South Beach Diet - Starting SBD again, need snack ideas

11-08-2006, 11:20 AM
Hello, all! My hubby and I were doing the SBD a few months ago and have gotten really lazy about it. We'd like to start up again, but have one problem-we need snack ideas! I'm in charge of our eating plan and have a couple of cookbooks and have found lots of recipes online for meals, but not snacks! We get bored and then start snacking on bad things. What I've found for snacks so far is: roasted chick peas, fresh veggies, celery with peanut butter, cream cheese, or Laughing Cow cheese in it, and slices of cheese. BORING! What are some other good snacks? Please help, as I'm back to my heaviest weight and am not happy about it. :( Thanks

11-08-2006, 11:39 AM
Hi Mom2Tues.. lots of non boring snacks can be found in the Recipe section. The peppered pecans are a big hit,(subject to portion control :lol: ) you can make some mock danish or cheescake if you like cakey snacks... I'm big on bean salads as my snack, or fruit smoothies when on phase 2.

The snacks for phase 1 are here

11-08-2006, 01:08 PM
sugarless gum though, u can have 15 of them if they're 5cals each.

11-08-2006, 02:13 PM
If you buy Planters nuts you can have 15 almonds for one snack.

I buy the Macadamia, Cashew & Almond Planter's mix so you get some variety. You can only have 15 of these as well.

If you do decide to go with the nutty route :dizzy: try drinking a bottled water with it. Studies have shown that eatting fiber rich almonds along with the consumption of water helps keep you fuller longer. (The fiber expands with the water in your tummy and makes you feel full. Plus fiber takes longer for your tummy to digest hence the "longer".)

Sorry got a bit nerdy there.

Also try eatting veggies as a snack. I usually eat veggies & a slice of LF cheese for my morning snack and my nuts in the afternoon when I'm on the home stretch of leaving work. My favorite veggies are raw green pepper shoots and raw snowpea pods. My family thinks I'm crazy because I call snowpeas nature's frech fries.... but they are so yummy and require not cutting or craziness.

Hope this helps! Good luck on SB! :hug:

11-09-2006, 02:28 PM
I do the turkey pepperoni in the microwave recipie from the snack is delicious :yes: