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10-01-2001, 10:55 AM
Happy October. I got a puppy last night. I named her spooky. She's black w/ dark brown feet. She's one of 10. She's 6 weeks. Mom refused to nurse any more. 100% mutt! :) My children had to talk me into this, but I enjoy her too. I gotta get ready for work but wanted to tell you my happy news and get a new thread started! audri

10-01-2001, 12:03 PM
Audri, glad to hear about your new family member! Yay to the kids for talking you into it! LOL! Don't think of her as 'mutt'....She is a VERY rare breed. Only 10 others like her!

Got any early start this morning but have accomplished nothing. I have some daffodils that need to be planted. Would love to plant them and a lot more in the bed at the corner of the property. It can be seen from the front window of the living room and I can picture myself standing at the window, crading a cup of something warm in my hands and looking out at the blooms during early spring. The first blooms always give me 'hope'....

I am enjoying the cooler weather now though. Keep watching for the leaves to start changing.

Hope everyone is doing good.

Love, Karen:)

10-01-2001, 09:34 PM

I think I've kinda disappeared for a while...sorry. Was watching lots of t.v. there for a while ya know, and with the school schedule and work on my new birds...well, I just sorta got out of the on-line habit. Seems like others have too, except for some bulk "crap" e-mail, I get very little correspondence.

Anyway, It is a monday, a new month, new season....should be time for me to yet again start anew....

Enjoy your new puppy Aud. There is a kitten at the clinic that needs a home...but I'm not budging. I do not want any thing else to take care of or clean up after!!!!!

Happy October :cool:

10-07-2001, 03:44 PM
I did a little yard work today....Empasis on 'little'. I dug up some bulbs and now I need to get them back into the ground along with about 70 more that I just bought. Ummm...wonder how long that will take?

Hope everyone is doing good. Itsworthit, we are thinking of ya'll. Praying for the best. Know that if good thoughts help we are sending them your way.

Audri, MailWhale, Sandy, Cookie and Dolphin. Where are ya'll?


10-08-2001, 10:52 AM
I have started up my walking for real this time. I am not in the mood today so maybe I will walk to work. It has finally started to cool off here! FINALLY! Everyone has now turned off their a/c. Thrusday I walked 5080. (I am keeping track by steps) Fri was 6117, Sat was 1.75 hours at Art in the Park plus an evening walk of 5175. Sunday was 5187 plus 2222. I am trying to do more each day. The scale hasn't budged but it will sometime!

Everyone is fine. We are just working. Saturday is Chris and mine only day together. Then we both are back to work and baby watching! Well, I gotta get ready. Chat again soon. audri

10-08-2001, 08:03 PM
I've been walking pretty consistently again, unfortunately I've been eating pretty consistently too :(

I don't know what to think or say about it anymore. I was so determined for so long, I really thought I'd made a real change...but now I just seem to be back to the old tricks, and gaining cause of it. I'm sad and mad, and that does no good. I don't know how to get back to that point where I hold it together for a long enough stretch to make a difference. And of course as we all know it is hard to write here when we don't seem to be on the band-wagon. I just think I'm losing myself again :?:

wishing the rest of you well though! Hold on and don't get discouraged...cause once it really sets in, boy is it hard to shake.

10-08-2001, 09:46 PM
Mailwhale-I send you a hug! I finally got back into it by reading online weight loss journals. I joined a challenge to loose 8 pounds this month. I am working out, just got to eat less now. I am really trying to drink the water. I wish we still had the chub club. The tv, the newsletter, the message board. It was fun competeing. I am still at 190. But I have a new sence of willpower again. I am going to get a full length mirror for my bathroom. Gotta be aware on how big I am with nothing on. I wear these big clothes and I think I am not so huge cause the shirts are swimming on me. But really they just make me look bigger. I want more energy. I would love a whistle or 2... I sure would like to get some cute clothes! And I need to stay happy so I don't eat to hide my feelings! I hope you find yourself soon Mailwhale! I don't like it when my friends are sad. :( audri

10-09-2001, 10:51 AM
I woke up out of a dead sleep last night wondering about ITSWORTHIT. So, if anyone has heard from her, please let me know. I am sure they are fine, they just have so much going on. audri

10-09-2001, 02:27 PM
Audri. I think about the both of them a lot also and do hope all is going better than expected. I am against doctors giving a timetable because they don't always know everything....I wish them both strength and all the time they need.

