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11-06-2006, 09:17 AM
Morning :coffee:

Restarting induction this morning. This is going to be a very hard week :( Mom is coming for a visit, her and I never stay on a diet when we are together :lol: We are off to see Trace Adkins on saturday, and I promised her a trip to a restaurant here called the "Chocolate Bar"........maybe she'll be on a diet too?? Then we can skip it until next time she visits! .........and dh told me if I go to rochester to see Trace, I had better come back with some dinosaur bbq, or he wont let me back in the house! :lol: Its only a block away from the arena where the concert will be.

Alright, well.....lets just deal with "today" and get thru it. Water jug needs to get filled, chicken breasts need to be taken out of the freezer, take my vitamins, get some exercise in. I'll deal with all that other stuff when and if it happens.

Have a great op day ladies!

11-06-2006, 09:38 AM
Robin: Hopefully you're able to stay on induction :) Have fun w/your mom and the concert :)

Induction for me as well. Updated my sig and am REALLY disgusted. I'm pretty close to being where I was when I first started. And I wasn't well prepared for this morning as I hadn't gone to the store---so only 1 egg for breakfast. But I have plenty of veggies if I get the snack attack. Not going to worry about counting the carbs today--just going to work on getting rid of the junk in my system and getting water in. Going to get rid of soda. I've got a little bit of SF capucchino that I'm going to drink if I HAVE to (to help w/the headache). We'll see how that goes. I'm wondering if I shouldn't have waited until next Monday as this weekend if my anniversary--but then realized if I don't start NOW I might find excuses to wait each time I want to start. So today it is :)

11-06-2006, 09:48 AM
Good morning everyone! I've been on induction since Friday. a few close calls but so far so good. Saturday I had to go to Dunkin Donuts to pick someone up a coffee on the way to a soccer game. I figured I would just go through the drive thru, well, wouldn't ya know that line had 10 cars in it. SO inside I went, I literally broke out ina cold sweat trying to ward off temptation. I couldn't believe it. my mouth was watering as well! I tried to look everywhere except straight ahead at all those donuts. The line in there wasn't much better either and now I had do deal with looking them donuts right in the eye and oh the smell!! then the self pity started to creep into the situation. " why me, how come all these people in line an have a donut and I can't" NowI just wanted to turn around and wack the person behind me just to feel better. Well, long story short, I got out of there with just the coffee and no one got hurt! I felt like I really accomplished something after that one!
Have a good week everyone!!

PS Oh Brennndaaa! Where are you??? I don't see you on the new years challenge!! C'mon girl even if you just want to shoot for 5 pounds. It may really help you when you think about wanting to cheat. You'll remember that you have to be accountable to that thread!!

11-06-2006, 10:14 AM
Well, long story short, I got out of there with just the coffee and no one got hurt!

:lol3: :lol3: :rofl: :rofl: I know how you felt!! Great not hurting anyone!! :rofl: and getting out with just your coffee!

11-06-2006, 11:02 AM
Morning Girls.

Brenda good for you! You are back on track. I've been back since last Monday, but scale didn't budge again today. I'm at 254.5 down from 263 last Monday so I can't really complain, but no losses for several days in spite of being on track.

I'm not strictly doing induction. I've allowed some of the low carb goodies in there. Guess I have to stop that. Scale usually moves faster for me without them there.

As far as your anniversary. Maybe you could do a CAD day that day? one meal higher carb, but within an hour? I've never been sure CAD works, but it must work better than just feeling completely off plan all day.

11-06-2006, 02:28 PM
Good morning everyone.

NTL, great job on passing up the donuts. I have had to face them lately too at my local convenience store (huge cinnamon rolls) and it was hard. I felt so pitiful. They seemed to be calling my name.
Brenda, hang in there and glad to see you back on program. I also have a bad headache right now. I guess it's from the junk I ate this weekend and I'm trying to get back with the program. I am going to have this whole week at 25 or fewer carbs to get myself in line. Also, vow to walk on treadmill 5 nights this week. I have allowed myself too many cheats lately. I feel like I had a cheat WEEK instead of a cheat MEAL. Yesterday , wasn't bad, but Friday and Saturday were horrible.
Robin, have fun at the concert. I'd love to see Trace Adkins.
Sherry, it looks like you are doing fantastic with the wt. loss. Great job.

beach bum
11-06-2006, 05:20 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Nothing new,except getting ready for my colonoscopy ,hoping tomorrows prep day will make that stupid scale go down.I wanted so badly to see my 148 lbs[weight I was before my 2004 cruise] I guess thats just a dream.Can't get that vacation weight off, no matter what I do.

What a day I trying to get some clothes together for our vacation in 3 weeks and I'm batting zero. Since it going to be cold I'm thinking about going away in a sweat suit with a short set underneith,and than taking off the sweats when arriving in San Diago. Than when I return home just do visa versa wear my short set etc. What do you think?????? Hubby doesn't think it s good idea

Robin.-Thanks:thanks: for starting us up this week. and good:goodluck: luck on induction. I'm thinking of the something once I get out of the colonoscopy.Have to get this extra weight off.Have a great tome with your mom.

Brenda-When is your anniversary ours is Nov. 19th. I do feel for you,as my ticker is lying,but I'm not changing it until this Wed. my new W-I day.Please don't deprive yourself on your anniversary.You can sandwich the day with ex low carbing the day before & the day after but do :cheers: celebrate it only come once at year.

NeedtoLose-Sorry that you had such a temptation at dunkin donuts.BUT BIG :congrat:CONGRATS for turning away,you did great. I'm lucky sweets don't bother me like sodium snacks do.

SherryCongrats:cheer: on your weight loss,that excellent.Wish I was the weight that my ticker is showing,but I'm afraid my ticker is lying.I like your idea you gave Brenda about the CAD,One day won't hurt,and she won't feel deprived.

