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11-20-2006, 07:42 AM
Good morning!!!!!!!!!!

It's awesome to see so many of our sistas finding there way back. We have had such a great group over the last year and it keeps getting better!

Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving? Except you Jen...no pumpkin pie temptation up there in Canada this week is there? I am sure you have it other days though :) I usually do ok for Thanksgiving, not many of my favorite foods and we eat on DH's side of the family so I never eat much. But the stress of having DH home for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday (the first day of deer season is a holiday in PA) often drives me NUTS! I have to work Wed this year and I might go in Friday as well to do some paperwork. Monday will be a normal work day for me too, except instead of teahcing preschool I have the school kids all day.

Well I have to get my day going here. Have a great week everyone!!!

11-20-2006, 05:40 PM

Are you planning to eat Core all week including on Turkey Day? I foolishly used 14 WPAs on Sunday (Day 1 of my week) by eating a pb and j. sandwich (among other things). I did exercise a lot so got 4 activity points.

Tonight I'm working out again--to offset some tortilla chips I ate in the afternoon. Too many starchy carbs, not enough protein, not enough water, is my unofficial diagnosis of my recent bad eating pattern.

So how are people handling this week?

I made the conscious decision to maintain current weight (134.2) thru end of November. I had wanted to stay completely Core and lose 3 pounds but I don't think that's realistic. In lieu of putting pressure on myself, I'm picking "staying at this weight" as the right goal for now.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and safe travels if you'll be on the road.

11-21-2006, 06:15 AM
Hey everyone. No we already had Thanksgiving so no temptation with goodies there but still seeing as the Christmas season is getting going there are always temptations about with candies and cookies. I've bought a couple of magazines with the yummiest cookie recipes. It is so tempting to start baking which I love to do.

I managed to get all my school work done this past week, it was so nice to have that week off, now I won't have any time off til the end of December. Right now I am just going to forget about that other job. The manager e-mailed me about if I was able to change my schedule and I said no. She wanted to see if I could work some day shifts so that she could see if I would be able to manage not to be sick. I did ask my manager but she didn't e-mail me back for a few days I figured she was not overwhelmed by the idea and who could blame her really. Like why should she change her schedule to suit me so I can get another job? So I just e-mailed her back and said not to worry about it and then I e-mailed the other manager and said that I couldn't switch my schedule. So as far as I know she can't not hire me because I am at the top of the seniority list especially if I make it through the next few weeks with no sick time. It is just kind of annoying that I didn't get there sooner as I'm tired of floating and not knowing where I am going and dreading that it is going to be the shift from heck. Anyway tonight has been so-so, not great but not too bad either.

Take care all, have a great day!

11-21-2006, 02:17 PM
Hello, Sistas!

I think I'm going to do pretty well on Thanksgiving. We always go to my dh's grandmother's house and everyone brings something. I "have" to make the devilled eggs and I'm also bringing the sweet taters. So I printed off ww friendly recipes from the ww site ... no one has to know :) I also have to bring a dessert, so I need to find one that appeals to me on the ww site for that, too...

tonight my son comes home from college... haven't seen him since he left in mid-august, so i'm really excited about that...should be fun this weekend! i am taking him out to dinner tonight for some "real food" but we'll probably go to the Mexican restaurant. i'll just have pollo salad which is this awesome tossed salad covered with grilled chicken pieces. or maybe i can convince him to go to applebees.... who knows?

hope you are all having great weeks!!

11-22-2006, 08:47 AM
Good morning! A quick greeting and I have to head off to work. We had a dinner at work last night for thanksgiving. I did well.

Been trying to look up a sandwhich at Sheetz for three days now. Thier website has been down or something. It's a soft pretzel with about 2-3 ounces of turkey and 1 slice of american cheese. My guess is 10 pts. Does that sound right? I guess I could look up teh soft pretzel and all that in the book, but this is a pretzel shaped more like a roll, so I am not sure.

I can't seen to stick with core. Well I can't seem to stick with anything LOL.