MailWhale, oh hon...I know exactly what you mean....I walked 2 miles yesterday and just ate a bunch of fig newtons. FN's are low fat but they aren't low calorie and I ate more that I should have....I am hoping though that the exercise will give me the will power to control the eating.

Audri, what journals have you read that have inspired you? I would love some inspiration!

Hope everyone is doing well.


10-10-2001, 07:02 AM
...and surprisingly, that is a GOOD thing! I walked again last night. Only a mile but I did walk. My legs are very stiff and sore but I am going to try to keep it up.

Jesse started working a Dunkin' Donuts yesterday....Did n't bring any home but I know they will be coming. Send some will power my way, gals!

Hope everyone is doing good and hope to hear from everyone soon.


10-10-2001, 11:07 PM
Hi friends. For some reason today I am so mad at Terry for dying. I realize it is not his fault and he didn't do it on purpose. BUT parenting without both biological parents is really really hard. I hate being the one responsible for evrything. I get all the credit, but I also get all the blame. audri

10-11-2001, 12:10 PM
all of the feelings you must have, Audri. Parenting has, for me, been the hardest job I have ever had. Even with both parents there and participating I don't think that most fathers take on the guilt that we mothers carry around with us. Everything is our fault and sometimes I think it is my choice. I can take criticism for myself much better than I can hear or feel it for my child.

I can see how you might feel anger for Terry. At the very least you must feel abandoned. I know you know it isn't his fault. He didn't ask for it but neither did you. Hang in there, Audri. It will get better.

What happened? The kids are all okay, right?

If it is school I know what you are going through .

Hold on,

Karen:dizzy: :dizzy:

10-11-2001, 07:19 PM
Yeah, school it is. Detentions, non stop talking, homework, messy rooms. You know, kid stuff. He is grounded for a week, now it will be even longer since he decided not to come straight home. I liked it better when he actually listened to me. Ugh! I am feeling better today. I got sleep and I actually had fun at work. I just hate coming home to all this S***! Chris leaves 5 minutes after I get home so I can't ever relax. He must feel the same way. We both have the next 2 days off together. Thank goodness! Well, I had better get off line in case he is trying to call. Thanks for caring! audri

10-11-2001, 08:53 PM
Of course, I had a triple cheese burger AND a triple thick shake from Micky D's also....Didn't drink all the shake....But , at least I did walk.

I saw a lady on early morning tv the other day who said that her first instinct after the tragedy of the 11th was to eat her way through it. Instead she is walking a mile a day (perhaps she will work up to more than one a day) for each victim. It reminded me of our walks across America with the CC....I miss all of our friends, girls....

Audri, bless your heart, I am in total sympathy with you. I also restricted Jesse during those times. He was also the class clown. Thought school was for socializing. You'll get through it. One year Jesse was restricted from everything but breathing and I would have taken that away if I thought it would have helped!

Okay, where is everybody else?

MailWhale, where are you?



Itsworthit? :) :)



10-13-2001, 10:27 AM

10-13-2001, 04:14 PM
I lost 2 pounds! FINALLY! I have been walking 4-5 miles each day and the scale wasn't budging! But I just might win this week! I walked today and went to the pharmacy and then to my moms to tackle an overgrown honeysuckle vine. Then to the bank, grocery shopping and to the gas station. I fed everyone and now I am checking email and gonna play with the baby. I might go to the renassance fair tonight or maybe we can find a sitter and go see a movie and dinner. That would be a pure luxury! aud

10-14-2001, 04:10 PM
Way to go!

Hope you enjoyed your evening whether it was the fair or a movie and congrats on the 2 pound loss! WOW! 4-5 miles a day is fabulous! How long does it take to walk it?


