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12-05-2006, 04:23 PM
:welcome3: to the DECEMBER edition of our Weighty Issues thread.

The holiday season is here. We don't want EXTRA POUNDS for Christmas do we? :shocksn: No! Need some new inspiration? We're a group of wonderful women :gossip: from different walks of life, spread out from the East Coast :snowglo:to the West Coast :beach: and the sunny Pacific :swim:.

We support each other through the highs :high: and lows :headache: of every day life--it's not just about weight loss :goodscale, it's about LIFE :snowfight . If you have something to say :blah: or need a shoulder to cry on :cry:, come on in,
:cofdate: grab a chair and stay awhile . You'll be glad you did.

12-05-2006, 04:27 PM
Whew! Has anyone noticed it's December??? I figured I should start a new thread, huh? :lol:

I'm having MAJOR issues with my computer hard drive--it cr@pped out on me and I am trying to rebuild my files. The data recovery people are working on it but the situation looks a little bleak, but I'm not stressing out over it too much, if I did, I may just go nuts. I'm just taking it one day at a time...

So Angie, WELCOME BACK hon! We missed ya. Did you get the email Hawaiian postcard I sent? I was testing my memory with your email addy cuz like i said, my hard drive crashed and I was guessing. Anywhos, so glad to hear from you again. It's not the same around here w/out ya.

Kempy, those homes are so beautiful! I wanna move to TX :lol: My niece is in Ft. Sam Houston right now, which is probably far away from you.

Cherie, hope you got my email as well.

I gotta run for now, but will be back later.

12-05-2006, 04:47 PM
Noelle everytime you talk about your puter I remembe that I need to take mine to get looked at. I wonder if Best Buy has someone to do that.

You have to take into account those pics are of the BIG houses. Not all of us live in those but it is still really nice to live here. I have no idea where that base is. Sorry.

I have been busy today. I straighten up the office for the umtenth time. I swear I just can't get it right. We really could use furniture in here. We have never had a study before so we are a little unser furnished. Well, I have to make sue with what I have until the house sells. (soon, soon, soon) (subliminal thoughts)

12-05-2006, 06:01 PM
Hey Noelle. Yes I got your pic and I called Jay over to have a look. We are so coming to Hawaii soon!!! As soon as I can find someplace to send Rebel and get rid of the kids for a vaca we are coming. :lol:

I hope you can get your puter fixed. Mine wont let me send email out....unless it is for a reply. Weird huh? It just started doing it one day and said my computer isnt configured to send email I dont know why since the day before it could. :lol: I am very stupid when it comes to computers so I guess I will pay the computer guy to check it out for me.

Kempy, That is a beautiful neighborhood. We dont have anything like that here since it is all country and there isnt a need. If I had to live in the city I would make sure it was gated too. I liked the pathways they have there. very nice.

Well, I have to make sure I am not burning supper. :lol:

12-06-2006, 02:54 PM
Good morning ladies, happy hump day. Well, our Christmas tree is up with lights but we are letting Michael pretty much put the ornaments on. That should be interesting, most of the ornaments will be on the middle and bottom :lol:. I also got some of my hard drive info back on DVD from the repair place. I have to go through it and see what's left.

Angie, I got your b-day card yesterday. That has got to be the funniest freakin' gift-card holder I have EVER seen :rofl:. Thanks for the laughs and the gift card, you know I will use it! :coffee: As far as your email, it could be as simple as unplugging your internet connection to re-set it and plugging it back in, or you may have to just uninstall the software for the email program and reinstall it. Mine does that sometimes too. I reset the cable modem and it seems to do the trick. I HATE computer problems!

Kempy, the pics of your house were beautiful. Even if you say it is a smaller model, it is just awesome to look at. I noticed some "designer" homes were almost a million... you know at those prices, a house your size in HI would still be close to a million--it's location location location right?

Hey Cal, did your doctor let you take your frankenboot off? ;) Hope you're healing up well. What is Ashley asking for for Christmas this year?

Hi to Cherie, Dips, Julie (where ya hiding? we miss you!) :wave:

12-07-2006, 08:37 AM
Good Morning. Noelle, I loved that card when I saw it. :lol: I bought it at Target. I got one for Corey that says the dog ate your present but I got it back and you can guess what is on the inside of the card. hahaha. :lol: :rofl:
I am surprised that it got to you so quickly. Usually it takes over a week for something to get to you.

I bought a 4 foot tree this year. We might throw it in the shower in the rv to use in Florida too. :lol: It came out cute for being so small. I usually gt a HUGE one that he has to cut down some to still get in the house. :lol: Plus I have my 2 palm trees to put outside of the camper as well.

