100 lb. Club - My Daily Commitments - Week of 12/4

12-04-2006, 02:27 AM
Congratulations again to everyone!! Last weeks commitments were great!

I really need to make and keep my commitments this week. I just spent all weekend with my sister-in-law, "malibu barbie", so I am feeling especially whale-like!! Not to mention that she is 3.5 months pregnant, has absolutely no visual signs of it.... but is already complaining about pregnancy weight (and has been since day 1). Uuuuggghhh!! Needless to say I have no sympathy.

So anyhow, I am totally motivated to see some movement on that scale!! Here are my goals for the day:

:) I will drink all of my water
:) I will get on the treadmill (NO EXCUSES)
:) I will plan healthy meals for the week
:) I will play "more actively" with my son (fewer books, more 'wrestling')
:) I will continue to read "You: On a Diet"
:) I will get one day closer to giving malibu barbie a run for her money
:) I will take my vitamins

I'm also going to throw in a weekly goal
:) My weight ticker will move this week!!

Okay ladies..... best of luck for the day!! Post your results... I'll be excited to see how everyone does!!

12-04-2006, 03:44 AM
Well, I'm in.

:) I will get up when the alarm goes off and go for a walk rather than hitting the snooze button and dozing for the next hour.
:) I will eat a proper healthy breakfast rather than a handful of dried apricots
:) I will make a healthy lunch
:) I will not buy any food from the cafe at work
:) I will drink the whole 1.5L of water that's in the fridge.
:) I will limit myself to 2 cups of coffee all day

Well, that's enough to be going on with:D

12-04-2006, 08:44 AM
Being accountable is going to help me stay on track today:

:) I will only eat my calories for the day
:) I will stay out of the kids snacks
:) I will drink some water today
:) I will eat breakfast at home..no MickeyD's today!!
:) I will look at the big picture and not what I want in the moment

This is my second day back on track and this is also where I had failed every time for the last 7 weeks. I will make it back today I will make it back today.

12-04-2006, 10:00 AM
Malibu Barbie, that is too funny. I just love us, love us I tell ya. :hug:

Anyway, as it turns out I had a REALLY good week last week. Today, my weigh in day - I'm down 5 lbs. from last week. I haven't seen those numbers in a while. So let me just say goodbye and good riddance to the 230's. May I never, ever, ever see your ugly face again. If you need to pop up some where go find some NBA or NFL player, you are not, I repeat not welcome in my home ever again!! :wave:

As for today's commitments:

:) I will stay within my calorie allotment, no nibbling
:) I will exercise no matter what
:) I will drink plenty of water
:) I will remember that I made it through the weekend with having guests over and I still didn't overeat and how absolutely great that felt.
:) And I'll remember how darn good it felt when those said guests complimented me on my weightloss.
:) I will remember that I want to be thin more then I want food.

Good luck everybody!!! We can all do this, we really, really can. Talk to you later. :hug:

12-04-2006, 10:07 AM
My commitments have seemed to work. My weigh in was today and I am down 3lbs! Woo-Hoo:carrot: . Gotta keep this up. All the encouragment on this board has really helped me.

:) I will relish my success so far, but not use that as an excuse to overeat!
:) I will stay within my points.
:) I will do some kind of exercise, no matter how tired I am when I get home!
:) I will drink my water!

Yes, we can all do this!!!! :D

12-04-2006, 10:27 AM
:) I will plan out my food for the day.
:) I will eat healthy snacks - pretzels, popcorn, fruit. NOT CHOCOLATE
:) I will not drink regular soda

12-04-2006, 11:25 AM
Rockinrobin - A 5lb weight loss?! That's AWESOME!!! I love your commitment to remember how good it felt that your weekend guests complimented you on your weight loss. Just imagine how in awe they will be when you reach your target weight!

Mookiemunchkin - Down 3lbs?! Congratulations!!!

DramaQueenLucy - This is a new week. I know you will make it passed the two day mark! You are stronger this week and you are going to make your New Years Goal!!

Nicolen - Reading your goals made me think I should limit my coffee too. I drink way to much!! My son is my alarm clock... but I have to start getting up before him so I can exercise first thing.

Charbar - I'm with you on the healthy snacks! Chocolate is my weakness too. Right now I'm not letting any holiday candy enter the house, and I'm really limiting my holiday baking.

Good luck to everyone!!

12-04-2006, 12:51 PM
Wow you ladies are incredibly motivating and i would love to join you and share my commitments.

:) I will eat what I brought for breadfast and lunch
:) I will not purchase any junk from the cafeteria or vending machine
:) I will exercise Monday thru Friday this week
:) I will stay away from the pop and only drink water
:) I will stay within my calories for the day

Good Luck everyone on your commitments!

12-04-2006, 03:34 PM
I love seeing so many people here making commitments!! Woo hoo! I weighed in this morning and I lost 11 pounds this week. Gulp. It had to be because I was as swollen as the Staypuft Marshmallow Man when I started. It's weird, but I feel like I'm breathing super clearly now, I'm moving easier, and I don't feel at all puffy (we'll other than the fat).

I kept my commitments for yesterday substituting time on the eliptical machine for walking. That thing is so hard. Kudos to any of you that use one regularly for long periods of time. I thought I'd pass out after 7 minutes!!:faint:

So here are my commitments for today:
:) I will continue to eat healthy foods.
:) I will clean the house today because when my house is tidy I feel better about myself.
:) I will get back to walking tonight.
:) I won't feel bad if the scale doesn't move for a few days because it's unrealistic to expect my current loss to continue.

Good luck everyone!

12-04-2006, 04:03 PM
CLCSC145, all right I just posted on the weigh - in thread, but I"ll say it again - I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! My third or 4th week I had a 9 lb weightloss, the week prior to that I had a 1 lb weightloss. Three weeks in a row I had 2lb weightlosses and now a 5 lb. This weightloss stuff is really strange. But those weightlosses propel us to keep on going. Before you know it you and people will start noticing and that will propel you even further. Keep it up!!!! Everybody tells me I should try the elliptical, but I am TERRIFIED of it. So good for you, seven minutes sounds like a great start, wish I could.

Angel, I'm so glad you found us!!!

Mookie congrats on the 3 lbs.!!! And yes we can do this, we really, really can!!!!!

You hear that everyone :coach: WE CAN DO THIS!!! FOR REAL!!!!

12-04-2006, 04:04 PM
CLCSC145 - Congratulations!!!! 11lbs?! That is absolutely amazing! 11lbs gone forever!!

Leec - Welcome!! I'm sure you'll find a lot of motivation here. Good Luck!

12-04-2006, 04:08 PM
Wow CLCSC145 that's amazing. Congrats on the 11lbs lost.

12-04-2006, 04:21 PM
Thanks, everybody! :-) You all are so supportive, I feel like I've got my own personal cheering section. Thanks for all of the positive thoughts - I'm sending lots more back your way!

