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11-06-2006, 11:32 AM
I have gotten down from 208 to 165 and went from a tight 18 *almost thought i was gonna have to go up a size* to a loose 16 *Looks pretty good* I dont have to much trouble with my thighs and butt really my job requires me to stand/walk for 12hours so i am keeping moving and they stay in pretty good shap but i need some ideas in toning my abs and hips. i know that everyone is different and your ideas may not work for me im just looking for some suggestions that have worked for some of you that have toned you up in those areas. i have lost alot of the weight in my hips *suprisingly* and quiet a bit in the belly but i wanna start toning the muscles more there and get that area in more shape. i notice that my legs and butt get a work out 3 to 4 nights a week for 12 hours at work and so do my arms but not really my abs i tryed doing someting with my tummy while i work like hold it in and release type things but after about 10 mins i start talking to someone and forget what im doing lol. maybe something i can do at home for those two main areas. *hips and tummy* mainly those got so out of shape cause ive had two kids and after the first baby i didnt try to hard to put them back in shape and then the second just really messed me up lol. How ever on a bright note i did try on my wedding dress from almost 3 years ago *my youngest baby is 20months* and it is to BIG. and my juinor prom dress fits me again lol its great but i still wanna tone those up at least try. worse case is i try these ideas for a month and i tone the muscles but it just doesnt look like it. and any hits on strengthening the back muscles too?
thanks in advance.

11-06-2006, 12:21 PM
Hey Misty :). You and I are about the same size and we've lost about the same amount of weight! Woohoo! I'm also a loose 16/snug 14.

You can't really spot reduce areas but it sounds like you want to hit a number of areas, back, tummy, hips. Do you strength train? If not I would look into an overall strength training routine with dumbells. I do all my working out at a gym so my advice is based on that. Lunges are great for the butt and legs, I love lunges and they are easy to do anywhere as long as you have space. I use a bench that you can set at an angle and do sit up type exercises on it with a 2lb ball which is good for my tummy, another wicked good move for my tummy is lying on the bench with a slight angle, then raising my legs into the air, then tucking them into my chest. Omgosh, that's all I can say about that one! For my back I do assisted pull ups (these make me feel like GI Jane teehee!) My routine is a circuit based routine and I use probably 50% dumbells, 50% body weight for resistance.

You could look into an exercise ball too.

Just my 2cp!

11-06-2006, 12:38 PM
Cardio melts fat. If you really concentrate on the abdonimal muscles while you do whatever cardio you choose, you'll get benefits there as well.

11-06-2006, 12:57 PM
Well it really does seem as i go i lose all over and that is great i dont exactly want to spot reduce persay just that like with my job i am useing my legs *yes i guess most muscles in this job* but they get a work out alot of the time and my butt seems fine just want to give a bit of an added work to the hips and ab area. and some to *not sure what to call it* not the breasts but the sides. its under the arms on the chest i want to kinds tone that up too. i do see that as i lose that is shrinking as well and i guess i could just be paitient *sp* but i thought id just help this area along lol i have tons of problems in my back mid back i have muscle spasms and who knows what will trigger it so i try to watch what i do with that. I guess over all i have lost 55lbs from start of this. when i had my son last year i was 220lbs but i got frustrated and gave up for a while and started again this year. but im down 43lbs since end of june and things look good. I feel really good and have tons of energy. Im not really to bad but i really wanted to lose some weight cause i suffer from chronic migraines and i thought that maybe i had high bp. I wasnt to bad at the doc office btu sometimes it was 140-150/89-95 and my dad said that could cause them so i thought id lose weight to see if my bp would go down and the last doc apt i had my bp was 110/70 so it was awsome by what the doc said. but i still get them i take meds everyday but for the past 5 days ive had one all day long and if i take something it helps some but not much so i see her again today im confused. so who knows. ill try some more things using those areas. and go from there. thanks for the imput

11-06-2006, 01:04 PM
My sister is a "V" shape. She has shapely legs and no butt. She has shoulders, boobs and a belly. Even when she is quite slim she has trouble with bra line bulge. She experiments with really good bras. It's her shape ... it's what she's got to work with!

BTW ... it's the same shape as Elle MacPherson!