12-07-2006, 06:24 PM
Hey girls, I'm just done with lunch and am thinking about a nap... :lol: I have a bunch of invoices I need to bill and then maybe I can. Is anyone done with their Christmas shopping yet? I just made a list yesterday and while I do have gifts for a lot of people, I still need to get the rest squared away. I'm thinking of just making cookies for those friends nearby that I don't really have a clue what to get.

Angie, good for Brit! :cp: I'm thinking you guys are seeing a bit of light at the end of the teen-years tunnel. :hug: I've heard news that Hawaii is supposed to be getting a Target store maybe sometime in 2008 :crossed:. OMG I can't wait!!! I love that place.

Well, I have a bunch of work to finish, I'll catch up w/y'all later. Have a good one.

12-08-2006, 12:02 AM
Well, the dr. is keeping the frankenboot on for a while longer. It is healing well and she's going to take another xray next week. She put a bright red bandange on (Christmas color). I'm also still using the walker. I'm afraid to walk very far without it or something because I still trip quite easily. My kids at school want to decorate the boot and the dr. told me to let them. I don't know right now, I'm a little upset at the little heathens right now.

Angie: That is great about Brit. What a positive thing.

I'm off to bed right now because I'm exhausted. Have a good night everyone and a HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! tomorrow.


12-08-2006, 12:09 PM
Hey guys. Sorry I missed yesterday. I brought the girls to get groomed. Since I don't let them run up fron on the street anymore their nails were really long. I have never cut them so I got the whole spa thing for them. I told Joe I know how parents feel dropping their kids off at school now. I felt terrible! Weird I know.

Angie that is great news about Brit. I really hope she is starting to think about what she is doing to herself and everyone she loves. You are leaving next week right? you will have such a good time. Just be sure that there are plenty of rest stops for Jay. :lol:

Noelle it is cookies for all of my family this year. We told them that since the house still has not sold that is all we can do. I think it is a great idea. I would much rather something like that anyways. I know that someone spent the time to work on it for me.

Cal are you worried that they will put bad things on you foot? I know it sucks but it is always better to be safe than sorry so keep that thing on and your foot will be strong in no time.

I am skipping the gym today. I have been putting off some small things htat need to be done and Joe pointed them out yesterday. So, that means he is tired of seeing them.

12-09-2006, 10:58 AM
Woo-hoo it's the weekend! :dancer: Rick has to work today so I am dragging Michael around Christmas shopping. Tomorrow we will be going to Safeway and building gingerbread houses, that should be fun + no mess to clean up at home! I will try to send out your Christmas cards and small gifts today.

Cal, you are so funny with your descriptions of the kids :lol: I bet if you let them sign your cast they wouldn't dare write anything bad, you still have the power to grade them don't you? :s: Anyway, I hope you heal up quickly and are back on your two feet in no time. :hug:

Kempy, I loved that pic you sent of Rhea and Echo. They are so pretty. So you had that parental guilt when you dropped them off? Did I tell you that one of my sisters is a dog groomer? I've got so many sisters that I'm bound to have one in any given profession... :lol:

Angie, I got the Christmas card yesterday, that is a cute picture. The cat (is that Teddy or Tyson?) looks so thrilled to be wearing that hat :lol: We haven't dressed up our animals yet this year, YET!

Cherie, hope you are doing well out there. Have a fun weekend.

Dips, you too girl. Get out here and say hello :lol:

I'm gonna go get ready for Christmas shopping....where are my combat boots? :devil:

12-11-2006, 03:33 PM
Hi guys!! I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off this week. :lol: I had to have fecal exams for the dogs because I thought they had worms but nope it was just the milk jug zippythingies that they eat when I throw them down for the cats to play with. silly dogs. :lol: I ot a nice clean house out of it though. haha. I bleached everything.

We are leaving Saturday morning. Brit has some stomach thing so I am hoping we dont get it. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Cal, I hope you get your cast off soon. That must be hard to deal with.

Noelle, That is Tyson. I have a pic I took of Mickey all dressed up and he looks exactly like the Grinch's dog in the cartoon. :lol: I took that one after we did the cards or he would have been the one. :lol:

Kempy, I love the pic of the 2 dogs too. So cute. I just want to cuddle them. I keep having dreams that I am visiting your house. Strange huh?

Well, I gotta get going. Our oven in the bakery is broken now so I think we have to go to Bangor and buy a part for it.

