Support Groups - Hot & Healthy Challenge Chick's 12/03/06

12-03-2006, 11:09 AM
Hello!!! Some of us girls were in challenges together and we all liked each other so much and were so supportive of each other that we wanted to continue that beyond just a turkey or x~mas challenge. Support and friendship is something we all need no matter what the season! :hug: So we decided to start a group!

Who can join this group?

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join! We are a very supportive group and we talk about life in general as well as exercise and eating. :D

What is this group about?

This group is about supporting each other to be healthy and to exercise! We need to remind ourselves that at whatever size we are, we are hot! And we challenge each other to be healthy which means eating right and exercising.

Everyone is welcome to join us! At the beginning of the month we can state our goal for the month whether it is losing a few pounds, changing some bad habits, or just all around maintaining! Come on in! We'd love to have ya!! :hug:

12-03-2006, 11:17 AM
Okay good morning everyone! I will get to how I am doing in a little bit. My throat is sore right now! :(


Holiday baking sounds like fun! I will be doing mine soon plus we have two birthdays this month! Someone save me! haha

I've decided to do everything in bite sizes this year! I made bite size star-shaped sugar cookies last night. Usually I would have about 3 normal/large cookies, but instead I had 3 bite size, they were just as good, but less! Maybe it's a mental thing. I still felt like I got my 3 cookies, but my thighs didn't!

That is awesome! I want the recipe! WHere did you get the small shaper from? Did you use splenda?

DF is leaving town on Monday. He has to go do a project out in the field that will keep him there until Friday. He'll drive home Friday (takes most of the day), have Saturday with me, then drive back on Sunday, then come home the following Friday.

Awwww that will be rough!

I went looking for Ezekiel bread all over town, and NOTHING!

Awww. No health food stores near you?


Just keep working on it! You will get faster!


I didn't do tooo badly today, I got my workout in this morning, but skipped my afternoon one due to time restraints with family issues. Plus I've been getting a pain in my left side that flairs up if I bend a certain way and it's been getting worse. I need to make a trip to the Dr., just to make sure it's ok, it's been there for a month now and has been increasing a bit.

Yeah go get that checked out!!!


Good Morning Everyone I went to my two holiday parties yesterday and I did okay. I did eat some things that I try to stay away from like dip which is HUGE for me. But I ate a lot of carrots, celery, and broccoli with the dip. I'm guessing my calories to be 1800-2000 yesterday? The wine party was family style and they passed each bowl around. Psychologically that's hard because I feel obligated to take some. Still just one spoon of each. Could have been a lot worse. Not weighing myself for a couple of days.

Good for you for being so strong! I LOVE chips and dip and I would of indulged! haha


Morning ennay!

12-03-2006, 12:00 PM
Whoohooo!!! Guess who lost a pound this morning??? You guessed right! Me!!!! Wheeee!!! SO that is 1.5 total this week. Yeah!!!! So of course I was hoping it would be 2 pounds this week but the week started off kind of rocky cause I had those stupid HFCS bagels still! I will go find cal stats in a minute but I did alot better the last 3 days with cals and the beans and all that. Yippee!!!!

12-03-2006, 12:23 PM
Jasmine you are so amazing!!! You are such an inspiration to me, I really need to take your lead and just do this already!! Way to go on that loss!!! Onederland here she comes!!!! What an amazing new years gift for yourself! How's the throat? I hope its short lived, no need to be getting sick now!

Mande....ah the baking! I dont dare start doing that till much closer to Christmas. Although I'm not sure I will do much this year since my cousin who I normally share half of it all with has gestational diabetes so she doesnt need the goodies around anymore than I do.

We got our tree yesterday, its SO beautiful and my house smells amazing! If I didnt have so much homework to do today I'd go get the outdoor lights put up and finish putting up the rest of the inside stuff. But I gotta focus...1 more week of classes and then finals then I'm a free woman for a few weeks!!!

Off to the books! Have a fantastic sunday everyone!!


12-03-2006, 12:24 PM
November 26(sunday/ bagel day)

2191 cals/60 grams of fat

November 27(monday/bagel)

1877 cals/ 53 frams of fat

November 28(tuesday/bagel)

2200 cals/ 83 grams of fat!!

November 29(wed/ no bagel!!)

1454 cals/38 grams of fat

November 30(thursday/no bagel)

1664 cals/ 42 grams of fat

December 1(friday/no bagel)

1649 cals/ 35 fat grams

December 2(saturday/no bagel)

1430 cals/40 fat grams

Does everyone notice the first 3 days were days I had those awful bagels and my eating was extremely out of control!! 1700 is what I want my limit to be. , 1800 or so is pushing it, maybe on an out to eat day, but two days of 2200!!!! That is rediculous! And I knew what I was doing cause I always check with fitday but it felt uncontrollable all those days!!

I quit eating the bagels and voila! I was never over 1700! I even had two 1400 days and was full on that! Let me also tell you ladies these beans are VERY filling! I even had enchiladas last nite and I STILL lost this a.m.! Some of you oldtimers know how enchiladas are my weak spot. ;) I made mine separate so I could meausre it out and you know what, when it came time to eaT dinner, I could only eat HALF of what I had planned! So I am saving it for lunch today. ;)

12-03-2006, 12:27 PM
Hey huneb! I am glad I am an inspiration to you! :hug: Yes my throat is still hurting. I crashed hard last nite before our movie ended and didn't even have energy for my 8 minute abs! I will today though!

Well I still want to do some baking. I am goping to be substituting splenda though and watching the cals. I am glad you got your tree!!! When we move to Mt I wan a real one! Right now we just have a fake one. We need to find where it is in the garage first! haha

Have a great day!

12-03-2006, 02:19 PM
Corn is back on! I found it on the world's healthiest list of foods as well!

Corn! (

12-03-2006, 03:07 PM
Morning! just got back from my run- 9.25 miles wooohooo, havent run that far since pre pg. And the best part is that gives me a bigger food budget today :) so I got my favorite breakfast 2 whole grain pancakes with 2 real eggs over easy and a little bit of light syrup...yummmmmm

My baby is 2 months old today...time flies :(

sooo....last week through saturday night:
avg cals eaten 2079 :)
cals burned 3108 :)
balance : -1028 :) right on target

12-03-2006, 03:44 PM
Aww, thanks sweetie! I'm not that fast of a walker/jogger though! I do an exercise DVD called Walk On To Weight Loss, and it's all "on the spot," which I'm guessing allows us to move our legs faster or something. I'm able to keep in time with the instructor, and she says that we are going 4.5mph, but I work up one heck of a sweat!! I can't wait until I can go jogging again :)

I agree, definitely get to a doctor soon! I ignored me knees for so long, and just figured it was part of getting older (and I'm only 23!). Turns out that my cartilage was degenerating, and if I had taken care of the problem sooner, I could have possibly avoided surgery. Don't get me wrong, I'm still avoiding it like the dickens! But I take Glucosamine Sulfate with Chondroitin, with encouragement to do so from my doctor, of course ;). And you're welcome for the links!

We have a festival like that here as well! And a parade that goes around the town (very small town LOL), and passes in front of all the houses, so no one has to sit out in the cold :lol:

Happy 2 months to your baby!!

Yeah, if I couldn't give it away, I'd be dead!

Here is how to post your pictures :)
1. Click in to the thread (so you are viewing all of the replies)
2. Click on the button in the top-left that says "Post Reply"
3. A little box will appear, with some images atop it (things to make your text bold, italic, coloured, etc)
4. Select the one that looks like a paper clip. A new box should pop up.
5. Select the button that says "Browse." Use this feature to navigate to where your picture is saved on your computer.
6. Click "Attach"

There a go!

Congrats on the loss!!! Evil, evil HFCS! And you're right, it will be rough, but I'm going to try to make the most of it. Get some things done around the house that I otherwise wouldn't have time to do with him around. And no dual suppers for 2 weeks!!

12-03-2006, 05:52 PM
Broke down yesterday and bought some jeans. I cleared out my fat pants last fall when we moved ...good strategy except when you are planning to get pregnant. So I have basically one pair of jeans that after 30 minutes I can pull off without unbuttoning - they had been stored with my maternity clothes. I didnt even know what size they were

Mervyns here is going out of business and everything is 40% off. They had the same brand & style of at least on of my pairs of size 10's I bought summer '05. I tried on the 12's and they button with pain and serious muffin tops, so I am not going to be in the 10's anytime soon. I bought 1 pair of 14's (where I am now) and 2 pairs of 12's for this spring. Hopefully I'll be back in the 10's by this summer.

12-03-2006, 06:23 PM
congrats ennay ill be glad when i feel comfortable putting on my jeans how is everyone? corn is okay? im going to check out this list because i love corn

12-04-2006, 01:36 AM
I lied!
Well, not really, but I did make a mistake. In saying I walked 4.5mph, I was wrong. It's only 4mph. Eep :o

12-04-2006, 01:40 AM
B: 1 cup 1% Milk, 1 scoop Slim Fast Optima
S: 1 sv (100g) LF Yogurt
L: 1 sv Chkn Gumbo
S: 2 LF Rice Cakes, 2 tbsp PB
D: 2 Chicken Fajitas (no sauce, 2oz skim mozza)
S: 1 mini bag PopSmart Popcorn

W: 3000mL

E: 30 min Circuit (gym), 45 minute walking DVD (4mph)

12-04-2006, 03:20 AM
:D Thank you so much for those kind words martini about my picture and the beach. I just remember how I used to look. Oh well that's what i'm here for, to lose weight. Even if it takes me 3 years, i'm going to do it!

Do you think it matters how fast we walk as to how long we walk? I've heard different stories. Walk faster work out less... you know. I get so lazy sometimes and the only thing I can do is make myself get off the chair and just start walking slow, but sometimes I start walking then i start to feel like going faster and faster. It's amazing our bodies. Sometimes you just have to make yourself start...and your body does the rest.:D I know it definately matters on the intake. i learned that lesson this week as I gained a pound and a half. i counted calories sometimes but not all week like I should. :o But husband was home...hmmm excuses, excuses!!! I have to quit.

I have kept up my exercise though. I did 90 minutes yesturday and today after church met my friend, his family, his friend, and his family, with my family (if that isn't confusing, LOL:D ) and played basketball for an hour and then flag football for an hour. It was alot of fun and believe me I was sweating. I didn't play that great, but then neither did anyone else. There was a few good players, but not all the players were good.

Jasmine you are awesome!! congrats on your weight lose!!
:cheer2: :woohoo: :congrat:

Ennay I love corn too. I never knew how healthy it was!! Wow, 9.25 miles, that is awesome. When I was young (10-11) I used to run 6-10k runs. Jogged every day 5 miles and remember loving the challenge. I hope to sometime get there again if my feet will permit. Congrats on being able to buy new clothes!!:congrat: :encore: :woohoo:

Hun.e.b. :goodluck: Goodluck with your classes and finals. Boy I know that is stress, stress, stress!! Go get a pedicure, manicure and facial when your done. The same day!! It does wonders.

