Simply Filling/Core - Weekly Core Chat Thread for November 5-11, 2006

11-05-2006, 11:16 AM
This will be a week of great challenge for me!

I hope it's a busy chatty week. :D

I hope we all have wonderful losses! :carrot:

11-05-2006, 11:21 AM
Good morning!

11-05-2006, 11:47 AM
HI! Thought I'd post and throw in what I started my day with..

Coffee - 2 cups with fat free half/half 1 pt
*I attempted to make some cornmeal pancakes - found a recipe on line that called for buttermilk/sugar/salt/eggs and cornmeal. I substituted Splenda for the sugar (only 2 tsp) and the buttermilk - well I substituted skim milk for the buttermilk and it was pretty much a disaster.

I wasn't sure if the recipe was wrong, or if the milk for buttermilk substitution had anything to do with it but the cakes were runny and the milk and eggs kept separating from the cornmeal. I strained off a lot of the liquid, added more cornmeal - well - it was a mess. I ate a few bites and the dogs got the rest. LOL

Anyhow - not sure if I'll have something else since it wasn't much of a b-fast. how dissapointing.



11-05-2006, 11:50 AM
Good Morning Chicks! It's a gray and rainy day here but I don't mind. I'll be snuggled inside working on bills in my fuzzy red robe. It's going to be an all day job. I've nothing else planned except to read, watch TV, and cook dinner. Tonight is Jim's favorite Chicken Cacciatore. I'm adding black olives tonight at his request. It's truly a delightful meal. Sadly, I ran out of parsley and basil last night so he'll have to go to the store for me today. One of the errands that I ran yesterday was grocery shopping so that he wouldn't have to go out today. Oh well! At least he can go through the express aisle.

I'm so far behind. Jim and I had a fabulous, but hectic day on Friday. We had a great lunch (Core plus 3 WPA's) at a restaurant near the ballpark. You know which one since I would never go to the one on the north side of town! Then we went shopping because I had heard that our favorite shop near the ballpark was selling reduced 2005 World Series items. Well....long story short...we didn't want any of the marked down stuff! I ended up buying Jim 4 very nice/fancy sweater and sweatshirts which were new but still had the 2005 World Series White Sox patches/logos on them. He's very excited but is not getting them until Christmas. $200 out the door but they are very nice. I must tell you that Jim RARELY wears anything but White Sox logo shirts. So when you meet us someday that'll help you identify us!

We came home for an hour on Friday with just enough time to freshen up and get to the movie. I LOVED the movie but Jim did not. He enjoyed the experience with the kids but thought the movie had no plot and really just stole from the first movie. I didn't liked it more than the first Santa Clause but definitely like it better than the second. I own the first two on DVD and will be buying this one as well. The pizza place was nice and we did have fun. I ate a slice of pizza with my salad but felt I had enough points to cover it. Jim doesn't eat meat on his pizza when he thinks I might have a slice so at least the points weren't outrageous!

I had a nice day with my Sister on Saturday morning. We did a lot of walking through the home party show. Kathy, people were there from Arbonne but they weren't very good at their job since they didn't seem to want to answer questions or give samples. They just wanted to sell to people already familiar. Oh well! My Sister bought Home Interier Candles since she adores their gardenia and she bought some Tupperware. I bought $100 of Gold Canyon Candles and had a ball standing there and smelling everything! If you ever have a change to smell these candles you should. They almost all have 2 wicks to avoid tunnels and they are the only candles that smell good to the end. I sound like I should be a demonstrator, don't I? Anywhoo....then we went out to lunch and I had a wonderful Core meal plus 4 points. We lingered and chatted. Then we walked through Bath and Body Works and Hobby Lobby to try to find a memory box for Cameo. Then I drove her home to her daughters house, went grocery shopping and came home and cooked.

I don't know how you all do that constant running. I'm so pooped today! I need some down time.

I'm going to go catch up with all of you now! :D

11-05-2006, 11:51 AM
Tina, I have a fabulous corncake recipe. I'll go look for it and see if it's on our board.

11-05-2006, 12:00 PM
I've been eating these since the beginning of Core and the are truly great. I couldn't find them in our recipe box so I'll add it later. I originally got these from Toni Gifford but have modified the recipe a bit to suit my own tastes. They are wonderful with my chicken chili and leftover cold or hot the next day for lunch! My DH loves them too.

Sweet Corn Cakes

1 1/2 cups cornmeal
8 oz Plain FF yogurt
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 cup water
1 egg
1 cup frozen corn, thawed
1/2 cup Splenda sugar substitute

Mix yogurt, water and egg together in bowl; add in cornmeal, Splenda, and baking powder and stir together until batter is moist. The batter will look too thin but do NOT ajust. It will thicken as it sets.

Let batter stand for 15-20 minutes. Quickly fold in corn. Heat pan over medium heat and lightly coat with cooking spray (I generally use canola oil to cook my cakes to get in my healthy oil for the day). Add batter to the pan in spoonfuls.

For best results, keep the cakes 2-3 inches in diameter.

Let first side cook until tops is dry around the edges; turn and cook other side.

11-05-2006, 01:07 PM
Vickie -

That sounds wonderful!!

I'll have to try it later.. :)

Taco salad with FF sour cream/cheddar cheese, onion, tomatoes.. mmmm:)

snack - ff sf instant choc pudding, tblspn nuts, skim milk.. 1 pt

Dinner TBD


11-05-2006, 01:52 PM
Boy, those corn cakes sound delicious.

What a busy time you're having Vickie..thanks for including us. I don't know about Arbonne and these candles you folks have been discussing. I'll look it up on Google.

We had fun last of my friends made steak dinners for us, dressed up Western style and had a Western movie for us...good fun all around.

Today, we're just staying close to home, doing chores and not moving around too much until dance class tonight.

Have a great day everyone.


11-05-2006, 02:49 PM
Phew! I was on the phone with the Niece for a long time. She calls when she needs a break from her kids!

Rhonda, your dinner and evening with your friends sounds like it was just delightful! I'm trying to appreciate my friends more while they are here now and healthy.

Oh Paula, what a horrible story about your work meeting. Shame on this guy. If I were you, I'd definitely meet with the boss. Since this guy is on your level, his opinion doesn't count. I hope you find that this guy is just jealous and that your boss does appreciate all that you do. No one wants to work in a situation like that! I sure hope Sarah is feeling better today after a couple of doses of antibiotic and cough medicine. Sounds like you have a great Doctor. I really appreciate it when they are careful with antibiotics. She really looked adorable in her costume. I know you didn't buy that anywhere. It's too cute. Did you make it?

Frouf, I'm so glad you're enjoying the Wicked CD but....don't search the internet for the story unless you definitely are not going to see the play. There are some surprises that are really so much more delightful and enjoyable if you don't know them before you see them. Does that make sense? My Niece knew them and I was so glad she didn't tell me before I went. Welcome back to the wagon! I will enjoy your company immensely. I really appreciated the incremental exercise advice. I've been dreading hopping back on the treadmill. I keep feeling like it will be too much too soon. My ankle is still getting better little by little. I don't think I'm ready for the pounding of the treadmill but maybe the bike soon.

Sandra, it is SO good to hear from you! I'm so glad that you are finding time to still come here to visit with us. I hope right now you are both splasing around in the water and having a fun time at the water aerobics. Congratulations of the beginning of a new season of archery. It's so cool to know a champion! When is your weigh in?

Ok....I'm starving and it's past time for lunch. I'm off to have a can of Lentil soup. Hey...I don't think I made a menu thread. I'll be back to check on you all later!

11-05-2006, 02:54 PM
Hey Kathy....are you at work?

Angela, how's it going after Halloween and preschool?

Melissa, we miss you.

Patti, where are you? We haven't heard from you in forever!

11-05-2006, 04:37 PM
Hi all, happy sunday. Sarah is doing much better - she has actually eaten breakfast and some lunch. Which I'm glad to see. It has been a battle to get her to take her medicine - she decided she hates bubble gum flavor so I've been mixing it with either fruit juice or grape juice. She is "star of the day" tomorrow for school - she is the lead helper and brings a show and tell. We've been using that as a threat to have her cooperate with the meds. Not sure what we'll do starting tomorrow. Oh well, we'll deal with it then. I think she is only on the antiboitic for a week (based on the amount in the bottles, of coures I never did ask.).

My work situation is a bit more confusing to explain - the one I had the meeting with is the head of our line of business, I'm a level below him. My boss is the head of finance for his line of business and another one - they are the same level. So, its weird since the CFO is who does my reviews ( I over see the plan assets) but the other guy is in charge of the products which is where my other project work falls. I made sure I stayed late friday and sent out meeting notes around 5:30 - petty I know, but I needed to show that I do work past 5:00 (although not usually! :) ) I spent about 4 hours this afternoon getting a jump on the project that was the basis of his acusations. Basically a very large project needs to be coordinated by me - when I was asked by the head of project mgmt when I could start it I said January. What I found out in that awful meeting is that the project has to be completed and live by July 31 next year - very difficult to get that done. So, by me not starting to January, I'm not committed. Although if someone had told me the July date, I of course would have said I'll start it right away.

Oh well - I just need to suck it up and get this thing done. I think I've got a good game plan on how to get this done. Its alot of system changes that I need to write up for the programming group and make sure the appropriate user groups sign off on what I'm coming up with. The one thing I do have over the bosses -- they both know that I'm the only one who can pull this off -- under regular timeframes and these riduculous ones.

Boy - I do envy Vickie and Sandra for being retired. I'm 40 now, my goal always was to retire at 55 - Sarah would be out of high school then. EEK - 15 more years of this.

Well, needless to say, my eating has been off. We did get chinese last night, it was yummy. I made a big pot of veggie soup today, had scrammbled eggs and kiwi for breakfast and I'll have something core for dinner. I have to stay in control!

Frouf, I'm gald your feeling better. Definatly call the restaurant. They should know about you getting sick.

Vickie, I actually found Sarah's costume at Marshalls for $12. I couldn't have bought the material to make a cosutume for that!

Have a good afternoon ladies!

