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The Little D
11-26-2006, 07:07 PM
Good evening!

Weight watchers was good - it felt good to be there and I've found a renewed interest in it.

I'm following the Flex Plan because I need the felixibilty of eating out and a frozen entree here and/or there.
After our meeting ( and we did stay for review ) we headed to the diner - hahaha - all on program we chose our breakfast wisely.
I actually ate 1/2 of everything and was quite full; and had the other 1/2 for lunch today. It's dinner time now and I'm ready.

I didn't look at how much I weigh; but I had my buddy confirm the daily allowed points for me ( 24 ). I'd like to have a few weeks under my belt ( hopefully losses ) and then I'll take a gander at the number.

How is/was everyone's weekend ?

My son is still in NC and comes home Monday night ! I'm excited - I miss the little bugger.

Going to hunt something down for dinner and my boyfriend has a hockey game tonight. I'm his biggest fan. :cheer: :cheer: