Weight Loss Support - Wednesday Planning thread November 29th

11-29-2006, 05:46 AM
bacon, egg, mushrooms, toast

2 quorn sausages, protein shake, apple

Gym - either recumbent bike or something like that. Might do some leg weights if my ribs don't hurt too much (machines only, I figure squatting will hurt :( )

Turkey and cranberry sandwich on 1 sl cranberry bread

possible ryvita and cottage cheese

an apple and er... don't know quite what yet

a sandwich bough by my DH... It's a surprise! :lol:

I'm already on my 4th pint of water, so it's all good :D

11-29-2006, 08:02 AM
Cranberry bread? Yum!

Oh wait ... I'm supposed to be planning.

Today is upper body day for me ... chest and triceps methinks.

And I think I'll have 5 or 6 mini-meals that are a combination of a good carb and a lean protein. I'll have to rifle thru the kitchen to think about that. I'm not sure what I have kicking around.

11-29-2006, 08:06 AM
I love your planning thread...since I'm new I've been looking at the various diet plans and don't know if I can dedicate myself to one program (fat smash, WW, etc.), so I love seeing what others menus are for the day! That will help me plan ahead, copy your menu and try it myself the next day or maybe read your posts for a week and go shopping for next week ;)
Do you follow a "plan", or just counting calories?

11-29-2006, 08:11 AM
The nice thing about this thread is that almost everyone who posts here is doing something different.
I steal meal ideas, recipes and inspiration all the time ;)

11-29-2006, 09:48 AM
OK, I think I've got it.

My shake this morning is coffee flavoured.
I have chicken thighs, deli turkey and must buy cottage cheese.
The good carbs are protein pancakes, brown rice and ww crackers.
And of course at least one huge green salad.

I'll let you know how they pair up as the day progresses.

11-29-2006, 09:59 AM
B - Shredded wheat, cc, berries, wheatgerm, walnuts, skimmed milk

S - apple and cc. (Off plan was a date and walnut 'Eat Natural' bar. Never again. Too much glucose syrup and honey. There's no point in going off plan then, is there? ;) I was taken in by dates and walnuts and did not get my glasses out of my pocket to check the ingredients :o )

D - lentil and bacon soup, w/w bread, banana

S - apple, cc

T - lentils, brown rice, spinach (this meal will test the theory that fenugreek makes my feet warm up)

You can tell that the Man and I are working flat out with little space for thought or imagination. :hug: for self and him.

11-29-2006, 10:11 AM
I'm 0 for 2 in sticking with my planned days. I will try to stick with it today!

B - egg whites, strawberries, 1 banana, milk
S- LF yogurt
L- spaghetti ssquash w/ marinara sprinkled with roasted chickpeas
s- apple
d- boca burger, brown rice, green beans (cals are pretty low, so i might add another snack...yogurt or smoothie)

I will try very hard to get some exercise in today. it's been way too long. I will try to do my BL dvd. (oh, how i cannot wait until the gym near my house opens up!)

11-29-2006, 10:17 AM
Oooh I like those Eat Natural bars - but at nearly 300kcals a pop, I'd rather have a Mars Bar :T

Oh yeah and silverbirch - cottage cheese and shredded wheat??? What is up with you girl?

2B thin - I am basically calorie counting, but I'm not particularly strict. I aim for a range, somewhere between 1400 and 2000 depending on the day. I also try to eat LOTS of lean protein at every meal/snack, hardly any packaged goods (like cakes, crisps, processed meals, cookies etc) and plenty of fruit and veggies. I must start trying to get more veggies in - I seem to be slipping this week!

11-29-2006, 10:29 AM
For me it will be
B: A pita bread with white non fat cheese. A non fat milk latte
S: A peach
L: 2 slices of turkey and salad
S: A non fat yogurth
D: A cucumber salad

I`m also going to do 30 minutes of cardio in high resistence on my static bike. Legs exercise and abs

11-29-2006, 10:36 AM
Hey ravotrina? tell us how you make a cucumber salad.

11-29-2006, 10:48 AM
B- protien juice and oatmeal or an english muffin and pb
S- low sugar hot chocolate and a banana
L- sandwitch (weight watcers bread or english muffin with hot pepper relish, turkey breast and cheese); cup of soup... maybe something else? pickles?
S- yogurt
D- not sure, but prob chicken and veggies
W- 4-5L
E- none - I couldnt get out of bed :( boyfriend, keiko and I were snuggled so nicely and some things are more important then 5:30am exercise, haha - the sad thing is.. I prob wont exercise now until Monday, lol I am going to try and eat lighter... esp. with how much crap ive been eating this past week

So its like -5 here right now, supposed to get a whole bunch more snow... argh And Keiko gets spayed tomorrow... if we can get out of the house!

