped over top!

But she left out the best part! The serenade by the 3 mexican guitarists in the restaurant - came over to our table asking what we would like to here - I come up with 'Besame mucho" - one of my spanish favorites - they did a wonderful job....but the BEST was their rendition of Noche de Rhonda - another spanish serenade - I loved it - so cute - and of course I believe Rhonda should have a mexican ballad named after her!

No camera of course but Rhonda can tell you how cute and adorable I am! hee hee hee;) (and so modest too!)

Now my toes are freezing (out of bed w/no socks on) so I must return under the duvet.

nitey nite!


12-09-2006, 02:12 AM
wow! i am sooooo happy to see so much action here today/tonight. i wish i'd gotten here earlier. curtis and i went for massages then just chilled out with some dvd's in front of the tv.

rhonda, i'm sorry about your sister's passing. bless her heart. my mother had a massive stroke a few years ago. i don't mean to sound ugly but she would have been better off if she'd passed quickly. i know in my heart she wasn't happy being alive in the state she was in for over 3 years.

i'm glad you and frouf got to meet. so much fun!!!

got to go. curtis is blinking the lights. guess that's my signal.

12-09-2006, 09:01 AM
Good Morning:

There's nothing ugly about your comment Sandra. My sister had left explicit instructions about NO attempts to prolong life or prevent death. She would have hated to have lingered in some dependent state. She was a nurse and had seen enough of people doing that, I'm sure.

You know, when I saw those Mariachi's with their sombreros I just kicked myself for not bringing my hat! And Frouf is "cute and adorable." You'd love to take a cruise with her!

Now, I have decided that I will NOT weigh myself when I actually get home on Sunday. I don't think I can bear the news. Everything that was loose when I left Toronto on the 16th is now tight. That's got to mean at least 10 pounds! So, I think I'll just get back on track and see what the story is in January. I do so want to munch my way through the holidays, so PLEASE tell me your favorite Core holiday snacks...I'll check out the recipe area of course.

I was totally unmotivated to exercise throughout the time I was away from home but I did find it easy to take walks. So, I feel good about that. I absolutely love walking in Albuquerque. The sky is so blue, the mountains so pretty and it's invigorating to me. But, back in Toronto it's harder this time of all of you in the snowy areas appreciate. I guess I better get back to the treadmill!

I hope everyone has a great day. I'll be in a conference, sitting on my tush and getting a back ache. Frouf, we'll think of you remembering your late Mother today.


12-09-2006, 09:23 AM
Yes, we will, Frouf. :hug:

Rhonda, I would LOVE to be able to come up with Core snacks. The best I can do is my old standby of SF/FF pudding, crushed pineapple and FF cottage cheese. Stop gagging, it's good! You can even put the cottage cheese in the food processor to make it smooth first. Then there's Vickie's old standby of crustless pumpkin pie, which is actually one of my favorite Core breakfasts. You just can't beat it!

I'm at work til 2 and then am going home to make bread, cookies, candies, and wrap stuff. If Judd still insists on not putting up a tree today, I will steal his truck, go buy a real tree and stand, and put one up myself. I will not drag that 12 foot prelit monster out of the attic. Even though it's a walk-in attic and I don't have to maneuver those tricky little pulldown steps, I would still have to drag it down the staircase, across the wood floor (I can visualize the scratches now) and then somehow put it up by myself. I think I'll just hit Plan B and go with a smaller real tree. The ceilings in that room are 14 feet so a small tree is going to look goofy but I care not at this point. So there. :snooty:

Back to work. Have a warm day, everyone.

12-09-2006, 10:38 AM
Hi everybody. :) My plans today include vacuuming out my car, and maybe going Christmas shopping. That's all, that's it, I am not booking myself for anything else. :lol:

We have our little 6-foot prelit up, and the girls have decorated and re-decorated it about a thousand times. Right now they're cooking up a plan to give Daddy breakfast in bed, complete with a hand-decorated card. Cute!

I'm really glad to see everybody coming back and posting again. Hugs to all!