10-14-2001, 05:24 PM
Karefree-it is about a 18-19 minute mile. I am not worried about speed right now. Just want to keep at a steady pace. I took the day off. Well, not really. We'll walk tonight but not 5 miles like yesterday. Every ten days or so I plan on resetting my step counter back to one. I am giving my hips and calves and feet a rest. :) How have you been? I think we lost mailwhale...she's been sounding so sad. So MW, if you are lurking, come out and say hi. I had a garden burger for lunch instead of the full fat burger everyone else had. I had a salad at Pistol Pete's last night instead of cardboard pizza. (That was our date-arcade games with the boys) We then bought some new fishes for our small tank. We got a large tank from a friend and the aggressive fish are in there. We wanted a tank of tame nice fish too.

Grif is either sick again or he has allergies. He just got off his medicine 4 days ago. It is so far clear.(nose gunk) I am wondering if the puppy is making his nose run. He plays with her for hours. Or is it the cats? Maybe just the weather???? I had sick babies. I get no sleep when they are sick! ~aud

10-15-2001, 02:31 PM
Hello... :dizzy:

Sorry, not really lurking, not really on line much though and not making much progress. Yes, I keep walking, but keep eating too...

Good for you with the 2 lbs Aud!!!!! :D

Karefree and I are gonna join you soon, as soon as I finish this cookie :p

Okay, hey Audri, I don't know how you do it...seem so busy! Time is a big luxury for me right now, but all I mostly do is waste it! Actually, my house is in pretty good shape, semi-tidy, semi-clean. Good enough that I don't feel totally embarassed when someone comes over, but there is always more to do. Getting rid of stuff has helped. a hint from heloise was to get rid of 5 things every day. 5 things out of the fridge, 5 junky coffee mugs that just make that cupboard too crowed, 5 old pairs of shoes, 5 toys out of each of the kids rooms... Each room slowly gets more managable that way, over time it really helps, and it is a pretty painless way of getting rid of stuff cause I'm not making decsisions on everything at once.... 5 old pairs of baggy undies???? :lol: next!

10-15-2001, 07:10 PM
5 things a day...hum, that sounds good. Can children be one day? :) JK

My house is a disaster. Some things do get on pause when I decide to excersice. I have been walking to and from work and that doesn't take much more time than driving. Although, I only had 2 hours of sleep last night, so no big walk day for me. I am hoping Grif's medicine will help him sleep through the night!

I read this Woman's Day article about how dangerous an apple shape body is. I think that is what is keeping me on track. I do not want a heart attack. I have like 7/10 warning signs. Scary. So, My first goal is to get in the 160's so I am not obese any more. I need to get my waist under 35". It is at 40 now. I want to be able to walk 5 miles without a break. And I want to be in the misses section of the store. My stretch jeans were way tight in the waist today. They were baggy the last time I wore them. I don't know if that was last winter or the winter before that. But I was uncomfortable all day! I will start my crunches again! ~audri

10-16-2001, 03:45 PM
We are all in such different places....

Audri is losing...which is good!
MW is eating a cookie and...
I hate to admit it but I just licked peanut butter off of my finger. How gross is that?

Hope Griffin is feeling better soon. It is rough to have a sick baby and no sleep. They go together though.


10-17-2001, 10:55 AM
I started taking dieting/excersice seriously on Oct 3rd. I read a "mouse in the house" journal. (You can find it on the front page of this site under other dieters.) She challenged her readers to set a goal and stick with it for the month of Oct. In 14 days, I have lost 4 pounds! I vowed 8 gone in the 4 weeks. Only 4 to go! I also vowed walking each day of Oct more steps than the day before. Which I have done except, my planned resets. Only used one so far. I am so happy! The mayo clinic's food pyramid is working so much better for me! It is forsing me to eat fruits and veggies. I had forgotton I liked them! Aud

10-17-2001, 05:05 PM
Hi ladies, I'm still around. Sorry I haven't been posting.

Audri, great job on losing 4 pounds, keep up the good work. How is the puppy doing? Hope the baby is feeling better & your older son is doing good.

Karefree, I miss the walking chart also. It really kept me moving. I think of Itsworthit whenever I walk, she was a big help getting me walking. I pray for her & her husband. Hopefully we will hear from her soon.

Mailwhale, throwing out 5 things at a time sounds like a good idea, wish I had started doing that a long time ago. My daughter is moving back home so they can save money for a downpayment on a house & we let her have the bigger room upstairs. Only thing it was the room where I had my treadmill & workout things, plus all kinds of junk. So I ended up getting rid of quite a bit of it and am still trying to get rid of stuff that we never use around here.