11-29-2006, 10:50 AM
Wow...usually by the time I log in to do planning, hardly anyone's posted. Yay!

My turn!

B - 1 cup grapes
1 apple
1 cup skim milk

L - 1/4 cup brown rice + roasted/steamed beans
1 8 oz container ff yogie
1 banana

D - You know I'm really hesitant to put something down. I always aim high (in terms of eating less and fewer calories) and then I go home and eat anything but. Then I feel like I lied on this thread. :( I'm not going to put anything down from now on.

Whoever is still reading... yesterday I said I would have some cucumber, 1/4 cup white rice + veggies. I had: a) small bowl of spaghetti, b) 1/2 cup fried peas, c) 3 chinese spinach buns and d) a slice of mixed berry pie

Yeah. And I wonder whyyyyy I'm not losing weight. SIGH. :dizzy:

Exercise: Finished 4 miles - briskly walked. Want to do some Pilates tonight.

11-29-2006, 11:15 AM
Whew, I'm checking in late today--and it's been busy (yay!)!

I didn't do so hot yesterday. I only had sausage for breakfast and then nothing else all day long until dinner, so by then I was STARVING, and we went out to a place that has my favorite dinner entree salad. Well, the salad was fabulous, but add to that the egg roll appetizer, the bread, and the apple pie dessert we split, and it wasn't such a hot total for my calorie count :devil:

On to today...

2 packets reduced-sugar instant oatmeal
2 cups red pepper and tomato soup w/organic croutons
Lean Cuisine - honey dijon chicken
chicken breast and couscousI'm already on my second liter of water, so 3+ shouldn't be a problem at all. I passed up the exercise this morning for more sleep time (went to bed late last night) and planned to go for a walk after work instead, but then I got to work and was reminded that we have a "team building" event today at 3pm, so I'll be home from work pretty late. My goal will be to avoid ALL food at the team building event and not eat dinner until I get home and can cook it myself!

11-29-2006, 11:23 AM
I am feeling pretty bad about skipping my exercise this morning... :(

11-29-2006, 12:34 PM
Happy Wednesday!

B: 6oz low carb/low cal yogurt (80cal), 1 med apple (60 cal), 1 med banana (100cal)

L: lean cuisine spa meal salmon basil w. w.w pasta (230cal), sm veggie salad w. 1 packet f.f french dressing (75cal)

S: 1 piece light strong cheese (80cal), 1/2 kashi bar (70cal)

D: leftover spag. squash mixed w/ 1 wedge of laughing cow light cheese, mushrooms and 1 quorn chicken breast (200cal)

S: f.f cottage cheese w. pumpkin and splenda (150cal)

Workout: 20min on treadmill, 1hr of weight lifting class tonight @ gym

11-29-2006, 02:01 PM
2bThin: I'm not on any particular plan, I just count calories and try to avoid high fat, high sugar foods and eat more lean meats, fruits and veggies, and whole grains. I do plan out what I will eat a week at a time however, so that I know what to buy when I go grocery shopping.

Today's plan is:
B - Go Lean cereal with soy milk and raspberries
S - coffee with SF syrup and 1% milk
L - brown rice, butternut squash, chicken, salt & pepper, cinnamon, and maybe a laughing cow cheese wedge; cucumber, tomato, raspberry and basil salad with balsamic vinegar
S - blueberry fiber cake
S - NF yogurt with raspberries
D - Sausage and chard cassoulet; green salad
S - low cal pudding or fruit & yogurt parfait

Exercise: with trainer (yay!)

11-29-2006, 03:21 PM
I went for a walk and had a chicken thigh with ww crackers and (literally) a handful of salad greens.
I had a struggle with the phone company that took waaaay too much of my day off.
Lunch so far? Tylenol x2 :(
Cottage cheese in a minute here, probably with more greens. I think I'll use a bowl this time.

11-29-2006, 04:18 PM
I haven't had an appetite for anything for the past couple of days, so I'm basically forcing myself to eat. I'm not even making my calories for the day.
Maybe today. :?:

B: English Muffin w/ 1tbsp pb and honey, coffee
S: .5 oz Snyder Dill chips (I'm in love with these chips. They're like a mixture of eating a pickle and a salt and vinegar chip)
L: Turkey Sandwich with light horseradish mayo, mustard, sprouts, havarti, lettuce, and tomato and 1.5 oz pretzels (maybe)
S: Pretzels, if I don't eat them
D: Grilled Pita with low fat cheddar and turkey, maybe 1c pesto pasta

Water: 3L+

11-30-2006, 01:21 AM
I got on my bike today! yaah! i feel better now