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11-18-2006, 01:20 AM
G'day all,

It is Saturday afternoon and I am waiting for my floors to dry!

My computer has again crashed and I had little sleep last night thinking about what I should have backed up and what I hadn't:mad::(:cry:
This morning dh managed to get it going again and I have now got everything backed up.
First thing Monday morning dh will 'throw' the computer at the company where it was bought less then 12 months ago for it to be fixed or else!!!
Luckily I can use dh's computer (which was mine before I got this super duper little machine:(:(:dizzy::dizzy:) most of my programs are still on there so it should not be too much of an inconvenience.

I have lost track a bit but Bernice and Karen I hope you have arrived safe at your destinations.

Spoke to a firend who has just returned from 9 weeks in France, she said she didn't have too much difficulty with driving on the right hand side of the road but she did say that our idea of getting a GPS to find our way around America would be good. They wasted a lot of time trying to read their maps.
It would cost us an extra $15.00 per day to have it in a rental car so we are better off buying the unit outright and can that take it back to Australia for use here.

Slavika I will be getting 3 implants in my lower jaw. After chatting with the dentist, it does make sense for me to do that despite the cost:(
Next Tuesday I start with having x rays, it is a long process as you know, I doubt if I will have it all finalised by the time we leave on our American holiday.

My floors are dry so I better continue my mini spring clean:)


11-18-2006, 05:29 PM
Hi Everybody: It's been awhile since I was here....I think around Halloween. Well Karen and Bernice have reached their destinations and Maria, you are back at home, so all is well....even if Karen drove the golf cart into the house, LOL LOL :) Glad YOU were ok Karen. I did join CURVES :ebike: and have gone 4 times and like it very much. They had a 2 month special for $149.00 which worked out just fine for me. I leave for Maui on January 7th. Originally I was going to go home on March 3rd, but then two extra weeks became available right at the time I was going to go home so I changed my reservations and I took them. I will now leave Maui on March 17th. :beach: Glenda I didn't know you were a vegetarian......or maybe I knew and then forgot. I went out this morning with my family for brunch, that was a nice way to start off the day. They are all excited about coming to Maui on Feb. 17th for a couple of weeks and I know I sure will be happy to see them. :swim: I hope you American gals have a very Happy Thanksgiving :happ3: and everybody has a great weekend. Bye now.

Karen L
11-19-2006, 09:52 PM
Just a quick note to let you know we arrived in the frozen north. We are at my sons in St Cloud for the night . Tomorrow we will drive on in to my Moms.

I'll catch up with all of you later.

11-20-2006, 12:55 AM
I've done the implant thing twice and I can tell you it's worth every penny it costs.
Saw Hairspray tonite and it was much better than the movie I took out of the library.
The weather here is glorious annde've been busy. Did hearing testing on preschoolers on Friday. this week we travel over to the east coast if Fl to have Thanksgiving with family. Looking forward to it.
It's late-bedtime.

11-20-2006, 04:47 PM
Do all of you have to log in before you can post? It used to be automatic. Not that big a deal, but just wondered if things changed.

Karen, glad you are there. Hope the trip was uneventful, and I know your mom is happy to see you. Is it snowing?

Slavika, two more weeks in Maui! What a shame! I know you are anxious to get there. You still have a bit of a ceremony to perform for David, don't you?
So Curves won you over. I bet you do enjoy going there and visiting a bit too. My fitness place is not at all friendly. Everybody does their thing and nobody even says Hi to you.

We had a couples' weekend this past weekend and it was wonderful, as usual. I fixed chicken and noodles, had homemade noodles from a church. Everyone raved. I hated the smell of chicken so it was a job for me. Anyway, we played Tripoli, went to a movie, shopped, and visited all weekend. The time went very quickly.

I am a bit "down" today and don't really know why. Going to my sister's for Thanksgiving. I love my job but somedays I get so very, very tired of playing the Blame Game. And usually I am "it." How things can turn around to be my fault or responsibility just are astounding. I will get over it. Just think I am tired.

