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11-10-2006, 05:47 PM
I am feeling a little nostalgic today. My anniversary is coming up for the day DH and I started dating (its been 7 years). (our wedding aniversary is in Aug just celebrated our 5th).

Our story: We actually MET in kindergarten. We were in the same school together for 13 years. In kindergarten my mom would make me cry telling me I was going to marry him. :) We dated seriously in High School for about a year, but things got way to serious for being just 16. So we went our seperate ways. He got married to a girl right after high school and moved out of state, I went to college.

At the end of my Junior year in college I was heading home and my friend and I passed him on the highway. He followed us all the way to my house (about 15-20 minute drive), just to tell me he was divorcing and wanted to know if I wanted to go to the movies with him while he was in town. BUT as luck (bad) would have it My sister went into pre-mature labor and I was unable to keep my date.

Six months later I was home for thanksgiving and I was filling in at work and he stopped in to ask me to the movies again, but I had plans to go out with the girls. I told him I couldn't break my plans, but he could join us after his movie. He did. and we have been inseperable ever since.

We have 2 beautiful crazy children, 3 and 1; a house, a dog, and pretty close to the perfect family.

I just felt like sharing.

11-10-2006, 05:54 PM
Your story sounds so sweet!;) Well I actually dated my DH's brother in high school, but then we went our separate ways. His sister thought we should meet and go out, and that's how we've been together ever since and now we have two beautiful daughters.:p

11-10-2006, 06:07 PM
Man, I am SUCH a sucker for the mushy stuff! :dizzy: I love stories like that. Mine has a great punchline:

I met my boyfriend when he showed up at my door. :faint: How cool is that? You spend your whole life hearing that "You gotta get out there, Mr. Right isn't gonna just come knock on your door", and then he does. Hee!

Okay, really - I was going on a trip to Yosemite with some friends from church. One of the carpools was leaving from my house - my friend, myself and "the new guy". New guy and I have been inseparable ever since. :love:

More stories, please! :hyper: Did I mention that I love hearing this stuff?? ;)

cheers! :hat:

11-10-2006, 07:01 PM
My roommate in college dated my DH before she and I moved in together. I was afraid of him....(long story). Anyway, she had a stackable washer/dryer in her old apartment that we needed to be moved to our new apartment, so she called him to ask for his help. He borrowed a truck, brought it over, installed it and then we found out that we didn't have a plug in our basement (dumb college girls! We didn't even look first!) So, he offered to get us an extension cord. Of course, a regular one wouldn't do, we needed a heavy duty one. So he stole one from his parents! (Remember, we're all in college=read POOR!).

After this, we invited him over for a party. Then he invited us over for a party. Still, he wasn't my cup of tea.

A few months later, he called and asked me out to a luau. In January. In Salt Lake City (read SNOW and COLD). Remember, I'm still afraid of this guy. So I accepted--for both me and my roommate! No way was I going out alone with this guy!!! We went and had a great time (he had to pay for both of us). Afterward, we went to his friend's house and we went hot tubbing (indoor hot tub!). We (me and roomie) decided that we had such a good time, we should repay him for his kindness. So she and her boyfriend and I invited him for dinner. We all went and had a great time. We started dating--sort of.

Fast forward a couple of months, we're still dating and suddenly both of our roommates decide to move. Remember, we're poor, so we decide to move in together--with his friend from the luau. It was kind of like a reverse 3's Company (am I dating myself here?) We stayed there for 6 months, then he and I moved to our "own" place, then bought a house together a few months later and then got married a few months after that. We've been married now for 18 1/2 years and have 2 kids 2 dogs and soon to be 2 mortgages (another long story).

11-10-2006, 08:56 PM
I met mine at work. I was the newly hired ER charge nurse. He came up to me and said "so, who are you?" I thought he was being cocky, so I said "I'm your BOSS". He was working part-time as an ambulance driver at the time. It wasn't til several weeks later that he came into the hospital in his Trooper uniform that I learned he had another full-time job. Man, he looked good. We became friends. Started dating 6 months later and married about a yr. later. Much to the surprise of our co-workers. We never let the people at work know we were seeing each other until a week before the wedding. We didn't want to get in trouble, because I was technically his Boss. But, they ended up not having a problem with it. We have been married 9 yrs. now. Have 6 children, 4 are his and 2 are mine. 2 grandbabies from his oldest daughter. 1 lovely spoiled dog and an ornery cat.