12-09-2006, 10:47 AM
Good Morning Chicks! Haven't said that in a LONG time. I'll be quite busy today. I need to finish decorating the house and then I'll plan my holiday meals and baking and make the grocery list. I think I'll wrap all day tomorrow. I'm determined not to let things slip to the last minute. That last minute stress has ruined some of my holidays in the past. Since Cameo isn't here this year, I can actually put the packages under the tree as I wrap them. She was absolutely in love with the bows. She'd stand on the packages and pluck the bows off! Somehow she'd always know when there was a bow in the house. It's been 2 months since she's gone and I still miss her so much that my heart aches.

A couple of you asked about Cassie. She's holding her own. She was in testing around our anniversary in the middle of November. The Internist thinks she may be atypical Cushings which is why we've had to chase her results so much. She is being treated twice daily with Melatonin until the middle of February to see if that will control her symptoms. Melatonin is a human supplement to induce sleep. The Vet community is using it for canine/feline atypical Cushings which is normally a sex hormone abnormality. It's kind of cool that they have more latitude to try things out. She's still drinking excessively and is ravenous. They say it takes 2-4 weeks and we ended week 2. Thanks for asking about my baby!

I'm going to start a message thread. I hope you'll all join in with your lovely Core/Flore menus!

12-09-2006, 11:18 AM
It is so good to see everyone here!

Frouf, it has been really cold here too. Not minus anything yet but we had single digits. We also had a horrible snowstorm go through Chicago a little over a week ago. That was a trial! Tell DH that I am afraid to fly also. I had to fly for work so my Doctor have me Xanax. It works like a charm. I take it (I think 5 mg) right as we are boarding. It doesn't make me sleep it just turns off my panic button. Maybe he should give it a try.

Sandra, Welcome Home! Did you go to weigh in yesterday? I'm sorry I didn't get to give you any pre-blinks. How did you do? Jim and I don't do separate vacations either! Fortunately we both have similar travel desires. I didn't really feel like Christmas either this year but my Niece poked and prodded until I got in the spirit. She's a good friend.

Melissa, I'll be happy when your life calms down a bit for you. It's hard to get pregnant when you're all tense and stressed.

Kathy, how's Mom? Did she get the transfusion? I love your plan to go out and get a small fresh tree. That's just the thing to put anyone in the Christmas spirit. Maybe you could put it in your Family Room where the ceilings are lower? That's where we have ours because we are never in the living room. I want to look at my tree once I decorate it! I buy the 10 coupon pack and I've sampled the etools. I didn't use them very much. However, you're geting me excited to go back and look again. I do so love gadgets and stuff like that. There is a monthly plan that I could buy that would give me free access. I won't be able to do that for a long time though because I think Jim bought me a 10 coupon booklet for Christmas and I have at least 6 coupons of my own left. Maybe they'll give us another free pass.

Paula, it's good to see you back too! Isn't life crazy at this time of year? All I really know is that the changes will be given to me at my meeting on Monday. I've heard rumors that the tweaks are more to Flex than Core but there will be some adjustments to Core. I don't know any details. I'm thinking about buying a new Daily Food Companion though.

Rhonda and Frouf, I'm SO glad you met and had a fun time! It cracks me up to hear the two of you making requests to the Mariachis! I'm the one usually diving under the table and trying not to make eye contact. I hate when the entire room is looking at me!

Rhonda, I'll see if I can come up with some Core snacks too. Rachael Ray just made the toasted garbanzo's on her show yesterday. She said you can spice them whatever way you want and they get crunchy like nuts. I'll have to try them. She didn't even use any oil in the pan which is VERY unlike little miss EVOO!

Angela, it's good to see you too! I missed you. Christmas is SO much more fun with kids around. You're smart not to overbook. I'm glad you're holding your own. I am too but it's time to get in gear.

Rhonda got me thinking. I want to eat all the special holiday treats too. I've decided that I will be on program for absolutely as many meals as I can. I will splurge at certain meals and then immediately go back on program at the next meal. Exercise is still hard for me but I will do as much as I can. Life is short and I have to enjoy it without depriving myself but also without treating myself to excess.

