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11-18-2006, 07:10 PM
I think it's time for me to join a support group because I need some serious support. I'm early 30s, married, no kids.

I started 2 years ago atn 220. I'm short so I had about 100lbs to lose. Although last time I was 120 was in high school. I lost about 60 pounds over 1.5 years. Then I moved and got a new job. That's when the problems began. Over the past year I've gained 30 pounds back.

I can't seem to snap back to my senses. I keep eating and eating. I ordered diet food - and ate all of it plus my normal food. It sounds like a bad joke but it's true. I go to the gym maybe once a week now, down frrom 3-5 times a week when I was losing.

The guilt and shame are eating me alive. I have a lot of pressure at work, too, so it's all one big problem. Yesterday we had doughnuts at work, and as I was eating one I saw my boss watching me with that expression - the "you're going to eat that??" expression.


11-18-2006, 07:23 PM
Hi! I just started here as well (I lurked around for awhile before I joined ). I can tell you though - this place is wonderful. When you go through the posts - you will see they are so supporative...I love this website!

Don't beat on yourself - this is a big step in the right direction, so give yourself a pat on the back!

11-18-2006, 07:33 PM
Hi Penney,

I have to admit I've lurked around on and off too, but I was afraid of posting. It's a bit intimidating to tell the whole internet- even a corner of it- your problems, you know? Everyone here does seem very nice.

11-18-2006, 07:55 PM
Hi there! I just joined yesterday. I've gained 40 pounds over the last 11 years, most of which being the last 4 years since my son was born. I'm on antidepressants which I believe is causing some of the weight gain. I want to exercise and eat better but I'm not very motivated. The only time I can really exercise in early in the morning and I usually just go back to sleep. My husband cooks all the dinners which are usually high in carbs and no veggies. I plan on cooking veggies on my own and including them with dinner. If you have any advice I sure would appreciate it. Thanks!

11-18-2006, 08:21 PM
Gaah. I just typed out a whole long thing and it got eaten by the web.

The gist of it was, I have the same problem, we share cooking and he cooks lots of rice and fried chicken. It's tough and we need a plan. Once the routine is established it becomes easier.

It's a bit of a turf war, since he's spending time and effort to prepare this food and it is an expression of love for him. So it needs some negotiation.

When I was successful at weight loss I argued and cajoled and talked till I was blue in the face and it did eventually get through. I would basically eat my own food, all measured and counted up. Not nearly as nice as his, and sometimes I'd get a bit of his food too, in measured portions. He would often get into my diet food and finish it all up. Gah!!

For fast food you can just stir fry some veggies, and there's a forum somewhere called "vegetable lovers" or something which has a lot of veggie cooking ideas. All I could manage at first was frozen dinners + fruit so that's what I did. It is expensive though. Another idea is to cook plain rice, refridgerate, cook a big batch of chicken, freeze, then nuke chicken + 1C rice + frozen veggies for dinner. Imitation crab meet is delicious too.

Typing all this up inspired me, thanks for the question FruitLoop. I love your name btw.

11-19-2006, 08:15 AM
Welcome to the forum tritef!! It sounds like you have a lot going on, but you've come to the right spot for support! I look forward to seeing more posts from you and seeing your progress!!

11-19-2006, 09:31 AM
Welcome tritef and FrootLoop ~ glad you've joined us.

11-19-2006, 11:25 AM
Thanks Melissa & Gayle,

Nice to join!


11-19-2006, 01:44 PM
:welcome2: to you all. One way that I try to get more veggies in is to eat a small dinner salad either with my entree and sides or before my meal. I mix one T. of full fat salad dressing with taco sauce, so it stretches the dressing without adding more calories or without adding the sugars found in fat-free salad dressing. There are lots of ways to do veggies to encourage the whole family to eat more, so you may want to try out some new recipes if your husband and son aren't eating much now.

Post a lot so we get to know you!

11-19-2006, 02:39 PM
Thanks guys, I'll try to post often too. I should probably put something in my profile. So are the tickers all from tickerfactory, or are there different varieties?

Not that I can set up one now - I still haven't weighed in properly. I'm scared to see exactly how much I've gained.

11-19-2006, 03:17 PM
I think I remember reading somewhere here on the forums that the only tickers permitted are either 3fc tickers or ticker factory.

I understand how scary it is to see the number on the scale. But it is always better to face the truth and make the change needed to change the scales than to be in denial. I'm speaking to myself also, I was in denial about my weight for years.

What is your food plan? Have you considered tracking your calories on something like fitday.com? It is a great help to see how many calories we're consuming.

Good luck!

11-19-2006, 04:11 PM
Thanks Tammy, I know I need to get on the scale. I'm going to try weighing in every morning before breakfast. This morning I conveniently forgot.

I used to track calories+fat/carb/fiber/protein content.

It really helps to do that, but with the new job I'm having trouble keeping up with all the measuring and weighing. Plus at the beginning we ate out a lot, and I couldn't figure out nutrition info for Chinese restaurants and places like that, and I got this idea that I could get away with guessing. It looks like I can't get away with not measuring it, so I'm going to have to go back to that.

Partly I think I got too ambitious and I started to cut my calories down to the 1300s. I couldn't handle it, I was too hungry. I don't know how anyone does it. I started dreading the measuring, and it spiraled down from there.