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12-02-2006, 01:41 AM
Well its about 12:30am so I figured I'd start the weekend off right! I can't believe I'm still awake, but I guess when you slept for 4 hours during the day it kind of sets your internal clock off a bit.:coffee:

Happy Weekend! :carrot: I didn't know what to name the thread and we used Warblings last weekend so I figured since the weather has been quite odd this weekend (its was 80 here today before it rained) the title fits. :rain:

Had a major scare this morning and thought I was having a heart attack.:eek: I'm 21 so it sounds odd but I was having chest pains, dizziness and nausea at about 8:30 so I jumped in the car and sped to the hospital. After I got checked out, (which they didn't do an EKG to my surprise) they gave me a capfull of Maloxx and told me I have acid reflux or GERD. So I paid a $100 co pay for them to tell me something that I assumed I already had. :tantrum: (I've had spats with it before but never heart attack symptoms.)

So now I have to go to work later today. I guess it works out for the best since Daniel is working a long day today anyway. I'll probably go in and work a few hours then head home. Nothing major, just invoicing since none of the contractors are open on the weekends.

Other than that I think I'm pretty much normal. I need groceries so bad but I can't spend any of this check I just got because its all for rent. Curse me for my bad spending habits. I have some stuff I need to put up on eBay and craigs list, I'm just too lazy to drag them out of Dan's parent's attic to take pictures of them. Its just car rims and lowering springs.... I'm sure I'll get a couple hundred for them. Ahhh but thats another day. Guess its up to Dan for the cash this week!

Well I guess I'm off to bed now. I'll probably be on again before the weekend is over since we really dont have plans. Have a good day ladies! :hug:

Deftones Chick
12-02-2006, 05:26 AM
Good Morning! Yeah.. my sleep schedule is pretty bad too, I usually don't go to bed til about 2 or 3am, then I go to the gym at 4 am and I take a nap around 11pm for about 3 hours ::dizzy::.. I know it sounds crazy but I can't break it.

Chellez- Pretty scary day for you with the chest pains and all, glad it turned out to be not so serious. Same kind of thng happened to me when I was pregnant, never really found out what it was but it was horribly painful.

Well, I am going to try and get some sleep, I am going to the gym at 6 tomorrow so I will get a few more hours sleep tonight!

12-02-2006, 08:44 AM
Good grief! You chickies need more sleep. Lack of sleep impedes weightloss.

Chell, that must have been really frightening. I've had reflux a couple of times and it ain't fun.

Deftones, I can't figure out your sleep schedule but try to grab some zzzz's tonight.

Our weather is really insane. My house is surrounded by a lake since the ground is too saturated to soak up any more water. The sump pump went off and on every two minutes all night but my earplugs helped. Right now The Girls are out there sloshing around in the water. Can you imagine how my kitchen floors will look by day's end? :yikes:

This morning we do a craft thing with the church children. It should be fun. The only thing is that there will be chicken hot dogs for lunch! Did you ever read the ingredients on those things? What the heck is a chicken byproduct?
Now that so many kids are allergic, we can't rely on my old kid standard, PB & J! I will wait until I'm home to have lunch.

Have a great wacky weekend! :rofl:

12-02-2006, 09:52 AM
Just a quick checkin for me ... sorry I've been MIA goils, but I've caught myself a cold and have been layin low... I'm sure I'll be back in the pink in a day or 2

12-02-2006, 11:02 AM
Geez! Where did the week go? :shrug: Haven't checked in for about a week or so. If I get a chance later today, I'll go back and read the posts to see what's up with y'all.

Chellez - Glad to hear that your scare turned out to be less serious than you thought. Hope you can get some spare $$$ from the stuff in the basement.

Deftones - Have fun at the gym. Get some zzzz's!

Ruth - Have a good craft time with the kids. Sounds like fun. Whenever I hear about mysterious meat products, it always reminds me of a story from my sisters' college experience. The dorm that they were staying in decided to use up all their leftovers and made 'beanie weanie chow mein'. Ugh! Hot dogs, baked beans and chinese noodles. I think they had cereal that night. :)

Schatzi - Hope you get to feelin' better, girl! :hug:

It's been another crazy week for me. My dog's sick again, so we're trying some new food and we'll see how she does with that. If that doesn't do the trick, she'll get a scope up the tail-end to see what the problem is. That ought to be fun. :o

We also got hit with the big storm that came through the midwest. I spent 1 1/2 hours yesterday digging out half of the driveway and the front steps. I kept reminding myself - it's not shoveling snow, it's uninterrupted aerobic exercise. :lol: I already had a vacation day scheduled, so luckily I didn't have to go in to work.

Have a groovy weekend everyone!

12-02-2006, 12:31 PM
Hey guys!!!
No I did not drop off the face of the earth :lol: Just had a terrible cold on top of the fact that my dog ( Macey ) got hit by a car last Saturday while at my dads house....she is alive Thank you Lord....but has a broken pelvic bone and has required all my attention this past week, needless to say I am up a few pounds from the holiday but am back on track now and hope that she and I both get back to normal soon, Hope to catch up with you all really soon and know I am still here checking in even when I dont have time to post :hug:

12-02-2006, 04:26 PM
We worked with the pack on finishing up our Holiday float last night until after 11. We made a really cool gingerbread house. We made red glitter collars for the boys to wear and elf hats. The leaders wore Santa hats and we all had our uniforms. I wore four shirts and two pairs of pants and two pair of socks since we wanted to avoid coats. It was in the 20's when we got there at 7:30 this morning but in the 40's when the parade finished around 11.