Lily-Yikes!!:yikes: I can't believe your had problems with carb this weekend. You seem so in control all the time.Happy your back on Program. I guess the best of us fall. Sending you good :goodvibes: for getting past the junk food.

Have a nice evening.
Hugs :) BB

11-06-2006, 07:55 PM
Ok did OK today until I say the kiss bowl and had 7 I think but no more. then did good for breakfast and shake for lunch then had two teeth pulled one on each side of the lwoer jaw. If I start to drool I just took a vicodan :lol: and while I was waiting for the vicodan and script for the antibiotics I had a freind talk me into buying two bags of the new kisses one truffel filled dark choc and the other dark choc with strawberry filled. (CAN YOU GUESS WAAT TIME OF THE MONTH IT IS???) I did not eat them and that is going to be my temptation but I think I can hold strong!!!

WAY to go for NTL I had a fight with a potatoe chip rack one time with the carb monster hanging on my tail. :lol:

11-07-2006, 12:07 AM
Hi Everyone. Don't get too mad, but I am taking a break from Atkins for at least 2 weeks. I have been craving fruit so I am giving in. I am going to do Beverly Hills Diet for at least this week in the hopes that I can enjoy the fruit and still lose.

11-07-2006, 01:12 AM
BB, I don't know what happened to me. I think it was stress over the impending MIL visit. (which she never came). I cleaned house like a madwoman and had terrible stomach cramps. On Friday it was my DH's Birthday and I baked him a chocolate cake. (my favorite). I planned to have one piece. I ate 4 pieces and they weren't small. Once I tasted it, I couldn't stop. I wasn't even hungry. It was just there and tasty and I couldn't resist. I sent the leftovers to work with him to get it out of the house. There has only been a couple times in the last 16 months that I've done something this stupid. It made me SICK and I knew it would. On Saturday I did fine til dinner, then ate 2 sugar-free cookies. They weren't free of flour. By Sunday, I was so upset with myself. I was back on program Sunday with 22 carbs and a lot of walking and water. Today hasn't been a problem, I think the sugar cravings are gone. I had 17 carbs today. I have gained 2 lbs. and am trying to take them off. I felt like I'd gained at least 5. I'm purposely wearing my smallest pr. of jeans today, I deserve for them to feel tight. They are my favorites and I would have felt horrible if I couldn't button them. It's weird that anytime I have a gain, I put on my smallest clothes and make myself wear them. I wonder if anyone else does this.

11-07-2006, 06:44 AM
(I am doing this lecture more for me than you as I have fallen so many times the last one was to the tune of 20 lbs, and I did the same thing and got so angry with my self I just kept eating those fries)

Lilybel don't be so hard on your self. Just dust off and get back on plan. I know for one who has failed so many times that on and off you do need to shake things up a bit with a day of eating off plan, the trick is that this is a wol and that we will slip up every once in a while. if you keep on getting mad at your self then how would you feel if you back slid 10 lbs or had a really bad week and mindless ate every thing you could not normally have.

Now I am not saying cheating is good but some times ....

take driving one day you are in a hurry and all you can think of is getting there the kids are talking you just had a bad day at work and DH is being a jerk. so you drive 10 miles over the speed limit for say 30 min. are you going to drive 10 miles under the limit for the next 30 min?? NO you are just going to slow down and drive correctly.

You will dust off and get back OP. All the books say so, just have a few days of good controled carbs but do not be hard on your self.

Whew I do feel better! Thanks I needed that. I too was one so in control until I just lost it and was so frusterated I lost my control and gained 80 lbs all in all. and that was at the time I was called the queen of OPness. Exercising and eating OP. so do not do what I did to my self losing my self in the self flagelating.

11-07-2006, 10:01 AM
Sorry ladies, I'll try and do personals later. I just wanted to pop in and thank you all for you support (and kicks in the butt when needed). I did good last night. Not sure about the water intake--so I switched back to my regular glasses (I know I only have to drink 4 of those to get at least 64 oz). I did also drink a 1/2 a can of soda. My headache was nasty and so figured a 1/2 a can wouldn't be so bad. Ween myself off it I figure. I can't wait to see if the scale goes down on Satuday :lol:

11-07-2006, 10:21 AM
Sue, thanks for that, I needed it :hug:

Alright, well another day, another attempt at this woe.

I put my jeans on yesterday....first time in over 2weeks. I had to lay down to do them up :( I havent done that since high school!!! :eek: I havent a clue how I did that back then...and wore them like that all day to boot!! I havent gotten on the scale...Im just too disgusted with myself. When I dont have to lay down to do up my jeans, I might....but I know its high :( Maybe I should just get on it and get it over with. Because if I get on it later in a week or 2, its still going to be high.........oh why do we do this to ourselves!?!?! I refuse to buy another pair of jeans in a bigger size....I absolutely refuse!

11-07-2006, 12:40 PM
:( I got on the scale about motivation! sheesh!

11-07-2006, 12:58 PM
Oh ladies, Doesn't anyone have any GOOD news???
I could really use it!
Sue - congrats avoiding the kisses! I know once I bought them it would be over for me.
Lillybelle, you speak the scarey truth!
I went off plan recently i think just to punish myself for not losing any weight the past 2 months. ANd I'll tell ya, I feel like I did before I started atkins. The bloated, fat feeling, not being able to resist temptations. One little slip up and I'm back to square one. And I'm having a hard time at that! It's true that you MUST look at this as a lifestyle change. so it's not that there is no cake today because you're "on Atkins" but there is no more cake period because you have chosen a better way of eating period. I dont' believe anymore for one second that we can say, just this once, or I deserve it, or I'm going to splurge today, or well, it's Thanksgiving. It's all just an excuse. WE CANNOT eat like we did in the past. not even for a minute because just like any other kind of addict, we fall right back into our old patterns. We need to find new ways to give ourselves a special treat or celebrate our holidays, or go out to eat, what ever the case may be. I don't think we can keep saying, it's ok just get up and start again. IT's so not ok. because it's so easy to wake up one day and find ourselves having to pull out those old fat clothes and we never even knew what hit us!
Anyway, I'll get off my soap box,I just want us all to do better. I would love to come on here and see more of us talking about how GOOD they're doing and how much closer to goal they are. That's why I was hoping the new years challenge would give us a good boost.
MsChris- let me know how you make out with that, I'm not familiar with it but would be interested to hear. Sometimes I wonder if my body has justbecome immune tothis way of eating and that's why I wasn't losing for 2 months. My last hope is that since I did go off plan for a bit that I can sort of shock myself back into induction and start losing again. I really had no problem staying op with atkins it wasn't until i had completely stopped losing for the longest time that I just got real down on myself.
well, one day at a time I guess!
I hope everyone is going out to vote today!!

11-07-2006, 01:01 PM
Robin - what happened?? didn't you just start induction this week? I hopethings will be going better for you soon. I"m not due to get on the scale until Friday. I have been good so If I don't see a change, I don't know... I'm trying so hard to stay positive.

11-07-2006, 01:19 PM
yup, yesterday....its only tuesday :lol:

well, I fell off the wagon, got stuck under the wheel, and got dragged thru sugar ****. Its time for me to smarten up....big time!! :club:

something else I realized today.....this is the first year I joined a gym, and this is the year I gained the most weight! Something is wrong with this picture:frypan:

11-07-2006, 02:51 PM
Hi everyone, I sure slept in this morning.

Sue, thanks for the pep talk, I needed it. I'm back on program. I was still pounding the treadmill at midnight last night. My eating is improved. I feel like I am doing well again.
Robin, I know what you mean about the jeans, I refuse to ever buy a bigger size. I'll wear the ones I have and if they get extremely tight, I'll just make myself get in gear and take off some weight. I have long since given up the old theory that the "dryer shrank my clothes".
NTL, I'll try to post more positive. I shared my experience to let everyone know that Maintenance is equally hard. I wanted everyone to know that I still struggle. If I wasn't posting it here, it'd be a lot easier to let those slip-ups get away with me and gain back a lot of weight. I want to be held accountable for keeping the wt. off.
I'm now off to go to the bank and mail bills. I can't believe I waited til the 8th of the month to get my bills paid. I had to call and pay some of them by phone. Hope everyone has a great on-program day.

11-07-2006, 06:55 PM
Marge – I am not the best judge of New Beverly Hills Diet. I am just trying to enjoy a few of the foods I have been missing without gaining too much weight. I was hoping that if I had a little structure it would keep me in some kind of control instead of an all out binge. But unbelievably it is day 2 without eggs, bacon, chicken fingers or a carb smart fudge bar, and I am totally missing them. Is there such a thing as Protein Withdrawal? Honestly, I am thinking that I should be back to eating the Atkins way by Friday.

11-07-2006, 08:49 PM
lillybelle, Don't get me wrong, You of all people have been the most positive! God knows where I'd be without you pulling me through. I guessnow that you have reached your goal so successfully, I am looking for someone else totake your place as far as someone to follow losing the lbs. Right now, we all seem to be stuck in the same rut. IT's a bit discouraging!

Mschris, I can't believe you can actually say that you miss eggs! That is just too funny! I was never one for cottage cheese and 1/2 a piece of toast so that's why I began atkins in the first place. I'm pretty happy with it. Now if I could just start losing some weight on it again!!

11-07-2006, 10:20 PM
Good news? Well I lost another half a pound this morning! 254 now. I know, it isn't much, but that makes 9 pounds in a week and one day. 2 pounds more to be at my "goal" for the year. Of course if and when I make it I will set a new goal.

I don't think I could ever start this diet if I beleived that it was the end of me ever eating anything high carb again. I think that we have to know ourselves, and know what we can handle, and if I believed upon starting this WOL, that it meant the end of all cake EVER, all potatoes EVER, etc. That I would gobble and gobble and never be able to START the diet, much less make it a way of life.

Once I'm doing it it feels easy enough. I do get bored sometimes, with the foods, and want something "different" but actually we get to eat some REALLY WONDERFUL rich and satisfying foods on this lifestyle. I guess learning to appreciate those wonderful foods rather than miss the ones we have to give up is the key. Hard though when you've been doing it a long time to value that. All you want is the things you've given up.

Anyway I'm still doing well. Today at lunch time I had to go early because I was RAVENOUS though. I went to the Mexican food place and I know the lady must have thought I was nuts ordering two tostadas (they are big). But I didn't get rice or beans on them and I didn't eat the tortilla, so mostly what I got was a lot of lettuce, a lot of chicken (steamed) and a little cheese with some salsa. It did satisfy me, but I know one wouldn't have.

Anyway there are things we can enjoy that taste delicious and are still low carb. It just takes some thought and planning.

Brenda sounds like you are doing well too. Keep it up! I can't keep track of everyone yet, but the rest of you, hang in there, we can DO this.

11-07-2006, 10:31 PM
now that's what I'm talkin about SHerry!
Way to go!! 9 lbs is awesome!! That's the kind of good news and notivation that we are in need of!!
Great job!!

11-08-2006, 01:01 AM
I am happy to say that I'm back on routine with food, water and exercise. I feel great. I've restocked all my appropriate foods and making my choices is easier now.
Sherry, WTG on that 9 lbs. , that is fantastic.

11-08-2006, 02:08 AM
lilybelle, 4 pounds PAST your goal? Now THAT is fantastic! How long did it take you? Did you do strict induction? or were you doing a different level of Atkins? Share with us! Let us know it can be done! It is so encouraging to see someone go all the way like that. I usually give up too soon. Did you have plateaus that were hard to break through? How did you stick it out through them?

Arkansas Kel
11-08-2006, 03:35 AM
My job still is weighing me down – got my feelings hurt by my boss. I got left out basically for a certification class trip, part her fault part mine, but she didn’t make any extra effort to be sure I knew. Left one phone message, and nothing else – then just didn’t mention it when she saw me at work. I thought I was more important to them than that. I didn’t get the message – was left at an expired phone number. She thought I got it cause the old voice mail still worked. Nope. My coworkers are all “run tells” so I have to watch literally every word I say – I got jumped by a supervisor for a nearly totally innocent comment (must have been embellished when it got to her cause what I actually said was very minor and especially so compared to what I’ve heard people say about her). My “run tells” group spent the weekend pushing food at me. C’mon, just one little debbie’s won’t hurt! You want to try this, it is soooo good. Just look at those cookies, here Kel have one – MY GOD, what is wrong with people. The more I tried to behave the more aggressive they got. In the end I ate only a few taco chips (one of my biggest weaknesses) screw them. I think I need to consider a change in jobs, think I’m burned out pretty bad anyway – after all, I hear RN stands for really needed – so I should be able to land a new job.

Lady adnerb – don’t wait for the weekend, by Monday you may have thrown it all to the wind and not be able to get yourself back on track. You can have an absolutely decadent anniversary meal – I mean, a great steak and salad – mmm. Lobster with butter – what could be more decadent. Just watch those sneaky sides and desserts. A little alcohol – if you don’t go out for “liquid candy” drinks – shouldn’t hurt once in a while! Happy Anniversary! Mine is next week.

Need2lose4me2 – Great willpower!!!! I’m impressed! Held your ground, held to your principles and kept to the plan – without injury to others! Dunkin donuts – what a brave place to test your willpower! My coworkers would be like a wolf pack on a lamb if I went there with them.

Beach Bum – a cruise! I am so jealous. I think a lot of layering would be good – sweats wouldn’t be a bad idea either, but I’d want to show off my figure more than sweats since you’re losing! Light weight pants, short sleeve top, light jacket? Tank top under button up short sleeve top (can wear open over tank or take off and wear tank) under jacket?

MsChris – good luck. Different diets, different folks. Let me know how it goes!

RobinW – OMG – I remember jeans like that – had to use a coat hanger to zip them – anybody else recall that? Also, hang tough – you can do it. When you said you tried so hard this year (gym and all) and you were doing atkins and this is the year you gained the most weight? Are you struggling to stay OP? I so understand, if I forbid something – or vilify it – then I have to have it sometimes. Maybe you set your expectations too high for yourself. We’re a work in progress – we’re going to mess up – just keep trying to do a little better. Maybe you should do small changes instead. Add the water until you can do that, cut the carbs until you can do that, start a short walk a couple times per week after that… I think some diet I see people start fail them because they start so BIG – setting themselves up to fail because they try to make so many HUGE changes that they couldn’t possibly accept so much change at once – too many habits to break. You didn’t get this way overnight – just look at what didn’t work, look at what did and go again. Work in progress is fine.

SherryA – great attitude!!! I like fajitas at Mexican joints – hold the tortillas, rice, and beans. Or taco salad – hold the shell and beans. Yum. You’re right, planning ahead helps. I try to psych myself up by thinking in advance what I will order, surprises the waitress when you’re ready to order as you sit down.

11-08-2006, 03:48 AM
Sherry, I started Atkins 16 months ago and reached goal in 1 yr. and 1 week. I really did induction for about 6 months, but tweaked mine to include some extra fruit. It didn't seem to alter my wt. loss. I had a few plateaus that lasted 3 or 4 weeks at a time. I would get even stricter during those times and increase my exercise. I did mostly walking, rope jumping, exercise ball and old exercise videos. I let myself have 1 piece of dessert on holidays or birthdays, but the rest of the time I tried to stay faithful to the program. I eat the same now for maintenance. Except I have added Oats and occasionally a sweet potato. I have had times that I messed up, but they were few and far between. I'd pick myself up and get right back on the program. This program certainly works and has been a lifesaver for me. This Atkins board has helped me tremendously. We're all in it together. Even though I'm below my goal, I still have to watch it. I could easily gain weight and have at times gained a few lbs. and taken it right back off. I try hard to maintain at 140-145. Since starting maintenance I have seen as low as 137 and as high as 146. I'm currently 142 when I weighed on Saturday. I only weigh once a week, as it's too depressing to me to see that daily fluctuation. I have noticed that if I start my day with bacon and eggs or sausage with eggs or ham and cheese omelet that everything that day seems to fall into place better. I'm less hungry and way less likely to eat off program. I think having that hearty breakfast is important. I don't usually have hardly any bread. Very seldom, maybe 1 or 2 slices LC bread per week. I got so used to eating without it that now it seems normal not to eat it. I really think this program allows for a wide assortment of food and if done correctly, a person shouldn't have to be hungry. I'm not good at being hungry at all.

11-08-2006, 03:59 AM
Kel, I'm sorry to hear your job is getting you down. Reading that thread made me glad that I'm not working as an RN anymore. I did it 20 yrs. and that was enough for me. You might want to try a completely different area than you are in. That's what I did when I needed a change. I did 3 yrs. med/sug, 7 yrs. PACU, 3yrs. ER, 5yrs. OB and 2 yrs. ICU. I enjoyed each new learning opportunity. You definitely shouldn't have trouble finding something else, RN's are needed everywhere. Hugs, I know nurses often feel so unappreciated by their employers, the doctors and even the patients at times. Hang in there and I hope you find something that you are happy with. I can also sympathize with the "food pushing" that you are having to put up with. When I was working at any hospital, it seemed like it was constant junk food. People tried to make you feel guilty if you refused it. No wonder I got so big. I am basically a people pleaser and that was my big downfall.

11-08-2006, 09:19 AM
Have to do a fly-by and get my butt whipped. I had a run in with chocolate chip cookies last night. ARGH! But back at it today! Stepped on the scale and was happy to see it down...but TOM is coming next week, so will be having to remind myself not to expect losses that week but to keep OP so that the following week I'll see one. I also have to measure myself!! Ok. On the go now....don't forget your water.

