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11-17-2006, 07:29 AM
:flow2:Gooood Moooorrning StarShines!!!!! :coffee: I woke to that oldie but goodie song this morning... such a peppy little song that pre-cawfee I wanted to :frypan: :club: the clock :s:
Anyway, I have a Freeeee day :woohoo: ... I can do whatever I want and I think this morning I'll study and this afternoon I'll paint... I'm finishing up a "memory box" for a friends little girl. I painted it a pale yellow and now I'm going to calliography her name and paint sunflowers on it... I do this thing called "one stroke painting" ....

Kim: :congrat: on the promo looking goood!!!! Sounds like you really like your job too.. I would love to teach you how to needlepoint but it's really easy and most kits come with instructions .. I think you might really like it !

Jana: :coach: focus on eating well today !!!

Chellez: Oy! Math! Not my best either and I've got a bunch of formulas to memorize.. I watch wayyyy to much tv.. TIVO is the greatest invention! :lol: I watch Ugly Betty, CSI and Shark on Thursdays..and like you I'm hooked on Heros!

Cottage: Got any crafts on the radar for this week?

Ebb&Flow: I hope that this treatment offers your son some hope and relief! :hug: That Morrocan melting pot sounds intriging!

Sarah: I have no doubt you will lose 12 pounds ! You are so committed and focused... can you spare some :dust:?

Ruth: I agree, get a piece of glass for the desk! We have cherry cawfee tables in the living room, and I got a glassman in to measure the tables and investment I made! You can see the beauty of the wood but not worry about nicks and stains etc...

Hi :wave: Minime... Welcome to the Daily chats! (mornin you lurkers :s: out there tooooo)

I'm stumped on dinner tonight... Time to cruise over to the Recipe section ..:stir: What's on the menu tonight at your house? :chef:

Well the suns trying to peek through the night sky.. I think I'll take my cawfee out on the deck to take in some Brisk fall air and watch the stars dissappear!

11-17-2006, 07:40 AM
Good Morning!
We're pretty lucky today, we still have power. The strong winds brought down a lot of tree limbs. My drive home last evening was pretty dicey, it was hard to see and the wind was buffeting my car around, but thank goodness I made it home in one piece! I hope all the rest of you made it through the storms okay. I saw on the news that North Carolina had a bad tornado, I hope Schatzi is alright! :hug:

A busy morning is on tap, first Curves, then a hairdresser appt., then rush to pick up Maggie from her school on time. Cindy has Audrey with her this morning, and we're meeting up at lunchtime, then we have a playdate at 1, that we'll probably be a little late for. Jake and I are supposed to go out for Chinese tonight, so I won't have to cook.

Well, I'd better get going - have a great day!

11-17-2006, 07:43 AM
:eek: Morning Schatzi! I see I did it again! :lol: I'm glad you are ok.

11-17-2006, 07:53 AM
:rofl: Cottage! :hug: Thanks fer thinking of me ... The tornado hit the southeast corner of the state..and we're pretty much smack dab in the middle.. but the devastation that it caused is unbelievable..Those poor folks had all of 6 minutes of warning :( and it was swift and deadly.. I'm waiting to find out what fund to send a donation to to help those folks..

11-17-2006, 08:28 AM
Good morning, you Early Chicks! I've been forcing myself to not log on first thing in the morning - getting in shape for when the PC is downstairs. There's no way my Girls will let me get onto the PC when they've not had breakfast!

Schatzi, I definitely will get a piece of glass for my desk - gotta protect it for posterity. I'll still move my stuff down there but will put a pad of some sort under the CRT! Supper tonight will be a salmon filet, green salad and asparagus. I hope that helps with your menu planning.

Cottage, I'm glad you didn't suffer too much from the storm. I was really worried about NC and glad to see Schatzi here this morning. I saw an ad on TV last night about having 72 hours worth of supplies on hand for the inevitable power outages. I'll have to watch more carefully and write down the website. It's something like but that's not it.