P.S. - Here's a thought I just had. In a month from now, millions of people will declare they will start a weight loss program. We will all be a month or more ahead of them! :D

12-05-2006, 09:41 AM
:smug: Good morning everybody!!! I hope everybody had a great day yesterday and an even better day today. One day at a time, make everyday better then the one before. One day at a time, make everyday better then the one before. One day at a time, make everyday better then the one before. Maybe if I repeat it enough I can really start living that way. Hmmmm? But no really that's what it's all about.
I pretty much stuck to plan yesterday, maybe 100 calories more then I should have, I could have eaten a bit less at dinner, but nothing terrible.

Today's commitments:

:smug: I will stay within my calorie range.
:smug: I will not nibble.
:smug: I will not overeat at dinner because I did so well during the day. Doing well during the day is NOT, I repeat NOT an invitation to overindulge at dinner.
:smug: I will drink loads and loads of water.
:smug: I will look at my horrendous BMI and that will remind me just how much I really need to do this. No fooling around.
:smug: I will exercise at least 30 mins.
:smug: I will remember that I want to be thin more then I want the food.

Have a great day everyone, filled with good choices.

12-05-2006, 10:21 AM
:) I will drink some water today
:) I will stay with in my calories
:) I will not eat any of the kids snacks today
:) I will be good to myself
:) I will do some exercise today

I have made it past day two thanks to all of you who helped me but a special shout out to rockinrobin who kicked my butt last night. Luv Ya:hug:

PS Brought the pie & cake to work today they guys are eating it already!!!

12-05-2006, 01:24 PM
I'm proud of you, Colleen! And Robin, you are the best group cheerleader of the all!!! How did everyone else do on their commitments yesterday?

I did pretty well keeping to mine yesterday (although the house cleanng could have been better ;) ). I walked for 20 minutes before my foot started to really hurt - darn it! I thought that was better. Anyway, I came home and jumped on the eliptical to try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise. After 5 minutes, I was dead, but that's better than nothing and I WILL conquer that evil machine one day!

So for today:
:) Don't overeat today as I've got both lunch and dinner with friends at restaurants (yay for friends, ugh for restaurants).
:) I won't have time to exercise as we're going to movies in the park tonight! But I'm walking a lot tomorrow as I'm going to San Francisco.
:) Stay away from the Diet Coke today. More water and tea.

Best of luck today everybody!

12-05-2006, 01:33 PM
Hi everyone, I'm here with my tail between my legs today. I did everything right until about 6:30pm last night. I had a healthy breakfast, a healthy lunch, a healthy dinner, lots of water and had been pretty active. All day I faught the cravings that I had. Then I lost it about 6:30pm. At first I had just a couple of tastes of something sweet to see if it would satisfy me.... but it didn't. My husband had to stop at the store on his way home from work so I asked him if he would pick up something chocolate for me.... so he did, a chocolate entemmanns cake. I think I'll leave it at that.... the night was not good for me.

Sorry to have let everyone down. I struggled and struggled all day yesterday, and then I snapped. Sometimes I feel like a drug addict!

But, today is a new day. So instead of my mistake being the end of "this diet attempt" like I've done in the past..... I'm just going to put it behind me. I keep telling myself that I just have to make more right decisions than wrong. Yesterday I made a wrong decision, but I have the opportunity to make more right ones today! So, my commitments for today are:

:) Shake off yesterday.
:) Remind myself of all the reasons that I want and need to lose the weight
:) Drink all of my water
:) Burn extra calories to make a dent in the cake I inhaled last night
:) Have a talk with my husband about telling me no when I ask him to get me stuff that will sabotage my diet. I know I will get angy and snippy with him, but he has to tell me No, no, no.... and remind me that there are other ways to handle stress
:) Come up with a list of alternative ways to handle stress (any suggestions?)
:) Take my vitamins

Thanks everyone for your support. It's harder to post when you don't have a glowing report to share. But this thread is all about accountability..... and that's what I need!

12-05-2006, 02:06 PM
You can bounce back, Nalynn! Think of all the right things you've done since you started with us, and all the right things you are going to do today, and the cake will just be a blip in the long run. We all just have to work to keep our blips to a minimum.

I'm happy you came back and posted and are ready to move forward. That's what living is all about - acknowledging our mistakes, learning from them, and moving on. And what you are doing is not dieting, it's changing your life. It's not a question of IF you will make mistakes, but WHEN and HOW you will handle it. Good job with making a plan to shake it off! Have a good day!

12-05-2006, 03:00 PM
DramaQueenLucy - Love ya back. :hug:

CLCSC great for moving thy butt even with a bad hoof, and then getting on that big scary eucalyptus (;) ) thingy. You definitely got a tough one ahead of you what with 2 meals out. Enjoy your friends and enjoy your meals and don't waste your calories on stupid stuff like the bread (unless of course it's delicious garlic bread or something like that, only kidding) And try not to drink your calories, food goes further. But really good luck to you and just enjoy yourself. We've got to learn how to deal in the real world with all these nasty temptations around us. One day at a time, if need be make it one meal at a time. :hungry: And thanks for the cheerleader comment, I always wanted to be a cheerleader, but you know the skimpy outfit and all. See there really ARE benefits to our on line as opposed to in person chats. You would NOT want to see me in a cheerleaders' outfit. Although it could be quite the appetite supressant. Get rid of those darn cravings in no time at all.

Nalyn darling don't sweat it. It happens and it's gonna happen again. The trick is to put it behind you - quickly and move on. I really don't know what it is about the night time that messes us all up so much. Maybe it's got to do with the moon or something, yeah that's what it must be :?: . But I have made a decision to not eat past 7:00 in the evening except for Saturday nights, cause that's when we go out with friends a lot. It was really difficult, but so far it's been working. For me it was just about making the decision and writing it down. Oh yeah and sticking to it. Am I perfect about it, ummm no. But it has helped dramatically. It's like when I go to reach for something I say to myself, self I say "ummm, you're not allowed to do that, remember you made the decision not to" and that's that (for the most part). Allright, I'll shut up already. :blah:

Have a great rest of the day everybody. :wave: :wave: :wave:

12-05-2006, 03:05 PM
Sometimes I feel like a drug addict!

Me too!!! I feel like I just can't control the urge for sweets so I hear ya girl but you can do it you can get up and start over today is a new day with new decisions to be made!!! I'm rooting for ya!!!!!