I started using my treadmill and doing crunches this week. I have really been slacking for a long time, hopefully I keep it up now.

Take care & I will check in more often.:)

10-17-2001, 07:26 PM
I wish more of the former cc'ers posted here. I would love to hear from so many of them. I also hope to hear from Itsworthit. I think of them often and hope all is going well for them both.

Audri, I am SOOOOOOOO proud of you! Weigh to go! Who was it that used to say that? Was it MW?

Just walked a mile with Jesse. I guess one is better than none, huh?

Have started on the Christmas shopping. Have a cd player in hiding for Jesse and some clothes for the both of them.

I did a test drive and have a $50 b

10-17-2001, 09:04 PM
Ya, it was me....and.... Weigh to go Audri!!! :D

Oh gee, well, I actually had a good day yesterday food wise, and have been okay today. I think it was also in Womens Day that I read that losing 13 pounds would take 65 pounds of pressure off my knees and keep them from becoming more arthritic. You'ld think that or any number of other pieces of motivation would keep me going...I keep hoping. But gotta do more than hope!

I am such a good exerciser....really even when I wasn't doing my big time daily walks last winter when I had the foot problems, I still walked enough that when I was able to start again it was easy. I can even still jog a couple miles a day or two a week. so, that really tells you what a pig I've been that I've not lost weight. I've been walking at least 20 miles a week since school started in September and some extra stuff too...cardioglide, arms, abs... but eat, eat, eat. My friend that I walk with was saying how she is 138 and wants to lose 20, and I kinda made a "I wish" kinda comment...then she started in with the "you don't understand, it's so hard for me thing.... and I just lost it with her- kinda yelled that I do understand and it is just as hard for me or someone with 300 more to lose or an anorexic trying to get healthy, it is hard for all of us who are not happy with our bodies and torture ourselves with this day in and day out. :mad: Well, I did appologise, and I think she forgave me my outburst although I don't think she really "got" what I was trying to say.

Anywho, I just must commit for the long haul, do this for me, fight the good fight, take control, quit cheating, quit whining and just do it. Dont' need a new month, week or morning. I just need to like myself enough to treat myself right. And I deserve it (flips hair in slow motion ;) )

10-18-2001, 11:00 AM
Good morning! I am eatting warm oatmeal. Now why don't I have it more often? It is good. I say the same thing about salads. I had a can of tomato soup made with water last night. I forgot how much I liked that too. I don't have to survive on sugar alone! :)

Mailwhale-you sould much better. I want to get to my first mini goal of 169 by Xmas. Then I won't be labeled obese on the weight charts! You could do 13 pounds by that day! Think of 85 pounds of pressure gone my the holiday! What a wonderful gift that would be!

Karefree, a mile is a mile! I did only 1.33 miles last night. The boys have been walking with me after dinner. It is so dark it is nice to have the company. I am hoping to get in an hour walk when I get off work today. Hopefully Chris won't need to go in early.

Sandy-so glad you posted! ~audri

10-18-2001, 12:06 PM
It is so nice to read so many new posts!

I got interrupted on my last one because my son came in and I didn't want him to read the Christmas stuff. LOL! I have already lost 2 Christmas gifts to nosey recipients!

I did want to tell ya'll about the test drives though. If anyone is interested go to and on the left hand side of the page click onto 'test drives'. I did the 50$ boarders and already have the card. It ends the end of the month. Didn't even have to take the drive.....Paul did the 50$ CDNOW gift certificate. If it comes before Christmas it will help with some gifts....Or,we could be selfish and use the $ for motivational items of US! Diet books at borders or motivational tapes to listen to while exercising!

MailWhale, you are doing so good. You have half the battle won. The exercise is one of the hardest parts for me....Well, they are equally hard. Diet and exercise! LOL! I know what you mean....Some people who have never really faced having to lose ALOT of pounds don't understand that some of us have to fight 3 battles (or more) to get to where they are starting at. Some people just never will understand exactly how hard it is....Oh, well....
:( :( I think you are so right. We have to believe we deserve to be good to ourselves in order for us to do it.