11-08-2006, 11:37 AM
my scale is up a pound today. Bummer. I drank a lot more water than I have been drinking and had more veggys than normal, and had some low carb chocolate.

I'm not worried about it. I upped the water intentionally, and there was salt in the soy sauce I made for our dinner last night. I'm sure I just have more water in there than normal. I'm going to stay on plan and just keep on plugging. It isn't like the scale is up because of a cheat, (although I do have to be careful with lc chocolate).

Lilybelle, thank you for that. Your plateus didn't last too long it doesn't sound like, a few weeks? How did you cope with those times emotionally? For me that is when I tend to lose faith in my body that it will EVER work to get me past the plateau. (my plateaus seem to last longer, but I sometimes wonder if that isn't because my body is waiting for me to give up and cheat and maybe I do that more than I should). I want to follow the example of someone who has been successful. That digging in and becoming MORE determined sounds good. I've done that with exercise, but that only tends to slow my weight loss more. (maybe because I have a hard time focusing on both diet and exercise at the same time). I once focused and did a very intense 12 week exercise program, but I couldn't do it on Atkins although I tried. Wound up not really doing a diet during that time at all. lost some inches, but not pounds. Lost a dress size but stayed the same weight and in fact the weight went UP for awhile. It frustrated me. Maybe I expected too much.

11-08-2006, 03:18 PM
Hi Brenda.
Sherry, I'm sure you're just retaining water from the soy sauce. It gets me every time. Most of the time with plateaus you have to just wait them out. Stick to the program and you will get past it. Yes, it's frustrating, but if you eat on plan and exercise that is all you can do. It will pass and wt. loss will resume. Be extremely diligent with writing every single thing down that you eat while during a plateau. Watch for any changes that you made in your diet. I measured myself a lot during the plateaus and was still losing inches, so that much helped to know. I did mention that I have eaten a lot of fruit since starting atkins. But, during plateaus I would back off on it a little and also watch my fat intake closer. I would scramble my eggs instead of fry them for a while. Eat more chicken and less red meat. My wt. loss wasn't at all linear. Sometimes I'd lose 4 lbs. in a week, sometimes 1-2 lbs., sometimes a 1 or 2 lb. gain. But, it did eventuallly come off. During one plateau, I did the "nothing but eggs" for 2 days and took 4 lbs. off. I tried it a second time when I was about 5 lbs. from goal and didn't lose a lb. from it. It's not fun to eat only eggs for 2 days, that is for sure. I wouldn't do it again.

11-08-2006, 06:34 PM
Ok guys - Like I told Marge yesterday, I should be back on program by Friday, but it looks like I will be back on program tomorrow. Today was supposed to be grapes day, but I didn't make it that far. I miss my protein too much and broke down an ate a low carb fudge bar, a piece of chicken and a bunless burger today. My scale this morning is at 176, and the ketosticks show I am still losing. So I am as of this moment going back to Atkins. If the fruits did not cause me to gain over the last two and a half days, they should not cause me to gain on Atkins either so I am not going to be afraid of eating them while I am on OWL. Since I am still in ketosis, I don't think I am going to return to induction, but I will let you know later.

Marge - cottage cheese and toast? What diet is that? Yuk. New Beverly Hills was pineapples, corn on the cob, strawberries, prunes, grapes, and potatoes. In a few more days i would have had steak and shrimp, but my heart just isn't in the program. I don't consider my changing a slip up though. Trying different foods is how you learn what you can and can't lose weight on. What agrees with you and what doesn't. I know several people that did atkins 5/7ths of the time and still lost a tremendous amount of weight. I personally think that all of your nevers are my rarelys - like maybe once a month or every other month as long as it doesn't make you gain. And isn't it a positive that we are still here and trying? I gave up for 2 months in the summer and didn't even come to the support board, but now we are here and talking.

Sherry - I used low carb chocolate to make some hot chocolate and it sent me up a pound the next day too. It must be high in sodium. Congratulations on the 9 pounds though.

Lilybelle - Your posts are a motivation to me, and I think it is wonderful that you still use the board for support and to support us. Most of the people that were here when I came reached their goals and left us, so thank you for sticking around. It is my sincere hope that I can be a motivation to someone one day as you are to me.

11-08-2006, 07:22 PM
MsChris - Glad your back. It's true that now you know some fruit wont hurt you! Thats good news! In the summer I did berries once in a while. didn't effect me. I wouldn't consider that cheating either. I know that at some point we can incorporate those things into our diet. I have just not come to that point yet!!(wondering if I ever will!)
You have made a lot of good points! I do see things differently now! Thanks. I guess I'm just at the end of my rope! I love the fact that lillybelle is still around and it means a lot to me. I think she knows that! at least Ihopeshe does! I kind of think of her as the mother hen! because chances are whatever we are going through, she has been there!

11-08-2006, 09:05 PM
Hi All,

Well, I completed Induction on Monday, Nov 6, 2006. My eating has been pretty good so far. I am not looking forward to Thanksgiving though. I will definitely be using the Atkins cookbook for a low-carb dessert.

11-08-2006, 11:21 PM
So Lilybelle, you were on induction for 6 months? Did your hair fall out? A friend of mine was on induction for a very long time lost rapidly, but had a period of time when she lost a bunch of hair due to the diet or the rapid weight loss or something.

After induction what level of carbs did you go to? When you talk about eating fruit, are you talking berries? or something more high in sugar?

Did you keep checking for ketosis? and were you in ketosis the whole time? Sorry for so many questions. I just keep on hoping that one of these days I will find the motivation to go back to my under 200 pounds body. Maybe even to my 130 pound body, although I have a really hard time ever believing I'll see that number again. Not sure I would look good at that weight and at this age anyway. But I'd like to try it once to see!

I think people like you are completely inspiriing. I'd love to hear more. All you can tell us.