I need a nap.

11-21-2006, 08:20 PM
It has been a while since I have posted, but we have been keeping in touch with the e-mails so I don't feel out of the loop too much. I was glad to hear that Bernice and Karen have safely arrived at their destinations.
Karen, it isn't that cold up here for the time of year :lol: I am sure you will enjoy the time with your family. So, you drove into your house with the golf cart.. :lol: that is too funny.
Maria You are a brave soul going for the implants. Are they going to be done all at once? I am sure you will be pleased after all the work is completed. Have you posted any pictures of Saskia?
Bernice I didn't realize you had family in Florida. I guess you are enjoying the warmer climate already.
GLenda I don't have to log on before posting. It has been quite a while since I have been here and everything was the same for posting.
I hate the "blame game" too. Once something happens it serves no purpose to pin the deed on someone else. Chicken is probably my favorite meat. We had beef tenderloin last night and I didn't feel well in the evening. I have noticed that red meat bothers my digestion so I don't eat it too often.
Slavika and I had a nice afternoon together. Our friend Nancy came too so we had a lot to talk about. It was a good day, the sun was out and we had a high of +6C/42F(?), we saw some kids walking around with no jackets...:lol: I am sure that temp makes Maria and you southerners shiver.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING :turkey: everyone. Have a great day.

bye bye..

11-22-2006, 07:02 PM
G'day everyone,

I have been missing in action for a bit because of a bad stomach virus of some sort, still not feeling terrific but getting there.

Karen I hope you are enjoying yourself in the 'frozen north', we could do with a bit of that, we have had very hot weather and the airconditioner is working overtime:( and the worst thing is that it is not even summer yet!

Slavika pleased you are liking 'Curves' , January 7 will be here in no time and then when you get back you will have a chance to unpack and then we will be on your doorstep in April:D;):cheers:

Bernice glad you also have had the implant experience same as Slavika, good to hear you are also happy with the decision. I wasn't too keen to get this done because where the implants go is not obvious but after talking to my dentist it makes sense that it would place too much strain on my other teeth if I just left it.
Hope you have settled into your summer residence!

Glenda when I last lived in Sydney, part of the apartment complex was a gym and NO-ONE spoke, I hated it so in the end I just didn't bother going anymore. I think you are right, you probably need a break from your work if it is getting you down. Is it possible to have say 2 or 3 weeks off?
Because of all my computer problems (mine is being fixed at the moment) and I use either dh's or the laptop, I have to sign in every time but normally I don't. It maybe the way they have rebuild your computer.

Nice to see you Trudy, sounds positively HOT at your side of the world;):D
I do (read did :mad:) have some gorgeous shots of little Saskia but with my computer crashes they have gone. Our daughter is coming over to stay for 2 weeks on December 10 with little Saskia and she will bring over a CD with all her photos. We will put up another little website with her latest photos. She is just a little doll. It will be interesting to see how Matilda will react to a baby in HER Oma's house!
Matilda chats away now and is very cute and sweet, I am sure she will be fine when her little sister 'Poppy' arrives early January.

I hope to get some of the photo's of our last trip uploaded to the web today, will let you know when I have done it.

DH is very keen to see Cirque de Soleil in Las Vegas for the Beatle show, checked out the prices today :eek:, we will book it before we leave Australia, we are only going to be once in our lifetime so what the heck!

Time is going fast and before you know it we will be on our way:carrot:

Hi to everyone I have not mentioned, hope you are all well and happy....