Didn't realize I had soo much to say. Goodnight to all and all a Goodnight (or however it goes, :D :flow1:)

12-04-2006, 04:44 AM
Hello everyone, you are all so informative, on such a variety of things it is truly amazing. Congrats to all who lost weight. School finishing, baby two months WOW time really flies, I can't believe how far you can run already!
I must admit being in Canada some of our foods are much more expensive, but buying in bulk, certainly seems to be the answer. Some food like the bread, I have not heard of here. Did not do so well this weekend, it was our 25th wedding anniversary last Monday and everyone wanted to celebrate, so too many meals out (Kids treated us to two nights at the Pillar & Post Motel and Spa, where we had gone for our honeymoon, in Niagara-On-The-LaKe). then dinner with champagne with brother & wife, then dinner with school friend and husband. Way too many calories, drinks and no exercise. Tomorrow is a better day, here is hoping, I can get everything going on the diet scene. Thanks for all the info. Sharon

12-04-2006, 09:10 AM
good morning everyone! martiniforme i noticed you plan your menu ahead is it hard to stick to it? im having a problem with that right now

12-04-2006, 10:20 AM
Good morning ladies!! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was okay, pretty uneventful. I've lost my focus! Not good! I need to get that ol journal out and figure out why. Busy busy week for me!

Mia....failing to plan is planning to fail! Jasmine and Mande are pros at that planning and you'll see they are having some great success. I think the thing with planning is that when you make've gotta stick to it! You've just gotta make that commitment to yourself and do what you set out to do. You are worth it!

Sharon...Congrats on 25 years!! What an amazing accomplishment! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, and deserved it!! Back on track today though!! You can do it!

Loveandlaugh...I dont think it matters how 'fast' you walk so much as when you walk that its at a brisk pace. And then for at least 30 minutes. The idea is to get that heart pumping. Even walking slow at least its moving and not sitting in the chair! Way to go on that 90 minutes!!! rock!!!! 4mph is cruisin!!

ennay...those 12s are yours!!! Way to go lady!! I used to really like Mervyns. We dont have them here but we had em in Phoenix...great sales when they had em! Way to go on that run!!! I'd say 10s by next summer for sure!!

Jasmine...I think I might try a little baking with splenda this year too. Still gotta stay out of it but I can make it a little healthier right! Do you use applesauce instead of oil or butter and all that too? Speaking of enchiladas I was supposed to make them this weekend and just didnt have time to...probably a good thing! LOL!!

Alright time to hit the showers. I got a perm this weekend and I can finally wash my hair today...styling it should be LOADS of fun...its way curlier than I'd hoped for. Ah the pains of being fabulous! LOL!! Have a great day everyone!


12-04-2006, 11:59 AM
Okay down two pounds today and am excited about that! Only two more pounds until I hit 150. My goal weight is to be at 135, but anything under 150 and I am feeling pretty darn good about myself! Had a pretty good weekend and even bought myself some new clothes, size 12 petites and they are a little lose, but the 10 petites were so tight. I just have a weird body. So I have a non-scale victory of sorts to share. The other day DH, I, and friends were hanging out in the front yard as they were leaving. As they left DH turned to me picked me up and gave me a kiss. Let's just say that DH has not picked me up in quite sometime and I am always over conscious about my weight. That was a big victory. When I said put me down I am too heavy, he said yeah right you are light as a feather. Okay I don't think so but it sure felt good coming from him though. Thought I would share because that made my workout on the treadmill yesterday that much more enjoyable, if it can be enjoyable.

Okay not a big corn fan unless it is on the cob and super fresh and sweet. I do like my g-ma's corn casserole, but with the sour cream, butter, cheese, and cream cheese not in my eating plan.

Hun.e.B: Having a good mindset about getting back on track is the right attitude to have!

Canuk4: Congratulations on the 25! Don't worry it only happens once and you deserve to celebrate! DH and I celebrate our 5th this year.

loveandlaughalways: Flag football sounds like so much fun! Isn't great when you exercise and don't even realize it.

ennay: you are really get in to the routine after the baby, way to go!

12-04-2006, 12:10 PM
Will post personals later. Must get sleep. Wanted to share this.

Trans-Fat Facts .com (

Check it out. I found it somewhat interesting. I found it while reading Consumer Freedom facts about PETA (gotta say, not overly impressed with them).

What I like about Consumer Freedom is that they're like Adbusters. They've got nothing to lose in uncovering the truth. They're like super journalists!

12-04-2006, 01:47 PM

Yes enjoy the lil one while you can! My youngest is Katy and she just turned 3 today! My bro just had a new baby last nite in N. Carolina(his wife) and I wish I was out there!! 9.25 miles of running? Girl that is awesome!!! I am lucky to run for brief spurts here and there. haha Glad to hear you got a few pairs of pants! That will give you incentive as well!!


corn is okay? im going to check out this list because i love corn

Well I am not an expert so don't take anything I say as the gospel truth! haha I do try to research things and I do think that link on the healthy foods list has some great info so please read it and decide what is right for you. I LOVE corn too! So I will proibably add it back in a few days a week, cals allowing. Just be careful cause it does have like 170 cals per half ear! I also read what it said about how the nutrients in some "studies" it didn't look like it had many because they are a lil more complex and not easily readable. I think you know what I mean. Just read it. :D

This is the other "list" I go by, "the superfoods list" it also mentions corn as a sidekick to oats. I tend to trust these two list of foods and what I love most about the worlds healthiest foods list is it tells you exactly why! That was a big help in me intaking more fruits and veggies! I am the typoe I want to know WHY something is good for you!

The superfoods list with sidekicks (from Superfoods RX by Pratt - books 1 & 2) (

Corn (

I am reposting that link in case anyone missed it!


Thank you so much for those kind words martini about my picture and the beach. I just remember how I used to look. Oh well that's what i'm here for, to lose weight. Even if it takes me 3 years, i'm going to do it!

Do not get frustrated over time, as long as you are walking toward being healthy! I am a lil sad sometimes since this journey has taken me since the end og June 2005. But I remind myself that I have been making healthier changes slowly and the difference is they are permanent lifestyle changes! That is much better than someone who crash diets and eats healthy for a few months then goes back to pigging out!

Do you think it matters how fast we walk as to how long we walk? I've heard different stories. Walk faster work out less... you know. I get so lazy sometimes and the only thing I can do is make myself get off the chair and just start walking slow, but sometimes I start walking then i start to feel like going faster and faster.

The best thing to do first is to make it a habit! Be consistent about going and build up more days from there, then work on more time, then work on speed!! You don't want to wear yourself out! I have also heard that it does take a while of walking, like 30 minutes to get your heart really pumping to get to a higher cal burning level. But if you have to break it up thruout the day it is better to do that than not at all. Great job on all the exercise! Keep it up and it will pay off! It is very beneficial to your heart!

Jasmine you are awesome!! congrats on your weight lose!!

Thanx hun!!


Congrats on 25 years hun!! That is great!! I am glad you enjoyed your anniversary. I sure would of to! It was only a few days though and now you can get back to work! We have to allow ourselves a break every now and then or we will go insane! :D


Good morning!


I've lost my focus! Not good! I need to get that ol journal out and figure out why. Busy busy week for me!

Get out some pics of you thinner and focus on that! Think about all the health problems you can avoid by eating healthy and exercising!

Jasmine...I think I might try a little baking with splenda this year too. Still gotta stay out of it but I can make it a little healthier right! Do you use applesauce instead of oil or butter and all that too? Speaking of enchiladas I was supposed to make them this weekend and just didnt have time to...probably a good thing! LOL

Sounds good hun! I have been using extra virgin olive oil and had not heard of apple sauce, sounds good, tell me more!

Enchiladas...mmmm!! They are great when eaten in moderation. Have a cup of beans and spanish(brown) rice with it and that will fill you up!

A perm? Great! It will not be so curly soon!


Okay down two pounds today and am excited about that! Only two more pounds until I hit 150.

Wow! That is great!!! You are doing wonderful hun!! I would be stoked about 150!!!

Had a pretty good weekend and even bought myself some new clothes, size 12 petites and they are a little lose, but the 10 petites were so tight.

Great! You will get to the 10's soon!!

As they left DH turned to me picked me up and gave me a kiss.

Awww so sweet! My dh always wants to do that to me too and I keep telling him wait til I lose more!! :lol:

Okay not a big corn fan unless it is on the cob and super fresh and sweet.

I love corn on the cob and corn tortillas!! I did also read something that says to make sure it is fortified with lime to help get the nutrients! (not the fruit!)

12-04-2006, 01:48 PM
I am feeling a lil blah this a.m. cause of my throat but wanted to say hello to everyone and good luck with exercising and eating right today. :D One more day til I hit the grocery store for the big shopping for the month so I will be on the bus alot tomorrow and maybe the next day. haha I actually like grocery shopping so that is a great thing! :D

Anyhow yesterday we had our red meat and potato day and I did okay on cals, walked 30 minutes AND did my pilaties for dummies and my 8 minute abs! I am hoping to be fairly good today and maybe even lose for tomorrow. Last month I told myself to wait til the end of the month for pizza, then my daughters b~day is today so I stretched it saying wait til that day. :lol: dh gets paid tomorrow so will probably have pizza tomorrow nite. I am also going to count that as my out to eat trip as well so I don't over do it this week.

I need to make a rough menu plan for the month, just what I need to get. I checked my deep freezer and surprisingly enough we still have a ton of chicken left from last month! I have 4 four pound packs of frozen breast pieces, like flash frozen, and then 4 packs of like 4 pound packs of the other. We also have two turkeys left! and one roast. This is probably due to the fact around turkey day we made two turkeys and have been having a ton of beans! For like two weeks! I think we have had chicken maybe twice in two weeks.

That is good since the kids are going to be home for like 2 weeks this month and 1 week next month! I am going to plan for lots of beans and rice. haha I also heard together they make a complete, protein something like that.

I should get them lots of oatmeal for breakfast! Cheap and nutritious!
Okay I am not an oatmeal lover so someone please give me the 411 on what kind to get that is good for you and doesn't have hidden bad stuff!! Thanx!

I am definately picking up the ground turkey for our chili beans and sphgetti. Yum!! I need to get more spices too.

Mande:I am going to look at that link. Thanx for posting it! I love stuff like that! Where is their "main" website?

12-04-2006, 01:51 PM
Here goes the meal plan:

3 lite sausage=120 calories
3/4 cup oatmeal with 1/2 apple=186 cal
1/2 large orange=44 cal
total of 350 calories

salad with 3.5oz fresh crab meat and 64g fat free italian dressing=130cal

1c fresh strawberries

chicken enchiladas homemade low cal no sugar
salad with ff italian

12-04-2006, 01:54 PM
You posted pics! So yummy!! We all need to post more pics of food! :D That is one thing I like is when a cook book shows a pic. I am much more willing to try it!

12-04-2006, 02:01 PM
Mande:I am going to look at that link. Thanx for posting it! I love stuff like that! Where is their "main" website?

Just a really quick reply!