12-05-2006, 03:34 PM
I have said many, many times that I feel like a drug addict. Gotta get my fix. Just totally out of control. That I actually NEEEEEED the darn food. I've often thought it would be easier to be an actual drug addict. It has got to be easier to stop using drugs then to stop using food. There's no going cold turkey with food. Because, umm hello we CAN'T exist without food. So the temptation is always around us. Alcoholics are told to never touch another drink, cause it could trigger a full blown, no turning back spiral downward kind of a thing. Same thing with drugs. And they also say to surround yourself with people who don't do drugs. But we certainly can never not touch food again or hang with people who don't "do" food. No such thing. Sucks for us.:tantrum:

12-06-2006, 02:31 AM
Hi! Won't be able to post tomorrow, so just a recap before bed of today's accomplishments and tomorrow's commitments:

I did pretty well today! For lunch at the restaurant I had something from their light menu: grilled salmon and a small salad with a little balsamic vinaigrette and strawberries (very good!) and iced tea. For dinner I had a teeny bit of hummus and pita (I normally would have raced the group to the bottom of the bowl), vegetable soup, and a big salad with veggies and low fat creamy herb dressing, on the side of course, and diet coke. Woo hoo! Successful navigation of restaurant minefield! I had more diet coke than I planned today, but that is a bigger battle than can be won in one day and one that's the least destructive to my weight loss. Went to the movie in the park tonight :smug: (A Christmas Story) and froze my a$$ off. I was ill prepared for how cold you can get outside at night sitting still. Brrrrr. But I avoided the hot chocolate that would have tasted so good and warm, but no doubt loaded with fat and calories.

For tomorrow in SF:
:) Be SANE with food since I'll be eating out all three meals.
:) Walk a lot (but be kind to the bad hoof -- hee hee Robin :D )
:) Don't stress about the seatbelt on the plane fitting. :?: It'll be okay.
:) Have fun. That's why I'm doing all this weight/health work; so I can enjoy my life!

Best of luck everyone!! We can all do this!

12-06-2006, 11:38 AM
Oh CLCSC (umm by the way you got a nickname or something we could call you? I always have to keep scrolling down to make sure I'm typing that right, just a thought, if I have to deal with scrolling I'll keep on scrolling, it's worth it to correspond with you. :hug: ) I am so proud of you I could cry!!!!! What UNBELEIVABLE choices you made yesterday. Wowzer!!! Just awesome!!!! You must feel marvelous!!! I'll miss you while you're in SF, can't wait to hear how that went - the food and the plane. Have fun and yes, do ENJOY.

My commitments went so/so yesterday. I did really well with the food, exercise not so much. Although I walked enough outside to get me quite the sunburned nose and cheeks and it was all of 30 degrees outside. But I kind of never count walking outside unless I'm intentionally doing it for exercise, whatever.

Today's commitments:

:dizzy: Stay within my calorie allotnment
:dizzy: Exercise at least 30 mins
:dizzy: Drink lots of water
:dizzy: Don't nibble
:devil: Throw hubby some slack, he does have A LOT of stress to deal with right now
:dizzy: Remeber that you want to be thin more then you want the stupid, over-before-you-know-it-not-really-worth-it food.

How is everybody else doing? Where is everybody today? Well have a great day ladies, filled with good choices. :wave: :wave: :wave:

12-06-2006, 12:11 PM
One day at a time, make everyday better then the one before. One day at a time, make everyday better then the one before. One day at a time, make everyday better then the one before.

I love this. Maybe after enough days of improving from the day before, this will start to feel like a lifestyle and not a diet! I think that's my ultimate goal... to feel like I'm just living, and not obsessing about the food I can and can't have. Maybe some day....

I'm celebrating a 1lb victory today. I still have a long way to go, but it is a pound in the right direction :carrot: I did pretty well on my commitments yesterday. I did snack on some pretzels late last night when I shouldn't have, but I was up until 2:30 in the morning working... and I needed a little something. But, definitely more right decisions than wrong.... and I'll take it as another vitory. So here is my victory dance for today :dance: And here are my commitments for today....

:) Lots and lots of water
:) Move, move, move..... burn off that ugly fat
:) Vitamins
:) Clean the house... and dance while doing it :carrot:
:) Eat more vegetables

Thanks for all of your support. That chocolate cake did not get the best of me! I've had more victory days than non victory days since we started this thread! :dance: Good luck everyone!!!!!

12-06-2006, 12:36 PM
Hey everyone! You guys have a great thread going here, I would love to join! You guys are so supportive and lord knows I need that! I have been dieting for about a month now and managed to get 6 pounds off but it wasn't until i found this site on monday that I got really serious and motivated about a new lifestyle! I wasn't going to weigh myself until Sunday, but I took a little peak earlier and was jumping for joy.. I already lost 3 pounds since I started my new whole foods and exercise plan!!! I'm so excited, 160's here I come!!!
Here are my commitments for today:
-No foods with preservatives
-walk/run 2 miles when I get home from school
-eat more veggies
-don't eat after 8 p.m.
-don't forget how good it felt when I looked at the scale and saw that I'm already down 3 pounds!
Good Luck today!

12-06-2006, 12:40 PM
:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: I'm so happy for you, I'm dancing too!!!!

It is next to impossible, no make that impossible to stay up so late and not eat, but since you were up late you also burned more calories!!!

But yes, let's just make everyday better then the one before. I really, truly believe that's what it's about. But I gotta tell you the truth I am DEFINITELY obsessing about the food more then before, which is quite frankly a little scary, (just ask my kids and hubby). I have become obsessed with this stuff. Always planning my food, always talking about it - is this worth the extra calories, is that worth the calories. Always getting in a couple of extra minutes of exercise, I never sit still anymore. And oh yeah 3FC it is definitely my new obsession. Whatever. At least it's a postivie thing I'm obsessing about. I guess. :dunno:

12-06-2006, 12:43 PM
:welcome: :welcome: :welcome: :welcome:

Hi Caseygail!!! We must have been posting at the same time. I am so glad you're here. The more the merrier!!! You are doing just great!!!!! Looking forward to seeing you around and getting to know you!!! :smug:

12-06-2006, 02:34 PM
Hey girls, I'm back. I haven't been able to post since the weekend and the news just isn't good.
I did real well on Sunday while I was baking... I admit I had a taste of one of the cookies but was able to hault myself after that. Monday was a real stressful day...I had to host the first event I've planned (and also do it for my last credits to finish my masters) I planned all my meals and did fine all day but then the actual event happened....a dessert and wine reception. I have to admit I stayed away from all of the food...but the wine on the other hand was my best friend that evening. By the end of it my good judgment was beyond repair and it seemed like a good idea to go with my volunteers next door to the bar for a celebration drink (as if I hadn't had enough all ready). It was all over after that and before I knew it it was 2:30 AM and I had drank away pretty much the same amount of calories that I had eaten. I know that I struggle with alcohol and that that is a topic for a different kind of support group but at the same time it is a huge part of my weight and a major area of my life that I want to change and re-claim. I know that if I don't own up to it then it will own me. I tested my self control in that situation and now that I see how much I failed its back to being out of that situation all together.

