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10-02-2001, 06:23 PM
Two pages...time for #4. Go back and catch up on all the latest at #3 before posting here, okay?

Time to do dinner dishes then hit the Y! ( your suit on??) Catch you all later!

10-02-2001, 10:23 PM
Oh pam my heart goes out to you. I am soo sorry. i can not imangine the pain that you are gong through. i am sending hugs to you as you need them. please do not leave the posting for long if nothing else then email me. please or i will flod your box with email till you respond!!! knowing your indian blood i know that the furry kids are just like flesh. take care and grieve as you need. then come back to us please.

butterfly welcome here i hope that all is well and it sure sounds like you are ready for the round. this i have found a very though month for me as i have many kids birthdays this month so it will be hard!! i will be needing much support to get through this month,

terri i know how much needed getting out and being terri is. not mom not huny just terri. i love those times that is when i go bellydancing. i still get a huge kick as my belly dances all by it self i do not need to domuch!!! :lol: but any ways there is a great way to pamper your self!!! and that 2 lb will drop off in just a few days and a few more to boot!!! great job being OP!

Pat Whoo Hoo you are really getting things done great here!!! wow. I have just started to get the funny head feeling but i think that i scared it away. great for you for working thruough it!!

Joanne??? how are you doing???? I am worried about you.

Lee right on tract today. did the exercises and stayed OP for the day with a few tiney mm's just for the fun and it was not fun!!! but otherwiase doing great!!! what about you??

Dana i hope i am not pullling that wedgie up to far :eek: that can be uncomfortable:s: :^:

Oh gosh i was up late last night so i had better get to sleep. i was headed that way then i checkd in here and had to post!!!

night all will check in tomorow!!! Hope to see you butterfly:D :D

10-03-2001, 05:39 AM
Good morning all
Another quick note. I have to eb to work early today and be there along time, UGH

Just wanted to check in

Pam I am so sorry for your loss. So soon too( i believe you had a loss shortly after coming to teh board) Take care of yourself

Head cold is better

Still OP( got bad breath)

WIll check in probably tomorrow

Hello to everyone

10-03-2001, 07:33 AM
GOOD MORNING MY FRIENDS!!I am ironing a blouse and pair of slacks this morning that I could not wear last year at this time! (Yipeeeeeee Skipeee!) Who knows what treasures are shoved away in my closet! I am getting rid of ALL clothes as they get a bit "loose" so that I will have to go NAKED if I so much as gain 1 pound back! (Not a pretty THERE is an incentive!)

I am staying on my Atkins Plan and feeling wonderful! I do not mind passing up the goodies but I do manage to miss "ice cream" here and there. Does anyone know if you can eat ANY kind of frozen yogurt or icecream on this plan? Please share.

nasus......The Y pool is terrific! I am swimming up a storm each night! I appreciate you yelling at me from the side of the pool rather than riding my butt as it is a bit more comfy without you ON ME!!! You made me go an extra lap last night......I hope it shows up on Friday's weigh in! Keep up the good work! I can't wait to get to the 40 pound loss so that I can put up my smilies! YOu really keep me going and I appreciate that! :smug:

fralick.....glad to hear your cold is better. BOTH my sons who are away at college are on antibiotics! Soooooo much going around with the weather change! I feel so bad that I am not there to make sure they are getting enough rest and fluids and shoving chicken soup at them! Hopefully mom trained them well and they are taking good care of themselves! Sooooooo glad that you are remaining OP! (I never had the bad breath problem thank goodness! Maybe some folks don't get it! I keep telling hubby to LET ME KNOW if it happens...but soooooo far soooooo good!) Maybe the LOW CARB ANGEL is cutting us some slack! :lol: sorry to hear about your loss. I pray that God gives you the strength to get through this difficult time. There are soooo many things in life we have NO control over. We DO however have control over how we chose to do our "eating plan." Do not "fall off the bus!!!" Keep control over your food choices and you will feel better and PROUD of your achievements ESPECIALLY during this time of heartache! (Stay on baord...we will even let you pick the radio station we listen to on the bus for awhile if it will make you happy!!) :D

butterfly....welcome welcome WELCOME!!! So WONDERFUL to have you here! You will find that we are a great group of ladies trying to rid ourselves of these FAT SUITS someone ordered by mistake! (I ordered a black tank top and white capri pants in a size I got this size 20W black dress is a reallll mystery!!!!) Anyway...keep posting and stay on plan! (Weigh-ins are Friday if you care to share. It is GREAT for accountability and it really helps as we all move toward GOAL! :p
terri........SOOOOOoooooooooo glad to see your post! I thought sure you may have fallen out the window when the bus made a big right turn! Keep posting and weigh in with us on Friday! (Gotta stay on plan and on track! The bus is moooooooooving toward goal! REMAIN SEATED UNTIL IT COMES TO A COMPLETE STOP!!! :^:
Paula and Joanne........How ya doin' gals???? Please post!