The Centre For Consumer Freedom (

12-04-2006, 02:14 PM
Ok, this is the big weigh-in day for me. Only one problem. My scale is old and not trustworthy. I used my 5 lb. plate to adjust it and then weighed myself. I've adjusted my tickers accordingly and I will be getting a new scale soon (just kinda broke atm). This is also why I measure myself. It's useful to be sure that I am still making progress (even if the scale doesn't show it) and fun to see the difference in measurements! I have surgery on my mouth today so I can't eat at all until after the surgery is over (and not sure what I'll be able to eat after it), but I'll try to control myself. :halffull: I'm just so hungry! NO food and NO liquids. I don't think I can even chew gum! sigh, oh well! Christmas is around the corner and I really want to make it to 170 before then! anyway, I'll ttyl all and wish me luck! ;)

12-04-2006, 02:51 PM
Jasmine --oatmeal
Best - steel cut - be warned it takes a long time to cook. If you dont like oatmeal, you may like it better as it has a "nuttier" flavor, some like it soaked overnight to reduce morning cook time and make it more tender
2nd best - old fashioned rolled oats
3rd best - Kashi instant - instant oatmeals have less fiber, but this is kashi, so it has fiber and protein (and isnt JUST oats) it is sweetened however
4th best - instant plain. at this point you might as well eat cheerios.

there are some higher fiber instants now, fiber added back in, most either have a ton of sugar or a ton of splenda

12-04-2006, 04:25 PM
HI gals, I'm not going to post personals today, I just feel terrible and I am going to get back into bed until the Ibprofen kicks in. Congrats to those of you who have lost!!! I want to kick it up a notch, I have a few new incentives but I have 26 pounds to lose before I get them (new sexy gifts from victoria's secret and a night alone with DH). I really want to get to that point by valentines day.

Ennay~You are in OR, Right?? Mervyns here in WA are closing as well. I went x-mas shopping on friday. I was excited because we spent $125.00 and SAVED $133.00 I hate that they are leaving, but the deals were great!! The clothes part of gifts for the kids are done!!! :)

12-04-2006, 04:27 PM
Okay I am confused b/c my doctor says oatmeal is oatmeal, it is just a texture thing. I looked on the Quaker oatmeal website and found that steel-cut, old-fashioned, and quick cook plain oatmeal all have the same nutrition value including the amount of fiber. If I am wrong please enlighten me...because I am confused.

12-04-2006, 04:33 PM
I hope you feel better Jeni!

Thanx for posting that ennay!

Dolly I know it can be so confusing but I did read something the other day when I was looking at the worlds healthies ....links, I read about how steel cut something or other, takes longer to digest, therefore it doesnot let your blood sugars rise as rapidly. (Kind of like simple carbs vs. complex carbs) DONT QUOTE ME ON THAT! lol I know I was looking at brown rice, maybe it is in that link

let me go look

12-04-2006, 04:47 PM
I didn't find it yet but seen this. Buy organic brown rice! Sheesh! This is rediculous! How the **** can they even sell us all this stuff that is not organic if it is so bad for us!!!

Brown Rice (

Non-Organic Rice May Contain Traces of Arsenic

Research conducted by Andrew Mehanrg and colleagues from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland has found that rice grown in the U.S. contains from 1.4 to 5 times more arsenic than rice from Europe, India or Bangladesh. However, the U.S. rice contains less of the most toxic species of arsenic than the rice tested from other nations.

U.S. long grain rice had the highest mean arsenic levels at 0.26μg/g with the highest concentration at 0.4 μg/g.

Indian rice had the least arsenic at 0.05μg/g.

Rice from Bangladesh contained the same amount of arsenic as rice from Europe at 0.15 μg/g.

Low doses of arsenic, such as those found in Meharg's survey, do not cause acute illness; however, long term exposure may increase cancer risk. Higher levels of exposure can affect various organs including the skin and the respiratory, cardiovascular, immune, genitourinary, reproductive, gastro-intestinal and nervous systems.

Despite U.S. rice containing the highest concentrations of arsenic, it is difficult to evaluate the possible toxicity of the rice that was tested because inorganic arsenic is five to ten times more toxic than organic arsenic. In the U.S. rice, only 42% of the arsenic was inorganic compared to 81% in the Indian rice, 80% in the Bangladeshi and 64% in European rice. But, as the authors point out, organic arsenic can still cause health problems.

The arsenic contamination of U.S. rice may be the result of earlier cotton farming, which relied on arsenic-based pesticides. Land previously used to grow cotton is now used to cultivate rice, particularly in Mississippi and Arkansas.

When rice was first grown in these states, the crops often failed due to straighthead, an arsenic-induced disease. Varieties of rice were developed that are resistant to straighthead, but this increased the risk of arsenic accumulation in apparently healthy grains. The U.S. is currently reviewing all arsenic-based pesticides. At the World's Healthiest Foods, we recommend erring on the side of safety. Choose organically grown rice whenever possible. For any crop to be labeled as organic, including rice, stringent testing of soils for contaminants, including arsenic, must be passed.

12-04-2006, 04:48 PM

I prayed for you about your surgery!! I hope everything goes fine hun!!! Good luck!!!

12-04-2006, 04:57 PM She has just figured out that I cant physically force her to do stuff if I am holding the baby. I hate days like today where I feel like all our interaction is negative. We were having a good time on our weekly pizza outing and as soon as I picked up ds...whammo. She turned into whiny bratty toddler.

12-04-2006, 04:59 PM
Okay so it seems tom is just around the corner! I got the food bingies today. I feel blah, and don't even feel like going to see dh at lunch time. They changed the schedules back to 2 10-7's which we hate and 3 8-5's. It don't make much of a difference cause when they changed it it was 2 weeks of 8-5 and then one week of 10-7. *sigh* Anyhow he works late tonite. I just want to stay home and get stuff organized with kids clothing today. Summer/winter, etc. I am all out of fruit, yogurt and bread!

I had a slimfast for breakfast, 1 cup of boneless/skinless ch. breast for lunch with 3 warm taco shells and that still was not enough! I even had 1 serving of cashews which I have not had in like a week due to babying my mouth. And believe it or not, I was STILL hungry!

I think it may be because no fruit or yogurt for breakfast. :( Then usually at lunch the ezekiel bread with peanut butter keeps me satiated but no, none of that today! Arrrggghhhhh. I ain't fretting tomorrow is grocery day.

So I go looking in the kitchen AGAIN to see what to eat! I seen some left over sp. sauce and some noodles and was thinking of having one serving of each. BUT the sauce is also NOT the one lower in cals its the target brand so that would be 100 for .50 a cup! The noodles are 200 for 1 serving. 300 more cals sheesh!! And the sad thing is I KNOW I am not hungry but my head is telling me to eat! But i was scared that would not be enough and that I would want more!

BUT I looked in the freezer and seen something to save the day! Hebrew National Kosher Hot dogs. Only 50 cals each and 1.5 grams of fat! So that pot I was boiling I stuck those in instead and saved 200 cals!!! Whoohooo! I am buying more in case I have an emergency next month! :lol:

My cals so far today:

858 cals/fat 36%/carbs 23%/protein 41%

That is crazy! I guess I really wanted that protein! haha The fat still isn't bad cause that will go down later when I have beans for dinner. :D Thank God that can be my saving grace tonite!! I can still have a low cal/low fat day if I eat beans and a few taco shells plus veggies for dinner which I plan on doing. I am going to look now and add some stuff in for later and see where I would wind up.

12-04-2006, 04:59 PM
Awww Ennay, how old is she?

12-04-2006, 05:05 PM
Oh I am also happy to report that I am NOT hungry now! hahahahahah Yeah me!!! If I add in two cups of beans, 2 corn tortillas, .50 a cup of carrots and .50 of broccoli I will be at 1485 for the day, 24 % fat/ carbs 40%/ protein 35%

12-04-2006, 05:06 PM
I'm pretty sure you are right Jasmine, that the absorption of is slower in less processed oats. Now what the doctor might have been referring to in the opinion that it is all the same is cholesterol reduction, in which case fiber is king.

Let me see what I can find

12-04-2006, 05:11 PM
steel cut oats = glycemic index 42
Old fashioned = GI 48
Instant unsweetened = GI 65

12-04-2006, 05:13 PM
Awww Ennay, how old is she?

She'll be 3 in January. She likes ds a lot, but she is at that age where "what can I get away with" rules. I tossed her in bed for her nap (not that she is sleeping) without even taking her potty first, so I am sure she will wet/poop her diaper (only wears them for sleeping)

12-04-2006, 05:21 PM
Hey everyone! How are you all doing? I'm doing okay, just got done pulling a double (something I will NEVER EVER do for this dept AGAIN!!!) and I'm going to the gym after I get out of the computer lab. Yall preparing for Christmas?

12-04-2006, 05:50 PM
Thanks ennay for the clarification. I see where you are coming from now.

12-04-2006, 07:36 PM
ok, so I'm back, still haven't eaten today and will probably only get one meal. 6 stitches in the inside of my lip. On the upside, my lip will look normal after it heals, and looks like what ppl pay thousands for in Hollywood. -rawr- lol. I can't eat anything hot in general or hard, so it's cold pasta for dinner for me.. woo. -_- But at least I get to eat. I also went to Target for Motrin and a new scale (I'll weigh myself tomm. and fix my tickers ;)) Meanwhile, I also tried on new clothes just to see what size I actually am now. I'm down to a comfy size 14, which I haven't been since before I was married and had my first child!

12-04-2006, 07:48 PM
annay~my daughter is 3 1/2 and she is going through the I am going to test you until you explode test. I love her, but she can drive me crazy. She is a total red head with the attitude. She has screamed so much today that I am afraid the neighbors are going to call the police. I ignore her, which makes it worse and last longer, right now I don't know what to do but ignore her. BTW she is screaming because A. I wont change her movie. B. I won't give her a cookie or pudding. C. Because she took a toy from her bro and I gave it back. Or D. Just to drive me insane (which I think she does 80% of the time)

12-04-2006, 08:04 PM
OMG I put my daughter down for her nap at 12:45 so I wouldnt kill her and she played and played and played in her room and then 15 minutes ago started whining "mommy" and now she is out. Its 4 pm now. Well, at least I had time to deal with my son who had his first shots today and was NOT HAPPY about it.

12-05-2006, 12:16 AM
hi everyone i actually ate pretty good today kind of instead of overeating i didnt eat enough but i wasnt hungry so i didnt want to force myself
Mel you are so right. i got the opti. slimfast so ill start having that in the morning

12-05-2006, 12:26 AM
Melissa: 4mph is a killer though! I just gotta push though, because I know I can do it, and to not would be, well, not 100%, you know?

dollypie: Congrats on the loss! Size 12 petite, that's awesome!

Calejo: Good on getting the new scale! I had a bit of a downer when I first started. I thought I was 260, turned out I was really 279! I'm still making my way to what I thought I was, but got a new scale that is more accurate. I got mine for pretty cheap at Home Hardware, it's the WW scale. Glad you're feeling better! Why did you have to have surgery?

Jeni: Oooo! I have this before picture of myself that was taken for DF. I'm wearing a bustier, and I think I looked awful! I want to look at the before, and then the after to see the difference! Hope you feel better soon :)

Ennay: Ahh, 3 year olds! Maybe she's feeling jealous of her new baby brother. I know my niece was really bad for that, but she's kind of grown in to it, takes part in more of the activities that my sister and her youngest infant do (blanket time, etc), and that seemed to help!

Jasmine: That is some protein intake you have going on! Way to go! Some days are just better with more protein ;)

Shari: Double shifts are AWFUL!! I remember working graveyards (12 hour shifts), and being dead at 9am, and then being asked to stay until 1. The jerk boss always made me come in again at 9, tho! "Labour Law states you only need 8 hours between shifts" blah blah blah.