11-22-2006, 08:55 PM
Maria :lol:.. it is positively HOT here. We set a record high at 12.6C. The bad news is we are going to be hit hard with some bad weather that is approaching us, rain.. then sleet followed by snow as the temps. drop. (I just felt like I was reporting the weather on TV :lol:) No doubt you are all glad you don't live up here in the frozen north. Sorry you were laid low with the flu. Do you get yearly flu inoculations? I just had mine, hopefully they guessed right and gave us the proper meds.
'Poppy' .. you must explain. Is the the name of baby while she is pregnant or will it be her name? I am curious as I like that name.
My SIL sent me pictures of the little ones and they are so tiny I can't do anything with them. I know there is a way to make them bigger, but I am clueless as to how.
I am very lucky at my Gym. Everyone is so friendly, I always have someone to talk with. If fact, I have made some wonderful friends there. People that we see socially now. I really enjoy the organized aerobic :workout:, weight :lifter: and bounce classes :exercise:. The Instructors are so knowledgeable, the music is peppy and we have so much fun, the time flies by.
You will enjoy Cirque de Soleil, anyone who has seen it, raves about it.
Sometime my little :angel: gets a little tired of MC being around. They were over on the weekend and she asked me if just the two of us could go downstairs and watch a movie, "no babies" she said. It will be interesting to see how Matilda likes having a sister.

We finally got our occasional tables today. It is wonderful not having the lamps sitting on the floor and using shaky tv tables. They are a bit big, but I am very pleased with them.

Bye for now.. :comp:

11-23-2006, 10:43 AM
Hi All: The house is smelling very nice, as I am roasting a turkey for our dinner down at the clubhouse. everyone that is not going somewhere with family gathers there in tables of 12. The turkeys, stuffing, wine, tea and coffee are furnished, and then we each bring something for our table. I signed up for pies, and yesterday made a pumpkin, apple and an experiment- a mince chiffon pie. It tasted pretty good when i cleaned out the bowl. I'll let you know how it goes over. Regular mince pies are too rich for me, so thought I'd try this. Our meal is at 2:30. We have tired for years to get people to stay to play cards or games, but the men always have to get home to watch football.

I'll get back here later, as now I have to go to set up our table. Ann

:thanks1: :turkey:

11-24-2006, 02:03 AM
G'day all,

Yes Trudy that is going to be her name 'Poppy'. I am used to it now, took a while to grow on me though.
As far as weather another warm to hot day here 32 degrees.
I will have to give you a few very quick lessons when I am at your end of the world and you will be posting photos all the time!!
Your gym sounds similar to the one I used to go to some years ago, it was good fun.
Ann you are always busy doing something! Your dinner sounds lovely. The village you live in sounds like they are a very caring lot, they are lucky to have you doing all the things you do.

I don't have the flu but just feel yuck, nauseous and the runs. Just as I think I am much better and I start to do something physical I feel dizzy and horrible again:(:mad: Very annoying.

Tomorrow morning is a Christmas Pageant close to my home and Peta has asked if I would come with her and Matilda, I have said 'yes' but the forecast is for more hot weather so I will wait how I feel in the morning.

Off to make a bit of bland risotto, neither of us feel like anything but feel we want to eat something.:dizzy:

Have a great weekend all,

11-26-2006, 11:09 PM
Hi all,
We are back from spending Thanksgiving in Boca Raton. We were wined and dined royally. Lots of brunches and a fabulous thanksgiving dinner. I think I was good but the proof will be tomorrow on the scale. I will also join the Y and start my exercise program.
Neighbors are busy putting up Christmas decorations and it's looking festive around here. Just looks a bit odd to me as there is no snow like I"m use to.
Dogs survived the kennel but I bathed them as soon as we got home cause they were smelly.
I also washed their bed as it was grimey.
DH left hose running till it burst. Can only imagine the water bill after 5 days.
Am tired so I'll catch you all later. Nite,