Here's to a great day! (I will finish in light blue to remind you all to drink your WATER today!) FLLLLLLUSH that fat! FLUSSSSSSH that fat! :cool:

10-03-2001, 09:32 AM
Morning, Ladies!!!

Today is HUMP day and again, the first day of the rest of my life. The weather is lovely, especially in the evenings. Now that it has cooled, I think I will ask hubby to walk with me a little in the evenings.

Two days ago, I walk around the mall for a while before getting my nails done, and yesterday, I (somewhat) cleaned house. I did a major clean in the kitchen (remember, I was gone eight days and hubby forgot to do dishes while I was gone...he also didn't clean counters or ANYTHING!!!). I also vaccumed and cleaned the rug on the back porch (where we usually have happy hour) and cleaned the porch. I also did 3 loads of wash. Doesn't sound like much, but was a good day for me for moving about.

I am still OP...have been since I've been home. I've used crazy glue to keep myself on the bus...looking forward to losing the rest of this FAT SUIT!!!

I just got a call that company is coming (she will be here in 7 minutes)...will write more later. Please hang in there...we can and are doing this together!!!

Love to you all,


10-03-2001, 09:16 PM
Hi everyone,

Still hanging in there, altho TOM still not here,, last one I had was 7 weeks late, but I have symptoms and cramps but I will not let them be my excuse to indulge as I have in past.......

Ive been doing my FLYLADY cleaning , I even exercised last night for a while, not much but, hey, its a start right>?>

Hope everyone is well...stay OP and drink that H2O,gulp, gulp, gulp:dizzy:

10-03-2001, 09:57 PM
I still have yet to check out flylady but I have been doing the indepth cleaning everyday i have been trying to hit a new room.

Stayed OP today even with a few carrots for snack.

did exercising at the gym but only did a small amount. I had not energy. I think that i am starting to get what DH has. the dreaded head cold.

Terri i am glad that you are hanging in there i usually cave when TOM is here. that is one of my hrdest times. just do not put stress on me during that time i will cave!!! so be strong i will send you great vibes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ how is that??? does it help? and here lets duct tape you in!!!

Lee i have never met a man who will do dishes without being threatened. so i am not suprised he did nothing. What clean counters too??? were you expecting miricles??? they are absolutly clueless aren't they?

Pat take care you are just getting over the cold do not work to hard so you get sick again!!! are you managing to eat right while at work??? how is things there i know that there was a bit of problem not to long ago i just wondered if things have calmed down or not? take it easy please.

Dana/ did we go swiming tonight?? i was wondering. i will be in the pool with you as i think that i need to soak. you are doing great girl!!! I am so excited foryou. getting out all those new clothes!! (well new from a while ago) I am soon going to hit the sally store so i can get some thing to wear. it has been over 13 years since i fit into this size so all that i have is gone!! just handme downs from friends,

Butterfly where are you??? how are you doing on day 2?? or actually day one. are you feeling better. this illness can really be a clincher. the funny thing is my stomach is starting to trun on me now i wonder if i am getting it??? more than in my head??? oh dear take care and check in soon please.

Joanne where are you??? how are you doing?

10-03-2001, 11:30 PM
I'm here. I just found you tonight. Wow you girl's have alot of different threads going but I found them. I'm a little better today. This cold thing wipes you out. I'm doing good besides the 4 small tootsie rolls I ate. I'm not going to get depressed over it I just won't do it tomorrow. There gone anyway's. My daughter is waiting for me to watch a movie with here so I be back tomorrow.

10-04-2001, 02:45 AM
I just can't stay away....I'm sure thats a good thing. New for me I usually just withdraw from everyone. HMMMM more changes than I knew myself. I finally went to sleep about 1:00 am . I was startled awake by Tasha Yar and Chi having an argument. Chi is 16 and a crabby old lady but also a Darling . She is normally so prim and dainty but these day's she doesn't put up with much eve if she causes the problem. I got up and looked it was 7:00 am ...gee thanks I muttered and went to sit with Mom awhile. I went back to sleep at 9:00 am and slept until 4:00pm. I feel better. Not myself but I am getting there. I never even thought of going off OP. It was not and is not an option nor a thought I will entertain. When it comes dancing through my brain it is quickly dismissed as idiotic. Something not worthy of notice. I have the occasional craving but not like I did. I will not let the thought take more than a few seconds of my time and totally reject it. It is becoming easier and easier. The cravings fewer and fewer. I am really amazed and delighted about that. The longer I am OP the easier it gets and mostly I have no desire to do anything else. Yesterday I don't even rember what I ate but I know tuna was one...I do know I was OP and read a label to discover precooked fahita chicken pieces contained corn syrup and a ton of salt. I did not eat that. My water suffered severely as my stomach was so tore up and while sensitive I am doing well with my water today.

Thank you all for the loving Kindness and understanding you have shown me. In this life I was not blessed with Children of the Skin but my friends I am totally blessed with all my children of the fur and I Thank God every day for them , for all my loved ones and for each and every one of you.
Lee & Sue - What would I do without you. Susie Q you can fill my mailbox anytime. Lee may not have seemed it but you helped me more than you know.
Butterfly.... tootsie rolls....tsk , tsk. I am so glad you are here it took me awhile to fogure out where ever one was too but once you do.......
Love, Pam

10-04-2001, 05:48 AM
Boy this week seems to have gone by so fast. I haven't had the ususal internet time, hence the short posts lately.