Mia: That's what I have. So far, it's been well since I don't consume too many foods in my regular diet with huge amounts of sugar, and it actually fills me up, and gives me prolonged energy opposed to a short spike. Congrats on the good food day, and knowing your limit! :)

Wow. Today did NOT go well. I was up until 4:30am last night, and then got up at 6:20 with DF to help him with last minute preparations, then off on his trip he went. I tried to get sleep, but our oldest cat (22) stepped in floor cleaner, so I had to give her a bath. She was pissed, but still had some on her, so I had to give her yet ANOTHER bath. Needless to say, she and I aren't on speaking terms right now (her choice). Then I still had to go to work today, MIL needed me there. I ended up not getting out until 6:30 because FIL came in and wanted to go over a schedule plan for the upcoming week while DF is still away. And even though I stopped working at 5, I was stuck doing invoices for him until 6:30pm! Atleast I managed to get a ride home from MIL. I would have died in that cold. It gets super dark around 4pm now, and that's when the bitter cold kicks in. Brrr.
Now I'm just barely keeping myself awake. I have to, though, so I don't end up waking up too early tomorrow. Grr.
And my calories. I'm not even going to post them. Sleep deprivation left me in a weird place this morning, and the only healthy things I ate today was a bowl of soup for dinner with 1oz shredded skim mozza. I even planned today, but nothing worked out! Arg. So on top of that, with all the bad food I binged on this morning, I felt like more crap all day.

Sorry to complain, today was just not a very easy day. Normally I can let all these things roll off my back, but with DF gone for 2 weeks, I've kind of hit a raw nerve, I think.

I just don't know whether to cry, scream, or pass out from exhaustion. And I can't take a hot bath either! That's usually my way to super relax myself, hot suds, candles, and a good book. But I'm afraid I'll fall asleep, and normally DF would check on me, but I'm home all alone for 2 weeks!!

Ugh, ending now. Tomorrow is planned better, hopefully I follow through. My meal is posted under 20-somethings in Tuesday Planning.

Goodnight all.

12-05-2006, 12:47 AM
Welcome to 3 year olds ladies, LOL...I have two older ones that I remember those stages and now my youngest is going through it. He is four.

I was always told, little ones get overwhelmed and over stimulated and they need to be by themselves for a little while sometimes just to get themselves back together a little peace within (I need this as an adult too).

When my son acts up and doesn't calm down after a few minutes of either time out or can't watch cartoons or whatever the reason, then I warn him "if you are not quiet then you will have to go to the other room (someplace safe and quiet). Sometimes I will even count to three.

If he doesn't listen, I gently pick him up place him on my bed and close the door telling him he has to be quiet in order to come out of the room (this time helps me calm down too because I don't have to listen to him screaming or throwing fits). If he is still crying a few minutes later, I open the door and remind him again. Then I close the door and as soon as he is quiet, I run over there open the door and tell him he may come out if he can be quiet.

He is like a new person; respectful, calm, and listens so much better. After a few times of this all i have to say is do you want to go to bed or the other room and he calms down.

Good luck gals it does get better as long as your consistant and they know what to expect if they have that type of behavior.

12-05-2006, 12:56 AM
Jasmine-I so have been there with the cravings especially right before TOM. Those hotdogs sound good I will have to get me some!! Happy to hear it did the trick for you.

Calejo- 6 stitches OUCH!!! Are you okay? Poor thing...I hope you feel better soon!!

Sheri- I hope you feel better after you get some good sleep! The most I have ever done was 20 hours straight and I was exausted. the money was good though.

12-05-2006, 03:20 AM

I had surgery b/c my 3 yr. old accidently flopped his head into my mouth instead of my pillow while trying to crawl into bed with me one night about 1 1/2 months ago and it never healed right. I had a big bump on the inside of my mouth. Too bad for my BF that I can still talk (kinda) MUAH HAHAHAHAHA. :devil:


I have 3 kids, all 2 yrs. apart. Trust me, I've been down that road. I know she's testing you, and I'll tell you 2 things that saved my sanity. 1 was giving her a project she'll enjoy and that makes her feel like a "big girl" maybe a coloring book and a small thing of crayon that she picks out and that are hers and ONLY hers, and that she can do near you if she likes (so she doesnt' feel too put to the side). The second, and most effective thing, I did was to ask them for help with the baby. Even if I didn't really need the blanket, or could reach the diapers just fine, it gave them a sense of responsibility and importance when it came to the babies... before you know it, all you'll have to do is say, "shhh... don't wake the baby". You can even tell her, if you want to color now, I'll finish up with the baby in a couple mins and we can play together for a bit, ok? if all else fails, there's always shock collars, right? :p

12-05-2006, 04:03 AM
Good Morning Ladies! It seems like it was quite the day yesterday for most of you, some good things, some bothersome ones. Believe it or not, I worked for a large steel company for 16.5 years, then I started babysitting and did that for 11 years. So I do have a little smile when I hear about the kids acting out, as I can remember it from mine, then from the ones that I sat. I do agree if you can get the older ones to help out a bit with the babies it makes them feel important, I also agree with time outs and quiet time, I had luck with them as well.

I hope everyone has a better day today, if not great yesterday. And is it not so amazing to try clothes on and find out your into a new size, you go girl. I had a rather nice experience this morning, I weighed myself and was down two pounds, lets hope it sticks. I was also very good today with my meals, grocery shopped and got things I can eat that I didn't have and went to town. I also did about 3/4's of a mile walking, was aiming for a mile, but for my first day was pleased just to of stuck to the right foods and getting that exercise in. It is very cold here and we got our first bit of snow, people sure forget easily how to drive in it. :devil: I really dislike that, can you tell.
I can't believe all that you people keep up on and write, it takes me a long time just to catch up every night, maybe I should come to the site more often during the day. Have a good one everyone, and before I forget thanks for all the Congrats on the 25th, as well as the encouragement to get going on my weight loss journey.

12-05-2006, 10:29 AM
Good Morning everyone! Man I missed it all again!!

I was just reading in my YOU on a diet book last night about steel cut oats, Dr. Oz recommends them too, he suggested that since they take longer to cook that you cook up a weeks worth at a time and then store them in the fridge. The made the comment that he know it sounds icky but they are really quite tasty reheated. So anyway, I'm gonna look for that and that ezekial bread too.

I've got to find some cheap (not cheap just low cost) gifts for a couple of my classmates. I was thinking some lotions from Bath and Body works. anyone else have a better idea? Doesnt have to be anything major just the thought really. Input is greatly appreciated.

Jasmine is sharing her sore throat with me darn it! Although its not as bad today. I've been told that I should have went and gotten some Airbourne at the first signs. Does anyone else use this? My understanding is that it really works but you gotta take it as soon as you feel a cold coming on.

Its snowing!! Which means morning commute is going to be slow going so I better go get ready!

Calejo...I'm glad your surgury went well! Heal fast!

they always say terrible twos but i swear 3 was MUCH worse than 2 ever could be...for my girls anyway. Just wait till 10 rolls around, that was another trying time around here. But she's mellowed out a bit.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


12-05-2006, 11:04 AM
Oh, she loves helping out with the baby - loves him. And she usually isnt a problem. Yesterday was just one of those days. And it was a tough her sitting down in the middle of the street while crossing because she knew I couldnt carry her while carrying him. She is just exploring if she can take advantage of me being occupied more than anything else. With her I predict this behavior will last about a week to varying degrees and then she'll figure out she doesnt get what she wants this way. Thats kind of how she works, every couple months she tries to push the boundaries and then settles back in.

12-05-2006, 12:25 PM
Good Morning Ladies,

Well I just made some hot tea to warm up this morning and put a blanket on my lap. Now if I could just warm up my hands. It is so cold in our offices, I can never warm up.

Hun.e.B: I usually do the bath stuff for gifts, in the past I have done stationary, gourmet coffee or teas sets, and for the foodies a recipe book.

Canuk4: Way to go on the two pounds!

Calejo: I hope your recovery goes smooth, have you tried eating some protein shakes or smoothies?

martiniforme: Sorry you had such a long day yesterday, doesn't seem like the cards are stacked against us sometimes to lose weight. I sometimes have those days were I plan ahead and then nothing goes right. Hey today is a new day and you can bounce right back into your normal routine. At least now you see how all the back snacks and food lowered your energy level.

jasmine: Hope you are feeling better.

12-05-2006, 02:11 PM
Martini :hug: I am sorry your DF is gone, two weeks?? I don't think I could do it. And giving your cat a bath??? If I tried my cat would probably kill me and end up on the 10 most wanted list. Try to get some sleep, and don't be to hard on yourself, today is a new day!

Loveandlaugh: Do you mean locking them in the closet and hanging them by their toes is NOT going to work???? hmmmm maybe that is my big problem. :)

Sharon: It does get a little hard keeping up, but I am lucky all I have to do during most days is clean house, workout, take care of the kids, and play online. Somedays I stay on a little too long, but I make myself make up for it by working out extra hard!

Melissa, My DD was wonderful at 2, she started acting up at 3, then she was okay, now we just have good and bad days. Its worse now because we just took her binkie away a couple weeks ago. ( I know I know she's 3 but you know how it is) We just had some snow, I hate driving in it, but I love to look at it! How do you like that book?? I was thinking of getting it for myself for christmas. How about nice picture frames?? I love getting picture frames as gifts.

Annay: My girl is the same way, but it doesn't make it any easier to deal with or any less frustrating!

Dolly: have you ever heard of hand warmers?? They are these little packets that when exposed to air heat up, you are supposed to keep them under your gloves, but I leave mine in my pocket so I can warm my hands up quickly when I am not wearing gloves. (I think I got mine at walmart)

Today is going much better, Makenna woke up and found her chocolate countdown to christmas calendar that a friend gave to me. I let her have
A piece but I knew she would want more. But to my suprise she listened well. Now she is asking if she can have things, like my cell phone, when I say No, she asks Why not??? and Because I said isn't cutting it. :)

Tommy is being really good too, usually its one or the other for me. We are going to head out and run some errands in a little bit, I am so glad they are being good.

12-05-2006, 04:46 PM
I would love to do a shake, but I have no blender. I think I could mix it by hand and it could count for my 30 mins. of cardio LOL

12-05-2006, 05:01 PM
Hi everyone! I have no kids yet but I will try to remember all the advice I've read. I usually use the very successful 'dark mama' look on my little sister and brother but my kids are probably going to be 10x more stubborn and bold with my luck so I need alternative ways besides going outside and getting a switch. LOL

WI was today and I've lost 1.4 lb this week.

12-05-2006, 05:33 PM
dark mama works pretty well most

12-05-2006, 05:35 PM
not for me, my daughter stares back with her mean look and I end up stifiling a laugh. I lose stare offs with my girl how bad is that!!

Congrats on the Weightloss Shari!!

12-05-2006, 05:42 PM
lol my daughter is good at the dark look too, sometimes we do it when we are being silly. But somehow she seems to know when I actually mean it most days. Except yesterday.