11-10-2006, 10:08 PM
I can't believe I'm the first one to post that I met my Honey on-line!.. Yup, in a chat room for BBW's lol.

Actually I had hardly spoken to him and I didn't know him well at all. It was the Holidays- he was kinda down. My girlfriend, who also hung out in the 'room' was having a get together for New Years. ( She lived about 30 miles away from me- and btw we are still the best of friends). I told Lee he should think about hopping in his car and driving up for it. Well...... he did. LMAO He and I and my friend were the only ones who actually showed up for the party but we had a wonderful time. Lee and I talked nonstop (;)) for several days. He went home (900 miles) and we talked by phone. I visited him several weeks later and we made the decision that I'd move to Cali, and.... that was 5 years ago!!!!!

I've never done anything so impulsively in my life, but I'm sooooo glad I took that chance!

11-10-2006, 10:22 PM
Ok, I'll be the SECOND person to admit I met my S.O. online. We actually met because I posted an ad on Craig's List saying that I was new in town and just wanted to find a friend to go to movies with, etc. Since CL is like a shark tank, I was inundated with responses. But from the moment I read my SO's first email to me, I knew he was special. I responded to 3 people out of the 25-30 that wrote, and only met one - him of course.

That was two years ago and our wedding is planned for fall of 2007.

Get n healthy
11-10-2006, 10:33 PM
Good question Jeni.

I met my dh because my then boyfriend wanted to go over and see dh roomate...I was in love at first site.

Oddly, that was the first time we "met", the first time i ever saw him i went to a concert and he was the door guy...he stamped your hand. I remember being there with my girlfriend and after he stamped my hand saying, "that guy is gorgeous, he can stamp my hand anytime" and us laughing about it because he was so "out of my league". (He is 5 years older than me and when you are 16, a 20 year old is so mature and "out of your league"...i mean he had his own apartment for crying out loud, ha ha.) Stranger than fiction, i ran into him a few years later at that room mates house and we have been married 14 years, two kids, two dogs, one iguana, two betas. We are in bed surfing side by side on our laptops right now. Funny to look over at him and think what i am typing. Ah the memories.

11-10-2006, 10:49 PM
I think I am third for meeting online! My DH and I met playing scrabble, got to chatting while we were playing and it went from there! We dated 2 years and got married in 2000.. still going strong and still playing scrabble on occasion lol

11-10-2006, 11:14 PM
Met mine online. I signed up for ICQ and started adding people to my contact list from one of the categories I liked. He had accidentally signed up for that category when he joined, and he wasn't allowing new contacts. But my handle interested him and he wanted to find out who I was. Another gal I had added also became a good chat buddy. So she and a friend of hers, me and my now hubby, would all chat for hours in ICQ. We became really close friends then fell in love. We moved in together for awhile then married in 2000.

11-11-2006, 12:32 AM's me and David...ooooh, 2 years ago! Ouch. Our first Valentines day together. His hair is longer now and I am much fluffier. :D

I met David through his mom, actually. I worked with his mom in the same place and I really liked her because of her ecclectic spiritualism. I had seen David once when he dropped off lunch for her. Our eyes met and...nothing. I didn't think anything of him other than "Ah, that must be her son." And went back to working.

At the time, I was holed up with a rescue. By rescue, I mean a man who needed me more than he wanted me. I pitied him, so I took care of him...but he was a real loser. :mad: The girls at work decided to have a night out so I agreed to tag along. Plans got confused and I went to the wrong bar! Luckily enough, there was Betty, David's mother. She was there with her husband, another lady that worked in our office, and her son Paul. So I hung out with them for a little while. I was watching the cook close down the kitchen as I was talking to Betty, admiring his shapely behind. Turns out, that was David. So he came over to us and sat next to me and tried to talk to me.