Well, I can see some patches of blue in the gray and white out there and it doesn't seem to be raining right now. The sump pump kept going off and on all night and we are pretty waterlogged. However, I have some must-do tasks today so will put on my mucker boots and just do them. No frittering away Friday for me today! I have told myself I will do these things before I start the PC move!

Have a super Friday.

11-17-2006, 08:58 AM
Here's the link for being prepared for emergencies (

11-17-2006, 09:24 AM
Just heard on the radio about the town not too far from Wilmington.... about 8 people were killed, 12 injured and 100 homes were destroyed. :( My mom thinks I'm crazy because I'm constantly having nightmares about a tornado killing my family and when I try to wake them up before it gets to us they wont wake up! I had them more so as a kid than now. Hope it's not a sign.

No worse than my panic attack I had before we all went to Vegas the March following 9/11. I stayed up for like 4 hours screaming to my parents that I didn't want to get on the plane because I thought something would happen. *shivers* Man that was a bad night.

Anyway.... I'm still stuck on my hump.... but I've been cheating :devil: and not exercising :tread: So I'm sure thats why. Guess I'll have to switch back to Phase I again for a bit. My mom is being nice enough to fix stuff I'm allowed to have for the big Turkey day next week :thanks2: I think the only place I might be stepping over the line is the fried turkey, but it's so much more moist! Other than that I'm having a sweet potato & greens with a side of green beans. I'll probably take a salad. I plan on making a pumpkin layered cheesecake but I'm making it with SBD approved ingredients. :D Shhhhh don't tell my mom!

I plan on getting my engagement ring diamond reset this weekend..... hopefully it won't take very long. The semi mount I'm moving it into is soooooooooo pretty! I'll feel like a queen when I get it back and I can actually wear it. :queen: I wish I could say it's free.... but it's far from it. :( Oh well, it will be worth it considering I couldn't wear the original for about 2 years now. (Its a princess cut and the prongs are broken and chipped, tried to get Zales to fix it under the warranty but they messed it up even more!)

Well I'm heading off to finish up some stuff around the office. I'll probably be back later sometime. :hug:

11-17-2006, 10:35 AM
Chelle, I'm glad you are safe. Those storms look just awful! Hey, skip the skin on the fried turkey and you should be OK.

Well, I just measured my desk, called the guys that did my windows and I will have a sheet of plate glass, edges polished, felt pads installed DELIVERED by 3 PM this afternoon! Sometimes life is a small town has advantages! I'm known as "the woman with those funny dogs" as far away as Brockville! I must do a bit of baking so I can offer coffee this afternoon to the lads who bring it. I also want the desk shifted 6 inches over so it behooves one to be extra nice!

Gotta get cracking. I am tempted to drive to town to get me a nice flat screen but I'm resisting.

Deftones Chick
11-17-2006, 11:13 AM
Good morning ladies, I'm a returning SBer.. I have lurked on here for a while just don't post much, but I want to start posting more so that I can have someone to report back to. I see how much motivation you all give eachother and that is what I need sometimes. I just started phase I over again, I am trying to lose baby weight ( I had my first baby on August 26,2006) and return to work on January 2nd and want to get back to pre-preggo weight at least.
Ultimately I would like to lose 120 lbs. I have lost 10 so far and have a long way to go, so hopefully,(if I stick to it) you will be seeing a lot more of me on here. I look forward to chatting with all of you! Here's my baby boy.

11-17-2006, 11:52 AM
:welcome: Christina , what a beautiful baby :D I am sure you will do great back on the beach!

11-17-2006, 12:01 PM
Deftones: Welcome back! Your son is gorgeous! This is a great support forum. You'll love it here and get all the support and help you could ask for!

Ruth: WOW! That is quick! You'll be working away on your new desk in no time. I have to say that i'm a little envious of you! Your desk sounds beautiful!

Chellez: I know what you mean about the tornado dreams -- I used to have one similar. I don't know how or when they went away, they just did and I'm glad for it! Hope your ring doesn't take too long!