12-05-2006, 07:31 PM
Its been a while since Ive posted. The last weigh in I did was on October 23rd my sons birthday. After that things kinda went down hill and Ive been on an eating spree. I gained some weight back but Id really like to get myself healthy before we start trying for another baby. I really have no clue how Im gonna stick to this when we go to Vegas for a vacation on Tuesday but I have to do this already. Ive lost like 50 pounds and I just need to finish this and get to my goal. Ive been off and on a diet for the last 2 years and if I just stick to it Im sure I could get the weight off in a few months. Im gonna hop back on the treadmill tonight. Just wanted to say Hi and hopefully Im back once and for all.

12-05-2006, 07:47 PM
Hello everyone! I was gone a day and needed to read three pages to catch up! :dizzy: I have two of my own boys ages 17 and 12 and three step children ages 13, 12, & 8. Trust me it will get better for awhile and then the teenage years start. :stress: The emotions are non stop. Say nothing about the money! My oldest is graduating this year and it is costing me a fortune. :?:

Anyway I'm doing just okay on the diet. Calories are about 1600 and I can't lose unless I keep them at 1200. To many gatherings lately. Only exercised 10 minutes yesterday but hope to do better today.

12-05-2006, 08:23 PM
I'll have to get to personals tomorrow. It has been a crazzy hectic two days! Spent alot of yesterday doing laundry and cleaning, kids rooms, my eldest helped me move their beds around and clean behind there, cooking, having hot chocolate and a blueberry muffin and just relaxing last nite. dh got home late on the bus like 30 minutes late! Arrggghhh!! This morning the bus adventures started at 7:30, I told myself to wait til tomorrow but there is no bread and that would of meant taco bell for lunch with dh, BUT we are already planning pizza & bread stix for dinner!! I am allowing myself to be bad. I resisted the out to eat poizza all last month. But I told myself that that nacho bell grande has 790 cals and 43 grams of fat all by itself! 43 is what I try to keep it to for all day! , let alone adding pizza and crazy bread!! And I told myself, what the heck, just get a nacho supreme then, (but there is still like 390 cals and im not sure for fat, its a little smaller) but I know myself, I will NOT be able to just do that! hahaha So I got on the bus at 7:30, went to the store tryed to grab as much stuff as I could, got alot of great deals on sliced cheese and fat free turkey slices, Low fat ham and chicken slices, stocked up, they were having a half price sale which will come in handy in a few weeks! Kids will be out. Anyhow they even had two loaves of ezekiel in the 1/2 off section. Woohooo!!! Ran home and made a nice lunch, did have a handful of nuts, had 1 cup of a new yogurt, one I do not care to try again! :lol: Went at 7:30, got home at 9:00, got on the bus at 10:30, headed out to target to get gifts for katys b day today. Found some great deals! The barbie trycycle was on sale 18.00 instead of 35.00!!! Also got her a cabbage patch that had a baby sister with it. They were redhaired and adorable!, on sale for 24.00 instead of 34.00, also got her a princess tea pot set for 14.00.

Anyhow, had lunch with him then got back at 1:30, the older kids were getting out of school early thank god, just enough time to drop katy off and gifts and run 15 minutes to the other bus that gets there at 2:22. Went shopping, (I told myself to wait and do more tomorrow but the steak is on sale , t bone 1/2 price and the tomatoes and oranges, etc !!!) So I pushed myself again. Anyhow just got back from that bus, it dropped me off at 3:40 and I would of had a 15 minute walk home with very heavy groceries but I will save that story for later. :D Anyhow I have to run out and catch the 4:30 and go get pizza and soda and meet dh and come home hopefully by 6:00! Everyone have a great nite!!!!

12-05-2006, 08:30 PM
you guys have to quit talking about holiday baking, if I had the ingredients I would have baked up a storm, both my kids are power napping today :) making up for yesterday I guess. I may go shopping tonight for ingredients and try to bake some tomorrow.

Wish I could predict the power naps, I need to dye my hair like crazy, but I am afraid to get to the messy stage and have ds start screaming. Would have had plenty of time today. I got in a mini nap too which is nothing to sneeze at.

Ugh, whoever picked the meals for the food coop this month picked all the highest fat options on the list. Most of the meals to choose from are reasonably healthy, but clearly her family is into cheese.

12-05-2006, 10:47 PM
hi everyone! today was an okay day i bought a different cereal (chex multigrain) and tried it for breakfast i could only eat 2 spoons i cant seem to stomach the wheat or grain cereal so i guess ill have to not eat any.
for lunch was okay and dinner i had speg. but i had a small portion and now i had a few sips of hubby's smoothie from smoothie king its looking alittle better if i could give myself a grade it would be a c+. oh i worked out this morning it was hard to get up though and somewhere since we started this new group i lost 1.5lbs

12-06-2006, 12:27 AM
I will do personals in a little bit. I just need a place to drop some words right now :).

Today went MUCH better than yesterday. I went to bed around 11:30pm, and woke up at about 7:30am, put some laundry in the wash, and hopped back in to bed. I didn't sleep, but I really did enjoy just lying there for an hour with my kitties. I miss days like that where I could just wake up when my body wanted to, and lie in bed in the sunlight, and enjoy some comfort time. But I'm satisfied. The opportunity usually comes around right when I need it.

Worked a very long day, but MIL fed me, so I'm happy! She made this leftovers mix (pasta, lean gr. beef, corn). I had about 1 1/2 cups, with 2 tbsp of grated Parmesan cheese rather than any sauce. It was pretty good, calories not much more than my planned dinner.

I'm going to rearrange some furniture tonight (so my Christmas tree has more space to itself!) and do up our company Christmas cards and envelope labels. I'm looking forward to that. I enjoy doing creative things, so this is perfect!

Turns out we have an uneven number of people for our Secret Santa, so I'm going to step out, but I will still send you all a little something by PM! So you will all be receiving a message from me shortly :).

I hope you all are having a good night! The week is almost half over, yipee!


P.S. You will never guess, I actually found a health food store in our itty bitty town (pop. 5600) called Herbal Answer or something like that. While I'm there tomorrow, I'm also going to pick up some hypo allergenic things for DF (sensitive skin), and some hemp products. I'm trying to slowly move meat out of my diet (with proper supplementation, of course!). Lately I just can't do it. I keep having these mental images when I eat it. So this means I won't have to drive to another town just to get organic products like ezekiel bread! Yay!

12-06-2006, 12:51 AM
Okay, all done! Fingers crossed that it all works out!

Lori: You are not set up to accept PM's (Private Messages). If you still don't want to enable this option, can you please PM me an e-mail address or alternate way to get your buddy's name out to you?


12-06-2006, 01:50 AM
I'm sorry I'm not sure how to enable to accept PM's. Can you tell me how? Thank you.

12-06-2006, 01:56 AM
Lori: Sure!

1. In the top-left corner, click on UserCP
2. In the left-side panel, you will see a title, Setting & Options
3. Click Edit Options
4. Scroll down the page until you see the heading, Messaging & Notification
5. Then you will see a smaller heading that says Private Messaging
6. The first box you see under that heading will say Enable Private Messaging
7. Make sure there is a check mark in that box
8. Scroll all the way down to the bottom, and click the button that says Save Changes

There ya go!

12-06-2006, 02:06 AM
okay I think I did it give it a try

12-06-2006, 02:10 AM
Perfect! Sent :D

12-06-2006, 12:59 PM
Drumroll Please.......

As of this morning, I completed my 2006 goal of 650 Miles!

Can I take the rest of the year off?

12-06-2006, 01:21 PM
:cheer2: :woohoo: :congrat: :cheer: That is sooo awesome Ennay!!! Can't stop though...Keep on Truckin!!:D

I lost 2.2 pounds this week. Now finally down to 179...Yahooooo!!:woohoo: :cheer2:

12-06-2006, 01:36 PM
Loveandlaughalways - 2.2 pounds :bravo: Yeah!:D

Ennay - 650 miles??!! OH MY GOSH! :dizzy: Awesome!

12-06-2006, 01:43 PM
Good Morning Chicks,

Okay I am soliciting ideas for fast and healthy dinners? I am tired of the same old stuff and looking for new ideas. The meal must include some type of meat for the DH and he will pretty much eat anything I cook. Also I am a firm believer in the 30-45 minute meals for dinner. I don't like to cook for a long time after I get home from work. Let me know your ideas.

ennay: What an accomplishment! Have to keep going though!

martiniforme: I am so jealous that you got to lay in bed with the kitties. For me its the dogs. I did that last Saturday morning b/c DH went hunting and it was just me at home. Just the alone time to relax gets me through all the tough stuff.

miafluker: I love smoothieking...sometimes I just make that my lunch because of the calorie count

Jasmine31: You are one busy woman. I love the feeling when you find bargains at the grocery store. I got some whole wheat pitas on monday.

12-06-2006, 01:44 PM
Oh I forgot to say as I was walking down the hall today at work, I DIDN'T hear something. That's right I could not hear my thighs rubbing together w/ my pantyhose on. I did my own little dance in hall and I don't care if anyone saw!

12-06-2006, 02:28 PM
wooohooo dolly pie!

wooohooo l&l

man ...all you girls are slave drivers!;)

I'd give you some recipes, but right now I am one hand typing and nursing.

This is a pretty good cookbook:

12-06-2006, 02:53 PM
I found this, and it looks so good, I might cook it tonight since I have 6 chicken breasts ready to be cooked!

Chicken Casserole (

I don't think I'll add the white wine, though. The cook time is 45 minutes, but majority of that is spent with the chicken in the oven while you have free time to do something else!

12-06-2006, 07:36 PM
my fave and easy thing is to cook up my chicken chop it into cubes, mix it with (cooked) chopped broccoli and carrots (but whatever you like would be tasty) I flavor it with lemon juice, garlic, salt, and pepper. After it is done I add some chopped tomatoes and serve it with toast with a light spread(sprinkled with garlic). I serve it with a salad. My family loves it!!

I also have made the same thing, but instead of the lemon I add canned tomatoes and spagetti seasoning (add a quarter cup of water to help it mix) serve it with pasta. MMMM GOOD!

12-06-2006, 07:48 PM
One thing is to marinate and cook chicken breasts (grill or bake) ahead of time and freeze them individually, then you can thaw and the possibilities are endless.

12-06-2006, 08:56 PM
Goood evening ladies. Congrats on the weight loss, way to go!!!! I had a nice surprise when I got up and weighed this morning I was down a total of six pounds since last week, I am really excited. I did do two miles with my
walking tape last night and have really been watching my food intake, water is not going as good as planned though. Anyhow, have to run my daughter is coming for supper and has had a busy day at work and I haven't finished getting it ready. Talk to you all tomorrow. Sharon

12-06-2006, 09:39 PM
MMMMM!! Goood!!!
Chicken casserole and chicken in the oven with garlic.

I threw together a meal last night;
chicken enchiladas using:

Makes 8 servings...

Preheat oven 350 degrees...

Chicken mixture:
4-3 oz frozen chicken breasts boiled and shredded adding 1/2 cup sauce and 1/4 cup fat free cheddar cheese. Mix it up and set it aside.

