General chatter - Stuck-at-Home Spa & Health Weekend ;-)

11-21-2006, 12:09 AM
Hi all –it’s the Pookster checking in.
I put this on another forum, but I thought it might also fall under the "General Chatter" category as well

This weekend I was going to be stuck at home with a lot of yucky chores and responsibilities. I was feeling down in the dumps about it. But then I decided to do certain things in addition to my chores and responsibilities that would make me FEEL BETTER. On Saturday morning I was DETERMINED that I was going to feel better by Monday morning.

So I decided to invent a stay-at-home SPA – HEALTH –Happiness Weekend for myself. In addition to my tedious chores, I mixed in some things to make myself feel healthier and happier and yes even a little bit prettier :o

I even put a piece of paper up on the wall and as I did things I wrote them down on the piece of paper so I could see I was accomplishing things and that tiny things do add up.

Most of the things I did were pretty small by themselves, but when I added them all together at the end of the weekend the TINY things did ADD UP and I did feel BETTER by Monday Morning.

Here are some of the simple things I did throughout my 2 stuck-at-home days (in no particular order):

Weighed and Measured myself to get a “starting point”
Started my 2 mornings with drinking some water right off the bat.
Drank more water throughout the day.
Applied Face Cream to my very DRY skin.
Applied hand lotion to my very DRY hands.
Took my Vitamins.
Ate my Veggies (several servings each day)
Used a tooth whitening tooth polish.
Tried a new fragrance from the drug store.
Tried a new lipstick color (a pretty Rose-Berry!)
Tried a new hair styling product.
Played some upbeat music.
Listened to some motivational DVDs.
Completely cut out any kind of junk food.
Got rid of a little CLUTTER.
Did a little of my “backed-up” paperwork.
I ate only Healthy Foods – after all I was at a “Spa” ;-)
Drank a "Spa" Protein shake each day.
Wrote down some Goals for myself--
Not only DIET Goals, but Goals for other areas of my life as well.
Jumped on my Gazelle for a few minutes.
And yes did some of those yucky chores as well.

Well guess what guys, I did FEEL BETTER on Monday Morning AND I dropped a few pounds as well! I know those of you with a bunch of small kids running around probably could not do this. But for those of you who can, I highly recommend taking a bunch of “Baby Steps” towards Happiness next weekend!
Your "General Chatter" Buddy--Pookie;-)

11-21-2006, 12:33 AM
What a great idea! I am definitely going to try this for myself sometime soon. Maybe to recoop from Thanksgiving :)

I have started taking more baths. Seems like once i get cold it's really tough to get warm again... and a hot bath helps. plus, it's some quiet time to myself which I am learning I need.