12-11-2006, 04:21 PM
Hey girls, I was able to get your Christmas cards and stuff all mailed out on Saturday, I hope it gets to you all by Friday at the latest :crossed:. I still have to mail another box out to my BIL in San Francisco and the box is so heavy I am dreading what postage will cost on it. 'tis the season.

We went and made gingerbread houses at Safeway yesterday, it was SO FUN! And like I expected, no cleanup! Yeah!!! I'll try and post a pic of it later. Me and Rick went shopping for a few hours on Saturday evening and I got most of my Christmas stuff done. I only have to buy for him and one of my sisters than I am done, other than the cookie baking stuff... :cb: Oooh, the best deal I found so far was Kodak 512MB memory cards for my camera for $9.99. I made Michael come with me because it was limit 2 per person--I got 4 of 'em. Score!

Angie, you guys must be so excited about your vacation. You all deserve one. That is funny about the dogs eating the plastic milk tab. I remember finding some blue frisbee like that once, eeewwwwww :lol: Well, take care of yourselves so you don't get the bug that Brit has, and I hope she feels better soon.

I gotta get back to work. Have a good one.

12-11-2006, 04:24 PM
Here is Michael's gingerbread house for 2006

12-11-2006, 07:18 PM
Here is a pic of Mickey looking like the grinch's dog. :lol:

Noelle, The gingerbread house is cute and so isn't he!! He is growing right up.

12-13-2006, 02:53 PM
Love the pics girls. Isn't it funny what we do to our animals? And to think they still love us afterwards. :lol:

I have been off for a while b/c my depression is coming back. I don't know if you guys know this but I am on meds for that and they ARE NOT working. I thought I was sick Monday but after I talked to my mom I think it was depression. I am just not very happy right now. I know it is b/c we moved but this is just rediculous. I guess it is b/c I don't have any friends and I don't do anything all day but stay at home with the dogs. I know that the answer is to get out and get a job but I think once we sell the house inPonchatoula we are going to start and try for a baby. I don't want to be working then and have to take off. It would just be easier to stay home. I think the house not selling is really getting to me. Our taxes are due here and we are not going to have the money to pay them. Not a good way to satrt off in a new home. I am sorry I am putting all of this on you guys but you really are the only friends I have and I need you right now.

12-13-2006, 03:26 PM
Kempy, I'm sorry you're feeling the way you are. I wish we all lived closer and could go out for coffee or lunch and just hang out. Don't worry about venting around here, we are all friends and can always lend an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on...But how exciting to be thinking of starting a family! :hug: Congratulations!! :bb: I know you and Joe will make great parents. Good luck and have fun trying :lol:

Angie, Mickey is so cute with that hat on. He looks like he thinks you're punishing him for doing something wrong :lol:

Well, I am trying to wrap some presents and get some paperwork done here at work...we got Michael an xbox 360 system. I am putting the old system either in my office or my bedroom at home--I don't know which is the lesser of two evils? :lol: I think the office will be the place, the bedroom is reserved for other types of games :devil:

Anyway, I gotta run for now, be back later. Have a good one ladies.

12-13-2006, 11:30 PM
I went to the doctor today, as I've been doing every Wed. She took x-rays and the swelling is down some, but still some pain and slight bruising. The x-ray showed a hairline fracture that is healing, but still some damage to the ligaments. She said I'll be in the soft cast and boot for about 3-4 more weeks. On a positive note, she said I can drive without the boot if I can put pressure on my foot without favoring it. I'm going to try this weekend. She did tell me that I can't go to the mall, but Walmart, Target, etc, were ok as long as I use the carts. She doesn't want me walking or standing much. So I guess I'll still be lugging the boot and walker around all during the winter break from school.

Noelle: I received your package today. Thank you so much. I'm tormenting Ashley by not opening it until Christmas. She said she was going to call you and ask if she could open it. I haven't sent anything out yet, but hopefully I can soon.

Kempy: :grouphug: Noelle said it all; we are here for each other. I, too, do not know what I'd do without all of you. I wish we were closer, too. Too bad I'm not planning on going to CA during Christmas break; we really could go get a coffee or something and chat. Know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Angie: I guess you're getting ready to leave. You're going to have so much fun. We're going to miss you.

Dips: Are finals over yet? How about that new man????? We're still waiting to hear everything.

Cherie: Are the girls getting excited for Christmas? Do you think you'll have a white Christmas? Hope everything is going well for you.

Hello to everyone else. Hope your week is going great.