Cottage: Chinese sounds good, but we had stir fry last night, so I wouldn't dare suggest it to Jason! :lol: I'm glad you made it home okay. Driving in bad weather is the worst!

Schatzi: Again, thanks for starting us up. It always makes me smile to get on the page and see your happy posts! I'm glad you're okay. My grandparents are in Maiden, NC visiting their families. I haven't heard from them, but I'm pretty sure they're not near where the bad weather was. I opened up my cross stitch projects last night. One had super detailed directions and one didn't. I found a website that has instructions that you can print out, so I might just do that. I used to cross stitch as a kid, but lost it when I started high school. Wish I hadn't!!

ME! Well, the week is almost over and I'm so glad. I need to get a lot done this weekend. The house is in shambles after me being gone so long and I haven't even finished unloading my car! Then we have to get ready to do the packing and driving all over again on Tuesday. Oh well. Workout and eating have been going really well and I hope to see that scale down a bit more on Monday. It hasn't moved in WEEKS!! Welp. It's time for me to get back to work. Boss man's back, so I'm more productive now that I'm sure of what I need to be doing right now. "See" you all tomorrow! Have a wonderful Friday!

11-17-2006, 02:33 PM
Hola chicas bonitas! Como estais? Tengo un examen de espanol Martes (Hello pretty girls! How are ya'll? I have a Spanish test Tuesday), so I'm trying to think as much as possible in Spanish. It's only Spanish 101, so I can't say a lot yet. My poor head is so muddled right now :?: , because I cannot stick to a language. I have 5 years of French (of which I can barely remember anything) and 1 year of Latin (UGH) under my belt, so my pronunciation is all out of wack.

I'm so excited! My best friend, who lives 4 hours away, is up here for the weekend! (Blast her evil husband for dragging her so far away from me! ;) ) Luckily for me, this is where her family is, so I get to see her a little more often than I normally would. I haven't seen her since September when she was 9 months preggers, so I haven't seen their baby girl yet! Yup, Auntie Lisa can't wait! :hyper:

Schatzi I love free days!! They're the best. I work 2 jobs, so I have one day off a week. Believe you me, it is precious; NOTHING comes between me and that day. :p

Michelle I promise I'm going to write you back!! I wrote you a nice long one the other day and then my comp crashed. :mad: I was this close to :club: the bloody thing! Bad Zales for not fixing your ring!

Deftones What a sweet looking baby!! Look at that smile! *Makes cooing noises at the computer, b/c Lisa cannot resist a baby.*
This site really is the best for support; I look at the Goal photos whenever I'm feeling weak. :goodluck: on your loss! We're all rooting for ya!

Ruth I live in a small town too, and while I love the advantages, there are some definate stinky parts too. I'm this [-] close from becoming another town eccentric (and we have plenty already!). Because I walk the same routes every day at the same time, I guess the people who drive by are starting to recognize me. That would be just fine except THEY'RE WAVING AND HONKING WHILE DRIVING WAY TOO FAST FOR ME TO SEE WHO THEY ARE!!! GAH. And then these jerks don't stop at the crosswalks. It's driving me nuts. :bomb:

11-17-2006, 03:33 PM
Good afternoon! I have tried responding to this thread 3 times but my computer keeps locking up (on this site only). I hope everyone is having a great day.

Welcome Christina, what a beautiful baby! ohhhhh almost makes me want another one.

I've been good about staying op today but no time for exercise (again - sigh). How do you all fit it in?

Deftones Chick
11-17-2006, 07:59 PM
:goodvibes: Thank u so much everyone for the warm welcome... Hope everyone has a good weekend and stays on track! Here is some :dust:

11-17-2006, 09:34 PM
I'm back! I had a bit of a hard time when the new keyboard would not respond but.....all is well. It's been a hard DAY SO i', off to bed. Nighty-night! sTILL NOT USED TO THE NEW KEYBOARD!