I am still OP. It is pretty esy to stay OP at work becuase unless you bring it or bring money you don't eat. My co-workers have been rpetty supportive so there is no pressure to eat what they bring in. Everyonce in awhile I get craving, but I haven't caved so far. I decided that my prune snacks were not helping me at all. SO I have eliminated them :( . I will have to investigate something else. The other thing I would like to investigate is using sugar alternatives and baking. But then I think it is not worth the risk. I am worried about the upcoming holifday season. I am a baker and did this as a hobby in teh winter. I am thinking of taking sewing lessons to compensate. DH is doing well and is a godsend doing this along w/ me. It makes things so much easier. He has lost quite a bit now and we help each other when we are thinking of caving.

Sue, How are things going? I am a worker and god willing have never been unemployed. The time off would drive me loopy, but I have no kids. The cold is better. I haven't pushed myself too hard this week exercise wise. Just kept myself connected to it. Do you have an exercise ball? How do you use/ like it?

Dana, Yes Op is great. You are a goddess!!. Something the otehr day reminded me of your fat suit analogy. And got me laughing. I think I was actually thinking that I could be successful in my journey. My next hurdle is to weigh less and need to buy new clothes in 20 -22 size. This is quite a mental thing. I weighed 225# when I got married the 2nd time. I don't want to fall in teh trap of well I got into all my current clothes so I did it. ANd not keep working. It si so much a mental battle too.

Terri I was so glad to see your post Coangrat on being OP

Lee, If my DH ( whom I spoiled when we were first married and I am trying to unspoil him now) did teh dishes w/o being indstructed and threatened I would either be dying, he did something really bad, or he has been repleced by an alien. I want to comment on something you said one day that has helped me at work and in stressful situations. YOu remarked that I must be one tough lady because I work in a prison w/ inmates. That comment has helped me alot lately and thank you for pointing taht out.

Pam. Take it a day at a time. You are doing well and are a strong lady. I love your enthusiasm and energy.

BF00- I am so glad you are finding your way thru our maze here. It woould be easier if we had a dedicated club forum. How are you doing?

Joanne where are ya girl?

You all have a great day. I am off to exercise!!!

10-04-2001, 08:11 PM
Thanks Pat...I am still OP and coping. I have all of you to lift me up when I can't do it for myself....God, Thank You so much. Energy huh.... Enthusium is natural for me but energy gee...I like that. It is what I seem to have the least of so That is delightful for me to hear. There is hope!!!Chuckle,chuckle.
I am doing well on the plan and hope it is reflected on the scale tomorrow! That would cheer me up almost as much as my kindred spirit... Lee. Thank you for the time you spend with me. It means alot to me just in case I forgot to tell you that. I feel better but I know I'm not back to normal my memory is swiss cheese.HA HA At least I know it! Love to you all.

10-04-2001, 08:44 PM
Off to the Y to swim some fat off!

Don't forget all...TOMORROW IS WEIGH IN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We must be "accountable." Sooooo......don't forget to tell us how you do on the WEIGH IN THREAD here at the MISC site! Please post how you did this week and what your total is so far!

We are ALL in this together! The bus is rolling toward goal! How much "lighter" will the bus be this weekend after we all weigh in?????


My best to you all!

Dana.......ALWAYS HOPEFUL!!!

10-04-2001, 11:03 PM
QUESTION: what is the halloween challenge? If it's how much weight your wanting to have off by then I'd like to have 5lbs off. My daughter's begging to use the phone so I'll be back later.

10-05-2001, 06:05 AM
Good morning all,
It would seem that I can't type today URRR. Anyway
How are we all doing? I haven't weighed myself yet. It was a beautiful fall day yesterday. Windy and I had errands to do:( .

I think I will be joining Dana a the pool. Our local school has pool hours for adults. I thought it would be a nice break between w/o's.

Still manage to be OP. Lots of water.

How is everyone else doin?

The halloween challnege is an opportunity to list a goal with the target date of halloween. We also have October success challenge somewhere. I will bring them up to teh top.

Everyone have a great day. I hope everyone is well. Off to teh "gym room"

10-05-2001, 08:17 PM
Hi girls. I am here and doing fine with bein OP. Just having a ahrd time batteling this head cold trying not to succumb to it. but it is winning. i have not had a problem being sick fi=or a while but this is it!!! ov course it would hit when i am at my stressed time so i can not fight it. I just tok my echiniacia for it and hopefully i will win. the problem is that i feel whoosy and that is not good as i have the tendancy to eat when i feel this way thiking that i am a bit low blood sugar, but i know tht is not the problem as my blood sugars are the most stable they have been most of my life.

not much else is going on here. I did exercise and am doing fine with that (before my head started to swim) Dana i hope you forgive me if i do not go swimming with you tonight???