12-14-2006, 08:43 AM
Good Morning. I had to take the dogs to Bangor yesterday so Candi could get groomed. I figured I would try Petco so that I could bring Mickey along and walk him around the store whie we wait so maybe he would see that riding in the car isnt all bad. I dont think it worked. :lol: He just doesnt like riding. I have to go drop him and Candi off at the boarding kennel tomorrow. How do you guys do it? I will be sad. :lol:

Noelle, The elphmorphosis was too cute!!! :lol: The kids loved it too!!!

Kempy, I wished I could hang out with you too. I know how hard it is to make new friends in new places. I have lived here for 15 years and I still dont have any friends. Everyone we ever met turned out to be 2 faced etc. So we just hang out with ourselves. I am extremely shy too so that doesnt help. :lol:

I hope your house sells soon. Does the realtor have any reasons why they think it isnt selling?

Cal, I am glad your foot is starting to feel better. We dont have any snow up here. It snowed once an inch or so and now it is all gone and the temps are above freezing and rain. We havent been getting as much snow in recent years as I remember having as a kid. I dont remember any Christmas vacations where me and my sister didnt go sliding all vacation.

Well, I will try to post tomorrow but we should be running all day trying to get everything all tied up. If I dont get back then MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I love you guys!!

12-14-2006, 02:12 PM
Thanks guys! I do feel a little better today. I am going to schedule a doc visit soon to see if they should change the meds. I hate that I have to take them and I promise I am not a crazy person. I guess all the years of hiding it are coming to light. My mo always said there is more room out then in. (I think it was about something else though) :lol:

Cal when do you guys get out for break? I say some kids today at noon walking home. I have no idea when they get out around here. That would be fun if you were heading out to CA.

Angie our realtor has not even shown the house once. It is always shown by someone else. I guess that is better than it not showing at all. She tells me the market is slow right now. If it isn't sold my Marhc 1st she is out of there. I am tired of her crap. To make it worse I have to pay $1500 out of our own money just so Joe's company will be able to give us the equity in the house as soon as we have an offer. To be able to do that we had to have a realtor that would work with them and she told them she was not giving up any of her money. What a %itch!

Noelle your gift made me smile, thanks. I love the dog tags. I have never seen those before. I hate that I am not able to do anything for you guys this year. This stinks!

I really need to eat some lunch. I just got back from the gym and I am starving.

12-14-2006, 04:44 PM
Today is my birthday and it just hit me that i am 35! :faint:
Just a quick one before I have to pick up Mikey from school. They get out at 11 today and they're off for Christmas break! I am a little upset at Rick this morning because he left the house without wishing me a happy b-day...that wasn't too much to ask was it??? He did leave me a b-day present on the Xmas tree over the weekend but I would've liked a little "Happy Birthday" before he left for work.... so grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! But to give the guy a little credit, I know the b-day present is jewelry, but I am not going to open it unless he hands it to me himself! He did call me at the office to apologize but he is not out of the doghouse yet. :s:

Kempy, I'm glad you're feeling a little better today and that your package arrived in good shape. Aren't those dog tags cute? I got Lucky some too. That sucks about your old house not selling yet, if I can recall it is a really nice house too.

Cal, I'm glad you got your package as well. I don't have any complaints about the US Postal Service yet... I sent out a ton of packages this year and so far so good :crossed:. Be careful on that foot because you don't want to aggravate it and prolong your recuperation. ok, off my :soap: :hug:

Angie, if you aren't able to post tomorrow HAVE A GREAT VACATION!!! :wave:

12-15-2006, 05:32 AM
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY NOELLE!!!!! :hug: :hb: :hb: :hat: :dance: :cheers: :balloons: :high: :woo: :grouphug: :gift: :gift:

12-15-2006, 05:34 AM
Noelle, I am so sorry that I forgot to wish you a happy birthday yesterday. I have it marked on my calender and everything. I am very scatterbrained these days. :lol:

Did you get everything that you wanted. :lol: :devil:Did Rick get out of the doghouse?

Kempy, I had one of those realtors too. Houses dont sell all that easy up here and it didnt help that we had so much extra money into the bakery building.

Oh yeah, incase you guys are wondering why the heck I am up this early typing to you it is because Candi pooped all over my bedroom carpet. Not normal hard poop either. :lol: I have been cleaning up a storm and lets just say that it will be a whole lot easier to leave her in the kennel now. :lol:

Well, I have to get cleaning the house and stuff.

12-15-2006, 01:12 PM
Hey guys.

Noelle I am sorry I didn't wish you a Happy Birthday too. I should know better, today is my sisters b-day. Sorry again.