Audri, keep up the attitude. I keep wanting to go to read your on line journal. I think I might find some inspiration there but I can't get everything done computer wise and I seem to put that off until everything else is done. Maybe I'll get there soon....You sound so oriented and on track!

Hoping to get in another walk today. Keep posting girls....I feel a good turn coming our way....Hope it isn't wishful thinking!


PS Itsworthit, if you find time please post. I think about ya'll daily.

:wave: :wave:

10-18-2001, 06:47 PM
Hello. Today was one of those days where I watched the clock to see when it was time to go home. Afterwards, I went to the grocery store. I got lots of salad stuff. I spent 99$ and it won't be enough to last us till next Friday. But we were out of everything. Salad dressings and the like sure add up quickly! I tried the onion flavor Boca burger today. Very good! I wish I would have picked up some low fat snack food. I am craving something sweet. I made the mistake of eatting 3 cheetos when getting some for Cameron. Now I want more. But not gonna. Besides they give me a stomach ache after awhile!

I gave Itsworthit my snail mail address in case she couldn't get computer access. She said she was gonna get a hotmail account and I could relay the messages, but no news yet. :( I am hoping for a piece of mail eventually.

Eat less/Move more!!!! audri

10-19-2001, 12:16 PM
let us know. I think about her everyday.

We walked a mile again last night. Maybe it will inspire me to be a little more careful about what I am eating....I can hope it will make a difference anyway.

So, Audri, you are walking over a hour (close to 2 on some days). That makes me feel very oafish and lazy. You have a job , a home to keep and 3 , that is THREE, small kids! I wish I could get the motivation to make half the effort.....I will go and read the post you mentioned now....

10-19-2001, 12:22 PM
let us know. I think about her everyday.

We walked a mile again last night. Maybe it will inspire me to be a little more careful about what I am eating....I can hope it will make a difference anyway.

So, Audri, you are walking over a hour (close to 2 on some days). That makes me feel very oafish and lazy. You have a job , a home to keep and 3 , that is THREE, small kids! I wish I could get the motivation to make half the effort.....I will go and read the post you mentioned now....

10-19-2001, 12:46 PM
Audri, I found your journal and enjoyed reading what I read bunches. Will go back later and read more but I couldn't find 'Mouse in the House'. Has it been removed?


10-19-2001, 02:17 PM
Karefree good job on walking. Keep it up. I haven't even started thinking about Christmas and you already have things bought.

Mailwhale, I don't blame you for getting upset by what your friend said. Keep up the good work on your exercise, hopefully the eating will get better.

Audri, are you still eating salads. I started having them again this week.

I've done good on exercise this week, didn't skip a day. I hope I can get back to where I was before. I think I'm going back to kickboxing again when the next class starts. I think that will be sometime next month.

Have a great weekend everyone.:)

10-19-2001, 02:27 PM
KF- the site is

And don't give me too much credit, my house is a mess and I have no clean laundry! :)

I reread the fast food info on page 1 of this site. It lists all the restaurants info. Well lots has been added since I checked it out before. Two of my favorite meals are over 1200 calories and thats without dessert. I am trying to stay between 1200-1400 right now. For example I USED to go to Carl's Jr and have a crispy chicken sandwich with a soda and onion rings. Or we would go to Panda Express. The orange chicken has so much less fat than the spicy chicken w/ peanuts. And orange chicken has no veggies. Spicy chicken isn't fried! Add a soda, a fortune cookie a second entree and some chowmein. Thats over 70 grams of fat! Holy Cow!!!! I will make better choices now! ~aud

10-19-2001, 03:17 PM
Sandy, good to hear from you! Great job on exercising everyday this week. You seemed to enjoy the kickboxing last time so that sounds like a good plan. Are you walking at the beach still? I bet it is getting chilly!

I know Audri. It is amazing the calories we can put away and not even realize it! I wonder where all that fat comes from in the spicy chicken?

I had a bowl of corn chowder (really just soupy creamed corn with no cream involved!) and brought a small glass or juice and an orange down for later. I am in search of inspiration on the web and the first place I am going is to the 'mouse' site Audri mentioned.