I went to the DOL and got a few great job tips. Pat i will have to email you the list of places to go for a job search and you may find one in your zarea that will be right up you alley. there was a bunch that i think would fit you (in my area) and there is a great way to search for things that are not in the papaer.

Butterfly how are you doing??? i know that getting op can be hard but you seem to be dong great. good job you will be at goal before you know it!!!

10-05-2001, 08:53 PM
Hi my friends, doing well and of course OP( I will get below 300)
and drinking 128 oz of water a day. So far so good. Down four and a half pounds and relieved to the max. Still cry easily but I am feeling better for the most part thanks to all of you.
Susie Q - I am so sorry you are feeling poorly. I told my Doctor about an old Mountain remedy that really works when he was sick and LOL he began to suggest it to his patients. So here it is:
1 tablsp. honey
boiling hot water
1 tblsp. Musselmans apple cider vinegar.
Put the honey in a cup add boiling water ...mix and then the vinegar it fusses up a bit. It sounds awful but it isn't and it really helps a lot. a couple of times a day works wonders.
Take care and get well soon.
Love Pam

10-05-2001, 10:29 PM
Hello Friends!!!

Sooooooo glad to see the "weigh in" thread today! The bus is a little lighter and me sooooooooooo proud!

I remain on plan but have been HOOKED on peanuts lately! Anyone have an explanation for that? I eat the UNSALTED ones that come in the shell.

Still swimming! Maybe that is how nasus caught that cold. (I told you to dry your hair before going out in the night air!!!) Go haunt fralick on her treadmill for awhile!!!!!! LOL glad to see you are keeping your spirits up in this time of loss! And VERY proud of you remaining on plan! That scale WILL go down! When I clicked the doctors scale from 250 to 200 it felt AMAZING! I can not WAIT to click it to the 150! (It will be awhile 'til I get under 200..but it WILL come!) We will all get to goal my friend! So glad to see you going for the H20 trophy! Is there a water shortage in your town now??LOL Keep up the good work!

nasus......I got my fingers crossed that a "dream job" will find its way to you. Hope your cold gets better! It is hard to stay on plan when you feel lousy! You are a strong woman! BEAT THAT BUG!!! are finding your way around very nicely and fit right in here! So glad you decided to take a seat on the bus!

paula.......terri........joanne.......please check in. You have been kinda quiet back there on the bus! We need you move you to the front seats!


10-05-2001, 10:37 PM
Pam that sounds suspiciously like the sling that my MOHAWK friend keeps telling me of.

1 cup of HOT water
shot of ginger brandy
1/2 lemon
and enough sugar to drink it

mix, drink then go to bed and it will be all sweated out by morning.

aother of her favorites is onions on the feet for a fever.

10-06-2001, 07:14 AM
Good Morning all

I posted a 3 day chall thread, anyone in?

Sue, Hope you are feeling better. There is something going around here. The inmates are worse than children when it comes to colds and flus. I am glad you are getting some job tips, you sound hopeful. Stress is a good way to tax your immune system and you certainly have had your share of stress lately.

Dana, way to go w/ the loss. Especially since you have been carrying Sue around while exercising. Because your are toning and losing, Don't forget to take your measurements it's a great motivator!

Pam, I am glad you are coping and saw a loss on teh metal monster.

Hello to Terri, Joanne, Lee Butterfly and everyone else

have a great weekend

10-06-2001, 08:51 AM
I have noticed that Dana is getting smaller and look at the bulges in her calves!!! Whooo Hoooo hey girl you had better watch out, you are loking good!!

Pat i am sure hopeful again. I know that the stress has been taking its toll on me. I had this comming on for about 2 weeks as i have been popping the pills for a headach on a severaltimes a day basis. i know that it is stress and not the carbs. but now that it is comming out i think that i will feel better now. thanks for the check. i will keep you poosted at the job thing.

butterfly how are you doing?/ did youtake your measurments??? i have a few links for food that i can post for you (recipies) if you are interested.

Dana how are you doing have you done your measurments???

Pam did you get my email messages. we were on at the same time yesterday and i was trying to get you on IM or messenger service so we could chat. email me with any info. if you decide to do it.

Terri and joanne how are you guys doing???

Lee i have not heard from you in a while. You got me a great kick in the but to stop trying to snack whee are you I need to thankyou!!!! do i need to get the tape out???/

10-07-2001, 07:18 AM
Good Sunday Morning All,

I am trying to start the day with a new attitude, Mine got the better of me yesterday :mad:. My plan is to paint the kitchen, got a slow start on it yesterday.

Pam, how are you? I didn't see any posts from you any where from yesterday. I hope you are alright.

Dana, how are you? Tooth all better?

Sue, Take great care of yourself. Stress does some awful things to your immune system. I just read an article in prvention mag, about the impact of stress and weight gain. Very interesting. STress causes a fight or flight reaction, causing the cortisol to inc, causing the retention of fat in teh abd, and this is complicated by insulin responce.

Lee, How are you doing?

terri, Joanne, B00?