11-09-2006, 12:30 AM
You gals are so sweet and I'm glad you don't mind that I still post. I still need all of you very much to maintain my weight and give me that Kick in the Butt when I mess up. I am POP now since Sunday, with exercise every day. Yeah. Tonite, I actually jogged some of my mile.
Sherry, when I said I was on induction for 6 months, I stayed at 20 carbs or less for that long. On days I had much fruit, I'd eat almost all protein the rest of the day to keep my carbs in range. I ate a lot of watermelon, cantalope, pineapple, strawberries. Occasionally bananas, oranges or apples. My body seemed to really crave fruit. When I increased my carbs, it was to 25. I still try to stick at 25 or fewer every day. (To clarify, my induction period was at 20 carbs only, but not just the list of induction foods, if that makes sense).

I never had my hair to fall out any more than it already was from the steroid (prednisone) that I take. I don't mind the questions at all. Ask away. I hope that I can help. The only way I could ever tell that I was in Ketosis, was my breath would get stinky. I never used the Ketosis strips. They aren't available here in Podunk USA where I'm at. LOL

Irgnlvly, I have a recipe for LC fudge that I am making at Thanksgiving. I will let you all know how it turns out. If it's good, I'll post the recipe. I got it from Light and Tasty magazine.

Ms. Chris, it's great to see you posting again. I'm glad you found that fruit didn't cause you to gain either. It didn't me.

NTL, you're so sweet. I'd miss seeing you if I didn't come here. Plus, you keep me in line with the exercise too.

11-09-2006, 12:14 PM
Lily, I lasted less then a week on Atkins......sorry. I just can't handle splenda, can't have calcium, and not a big meat eater. I even bought the book. That's ok. I haven't been feeling too well ever since then. My dh just got a new blood machine for the vet office so he can test my blood. Should do that soon to see if the calcium and creatinine are creeping up.

11-09-2006, 01:46 PM
carol, no need to apologize. Do whatever is best for YOU. Sorry you haven't been feeling well.

I weighed this morning and am down 1 of the 2 lbs. that I had gained. So, my ticker is once again correct. Yeah. Today is DH's payday and I know he'll want to eat out. So, I'm making him take me to TGIF's so I can choose from the LC section that they have. I am determined, absolutely no cheats for me. I feel like I'm back in the Zone now. 5 days in a row on the treadmill. Yeah!

My DD decided to run on treadmill last night. She wasn't holding on and got hurled off it. She scraped her knees up pretty bad. She's OK now. I tell her to hold on if she runs, but she doesn't listen, she's a teenager. LOL

beach bum
11-09-2006, 01:52 PM
I had my colonoscopy yesterday morning I was very droggy all day.Slept most of the time and on Tuesday I was in the bathroom every 15 I didn't dare left the immediate area. The test went well,Pipes are clean as a whistle.Don't have to go back for another 5 years[colon cancer run in my family]other wise it would be every 10.Sad thing I didn't lose the 5 lbs expected I lost 2 instead.

Kel-Maybe you're right,The only reason I said that I 'd wear sweats,is that its going to be very cold leaving for the airport at 4 in the morning.Wearing a shorts set under the sweats I could take off when in California. I don't a a great figure,I'm up again can't get below 150,as of this morning I'm 153.

Lily-You are my inspiration on the WOE.I love the plan and I'm getting used to the ok food list and the avoid list. My doctor stayed on the induction plan for 5 months,along the same method as your keeping the carbs low at 20-25.Now that I lost 2 lbs not eating for the colonoscopy test. I'm going back on 20-25 count.

Have to go,will post later,

hugs :) BB

11-09-2006, 02:23 PM
BB, I am glad to hear that your test went well. That is good news. Congrat's on the 2 lb. loss. That is great. I love this woe too. It works for me. I did have a stumble or two along the way. But, I got up, so that is what counts for the long haul. I can't be perfect, but I can be Da@@ good. LOL

11-10-2006, 01:43 AM
Hello all,
I will be starting induction tomorrow. I wanted to wait until Monday, but couldn't really think of a good reason why lol. So tomorrow it is.
You all are doing well. I think this is really going to be the woe for me. The low fat, non fat, foods don't satisfy me at all, and I always fail.

11-10-2006, 02:24 AM
Welcome Brenda, I'm glad that you joined us. WTG on going ahead and getting started tomorrow. This is a great site. Feel free to ask questions that you have and someone will probably know the answer. Best wishes for your wt. loss success.

Arkansas Kel
11-10-2006, 05:36 AM
Has again been rough - my husband got injured (had welding tanks fall on him), we ended up in ER where we sat for hours - and got very very hungry. We ended up going to eat buffet after - and I did not eat LC - I ate like a little pig. Waddled out. Haven't done that in awhile! He will be ok, has to have 2 days rest.

Lilly - thanks for the support. They had called wanting me to work extra this week - last night in fact - well I was up there - but in the ER with DH. Anyway, I said no. Would have been 5 12 hr shifts in a row for me. Too much. Am rehashing my priorities and goals, may end up changing a lot career wise to meet my own goals. Planning to go back to school for BSN soon.

Nursebrenda - welcome, we've got a few nurses around here! Good luck.

As for me, must find new strength and new resolve and get back on track in so many ways - diet is just one. I know I can do it - just got to do it!

11-10-2006, 10:14 AM
My quest to give up soda is going well....but my quest to stay OP isn't doing as well. Made some trail mix for the kids lunches....and promptly ate a bowl of it. UGH! Well, today's another day. I'm feeling more in control though, so I'm hoping that's just a stepping stone that felt a little loose. :) Busy the past couple days and I apologize for not doing personals! I'm hoping things settle down soon..but with gun hunting coming up I don't think it will. We'll see though.

beach bum
11-10-2006, 11:34 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

The suns out and I going to take a walk along the beach. Leo is just going for the ride.He hasn't felt well these last couple of weeks.I hope he ok for the cruise in 2 1/2 weeks.