10-20-2001, 12:09 PM
followed the links to Freds and found some great success stories. Fred is AMAZING! The man has completely changed his metabolism! Evidently a lot of the change has come through exercise because he is eating A LOT of food! Thanks for pointing the site out for me. I also enjoyed reading your journal and now I am heading back to Freds to explore more. I hope he can inspire Paul enough to support me this time....Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I hope to get in a walk today. The weather is perfect for one today.


10-20-2001, 05:24 PM
KF-I like reading Fred's journal. He does have the ego of the state of say, Texas! :) But hey, he has turned his life around. And he has lots of knowledge. I may go look for a used weight bench one of these days and build muscle. The boys will be to that age that they want to pump up, so it will be well used.

I bought sweet potato fries at Trader Joes today. I will tell ya after I endulge what they are like. I know I can make my own, but frozen already done are so much more enticing!!! :)

Well, looks like a friend of Chris's will be here on Monday. Guess that is my cue to pick up the house. I really could go for a nap! aud

10-22-2001, 09:54 AM
The eating has been better for the last few days but the walking has stopped! What is it with me? I just can't seem to get it all together!

Audri, how were the sweet potato fries? Did you bake them and how fatty are they? They sound heavenly but I love yams anyway.

MW, how's it going? Log in to inspire me on the exercise part. I need a cheerleader!

Where is Dolphingirl?

And Sandy? Is your daughter moved completely back in yet? I bet it is nice to have her back home even if it has gotten a little more crowded....I bet you don't remember Jerry Clower, do you? He was a southern comedian who has since passed away but one of his bits (spoken in a HEAVY southern accent ) was about not letting your children lull you into a sense of independence because when they left home for the first time, it was NOT over. They wuz coming home agin and theys bringing more with 'um! LOL! Of course, I know you don't feel this way about your baby girl but it did remind me of the old comedian....He was a HOOT! Literally, he hooted and hollered during his act. He had albums out long ago. I would like to hear them again. He was REALLY funny.

Well, I am going to try to make and effort on both fronts this week. Try to eat right AND get in a little exercise. Wish me luck!


10-22-2001, 12:16 PM
Hello y'all... we're here in New Hampshire/Dave's undergoing 37 radiation treatments broken down to 5x's a wk along with chemo- just finished his 17th treatment this morning, so we're almost halfway thru! Am so sorry I haven't been in touch - was so bummed with losing your snailmail/email address Audri--- but had one of those DUH moments this weekend realizing I could access this forum from the library computers! :o Soooooooooooo good catching up with everyone- have to read quickly, as we're limited on time here. Maybe I can find a time it's quieter here.

Our house in VT closed the day we started treatments and since then we've been living in a hostel about 3 mi from Dartmouth they have set up for cancer patients and their families. Very homey- we have a nice room and share bathrooms/kitchen/living room - but it's been a good place to be. We've met alot of wonderful people who have been going thru alot of sadness in their lives as well. Dave's lost most of his hair so he shaved the rest off Saturday- still hard to get used to! (he had a gorgeous full head of hair--- called him 'Silver Fox', even tho he still had alot of salt-pepper!) I love him no-matter what... he's still cool! :)Great smile- big dimples, handsome guy- I have such a hard time seeing him have to go thru this. Radiation/chemo combination makes him pretty fatigued, but we're walking several times a day and that's been encouraging. Dr's are pleased that he's keeping up with his eating and exercising. It's not easy, but we're learning to enjoy the moments- I find I can't look at our past or our future without lots of pain, so God is having to give me the strength to find joy in our 'today's'. It's better this way.

Well, there is a line of people waiting to use the computer this morning, so I'll close for this time. I'll be back soon... our hotmail email is dhjgregg.

Thanks for thinking of us... appreciate your prayers more than you will ever know! Everyone take care, stay healthy and... enjoy the day!:)

10-22-2001, 05:47 PM
My cousin and his family stayed in a place like ya'll are at when he had open heart surgery. They also said the environment was good for them. They even furnished transportation to and from the hospital for them.

Dave must be a very strong person to still stick to his program during this time. It is hard enough when we feel good and I have heard that chemo can really be devastating.

I have written down your email and will write you there.

My thoughts and prayers are with you both.