11-27-2006, 04:51 PM
Hi All,
Been forever since I was here. I posted a few weeks ago but it said I wasn't logged in when I really was. I have to log on to this site every time now. I have an internet eraser and it erases all my cookies and things. I hope it works this time.
We had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. It is one of my favorites. Yesterday we went to a baptism. It was for my niece's son and he was wearing a traditional baptism dress. The dad put a Bengals bib on him so he didn't look sissified.
I can't believe this weather. People are wearing shorts this week. But is going to change this weekend. This is my Brown County weekend with the "girls". We {2 plus me} are taking breakfast for the two days. I made muffins this morning and they are in the freezer now. I hope I remember everything I am responsible for.
Maria you are smart to buy your own GPS. They are great. My sil has one.
Got to run,

11-28-2006, 09:28 PM
Hi everyone-
I have been missing in action because our computer died. And the upshot of the whole deal was that it wasn't repairable, and so now we have a new computer. But- I don't have any addresses in my address book- So now I have to start all over. If you don't hear from me in a while you will know why. I even gave him a back-up[ disc with addresses on it, but if he downloaded it I don't know where it is.

On top of this, we had decided that we wanted a smaller car. So Friday we went out and traded and bought a new Kia Optima. It is great and we both like it, but then to have the computer die was a bit much. We will have our Christmas, Anniversary and birthday presents taken care of for a long time.:D:

Our Thanksgiving was very nice. Of course we always eat too much. I was to make dessert for our table. I tried something new, and it went over very well. Of course we had the obligatory pumpkin and apple but this was a mince chiffon. Turned out nicely. If you are interested I'll give you my recipe. Regular mince pie is just too rich for me, and this way you get the flavor but it is very light.

I am having to learn a lot with this new computer. We now have a cd burner, and lots of other bells and whistles that he put on for us. Probably I'll never master all of them but will try.

When I went to my email address, I had 100 emails. And some were returns from you Maria, saying that they couldn't be delivered. Also when your request for an answer to your emails comes up it won't send one back to you. Something new, I don't understand, I guess.

So everyone please send me an email, so I can get all your addresses put back on my list. This is very frustrating, to be sure.

I'll get back on track before too long, but it will take me a while. At least this new computer is really fast. I like that.

I of course had to log in, but I did indicate remember me. so we'll ssee if that makes any difference.

I may be looking for help from you computer whizes.


11-30-2006, 08:39 PM
Bernice: would you please send an email to me with your Kashapuppy address: That is one I lost when my address book went with the old computer. Hope you are enjoying this nice Florida weather.

Karen : I hope that you are enjoying the cold and snow.

Hi everyone. Ann

12-01-2006, 08:28 AM
It's me again. I keep getting mail returned that went out to Maria and Glenda. Would you both send me your email address that is the one you use for email. I seem to have two addresses for each of you. That just might solve the problem.

Where is everyone? Ann

12-01-2006, 10:35 AM
GLENDA.........all the mail I send you is coming back, is anybody else having trouble with Glenda's email????? Sally

12-01-2006, 04:07 PM
I have not had any problems with Glenda's mail! Hope you can get it straightened out, Slavika.
I have not posted here for a while. My knee has been giving me fits and starts. I think it is arthritis. DH has it in his right knee and I have it in my left knee. We make a good pair. It is sore walking for any length of time and very stiff after sitting. Oh, well complaining won't make it better so I guess I will just shuffle along. Gloria

12-01-2006, 06:17 PM
G'day all,

Firstly Ann, I haven't ignored your requests for an email to be sent to you but I have now been without my own computer for almost a fortnight:mad: :mad: . I should get it back today I hope.
I have been making do with dh's computer and my laptop but of course all the files I want to access are on my own computer.
It has been VERY frustrating to say the least.
On a brighter note we decided during the time my computer was gone to rip up the carpet and install a 'floating' wooden floor in the computer room. We spend so much time in there and the cream carpet that was there looked revolting in no time at all.
A major excercise to move everything out but that has all been done the floor has been laid and today I hope to start moving and sorting all the 'STUFF ' that is stored in our computer room as well as picking up my now fixed computer :crossed:
Of course I will then have to spend a few days putting all my programs etc. back on but it will be nice to do it in my 'new' computer room where I will be able to scoot around on my chair with no problems at all, and the stained carpet will not be staring me in the face telling me to get it cleaned!