I'm going out to sing with my singing group again for another nursing home. This time its not as far away as the first.It just around town,and they have lots of parking areas.

Thank you ladies for all you well wishes.

Have to go,will post later when I get back from the nursing home.

Hugs :) BB

11-10-2006, 01:58 PM
Kell, glad to hear your husband is OK, that must have been very scary.
Isn't it funny how most nurses get caller ID to get their workplace to not be able to reach them on their days off? I always had to. For yrs. I would answer the calls and go in. Eventually I learned to say no, but not without feeling guilty about it. I have my BSN and have considered taking courses to become a Certified legal nurse consultant. I have always been interested in this. Lately my health has been poor (for almost 4 yrs.) and I stay home now. My DH doesn't want me to work anymore. I am much healthier since losing the weight and getting at least the hypertension and diabetes and shortness of breath under control. I don't really think I could work an 8 hr. day. I still require frequent naps and often have a lot of pain and rash due to my liver disease. Oh well, staying home suits me pretty well, I just get bored.

We ate at Golden Corral buffet last night. I had the steak, a little bit of brocolli (didn't care for it), some cottage cheese and sugar-free jello. It was satisfying to me. I do OK usually at a buffet. Sorry, you had a rough time with the buffet. I did that once too and got through it and so can you.

I have been doing great this week with both food and exercise. I'm trying to keep POP until Thanksgiving day. Wish me luck.

Brenda, glad to see you're doing good with giving up soda. I rarely ever drink it, I'm a coffee addict now.

BB, I hope Leo gets to feeling better. Enjoy your walk.

I bought the Thin for Life book last night. I'm on chapter 4. Not one of the maintainers in the book lost their weight and kept it off with Atkins. Hmmmmmmm, I'm gonna prove that it can be done. It does admit that LC is the quickest way to lose weight. I could have told them that. LOL.

11-10-2006, 04:42 PM
Good morning, scale is down to 252.5 today. That makes 10.5 total since last Monday. I love Atkins!

11-10-2006, 04:51 PM
Sherrry, WTG, that is fantastic. Congratulations.

11-10-2006, 10:34 PM
Sherry! woohoo! I love to hear that kind of news!

11-10-2006, 10:50 PM
Beach bum Glad to hear all went well with your test! Plus 2 pounds is better than nothing!

lrgnlvly - Contrats on the weight loss! Keep it up!

Kel - At least your hubby is OK! I know buffets can be rough! Don't let it get you down.

Nursebrenda - Welcome!! Good for you for getting right to it. Inever knew why people would set a dat in the future to start anyway! I THe only thing I could think of is that you want to clean out the bad food and stock up on good food first. THat is the best way to start. Good luck toyou and kep us posted!

Brenda - I know giving up soda is a big deal in itself for you, so that's pretty good then!
lillybelle. glad to hear your back to losing. We have Golden Corral here too. Infact, I jsut took my daughter there this week for her birthday. I had garden salad and I pulled the reading off the fried chicken and just ate the meat. I also had some brocolli and cauliflower and a small scoop of seafood salad. Wasn't sure if that was a good move or not but I love their seafood salad. Totally avoided the dessert buffet because Ilove the bannana pudding. That probably has a week worth of carbs!!
Sorry to hear about your daughter! I'm always afraid my kids will do that when they are messing around but we have that 'key' that is magnetized to the treadmilll and the other end youclip on your shirt and if you fall you pull the magnet off and the treadmill stops right away.

11-11-2006, 03:52 AM
NTL, I used to love the crab salad at the restaurants. I know it's made with the artificial crab. Real crab has 0 carbs. But, that artificial crab meat has like 16 carbs per one ounce serving. For real, I bought it when I started Atkins and thought I could have it. But, after reading the package, I learned differently. Good job on avoiding the banana pudding, that is a favorite of mine and one I couldn't be trusted to eat just a tiny bit of. The golden corral here always has LC jello and LC chocolate pudding and that is what I choose from.

TeHe, I got my DH to finally watch Brokeback Mountain with me but he says I can't tell anyone that he watched it. LOL, so I'm telling all of you.

11-11-2006, 12:23 PM
I'm in the process of putting a new floor down in my kitchen. So I don't have time to eat and maybe it is a bit of exercise in the process. Scale this morning is at 251.5. (Another pound off!)

beach bum
11-11-2006, 04:07 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Sorry for the late post,had a lot of things to do ,and having Leo monopolizing the computer this morning didn't help.

I'm baking right now my plain revolution rolls,and tomorrow I going to bake cinnamon rolls using the same recipe only adding different ingredients. I guess you could call me the "Suzy Homemaker"

Lily-Thanks for the well wishes.Thanks for the well wishes,We walked this morning and he did his breathing exercisers while we walked. Sometimes he just feels blahzy.Suppose to have my friends over for Canasta on Tues., but that again might be up for grabs.He doesn't like people in the house when he trying to rest.

Sherry-Big congrats:congrat: on your 3lb weight loss & 10 point mark. WGO!!!

NeedTo-Thanks :thanks:for the congrats:cheers:, I just wish I could say that my ticker is right,its not have to lose two more pounds for that.I was happy that it went well also as colon cancer runs in my family.Which is :fr:scary.

Have to go do some housecleaning as I didn't have a chance during the week.

Hugs :) BB

11-11-2006, 11:45 PM
Hi everyone. I have been spending a lot of time Christmas shopping. Getting a good start on it. I am almost halfway finished now. Yeah. I will buy a couple more gifts each week.

BB, you made me laugh. I feel like I'm "suzy home-maker" too. LOL. I've been doing laundry, my never-ending chore.

I didn't walk last night, but did tonite.