I'm starving so I'm off to start my day. Be well. I have little hope of being back until tomorrow.

12-09-2006, 11:48 AM
I'm the one usually diving under the table and trying not to make eye contact. I hate when the entire room is looking at me!
Oh, that is SO me too! :lol: It's nice to know I'm not the only one!

I made some roasted garbanzos the other day and put chili powder and garlic powder on them. They're good and crunchy, but very spicy! I wish I could think of a good use for them ... thought about sprinkling on a salad but I don't know how I'd get them on the fork!

Very good plan, Vickie, about not feeling deprived. I read something the other day that went something like "just because you accidentally break one egg doesn't mean you have to throw the other 11 on the floor too!" :lol: I thought how true!

I have been eating as Core as can be, with the exception of my daily Coke. I suppose there are some things that I absolutely cannot do with out. I have started going to a convenience store for it though, instead of a drive-thru window at a fast-food place. That way I can put mostly regular Coke and a little bit of diet. I think if I adjust it every few days and gradually put more diet in and less regular, I can someday learn to like all diet. Well, it's the plan anyway! ;)

I saw a few changes this morning when I opened up the Plan Manager. One was that they have added more places to check off water, oil, and vegetables, and then added a check off for exercise too. I don't think the requirements have changed though, because in the Daily Healthy Checks it still lists 6 glass of water, two tsps. of oil, etc.

There was a little section on changes to the website, and it says for those of you on the Core plan, look out for some rule changes around snacking. Now I wonder what THAT means?

I also wonder if the subscriber e-tools are the same as the WW online membership tools? If so, I can't tell you enough how awesome they are. They absolutely make me WANT to stay on plan, and how kooky is that?? :lol: It's not really like journaling, although it sort of is (just contradicted myself, didn't I?), but it's nice to check off the different things, keep track of WPAs used, log my Comfort Zone, etc. It's also nice to be able to put something like "Progresso Tomato Basil soup" in the search box and have it find it for me. All the Core foods have the checkmark by them, so they don't even tell you how many points it would have been if it wasn't a Core food (like they do on the Flex plan). Okay, enough about that.

My mom said they are waiting thru the weekend to see how she does. She still has no strength and is very white, so if it was me I'd request that they do it anyway. I mean, what would be the harm in it? Her red blood count is obviously low.

Oh as for my Christmas tree plan, your description of Cameo made me laugh. Zuki opened the Christmas gifts last year while nobody was looking. I have no idea why, because none of them had his name on them, but Judd said it's because he can't read. :shrug: I guess he's right.

12-09-2006, 02:46 PM
Happy saturday! Here I am - back from synagogue - thanks Rhonda and Kathy for your kind thoughts. I very much like the ritual of standing up and saying the 'mourner's kaddish" prayer in memory of my mom altho it is a bit sad. There were a couple of ladies up on the altar doing the prayer for the 'soldiers' and it was so moving cuz one of them could not make it thru to the end - she started crying halfway thru - and you could see everyone else wiping their eyes - the Rabbi came up and helped her out - very touching.

There was also a bar mitzvah today - quite exciting- with a LOVELY buffet lunch to follow - and guess what the frouf found? Yes mini bagels w/cream cheese and SMOKED SALMON!! yum yum -downed 3 halves, some salad, and a couple of party sandwiches....very nice!

Home now and BACK IN MY JAMMIES - yes up early - turns out ds' alarm clock did not go off and he had an exam this morning (comes to see me at 9:15 and exam is at 9:45!!!). so I got dressed in my synagogue clothes - threw my makeup in a bag and rushed out of the house. I did not sleep well so I am planning a nice nap this afternoon as we have a party to go to tonight!

Vickie - good luck w/the menu planning and wrapping! sounds like you are trying to stay organized and destressed! As for the mariachis - trust me there was nowhere to hide! We were at a small table for 2 - against the wall - literally boxed in and surrounded by the mariachis - I got to practice some of my spanish - but found out it was very rusty! ha ha ha

Sandra - How was WI? did you enjoy the massage? did you come home feeling like a limp noodle? Did I ever tell you about the SEXY YOUNG MALE massage therapist I used to visit? (oh my!).