I am intending an OP day

10-07-2001, 04:42 PM
Hi everyone. You know I got back on track after the tootsie roll thing but feel so crappy today. I'm not sick but this staying OP is getting the best of me. This past year I've done so well but the past 3 months I'm having problem's. I'm not losing as fast as before. I do soooo good for my 2 protein day's and screw up the 3rd when I actually get to have fruit/veg. I was so hungry last night I went to bed at 7:30 so I wouldn't cheat. I hate that. I wish I could just eat what my husband/kid's eat but I can't just have one helping of must stuff or I'd be fine so I have to always diet. I'm sooo sick of dieting. I've been dieting since I was 12 and I just turned 30 this year. I'm irritable all the time because I either feel fat/bloated from eating normal or from dieting. I get so bad on the low carb that my husband call's from work asking me to please eat something before he come's home. That's sad!!!! I just seem never to have the right foods to stay OP with this program but I know it works so I do the best I can. I find the low carb protein bars really help but their so expensive to have all the time. Any ideas??????????????????? I could really use some advice right now. I hate being so emotional over what to eat. Its really sad we all have to worry about eating a certain way in order not to gain lots of weight and feel horrible about ourselves.

10-07-2001, 08:12 PM
Butterfly. Hang in there. some things to help over the munchies are things that are high in fat. that helps the cravings. and try to take some chromium that aslo will help the cravings. there is no reason that you should be having this much problem i know at first it is ahrd to find the fight foods. try some cuckes with salad dressing. make a bunch of hard boiled eggs for egg salad, ot eat on a salad. tuna w/ mayo fake rice pudding (cottage cheese, dash of cinamon, dribble of vanilla, 2-3 pkg of fake sugar, and dribble of cream) have cold cuts on hand for the real big munchies. eat a few slices of ham, or better yet turkey. a slice or 2 of cheese. have some strin cheese on hand. A good idea is the carb solutions shake MIX do not buy the premixed that is expensive but if you get the powder that is about 9$ for a huge can and get vanilla it is better than the chocolate and then add a few strawberries for flavor. that will really help with the cravings. but if you get this make sure that you have a good shaker can because it is hard to mix and leaves you with a bunch of lumps./ I have a mixer from tupperware and that works good.
hope this helps

I have heard from Lee. she threw her back out from cleaning.
she will be back as soon as she can stay long enough at her puter to sit and post. Lee if you are there take it easy and rest your back.

Pat i read something about the retention of fat and stress too. thanks for the reminder. i am taking it easy so to get better faster, there is no sence in pushing it. it is funny how i was ot sick till i was out of a job???

going now to rest take it easy all of you will see you tomorow

10-07-2001, 08:36 PM
Oh Butterfly,
Darlin you are suffering from the "I am being deprived" syndrome that defeated me for a whole year and a half. Now you would think that having your life on the line would really make it easy wouldn't you? Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!
As long as I had that attitude and I did for 47 years...I did not suceed because I felt I was being cheated. I was... by that very attitude. I was cheated out of the freedom to be myself and not a fat cartoon of myself. I was cheated out of being ,doing, going and enjoying life to the fullest . I was cheated, deprived by the foods I put in my mouth. It is not the food we choose to elimanate
from our lives that deprived us but the desire to remain safe and fat that we battle. We have to learn what our slender Sisters know. The pleasure in life is in doing things we want to do without restriction, to feel good about ourselves and how we look to us, in self-confidence and the freedom to express that confidence in all we do instead of hiding and eating. To be apart of all the things and situtations when we sit on the outside looking in. FREEDOM from the addictions of food. The habit of feeding our lacks covering them with food and making the chasm
between who we really are and who we are in a fatsuit. BIG DIFFERENCE.
You have to change your attitude about food and make it non important. Fuel for the body. The right choices leads you to personal freedom as a human being, as a personality, as a body long weighed down and stifled by fat. In otherwords get the emphasis of food and on to your goals.
Know what you want , see it in your mind, set your goals and learn to say no to yourself. Say it often and it begins to get easier and easier until keeping OP becomes automatic without thought and temptations are but a thought flying through very quickly. Soon the no will take no effort. You will be trading food for all the things you have missed out on , not done , avoided, wanted perhaps even cried for. I made a list of all the times I did not go with my friends or took part in things I wwould have enjoyed but weight stopped me. Though, the excuse would never have revealed that. All the times I felt outside looking in. All the places I have not been... waterslides, amusement parks, dances,
parties, clothing stores I can not shop in , clothes I would have liked to wear, activities I felt uncomfortable about and did not go, so many things write them down and see what food has stolen from you...even that guy who wouldn't have given you the time of day that you lusted after. Once you see what food has cost you It will be soooooo easy to let go of. And once you keep the weight off and within two lbs for 1 year. All those things you have chosen to give up for a while will still be there. You won't miss a thing you will just deal with it all wisely, so that you are always free of OBSESSION! I know. Honest. Make your own list and see on the job, personally, in public, medically everything . My list was so long it took me three day's to write it all down. You won't regret the time and effort you spend doing this and when you are done.... say to yourself this is cost I pay for my food addiction.
It helped me a lot and a great deal of understanding about myself and my life fell into place. Hang Tough Babe what you are reaching for is true freedom with you in contol of you and not your addiction. You will suceed if you get your head on straight one time but you will still need that duct tape from time to time.
Thank Goodness there's so much of it around here!! Lol
Take care, it is only to worth it.