11-12-2006, 03:10 PM
249.5 this morning. That makes 13.5 pounds in two weeks. Love the speed that Atkins works at!! The first time I did induction I took that much off in a week and a half, so it has slowed a little, but not much.

beach bum
11-12-2006, 03:40 PM
Hi Ladies Smile

Woke up to a bad thunderstorm last night,laid there for while, than fell asleep to find myself over sleeping.

What made it worse,I had to iron another outfit this morning as the one I pick out last night is to warm for this balmy weather we're having.Have to get ready for church, will post later.

I'm back again,to tell you another part of my crazy morning.I was late at everything to begin with,and added to that I couldn't find my car keys.Looked all over they house,in my hand bags and than again into my pockets. Could find them I took Leos keys instead. When I got to church a friend of mine lost her car keys also, and didn't realized they we're missing until after church.We went though all her steps, couldn't find them.Later she remembers that she brought a jacket with her and the keys were up in the choir loft. We than went to Friendly for our Sunday Brunch, laughing at all what happened to us. I returned home and started looking for my misplaced keys and remembered they were in my leather jacket from Last Sunday,as I haven't driven the whole week.

Wow!! Whats happening,we must be in a place called the Twilight Zone.

Going to have my friends over on Tuesday, to play canasta. Leo gave his ok,and well probably go out for a while.I told him that he could stay with us but he doesn't want to hang around with the ladies.

On Wednesday I have a senior center volunteer luncheon. I choose the scrod,veggie entree.It was the least fatting of the other choices. Don't want to blow my weight loss results just because I have this attend this function.

Lily-You've started before:turkey: Thanksgiving??????Thats amazing,I haven't got a clue what I'm buying for my family. Right now my mind is on the cruise,and once I get back I will think about starting. I'm glad I got most of the housecleaning done, I just have to touch up for my canasta game tomorrow.

Sherry-You got out of the 250's hello 240 big :cheer:congrats on your achievements. I love the Atkins also,it might be coming off slow but Its coming off.

Have a nice day

Hugs :) BB

11-12-2006, 03:59 PM
WTG Sherry, you are doing fantastic. That is how Atkins worked for me. The wt. came off very quick in the beginning and then settled at mostly 2 lbs. a week. By then, I was hooked and loved it. I still love it and wish other people would give it a try. I know it works. Yes there are foods that we don't eat, but there is a lot of good food that we can eat and still take the weight off. I was always a big meat eater, so this suits me great.

BB, sounds like you have had quite a morning. I stayed up til 3:30 this morning with DH. He works a 16 hour evening and night shift tonite, so he wanted to sleep most of the day. We slept til 12:30 and then got up and had a late breakfast.

I made my Christmas list, 14 people total this yr. Some of the nieces and nephews that we normally buy for won't be here this time. So, I'm getting an early start. I want to see if I have enough money left to buy some yard decorations and such. We always decorate the house WAY up. Last yr. my MIL gave me about 50 strands of outdoor lights, she doesn't ever bother to put them up anymore. But , we had our house and trees done beautifully. We put them up the weekend after Thanksgiving.

I have been paying off medical bills. We had several of them again. I found that when I called each place and offered a 50% cash pay-off on the balance after insurance that they would accept it. I'm doing this each month and am now down to 3 bills instead of the 10 of them that I was paying $50.00 each per month on. If I continue to do this, I can have them all paid off at the 1st of February. Yeah.

11-12-2006, 05:20 PM
Hiya Ladies :wave:

Ive been mia, because my mom came to visit this weekend. A very nice visit, she got some rest, relaxation and some shopping therapy done :lol: We didnt stay op for the weekend, I really didnt see the point. I knew once she left, Id get right back to it. Im ready, I can feel the sugar in my system, and my system isnt very happy about it being there!! But we hit Dinosaur BBQ while we were in Rochester, made a double batch of butter tarts :drool: and a pie....kinda comfort food for both of us. Cooking together, chatting and having a good time.

Then last night we went to see Trace Adkins sing. If you are a fan, and he gets close enough to go see him....go! I had a great time!! He puts on a very good show, I love his sense of humour. Of course I forgot my camera!! :( I was really happy I talked my mom into going with me!! :) She liked his wiggly hips :lol3:

I did manage to get alot of exercise this the damage was kept sort of under control. But Im ready....and nothing to stand in my way now until thanksgiving....but thats not too hard for me. Christmas on the other hand will be a bit trickier.

11-12-2006, 07:48 PM
hi all.
Lillybelle - you floored me with that seafood salad news! I better be more careful! Maybe that's what my problem is. I THINK I'm doing good but I"'m really not. I better start looking at labels and if I'm not sure then just omit it altogether!

Sherry! That's marvelous! I wish I could pull that off with this last 15 lbs! Ihit induction hard again these past few days and know it because I'm constipated and have a killer headache! My Mother thinks I'm nuts!!

Robin - Welcome back. Well you know, it sounds like it was worth cheating. You have made some priceless memories with your mom this past weekend! That's more importants than "watching the carbs" anyday! especially if you were able to up the exercise a bit, it shouldn't hurt that much!


11-13-2006, 04:14 AM
NTL, don't beat yourself up over it. It is hard to know the carb count of every single food. I didn't know either, until I bought some. I love the stuff. I had assumed it was 0 carbs just the same as real crab.

Robin, I'm glad you got to spend time with your mom. That's great. Don't feel guilty. Good job on the exercise.

11-13-2006, 08:18 AM

11-21-2006, 03:29 PM
:wave: :hat: :encore: Hi Everyone. I have been MIA for awhile. Always alot to do and not enough hours in the day. Had to recently return to work. Not real happy but we need my income. It is miserable outside today rainig and the wind is blowing. Tis the season for birthdays in our family, we have quite a few of them coming up.:dizzy: I've been staying the course and have stuck with my lc eating plan, with Thanksgiving coming we'll see if that is going to be a planned cheat. Maybe if I eat everything within an hour it won't hurt too much, Like they suggest in CAD. Hope everyones holiday is wonderful, Judy H