10-22-2001, 07:18 PM
Itsworthit-thank you for checking in! You sound very good. I do hope there are more up moments than down ones. I hated shaving Terrys head. He was so vain, no stubble allowed. I did his head every other day for a year. :) I do hope you can come visit more often.

Well, I should be doing laundry instead of playing on computer. I just wanted to tell ya I lost 2 pounds. I am at 184 now. ~audri

10-23-2001, 12:02 AM
Itsworthit, so good to see your post. You are both still in my prayers. I think of you often especially when I use the treadmill, you were the one that got me started on that.

Audri, congratulations on losing another 2 pounds. You are doing great.:)

Karefree, good job on the eating, too bad you stopped walking though. Yes, Cheryl is all moved in again. I enjoy having her around, not that she is here all that much but at least I get to see her. When she is here we are usually on the internet looking at wedding gowns and things like that. What did we ever do before computers? I've never heard of that comedian but bet I could relate.;)

I'm still doing good on the exercise and drank all my water today. Didn't do bad on the food either.

Take care everyone.

10-24-2001, 06:06 PM
we are all proud of you and happy for you too! Good work. All you efforts are paying off!

Itsworthit, I haven't emailed you yet but I will soon. I went over to a friends house today and walked and picked up a big bag of pecans which are going to keep me busy for a while. I am going to crack, pick and freeze them for the holidays. Thinking about you both.

Sandy, LOL, I don't know what we did before the internet. You can have EVERYTHING at your fingertips with it. It is great!


10-29-2001, 05:44 PM
Hello gals!

So good to hear from you itsworthit...thank you for squeezing us in...our prayers are with you both.

And hey Audri! Take me with you down the scale!

Kare, I still have the exercise, but indulging in the afternoons nearly negates the effort. I'm walking even though it is hard on my is still the easiest exercise for me to stick can do it, just make it a priority! And I can do this food thing if I would make it a priority. I can and must. Must take weight off to take pressure off my knees and to fit in the snow-suit this winter...Darn it, I'm not gonna buy a bigger one and I need to get into it to enjoy the snow!

I think we should dub Sandy the team still are my inspiration! Course Audri is making progress right now...making a good run at October. Let us make a pact of some kind for November.... hmmmmm.... :smug:

10-30-2001, 10:55 AM
Sorry I have been MIA. Chris is on call this week and next and the week after that for convention work. So, less computer time for me. I lost a pound this week. I am hoping to loose 1 more by tomorrow, Fri at the latest. Then I will have met my challenge of walking EVERY day of Oct and loosing 8 pounds.

My Holiday goal is...each week I must
...walk 3 times
...ride bike 3 times cardio video 3 times dumb bell work out 3 times
...crunches 3 times fun excersice 3 times a month(hiking, bowling, rollerblades)

I am trying to get down to 169 by Xmas. That is 14 pounds away. Then I won't be offically obese! :^: What are your goals for the holidays??? I will start a new thread on Thursday. Nov 1st. Gotta get to work right now! aud

10-30-2001, 04:00 PM
Hello everyone,
Audri, congrats on another pound gone, you are really doing great, keep it up.:)

I've done good with the exercise the past few weeks, the food still isn't going well. I have to really make up my mind to do something about that. I went to a party a couple of weeks ago and put on a pair of pants that I haven't worn in a while and they were quite snug on me. I have to do something about that because I don't want to have to buy bigger clothes.:eek:

Take care everyone.

10-31-2001, 10:47 AM
Sandy-no more bigger clothes!!! Did that help?

I made it to goal. Actually 1 pound more gone than goal!!! I am at 181. Althought at midnight after going potty, I was 179. So the 170's are in sight again! I am so happy! No more scale for a week. I have 8 weeks till Xmas...I can open my belly dancing tape and get sexy! :) Ha HA I doubt I will ever be sexy, but I sure can pretend!

10-31-2001, 12:29 PM
Thanks Audri, that really helped.;)

Just wanted to congratulate you on making your goal. You should be proud of yourself. Keep up the good work.:D

Have a safe Halloween everyone and stay away from that candy!

11-01-2001, 10:23 AM
Come post on a Novemeber Former Chub Cluber thread!