I have been receiving emails from Glenda, so cannot quite understand what is up with your email Slavika. All very annoying especially as these sort of things seem to happen out of the blue:dizzy:

Our daughter and Saskia are arriving next Sunday for a 2 week stay so I hope to get the house ship shape before she gets here.

I must fly and get on with things, it has been very hot which has not helped the situation or our tempers;)

Take care all,


12-08-2006, 02:11 PM
hAVEN'T BEEN on the computer as I have company from Up North and I've been running around.
Saw 3 plays this week and actually cooked 2 dinners.
Ann, Add yahoo.com to the part you know and you've got it.
Weather turned cold after 80 degrees last week-great sleeping weather-too bad I don't do that well.
Have laundry to do-catch ya all later.

12-08-2006, 06:35 PM
I hadn't been here in just forever. Slavika, didn't know you were having problems getting me, unless it was the time my mailbox was full and we weren't at work. Everything okay now?

Ann, you have my email address now? Funny how those computer problems rear their ugly head at the same time for several people. Trudy too was having problems.

We have been in the deep freeze here for over a week and I am so tired of it! We couldn't even get out of the driveway for two days. On Thursday I didn't get out of my pajamas. Then on Friday we painted our bedroom a light blue, but by Saturday I was just crazy to get out. So, we did and went to see a movie. It was wonderful.

This has been a totally crazy week. Glad to see it go.

12-10-2006, 06:38 PM
Well Glenda, Don't want to gloat but we are in the 70's after a few cold days and it's just delightful. I also wanted to stay home but it's because my company left yesterday and I had to clean the house as I have a busy week coming up.
Tired of eating out so a chicken is roasting in the oven and I will throw some potatoes in and make a salad and some sugar free choc pudding and viola- Dinner!

12-10-2006, 07:01 PM
All of you with that nice warm weather-I feel for you. We had a big ice storm the other morning that was a surprise. Traffic was a disaster. Even a big old school bus got stuck on the hill in front. I just bet you warm people miss all that. LOL
I went to Brown County last weekend with my WW friends. There were 18 of us. Friday at the outlet mall was brutal. It was soooo cold and windy. I was glad to get to the house. We had fun in the evening. I took a Christmas quiz along that I thought was sort of easy-just had a lot of questions. 106. They didn't think it was so easy. 2 friends and I were in charge of taking the breakfast food. We had lots of fruit, coffee cakes and made 2 big breakfast casseroles. Sat we spent in town. I love that little town. We had to find a $5 gift for an exchange that evening. Sort of hard to do but you can always come up with something. It was a fun weekend and nice to be away. We are always thankful that it doesn't snow or ice since our house is way out on some backroads. We saw a cute sweatshirt on some lady and I opened my mouth and said I would teach them to make one. I was working on it today and simplifiying it as much as possible. It is a grandma shirt. The hardest part so far is trying to find a plain white sweatshirt. Took me all week and lots of stores to find one.
I am almost finished with Christmas shopping. Hurray!!!!!
Maria glad youl like your new floor. They are nice and easy to care for. Are your dd and gd there now?
What is new with all of you?

12-10-2006, 08:02 PM
Karen L.........What da ya mean frozen north? I live in Minnesota and yesterday and today was down right balmy, I just about put my shorts on, tee hee! It's been in the 40's, can you believe that? In December?

12-11-2006, 10:22 AM
Good Morning:

I'm in the midst of a Laundry day and I'm waiting for the washer to stop and the dryer to ding! What fun!

Thought I would say Hello and Lo and Behold I had to sign in again. It's a good thing I have a list of my passwords for various sites so it was easy but i wonder why that has happened? Oh, well, it is taken care of!

It is warmish today and it was the same yesterday....does this mean we will suffer after the 1st of the year? Ugh!