I immediately dismissed him because he came on strong, trying to woo me in what ever weird way he thought was appropriate. (Spouting poetry, telling me I was beautiful. gag.) I shot him down before he could start and told him I was in a relationship. Well, we all moved to a different bar. Again, I was stuck next to David. He got pretty drunk and kept trying to hug me! G'ah! I left shortly there after.

I'll straight out tell you all that I did not feel any attraction to David at all. I thought he was weird and too forward. (He still is at times, to. LOL) A couple of days later, Betty told me how much he liked me. She was my friend and I didn't want to piss her off by telling her that her son was a psycho and sort of creepy. The only thing David had going for him was his backside and his crystal blue eyes.

Um, I went to his bar to pick up lunch for the office and I talked to him again as I waited for the food and...something inside me just caved and I agreed to meet up with him later. So I did. And I discovered how weird he really was! Turns out, he is a longmedicalword-schitsophrenic. He was diagnosed after a nearly fatal head injury. The head trauma sort of changed his brain chemistry. I almost ended things right then and there but I really admired the strength he has about his disease. He doesn't have full-blown symptoms. He is medicated. If he doesn't take his meds, he can get delusional. (Very, very bizzare theories.) He functions like anyone else just as long as he takes his meds and doesn't drink.

Long story short, I got rid of the moocher loser and started dating David.

I don't know WHY I have stuck with him after all the crap we have been through emotionally. David is an alcoholic. We broke up once over it because I couldn't stand him any boyfriend was gone and crazy theory man was in his place. So he stopped drinking because he just loves me that darn much :D. He can have a beer now and then with the guys. He seems to manage just fine. Before, he had been drinking a 12 pack or more at night.

David is the last person I would have ever thought of being with. But, here I am. Our story is not really all that romantic. It's mostly funny. I do know that I absolutely adore him. He loves me for me. I love him for him. I simply don't know what I would do with myself with out him. Despite his quirks and malfuncitions and total lack of common sense (which frustrates me to no end! lol) I have found my nich, my partner for life, and my greatest love.

We are getting married next month. :cloud9:

11-11-2006, 02:24 AM
It's after 1 am in the morning and I'm tossing and turning and I get out of bed and of course come to my comp and then Jeni I find a great little question. Your story is too precious. Your kids are going to love that story as they're growing up. He really wanted you, smart boy. So you didn't mention - I'm sure there's a white picket fence around that house, if there isn't there sure ought to be. Awwwwwwww. :flow2:

My very best friend throughout high school and beyond was getting married. I was about 20. For her bachlorette party a bunch of us girls went out and her fiance's best friend picked us up and drove us to the bar. It was a short ride, but we kind of had a little flirtation thing going on, nothing much. But that night we all slept at a friends house and I told my friends that I'm gonna marry that guy. And my friend says maybe not, he's got a girlfriend. Well a few days later we meet again at the wedding, he's all over me, but I'm the maid of honor and I didn't have much time for him. The friend fixes us up, we go on a double date with them, he makes a complete idiot of himself, I was sooo turned off. He insists on driving me home, I just want to get away from him, but he insists and he drives me home. Now we're finally alone together and the 40 minute ride was all I needed to turn it around. I'm still living at home, he comes in and we talk to the wee hours of the morning and that was it. He broke up with his girlfriend, who he says he was having mucho trouble with anyway. We get engaged 6 months later, married 9 months after that. Go on to have 3 beautiful daughters in just over 4 years.

By the way my "best friend" drops me like a hot potato the day we're engaged. She and my husbands best friend get divorced after 2 years, we'll be celebrating our 21st anniversary in March.

11-11-2006, 08:12 AM
On October 10th 1976, my friend and I hopped the fence at the drive-in and had to find a car to sit in (but of course). We knew one fellow from school and in his car was my future DH!

11-11-2006, 10:09 AM
In about 1997, my DH and I worked together, only he lived in Buffalo and I lived in Rochester. He used to call and order parts from me and after the order, we'd talk on the phone while I worked on my Excel charts and he drove from place to place on his cell phone...for like, an hour. We became fast friends. Problem was, he was married. I was not. I told his boss one day, "I may never get married, but if I do, I hope I meet someone just like (insert hubby's name).