1 large can crushed tomato sauce(20 cal for 1/2 c) with chili powder, cumin, oregano, and garlic salt. Simmer for 10-30 minutes.
8 low carb low fat tortillas(80 cal each)

1. Put small amount of sauce at bottom of large 9x14 baking dish to coat bottom pan.
2. Roll shredded chicken mixture in each tortilla.
Spread rest of sauce over top of tortillas.
3. Wrap in tin foil.
4. Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.
(Start brown rice and make salad)
5. Place 1/4-1/2 cup fat free cheddar on tortillas replace tin foil and let sit until cheese is melted.

Serve with brown rice and salad.

my kids and husband said they loved it. (or they were really hungy, LOL)

12-07-2006, 09:19 AM
good morning! i managed to work out yesterday and ate well for breakfast slimfast opt. it was suprising pretty good but then that afternoon i got sick(sore throat,cough,water eyes etc.) so i didnt eat much of anything well today im feeling alittle better i dont think im going to get a workout in this morning but will do it when i get off. Hope you guys have a great day and thanks for the recipes sounds great!

12-07-2006, 10:59 AM
Good Morning everyone!! Have I told you lately how lucky I am to have you in my life! Well I really do feel lucky, just thought you should know! LOL!! Did you watch biggest loser last night. My goodness that show motivates me! I wish Bob would come to my house! I love him! Cant wait till next week when we get to see everyone and how far they've come. I think they sneaked a peak at Eric and OMG! Anyway, got me to thinking about making some serious changes around here with my family. After the first of the year this entire family needs to start being healthier, not just me! My girls are just as fit as can be, but so was I at that age, I didnt gain weight till my 20s and now look at me! 2 steps away from diabetes and a heart attack. I do NOT want the for them. and my dh...he's getting softer and softer as time goes on.

Mia...good morning!! I hope you are feeling okay!! Fight off that cold. Have you tried Airbourne? How'd that workout go?

loveandlaugh...yummy!! dinner looked fantastic! When I do enchiladas its the green variety not so healthy with a creamy sauce. I'll have to give yours a whirl! Thanks for sharing! Way to go on your loss!!! That is FANTASTIC news!!

Sharon...holy moley!!! Way to go lady!!! You are just cruising arent you!! congrats on some AMAZING weightloss!!! Keep it up! You are doing so GREAT!!

Dolly...WOOOHOO!!! The thighs are shrinking the thighs are shrinking!! See all that hard work is paying off!! Keep it up! My favorite healthy dinner is italian chicken spaghetti. But I've modified it I dont use spagetti anymore I use rotini. What you do is cook some rotini pasta and drain, cut up chicken breasts into strips and saute them with some Just 2 Good Italian dressing (about 1/2 cup), then once the chicken is cooked through throw in 1 green, 1 red, 1 yellow bell pepper cut into strips and saute till just tender (I like em a lil crunchy still) add the chicken and peppers to the pasta and toss with 1 cup of Just 2 good italian dressing. Its so good! And its really good cold the next day too. If you use whole wheat pasta all the more better! rock!!! that is so awesome!! What an incredible accomplishment!!! Way to go girl!!

Mande...thank you so much for setting up the Secret Santa! I really appreciate all your effort!

Jasmine....I hope all is going well with you and you are just cruising along like a champ! I was thinking of you last night I made my enchiladas, I need to do them healthier, but like you long as its moderation!

Okay ladies, I hope that everyone has a wonderful day today! Really thick inversion fog going on here so I need to head out early. 2 more days of classes!! But then! LOL!! My daughter has a field trip next week they are going cross country skiing and she really wants me to go, but I'm scared! That is a serious workout! See the things this weight holds us back from! Be strong everyone!! We can do this!


12-07-2006, 11:34 AM
Thanks everyone for the great recipe ideas, they all sound so great. All of you are so fabulous! Looks like I need to pick up some chicken breasts from the store on the way home tonight. I slept through my alarm today so I didn't make it to the gym. I feel sluggish at work today and sleepy. Who knew exercise did so much for me. I thought about going after work, but then I wouldn't want to go in the morning again. I think I will just take the dogs out for a walk after dinner tonight. They seemed to like it last night and hey it gets me off my butt.

Mia, I hope you get better soon.

Hun.e.B., I saw the preview with Eric and it is amazing! He really inspires me because he as worked so hard. Did you see Kai too she was a skinny mini. I think Heather is the one that has the trouble. She just turns me off because of her attitude toward certain things. I feel she always wants things handed to her. Just watching all of them run motivates me to get going because hey if they can do I know I can too. Did you watch the special before about high school students. Two years ago I was a guest teacher at a high school for a leadership class and had to teach one day a week for 12 weeks. The choices for food at the high school were terrible. And yes fried tater tots were there veggie too, off course at that time I at them.

12-07-2006, 12:48 PM
Hi ladies, just wanted to check in really quick. My kids are sick today so I have to take care of them today, fevers, I hate fevers. Even more I hate when they get ear infections, please no ear infections. I also woke up feeling lousy sore throat, runny nose, but as the day goes on I am feeling slightly better. Im just glad today is my day off.

Ennay I always cook my chicken before hand. It is such a lifesaver!

Sharon does that say SIX POUNDS?!! WOOHOO

Loveandlaugh you made me hungry just reading the ingredients. MMMM

Mia feel better soon. Make sure you get plenty of fluids, I am right there with you.

Melissa good luck with your last days of classes!! I don't usually watch the biggest loser because I am at work, but I love the motivational shows (I love celebrity fit club!) I understand about the whole family eating better, I feel guilty when I give my kids foods that I won't touch. Dont get me wrong they don't eat crap all the time, but when they do I feel guilty.

Dolly Sorry you didn't make it to the gym today. Make sure you get that walk in, the dogs will love it!!!

Sorry about the one liners lady off to fend of germs with disenfectant and bleach!! GERMS BEWARE!!

12-07-2006, 08:18 PM
It turns out that one of you ladies is going to be celebrating a birthday in about 5 days here.
I won't say who, they can tell you themselves ;)
But I did want to say..


12-07-2006, 08:31 PM
Good evening everyone! Well I'm catching something, not sure yet what, but it's really deep in my chest and I feel worn out. I went to a specialist today for chronic hives and he thinks there is something wrong with my thyroid. I have to get a chest x-ray and blood test. I just can't be sick right now. I need to attend a party next week, have an interview next Thursday, and have two gatherings at my home a week from tomorrow.:(

Good news? I have no appetite! Yeah for me, being sick isn't all bad. ;)

Hun E.B. - I feel the same way. I am so grateful to have all of you in my life. :hug:

Sharon - A huge congrats on 6 pounds :carrot:

Mia - feel better soon

loveandlaugh - I love the recipes!

jcatron - Sick too? I swear were passing it around here ;) Get better soon

12-07-2006, 08:50 PM
I just want to say the six pounds I lost, I was counting the first two I went down, sorry if I miss lead anyone, itwas not intentional. Boy that chicken recipe sounds great and I have lots of chicken in the freezer, can't wait to try it. I get Woman's World Mag. as a Xmas gift every year, I just love it, it has alot of information in it, anyhow you were talking awhile back about shakes and the weight loss article for Dec. 5th was on the Slim-Fast Optima shakes and how good they are and filling, they say it is because of a fibre and fat they now put in them that keeps you fuller much longer and they only have 200 calories, they are recommending 2 a day and a sensible meal as well as two snacks. Just shows how much you ladies are up on the new products, where most of you find time to find out this information I really don't know, between school and kids, but please keep it up, you had it way before I got it in my mag.

I was only able to get a 1-1/2 miles in last night, my legs and even sides were killing me, sounds like it is doing something. May do some floor exercises and a mile tonight if I can get through it, wish me luck!

I was at the doctor's today for a second opinion, to see whether they need to operate or not, well it is going out to other doctor's in our city to get there opinions. It seem's this pin that moved and in turn the bone shortening from that,is something new to them all, to my big surprise . So they are going to see if 4 or 5 heads can come up with the best way to fix it. What was described to me today, was a little spookie, first they will fix the elbow, then make another incision and cut a piece out of the bone beside the one with the screw in, so they both end up being the same length. I hope one of the new doctors who will be looking at my case can come up with something better. Sorry for going on about this, but my family is in short supply tonight, and I am really scared. My doctor calls me an enigma?
Hope you ladies with colds and sore throats and the kiddies with fevors feel better, there Mom especially. Thanks for being my sounding board. Sharon

12-07-2006, 09:59 PM
Sharon, news like that can be scary and I am so glad you are getting a second opinion. My teenage son has several pins and screws in his bones from several surgeries this summer. We too got a second opinion before proceeding. Both doctors concurred and in the end we couldn't be happier that we did it. I did a lot of research on the internet about the doctors and the procedures also and felt better knowing more about it. Hang in there. :hug:

Six pounds is awesome no matter the time frame. :)

12-07-2006, 10:07 PM
Okay I hate to sound generic here but I wanted to run in and give everyone a hug! Congrats to all you losers and to all of you who are working hard at it! I feel bad cause I haven't had much time to check on everyone lately and have been busy grocery shopping and cooking and cleaning and the few minutes I get to sit here I skim over everything and am rackking my brain on this one health website, trying to find out WHAT to get at the store! My dh told me I HAVE to stay home tomorrow, not go anywhere and rest! :lol: He knows how busy I have been. SO I can spend some more time with you all tomorrow. :D

I am doing fine with the walking, still getting at least 50 minutes a day. Still watching my food, actually watching it a little too closely and I think I am being fanatical about it again.

I go to the website of Dr. Merco;a and while he does seem to be a little out there, food extremist, etc. He does make a **** of alot of sense! And what bothers me is all these diseases and cancers and stuff out there. It just seems to me like it is because of certain foods.

SLimfast ~ he didn't say anything about that other than mentioning the lower carb craze which he actually recommends lower carbs himself, not as low as atkins though. BUT although I like it, I just don't know. I just want to get as much back to basic ingredients as possible. and the slimfast, what the heck is all that stuff in it anyways? You know what I mean? SO I told myself that since I am doing so many fruits veggies, grains , beans and a vitamin etc. There should be no nutrient reason other than calcium that I should even need a slimfast!

Yogurt is also supposed to be really good for you and I have been doing my daily yogurt. I still try to do the cheese a few times a week in moderation. I was thinking of adding in lowfat cottage cheese to help out as well but then I hit a stumbling block. This guy recommends no milk products UNLESS they are raw! (that is legal in Ca.)

And the reasons why do sound a bit "alarmist" but I believe it. You all have to admit why in the world is america in such dire health consequences, yeah I know we all need to exercise more, but our country is one of convenience, which is why we have prepackaged foods and chemically treated this and that. *sigh* Other countrys still do have "raw milk" products.

If you want to read some about what I am talking about, check out these links:

He has alot to say about a lot of stuff. Alot of times he prints articles and then comments too. He also has a search engine on his site.

Don't Drink Your Milk (

Fox Fires Reporters for Telling the Truth About Milk ( lk.htm)

The Dairy Industry Self Destructs (

Bunch of milk links ( 3B&

I could go on and on but I am sure you get the idea.