11-05-2006, 06:04 PM
Paula, you sound like you have it all together now but I'd still talk to the other boss. I guess the one that really matters is the one who is doing your appraisal. I'm really happy to hear that Sarah is doing better. Poor baby.

Back to my budget. It's quite dismal. I'll also be cooking in a bit.

I hope you're all having a great Sunday.

11-05-2006, 06:11 PM
Hey, chickies. It's been one of those days. I did my regular shopping just now and Kate is on her way to town -- I'm taking her to Costco to buy her some stuff. Not sure what ... just one of those "let me take care of you because I'm the mom" things. Judd left today for Whiteman AFB and will be back on Thursday. I am ELATED because I can clean the house tonight and it will stay that way; also because I can sleep downstairs and have a good TV. I still haven't bought one to replace the crappy one in my upstairs sanctuary. Hmmm ... maybe I'll look at Costco!

And Shaun needs a cell phone. He can't get his own because of his credit, although he can pay for it. I'm tempted to send him mine and get us a new one. It is cheaper than anything he could get prepaid. You wouldn't think they'd need one, but there are only a few pay phones in the bachelors quarters, and so in order to use the phone he has to stand in line. They have to arrange this or that, and the schedule is tight. He has been borrowing one of his shipmate's phones but that can't last forever. He has gone to Gurnee Mills this afternoon to visit the Cingular store. We'll see what happens.

Other than that, just racing around this morning trying to get it all done so Judd could leave. The kitchen is a wreck because I just cleaned out the fridge and put dishes on the counter. I'll clean it up when we get back from Costco, and also need to sweep/mop. Other than that, I'm done for the day ... oh except for washing or changing the sheets on Judd's bed. If I have to sleep there for the next few days, I want nice clean sheets.

I also hope to see Sandra very soon. Sandra, yoohoo! Call me at work tomorrow if you want to and we'll figure out a time to get together. There's a Cracker Barrel near where I work (north Arlington near Six Flags) ... hint, hint!

11-05-2006, 08:11 PM
Hi everyone. I'm resolving to do Core all the way starting tomorrow. I can do it...I did it before. It's just a matter of making it a habit again.

Vickie, I'm doing fine. I survived yet another week of preschool, and my turn isn't for another 4 weeks...woo hoo. :) I would quit, except that little dd loves it SO much, and it's so good for her to be around the other kids, esp since the older ones are in school now.

I have Thanksgiving at my house this year, so I need to start planning. Thankfully, my family is very casual about these things, and it will be mostly potluck, so my job won't be too hard. We could potentially have over 20 people here though. Whee!


11-05-2006, 08:19 PM
Angela, it's good to see you. Maintenance is the pits, isn't it? :lol: It seems like the things that I could eat before (like potatoes and corn) are a sure trigger for a gain now. It's like I'm walking a tightrope! I'm sure you know the feeling. Losing is MUCH easier than maintaining it, as anyone who has lost a lot then gained it all back will attest to.

Kate got caught in traffic on the way to town and didn't make it in time. She said she would try to come back tomorrow night after work since Costco is open until 8:30. If she'll come straight here (takes her an hour to get here ... Rhonda and Sandra, she lives up near Denton and we're in Mansfield, so you can just imagine), we'll go to the store and then I'll take the girls to eat. I am throwing out all of my "home" salad things tonight and will solemnly vow NOT to buy more. I don't like salads made at home, no matter how much I try. There's no need to stock a drawer when it's just going to go bad. I'll keep the onions and radishes to eat with dressing, but the lettuce and tomatoes will have to be tossed. They are yuck.

Sheets are in the dryer and now I'm working on getting my clothes ready for work this week. When Judd is gone, it makes my schedule a little more tricky. I have to get the dogs up and potty them in the morning before leaving ... but since I'm only working 10 hour days this week, 7 til 5, I'm sure it'll be okay.

Now off to take a bath, make my lunch and put the sheets on the bed in a few minutes. I'll check back in later.

11-05-2006, 11:11 PM
hi, girls. we finished our first tournament today. curtis and i shot our compounds sat but today ishot my longbow. this was my first time to shoot a whole round with it let alone shoot it in competition. i had a great time shooting it. i got to shoot with a woman from east of austin. she came in 2nd just a few points behind me. the best part of this, though, was our meeting. i am crazy about her. we'll get to compete together a few more times before we go to montana in dec.

kathy, i'll call you again soon. i'm wanting to meet but am hoping we can meet on the south side of ft worth. we are still running in circles. tonight we're wiped out. we're not used to being on the go so much.

paula, retirement is wonderful. i hope your job gets less stressful. life's too short to be unhappy. (seems like i've told melissa this before. i am big on lessening stress.)

howdy, rhonda! your western get together sounds like a hoedown. sounds like a lot of fun. we've been taking nightly walks around the ranch. it's gorgeous with lots of western landscaping.

vickie, i'm glad to be able to get online here, too. i miss being able to get online as much as i could when at home. at least i have this puter with me and can get online some.

tomorrow we're driving to kaufman to lookover this coming week's tournament venue and meet the shop owner. tomorrow afternoon we'll be going to w a. no more excuses! tomorrow evening we need to see our grands. did i tell you we saw them this afternoon after the tournament. curtis had rigged bows and arrows for each girl. they had a blast shooting. we may be watching them compete in the future. it made all of us soooo happy to be able to share archery together. my son took photos (he's a professional photographer) he e'd us some. i will e any of you photos if you'd like. just send me your email addy. i don't want to post photos of the girls on the board because it's a public board. i'm a little afraid to post them.

i have used most of my waps for thsi week so i need to slow down with the eating. i'll go to ww for wi thurs am. i am thinking i'll have a gain. that's one of the big reasons for getting back into w a.

got to go. i'll be back tomorrow.

11-05-2006, 11:44 PM
Hey gals...did you think I'd disappeared? ;) Well I guess I have! I'm so busy and so stressed...not that the rest of you aren't.
Speaking on Sandra's "lessening stress" point, I'm thinking about quitting school for now. It's just a little much. Not that I can't handle it, I just don't know that I want to. Does that make sense? My opinions on life have evolved over the years, and I've decided that I want to enjoy it instead of rushing through it. If I continue with school at the rate I'm going it will take me 5 more years. You heard me, 5 years! I've already been going for almost 3 (and that's just grad school). So I'm thinking about pausing, putting some more effort into PC (which is going very, very well by the way--I'm exceeding the rest of my group's show averages including my director...she says I'm doing very well and she wants me to do a demo for the rest of the group so they can see what I'm doing!!) and supporting DH as he takes more classes. Both of us in school, me doing PC and him trying to pursue a music's a little much. Plus I'm hoping to be pregnant soon :crossed: so I won't want to continue when that happens anyway.
Well sorry for crashing all that down on you all. I guess I needed to get it off of my mind.
Program wise I'm stinking. I'm still exercising but not seeing much result on the scale yet, probably because my eating is not catching up.
I've got to go to bed ladies. I love you all dearly and hope that you have a wonderful week!!
Kathy, don't work too hard this week. I have no idea how you do it all.
Vickie, it sounds like you've had a wonderful weekend. You're always such an encouragement and inspiration.
Angela, good luck with your resolve! You too are inspiring.
Paula, good luck with that work situation. I can boss and others are totally insane themselves.
Sandra, congratulations on the tournament. Your amazing! I'm so impressed that you are keeping on track while in TX. It can't be easy.

I'm off to bed girls. Love and well-wishes to you all!! :grouphug:

11-05-2006, 11:56 PM
melissa, you are a very smart young woman. i am proud of you.

11-06-2006, 12:11 AM
I'm off to bed. Weigh in and meeting tomorrow. Also, I have to be at the Vet with Cassie at 7:30 tomorrow morning. She's fasting now and not a happy pup. We begin her testing again to find out if she has Cushings. She also needs follow up Lepto virus testing and thyroid. I have no idea if they can all be done tomorrow but she is definitely having a Cushings blood test with stimulation to test her sexual hormones. It'll be evaluated by the University of Tennesee which is supposed to be the Gold Standard. Nothing but the best for my baby! So I'm stressed and off to have a cup of Swiss Miss Diet hot chocolate made with skim. I've had ONE piece of Dove Dark Chocolate. I'm supremely proud no matter what the scale says tomorrow. I still feel bloated like TOM is looming but it's getting too late. Sigh.

Light and love to you all. I'll be back late tomorrow.

11-06-2006, 09:16 AM
Good Morning All:

We had fun at last night's dance class. We showed off our "first dance" routine to the other students. We forgot a few steps here and there, but I think we'll make it through all right. With Sandra and Kathy there at the reception, we'll have a cheering squad, I'm sure.

Sandra, we're all so glad that your having fun down there in the Lone Star State, meeting new people, seeing the family, shooting up a storm.

Melissa, it's a tough slog to go to school, work, nurture a relationship and have a family. I'm willing to bet that whatever you choose, you will do well. You'll get your eating back on program. Whatever you do, put yourself FIRST! If you don't, you can't help anybody else. :cheer:

Vickie: poor little Cassie. We're all pulling for her and you.

So, I've got to get seriously started on today's work...students need a lot of attention and the other work with the union is stimulating, but fraught with tensions :yikes:

Have a good Core or Flore Day all!


11-06-2006, 11:14 AM
Good morning!

Melissa, I think that's a good idea. Don't let yourself burn out. As for me, I can't just sit around and do nothing; always have to stay busy. That seems like the way you are too, so doing the things that make you happy is the key. It seems like PC is going to be an important thing in your lives, especially after the baby comes (jumping a little ahead of myself here, aren't I? :D ). Maybe you'll be able to do it full-time but set your own schedule. Heck, you might even be the director by then!

I had a crazy night with the dogs and thunder. Suffice it to say they didn't sleep well at all.

Sandra, anywhere it fine with me. I just know how you like Cracker Barrel, but there's also that one on 20 out by Benbrook. I'm flexible (well, sorta ... still have to work all day).

Catch up more later! Stay well, everyone...

11-06-2006, 12:20 PM
Good Morning Chicks! We're home from taking/picking Cassie up from the Vet. It was too late for me to go for my weigh in but I'll go to the 10:00 meeting tomorrow. My scale looks up this week which makes no sense. That's ok's a marathon not a sprint for us girls who have a lot to lose!