10-08-2001, 12:36 AM
PAM/SUE thank you so much. i guess great mind's think alike because Pam I went to the store tonight and bought that carb solutions shake mix and protein bars. I make my shakes in the blender because I have to have the ice. It makes such a difference. I promised the girl's I'd take them out, they wanted mc donalds so i ate a small fry and 2 bites of burger. yes i know that wasn't good but i'm getting OP tomorrow. Seem's like I keep saying that but I am tomorrow. I got some thing's to see me through. I really do good with the carb solutions bars.

Sue I also picked up this really cute journal and already started to write thing's in it. You ladies are really smart;)

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new day/week. Your right fitting in those cute jeans I have in my closet are calling my name. I WILL be in the jeans by Thanksgiving(OR BEFORE:D ) and thanks so much for the food ideas. I forgot about most of them.

10-08-2001, 01:04 AM
It's ok, you know...we all have started over and over again. Once you make up your mind you can do just about anything. Tomorrow is a fresh slate a whole new beginning. Make it your first day to freedom. We are all with you 100%. If I run out of duct tape I can assure there are many here to tape you in. Hang on the future is will make it a great one.

10-08-2001, 07:00 AM
I think that as I read, one of the hardest things to overcome is trying to balence weight loss, families, ourselves. I am 38 and my mother took care of the family, over herself always. That is waht I was raised to model. I have worked in human services all my adult life, where I take care of people, I am trying to break 15 years of taking care of DH, and have this 42 year old man take care of himself ( a habit I started) and while I don't have children I have read replys from people here that put them first over themselves.

I try to balence things which isn't easy. DH has been doing this woe and exercise w/ me and it has been a godsend. We have been there for each other when we get bored or frustrated. It has helped. Before we did this I was trying to lose weight w/ lo cals and exercise. I watched my portions and the food choices I made.

It's all mental w/ me. It's all about attitude. Food is just food. It is not my lover, friend, enemy, rescue. It doesn't think or plan or save me.
SO for me

I choose what goes in my mouth
I am the shopper so I buy what comes in the house
I choose the size of my portions
I am the cook so I create the menus
I have the power to change my life.
I need to keep things simple

SO for me

This is a process of learning. I seek out information where ever to help me learn this new woe.
My family will be fed what they need to live. That doesn't have to include hi cal treats. Which aren't any better for them then they are for me
There are new ways of preparing old recipes, I just have to commit to search them out.
I am important, my health is important, it is OK to do what I need to do to lose weight.
I have to make myself the#1 priority, because if I am not ok I can't take care of anyone else.
I can't bake my usual way. If I am going to bake I will have to find new ingrediants and new ways. If I bake I will eat it. I haven't baked since 7/01( execept a cake I brought to work), No one has died from that choice.
I have the power to change my life
I have to be committed to myself
I have to choose to love myself
I have to choose to live
I am responsible for my choices and responsible to act on them.

None of this has been easy for me, I can say however I have had more OP days than not. Recently I have hit some rough spots, but if I am honest w/ myself it is because I have lost focus and have become somewhat complacent, have reached a goal and haven't committed ( or believed I can acheive)to the next one

I try to avoid this part, as I fear to appear to preach or know it all, which I don't
Some suggestions

B00- DO a google search on lo carb, sometimes peoples personal web sites come up w/ pictures of before and after. That will inspire you.
I beleive that alot of peopel complain that after a ceratin point they see a slow down of weight loss. I f you know you are not alone, it could give you some comfort
when cooking for your familym just add a potato to teh meal and not eat it, that way you aren't feeling deprived and stressed cooking 2 different ways
There is a forum here taht address' feeding your family too ask for advice
There is also the sugar busters forum here that has a list of articles etc. Go to there weekly post the first reply has a list of liks to go too.
If you are struggling w/ balencing atkins w/ your family there are all sorts of lo carb woe , investigate them and find one that fits you better.
Make a decision that you are not dieting(which is tempory and based on denying yourself) you are changing the way you eat.

Sue- There are all sorts of new ways to bake that would be lo carb friendly, go to teh sugar busters forum they have a recipe link. You can then still bake w/o teh guilt and shame when you cave.

I am now done, I am off the soap box( can you hear it creek and groan?

I am feeling mentally better today. I hope and pray to have a completely OP day, I hope I didn't offend anyone with the above stuff.

SUe I hope you feel better, I love the new smilies you found
Pam Love ya girl
Lee I hope your back is better
Dana How was your weekend
B00- I love frappcino'from Dunkin Donuts and have been thinking about buying some powder and make my own, because until recently have been drinking the real thing.