Arrggghhhh!!! So i went on the look for raw milk and cheese today. No such luck! I did get something close to okay. Tillamook was recommended on one of the "find raw milk" websites as to the fact that it is still pasteurized but they do grass feed their cows instead of grain. (Dont get me started on that! )

SO I am assuming that they would do the same for their butter as for their cheese. I did look at the cheese and there is one that says pasteurized, but two others that say "cultured" all the other reg. cheeses said "past." So I am hoping the "cultured" is better! SO I grabbed that one and I went and got the real butter of tillamook. I love real butter anyhow and usually grab it when the store brand one goes on sale. We rarely use butter any more anyhow. He of course states his reasons why real is better than that synthetic stuff, even I cant believe its not butter! If anyone wants links to that info just tell me or search his site, i.e. "real butter"

For the yogurt I was severely disappointed to see that it has aspartame in it! My one from the other day had crystalline fructose in it and that is supposed to be more natural but really, they are all a bunch of junk! I was sad to see that mercola, someone who has 77 reasons why to completely avoid sugar even stated that he would rather have regular sugar than any of that made up crap! uggghhhhh

I went looking for Fage yogurt which some on this site recommend, even if I cant get unpasteurized yet at least I can get one w/out artificial sweetners!

I did get something else new, Kefir! It is supposed to be well recommended. I am still trying to see what mercola thinks about it, I seen one page on his site was like a reprint from another place advocating it but I did not see his comments anywhere. Anyhow that is all for now, oh wait, I also went and got fresh spinach and am going to try a huge salad tonite! With romaine hearts.

I am sure you all think I have gone completely off my rocker now! ;) hahahahahah

12-07-2006, 10:12 PM
Sharon I sure hope everything goes okay! Definatel;y get a secoind opinion!! *hugz*

12-07-2006, 10:29 PM
hi everyone wanted to say thanks real quick i didnt get my workout in today really was bad at work i got off an 1hr. late and then had to fight traffic home and then my cold is getting worse. Mel what is airbourne? right now i would try anything Jasmine you are so right our country do take the easy way out for everything,sharon 6lbs:carrot: stopeating and jcatron i know how you feel i think i need my flushot, i missed the biggest loser last night but guess what! my biggest losers cookbook and calorie guide came in today im about to go read it then go to bed its another work ?
do any of you guys work so much or hard that you feel like you barely get to spend time with your family. I miss my baby and my hubby maybe its just me being mushy but it just seems i dont have time to do anything anymore not to metion anytime for myself.
have a good night guys

12-08-2006, 01:30 AM
jasmine, didnt have time to read everything, but I dont use any artificial sweeteners. Buy plain unsweetened yogurt and add all fruit jam or cinnamon and vanilla extract. cinnamon and van ext. both add sweetness without sugar. Eventually if you add less and less of the jam, your palate will adjust to less sweet. I eat plain unsweetend now straight and prefer it. Its one of the reasons I DONT use artificial crap is if you just reduce your sweet intake, you reduce your taste for sweet. I had a wheat thin the other day and I swear to god it tasted like it was dipped in honey, thats how sensitive I am now to sugar.

12-08-2006, 02:16 AM
Oh my goodness!
I haven't posted in a couple of weeks and look what happens?! Congrats on the weight loss Jasmine and Mande! Hello to everyone else. :) My how times flies by.
I just stopped to say hello and I can't really stick around for long. We are heading to the coast tomorrow for a fun family weekend at the cabin. Made some FF dip to go with the veggies and baked chips for the snacks.
Also I went a month without drinking regular soda! That's quite an accomplishment for me as I used to love Coke.
Last week I ended up in the hospital with a kidney stone and then some complications. I had gained ten pounds from water retention and about fell off my feet! Anyway, it's all gone and I'm doing good.
The holiday time is a real challenge with all the snacky foods wafting near my nostrils.... Haha. But I am learning to think twice before succumbing to mindless eating.
Hope all of you are doing well. It's great to see the weight loss and there's so many new people I haven't met. Things are busy around here as we are getting ready to move out of the house. Yay! Our house is in escrow now... whew! So... I'll be popping in and out for this month but can't stay long.
Hugs to all of you and I sure miss ya!

12-08-2006, 08:18 AM
morning all, I can not believe I am awake. For the last 3 nights ds has been getting me up at 2 to nurse him and tonight he is power snoozing, but I am up (and engorged).

Hey sugar baby

Mia, that sucks, I used to have a job like that. work, eat, sleep, work

12-08-2006, 04:48 PM
Hello Ladies!

I don't know why I have so much energy today...I think it is because I had a great workout this morning. I am just waiting for it to be 5 o'clock and then I am outta here. Not to busy this Friday...its the end of the semester and campus is slow.

Okay I am ducking behind my computer because I am one of those persons that eats the artificial sugar. That's right in alot of stuff too, from my oatmeal to my tea I drink and especially my one a day diet pepsi. It is just my one vice I cannot give up. From your article though Jasmine, I may start cutting back a bit.

12-08-2006, 06:36 PM
Hi everyone! I went and got blood work and a chest x-ray. I feel lousy and really drained. My dh was mad because I still rode my bike last night but I just don't want to lose my momentum or break a good habit. Anyway I went pretty slow and just half a time so I was happy. Hope all of you feel better soon also.

dollypie - I'm a big artificial sugar person too so your not alone :hug:
miafluker - I'm right with you. I have a highly stressful job and put in a lot of hours. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love what I do, just sometimes I wish I wasn't responsible for so much. I have two children and three step-children and dh who I miss terribly at times, but they are really supportive.

12-08-2006, 11:15 PM
Well Hello to all and to all a Hello!!:sunny: :snow4: :present: :coolsnow: :ginger: :snowglo: :candy: :clause:
I have had a busy week this week. Am still off work due to foot, but am glad to have christmas with the kids. Miafluker, I too have a stressful job and feel for you:hug: and thank God that I am at home now even though its because of a foot injury. I just found out at age 36 I have osteopenia and that is most likely why I have had so many broken bones. I am now taking 1200 to 1500 mg of calcium a day. It won't rebuild the bone but keep it from getting worse. Only weight baring exercise will rebuild bone. I am trying to do that too. I have to do more research on that as well.

Looked at a beautiful house today. I wish I had a picture of it to show you. We have a video but no pictures. Don't know if we can buy it yet, but would be wonderful to have.

Stopeating-I hope all goes well and you feel better.

Dollypie-I too was one to use alot of artificial sugar until I knew that it probably wasn't that good for me. I am going to do better!!

Ennay-I feel your pain:hug: I hope you get a good sound sleep tonight. And I am going for the plain fat free yogurt. That is know so much about healthy food...thank you for being here!!!:D

Hi Sugarbaby!!:D

Jasmine-oh my gosh, I didn't realize there was so many bad things that we are eating in our food. I started knowing about the artificial sweeteners even splenda then too much regular sugar which I just found that the light yogurt, that I loved, had 14gms in it. I knew it tasted to good to be true!! Then milk shouldn't be pasturized. I am in big touble. I remember my mom when I was younger going out to a farm to get fresh milk and it was so good!! I wonder if you can still go to a farm now to get unpasturized milk?

Canuk-it doesn't matter if it is 4 pounds or 6 pounds; the over all is 6 pounds and that in it's self is Awesome!!!:cb: :woohoo: :cheer2: :congrat:

jcat-hope your kids feel better soon and hope you escape illness.:hug:

Hun.e.b.-:hug: I am so thankful to have you here also!! As for the t.v. show the biggest loser I have to know when to watch it because it sounds like fun to watch. Is it on everynight?

Martiniforme-I hope all is well!! Thank you so much with all your help on secret santa! You are doing an awesome job!!

12-09-2006, 05:32 AM
Hi folks, how is everyone doing? It sounds like you are all pretty busy with your jobs and kids and Christmas. So far we have not gotten any decorations up, a problem with the front porch is stopping us from getting some up and getting into the attic to get it all out is another, its jam packed with everything imaginable, (daughter moved out, didn't take everything, son is on a trial basis with his girlfriend, to see if living together will work, he is funny though, he show up every 2 weeks or so and spends the night, sometimes its cause his coughing is so bad she can't sleep, or he is snoring to much, she is a police officer and takes it very seriously, which is good for us people out there, not sure how good for my son, I said to him last night when he was staying over, I can just see it, you will be married and have a couple of kids and she will still be sending you home for one reason or another. We are just waiting till after Christmas and then it is going to be, her place or ours, then we will see what she does) sorry about that, I don't know where that blab came from, it just popped out.

Well I did 25 mins. floor exercise this morning. And did the walking ab cd for 2 miles tonight, so very pleased with myself.

My daughters boyfriend is having heart problems, they were to go to Riu Ocho Rios Jamica this Sunday and he was told from the specialist yesterday now, that he can't fly. I feel so bad for them, this was there first big trip, my daughter is being a real trooper though about the trip, obviously more worried about him then anything, he is haveing an angiogram on Tues. and possibly angioplasty or stents, they are too young to be dealing with this stuff, she is only 29, he is a bit older. They unfortunately did not take out cancellation insurance though, so will lose a good chunk of money. If any of you are travelling in the near future get the ins. Anyhow she called today and asked if my husband and I would take the trip if they could get it transferred, we discussed it and though we do not have the funds to pay them now, she feels at least it would be better than losing the money they paid out, if someone could go. My son can't as he has to many meetings and is starting his holidays the 15th, so has to be around. So at the moment we are waiting to hear if they will transfer the trip to us, I have such mixed feelings, I want to be home and be with her at the hospital while she waits for her hubby while he is having the angiogram, I feel devasted for them as they were so looking forward to the trip. My daughter says she is glad it happened here, not when they were away, she is thinking of it as a blessing. I feel excited we might go, but sick for the two of them and what they are dealing with. I also am worried about trying to diet and exercise while away. I will deal with that when we hear later on today. Sorry for going on so much, I feel I just have to talk to someone and you's are always so supportive I needed to just get it all out. Please don't get me wrong I think it would be a wonderful trip and we will pay them back, not sure when or how, but when I set my mind to some things I usually accomplish them, weight seems to be my down fall though. I just feel like I'm stealing the trip from them and they were so excited, God works in mysterious ways.

I will go now, thanks for listening to me, seem's I need you guys more than I realized, with the arm thing, now this, thanks for being there and your support. Sharon

12-09-2006, 07:49 AM
Last night I took my 12 year old to his group outing for kids with autism. It was a pizza and arcade type of place. He had a great time so I am really glad I made myself go when I wanted to go to bed. He loves to search for "treasures" on the ground and always collects "interesting" items. Last night he found 7 tokens and a quarter by diving under all the machines. Made his night! He is so incredibly cute. :) They served home made pizza. I was afraid I would over eat, but I had one piece and the toppings off of my son's piece. He has major eating issues associated with autism.

Older son has a wheelchair basketball tournament today three hours away. His dad is taking him. They will play all day and he will call me after each game and tell me how its going. His dad and I split the tournaments (ex) and I volunteered to give him December. Ha! Ha! Ha! ;)

Still feeling lousy. First time I didn't exercise last night. Need to do lots of baking and shopping this weekend or I will be in major trouble. Cancelled a gathering I was suppose to go to tomorrow, just too much to do.

I managed to lose two pounds this week! :) It was a tough week with the holiday gatherings, and I had a few indulgences, but the last two days I didn't hit 1000 calories with this thing so it balanced out.

Thanks guys for listening to me. You are my motivation! :hug:

Canuk4- I am sorry to hear about your daughter's boyfriend. It is a blessing that they caught it early before they went away. Your daughter is right, it's better that someone use the trip than let it go all together. I hope it works out for you.