I'm going to maybe run a few errands later today. We'll see how it goes.

11-06-2006, 01:02 PM
I was going to catch up but I have to go. Cassie has thrown up 4 times since coming home and eating. I think we fed her too soon.

11-06-2006, 03:59 PM
Hello everyone. Just taking a quick break at work and I wanted to stop by and catch up. Vickie, sorry Cassie is sick. Did the vet say that could happen?

Rhonda, sounds like the dancing lessons are a ball. I wish DH would get into that -- I was lucky to have had the couple dances with him at our wedding. He is not a dancer! Oh well.....things could be worse.

Melissa, you sound so busy. With so much on your plate, no wonder something needs to be pushed aside. Especially if you are trying to get pregnant. Stress does not help with conception :) Try to find some time for your self. You don't want to get warn down and sick.

Things are quiet at work. The bosses are at an off site meeting. I'm dreading my weekly meeting on Wednesday with that awful one. I do have a meeting on Friday with my boss - the one who does my evaluations. I love working for him. I do plan on just asking him if he feels I'm not committed. I decided to not give him any heads up on the bad conversation so I can get his honest opinon. I did write up an email to send to the awful one -- I'm going to have dh read it tonight to get his opinion. I'm off tomorrow - and NO, I'm not taking anything home! That will give me some time to really decide if I want to send it or not.

I went and got my flu shot this morning - had to wait a 1/2 hour at a clinic. I didn't think that was too bad. DH is going to have to go Friday, and we are waiting on the pediatrician for Sarah. She is not high risk, so there are no guarantees she'll get one. At least if we both are covered, her risk will be down a bit I hope. I have to go for my first mamaogram tomorrow - woo hoo, thats something to look forward to!

Food wise, I'm doing better. The scale is up a bit but TOM is looming. So I think I'll be ok. I need to wi on Wednesday. I missed last week.

Got to run, I'll be back later.

11-06-2006, 05:00 PM
Hi ladies...this is the first time I've had time to check in today and actually write something. I have recommitted, I will not falter, I will not quit this time...

I have decided that I really don't want to gain back all my weight. Already some of my clothes aren't fitting, and I need to nip this NOW. So this is what I've done.

I think some of you know about Flylady? Anyway, part of her program for organizing and decluttering your life is having a PODA...a Parade of Daily Activities. You spend some time before bed going over your calendar and write out a priority list of the next day's tasks. I got a small notebook today, and am modifying this principle.

I'm putting the date, my to-do list, my exercise for the day, and then my daily menu on it. On the bottom of the page, I list a daily goal. For example, my goal today is only eat from my menu, and avoid all sugar. (so I can detox from all that Halloween junk). I will cross things off as they get done, and when I'm hungry, I will look at my menu and know what I can have for a snack. Once I get my body used to eating on plan again, I'll probably put my waters/fruits & veggies on there too.

I'm a very list-motivated person, so this will work well for me, I know. It sounds silly, but I don't want to let you ladies down. :)

I hope everyone is having a great start to the week.


11-06-2006, 07:10 PM
Hey Angela - what a plan! You sound so determined - let us know how you are doing and about all the checkmarks on your list! Good for you!

Melissa - it is better to do 2 couples of things well - then to spread yourself so thin you can't do anything well - sounds like you have the right idea - no need to burn out - you are at your prime - do what you really want to do!

Vickie - how is poor Cassie doing? I sure hope she is all better and not too traumatized by those tests!

Sandra - wow - you're pretty busy too! Glad you had fun w/the grands and they enjoy archery - how cool is that? Waiting to hear about your visit w/Kathy!

Paula - good idea to 'sleep' on the note - maybe not send it til after the meeting w/your 'real' boss? Speaking of which I guess I should be investigating flu clinics in our area? (we usually get an email at work but now that I think about it - no mention of it yet?)

Rhonda - very impressive on the dancing thing! Practice makes perfect and I"m sure no one will notice one or two missteps on your wedding day! Keep smiling!

Well I am sporting my new 'pedometer accessory' - of course they don't tell you the clock setting is based on a 24 hr clock - so sometime after noon the whole thing reset to zero! Luckily I had already taken a peak before then and racked up about 1000 steps - but there is NO WAY IN HE@@ I am walking the much publicized 10,000 steps per day - are these people like tapping their feet under their desks or something? And I swear I took the long way round a couple of times in the office just to add more steps! I will be surprised if I get to 4,000 today? Am I just a lazy froufie?

Also had my dr appt today to check on my high bp - well it's down a tiny bit - I am to continue and come back in 5 weeks (It does sometimes take up to 6 weeks to show a change - I went from 156/90 to 148/80).

So far eating is somewhat under control which is good - trying to avoid any binge eating - yesterday I let myself get too hungry - and it was not pretty! I inhaled everything and kept on eating all night - not good!

Doing anothe presentation tomorrow - (same one) but this is in-house to a group at HC - they are well aware of what we do - so just a refresher I guess?

Time to go to library and drive dd to dance classes!


11-06-2006, 11:36 PM
Hi All:

I'm just too pooped to pop as we used to say in the old country.

But, I thought I would tell you that the women in my Pilates class had a surprise party for me tonight. I was so touched....they gave me a sexy gown, a set of ankle/wrist weights, and wine and I could be sexy, strong and have food and drink for bed....isn't that sweet!!

Now, about that chocolate cake one of them piece is about an hour of Pilates, I'm sure!! :faint:


11-07-2006, 12:24 AM
sorry this is so short. curtis just went to bed. as we're in a 26' trailer, i need to close down for the day, too.

::cheer: :cheer: rhonda, kathy and i will be cheering you two for sure.

kathy, we may be heading to livingston for a couple of days this week to see curtis' son. i'll call you as soon as i can.

vickie, i hope cassie is all right. how did wi go?

paula, i'm sure my weight's up, too. bummer, isn't it?

frouf, i'm anxious to meet with kathy. i hope we can get together in the next few days.

woo woo, rhonda. sexy gown! how fun!!

11-07-2006, 12:27 AM
Oh, how sweet of them!! I know you were really surprised!

I've had a sorta good evening. My Arbonne order came tonight, so I've had fun looking thru all the stuff and trying some out. Erin took her set, and I have Kate's set packed up to take to her tomorrow night.

Dinner was not much, but I did manage to pack up my lunch and snacks for tomorrow. I have a pita and hummus, little cup of tuna, SF jello, some cheese, and a salad. There'll be no going hungry tomorrow!

Dogs and I are about ready for bed, so I should go ahead. It will be morning much too soon.

11-07-2006, 12:28 AM
LOL! Sandra, did you know I grew up in Livingston? My dad was the city manager, and we lived there for many many years, until after I was out of high school. Later on, we opened a tire store on Hwy. 59 called Livingston Tire and Supply. My dad co-owned it with Ben Royden Ogletree. My sister and I worked there during high school. I wonder if he knows some of the people I know? My parents' good friends (that they are still in close contact with) are Jack and Rossie Moseley (Jack passed away earlier this year), and E.F. and Bonnie Lewis. E.F. was the high school principal forever, and Bonnie was a teacher. Ask if he knows them. Oh and my dad was the music minister at Central Baptist Church.

Small world, huh?

11-07-2006, 01:11 PM
Quiet day on the ol' board, huh?

I'm frantically trying to get some of this work out of the way. Kate's coming over tonight and we're going to the Mongolian grill (if I can talk her into it ... she wasn't too enthused when I asked if she'd like to go there).

Other than that, just another day in paradise.

11-07-2006, 07:31 PM
Wow, quiet day. I've been good - eating on plan and meeting my goals.

How's everyone else?


11-07-2006, 08:29 PM
angela, you're a wise wise woman. i am so proud of you for getting a grip on your weight before you regain too much. you're going to get those extra lbs off. look how many folks you have here pulling for you.

kathy, i tried to call you earlier. i'll call again later this evening. if you can, i'd like for us to meet this sunday. i'll talk to you more about livingston later.

11-07-2006, 09:53 PM

I'm one tired Chickie and tired of being tired!!

It should get easier in a day or two. Right now I'm fighting the cookies!!


11-07-2006, 10:17 PM
rhonda, those demons are pitifully powerful, aren't they? i made some killer brownies today and had 2 tonight. i may pay for that tomorrow. if we leave for livingston thursday, i won't be able to go to ww for wi this week. i know i should push to go to ww, but i'm not going to do so. i'm thinking i need a reprieve from the governor this week.

w a should start helping again soon. i'm glad i'm back in it.

kathy and i are going to meet this sunday. guess where? cracker barrel, of course. we're planning to meet at the rockers.

my hair is starting to get a little shaggy. curtis doesn't want me to get it cut down here. he's not protecting my hair; he's trying to trick me into letting it get longer. i haven't decided yet what i'm going to do.

rhonda, i'm ready for you to get here. we'll be good for each other fighting those demons. well, except i'm having a big piece of your wedding cake.

kathy, i'll look for your dad's tire store when we get down there. it's a small world, isn't it? curtis doesn't know anyone down there. just his first wife and his son. we may spend the night there at a motel. we're not taking the trailer.

we're coming home via elkhart, tx where we'll be visiting with friends. sat am we're competing at kaufman. sat evening some friends are having a party for us. talk about busy but having fun!!

11-07-2006, 10:24 PM
We will definitely meet at the rockers! And the CB on 20 near Benbrook is fine with me! Just anytime, too. We'll figure it out.

Erin and I met Kate at Costco and we bought her some stuff, then she left to go to a friend's house so Erin and I went to the Mongolian Grill. It was good but I feel full, and I hate that feeling.

Sandra, you are so totally busy! Isn't it a good feeling?? I'm not sure what's in the tire store location right now ... it was south on 59 near the edge of town. There used to be a Chevrolet dealership right next to it but I'm not sure if it's still there. Actually, to use "town" terms, when you're going south on 59, it's right before the curve where you would turn left to go up to Cemetary Hill. :lol: I've been gone for nearly 30 years so I'm sure it's changed a lot, but my ex-BIL and nephews still live in the area and I have lots of high school friends there too. Those years are some of my best (and worst -- remember, it was high school!).