Angela - let us know about the breakfast in bed! Do you help them? or do they make it themselves? I remember frequently forcing myself to eat the burnt toast and ice cold coffee- yum yum.

Almost naptime!


P.S. Did everyone notice the mysterious disappearance of Suzanne's message about shutting down the Core Board? Good news for us I hope!

12-09-2006, 03:38 PM
Kathy have you been to the WW core board? There's much talk about the alleged "changes" there! :crazy:

12-09-2006, 05:05 PM
I did check it out. I saw where one person said they couldn't have Diet Coke Chicken anymore because ketchup was taken off the Core list. Well, HA! No, it isn't! I just checked my approved list and it has all ketchups marked as Core. I'm not too sure what that was all about!

Here's what one person said:

1. SF/FF PUDDING. Still a Core food, but can now be counted as a milk serving.
2. FF Sour Cream. Still a Core food. Can now be counted as a milk serving.
3. FF milk, cheese, cottage cheese, plain yogurt -- Still Core Foods. All count towards your daily milk servings
4. SF/FF cocoa - limited to once/day, but counts toward a milk serving.
5. WW Smoothies and Reduced Fat Dairy Shakes - limited to once/day, but counts toward a milk serving.
6. WW Fruities can be eaten as a snack.

It seems to me that WW has given us a lot more latitude to choose our foods. They have eliminated the name-brand list and allowed us to look at labels more. I don't see a big change here, especially in the "snack" category. If I'm not mistaken, if something is Core, you can eat it whenever you wish, not just at "snack" time. Maybe the "snack" category should be re-named "Miscellaneous Core Foods" to eliminate confusion.

My take on it is this ... there's not much change. :lol:

Maybe people who have meetings this week can get more info. The info that I have access to doesn't seem to be any different at all. Maybe I'm missing something big? Otherwise, sounds like much ado about nothing.

12-09-2006, 07:38 PM
hi, chickies. it's gorgeous here! lots of white stuff around everywhere. curtis and i have been sort of hibernating this afternoon. it's good to be cozy and lazy.

rhonda, i know what you mean about clothes getting tight. i think all that saved me from having a big gain was that i lost almost 5 lbs the first 2 weeks we were gone. i'm blocking out the fact that i regained those lbs and trying to focus on just gaining .2 since leaving missoula. am i fooling myself?

i haven't gotten back into w a yet but will next week. i need to move this old bod around some.

angela, i love reading what your girls are doing. that's so sweet about dad's bfast in bed. makes me smile.

we prob won't put up a tree. right now, i don't care but i'll prob be sad about it later. or maybe not.

kathy, a 6 ft tree will probably look all right. that's still pretty big, don't you think?

vickie, i'm glad your niece did that for you. i hope cassie is all right. keep us posted. i probably need someone to poke and prod some spirit into me, too. i had never heard of dogs taking melatonin. that's interesting. i got a recipe magazine today from kraft kitchens. i'm going to read through it later to see if any would work for us.

our ww leader says that if you spill a bit of milk, you don't automatically dump the rest of the gallon onto the floor. i like your plan to eat what you want then get back on program. another thing is :"sit down and eat with dignity." i've always liked that saying.

i used to have a cat that would knock the tree down. we had numerous catastrophes but the cat was worth every one.

frouf, i posted to you last night about your mom but didn't get it online. my heart hurts for you. i know exactly how you feel missing your mother. i still dream of mine, too. what i like to think is what was said in "lion king." (but i change it a bit) she lives on through me.

i had a sexy young male therapist!!! i'm going back tuesday!!!! (need i say more?) :lol: i gained 2/10ths of a pound. i take that as a reprieve from the weightloss governor. (did i post that already?) :confused:

i love it!! the core board lives!!!!

thank you so much, suzanne. we all appreciate what you're doing for us providing us this wonderful place to share our lives with one another.