Yesterday I did ok though it could have been better. I got up and force fed my hangover a healthy breakfast and then left my healthy packed lunch on my kitchen table when I left for work. I had some healthy choice soup on hand at the office so I opted for that for lunch knowing that I would have to eat out for dinner cause I had a show opening. Before the show was a bar for food and drinks with my boss and our guests. While they all sucked back several drinks and really bad food I didn't have anything to drink except plain old diet coke and kept the food pretty in check. I went in and updated my fitday today and was over in calories for Monday (cause of the booze) and just at my max yesterday. Even though the calories were in check where they were coming from wasn't. I've been way too heavy in carbs and not enough veggies and protein so I need to get that straightened out.

I suppose it could be worse but I feel really terrible about my actions and am trying to move forward instead of letting it set me back so here goes for today.

1. I will not let the past 2 days send me back to ground zero.
2. I will make sure I get plenty of water today.
3. I will make sure that my eating is back on plan (and I'm through lunch so so far so good)
4. I will put together my 'healthy' work food for the rest of the week this evening.
5. I will get in at least 30 minutes of exercise today. I think it will help me re-focus on my goals.
6 Dinner is all about Veggies!

Thanks girls, hopefully it will be a better post tomorrow.

12-07-2006, 10:35 AM
Good morning everybody. How is everyone doing? I had a really good day food and exercise wise yesterday but am having a tough day today. My hubbys been under the weather for a loonng time now and there's work problems too and it is definitely beginning to take a toll, so I am a bit stressed and mopey. But am vowing to not, I repeat not turn to food to comfort me. In fact will turn to eating better and exercising more to DISTRACT me from all the stress. At least that's my plan, I hope to put it into action. We shall certainly give it a real good try. I'm not really feeling very motivating today and in fact don't want to bring you all down so I'll just be quick

Today's commitments:

:( To drink plenty of water
:( To stay within 1100-1300 calories
:( No nibbling
:( Get in 45 mins of exercise
:( Get massive quantity of paperwork done
:( Deep clean this house
:( Remember that you want to be thin more then you want the food
:( Get through the day without strangling Hubby, and do throw him some slack
:( DON'T TURN TO FOOD, in the long run it is of NO COMFORT to you, it is only temporary and will MAKE YOU FEEL EVEN WORSE.

Have a great day everyone.

12-07-2006, 10:38 AM
Oh and just a couple of more things:

:( Get through the day without strangling Hubby
:( Get through the day without strangling Hubby

12-07-2006, 11:04 AM
You can do it rockinrobin! Trust me...I'm just coming off a bad couple of days as I'm sure you saw in my post yesterday... it will pass.
Today is better...I stuck to everything from yesterday so today I'm going to try to mix it up with a new style of commitments!

1. I will get off the train a few stops early and walk to my class tonight after work, I will also walk back to that same train station on my way home. This should give me a solid 30 minutes of walking

2. Sticking with my water, and my healthy calories and not straying from the meals I packed for today...NO VENDING MACHINE SNACKING DURING CLASS!!

3. I will not go out after class. I will not go out after class. I will not go out after class. I will not just 'swing in' to my regular watering hole (which I will need to pass in order to walk to the t stop) to say hey to everyone because I know that if I do that I will stay all night

4. I will get plenty of rest tonight....I'm starting to feel the onset of the inevitable New England weather change December cold and I want to head it off before I get sick!

5. I will get out of this 'down on myself' mood I've been in all week!

Good luck everyone!

12-07-2006, 01:20 PM
Yes Miss Sunshine from the college town of Boston, where my daughter is currently attending college I see that you have bounced back nicely - WTG!!!!! Love, love,love the idea of getting off the train a couple of stops early. And darling it sounds as if passing up on the ol' watering hole is a grand idea. Good luck on today's commitments!!!!!

As for me I just want to say:

Thank the lord, the beasts and the children and anybody the heck else that will listen that I DO NOT HAVE ANY UNHEALTHY FOODS IN MY HOUSE.

Ahh, see I feel better already. Thank you and do have a nice day.:)

12-07-2006, 03:09 PM

I had a great day in San Fransisco yesterday! It was so beautiful and I got in lots of walking and managed to keep my food in check. I had cereal before I left and avoided eating on the plane (downside, I could not ask for a seatbelt extender out of embarrassment and rode for the quick trip without it. Ugh. I cannot wait until that is no longer an issue. The anxiety, shame, and fear are enough to keep me motivated to lose). For lunch, an arrugula salad with beets, chicken, and avocado, dressing on the side. New discovery: I love beets! Why have I never eaten those?! I didnt eat the roll. Woo hoo! In the afternoon, we rested and had a drink and appetizer (I had sparkling water and we split a balsamic grilled artichoke), and for dinner I had green salad, fish with broccoli and white beans (again, no bread!). I have to say I've never felt so out of shape as in that city. The walking is a challenge and my foot still hurts. I don't want to feel so tired next time.

So for today:
:) Drink a lot of water: I feel dehydrated and have a headache
:) Go to the grocery store for some more healthy food.
:) Stay motivated - make these behaviors a habit. It'll be worth it.
:) Stop looking at the long road ahead, and focus on right now.
:) Take a walk tonight.

Glad to see you're hanging in there Robin and NESunshine! Nalynn, CONGRATULATIONS on the one pound!!! It all starts with one!! :cheer: :cheer:

How is everyone else doing: Nicolen? DramaQueenLucy? MookieMunchkin?, Charbar? Welcome, Casey Gail! How did you do?

Oh, and Robin, my friends call me C.C. :D

12-07-2006, 03:52 PM
CLCSC145, I just have to give you major kudos! You are doing so well while eating out. I know this is going to be the biggest challenge for me, my familiy and friends eat out quite often and I am a fried food adict! I did fairly well on my commitments yesterday. I didn't get to eat more fruit. Me and my boyfriend took a last minute shopping trip so I didn't get my walking in, however, I felt like I got lots and lots of exercise walking all over the mall!! We went out to eat, I had to face my fears and I gotta say, I did alright. I got the grilled chicken and shrimp fajitas off of the light menu yay! I didn't go over on my calories yesterday! My boyfriend got some delicious looking strawberry cheesecake and he kept trying to get me to take a bite and I didn't. I'm really suprising myself this time around! Anyway, thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I'm happy to see everyone is doing so well!
Here are my commitments today:
:) Do my pilates video (it is way too cold to go on my nature walk today)
:) Drink at least 8 glasses of water (I better get started)
:) This doesn't have anything to do with my diet but I really need to start on that short story in Lit.

12-08-2006, 12:21 AM
Hello Everyone!! As they say, better late than never. Today has been extremely crazy, so this is my first chance to post. Things are moving right along for me, I wouldn't say yesterday was a victory day, but it wasn't a bust either. Today I got A TON of walking in. I'm actually extremely sore as I sit here and type this (how sad is that.... it's not like I ran a marathon or anthing!). So, I do feel great about the exercise, but the food choices left a little to be desired. I didn't do horrible, but not great either. Hopefully all the exercise helped.