I'm going to rest for a little while. I hope everybody is having a good evening.

11-07-2006, 10:33 PM
Wow Sandra - sounds like such a fun holiday - visiting friends and just doing what you please - I hope you are both really enjoying yourselves!

Angela - hang in there - Sandra's right - we are all rooting for you!

Vickie - forgot to mention nosy froufies do lots of research - and I did find the Wicked plot on the internet - and read it - but it still sounds might confusing to me - but I sooo looove the music - in fact I can't get it out of my head and it's driving me crazy. I am now hunting the internet for tickets for the Toronto show - my gf going on the 25th - all sold out - but I am looking on ebay and stubhub and might get lucky?

Otherwise I am SUPREMELY EXCITED FOR ELTON JOHN CONCERT THIS FRIDAY NIGHT - can you stand it? I am so worried I won't make it or something - like the car will get a flat on the way to the concert! (ok dh's muffler does have a hole in it - must remind him to get it replaced by friday night!). I am on pins and needs waiting to go - must locate tickets - and yes I will be wearing my Elton John sweatshirt on friday night! (at least maybe it will get that Wicked soundtrack out of my head!).

Did my in-house presentation at work today - got in this morning and had to re-photocopy everything - mgr's assistant who I asked to do it - did like a backwards weird photocopying job - and I had to chuck everything and start over (40 copies of 15 slides). Of course I did not say anything to her - but then she goes and find all the 'new' copies on the photocopy machine and asks if they are mine? Oopsy! As I"m trying to get ready for the presentation (and have to walk to another bldg) of course my manager calls me in to tell me of an urgent email she needs me to draft re $$$ asap - ya drop everything and do that - before heading off - a bit frazzled - and no breakfast!

Eating is better - not entirely good - but again less binge eating. Took little ds to east side mario's for dinner while dd was dancing. I wanted the spaghetti w/meat sauce or the 3 cheese cappelliti - however I did order the whole wheat pasta w/red wine tomato sauce topped w/grilled shrimp - not too bad - but I did have caesar salad and some bread too - good news is I doggy bagged about half of the pasta for home!

Must try to get to bed early tonight (dh out playing a gig at this russian jazz bar downtown)...did not sleep well at all last night - up every couple of hours!

Nitey nite!


11-07-2006, 10:53 PM
hey there, froufie girl. you're going to have a great time at the concert. didn't you say you have awesome seats? i'm happy for you.

we're having the time of our lives. curtis has told me several times the past few days that this trip is for me. i think he's having a good time, too. i haven't heard him laugh this much in a long long time. lots of new and old friends. the best kind of medicine.

now one of the things curtis is incorporating into our training is "smile." he says that if someone is talking negatively about you, to you, or just around you--smile. that will lift your spirits and put you into a more positive frame of mind.

kathy, did you get my pm? i wasn't talking about the benbrook cracker barrel. it's pretty far from both of us. man! i wish there was a straight road from mansfield to where we're staying. we're just a few miles from you.

11-07-2006, 11:23 PM
Sandra, isn't that the truth? You could probably shoot an arrow and hit my house! Those crazy, curvy Alvarado/Lillian backroads add miles and miles! I think that's a good one. When I think of south FW, I immediately think of that CB because it's near the inlaws and that's the one we go to (except for the ones in Arlington, that is). Now I have to clue Judd in when he gets home Thursday.

11-08-2006, 09:01 AM
Hi Everyone -

I still feel like I am trying to get to know you all - it feels like you are a bit of a family in here, and I am squeezing my way into the fold :D :hug:

I posted this on my other thread - but thought it might be better to put it here - so I apologize in advance for the double post...

Last night was weigh in - and I was down 4 pounds! NOT too terribly impressive considering I was up 1.8 last week from the candy/fast food binge over the weekend. This only puts me at 2.2 down over a 2 wk period, but it was still kind of nice to see the 4 pound drop. I am sticking with Core for another week (going to do it one week at a time for now - we'll see how it goes) :) Here are my weigh in stats since starting back to WW (for the 4th or 5th time. LOL )

11/07/06 - 4.0 lbs Core
10/30/06 + 1.8 lbs Flex
10/24/06 -0.8 lbs Flex
10/17/06 -2.0 lbs Flex
10/10/06 -4.2 lbs Flex
10/03/06 -3.2 lbs Flex
09/26/06 -- Starting date

Food plan for today:

3 Scrambled eggs with ham and FF Cheese
(I only ate half of this and stored the rest in the fridge for tomorrow)
Coffee with 2 tblspns fat free half and half - points used - 0

Chicken salad with diced celery, chopped onion, egg and FF mayo - may have a slice or 2 of light whole wheat bread to make it a sandwich, or a couple slices of wasa crisp bread - either of those would add 1 pt

S/F FF butterscotch pudding
Banana (maybe 2)

Chicken breaded with cornmeal and cooked in olive oil. Some baked/seasoned potato wedges tossed in olive oil and seasoning.

This is tentative - I might vary it somewhere along the line.

If I follow the above - I will have used maybe 2 pts today. The other night, I had a light hamburger bun (1 pt) - with a cheeseburger (ff cheese) ff mayo, lettuce tomoato ketchup - and those roasted seasoned potatoes (DH LOVED them ) and I only counted 1 pt for the bun.

I keep thinking this is too good to be true - kind of like a marriage of WW/Atkins and so much better than Somersizing :D I could kick myself for not trying this sooner.


11-08-2006, 10:30 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I've been SO busy. Cassie was so sick when we got her home from the test on Monday. We fed her too soon. We knew better but she had fasted and was starving. She puked at least 6 times until there was absolutely nothing left in her stomach. She's fine now though and we are awaiting results. I'm going to be very busy for the next 3 days so I don't know how often I'll be able to get here. Starting at lunch tomorrow, I'll have lots of challenges in the eating department. I'm just going to be as good as I can be and try not to sweat the small stuff.

I have been very successful at eating out at restaurants and losing weight. In fact, I was eating out at the various meals several times a week during the time I was losing my 45 pounds. It just requires that I choose carefully and make sure my preparation requirements are communicated clearly. I think some people use eating at restaurants as an excuse to eat badly. I try not to do that. So...I know I can be successful if I choose to be. Now I must convince myself that I want to be successful as I eat out at restaurants for the next 3 days after today!

How are you all?

11-08-2006, 11:51 AM
Melissa, I am SO proud of you! You are so mature and wise beyond your years. Life is way too short to rush through and make yourself crazy and stressed. You and Aaron need to enjoy each other and your lives while you can. Tomorrow isn't promised to any of us. You can always go back to school later, if you choose. I have a friend who is 41 who has just gone back to school to get her BA after working for almost 20 years. I think our life plans are meant to be reviewed and adjusted periodically. I'm so thrilled for you that PC is going well and that you are already being viewed as someone to model. I think there is nothing in the world wrong with doing PC fulltime if it gives you joy. We all know that your current fulltime position steals your joy. Listen to your heart and talk to Aaron. You two will figure it out together.

Rhonda, Congratulations on your dance practice! Even if you make a mistake or two I'm guessing that the two of you already look a million times better than most couples do for their first dance. Did you manage to stay away from the cookies? I notice that I, too, get hungry when I'm tired. I've been trying to go to bed when this happens instead of eating.

Paula, good luck at your meeting today. I'm guessing he'll have nothing to say like last week. You stood up to him. Most people back off once you stand up to them. I think hitting your real boss cold with your commitment question is a good idea. It should give you some real insight into the situation. How did the mammogram go? Welcome to the club!

Angela, Congratulations on your recommitment! :carrot: I know it isn't going to be easy but we'll certainly help in any way we can. I love your plan with your list. I'm list motivated also. I don't mean to put pressure on you but I do look to you as one of my major Core role models. I wish you the best!

Frouf, I laughed when I read your pedometer post. I KNOW that I'm not getting 10,000 steps in a day. Although it helps when you get forgetful and have to go back into rooms several times before you remember what you went in there for! How's it going today? Are you logging more steps? Any decrease in high blood pressure is great. Keep working at it. Darn I can't believe you peeked at the Wicked story! You'll still enjoy it if you go. I hope you find tickets. Maybe you GF can find some for you? I can't believe that your Elton John concert is here already. I'm sure I'd enjoy his concert too. The tickets are just way too expensive for a retired girlie! You did a great job at East Side Mario's. Very good choices!

Sandra, I'm so glad that you're having fun. You sound like you're on a whirlwind band tour or something! I hope you make it to weigh in on Thursday. I know how important they are to you. It made me smile really big when you said how much fun you are having and that Curtis is laughing. Isn't it wonderful when you have a spectacular relationship and each of you goes out of their way to make the other happy? That's how Jim and I are too. Best friends.

Tina, squeeze right in! We were all new at one time or another. I said on the other post how happy I was for you. Huge Congratulations on that 4 pounds down. That is truly spectacular!

Kathy, it really sounds like you are enjoying Kate and Erin. It must be so fun once they grow up and become big girls!

Ok, Jim just went to the library and to the laundrymat. I have a four foot octagon rug under my kitchen table that Cassie decorated several times on Monday. I used Spot Shot but felt the rug was still dirty. He's going to get it washed for me. I just said I wanted to do it and he's already gone, taking care of it on his own. What a guy! Life is truly good.

11-08-2006, 12:10 PM

Vickie, how is Cassie now? It sounds like she's really having a tough time with it, especially the fasting and then reintroducing food. I had one like that too, and I know what you mean about decorating the rug. It's not pretty.

Sandra, I am on pins and needles until Sunday! I can't WAIT!!

Rhonda, guess what? My mom is having Thanksgiving on Saturday. Sigh. In Tyler. I suppose you know what that means. I'm very unhappy about it, but that's their only day since she has to work over the holiday. She is a home health care worker for Alzheimer patients and holidays are just another day since illness doesn't take time off. Hopefully we will figure out some other way to get together before the wedding.