Now, I'm trying to work with my son on a school project so we can get outside and put up our yard art before it gets colder again.

12-03-2006, 12:38 PM
Yesterday's session with the kids was just delightful! :) I'm now officially in Christmas mode and will warn you all that I stay that way until after the 12 days of Christmas on January 8. I've been known to extend it as far as my birthday on the 14th - I usually leave my outdoor lights on until then!

The Lake has receded and we are getting a very pretty snowfall - big puffy slakes. ;love; I'm playing a CD that a friend sent me - just lovely! her Church choir did a Christmas Canatata and it's wonderful and very professional.

Today I've got some tidying to do before Donna comes tomorrow to deep clean two more rooms. I'll also do more wrapping and get out a few decorations - maybe the Christmas quilt for naps on the couch. I've already done Harry's room at Maple View so the Spirit is moving me!

Despite the sickies, I hope the Chickies are managing to have a good weekend and not stressing about anything. Maybe it's time to re-read The Grinch. :grouphug:

12-03-2006, 01:00 PM
Hey ladies - I'm feeling a lot better, finally got to exercise yesterday so I'm a happy Sarah. Weekends are the hardest for me eating wise, especially Sundays... I just want to eat! So I'm planning quiche for breakfast, salsa chicken for lunch and turkey burgers without the bun for dinner... I figure if I plan out some deliciousness then I won't be tempted to eat stuff that's bad for me... I bought a pair of 6s yesterday... granted they were from Old Navy (they always size stuff bigger) and they're tight, but they look great! I just can't believe it... Like I've said before, I'm smaller now than I was in Middle School! Just feeling good about myself and it's about time!

Ruth - I'm totally caught up in the Christmas spirit, bought my first Xmas tree and it's the first Christmas in my first house so I'm loving it!

Barb - Sounds busy and productive! Hope you're having a little downtime this weekend too!

Christie - Sounds like you are feeling better but so sorry about your dog honey! Saying a prayer right now

Jana - Hope you're able to figure out what's wrong with your puppy. Saying a prayer right now. I must say I'm jealous of your snow, that's the one thing about being in Texas, no snow :(

Christina - Hope you have a great weekend

Chellez - Glad it was nothign serious! I had a similar frustration this past week cause I've had a sore throat and no other symptoms... found out that Strep has been going around so went to the doctor and paid 100 bucks for them to tell me it was drainage and give me allergy meds... definitely feeling better but still frustrating

12-03-2006, 02:21 PM
Hi Chicks. We still have lots of snow hanging around from last week but it was a gorgeous sunny day yesterday and a lot of it melted away. This is so rare for the "wet coast". Soon, though, it will rain again and probably wont stop raining until May. Oh Joy. The white stuff actually put me into the Christmas spirit mode and I'm planning to finish writing my cards today and my Christmas shopping in the coming week. I have to get a parcel off to daughter, SIL and little granddaughter in Scotland but they won't be back from his family's home in South Africa until the end of the month so I don't really have to rush with it.
Today is my last day of Phase 1. I'm going to try the Phase 1.5 alternating Phase 1 and Phase 2 days for the first week or so, just to see how it goes. Just so I don't have to have eggs every day will be a blessing.
Does anyone use FitDay to keep track of calories, fats and carbs? I've been using it and then checking the report to see if I'm getting enough nutrients. Although the pie chart shows that about 1/2 of my daily intake is FAT, I guess they are good fats. Just a tiny fraction is carbs and the rest protein. I'm feeling good so I guess it can't be bad. lol The nutrition report shows that I'm just low in a couple of vitamins and minerals but I'm probably getting them in my multi-vitamin pill. With any other diet, there have been huge deficiencies.

12-03-2006, 03:51 PM
LindaBC, I use Fitday - I have the PC model. I'm usually 1/1/1 for fats, protein and carbs but a bit higher on carbs some days. It'll even off. I look at the nutrient chart too but figure my daily vitamin makes up for some of the deficiencies.

Our morning skiff of snow has melted but I'm still in Christmas mode and am about to do some wrapping. I must put that on my To Do list.

Thje Girls have caught the excitrmenet and are hollering for supper! It's only 2:52! Don't they know supper is at 5 for them? Sillies!

12-03-2006, 05:28 PM
DH and Brian got the yard art up while I was at the grocery store. Yeah! Usually I do most of it myself so this was nice. They are putting lights up now but I need to go help them.

I finally bought Christmas cards on Friday and printed the labels but I still need to do our newsletter. I use only a little news and lots of pictures but it's always hard to figure out which to include. We're only mailing about 92 cards this year but that's still a lot of postage and work. It was sad updating my list for the deaths we'd had this year.

Time to get out and help. Tomorrow I'll post the Exercise Queen for November so if you haven't updated all of your exercise, try to get it done. :)