12-09-2006, 09:55 PM
Hey Chicks! I finished decorating and I'm pooped. Jim and I are going to lay on the couch. My chicken was spoiled and Jim and I ate pizza. Darn...I know I could have chosen better but I was tired and emotional. I REALLY need to call the library to find that book about emotional eating. At least it was paper thin crust with just mushrooms and cheese. Sigh. I'll be better tomorrow.

Cindy is still on life support. It's been a week today. I spoke to her husband, Doug, today. She is not rejecting the marrow yet so we continue to pray. I've heard that coma patients can hear so....I asked Doug to put the phone up to Cindy's ear so I could talk to her. I told her how much I love her and how much I admire her fight and determination. I told her I was praying for her and living for the day that she can talk back to me. Please keep praying for her.

Frouf, I'm so sorry about your Mom. I think that you have a beautiful tradition to remember her by. I still miss my Mom very much too. She's been gone for 7 years now. With the 7 years of Alzheimers, it's really longer.

I'll be back tomorrow. Kiss your loved ones everyone....while they are here to know it and appreciate it.

12-10-2006, 12:12 AM
vickie, cindy is in my prayers.

12-10-2006, 01:00 AM
Vickie, she's definitely in my prayers. :hug:

12-10-2006, 10:27 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I slept fitfully...lots of crazy dreams. Must have been the half ton of garlic on the pizza last night! :D I have much to do today. The decorating is as done as it is going to get. Today is wrapping day. I don't have as much as usual since Jim and I tried to scale back this year a bit. The Vet bills really took their toll.

Kathy, I got the idea from RR that you could eat the roasted garbanzos in place of nuts? I have some white cheddar popcorn sprinkle that I might try on them. I plan on just eating them in my fingers. Would they taste good in soup instead of a crunchy cracker? Nothing wrong with a special coke treat every day. How many points does it cost you? Good luck weaning yourself. It would be great if you could. Is Progresso Tomato Basil good? I need new soups. How is your Mom today? How is Zuki the package opening devil? Are his health problems all resolved?

Frouf, I'm really craving bagels and cream cheese. After the pizza indulgence/emergency last night I just need to put those bagels out of my mind. It's hard to lose a loved one. I hope your celebration of your Mom's life made you feel closer to her. I didn't notice that Suzanne's message disappeared but I am very happy.

I am in SUCH deep trouble if they take ketchup off of the list! Cola chicken and cola sloppy joes are two of my favorite dishes. I'm sure there will be confusion for weeks on what they mean. I think I'll stay away from the WW boards for a while.

Sandra, Congratulations! You were away from home for many, many weeks....eating out in restaurants and in other people's homes and you only gained .2 of a pound! Goodness gracious should be jumping for joy! Forget those 5 pounds and be happy. I think you did incredibly well. I vote that you decorate if even only a tiny bit. I've been forcing myself to do it this year and actually I'm very happy that I did. We didn't do a ton but it looks really nice and it's helping me to be in the spirit. You're done with your family celebration but you and Curtis are still something to celebrate, right?!

Thanks for all the prayers, Girls. Cindy would be grateful as am I.

It's time to eat breakfast. I'm going to change yesterday's menu and post today's. I think I'll start shaking up my breakfast a bit to see if I can start losing again. I'll read the sale papers and then on to wrapping!

I'll be back on my breaks to check on all of you.

Lurkers....please post with us. We all were new at one time or another. We really do love the enthusiasm and wisdom of fellow Corers!

12-10-2006, 12:38 PM
Good morning! Er ... late morning, that is! I'm having a slow start but at least I'm up and dressed. I started a load of laundry and will do a few more, peel potatoes for some soup, and then think about what else needs to be done. Kate might come over today and help me with some things. At least, I hope she does. Erin needs to study and I'd rather not have Judd involved.

I bought Zuki a doggy tent last night. He has been quite the camping dog this fall and so it's actually just a funny little thing to commemorate that. Maybe he'll actually go in and sleep in there, but it would probably more than likely be Precious who goes in. She likes closed-in places more than Zuki does. And of course, Bindy or the cat won't even fit in it. It's really small.