ONE day, he called to order parts and told me his wife told him she wanted to explore being a lesbian and didn't want to be his wife anymore. So, I 'got the net' and reeled him in. She decided not be be a lesbian and is remarried to a different man. It took his divorce about 3 years to finalize and we got married less than a month after (I joked to the town office when we filed for our marriage license not to smudge the ink on the divorce papers as the ink may still be wet).

We'll be married five years in May...and our son will be six in December. :love:

11-11-2006, 11:19 AM
I met mine online too. :)

There was this quiz site that decided to add a dating section & if you were already a member & signed up for that too they gave you 3 free contacts. He was one of mine (and I was one of his) The computer/site tricked us by sending each of us a link saying that the other was interested.... Conveniently we replied to each other within minutes, lived a town apart, had a lot in common... we talked through the site for about a week, then on IM's for another week then met for ice cream. We spent every weekend together (and sometimes evenings too) for almost 2 years then got a place together. We've been living together and still happy (for the most part ;) ) for over a year & a half now. :) (pic taken about 5 weeks ago)

11-11-2006, 12:22 PM
I met my SO in high school!! Didn't really didn't care for him to much because he was such a clown. Needless to say I fell head over heals! I mostly kept to myself because compared to everyone else I was a little over weight, but being sixteen I felt like I was allot over weight!! I felt like well theres someone out there for everyone give it a try! He would meet me at my class door way as every period was ending and carrying my books. I had a part time job at a retail store and he would leave little stuffed animals on my car. We ended up going to the fair and had a blast walking around holding hands and I still remember that first kiss! I could not sleep at all that night! We have been married 16 years and needless to say I fall in love with him everyday. There is not a day that goes by that we tell each other several times a day we love each other and the best thing about that is our 13 year old son gets to see and hear and feel that kind of love!! :love: (

11-11-2006, 01:12 PM
I love this thread!!! All of these stories are so much fun to read!;)

11-11-2006, 02:51 PM
AWWWW these stories are too fun!

I told my story on the thread of whether you should get married young or wait. Well I said that I had married relatively young, but because I'd known my hubby for a LONG time LOL.

When we moved into our new house, I was five years old and the cute boy next door came over to meet my brother and I. He stayed awhile and when he left I swooned and told my mom "that is the boy I am going to MARRY!" and I did chase that boy around for about the next 15 years!~ LOL but since he was a few years older than me, I was just the little pesky girl next door.

Then when I turned 16, I shed the glasses, grew out my stringy hair and grew boobs, he started noticing! (admittedly, I was a funny looking kid) He taught me how to drive, took me to my first formal dance and my first kiss. (and my first...well...ok won't go there) We of course were on and off through high school so we both saw other people but always ended up back together. Got engaged for my high school graduation with of course the intention we would wait til after college.

Which we did, we ended up getting married almost ten years later. We have two kids, Robert 6 and Rachel 2, and a siamese cat named Sarah Lee (nobody doesn't like her). We've had some rocky roads but I have to say our marriage is better now than it ever has been. I love to tell my story too! And I adore my in laws, since I've always known them too!

11-11-2006, 03:22 PM
Angie and I met through a christian newspaper personal ad. I had been dating through it for a couple of years after being divorced for 4 from my first wife. I did have a couple of "possibles" but it just didn't seem right, I wasn't going to call her because her ad said LOVES DANCING ~ I DON'T! ~ NON-SMOKER ~ I WAS (at the time, 9 years "clean"), I went ahead and called her anyway. She didn't call back for a week, she was at her mom's on vacation for Christmas break. When we did connect, we found out that she lived in the next city, her daughter was a student at the our church school where my kids went. Although my kids were older they knew Lara since our school is rather small. Angie went to another church and usually her ex picked Lara up so it was doubtful we would have ever run in to each other at church or school functions.

Anyway we agreed to meet at the park during Ryan's basketball practice one night, when we did she had the flu, her nose was runny, she was coughing, a mess! I knew right then and there she was the one for me!!:carrot:

We dated for a year and were married on the first anniversary of our meeting each other. We will be married for 11 years in January.

