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11-24-2006, 12:00 PM
Has anybody ever had a vein stripped in their leg. (Not injections. ) I was just wondering all about it because I'm getting it done soon.
How painful? Do's and don'ts.......any advice?


11-24-2006, 11:52 PM
Hi Salsa :)

Yes, I had it done in one leg, from mid-thigh to my ankle, a few years ago. I didn't find it painful really; the mummy elastic bandage I had to wear for a few days was more of a bother than the incisions and stitches! :lol: Also making sure it was kept dry in the shower by wearing a garbage bag taped around my leg ;)

Do's and Don'ts, hmmm, well, I took a couple days off work at a desk job after... though right after I got out of the hospital, I walked through a drug store to get some prescriptions, and had little difficulty getting around my apartment afterwards. But I remember being told to take it easy, no exercise while the healing started.

Overall, for me, the whole surgery experience was more nerve-wracking than the actual surgery, though the staff and hospital were very professional and thorough. The thing was that I had never been knocked out before or had a spinal, and being told the risks of those procedures threw me for a loop I guess because I came down with shingles the next week for the first time ;)

It's been 4-5 years, I forget exactly when I had it done, but the scars have totally faded now. They looked very dark red at first but now are like skinny silver stretch marks, very small.

I have a family tendency to get them, and one thing I CAN recommend is toning up afterwards and losing all extra weight you may carry.

I did not devote myself to this, and I think the extra weight/lack of exercise has caused a large one to reappear on my inside thigh (tres sexy, ahem!) Also I have heard a low-fiber diet can increase them, because of pressure caused by straining stresses the veins.

So, good luck, enjoy your soon-to-come new smooth leg and speedy healing to you! :D