I have to tell you, I actually missed being able to read everyone's commitments and results earlier..... you are all such inspiration to me!!

NESunshine - I can relate to drinking away as many calories are you eat! The only sport that I've ever participated in on a regular basis is bowling.... and I think that's because it's more of social thing.... you know, hang out and have a few drinks. That was one of my commitments last Saturday.... no alcholic beverages while bowling. I can totally relate to "being social"... I think we just have to learn to do it while drinking water. Here's a toast to being the designated driver :) :cheers:

Rockinrobin - I like your commitment to get through the day without strangling your hubby:) I'm sure he appreciates it too! We all have days like that so I can totally understand!! My husband and I decided to start our own busines about a year ago, and while it has been exciting, it has also been very stressful. For the past year I have handled that stress by eating... I'm finally trying to change that. So, I can definitely relate to everything you said. If you're ever having one of those days and you want to chat, you can look for me on MSN messenger.... my address is nlblit@hotmail.com. For now, here are some hugs :hug: This too shall pass, and eventually, so will the need to deal with things with food!

CLCSC145 - I laughed when I read that you discovered you like beets. I have found a few things that I kinda like now that I'm trying expand my tastes... but I don't think I'll be adding beets to the list :) I'm glad you had such a great time in San Francisco!! I am so proud of you for doing so well on your diet.... you deserve a victory dance :dance: You are doing so great... you WILL NOT be as tired next time you go, and very soon you will say goodbye to seatbelt extenders FOREVER!! You will just be a lean, mean, beet eatin' machine :)

Well, I'm getting a head start and posting my commitments for tomorrow:
:) Water, water and more water
:) Restrict carbs
:) Take Vitamins
:) Stretch
:) Walk on treadmill
:) Clean my house (unless there are any volunteers :) )

Okay ladies.... good luck to everyone!! Lets not let our momentum fizzle:carrot:

12-08-2006, 12:26 AM
We went out to eat, I had to face my fears and I gotta say, I did alright. I got the grilled chicken and shrimp fajitas off of the light menu yay! I didn't go over on my calories yesterday! My boyfriend got some delicious looking strawberry cheesecake and he kept trying to get me to take a bite and I didn't. I'm really suprising myself this time around!

Sorry, Caseygail21, I missed you in my last post. Congratulations on facing your fears..... I'm so proud of how well you did! You SOOO deserve a victory dance :dance: Passing up strawberry cheesecake... it doesn't get any more committed to change than that!! Congratulations again.... you are inspiring me to work on my willpower!

12-08-2006, 02:57 AM
Thanks, Nalynn and Casey Gail! So far, food has been the "easier" part for me. The exercise is a huge uphill battle. At every turn, I'm trying to find ways to get out of it. So far, I've stuck to it, but GAH! It's hard! I did well again today and met all of my commitments. I went for a long walk and grimaced through the last half. Everything hurt. But I can't give myself an inch knowing the way I feel about exercise, or I'll take a mile. For now my rule is no excuses, no whining, every day. Someday it will be easier and, dare I say it, fun. I have to believe that will be true for my own sanity! And without exercise I won't be successful at taking this off or keeping it off; that's just fact.

As for tomorrow:
:) Eat sensibly
:) Walk. No excuses, no whining.
:) Do something fun for myself. Sometimes this weight loss journey just feels so serious! It may be life or death, but that doesn't mean we can't be goofy and have fun!

12-08-2006, 08:13 AM
Nalynn, are you pshyic or something? You hit the nail on the head!!! He has his own business and I do most of his paperwork, contracts, invoices and the such and that's where the problem started. Very, very difficult working with your husband, although my parents have been successful at it for over 30 years. He later apologized, which is a biggie for him, but I'm not ready to forgive just yet. Although he is under so much pressure right now and has been not feeling 100% for just about 2 months now. I know should overlook it and he did apologize.......we shall see. And I too have sooo many days that aren't terrible, but aren't great either, but you know what those absolutely, postively count as progress. MSN messenger, I don't think I have that, I have AOL, or since I'm computer illiterate is it possible that I do? I should ask one of my computer experts - my kids. I will ask them. You are soooo sweet, why can't I meet any people like you or any of you here for that matter in my neighborhood?

CC, can I call you that? I am so proud of you, you have no idea. WTG with the food, just fantastic!!! I dread going out for meals, but because of you I can't wait to test myself to see if I can do as well as you did. and I am identical with you on the exercise, foods been easier, exercise not so much. Your trip to SF sounds really, really nice. But umm, can't you please wear a seat belt next time as hard as it is to ask for that stupid extender, I don't know why they just don't make them longer in the first place. But your safety is really, really important. And we don't want you G-d forbid getting hurt. And what's the story with the beets, I'm always looking for new foods, how are they prepared? I don't know...........beets? Really? But that's what people say to me when I rave about cauliflower.

Caseygail, great will power with the cheesecake, you are a better man then me, that is one of my weaknesses, big time. Hmmm, why do I seem to have so many weaknesses?? And ordering from the light menu? WTG. These are all "tricks" that I MUST learn. Because that's the ONLY way this weightloss thing is going to work forever.

As for getting in yesterdays' commitments, could have been better. But whatever, umm did not exercise much, stuck to my food calories wise which was difficult since I had a run in with a box of bran cereal, good thing that it was practically the only carb in my house,which is where I work from, but I cut back on other things, so although I stayed on track calorie wise it wasn't with my usual proteins, too much carbs, whatever. I didn't strangle hubby, or clean house much or do paperwork.

Today's commitments:

:?: drink lots of water
:?: stay within my calorie allotment, eating the right foods
:?: going to the mall today, should be walking a lot, will still attempt to do more exercise at home at least 30 mins, I'm not too hopeful
:?: clean thy pigsty
:?: Try to stay on track for the upcoming weekends, don't like the weekends, I find them MUCH harder.
:?: Try and forgive hubby
:?: Rember that I want to be thin more then I want the food

Am going to a comedy club tomorrow night, with drinks, food and nasty comedians that like to pick on fat girls. Should be interesting. I hope I make it out of there with out to much damage, food wise and comedian bashing fat girl wise. Have a great day everyone, filled with right choices.