Loveandlaugh - I'm glad you have a diagnosis. Now there is a plan to get better! :hug:

12-09-2006, 11:49 AM
Morning all! How are you all doing? I've been doing good with my exercise but just HORRIBLE with my water! I really really REALLY need to get out of food service because being around this food is messing with my diet. I have no will power.

12-09-2006, 11:54 AM
Canuk, so sorry about his heart problems.

stopeating - good luck with getting it all done, the holidays are getting overwhelming here too.

So, I thought I'd weigh in with my opinion on the milk thing.

I do buy organic milk, yogurt and cheese whenever possible because the data from growth hormones (BGH) are substantiated. Puberty in girls is coming younger and younger and in parts of the world where BGH use is highest, puberty is younger. Average age for puberty in I think its Puerto Rico is NINE. Anyway, early puberty on its own leads to a whole host of risks.

Pasteurized on the other hand. No, I will not get raw milk for me and especially not for my family. The risks of food borne illness from raw milk are too high versus a nebulous risk that hasnt been scientifically substantiated.

I think the question really comes down to - should humans be drinking cow's milk at ALL. If you do believe that the data that he says is right on pasteuriztation, then just go dairy free.

I was dairy free for 2 years, milk free for 5, and I may have been healthier for it. Its hard to say because I never really had a period to compare where all the other choices in my life were held constant. I did lose a substantial bit of weight when I first went dairy free, and didnt feel I was eating less, but on the other hand, being dairy free removed ALL mindless eating as I had to be a food police all the time.

But clearly, humans are the only species that ever drinks milk from another species. And the only species that drinks milk past puberty. Milk is created specifically for the nourishment of baby animals, and specifically for babies of the same species. (lol, we'd be better off drinking human milk, but good god, there is so much hoo-hah over BABIES drinking human milk, cant imagine if there started to be a market for selling human milk to adults). Anyway, the nutritional needs of an infant are significantly different from those of an adult, so its questionable whether milk is GOOD for you. (may not be BAD either)

I do think the correlation between milk and ear infections is pretty strong, and removing dairy from a childs diet if they are prone to ear infections would be a good first step.

And yes, calcium citrate is more easily absorbed.

The other conundrum in the calcium debate is the recent trend to higher protein diets. The more protein you eat the more calcium you need.

12-09-2006, 11:57 AM
I did mention in my intro that I tend to be opinionated didnt I? Anyway - feel free to ignore me :D

12-09-2006, 01:01 PM
Whooomp whoomp whoomp...another one bites the dust:carrot:

12-09-2006, 01:53 PM
Dear friends, thank-you for the support, re daughter's boyfriend and heart problems and us going on there vacation. It was confirmed this morning they will transfer the trip to us, but we both go with heavy hearts, knowing it was suppose to be there trip, no matter what assurances we are getting from them, that it is so good someone can go in there place and the money for the trip has not been thrown away. I will make this short, after my going"s
on last night. Please say a prayer his heart procedures will be successful.
Thanks Sharon

P.S. Gained 1 pound, screwed up my eating yesterday. Have done 30 mins. floor so far today. Talk to you again on the 18th, wishing everyone well!

12-09-2006, 10:14 PM
I know if I had to switch my plane tickets, I would be happy to give them to my mother. So have fun and enjoy the trip. Maybe you can return the favor by reserving another weekend get away for them close to home or something romantic set it up for them during the same time their trip was intended. that way they can still enjoy themselves and not have to fly. Nice 3-5 star hotel and restaurant. Just a thought.

Well i did horrible on the calories today2450 or so and no exercise yet. went to the movies with husband. didn't realize regular popcorn was that filled with calories. oh well tomorrow is another day!!

12-09-2006, 10:50 PM
hello everyone i just got finish reading the prevention's best fat fighters book
it was very interesting and made me a little more confident in myself.

how was everyone's day ennay its okay to be opinonated:hug: everyone's point a view is beneficial for someone

well guys the weekend is passing by way to fast its almost time for work again on monday

im facing a tough decison wether or not to quit my job because i want to finish school to get my bachelors but my boss requires for me to work at least 40hrs a week or more and refuses to work with students.
I do not want to be stuck being anyone's assistant for the rest of my career thankfuly i have a hubby that understands and wants me to strive for my goals

12-09-2006, 11:02 PM
i though i would post this info about sugar i found you guys probably already heard of this but for the ones that are just researching info here is what i found......................

ARTICLE: How Much Sugar is Too Much?
By Chris Woolston

A bowl of sweetened cereal for breakfast, a cup of fruit yogurt for a snack, and a scoop of sherbet for dessert: You've just had more than 20 teaspoons of sugar without opening the sugar jar. Twenty teaspoons of sugar sounds like a lot -- and it is. (Just imagine scooping that much sugar directly into your mouth.) It may be hard to believe, but the typical American actually eats or drinks more than 20 teaspoons of added sugar each day, and that doesn't even count the sugars naturally found in foods such as fruits, fruit juices, and milk. Added sugar used to be a treat, but now it's a major part of the American diet. According to a 2004 report from the American Dietetic Association, sweeteners account for about 15 percent of our daily calories. But that's just an average. Many people get 30 percent or more of their calories from added sugars -- far more than any body really wants or needs. Sugar is a short-term source of both energy and pleasure. But at a time when sugar is everywhere, it's time to ask some important questions. What are the dangers of sugars? And how much is too much?

The 10 percent rule

According to the World Health Organization, no more than 10 percent of calories should come from added sweeteners. This advice is in line with the long-standing recommendations of the U.S. Department of Agriculture food pyramid, called for a maximum of 12 teaspoons of sugar (48 grams) in a 2,200-calorie diet, which translates to roughly 9 percent of daily calories. In a diet composed of 2,000 daily calories, that would amount to about 200 calories, or 50 grams of sugar. Now you have another reason to check nutrition labels. Thanks to them, it's easy to find out the sugar content of common foods from candy bars to breakfast cereals. Those labels are definitely worth a read because the numbers can be surprising: A single bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats contains three teaspoons (12 grams) of sugar; some raisin bran contains 20 grams; a 32-ounce sports drink can contain 19 teaspoons (76 grams) of sugar, and a 20-ounce Fruitopia fruit drink can pack nearly 18 teaspoons (71 grams) of sugar -- nearly one and a half times as much as you should have in one day. By glancing at the nutrition labels, you'll notice that a mini-candy bar often contains 10 grams of sugar, and that some "health" bars offer even more. If you're used to having a scone for breakfast, candy at the office, a sweetened-yogurt smoothie for lunch, sweetened iced tea or colas in the mid-afternoon, and ice cream after dinner, you may find out you're getting two or four or five times as much sugar as recommended. If you regularly drink 100 percent fruit juice, take a moment to look at those labels, too. These products don't contain any added sugar, but they're still plenty sweet. A small, 4.2-ounce juice box has nearly four teaspoons (15 grams) of sugar. The sugar may be natural, but as far as your body is concerned, it's no different from any other type of sugar. And be sure to count the "hidden" sources of sugar, too -- soups, canned spaghetti sauce, and even pork and beans may all contain significant amounts of added sugar. For every sugary product, however, there's a low-sugar or sugar-free alternative. For many people, cutting back on sugar is as simple as drinking skim milk or diet sodas instead of regular sodas (or better yet, water). If you're a big fan of cookies or candy, you might try to find something else to munch on, like low-salt pretzels. (Remember, even low-fat or fat-free cookies can be loaded with sugar.) You can make your own smoothies using fruits and non-sugared yogurt. And there are plenty of breakfast choices that aren't sweet enough to make your teeth hurt. A bowl of Cheerios, for instance, contains just a quarter-teaspoon (1 gram) of sugar.
Empty calories, possible dangers

If you're counting calories, you want every calorie to count. And that's where sugar falls short: It offers calories but nothing else. The sugar in a muffin or a cappuccino will take a big chunk out of your calorie quota for the day without moving you closer to your daily goals for minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. If you eat too much of the sweet stuff, you'll have trouble getting enough healthy nutrients without going overboard on calories. By now, we all know the dangers of extra calories. As reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2004, roughly two-thirds of American adults and one-third of kids are heavy enough to put their health at risk. Sugar isn't the only cause of weight problems, but it's hard to imagine us ever reaching this sad state of affairs without a big lift from sweets and sodas. According to a report from the American Dietetic Association, regular sodas and other sugary beverages may be especially hard on the waistline. For one thing, liquids tend to be less filling than solids. High fructose corn syrup—the sweetener found in almost all sugary drinks—further tricks the body by blunting the hormones (insulin and leptin) that make you feel full. A can of soda might quench your thirst, but those 150 calories and 10 teaspoons of sugar won't do anything to quiet your hunger. A Harvard university study published in the Lancet in 2001 provided strong evidence that sweet drinks really can lead to extra weight, at least in children. The study found that each daily serving of soda or other sugary drinks raised a child's risk of obesity significantly. Extra weight isn't the only possible consequence of an overload of sugar. Sugary drinks and snacks can set the stage for cavities, especially in children. (On the bright side, good oral hygiene can prevent cavities even if a kid favors suckers and caramels.) Some studies have found that diets high in sugar can quickly boost triglycerides, fats in the blood that can clog the arteries. Some people react to sugar more strongly than others, and it's not clear if the triglyceride bounce lasts long enough to seriously raise the risk of heart disease. In some cases, sugar doesn't deserve its bad reputation. According to the American Dietetic Association, sugar doesn't make kids hyperactive or cause other behavior problems. Sugary foods don't raise the risk of type 2 diabetes, either, unless a person happens to become overweight from eating too many sweets

Use in moderation

Nutrition experts agree that too much sugar is unhealthy. Unfortunately, they can't agree on how much is too much. Under pressure from the sugar industry, some health agencies have backed down on long-established guidelines. The new guidelines, released in 2005, don't offer specific recommendations for sugar, and the government's 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans merely states that sugar should be used "in moderation." The Institute of Medicine and the American Dietetic Association are especially forgiving when it comes to sugar. Both say that it's safe to get as much as 25 percent of daily calories from added sugar. For a person on a 2,200-calorie diet, that means roughly 35 teaspoons (140 grams) of sugar each day. So if you're a highly active person who burns a lot of calories and doesn't worry about weight, you may decide to sweeten things up a bit. But are 35 teaspoons of sugar a day too much for the average person? The next time you're shopping for groceries or picking out a snack, try to picture all of that sugar piled up in a bowl. Given a choice, you'd probably want to leave some of that stuff for another day. -- Chris Woolston, MS, a health and medical writer with a master's degree in biology, is a contributing editor at Consumer Health Interactive. He is coauthor of Generation Extra Large: Rescuing Our Children from the Epidemic of Obesity (Perseus, 2005).


American Dietetic Association. Position of the American Dietetic Association: Use of nutritive and nonnutritive sweeteners. Journal of the American Dietetic Association. February 2004. 104(2):255-275.

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Reviewed by Michael Potter, MD, an attending physician and associate clinical professor at the University of California, San Francisco, who is board certified in family practice.


12-09-2006, 11:02 PM

everyone go here!

12-09-2006, 11:03 PM
Mia, go post that in the new thread hun! :D