Anige nothing like having a surprise for you in the morning. I think some kid threw their gum over our brick fence. (we have a play area next to the house) Well, Ehco came in the house with it stuck all over her back leg. Poor baby. When do you guys pull out for vaca?

I am a little slow today. I am going to the gym and I would be home by now but I am dragging butt. We ate Mexican last night and I got up 2 times to drink water and once I downed a hugh glass of Diet Green tea. I think I am sluggish from dinner. We will not be eating there again. Joe's friend paid for it so I didn't feel so bad eating it.

Nothing really new happening here. That is the bad part.

12-15-2006, 02:31 PM
Good morning ladies, thanks for the birthday wishes--really, I didn't mention it to lay a guilt trip on you guys, I just wanted to vent about Rick--he's my freakin' husband for gawd's sake! I know you guys love me :lol: :rofl:

He did get me a beautiful diamond double circle pendant, the outer circle in white gold the inner circle in yellow gold w/diamonds so I wore that to Michael's Christmas program last night. I got 2 more Starbucks gift cards from my family so I will be set for my caffiene fixes for a while--I LOVE IT!!! :goodvibes: One of the funny gifts I got was a necklace w/a "b*tch" pendant on it from my 14 y.o. niece.

Angie, I hope Candi is alright and how gross about your carpet :lol: Is Brit doing better? I wish I was leaving tomorrow as well... you guys will have a blast.

Kempy, I would scrape all that gum off the dog and throw it back over the fence so the brat that threw it can step on it himself :mad:.

Well, I have to get some estimates out so we can have the guys doing some work while we are out partying in Vegas.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

12-15-2006, 02:36 PM

I know I've been MIA the last couple of months. I thought I'd pop in really quick to see what's going on with you lovely ladies. However, I'll have to do catch a little later. Anyway, I hope all is well with everyone.


12-15-2006, 04:34 PM
:hug: Hey cw!! :wave: It's good to see you again and thanks.

Hope your days aren't too hectic.

12-16-2006, 03:27 AM
Okay, we are getting ready to head out. I love ya and I will talk to ya on the first. I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas.

12-16-2006, 10:20 AM
OMG it looks like Angie left at 2AM. CRAZY. I guess the kids can slep in the car on the way. I know they will have a great time.

CW it is good to see you again. Don't take so long to post next time. We cuoold use some more posts here.

I don't think I am going to the gym today. I think I over did it yesterday and now I am paying for it. I was trying to be superwoman and now I feel like I got in a fight. Joe was making fun of me but I can't wait to see him once he gets back to the gym too. We are mean, huh?

What is everyone up to today? I am going to attemp to go to Target. I really only need a few things but I figured I need to get out of the hosue and work out some of this soreness. Well, I better head out before the crazy women get there.

12-17-2006, 01:14 PM
I am feeling better today. I was able to move my arms this morning so it is back to the gym today. I figured I would do what I can before we leave so I don't feel so guilty when I am eating all of that good stuff.

I have noticed something strange about myself. I have started to not eat very much meat. I am not really intrested in chicken either. I wonder what I going on with me. I am making sure that I am eating cheese and yogurt and drinking my milk so that I get some sort of protein. Weird.

I hope you guys are having a great weekend.

12-17-2006, 02:27 PM
Happy Sunday ladies. We are leaving for Vegas on the 20th and I keep thinking that it will be Christmas already...I keep forgetting that we get back on Christmas day. I guess it's because I was conditioning myself to get all my shopping done by this weekend. Well, I have been eating terribly with all the darn chocolates lying around for Xmas. I am definitely going to be back on track come the new year. I am getting too big for my pants, and I don't even say hohoho! :santa:

Kempy, maybe your body is moving toward a vegetarian diet, nothing wrong with that. When do you guys to to Cali? I wonder if Angie them are at their first destination having fun...

Well, we are off to breakfast and then some final shopping. It's going to be crazy out there in the stores. Have a great Sunday everyone. :wave:

12-17-2006, 06:50 PM
We will be leaving Thursday. I have to make some cookies for Joe's Family in LA. Mine are going to wait until after Christmas for theirs. My sister is coming out on the 28th and she is going to bring them back with her.

Maybe I am turing that way. Itold me mom that I used to crave a steak and now I usually eat just a little piece and then have my potato and salad. I guess my body knows what it needs. I wish I could tell it that I don't need sweets.

I think it is great that you guys got to Las Vegas so much. It is kind of like us going to Destin all the time. I would like to head back to Vegas again soon. Have fun shopping!