P.S.I really, really know that if we stick together we can do this. I really truly believe that. We have a great support system going on here, let's keep it up. :grouphug:

12-08-2006, 11:42 AM
P.S.I really, really know that if we stick together we can do this. I really truly believe that. We have a great support system going on here, let's keep it up. :grouphug:

I couldn't agree more! With a long road ahead, I think we all need eachother to stay accountable... and cheer each other on when the scales not moving as quickly as we might like. I see lots of victory dances in our future :dance:

Rockinrobin - You can download MSN messenger from msn.com. It's really easy, I'm sure you're kids can help you with it! I see that you're making progress in your goals.... yesterday you didn't want to strangle your husband, and today you want to forgive him. I can totally relate!! Maybe you can suggest that something extra nice in your stocking this year may help you feel better ;) Now, about the comedy place you're going to this weekend.... are you going because you want to??? You seem a little nervous, and you shouldn't go just to make other people happy... especially if you're scared that you may become the topic of some of the jokes. You are making so much progress, and you DO NOT DESERVE to have any jokes made at your expense!! If you're not comfortable, maybe you can suggest some other venue for the night out?! I know that sometimes it's enough to just go out on a Saturday for fear of what people are thinking.... let alone to a place where you fear they'll say it to everyone. Either way, just go out and have fun. Remember what your mother told you, and what you told your kids.... Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. :hug:

12-08-2006, 12:28 PM
MORNIN LADIES!!!! Alright here goes....
Well lets see ...where to start....I'm still going strong and that is a good thing. I pretty much stuck with my commitments yesterday. I stuck with my food that I brought with me all day at work and during my class. I stayed away from vending machines during class, and late night coffee or diet coke. I also got off the train and walked to class and then walked back to that same station after class. I found myself arguing with myself mentally on the train....do i get off and walk, its so much easier to just stay on....well the angel won and I got off and stayed on the opposite side of the street from the bar both ways taking the temptation to stop right out of the picture! I tell you it got damn cold in Boston too but it was worth it!

So I did not go out after class, I even turned down an offer from the girls. I did my walking, stuck with my food during the day and got a good amount of rest...although I totally did not want to get out of bed for work this morning....it was dark and cold and snowy and my bed was just that perfect warm cuddly temperature...I would have given anything for another hour! I've also finally pulled myself out of this real crap down on myself ' i'm a big fat drunk failure' mood that I've been in all week! God sometimes being depressed is just boring.....I'm aiming for happy!

My only slip was last night and it wasn't anything bad. I had a bite to eat before bed last night when i got home from class (at about 10:30pm) and that is fine cause I planned it into my day but i could have made a better choice than the left over noodles in my fridge. Its my own fault for not having something healthier on hand. Even so it put me at just about 1600 calories for the day, just heavy on the carbs cause of the noodles.

So here goes for today, and I'm off to a good start!

1. Stick with my calories and on plan....try to eat less carbs today!!!

2. Its Friday, the gym is open until 10:00PM, I don't have to work tomorrow so I don't have to get up at 5:00AM...there is no reason why I can't go there this evening for an hour tonight!

3. With the Wind chill its about 15* in Boston today....and I'm volunteering to be the gofer to run around and drop everything off at our box offices today even though its freezing out....no more exercise for my intern!

4. I will keep up this good mood and keep building momentum and keep on movin forward!!!!

5. I will not fear the weekend!

Thanks ladies, I look forward to reading how everyone is doing!!


12-08-2006, 03:11 PM
Hello hello, everybody!

Well, I've already posted my commitments for today so just some "woo-hoo's" and chatty things to pass your way.

Robin: Of course you can call me C.C.! I tell ya, if you make the restaurant thing a game to see what's the healthiest thing you can order it's sort of satisfying to order well. As for the beets, they were so good on the salad! I bought some fresh ones at the store yesterday to give them a try. I hear they stain ANYTHING they come in contact with including your hands, so watch out. Apparently you cut off the leafy parts and simmer them with the skins on for 30 mins, then drain, cool a bit and rub the skins off (remember stains!). Anyway, the ones in the salad were cold and sliced into 1/4" half rounds. They are a little sweet and almost like a firmer potato. I'll try them this weekend. Also, apparently the greens are edible too and good for you. I'll have to look up how to cook those. As for the seatbelt, I know better, but I was with a friend and my dad who are both thin and the embarrassment was too much. :( You should be proud of yourself for sticking to your calories yesterday! How to put this delicately... the bran cereal probably won't stick around long enough to do much damage... and it's healthy fiber!
Good luck at the club, I'm sure no one will make fun of you! Have a glass of red wine - good for your heart - and let the others poison themselves with fatty appetizers.

Nalynn, I can hear the pounding of our soon to be lighter hooves doing victory dances too!

NESunshine, YOU deserve BIG APPLAUSE! :cp: You said you were going to get off the train and walk and you did! I'm realy proud of you! I know how loud those voices are that are telling you, "Don't worry about it, you can try again tomorrow, it's cold, you're tired," etc. And you did it anyway. Woo hoo!! And you stayed away from the devil's dispensers, er, vender machines! Double woo, triple hoo! I've suffered from depression for as long as I can remember, but I am finding that these small victories are helping me to feel good. So let's both keep aiming for happy. :D

Okay, onward weight loss soldiers! And I say the more the merrier, so if anyone is reading this and wants to commit to doing some good things for themselves today, do!

12-08-2006, 03:27 PM
I just thought I'd let you all know that I now have my own personal trainer.... my 20 month old son, Brennan!! He LOVES to dance. Last night that's all he wanted to do is turn on the music and dance around the kitchen. He cried when we had to stop because it was bed time. And wouldn't you know it, as soon as I got him out of bed this morning he said dance and started moving his arms up and down.... so, we started off our morning the same way, dancing in the kitchen. I have to tell you, there isn't a more enjoyable way in the world to burn calories than to dance around with your child :carrot:

12-08-2006, 03:34 PM
Rockin Robin: Good Luck at the comedy club tomorrow! Make good choices, I know you can!
CC: You are doing so good... such a good inspiration
Nalynn: thanks for the victory dance. :)

Thanks everyone you guys put a big smile on my face!! I don't know what I would do without 3FC I deffinately would've already gave up and given into temptation. This place just motivates me so much that everytime I get a craving I automatically think "nope its not worth it!" I did ok on my commitments yesterday. I got all of my water drank and did my pilates video(very sore today). I didn't eat more fruit though. This may sound kind of weird but I don't think I'm getting in enough calories. According to my fitday I'm barely getting 1000 calories. I've heard that if you don't get in enough calories then you will not lose. I guess it's just a combination of my metabolism getting higher and eating whole foods, but I just don't feel hungry. I never was a big "snacker." I just ate A LOT at meals. But now I am having small meals and snacking on fruit and veggies in between meals so I feel like I am eating a lot! Maybe my fitday isn't accurate, I dunno!!
Anyway, it's kind of late in the day but here are my commitments for the rest of the day:
-Drink nothing but water for the rest of the day
-2 miles on the treadmill
-We may be going out for dinner tonight so: DO AS WELL AS i DID A COUPLE OF NIGHTS AGO!!
Good Luck everyone!!