Got the house decorated so all I have left is some baking. Mostly cookies and brownies that I will give to the kids in the neighborhood. I made 60 of my Reindeer Dust envelopes and DH will distribute for a couple of days prior to Christmas Eve. If you forgot, they are small baggies with a tablespoon of Quaker Oats and a sprinkle of red sugar sprinkles and a little poem I print out on a small card and staple to the front. The poem reads "On Christmas Eve, Sprinkle this Magic Reindeer Food on your lawn. This Magic Glitter and the smell of oats will guide Rudolph to your home." The little card has a print of a reindeer with a large red bow. The kids love it. One year one of the fathers told my husband that after Christmas DH should come back and help clean up the reindeer poop! :D

Oops there does the dryer.


12-11-2006, 10:39 AM
That is the cutest idea, wish we lived in town. You sound like a very loving neighbor to all the kids!

12-11-2006, 04:44 PM
Where is everybody?? I haven't posted for months on the 3 Fat Chicks site, just popped back in yesterday. Isn't there enough 50 - 60's to post or are you all going else where?

12-13-2006, 11:21 AM
Hi Everybody....I'm here BOBBOLINK I don't think I met you before, so a BIG hello and welcome to you. :wel3fc: I have been busy cleaning 20 some odd years of junk out of our family room. I got rid of all the old furniture, and tons of odds and ends that just seem to grow every year. :( Since my grandchildren are getting bigger their Christmas wishes cost more, so I do not have to buy a pile of stuff like I used to. I still have to fill their HUGE Christmas stockings though. I have my Christmas tree up and it looks lovely. I bought a beauitful new angel for the tree top, "David's Angel" that's how I think of her. I am going to have Christmas Eve here like I have every year since my Mother died over 20 years ago and my son/dil will have Christmas Day. I leave for Maui on January 7th and return home March 18th. Apparently the condo's now have high speed internet and I will be taking my laptop with me, so I will still know what all you gals are up to. I won't be home for very long when Maria and her husband will be here. Both Trudy and I are looking forward to seeing them.
Today is the day I go out with my friend Irenie and I do have more gifts to buy. I really enjoy going to Curves and the time goes so quickly. Not much else is new, hope you are all well and will pop by again soon.

12-13-2006, 05:14 PM
Hi Slavika.............About 5 years ago I met a gal from VanCouver, British Colombia on another weight lose site. We became fast friends and communicate often, she sends me jokes 5 days out of 7. What part of Canada are you from? I live out in the country on an acreage in Southern Minnesota and we have almost balmy weather, it's suppose to get in the 50's tomorrow. BooHoo, My hubby and I love to cross country ski and we really miss the snow. I know what you mean about stuff growing in basements. We have 41 years of stuff to get rid of. I tried selling some of it on E-bay but it's too much work. We have two grandsons, Damian is 14 and Lukas is 9 and we used to buy them lots of toys, etc. But now we buy them each one very expensive gift and call it quits. I joined curves and loved it but had to quit when the roads started getting icy. (This was last year) Plus the cost of gas is so expensive and it's a 25 mile round trip for me. I see it's past 3:00, I'm missing Dr Phil. Nice talking to you.


12-16-2006, 06:19 PM
G'day everyone,

I haven't been here for what seems a very long time.
The last month or so have just been so hectic and at the moment not much spare time with daughter and grand daughter here.
Saskia is very sweet but doesn't sleep much:(, daughter is getting very tired and says it is because she doesn't like the cot I got!!!
Because Saskia is so unsettled it is testing everyone, dd has decided she will try and get an earlier flight home, Wednesday instead of the booked flight on Friday. Her dh is also missing them heaps and cannot wait for them to get home again.

In between time I am trying to get some work done for clients:dizzy:

We will be having a VERY quite Christmas, I am really pleased. I really don't feel I can cope with many for Christmas lunch.

I hope all of you with the flu are getting lots better. We are having some beautiful days not so hot as we have had.