I liked the journal idea, too, Angela. I am a writer deluxe, which is why I still journal all my food, my chores, my lists of things I want and things I did and should do and don't want to do ... pretty much have to have a Master List to keep all the lists straight! :lol: I hope it works out for you.

It's so funny you should mention restaurants, Vickie, because I'm the exact opposite. Special occasions are one thing, but just as a regular meal, we don't do it. For one thing, the portions are way too big. I suppose the main reason though is that because of being at (actually below) my WW goal, I've had to take more drastic measures than someone who isn't near goal. Those last pounds are brutal. I DO like the idea though, of not having to cook and clean up. I should really try and figure out a way to make peace with restaurants because Judd would prefer to go out, and it would make my evenings easier. I usually bring home half of what I order, but generally, it's just not as good the next day. Oh except in the case of Italian food! That sort of food is even better as leftovers.

Frouf, I hope you enjoy the concert! That sounds like such a great time!

Okay, I need to go check my other forums and make sure it's all going good. I'll be back later!

11-08-2006, 12:19 PM
Kathy, you are such an orderly control person that I would think that you would have no trouble with restaurants. Eat the portion that you think is appropriate or stop when you are satisfied and pack up the rest for leftovers. I know you don't eat much so you should have lo's for several meals. That would make it very ecomomical. I never eat all they give me except for the veggies and the salad. I think one just needs to exercise control, which is where it breaks down of course.

I have to respectfully disagree about the difficulty of pounds to be lost. I don't think it's any easier for me to lose two pounds with 120 pounds to lose than it is for you or anyone else near to their goal. I could be wrong but I think they are just as hard to lose no matter how much you have to lose, with the exception of water weight that a very overweight person loses in the first week or two of dieting. JMHO.

11-08-2006, 12:36 PM
LOL! I have no problem with you disagreeing with me! I've lost 35 pounds in the last two years, and when I first started it was very easy. I think as time goes by, when you get close to goal, you start feeling entitled to rewards. Plus there's the dealing with people who says "you don't need to lose anymore". Maybe I should have said it's easier to stick to a plan when you have more to lose.

11-08-2006, 12:49 PM
Yes, I have to agree...I don't think the actual pounds are any harder or easier to lose, it's just that it's harder to be motivated. When I had a lot to lose, I was motivated by my health, by wanting to lessen my varicose vein problems, by looking bad...etc. When I was at my WW goal, everyone said how wonderful I looked etc and I felt like I "deserved" treats. It's a slippery slope.

Anyway, I'm still doing well...I was very hungry while cooking dinner last night, so I probably sneaked too many BLT's (bites, licks and tastes :) ) but I didn't go off plan. I dug out my pedometer and am wearing it today. I'm already up to 3500 steps and it's only 10:50. But my walk this morning helped with that. :lol:

Time to go clean up and get working on my list.


11-08-2006, 12:52 PM
Yes, that's exactly what I meant, Angela. Thank you. I know you realize how difficult it is to maintain.

Although when you're at or close to goal, it's impossible to create the calorie deficit that's necessary to lose. If I wanted to lose a pound a week, I'd have to drop my daily calories down below 1000, which is unhealthy and something that isn't recommended. Someone who has much more to lose can easily create a 500-1000 daily calorie deficit and still have plenty to eat.

11-08-2006, 05:05 PM
Sometimes it's even hard when you have a lot to lose to remain motivated. It's not easy to keep plugging away when you know you have 120 pounds left to lose. I still have all the same reasons to do so that I always did but sometimes I just feel like it's impossible.

Kathy, not everyone who is overweight is eating so many calories that they could afford to cut 500-1000 calories from their daily diet.

11-08-2006, 05:11 PM
Hi everyone.

Angela and Kathy, I so agree with your comments on it being easier to committ when you have more to lose. When I started back in Sept 2004 it was so easy to stick to plan and lose consistently. When I finally made lifetime the following June, I was actually at 170 - 4 pds below my goal. Now I'm 5 pds above it and it so incredibly hard to stay on plan. I still am in my size 12 clothes, everything still fits, and I do like the way I look. UGH, why can't it all be easy! I keep having issues with committment!

Vickie - how is Cassie? I hope better, any word from the vet? The mamogram was just so much fun -- as long as I don't hear anything by tomorrow all is good. That is not a job I would want to do - can you imagine if that is how you spent 8 hours a day - squishing boobs!

Weclome Tina - jump right in. Its actually very easy to join in the group, I'm a more recent member. Congrats on your loss!

Well, I had my weekly meeting with that sort of boss who gave me greif last week --- And what did he have to say as follow up?? NOTHING! Absolutly NOTHING. I'm glad there wasn't any additional confrontation, but jeesh, could you sort of acknowledge what an A$$ you were? I did not send the email I drafted and now I'm just not sure if I should send it. I have a meeting with my "boss" on Friday. I do plan on just asking him how he feels my committment has been. UGH............

Sarah is doing much better, she is 1/2 way through her prescription and her cough is almost gone. She still isn't eating the way she should, but maybe the amoxicillan is throwing off her appetite. She is drinking and eating some, but just not her usual. Oh well, not going to worry about that. Sooner or later she'll get hungry.

For me, I'm doing better foodwise. I was tied up at noon and wasn't able to wi, per my scale I'm still holding my own. Which is OK for now.

Well, got to get back to work. I'll check in later.

11-08-2006, 05:26 PM
Vickie, I sincerely hope you don't take any of my comments as criticism of YOU in particular. It is not intended that way at all. There are people (hello, lurkers!) who are interested in Core and we have to make sure they have all the facts. I have been contacted by people who have specific questions, and very often those questions are about things we discuss here. It's important to discuss them thoroughly (and will also cut down on the number of PMs I get with such questions). ;)

I fully realize that not everyone who is overweight eats enough calories to cut 500-1000 daily. However, when someone who has more to lose figures their daily maintenance calories, it usually is high enough to allow for the cut. The calorie deficit is the only way to lose, whether created through more calories burned or less calories consumed. If it takes a cut of 3,500 to lose one pound per week, which is a cut of 500 per day, and someone has a daily maintenance of 2,000, there IS room to cut 500 per day. That's not true for someone whose maintenance is 1,200 calories.

I don't know how else to explain it, so I'll stop trying.

Paula, I'm glad that Sarah is feeling better. I agree that this guy could have owned up to being a jerk. He has nothing to lose and lots to gain by just saying he was sorry.

Okay, back to work. No matter how much I cross my fingers and wish, these lessons aren't fixing themselves. :)

11-08-2006, 06:19 PM
I feel that there is no other way than for me to take it personally. I am one of the people of whom you speak. I am following the Core program which does not require me to consider calories, but rather to eat specific foods and to monitor my level of satisfaction. Similarly, the Flex pogram also does not require calorie counting but rather the counting of points.

I don't agree that it would be any easier or more effective for me (or others at my weight) to cut 500-1000 calories. WW gives me more food at my weight because I burn more just by being fatter than you. I'm told NOT to cut my points below what is designated for my weight when following the Flex program. I choose to follow WW's guidance because I don't want to deal with calorie counting. When I am on program and exercising, the program works for me.

Since Core doesn't require people to track calories, I would think that it would be more confusing to people trying to learn about Core to talk about calories and maintenance levels here.

11-08-2006, 08:44 PM
Hi All:

Well, finally I finished those student papers (only to get more on Monday!) and can get a little rest. I was really, seriously worn out and giving in to those #%* cookies at the office. But, today I've been really good and feel strong.

Too bad about the conflict with the wedding time Kathy, but I understand. I sent you and Sandra my arrival date; I bet we can find a way to get together.

Vickie, I hope Cassie is better today. That's a sweet husband to take the rug to be washed. We have had one in the trunk of the car about a year NOT taking it to be washed! :freak:

You know the restaurant thing is interesting. Sometimes I can go and be sooo good. Then, kaput! It's the bread that gets me. I guess I really like baked goods! But, I have been doing better with it since I came onto this fact, I've been doing better with everything...THANK YOU.

Tina, congratulations on those losses. Very good job!


11-08-2006, 08:46 PM
OK, :freak: should be :fr:

I'll learn someday!

11-08-2006, 09:29 PM
Vickie, believe it or not, the Core list of foods isn't a magical combination that will automatically combine to create instant fat loss. Calories still DO count. It IS possible to overeat on healthy foods. Whether calories, or points (and in case you didn't know, points are based on calories so YES, CALORIES DO COUNT) ... you must create a calorie deficit, no matter what foods you eat, in order to attain a loss.

I'm done trying, though. :) I'll concentrate my efforts elsewhere.

11-08-2006, 09:29 PM
Hey all...just got home from work and I'm SO tired. We had a "spa" night for the clients and it was good.

I wanted to say thanks Vickie for your sweet words. I really appreciate your encouragement. In fact, that goes for all of you. It's really nice to express what I'm feeling and be encouraged and not told that I'm crazy. Well I mean, I am crazy, but you know. ;)

:grouphug: I hope that you're all having great op weeks.

11-08-2006, 10:34 PM
hi there, chickies. looks like the boards have been busy today. we've been busy today, too. flung some arrows, practiced some w a, shopped some stores, walked a bit at the ranch, and are now chilling in front of the tv. looks like i will go to ww in the am. sure am hoping for a loss.

vickie, we've been eating out daily since we got to texas. curtis and i have both made mostly wise choices but have faltered a bit every now and then. you're right. we can lose and eat out. i am hoping i made enough good choices this week. we'll see at wi tomorrow.

tina, i am proud of you for sticking with the plan. you should be proud of those 4 lbs. that's impressive. i know what you mean about trying to get to know everyone. when i first came here, i printed out everyone's core-profile and even did some studying. you're right. this is like a family here. welcome aboard cuddin.'
first time i joined ww was october 1968. i'll bet you weren't even born then. i couldn't tell you how many times i have rejoined. i did finally get to goal in 2000 and stayed there about 15 minutes.

rhonda, i doubt that anybody at the wedding reception (including curtis and me) won't even know a mistake if one happens. you and doyle will do fine. just think how all of us will be smiling with joy and probably a few tears while watching. we will be in canton shooting a tournament november 18 but will be around the rest of the time just waiting on you two to get here.

kathy, i'm ready for sunday, too. ain't it going to be fun!!!! darn!! i just saw what you told rhonda about the wedding. now that is a bummer for sure. i understand that family comes first, though.

all i have to say about losing weight is--if it were always easy nobody would be overweight.

paula, sounds like your boss isn't going to apologize or even acknowledge any wrongdoing. that's the pits.

rhonda, you're 100% correct. you get an A+. this board is a great motivator to help us all do better. i am so glad we have each other here. okay, now you and doylie boy hurry up and land at dfw.

melissa, howdy, podna!! i've been called crazy more than once myself but i'm perfect now. :lol: i'm glad you were able to get here today. i always miss you when you're away

11-09-2006, 03:04 PM
we're still at the ranch but are leaving in the am and won't be back till sat night. i'm doing laundry right now. it's 86* now and we're both in shorts.

i went to wi this am and almost fainted. well, not really. i did have to look at my ww card several times. i lost 3.4 lbs. and that was after eating out every day this past week at least once.

vickie, you are right. it can be done. i made good choices most of the time. right now i can only think of one meal that i went haywire.