11-11-2006, 03:47 PM
I met my husband at a summer job in Door County, Wisconsin 1996. I remember the first time I saw him I thought he was so cute. Of course I didn't have the nerve to talk to him! That summer was basically one big drunken party. I never really drank much before or since but man, that summer I partied a lot! He saw me at my worst before I ever even talked to him. On the night of his birthday party I got completely trashed. (Hurricanes are MUCH stronger than they taste!) About an hour and a half into his party he practically carried me to my room, helped me get jeans off, and put me to bed. He didn't try anything, he was a perfect gentleman. He spent the rest of the night in my room with me bringing me water and helping me to the bathroom when I got sick.

The next night night was another party where the discussion was about what we girls would do if a guy cheated on us. Being slightly drunk, my response was pretty graphic. He asked me out the next day! We were with each other pretty much 24 7 for the rest of that summer. We would stay up all night talking and go to work the next day without sleeping at all.

For the first year after that summer we lived 2.5 hours apart. We'd see each other maybe once a month if we were lucky. That year was really tough. After that, we moved in together but worked opposite hours so we still didn't really see each other much. Then we moved to another state 4 years ago so he could go back to school and finally got jobs with similar hours.

When we met I weighed around 130 lbs. He has never said anything about my weight. Even at my heaviest he still tried to get me to walk around the house naked. It wasn't until about a year ago when my blood pressure started to get up there that he suggested I started getting more exercise. He didn't care what I weighed as long as I was healthy.

On June 10 of this year we got married and had the reception at the same resort where we met. Even though so much went wrong that day it was the most beautiful day of my life. He is truly my soul mate. I can't even imagine a life without him in it.


This is at the Church.

This is where Aaron proposed. Cave Point was our special place to go to be alone together. Of course he proposed on January 29, so there were icicles dripping down the cliffs and the bay was almost frozen over.

This is at Alpine Resort where we met.

11-12-2006, 01:33 AM
KRISTI...You make such a nice couple and the pictures are beautiful, CONGRATS, and I love your story!!!;)

11-12-2006, 07:09 PM
I met my hubby online too. I had just moved to Oregon and didn't know anybody, and I updated my ICQ profile that I lived in the area. My hubby sent me a random chat, was looking through people that lived near him... we started chatting, and I almost blocked him because I thought it was pretty forward and he pushed for meeting me... well I settled for calling him, which we did for about a week or so.. and then I went to his house to meet him. I was 19 and my parents dropped me off (probably not safe, as a general rule, I'm surprised they agreed to it!) He was sitting in the front of his house, reading a book, and my brother said - look he's a geek and he's reading, he's perfect for you!... and he was right. We clicked from the very first meeting and we haven't been apart since. Moved in together 6 months later, got married when I was 21 and we just passed 7 years since we met.

canadian mom
11-12-2006, 08:03 PM
I met my hubby when I was 14. I was at the mall with a friend ,we were sitting in the food court and an ex of another friend spotted me (I couldn't stand this guy) he started coming over I was gonna leave I did not want to talk to him but I didn't get up quick enough.Well he said his friend thought I was cute (coming from this guy I did not believe him) a lot of girls wanted to date my hubby at that time.My friend and I went out for a smoke and the guys followed.We dated a bit but another so called friend wanted him and started rummors so we split up.(we satyed friends and actually were roomates twice)
Fast forward 9 years ~ We were at another couples house playing darts and I wore a sweatshirt,needless to say I got hot so he gave me his shirt. A few days later he came to get his shirt from my house and well insert naughty thought here(though he was a 1 night thing). A month past (we were talking on the phone every few days) and he came over and I haven't been able to get rid of him since. We got married 8 months after(2002) and have 6 kids, 2 his,2 mine,2 together.

11-13-2006, 10:01 AM
In nursing school....he introduced himself to me the first day of school on our way out of nurses was Psych I tell everyone I met my husband at a Psych Hospital....that was 22 years....and many ups and downs since....been married 17 years....three kids, a dog and a hamster ago....he is a great, great guy!