Joanne and Terri Hello hope all is well
Hello all Lurkers, I wish you would climb on board

10-08-2001, 08:08 AM
Good Monday Morning Friends!!!

Another busy weekend........but is was wonderful! Special activities on Saturday then out with hubby....(had a fabulous antipasto salad) on Sunday with friends....dinner at their house...(pork roast, cheese and pepperoni slices for me)....the Steelers won...and one of my sons came to visit! Yipee!

I managed to stay on plan and walked in the sunshine (even though the wind was against me..or was that NASUS!!!)

I read all that has been shared since my last post and WOW! The advice given to butterfly could have been written by me. I supose this SISTERHOOD we have is GLOBAL when you are anything above a size 12! Every word was well said and I applaud how well is was written. SOmetines it is hard to express the pain we feel in these bodies that don't belong to us! I have said before....I ordered size 8 capri pants and a tank top...who gave me this size 20 black dress??? My hubby, who has NEVER struggled with his weight.....and thank God passed those skinny genes on to our two sons......has NEVER made me feel bad or unattractive no matter WHAT my weight was. I was a 14 when we married and my biggest was a size 24 jeans. I once expressed to him that being this size was like him wearing the ONLY suit he had when we were first married. It was a suit he bought that did not fit him well....he was not comfortable in it.....he did not like it...but at the time we could not afford to get another one. Each time he wore that suit he could not WAIT to get it off! I told him THAT was how I felt 24 hours a day..7 days a week. And now......with nearly 20 years of dieting by eating low fat and high carbs and having NO SUCCESS
...I found the ATKINS PLAN..(LOW CARBS)
The weight is coming off.
I do NOT feel deprived.
I look and FEEL better
than I have in a LONG time!

We all fall into the same traps. Yes, I am 43 married for 23 years with sons 21 and 18. I have put everyone else before me..and it SHOW! Now, I joined the Y to swim and take time for walks.....even though the house needs dusted and the floors need mopped!

I make sure I stop at the store for on plan items even if that means dinner will be 20 minutes late for hubby.

My sons are at college...but when they were home...I met all of their needs as well.....putting my own on hold.

Just because we put others first...does not mean we have to put ourselves LAST!!!

Again...alot of good advice here...that is why I love you all soooo much! Let me add something small. To get rid of cravings, try the CELESTIAL SEASONS DIET PARTNER TEA found in most supermarkets. It is a strawberry citrus flavor and contains chromium that helps supress carb cravings. It helped me before nasus shared what chromium even it works!! I microwave the hotwater and tea bag for 2 minutes and let it steep for 2 minutes..then use the teab bag to make a second cup.

SHeeeeeesh.......just saw the time and I need to get to work! My love to you all and best wishes for a great ON PLAN week so that when we face Mr. Scale on Friday...and the WORLD EACH DAY..we are our BEST selves!

10-08-2001, 11:09 AM
Well my dears, I haven't slept much at all this week and I can tell I am about to crash(stand back) LOL. I have this every once in a while. Lee is having a hard time with her back and Oh God do I know that one only to well.. she say's she has gained 10 lbs even though she is OP but with the pain medication she is taking I am not surprised. They always did that to me too. Some are worse than others but it goes away quickly. Get well soon, my Dear Lee. I miss you.

Pat ....I am soooo proud of you. I hope you are just as proud of yourself. Attitude is half the battle, even with the water ..gurgle...gurgle...slosh, slosh.
You are taking back your life and and the freedom to choose. You are right , the more you have for yourself the more you have to give.

Hopeful...Thanks for the Celestial seasonings tip that is one I did not know about and I will use it!!

I am OP my hubby made me breakfast yesterday all OP. I was so delighted and I knew I had made a believer out of him because I have hung tight no matter what. The pride in his eyes...

Another roller coaster ride looms before me as my little Simba is losing ground. I don't know if she will come through or not, she is getting weak and losing weight again. She's my cuddle baby. No one can nuzzle like she does. God will she will pull out of it but who knows. I am doing all I can but if my daughter leaves I know no matter how bad it hurts or how much it feels like I am dieing...I am not and stress , sorrow or pain does not affect my being OP. It is a separate issue totally. It's just so much in so little time and to me they are my children for I have loved them as I would my birth Daughter. I thank God I had them all but how lost I feel sometimes without my Loves....but when I come back here I know I'm not really because I have the best friends in the world. I do everything possible but in the end it is not in my hands. How I manage is. I know I am very emotional, I always have been and here I do not hide. I do not need to,Thank God.

This years has just not gone as I had planned!!! Ah, the plans of mice and men. I have stayed away from the scale and I must say I look forward to weigh in....can you believe it!
Love you all.

10-08-2001, 08:19 PM
THought I would peek in to see if I had offended anyone.

And to share
I have been OP all Day!!!!

Thank God. And all of you!!

Nothing carb feels as good as OP!

Dana, sounds like you had a great weekend.

Pam, sorry about your most recent "child" illness, Hope she gets better. Thanks for the support and pat on teh shoulder. It helps.