12-18-2006, 05:40 PM
Hey ladies, I am at work trying to get the payroll in order so everyone gets paid on Friday. My mind is already on vacation mode and I have to force myself to stay focused!

On a sad note, our gray tabby cat Leppy disappeared late Saturday night we think. He didn't show up for breakfast on Sunday and we haven't seen him since. He's always hanging around the garage area since whenever he hears the side door open he thinks he's going to be fed. But he's also REALLY curious so I think he may have hopped into someone's car and they drove away with him. I haven't seen any cats on the roads (if you know what I mean) near my house so I don't think he's's sad though, because he was a really funny cat--a pain in the butt, but really curious and a joy to watch. I hope he turns up soon, but if he did get into a car who knows where he could be? Here's the last pic I took of him back in August. Think good thoughts for him, maybe we'll have a Christmas miracle and he'll come back home. :crossed:

12-19-2006, 12:58 PM
Noelle that cat is so cute and look how tiny he is. I hope he is ok. My mom had a cat vanish and she was an inside cat too. She swore that she saw her living with another lady down the street a year later. Mom said she felt that Lovey (cat) had just needed us for that time in her life and she was moving on to someone who needed her more than we did. That made me feel a little bit better about her being gone. She showed up to us the same way. Maybe your little guy is making some kids Christmas great by showing up.

I wonder if the thread will die over Christmas. Three of us will be gone.

I have to go to the gym today. My neighbor brought over some cookies and I can't stay out of them. Plus, I am PMSing so everything is looking good right now.

I hope to be able to chat with you guys more before I leave. Noelle if you don't come back to post I hope you have a great trip.

12-19-2006, 02:01 PM
Good morning! I have a couple of appointments I need to keep today, mostly just "me" time, manicure and maybe get my brows done :lol: I was trying to pack last night but was just not in the mood. Maybe i can just go with the clothes on my back and buy all new stuff while there? Ha! Wishful thinking.

Kempy, you are right about the cat maybe being with someone else. I just hope they are nice to him. I was joking around with my sister that now we can get that Maine coon we always wanted...yeah right! We only have 5 cats left and somehow, I just have a feeling a new stray will come into our lives.

Cherie, I got your card a few days ago and just had to say, you and your girls are just beautiful! My sister said you look like Marcia Cross, we both love your red hair... check this out

12-19-2006, 02:02 PM
OK, that was Marcia, but seriously Cherie, you are really pretty and look like her!

12-20-2006, 01:06 AM
Just a quick post. We have only 2 more days until Christmas break. I can't wait. Tomorrow I go to the doctor and I'm going to ask her to put a little more padding around my ankle and heel, and then maybe I'll be able to drive. I did try to drive on Sat, but it hurt my foot because I had to rest it on the floorboard; it didn't hurt to push on the gas; it's just that the area of my foot around the ankle is still a bit tender.

Cherie: The picture of you and the girls was great. What beautiful ladies...all 3 of you. I'll be mailing out my things to everyone soon. I just have to wait until I can get to the post office. Forgive me if everything is late.

Noelle: I guess you'll be over by me soon. It's been awfully cold, even in Vegas. I know you'll have a great time.

Kempy: What a great-looking couple you two are. Thank you for sharing the picture. How long will you be in Calif? Again, I wish I were going over there.

Dips: Hope you are all ready for Santa. Let us know how everything is going.

Hello to everyone else. Have a great rest of the week.


12-20-2006, 11:41 AM
Hey guys.

Cal it is good to hear that you can drive. I am usre they will be able to fix you up. So, do you think you will be going crazy going places since you have been stuck not being able to do much? We are going to be in CA until the 28th. That is long enough fo rme to miss my doggies. Of course it is going to warm up over there and cool off here while we are there and once we get back, it is going to warm up here. Man, we just can't win.

Noelle I guess you are leaving today. I hope you have fun.Wait, what am I saying, of course you will have fun. Maybe you can take some pics of more good looking cops. :lol:

I am just puttering around the house today. I have to clean so that when we come back I am not doing that. Plus, I have to ge tthe dogs set up outside with their kennels and toys for the week. I still feel bad leaving them alone but at least they have each other.

12-20-2006, 08:28 PM
Dayum! I should be on a plane to Vegas right now......instead we called to confirm the 2pm flight, and were told it was delayed due to mechanical problems, the plane full of passengers leaving Vegas to HI had to return to Vegas. We were rescheduled for 6 pm, then called again to reconfirm, now they're telling us to check in at 10pm, we we probably won't be in the air til 12 a.m. or 1:30 we won't arrive until 10 in the morning. I should've on my way for a full day of shopping!!! :mad: :censored:

Anyway, I guess I should be thankful that I'm at home still and not stuck at the airport like some other people from the outer islands. *sigh*

Cal, I hope you get your wish and can drive without the hurt.