Well ahev a great day!

11-22-2006, 11:02 AM
Oh I totally understand that. I am struggling with the fact that I have lost just 3.4 pounds in 2 weeks. My sister-in-law just had her first weigh in and she is down 6 pounds. I'm so beyond happy for her, but just green with envy. I know that I shouldn't compare myself to anyone else, and I'm sure it helps that she is going to the gym almost every day and I have yet to incorporate any exercise (I really really need to do that). I know it is an excuse that I don't have time ... I need to carve out the time and stop making excuses for my lack of motivation. What is that old expression? You get out what you put in?

I'm pretty sure I'll do well at Thanksgiving tomorrow, but I blew it last night ... my son came home from college and we went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant... and I blew it... by the time he got home, I was starving and sticking to program was the last thing on my mind. But that is okay... I'm just going to have to watch it the rest of the week!

11-23-2006, 12:27 PM
:turkey: :turkey:
:thanks2: :thanks2: :thanks1: :happ3: :happ3: :thanks1: :thanks2: :thanks2: :turkey: :turkey:

11-25-2006, 10:29 AM
Okay, I'm VERY happy... I thought for sure I gained this week...didn't think I gained much, but was expecting somewhere around 1.4... well, I LOST a pound! still not happy that i'm not even to 5 pounds yet and that was my 3rd weigh in, but i'm only .6 away from that 5 pound mark... it will come!

hope ya'll are having a great holiday weekend!

11-26-2006, 09:19 AM
:carrot: :carrot: YAY AILEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :carrot: :carrot:

Fantastic Job!

How did we all fair for Thanksgiving? I did well on Thanksgiving and blew my points on black friday. My new SIL and i did the whole 5 am black Friday thing. It was teh first time I had done that, kind of fun. I spent too much. But I saved over $161 on clothes for my kids and DH at Penney's, and I only spent $125. So I saved more than I spent...which still didn't exactly justify spending as much as I did LOL. But I have my kids done, Dh started, my Gramma done, my nephews done, my preschool class started. I am shopping online for several other people. So maybe I'll get it all done by the 25th :)

In my Christmas and New Year's Challenges I have lost not one pound. I have 13 out of 40 exercises done for the x-mas one. I am not sure why this is so hard right now. I've been struggling since March. I am at an all time high right now. I think stress is the biggest factor. I am constantly stress eating, eating to relax, eating to feel full and warm and happy b/c I don't have time to do anything nice for myself. DH doesn't get that. I do spend alot of time on the computer or watching tv so he thinks I am always relaxing, but I do those things b/c I can do them while with the kids. I can't just go out and enjoy my hobbies when I need to relax, I can't take a bath, or crochet or work with my clay while watching 2-4 kids. He freely persues his hobbies and when he sees me sitting on my butt in my messy house he thinks I am persueing mine as well. I'm dog tired and it doesn't matter how much I clean they just go behind me and trash it again. He doesn't see that I have picked up that pile of shoes 4 times before he came home from work and while I was cooking dinner the kids dumped them again. Or that I spent 2 hours cleaning the play room only to have them trash it in 20 minutes. He sees me sitting in front of the tv watching Rachael Ray cook.

Working has helped some. I feel better about myself, I get some adult interaction. But it stresses me too. I need time to prepare lessons and I just don't have it. The school kids I have can be really bad and I am dying for caffeine and sugar by 3:30 when they get off the bus so I have energy to deal with them. So I tend to nosh on a candy bar and down a Mountain Dew. I spend many lunch breaks eatingw ith my kids, and when I do that I am really working b/c I can't sit at a table with 8 2-4 year olds and not open packages, tell them to sit down, listen to stories ect. So I don't really get a break. I sometimes leave and eat out, but there are few healthy choices and I feel bad for leaving my kids and for spending money.

But it's all excuses. I need to pull it together and stick with a plan. So my goal is to just stay on plan until Chirstmas Eve. No worries about not eating high frutose corn syrup, sugar ect. Just stick to my points.