11-09-2006, 03:23 PM
Sandra, that's AWESOME! You go!!

Knowing what to do, and then actually DOING it, are two separate and distinct things. Looks like you've got a firm grip on BOTH!!

11-09-2006, 05:40 PM
Hey chickies,

Crazy busy day at work and almost time to go home - thank goodness!

Angela - how's it going? Hope the BLT's don't get you (try a stick of chewing gum while you cook - prevents you from putting other things in your mouth!)

Vickie - I must confess I am sometimes one of those that does use going to a restaurant as an excuse to eat poorly - this is not a good thing. If I am in a good frame of mind I will (out of guilt?) make better choices - as I did the other night at East side mario's. My first feeling was well they probably don't have anything healthy/core I can eat so I'll just pick something else - but then I found the whole wheat pasta/tomato sauce/grilled shrimp - and felt compelled to order that - the lesser of several evils?

I am always impressed Vickie with your commitment when you eat out as I know you order very very carefully and make your wishes known - good for you!

Kudos to you Sandra for making good choices when eating out - maybe a bit easier if you are eating out a lot of meals - you are more motivated to choose carefully than if it's a one time special treat!

Tina - fabulous loss - good for you - I think you will see that Core is definitely a healthy way to eat and you will feel fuller longer - keep up the good work.

Kathy - I remember once getting down to about 138 lbs and freaking out - yes I was on WW - but honestly I had to eat like a bird and exercise like a maniac - certainly not something I could easily maintain. Yes it could be done but at what cost?

My current goal would be closer to 150 - not exactly the right weight for my height - but given my body type and lifestyle at least I know I could probably maintain that without going crazy. Sometimes those last few pounds don't want to come off for a reason!

Rhonda - how's the dancing going? I am getting very excited for your wedding? When is the big day? (I forget) and the cruise!!!!!!

Yesterday I stayed home - bit of a headache/backache and just didn't feel like going to work! Bad froufie. Unfortunately being at home meant eating all day long - and going to bed feeling awful - not sleeping well - and feeling tired all day (with lots of meetings to boot!). Sure wish I had a couch in my office for the occasional nap!

But tomorrow is the BIG DAY - going to the Elton John concert and I am going to be sick with excitement - I know all the songs, I know all the words (okay except for the new cd which just came out and I don't yet have!).....and I will be GRINNING from ear to ear for 2.5 hours. I will be wearing my Elton John sweatshirt to work tomorrow (please god let it still fit!) in anticipation. Have to get there early early - so I can suck up the atmosphere and buy a t-shirt or program? Maybe dh will bring his camera and take some pics!!! (I have great pics from last concert - 3rd row seats - just amazing!).

Yes the tickets were SUPREMELY EXPENSIVE (more than the Wicked prices Vickie!) - but for me worth it - luckily he only comes here every 3-4 years and as I don't go to many concerts I feel I can justify it? (ya right).

Okay time to pack up and head home! (LO froufie roast for dinner)


11-09-2006, 08:23 PM
Vickie, believe it or not, the Core list of foods isn't a magical combination that will automatically combine to create instant fat loss. Calories still DO count. It IS possible to overeat on healthy foods. Whether calories, or points (and in case you didn't know, points are based on calories so YES, CALORIES DO COUNT) ... you must create a calorie deficit, no matter what foods you eat, in order to attain a loss.

I'm done trying, though. :) I'll concentrate my efforts elsewhere.

Kathy, I guess I'm guilty of wanting to have at least one more word on the subject. Of course calories matter. That was never my point.

I'm not stupid. I understood what you were saying in your first post. I have chosen to follow Core/Flore and do not want to deal with calorie tracking and the stress associated with it. That is why I opted to follow the WW program.

I'm very well aware of the fact that there is nothing magical about the Core list of foods. I understand that I must not overeat and that calories count. I also understand that it is possible to overeat healthy foods, hence the emphasis on monitoring the satisfaction level. I also know that the points are based on calories, approximately 50 per point. The Flex program as developed by WW did the work for me so that I don't have to worry about it. I choose to believe that WW did sufficient testing on the Core program and believe that it can and does work when I apply all of the principles.

Now I'm done trying to defend the Core program and myself.

11-09-2006, 09:16 PM
Vickie, you can take personally anything you want. You aren't the only member here though -- there are 49,000+ in addition to you. If a comment happens to apply to you, or describe you, that doesn't actually mean that it's directed TOTALLY TOWARD YOU.

I'm tired of walking on eggshells. I'm tired of watching every little word I say for fear that it will upset someone's fragile emotional state. I'm tired of not being able to have an opinion because there's a chance that someone will take it personally, whether or not it was directed to them. I'm tired of having people PM me asking about the Core program and if it works or not, because they have read the posts here and are puzzled ... wondering how it's possible given the stats they see. And yes, they do read and they do ask. They do wonder how someone could adhere to the plan (exercise or not) and yet not lose more than a pound or two per month on average.

And THAT'S why I'm done.

11-09-2006, 09:32 PM
Hi everyone!!

First off - I just wanted to apologize in advance - I still feel like I am getting my bearings in here - feeling out the dynamics of the group - and will probably be a bit self centered in my posting - until I feel more comfortable re: being outgoing :)

On a side note - you may think this odd, but I actually find it a bit comforting to see some debating among the 'family' here. It's good to know that people can express opinions/feelings - and not necessarily agree - but still get along here. That's what is important. We can all provide support to each other even though we may not be in 100% agreement.

Vickie - sending you big hugs dear - is it your cat that is sick? I think I read that - how is she doing?

Everyone - thank you very much for your supportive replies. I really do appreciate the support. :hug:

I had kind of a rough day - totally due to my stupidity - but long story short - I forgot to eat lunch. I didn't get hungry, and didn't really try to eat until I started to feel ill around 3:30 this afternoon. I did eat then, but that and dinner after - well - I still feel crappy. I have had this happen before - and KNOW better - but just kept thinking how 'not hungry' I was and didn't want to eat anything. I was full. Menu today:

1.5 egg/Ham/FF cheese
Oatmeal Cookie

Chicken salad

3 oatmeal cookies
FF Hot dog/ light bun 1 pt each (2 pts total for the day)

will probably have another glass of milk and some pudding


11-09-2006, 09:35 PM
I am actually getting a bit concerned - a friend told me today that when she was at her meetings - the majority of people doing Core didn't lose weight. Now I'm hearing that too here(maybe I need to read up more :( )

I'm feeling good about the plan really - but am beginning to worry that the success may be short lived.

I guess I need to read some more of the posts.


11-09-2006, 09:47 PM
Tina, Core works if you follow the program, eat only until satisfied, follow the guidelines (veggies, fruit, dairy, water, healthy oil) and exercise. I lost fabulously in the beginning when I was following the program religiously and tracking every single extra WPA I put in my mouth. I'm 50 years old, perimenopausal, and haven't exercised much in the last 9-12 months for physical reasons and I've gained a few pounds back. It isn't the program's fault. There are two people following Core at my meeting. One lost an average of 15 pounds in 6 weeks and the other lost 12 in 6 weeks. I guess it will all come down to how carefully you follow the program. I don't claim to be an expert. I have to admit that I trusted WW enough to give the program a chance. It worked better for me than Flex.

Kathy, you don't have to be on eggshells. I'm not fragile at all! In fact, that's why I decided to speak up. I'm following Core and I'm tired of hearing the program knocked. This is the Core board and I shouldn't have to defend the program here. Good healthy debate is always appreciated, but for a long time now you have commented that you don't think the program works. That's the beauty of 3FC. If Core or WW doesn't work for someone or if it doesn't mesh with their philosophy then there is likely a board or a program that will match.

11-09-2006, 11:10 PM

I just learned that if you type a message, then go back on the boards to read, you lose the message! Oh well, I was just complaining about being tired and wanting to eat everything in sight. This has been such a lesson for me. I really had NO idea that I was so orally fixated..if you don't mind a little Freud here on the boards.

To those of you who are losing this week...congratulations...I'm so jealous! I wonder what I can do in the 16 days until the wedding? Let's see..what would only bread and water do? ;)

Isn't it ironic that so many people in the world can't get enough good food and we have to work so hard to control intake? This is a very strange world sometimes.

I hope all are well and have a great Core/Flore day tomorrow.


11-10-2006, 09:13 AM
Hello all, this is my first post although I have been a lurker. It's hard sometimes to get the courage to make that first post. I'm going to be eating mostly all core foods but will also count points because my satisfaction button doesn't work all that well and I don't mind counting the points. It is sometimes hard to find a program that fits exactly but I believe this one is as close as I can find to what I'm looking for. I'm also from Canada and we don't have all the fat free foods here but we have some and the others that are 1% will have to do.

I know I'm jumping in at a time there is a little tension but I hope it gets worked out as you guys seem like such a great group. I think it's great to get different opinions on any subject and core is no different.

I'm hoping to get a lot closer to my goal by Christmas so wish me luck I'm sure I will need it lol.


