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11-10-2006, 04:49 PM
Just wanted to say that if you are like me and truly cant find the motivation to push myself down the gym then join a sports team.
I play team sports and absolutely love it......
especially on those cold winter nights if I was just going it alone I would look outside and think nah not tonight and stay in with a cup of coffee but when you are playing a team sport and the whole team are relying on you turning up and playing you can't do this.......
so what I am saying is if you dont find that the gym is for you try joining a team sport!!!:carrot:

Tara D
11-10-2006, 05:40 PM
What do you play? Are you in an adult league? How did you find it?

11-10-2006, 06:00 PM
I play netball, I used to play at school but hadnt played since I left so I just looked up netball and my area on the web and found a link for a local netball league I then contacted them and they sent me a league handbook with all the teams in the league and their contact details. I just rang one of the numbers in the book and they were looking for team members so I went along. I have been playing for them now since 2000. I was telling my cousin in Canada and she also did a similar thing and now plays soft ball for a local team once a week..... it really is a good way to keep fit and my social life is a lot more hectic now as I have made loads of new friends and friends of friends plus the team I play for is a very sociable bunch and we have at least 6 arranged social nights a year!!!