11-13-2006, 11:58 AM
LIZ...Your story is cute.;) My DD will be starting Nursing school next Fall, and I told her she may meet her future DH at college.:p

11-13-2006, 02:36 PM
i love these stories! :) soooooo sweet...

i met my DH online, also, in 2002. he was the new guy in a chat room i'd been using for years, and a longtime friend of mine was talking to him... she introduced us, and we chatted on and off. i lived in WV at the time, and he's always lived in SoCal... i had just started a job working for Mileage Plus (United Airline's frequent flyer program), so i had some free flights. he and i joked for a month or so, about me flying out for a weekend just to hang out... then i decided, why not? i had free flights, and no real plans for them, and i had a long weekend coming up... and he had a friend working for Marriott hotels at the time, so i was able to get a cheap room.

my mom kinda freaked out, at first, when i told her my plans for the weekend... but then again, she's gotten used to my tendency to be a impulsive. :dizzy: and she knows that i'm good at "reading" people, so she knew that if i sensed anything weird about him, at the airport, i'd just turn around and come home...

i was SO nervous, and then he was late getting to the airport because of traffic, so i was afraid he'd decided he didn't want to meet me. luckily, he got there JUST as i was about to head to the ticket counter to arrange to go home. LOL but there was definitely nothing "weird" about him, and we had a GREAT weekend. we both pretty much knew this was it, by the time we'd left the airport... :)

about 4 more visits, and 6 months later, i found out i was going to be laid off because of UA's cutbacks, and would lose my free flight benefits, so there was an impromptu proposal, and arrangements were made for me to move to Cali. he ended up "redoing" the proposal on New Year's Eve, when he took me on a gondola ride in Newport Harbor :D and we got married in June of 2004

11-14-2006, 06:14 PM
Great stories! Fun to read. :)

11-15-2006, 12:29 PM
ok i couldn't resist. i met my dbf in an airport. I was going to CA for spring break and he was in KY for a business trip. WE were both way early (4 hours-my excuse was i had to bum a ride form my firend to the airport- he was just trying to get home via standbye) for our flights. it was funny though because I had called my mom on a pay phone (yes it was in the tiem before cell phones were so widely used) and this really cute boy caught me checking him out and i started laughing and my mom was like what's so funny?? and I told her that some cute boy caught me chekcing out his tushy :o she laughed and told me to get to my gate, so like a good little girl i went to my gate and started reading one of my many books i had brought to pass the time. I noticed the woman sitting across from me gets up and goes to the ladies room leaving all of her stuff on the bench (also in the time of pre 9/11 and we were in KY) well I hear this clamoring and i look over and see the guy i had been checking out at the pay phone bank gathering his stuff and coming over to where the woman had been sitting. He puts down his stuff and then MOVES her stuff down the bench and plops down and satrts reading the paper. doesnt' even look at me. well the woman comes back and is mad cause he moved her stuff and he bats his big blue eyes at her and says ooh i am sorry. and she walks away. after about 10 mins or so he FINALLY looks at me and say "so is th ata good book???" i laughed and said yes it was (it was anne rice interview with a vampire) so we started talking about the book and he told me all these palces in CA to go (he traveld alot with his job) anyway the time flew and we exchanged email addresses and i went on my merry way - about two weeks later after i had come back form break I was checkingmy email and low and behold he had emailed me and said he had been trying to email me and since he hadn't heard a response woudl let me be - I wrote back NOOOOO! Our computers were down at school due ot a freakish storm that torn down some power lines. Well this was in March - in early May he flew back down and took me on our first date, i left for a semester abroad two weeks later and he would call me in England and send me care packages then that Nov I spent thanksgiving with him - i noticed on his book shelf there was the book i had been reading in the airport - he said he had to go buy it and read just in case i actually pressed him about reading it. This was 10 years ago this coming March. I moved to the same city he was in 5 years ago and WE finally moved in together 2 years ago- we are like the turtle - slow and steady wins the race the best thing about my BF is he is so supportive of everything I do. When we met I was on the college judo team - was a beauty queen and kicking an awesome 6pack, now I am much fluffier but after some healt issues and getting back to fighting weight as i like to call it. he doesnt seem to mind and thats why i love him. :carrot: and he still has the world's best tushy!!!