12-08-2006, 05:29 PM
I've been ill with a bad cold (thanks to my DH who is good at sharing), and when I don't feel well, I revert back to self-medicating with food. It's my biggest problem. Anyway, for the rest of the day, I'm committed to:

Eating clean and balanced. No more self-medicating with food!
Drinking lots of water
Taking my vitamins

12-08-2006, 05:35 PM
I hope you feel better really soon, Sheila!

12-08-2006, 05:55 PM
Damn you ladies are AWESOME. Just wanted to share that. I've stayed good so far today and just did the running around to the box offices and let me tell you it is painfully cold in downtown boston! I'm much more looking forward to the working out indoors!

Best of luck with the evening

12-09-2006, 02:36 AM
Damn you ladies are AWESOME.

I'll second that! :carrot:

I kept my commitments again today: good eating, walked for 30 minutes, and did something fun. I saw the movie, The Holiday. Super cute!

Food-wise, I cooked up a bunch of chicken breasts (the thin sliced ones from the market-- they stretch over more meals and cook faster) and salmon in the oven with the idea that I would have ready to eat good protein in the fridge. While the oven was hot, I threw in some small yams and cooked those for leftovers too. I find I can't expect myself to cook for every meal, but darned if I can't reheat for every meal!

In the scheme of things, I haven't lost much of the whole amount I want to lose, but I must say I feel so much better in such a short time. I have to remember that when I get the urge to eat poorly...

Hope you all have a great weekend! I wish you nothing but success and small victories!

12-09-2006, 09:04 AM
:smug: Good morning oh group of wonderful, motivating and oh so inspiring ladies,

Sunshine, I'm so very happy and proud of you, but I gotta tell you you're scaring me with that cold weather up there in Boston, cause I don't think my daughter's got the right clothing. I was shopping here for her for a new winter coat and nothing seemed warm enough, do you have better stores there in Boston? with clothes made for your bitter winters? Actually she's coming home for winter break next Friday. But anyway KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

C.C. You are so INTO this, it is AWESOME. What with your cooking lots ahead of time. I truly believe planning, planning, planning and more planning is the only way to go. This way you're PREPARED. And you got in a walk!! Beets, I just don't know. We shall see.

Sheila, I hope you feel better soon, man a cold can really make you feel lousy and wreak havoc with your food and your whole life in general. :getwell:

Caseygail, Wow you sound like you're doing great!!! You do want to eat enough cause you don't want to go into starvation mode, something I still don't quite understand.

Nalynn, Too cute, dancing with your son!!! You've got your own little Emmit Smith or myfavorite MArio Lopez (ya know from DAncing with the Stars) right there in your own home!!!! Great exercise, just great!

Yes, I am off to the comedy club tonight and I do want to go, I enjoy it for the most part, but I do have to admit there IS a part of me that is worried he'll pick on me or some other fat girl, just part of life, I'll deal. And I'm hoping to indeed make good choices.

Pretty much stuck to yesterday's commitments, except for of course the additional exercise at home. But did walk a lot at the mall (or maul as it should be called) Had quite an interesting trip there, shopping wise I'll have to tell you about it another time, I'm prressed for time.

Today's commitments;
:smug: Stay within calorie allotment, making good choices out tonight
:smug: Exercise, please, please exercise
:smug: Lots and lots of water, maybe 1 glass of wine?
:smug: Remember that you want to be thin, gosh do I want to be thin, more then you want the food.

Have a great, great weekend everybody, filled with good and healthy choices.

12-09-2006, 11:29 AM
Good Morning!
Happy Saturday.

I'm definatly getting off to a slow start today but still so far so good. I stayed pretty good yesterday. I couldn't bring myself to go back outside after getting home last night cause it was soooo cold...but that doesn't mean i sat on my but in front of the tv! I got a workout in at home and they did all of my housework and most of my laundry done last night so I was movin!

Rockinrobin- Its better up here today, don't get me wrong its just as cold as it was yesterday but without the wind. Thats what really gets you is the wind. Warm clothes? Yes she will need them, by the time it gets to be mid january she is gonna be needing a good pair of boots, the gloves/hat/scarf trio and a really good jacket. I'm usually good with a long knee length wool peacoat and a nice toasty scarf. I buy my jaket a size or so to big so that I can wear a nice fleece or sweater under it for those really bitter days. The trick to New England weather is to be flexible cause you can never predict it....hey it was almost 70* a week ago! Always travel with layers! If you are from a generally warm climated area then there may be a better selection of warmer clothes up here.

CC - that is exactly what I do too! I find that I have no time during the week to cook so I shop and cook for the week all on Sundays. I keep a couple of tupperware containers of cut veggies in the fridge, cook up a batch of chicken or turkey and a big salad and brown rice etc. I also keep no junk in the house and a big bowl of fruit on my kitchen table. I find that by having this be the food that I have on hand that it keeps me from takeout and if i'm gonna snack i'm reaching for some chicken or some veggies. It really helps having these plans and the food on hand!

Sheila - I hope you feel better soon! No self medicating....just think the healthier the things you feed your cold the better your body will be equipted to fight off the bug!

Caseygail - You are so right about those pilates videos...good stuff but when you are just starting out a routine it is all about being sore! I used to go to yoga a while back and our teacher was out and the class was covered by the pilates instructor...I couldn't walk for a week from all those hip circles and that was when I was in shape!

Nalynn - I love the dancing! How cute is that....if that isn't motivation then I don't know what is...and its FUN too!!!

Anyway here goes for the day, and I know that I will have to work extra hard...weekends are just the worst for me! Its so much easier to control my eating during the week when i'm at work and on a schedule!

1. its the weekend...GYM GYM GYM, WATER WATER WATER...I'm aiming for 10 miles on the elliptical this weekend
2. Eat the same as I eat during the week, no extra snacking!
3. no snacking while finishing my final paper, or making out my holiday cards, or because i finish everything and get bored
4. Keep up with everything on my fit day!
5. Limit the TV....do not fall into couch potato mode.

Alright good luck all!


12-09-2006, 12:29 PM
Hello Everyone! Posting on a Saturday is pretty huge for me..... the weekends are usually so busy that I don't get a chance. But, today I am making the time. I have two Christmas parties this weekend..... so I will be surrounded by every fried appetizer you can imagine, cheesecake, chocolate cake, alcohol.... and more. Uuuuggghhhhh.

I know this is going to sound weak, but I am going to go easy on myself this weekend. I am going to allow myself to have some "junk food", but I'm really going to limit it. So, my commitments might not look as good as everyone else's.... but here goes.

This weekend.....
:) I will start the day with healthy breakfasts
:) I will limit my calorie intake during the day because I will allow some "junk" at the parties
:) I will drink water at the parties...... no alcohol
:) I will find ways to have fun other than eating
:) I will focus on my "jumpstart" to the dieting that everyone else starts in January
:) I will not take home any left overs... no matter how much anyone insists
:) I will think about how last year I pigged out at these parties, and I will never do that again.