11-10-2006, 09:18 AM
Hi Areil and :welcome:

It IS a great board. I'm one with a faulty "satisfaction button" also! But, I'm learning.

My current struggle is staying away from empty calories/non-core foods when they are put in front of me. In other words, it's hard to say NO in the face of most of the crud that passes for food! But, I'm getting better at it and that's the point. The board has helped a lot in that regard. I hope it helps you in whatever is your hardest challenge.


11-10-2006, 10:32 AM
Thank you so much for the welcome!!! I know what you mean about the empty calories that are hard to resist. At home it isn't hard for me because I just don't buy them...I am one of those people that can't have treats at home because I will eat them all at once until they are gone. It is definately harder when you go to places you can't control but I am going to try my best.


11-10-2006, 11:35 AM
Morning all. To those of you wondering if the Core plan works or's the same as any other plan. It depends on how well you follow it, and your own body's unique way of handling weight loss. All I can say is, I followed the plan religiously for the most part, and lost 50 pounds in about 9 months. Granted, the weight was half "baby fat" and was probably easier to lose than some, but the second half had been with me for at least 8-10 years. Also, I think since I am younger and active, my metabolism allowed more "cheating" than, for example, my 53 year old, premenopausal mother. We could eat the same, exercise the same, and NOT lose the same. She did have more weight than me to lose (like 100 pounds) but she's managed to take off 50 pounds and is now in to the old, old fat that has been there for 20 years. It's been a struggle for her.

I really think that the Core plan works, but you have to take it seriously, and truly follow it. Even then, we all know everyone's weight loss history/experience is unique. I wish everyone would acknowledge this. I know some people here on this board are doing variations of Core, which is great, because they're tailoring the plan to their own lives. And I think these people, if asked, would make sure everyone knew that's what they were doing. They're not trying to pass it off as Core, but I can see that it would be confusing to someone coming in new. We tried for a while on our menus, etc to mark clearly what was Core/not, but we don't do that so much anymore. I think since this isn't an official WW website, we shouldn't be taken as the Core authorities, or be questioned because we're not following Core exactly but are still posting on a Core board.

We all came here because some element of the Core plan hit a chord with us. For me, it was the healthy, whole foods and the ability to eat when I was really and truly hungry. But regardless, we're all here because we want to have healthier lifestyles, and want a friendly support group. I love what we have here, and I don't want to see it go away because of misunderstandings. I have been disillusioned several times lately, and I really don't want it happening here too. :( That's all.


11-10-2006, 11:34 PM
Well I see that everyone has been sufficiently scared away today. That's a shame. I think Angela stated things nicely...I consider you all my friends and that's that.
So on with life...
I am doing very badly with being on plan...any plan for that matter...I've even broken my exercise habit already. But I'm determined to get back on board. I have decided not to go back to school next semester, so I'll have more "me" time to take care of myself, my home, my business, etc etc etc. And hopefully my kid!! ;)
We went to look at laminate flooring today and found a place that we can get it much cheaper than other places. Very exciting! I've been saving my PC money just for it, and we have enough. I think we're going to go ahead and buy it but probably not put it down until after Christmas. With school it's just too much right now.
Well Aaron needs my help with something so I have to run.
I hope that all of you are doing well. I'm sorry for any and all hurt feelings. I have considered you all to be the best support group a girl could want. It's nice to have a "safe" place to vent!
Have a great weekend everyone!! :grouphug:

11-10-2006, 11:41 PM
I just love the idea of old, old fat! I feel like a geological experiment now :lol:

I did very well today, after all my "stuff" about cookies. I hope I'm through a phase. I had to go out tonight and was concerned that I would not do well. BUT, I did. I found a way to eat only Core foods when I was surrounded by many other choices.

I also did an hour of Pilates. I must tell you that Pilates is fantastic. If you haven't tried it and are the least bit curious, go for it. Not all teachers are the same I know. Mine is unusual and we do a lot of power yoga with the Pilates. I have been doing this a few months and I do see and feel changes. I feel much, much stronger. I AM much, much stronger.

Angela, the friendly support group won't go away. I'm sure. Just keep writing, and encouraging others to participate. It's going to work out :cheer:


11-10-2006, 11:45 PM
I see Melissa and I are writing at the same time. Good for you with your decision Melissa. I really hope for the best for you and your plans.

I would love to have some laminate flooring, but I have two dogs and I hate the sound of dog claws on laminate. I'm considering cork since I have a small space. It's expensive, but durable and quiet.


11-11-2006, 12:23 AM
Rhonda congratulations on having a great day op!! :bravo: I'm very impressed. You are one determined gal. You are making me think about my pilates again...I have the Winsor pilates dvds but have never done them regularly, just sporadic here and there.
So what's the countdown to the big day?
I think cork floor is really neat. We actually looked into it because we thought that it was less expensive but soon found out we were wrong! :D
Good night!

11-11-2006, 08:23 AM
Good morning everyone, it's Remembrance Day in Canada today so my thoughts are with the many men and women who sacraficed their lives and for the men and women that still do to fight for freedom and democracy.

My husband will be off work on Monday because Remembrance Day is a paid holiday for him and since it falls on a Saturday he will get Monday. We plan to put plastic on most of our windows this winter to keep the nasty winter cold out this year so that should keep him busy. We rent the house that use to belong to my stepmother's parents before they passed away and it is over a 100 years old so there are many drafty places that we need to put some spray foam in. The insulation is not very good in this house anymore so I'm sure the heat will cost at least $400 a month this winter. We have been here a few years and every year we get new air holes lol. Other than that I just plan to try and eat really good this weekend as it's my first back on plan so I really want to prove to myself I can do it.

Angela- You have been a great success on core and your message was a really nice one and very fair to all.

Melissa- I know what you mean about not being on plan as it has been awhile for me and I decided unless I want to go naked at Christmas(not a pretty sight lol) I better finally get serious again. Good luck with the laminate..I remember when it first came it there wasn't much to choose from but now they have so many different colours of stain and styles that I think I might get laminate when I get a house.

Rhonda- You sound like you are doing very well on plan and congrats to you for finding a way to eat core when surrounded by many other choices. That is so great that you love your pilates. I tried doing it at home and I did like it but I think I would like to go and have a teacher to make sure I'm doing it properly. I know I can sometimes get a little lazy with doing workout tapes at home. I always wondered what cork would look like but where it is more expensive and I don't have any pets I probably wouldn't get it but it sounds like it would be really nice. I guess no point on worrying what I will put on my floors when I don't even have a house yet lol.

11-11-2006, 10:44 AM
Angela, thank you very much for your beautiful post and heartfelt support of the Core program. I especially appreciate your sharing the details of your Mom's weight loss struggle since they are so similar to my own.

I wish everyone the very best of success in their weight loss endeavors.

11-11-2006, 12:44 PM
Good Morning All:

Cork floors: my sister is 16 years older than I am and when I was a teenager she had a home and a family of young children. They installed cork floors and they were beautiful, easy to clean, soft and sound-absorbing. I've always wanted them. Just might get them in the kitchen area.

Pilates: I think that whatever the physical exercise it helps to have a teacher get you started and, if you can't go all the time, then go back for check-ups. It's important to do any exercise correctly to get the most benefit and to avoid injury. I'm sure I'm "singing to the choir" here.

Today, as already mentioned, is Remembrance Day in Canada...Veterans Day in the's dreary, grey and wet here in Toronto...fitting weather for the melancholy brought up by the tragedies of war.

So, we've got the menu for the wedding reception planned or ordered. Well, it's not very CORE! The meat is of course, but I don't know about that Bar-b-que sauce!

We're cleaning house, getting ready to get packed and doing all those things you have to do to get ready for a trip. Froufy, come on down here to Toronto and help me regaled us so much with your packing adventures that I know you're an expert!

It's a good time to want to snack on something so I pulled some apple-oatmeal muffins out of the freezer...really yummy on a dreary day like today.

Well, I'm just chatting away about nothing, have a great day everyone!


11-11-2006, 10:24 PM
Okay is it my imagination? or are we missing a bunch of posts from nov 9-10?? I know I posted something on Friday and it seems to have disappeared? Very strange indeed?

Rhonda - okay first you need the froufie packing list spreadsheet - and the rest is a piece of cake! :D:D

Dreary day here today - I agree w/areil - very appropriate for remembrance day - little ds and I were watching tv this morning and they had the minute of silence and little ds was so cute standing at attention in his jammies in the family room - then he had to go find his historical moments dvd (handed out last year at the War Museum - 1 minute historical canadian vignettes - used as commercials - many of which depict some of the war stories involving canadians! (Areil - where in canada are you?)

Last night I was at the ELTON JOHN CONCERT - it was amazingly fantastic - I just went crazy - the very typical opening of funeral for a friend/loves lies bleeding in my hand - wow! The crowd went crazy! It was non stop entertainment - esp at the end with crocodile rock, the ***** is back and saturday night - all in a row! He signed many autographs of front row fans - and came out to do an encore - candle in the wind and the Your song! I was in heaven!

I am however livid about today's review in the paper - seems the reporter is out to lunch and doesn't seem to check facts - said EJ has not been in ottawa since 1997 - which is untrue as I saw him here about 5 years ago. Then mentions his rendition of 'don't let the sun go down on me' - which actually was NOT sung last night - how stupid is that?

And yes elton is getting older and can't hit those high notes anymore - I noticed a couple of lyric flubs (only the diehards would note this) but otherwise supremely great - lots of improvisation and jazzy/bluesy numbers - he still has many songs left in him!

Today was a boring day - started out with big fights as dd started the dryer at 8 am waking us up - not good! And did I mention her FACE PIERCING - which she did herself! She is insane - decided she wanted a 'monroe' - beauty mark area earring piercing - which she did with a stud she found - I am livid and am insisting she remove it esp as it is now looking red - she is not even talking properly and the inside is scraping her teeth.

Says she won't take it out unless I promise to let her have it done properly and get the right 'ring' (lebret) - am I too conservative and battling this for nothing? (yes all her friends have various piercings and their parents don't seem to object!).