Kempy, who's feeding your dogs while you're away? Hope you get everything you need done squared away.

Well, I am signing off for now. MERRY CHRISTMAS and hope you all get what you wish for for Christmas. Aloha! :santa:

12-24-2006, 02:33 AM
Thank GOODNESS this semester is finally over! The last few weeks always burn me out. I been reading up on your posts this month and I want to take a minute to chit chat with you all:

Noelle: Hope you have a great time in Vegas and do a lot of sinning :devil: Than you so much for the gifts. Niko Loves his toy. he took to it immediately. Mike's gingerbread house is smashing as always. You must be so proud! By the way, Happy belated birthday.

Kempy- I hope the holidays find you in good spirits. I'm sorry I wasn't available earlier. I love you to pieces and I want you to have all the joy you deserve. Let me know how the baby biz isgoing ;)

Angie- How's it going, girlie! Hope your vacation is fun and entertaining. I think I need one myself. I miss you. Happy holidays!!

Cherie- you and your grls get more beautiful with each passing year. I have both your pics on my fridge. You DO kinda look like Marcia Cross :lol: You go girl!!

Cal- The new man situation is pretty good. I almost feel like if I tell you too much I'll jinx myself. Let me just say that he has a great body and doesn't come up short ANYWHERE. Woo Hoo :carrot: :carrot: I am having a very good time, but ofcourse, no relationship is without a little bump. My bump comes in the form of his 15 year old neice. I never met the heiffer but i don't like her ***. (Long story, i'll fill you in at a more decent hour later on) Now that the semester is over I'll definately have a lot more time on my hands to pop in.

Okay ladies, I'll get with you all after the holidays... Love you:hug:

12-26-2006, 08:14 PM
Hey ladies, I'm back from Vegas.... I did so much shopping up there that on my way home, I wasn't even thinking about opening Christmas presents, it felt like I had gotten everything I already wanted :lol:.... funny how it works like that when you do all your shopping for yourself :rolleyes: One of Michael's loose teeth fell out on the plane ride home so the tooth fairy had to show him so dough.

So how was everyone's Christmas??? I know some of you are still on vacation or maybe MIA. I hope everyone can check in before the year is over.

Dips, thanks for the gift! That was sweet and I will use that sexy nail polish next time I go for my manicure... I like that phrase you used "let's get back to sexy". I'm all for that! It's almost resolution time. I hope you had a great Christmas w/your new man. As for his 15 y.o. niece w/an attitude, I know you will deal with her! :boxing: :lol:

Well, I am just popping in to say hello to you all. Chat later.


12-27-2006, 12:58 AM
Hello Everyone,

We had a great Christmas. Ashley is loving everything she got, even though it was few toys. She's beginning to be into more expensive things such as: CD's, DVD's, Gameboy, clothes, accessories, and computer games (those are educational, but fun). My sister, Bert, was here from Calif. She's doing the rounds now with the other brothers and sisters; one night here, one night there, etc.
I'm enjoying my free time. It's nice to relax. I'm still getting used to driving again. I apologize because I still haven't sent my things out to everyone, but I still can't stand in the line at the post office; too long on my feet is still a bit painful. I promise it will be sent soon (my goal is by the end of the week).
Only a few more days left in this year. My husband keeps reminding me how old I will be on Sunday. That's ok, I remind him of how old he is. :D

Noelle: Thank you so much for the gift. I saved it for Christmas and Ashley opened it for me. It's funny because hubby threw away most of my pot holders a couple of weeks ago because he figured I wouldn't buy new ones if I still had the old ones. (They were looking pretty bad). Thank you again.

Dips: Thank you for your gift as well. I also saved it for Christmas day, and Ashley opened it for me. She wants to keep the little purse. She said it's just her size. Anyway, it was so thoughtful of you. Thank you again.

Kempy: I don't know if you're back yet, but I wanted to say that I hope you enjoyed your vacation and that the weather was nice to you.

Cherie: I'm sure your girls are still enjoying the things they got. I do hope you had a great holiday.

Here's to hoping for a bright, prosperous, and joyful new year full of promises and good times. We are not getting older, we are getting better, and every year is getting better, too.


12-27-2006, 04:55 PM
Hi ladies, just taking a break from work... I've got Michael with me so he's drawing me a bunch of new pictures to hang on my walls.