Sue How are you feeling. Thanks for your support and "boost" over at 100# club. It means alot. I hop eyour cold id winding down.

B00- How are you doing?

Lee, My heart goes out to you. Back problems are so nasty.

Have a great night all

10-09-2001, 07:48 AM
Hello all my dear friends!!

Pat, I am so proud for you!!! It does feel great to stay OP every day. When you have done so, you really know that you have accomplished something! You hang in there with your attitude. Let hubby know that you love him no matter what, but you'd like to take some extra time to pamper yourself, and you'd appreciate his help so that you can have that extra time. I'm sure that he'd support you all the way...if he knows that you need the support.
I think you are one strong woman!!! I'm very proud to call you my friend.

One little help for your cravings (besides the chromium)...I know that we aren't supposed to consume diet sodas very much, but if I get a sweet craving, I get a little glass of diet soda on ice and sip it like a favorite sweet liquor. It tricks my mind into thinking it has had something which it should not on this program, and keeps me focused.

Pam, I know you are doing as well as you can. Please don't forget to take care of yourself. You won't be much good if you don't rest. I'm so thankful for the visits that we have had. My prayers are always there for you, and now your little Simba.

Dana, I have what I think is a great attitude with this program. You and I think so much alike. Although I have had some problems with weight gain, I know that it is temporary and not the end of the world. I am debating trying to find a swim club that I too can join. Now that it's going to start getting cooler, I'm going to need to do something....but I need to learn to do whatever I do much more slowly.

Butterfly, this is a wondeful program. My mother in law doesn't have all that much weight to lose , and she's also losing it slowly. I noticed that you said that you were doing the carb solutions shake mix and protein bars. I think they are good for emergencies, but watch for hidden carbs in them. Also, I found when I ate one of them that they actually caused me to have huge cravings for carbs. Maybe there was something in them I was allergic to. Since this is a new way of eating, I try not to eat anything that isn't pretty fresh...meat, fish, vegies, etc. I try not to have anything that has preservatives in them...trying to cleanse my body of the toxins and impurities.

By the way, I never did welcome you to our board. I've been kind of self-centered this last month or so. I apologize to you and to all of my friends.

Sue, I don't need any tape. I'm crazy glued to this wagon!!! I've stayed OP since I've been back home. Do we need another challenge for staying OP? Let's see who can buckle up and stay OP the excuses are allowed!!! I'm always smacking your hand when you think you need to have that one little does hurt...YOU!!! Stay tough my friend...I'm tying your fanny down to the seat. I hope you get over your cold soon.

Terri, are you on this bus with us? Sure miss hearing from you.

My back is still the pits, but I've decided that I'm going to try to go just a little slower. I may look like quasimoto, but I'm a good looking quasimoto. I know that the 10 pounds I have gained is a reaction from the meds and aggravates me, but this too shall reason to go off program.

Greg is also on this program with me and is losing a pound a week. He's just too gorgeous!!! Good thing my back has been out lately...I might just be interrupting his sleep!!! (OH MY...can't believe I said that!!!)

We're all tough women...we CAN do this program. Life has enough ups and downs...those which we can't control. But we CAN control the scale ups and downs!

My love to you all. Just hang in there and reap the rewards.


10-09-2001, 09:52 PM
Just a quick hello as I have TONS of work to finish tonight!

Nice to see our Paula posting! I was about to start #5 since we are up to 2 pages.... but was afraid if I did nobody would see her nice post. I guess we can start #5 tomorrow!

I have sworn off the peanuts I have been craving and opted to munch of fresh green beans today. (Not the same.... *sigh*)
On Plan as always...but geeeez was I craving PEANUTS? Still looking for a reason. Any ideas?

Weather was so nice here in Pittsburgh that I walked 2 1/2 miles rather than the swimming. (Nasus...did you enjoy the leaves changing as you rode piggy back on me and made me go that extra lap when I wanted to quit at 2 miles??? LOL)

I finally put a "angel" under my name. I had nothing there and decided I should get something up. (She is blond like me!) is waiting.....BEEP BEEP...bus is rolling!!!!!!!!!

Stay on plan my friends!


10-09-2001, 10:38 PM
Hi everyone. I can't wait to try the tea. Actually I'm on my 2nd day and doing really good. My attitude is better thanks to all the advice. I won't be long because I need to go walk and I'm doing my best friends laundry. I just forgot about all the different foods to have around now that i stocked up i'm ok. with it getting dark earlier i feel like i have less hours at night to get things done. i haven't got my new clothes i ordered good thing since i did horrible last week. maybe by time they get here i can fit into them. and you know your all right i have come along ways this past year. i've gone from a 12 to a 9 and shouldn't complain. 3years ago i was at my heaviest 176 and i'm no where near that today. so yes i have done good. my goal is 140 but would love 128. good night going to EXERCISE

10-09-2001, 10:44 PM
oh yeah, i changed my goal to. i've always tried to lose 10 lbs month, don't know why, but i think i set myself up to fail, so i think 5 lbs month is good. can't wait for friday weight in. i'm being good and staying off the scale until then. good night friends