So I figure we will be ending up in the emergency room pretty soon. Told her I was not driving her to dance classes until it was out (of course says she will get there on her own) - and yes she is the stubborn type as many of you know! I feel my hair turning gray as I type - I can't seem to make her understand she is harming herself!

Took her and ex for more groceries and back to his place - she is there til tomorrow. dh has been at local university library doing research on work project so little ds and I on our own. Drove big ds to his work/gig tonight - and then decided to go out for pizza together - yes I ate too much and I am now bloated - what else is new.

dh on way home with rental movie I think for tonight!


11-11-2006, 10:26 PM
Hi everyone, I am new here, but have been on the core plan for close to five months now. I have lost 33lbs. to date and I couldn't be happier. I am reaching out now, looking for some support as the holidays draw near and I am starting to struggle. I have been pretty good this week, but have had a tough month. I had 85 lbs to lose total, so I am about 50 lbs. from goal. Most people have not even noticed that I have lost over 30 lbs!!! I will never switch to flex and will continue to eat this way forever - that is the plan. I have great family support and my 21year old daughter is on program with me. I personally feel that the core plan is a near perfect diet. I try to exercise daily, but as I said, the last month has been tough. I hope to meet some great people here and give and receive some great advice and tips. I have lost weight every single week, with the exception of the last two. Not even much of a gain to count- two tenths of a lb. But, I want to nip it now!!! Looking forward to meeting some fellow core planners!

11-11-2006, 11:51 PM
:welcome: Beckley. What's wrong with those people who haven't noticed! We did ;) Congratulations. You'll do well and this is a good place to come for support and you're lucky to have your daughter with you on the journey. I'd love to lose another 50 pounds myself and I'll see what the year brings.

Frouf: I am so envious of the Elton John adventure. I must get to see him sometime.

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's possible inflammation. I do hope you're able to get her to pay some attention to the potential health problems. There are safe ways to do piercings and try the public health people there in Ottawa, especially if she won't see a doctor. There may also be a youth clinic somewhere that provides safe piercing information. I'm not so keen on some of the piercings myself, but the kids are really doing them, so we need to try to get them information on safer ways to do it. Maybe she knows all of that??


11-12-2006, 10:41 AM
Good morning everyone,

Well last night I definately ate more than I should of but I'm ready to get right back on the horse today. We went to the mother in laws last night and for some reason I always seem to eat too much there..I guess I should come up with a better plan. I was so full last night I thought I was going to blow least I did learn a lesson as I was so uncomfortable. Today I plan to drink lots of water and eat normal portions.

Rhonda- That must be so exciting planning your menu. You are getting married very soon I take it? Even if the BBQ sauce isn't core it usually isn't too bad in points...usually not much fat and maybe a little heavy on sugar but all in all it's not a bad thing to eat. How long are you going to be gone for? Those apple-oatmeal muffins do sound very yummy..I wish I could even have something like that in the house but unfortunately I would eat them all at once.

Beckley- Welcome to the board!!!!!!!! You are doing so great. You must be very proud of yourself. I know what you mean about people not took awhile for some people to notice when I was losing. It's so hard to tell if someone just hasn't noticed or they are afraid to say something. I know some people don't like people to mention their weight even if they have lost weight and then there are other people who want you to notice and say something. Personally I don't mind if someone mentions I look like I lost weight lol. That is so great that you have lost weight almost every single definately know how to work the program! Congrats to you!!

Frouf- That is so cute about your son standing at attention in his jammies. I feel kind of bad I didn't go to any of the ceremonies around here but I was thinking about them yesterday. About you daughter..I'm not sure what to say about that. I had my nose pierced when I was in my early twenties. I thought that was brave for me at the time and even put a hoop in it a few times lol Personally I'm not a fan of the other piercings for me but they really don't bother me on other people...although I must say if I had a daughter I wouldn't really care for it on her too much either lol. I probably would let her do it tho because I guess I believe in personal expression even tho I wouldn't like it one bit. In the end it's your daughter and she lives under your roof so I believe until she lives under her own roof it's up to you what you decide..not her. No matter what you decide I would make her take out the one she did herself as it doesn't sound very safe. I'm in my early thirties and I have a younger sister that is 18 and she just got a tattoo of her initials on her neck lol..I just shake my head at her..I guess she can put her hair down and cover it up if need be but I'm wondering what she will get next. She has had her belly button pierced for a few years now but she never did any of the other piercings although I did hear her talk about them many times.
I am on the east coast frouf..Fredericton, New Brunswick. Have you ever been to the east coast? I have been to Toronto on the bus a few times..umm can you say crazy. I'm not a big fan of flying but let me tell you it is quite a long bus ride lol. So I have been to other parts of Ontario..whatever the bus route that goes from Montreal to Toronto. I always left Fredericton in the early evening so of course by the time we left Montreal the next morning I usually slept most of the way from Montreal to Toronto so I'm not sure what places we passed through lol. It's been awhile now since I have been to Toronto but always had a great time there. Someday I would love to go to Ottawa and stay a couple days as I would love to see the city. It sounds like an interesting place to live.
Sounds like you had a great time at the Elton John concert. Evertime I think of him I think of my cousin who moved to Toronto when he was 19 and he ended up catching aids and passed away from it in the 90's. He was older than me but when I was a kid and he was teenager he would put on Elton John all the time and make me dance to it lol. I haven't ever seen him in concert although my mother in law likes to make me watch him in concert on dvd everytime we go over there lol. It's nothing like seeing someone live in concert tho. The last concert I went to was Dolly Parton last year..even tho I don't listen to country music that much I have always loved Dolly. Anyway it was very disappointing because they didn't have a screen up and we were so far away from the stage that she looked like a little dot on stage..even with those big boobs lol. That's too bad about the review..sounds like the person didn't know much about the concert or Elton John.

Anyway I'm off to hunt down some breakfast..have a great morning everyone!!


11-12-2006, 01:27 PM
hi, chickies. curtis and i have been away since thursday am. we decided to hop in our car and go to some friends' in east texas since the livingston trip had fallen through. we stayed with them till sat am.

sat am we drove to kaufman to the archery tournament. i won't rattle on here about scores but will tell you i shot fabulously the first round (game) and pitifully the 2nd (longbow). but i had fun and learned a lot.

i am gong to get on my soapbox here. (relate what i'm saying about archery to weightloss.) when i have a bad practice or even a bad tournament--i seem to learn the most about my shooting. (ring any bells?) we are constantly tweaking to get better. (more bells?)

on with my journey. when we left kaufman after i had shot over 6 hours and was exhausted, we drove on to alvarado where some friends were gathing. most of them i hadn't seen in year.s we had a fabulous time. i opted for no wine but for dessert. ww says you can have anything you want--just not everything.

i'm off now. we have to leave. i'll be back later. i hope all of you are doing great. curtis just reminded me to get off. see ya later.

11-12-2006, 04:40 PM
Hi All:

Yes, Areil, I'm getting married on November 25th to Sandra's (just above here) cousin, Doyle. He's my high school sweetheart. After 40+ years of not seeing each other, we rearranged our lives and creating a new one. After the wedding in Texas, we are taking a cruise to Cozumel and the Yucatan.

I've really tested myself this weekend. I baked a chocolate pie for friends and date squares for my former in-laws. I did very well and ate only a sliver of the pie and one date square. My former MIL was a fabulous cook and baker who now has Alzheimer's. She can really even put a sandwich together and it all falls to her husband. He LOVES date squares so I took him some today.

For me, salad and chicken today. Doing well, today, anyway!


11-12-2006, 04:41 PM
Meant to write that she can NOT put a sandwich together...probably obvious from the context.

11-12-2006, 08:25 PM
Hey guys!

I just wanted to pop in and say that I'm reading and getting to know ya all. I also think I am going to do Flex for a week or so. I LOVE that we can choose a plan for awhile, then if we get bored or need to change (i.e., want more variety from Core, or need a break from points) - we can try the other plan for a bit.

Now is a good time. I'm starting to feel a bit strained with some of the foods I miss - so rather than throw in the towel completely, I will do flex for a bit - probably until I need another break from points. I think this may be a way for me to keep motivated/dedicated. I think that around thanksgiving I'll be happier on Core - so I may switch back to core next week after a week off.

Hope you don't mind if I stick around though - :) It's a great place for info and I want to continue to get to know you all!

Thank you!


11-12-2006, 09:11 PM
tina, we want you to stick around. i am actually "floreing" right now.

rhonda, i am getting more and more excited about ya'll getting here. please contact us when you can so we can set something up.

11-13-2006, 10:06 AM
First things first -SANDRA -- 165!!!!! Fabulous:bravo: Even being away you are doing so well. I love looking for ticker changes. Congrats.

Welcome Beckly and Tina! Jump on in and join the conversation!

For me last week was a struggle. I think the stresses of my sort of boss, Sarah being sick, being called back for my mammogram and way too much halloween candy go the best of me. Funny, chocolate has never been a trigger food - perhaps it was because it was everywhere! Yes, I got "the call" on thursday to schedule a follow up mammogram. At first I was a bit nervous about it, but when I talked to the scheduling person they said from a 2 day period last week they had 30 call backs. Which she told me was a record. So, either the tech or the radiologist was not so good. I'll worry when I have to worry. I go back on the 22nd.

Work is just about the same, I had a meeting with my real boss on Friday where I wanted to discuss the happenings from the prior week. Well, he was out and it got cancelled. I'm still not sure about how or if I should follow up with the other boss. Still haven't sent the email, I need to go read that again today.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week and we are right into the Christmas rush. I've actually started some shopping - an early record for me! My goal for this week is to stick to plan. Next week I'm off and we are going to Maine for 3 days (sun-tues). I can't wait. We'll be eating out then so I need to be very, very good until then.

I just want to throw out me 2cents on core. I successfully lost 40 pds in 9 months doing nothing but core. It does work when you follow the rules. Not eating when you are satisfied is the key to it all, at least it was for me. Otherwise my portions get too large and I don't lose. What I've always told people who ask me about core is that if you have issues with portion control, don't do it. Core is great if your problem is poor food choices.

Well, go to get to work. I'll check in later.

11-13-2006, 04:47 PM
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