Cal, you're very welcome and I'm glad the timing was right for some new pot holders. I had to get me some new ones from the M&M store in Vegas since they were so cute--and somehow during Thanksgiving, we always manage to burn the old ones :lol:

Oh my gosh I can't believe we're almost done with 2006! Cal you are so right about us getting better (not older) :lol:

Anyway, just checking in quickly today. Have a great one ladies. :D

12-27-2006, 08:56 PM
HAppy holidays!

I hope everyone had a great christmas (I had a wonderful one). I look forward to a new year of memories with all of you...

Noelle- Glad you liked the gift. You know I loved yours. Our little Mike is growing up, huh. Shedding tooth after tooth. You tell him that I will still pinch his cheeks if ever I get a chance to see him in person:) You are such a funny girl. Your right about how I will handle that niece!

Cal- I'm glad you and Ashley liked the gifts. You know I have a soft spot for your girls anyway so I want them to enjoy these things as much as you. I love christmas because I enjoy giving little trinkets to my friends. I adore you so I'm glad I could bring a little smile to you this year for all the ones you gave me (I'm such a damn sap around the holidays, I know) And girl, work your birthday! Every year we have on this earth is a gift and a blessing so you party hard!

Okay so now about the evil niece:

This chick is a total screw-up. She's disrespectful to her cousin, who is raising her and she toatlly plays on my man to get what she wants. She recently received a bad report card and got ino trouble with the cousin for staying out late. She mouthed off and the cousin roughed her up :D so then she went running to her uncle who was there to baby her and tell her everything was okay :barf:

I have 4 sisters. I know the hustle when I see it. since she found out her uncle has been seeing me, she wants to go over to his house all the time to keep me from spending the night. I've never seen her in person but I got her attitude when she answered his phone (letting me know she was at his house). I want to tell him that she's not going to change unless she wants to and that there is nothing he can do so "save" her. I also want to tell him that getting her gifts only makes things worse and he has to show tough love to let her know she can't hustle him but I don't want to be the mean girlfriend YET. This chick doesn't know who she's dealing with but she's going to find out very very soon!

:frypan: Noelle, YOU KNOW WHAT'S UP!!!

12-31-2006, 01:49 AM
Bumping us up from page 2.
I finally got to the post office and got everything mailed out to everyone.
Tonight I went to my sister's house and we got things for the kids to make New Year's Eve hats with ice cream sugar cones. We had so much fun. I'll try to get some pics posted so you can see what they did. We decorated them and even colored coconut to look like confetti. We're taking it to my brother's New Year's party tomorrow night. My sister asked him about what he was getting me for my birthday and he said that he was giving me a birthday party. (It's all because I teased him about having the New Year's party on my birthday...New Year's Eve = my birthday).
I've been really enjoying my time off from work; but at the same time, I've been taking it easy...even falling asleep in front of the tv.
I hope everyone has a great, and safe, time New Year's Eve. I hope to see more posts soon.
Take care.


12-31-2006, 02:29 AM
In case I don't get around to posting tomorrow,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carol!!!!!!! And many many many many many many many many many many many many many many more!!!

:) :carrot: :D :cool: :hug: :joker: :jig: :wave: :hb: :cb: :gift: :cp: :hat: :dance: :dancer: :grouphug: :woo: :woo: :woo: :woo: :flow1: :hyper: :twirly: :queen: :queen: :queen: :wizard: :yes: :mouse: :cheese: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :lucky: :bubbles: :encore: :woohoo: :woohoo: :cheer2: :cheers: :cheer: :trampo: :trampo: :elf: :present: :drinkup: :sklol:

12-31-2006, 02:33 AM
I dunno about you guys, but New Years is a big thing out here. You don't want to be in Hawaii if you have asthma or an allergy problem, the smoke gets so thick. The city tries to make it so that you have to have a permit to buy firecrackers and stuff, but it's so easy to get the (illegal) stuff elsewhere.

We will be having a BBQ and some crab legs for dinner, then just all hanging out and doing fireworks til midnight. I will be thinking of you all when I toast to the New Year. Thanks ladies, for making 2006 a fun one. I have to once again say, let's plan on making 2007 a HEALTHY AND HAPPY Dips so eloquently put it, LET'S GET BACK TO SEXY! I love ya girls :grouphug:

01-02-2007, 11:25 AM
We are Back!!! We had a blast. I will try to post more on it later but I gotta get some work done right now. I hope you all had a good Christmas. I missed ya!!! :hug: :D