Okay ladies, that's it for now. I don't know if I'll get a chance to post again this weekend.. so good luck to all... and I'll check in on Monday.

Have a great weekend!!!:carrot:

12-10-2006, 12:20 AM

Poor Pitiful Pearl, here, feeling sorry for myself. My foot is killing me - I can barely walk around the house let alone go for a walk or exercise. When I woke up today I knew that there was just one commitment for today: Don't overeat while sitting on the couch all day! I did okay with that one, but I'm going to have to get creative with other ideas to exercise.

It's sad that there aren't many posts here on the weekends. But I'm happy that people have lots of things to do. It helps keep the mind off of dieting. Tomorrow I go to my parent's house to help them decorate their Christmas tree. That should be fun!

Commitments for tomorrow:
:) Don't overeat.
:) Eat more fiber.
:) Fewer diet cokes, more water
:) Try out the new workout video I got and see if it's foot friendly

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! And Nalynn, be strong and go for the least naughty of the tidbits at your parties this weekend! I'm sending good thoughts your way. You'll thank yourself later!

12-10-2006, 02:53 AM
My Daily Goal for 12/10/06:

:dizzy: Drink 8 glasses of water and 3 cups unsweetened tea and NO SODA
:dizzy: Take 3 supplements
:dizzy: Follow tomorrow's food plan (below)
:dizzy: Treadmill for 30 minutes or DDR for 60 minutes
:dizzy: Lift weights
:dizzy: Make starter for sourdough bread
:dizzy: If I eat out tomorrow, pick something healthy.

Breakfast: eggs and wholegrain bread
Snack: apple
Lunch: steamed vegetables
Snack: nuts
Dinner: Steak and roasted red potatoes

12-10-2006, 10:01 AM
Hi everyone, just a quick check in for now, yes the weekends are crazy.

Nalynn, I don't think you sound weak at all, not even a little bit. If we're to do this for life then of course there are going to be special days when we eat more of the so called wrong things. This is what I plan to do for those special days during the year - try to pick out just a few of the no-no items and keep the portions tiny, this way I don't feel deprived. And then get right back to basics the following day. This is what I did on Thanksgiving and will do again later in this month as I have to attend many upcoming holiday parties and events. I don't look at this as "cheating", I look at it as being realistic and enjoying myself, cause umm yeah food tastes good and I want to partake from time to time in the decadent stuff. I saw someone on this website write "Let's really make it holi-DAYS, not holi-MONTHS" and I try to remember that as we are faced with all these temptations during the holiday times. I hope it turned out well for you and that you enjoyed yourself!!!

Susnshine, No, we do live in a cold climate, just not AS cold as you have it up there. And we definitely will be purchasing a knee length coat when she comes home next week as opposed to the short one she now has that doesn't even cover her butt. And the layering is a good idea, cause unless you buy fur coat or a big fluffy down one, she won't wear either, layering is the only way to go. Good for you with your workout, and housework and laundry, what a motivated young woman you are!!!

CC, I am so very sorry to hear about your foot, what a bummer to say the least. You've really got to rest that thing, you don't want it getting even worse. I hope you have some improvement soon. Try not to be so hard on yourself, this too shall pass. Have fun decorating that tree!!:tree:

Well we never wound up going to the comedy club last night, the friend who had the free tickets wound up she couldn't go, was chauffering kids around, they offered us the tickets,, but we felt funny going without them and my hubby was really, really feeling lousy, so we stayed in. So therefore I took the opportunity to go through my old clothes, and I got rid of them all, gone outta here, never to be worn again by me anyway. I made two piles, one to be donated, which I have already bagged up and they pick it up from my house this week and a pile of garbage, stuff that was not in good enough shape to give away. Let me tell you lots of memories, weddings, graduations, big birthday parties, there was sooo much stuff, winter coats, 3 of them, raincoats, dressy clothes, casual and every thing in between, lots and lots of money, oh well, onward and upward. Before I got got rid of the stuff I tried on practically every piece and gave my family a "fashion"" show. It was incredible to see just how huge those clothes are on me, I'm down about 5 sizes since September 4, 2006. I actually bought a size 14 skirt on Friday and a 1x winter coat and a 1x sweater. My family couldn't believe it either, piece after piece they were just amazed. It really was very emotional for me. I did hold on to a few pieces to keep as motivation and to show me just how far I have come, and just in case when I go on the Oprah show I can stand in my old skirt and have that great before and after shot.

And those friends that we were supposed to go out with popped in and we just hung out for a bit. No eating involved, sigh of relief. I even managed to take a walk yesterday, but man oh man was it windy out, so it only lasted about 22 minutes, better then nothing I suppose, did do 120 situps and 120 leg lifts but zero dancing, which is what I have been doing lately, although I haven't a cute little partner like Nalynn has :( .

MsHelena you sure have a nice day planned, you are sooo ambitious, good for you!!

On to today:

:) Stay under 1350 calories, no nibbling
:) Drink lots and lots of water
:) Sit-ups, leg lifts, dancing
:) Remeber how badly you want this.

Have a great rest of the weekend everybody. :wave: :wave: :wave:

12-10-2006, 03:26 PM
Alright all,
Well its mid afternoon now and I'm just posting cause my internet has been down since last night. I did make it to the gym yesterday and did an hour on the elliptical and 30 minutes of weights. I couldn't track my calories on fitday cause my internet was down and I couldn't remember what I had put in already etc. so I was left to eyeball calories. I wrote down what & how much I ate for the rest of the day and just plugged it all in now and who woulda guessed I suck at eyeballing. I was way over on calories, about 1950! I suppose it could be worse. I wasn't paying much attention to anything yesterday since I was terribly drowsy and had a nasty headache...I hadn't noticed the smell in my apartment during the day but I did notice it after I had be gone and out in the fresh air for a few hours and then came back....and that would be the smell of gasoline....I live above a 2 car garage and when we went down to check it out we reallized that the snowblower was leaking gas and had been venting the fumes up into my apartment....hmmmm probably was the reason why I was just drowsy and headachy yesterday! Anyway we got it all cleaned up and I'm feeling much better today. I've got my internet fixed and I'm back on track with my calorie counting. I've got all my healthy food for the week already made. I haven't gone to the gym yet today and I have a paper I have to write before I can go....so we'll see if I make it. If I don't I will just do a home workout this evening.
I would have gone this morning but going with the home catastrophies I was at my parents house...and my father, who is not a plumber, was taking apart the kitchen fixtures because one is broken...needless to say he took the one that was still working apart too, the water wasn't turned off, and well lets say it made quite a mess and managed to break the other side too. So in the end I just got ultra held up today!

Ok so here goes for the rest of the day

1. Keep with today's trend staying within my calories
2. more water!
3. whether I get to the gym or go for a walk, or work out at home get in at least 1 hour of exercise!

Alright thats it for today!