Bobbi I don't think I have met you before either so welcome to our group. We normally post a bit more frequent then what we have done lately, it is a busy time of the year.

Stay happy and well,


12-16-2006, 07:39 PM
I haven't bother to check this site lately because nobody is ever here. I think it should be renamed the "Lonely Heart Club". I'm signed up for e-mail whenever someone post where I've posted. That's the only reason I knew someone posted, thanks for the welcome. I guess we need to get an interesting conversation going for the 50's & 60's. Maybe a new Valentine Day's challenge. How many people would be interested? I think I'll post a new challenge on a new post.


12-17-2006, 02:53 PM
Hi to everyone,
I haven't been here in a while, still continuing trying to lose weight but have side stops here and there. Spent the day Friday in the ER with a painful knee. I say that I have arthritis everywhere except my brain. 2 knee replacements and spinal stenosis, and I still work 40 hours a week on the night shift. I have a wonderful husband who has now joined me at WW, we have been married 32 years and have 3 grown children who will all be here for Christmas. No grandchildren yet. Hope everyone has a good Sunday.

12-17-2006, 04:44 PM
G'day all,

Welcome Vivian :wel3fc: , we all struggle with this ongoing battle of weight.
I am glad you don't have arthritis in the brain;):D
You sound like you have a very busy life and that is when you think the weight should be dropping off but invariably having such a busy life also often means that one eats whatever is handy....at least that is the case with me!

Bobbi I am not quite sure why you suggested that we should be called the 'lonely hearts' club. We are all very happily married and one of us was very happily married until recently when her husband sadly passed away.

Our group supports everyone as we all struggle to retain or aim for a healthy weight but over time (more then 6 years for some) we do discuss many other things then just weight issues.
I can only speak for myself but I would not be too interested in a Valentine day challenge, at the moment I have more challenges in my life then I know how to cope with!!

Our news is constant about all the bushfires:( A number of people have lost their homes. Firefighters from New Zealand have come over to help and now 12 of them are quite badly injured, one with burns to his airways :eek::cry: We have VERY severe water restrictions and a lot of gardens are looking rather sad. I am doing my bit by having a bucket in the shower and catching the 'grey' water and then using that to water some of my precious plants.
More hot weather is the forecast with no rain in sight:(

Unbelievable only a week till Christmas, enjoy all the last minute preparations all;)


12-18-2006, 05:59 PM
Hi Sisvivian and Bobbolink: I don't think I have met either of you before . I have been aabsent from here for several reasons, not the least of those is being sick. Not really the flu, but bronchitis and I am still coughing my little heart out. This is not to conducive to weight loss. I'm not going to WW until after the New Year. I just get tired of the struggle.

I fought the cold/whatever during our showtime with our Chorus and Kitchen Band. It was a success, but I could hardly sing, and since the pianist I thought I had, opted out, I ended up playing the piano for almost all of what we did. Reason no. two for not being here.

We are used to our new computer now, and I had another 'Merry Christmas Present to me. since this weekend I broke the cap off a front tooth. Got a temporary for the weekend and went in this a.m. The crown couldn't be put back , and I ended up having to have both front teeth done, sort of tying them together for support. So $1300 later, and now a temporary fix, I will have two new front teeth after New Years. This was certainly unexpected and not too joyfully received.

We have a group of friends that meet for lunch once a month. We were small today. One of our friends is in the hospital with acute Kidney infection, and the other one was called out early this a.m. by her son, who couldn't wake his wife. Called 911 and it turned out that she had Cardiac Arrest, at least that is what it was called, until an autopsy is performed. So our usually happy Christmas party/gift exchange was not so cheery.

I'm not up for any diet challenges now. I think that would just lead me to disappointment.

We have caroling in the park for shut-in's tonight, but I am staying inside. Too much coughing. I'll help with the refreshments for later.

That is it for today. Merry Christmas everyone. Ann

12-18-2006, 06:59 PM
onto a new thread.....see you all there.