The garbanzo beans do taste like nuts and are very crunchy. I took the bag to work for a snack, but then I ended up adding them to some Chex mix that I had made for neighbor gifts. I'll be making some more soon because I wanted to take some to my mom next weekend. It would be a good snack for her.

She's still hanging in there. I guess the doctor will tell her more tomorrow about their plans.

I do believe that Cindy can hear you. When my sister was in a coma, we made sure nobody said anything in the room that was negative and that it was all peaceful in there. We played music, and read aloud, and if anyone came in who was crying, we herded them right back out the door. I'll really be keeping her and her family in my prayers.

Well, I'd better get going. I just remembered that I have to go to Michael's today to look at frames. We had enlargements made of a photo we had and are giving one to Judd's parents, brother/SIL and sister/BIL. It's of Judd's grandpa's old tobacco barn. There's a lady at work who is a very good graphic artist and she made black and white enlargements for us that are so much better than my first three attempts: once at CVS, once at Walgreens, and once at a photography specialist. Can you believe the specialist (Wolf Camera & Video) was the WORST of the three? Anyway, I found this lady and she did an incredible job. And THEN she made me one that's a small poster size and did a "Van Gogh" effect on it. It looks exactly like a painting. I'm having that one framed to put over our fireplace. His family doesn't know we're doing this: Judd took the picture the last time he was in Kentucky. They will really be surprised.

Have a happy day, everybody, and stay warm!

12-10-2006, 04:02 PM
kathy, that's very interesting about the lady redoing old photos. i've heard of that but never delved into it. the family will all love their gifts. what a great idea!

vickie, you're right. we should do some decorating. i'll probably start going through and putting up a few things. i think we have a small artificial tree. if we do (how can i not be sure?), i'll put it up.

curtis and slept late then went to the archery center to visit and play. we've just finished lunch and now i'm at play again but on the puter this time. i'm going to do some surfing to see if i can get some holiday food ideas. i'll post what i find here on the recipe thread.

have a super sunday, everyone.

12-10-2006, 04:49 PM
Sandra, it's actually a new photo. He took it 2-3 years ago when he was there visiting his grandma. The picture sat in a drawer and recently we decided to do something with it. The real picture is a 4x6 and the barn is teeny in the background. She blew it up, cropped it, made B&W, color and sepia prints from it, and then the poster size. The barn is probably 100 years old but still standing.

Still no tree here ... the store I wanted to get it from had two icky looking trees left. I'm just about tempted to say screw it. Maybe when we do our family Christmas, we'll just sit around in the family room. I suppose I could still go get the other stuff out of the attic, like the "sitting around decorations" and put out the Macy's snowglobes. Maybe I'll do that in a while.

I'm making bags for all the neighbors and co-workers, which is 60 people. So far, I have chex mix, puppy chow, and popcorn with almond bark and sugar sprinkles. MIL sent me a big bag of pecan halves yesterday so I might also make some pralines. I'm thinking that next Sunday is going to be my big day for all this. The chex mix is made because it lasts forever; I can make the popcorn tonight but the other stuff will have to be right before I give it.

At least it smells good in here. Right now we still have the worstershire-y smell because I put the chex mix back in for a bit. Dinner is practically cooked (purchased the rotisserie chicken) and broccoli/corn won't take any time at all.

I think I've punched out for the day.

12-10-2006, 05:38 PM
kathy, i think i can smell your kitchen. yummy!

12-10-2006, 05:40 PM,1972,FOOD_9832,00.html

check this out if you're interested.

12-10-2006, 06:55 PM
Oooh! There are so many great things there! Thanks, Sandra!!

12-10-2006, 10:38 PM
I've found the secret to losing a few pounds in a day. Get a stomach virus!


Back tomorrow...have a good night everyone.


12-11-2006, 12:17 AM
ouch, rhonda!! i hope you're feeling better soon.

kathy, i'm making the fall muffins i posted over in breakfast recipes. i hope they're good.

12-11-2006, 09:47 AM
Good morning, everybody!

New week, new thread ... c'mon over!