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11-02-2006, 05:40 PM
Hello misfits... hopefully everyone is doing well. I'm sure that Elycia is super busy with the move and so I figured that I would start the new thread for her. This has been an excellent group to check in at, full of really supportive people. I was new to the group last month and it's been a really good place to check in. Hopefully we'll hear from some people from the old thread and also some new people. It sounds like everyone has been super busy but I've really found that having someplace to check in and be accountable helps me to stay on track. I'm such a lazy bum about exercising unless there is someone there to yell at me to just do it! I really need to start back up on my seven day challenge because that's been the most effective at making me get up and move.

Do we have a challenge for this month?? I'm still working on mastering October's challenge of resolve... :o

Have a great night everyone, I'll check in sometime this weekend (no fun plans, I'm working all weekend. :( )

11-02-2006, 08:48 PM
Hi Bluesparkle. Thanx for getting us started this month. How are ya? Like you said, I know that everyone is super busy. It is hard to get here often, but it is important that we have a support group to help us through this journey and through this season. I look forward to going through this time with all of you inspiring ladies. We are moms and students, spouses, employees etc, and it is tough. But we can do it. I hope that we can all enter the new year Thinner, Healthier and Fitter. :woo:

Whew! It has been a whirlwind past week or so I tell ya. Yes, the house did pass inspection on Tuesday, but No, we are not living in the house. We are staying at my moms. It is really cold here and when my husband went over, the heat is not working. I'm not about to take the girls in a home with no heat and supposedly, he can't get anyone out there until tomorrow morning. Yes, I am very unhappy, but it is so typical of how things have been lately. Absolutely nothing has went according to plan. Not one thing. I hope to be able to go to our new house tomorrow. What a fiasco! :mad:

Well, in terms of eating, it has been poor. Since we were packing and moving, I didn't have any food available to cook, so I basically had to eat out the past couple of days. I did try to watch it. Since all of my workout equipment was packed up, there weren't any workouts done. I tell you one thing though, my old house has 20 steps to the front door, so I have went up and down enough steps that I don't even want to think about a step workout for awhile. Lifting, twisting, stepping...geez, it has been rough! I hope to definitely get back on track when my kitchen and house is functional.

Well, I really better get going. I will try to check in as soon as I can. You guys hang in there and I hope to see you guys real soon.


11-02-2006, 11:24 PM
Hi.. Thanks Bluesparkie for getting this month started.. boy last month sure did fly by.. and here we are 7 weeks before Christmas.. Where did the year go? It has been such a busy year for my family. A year full of changes. Since Dec 2005 I have had a baby, moved across country, left my family, bought a house, bought a new car, and began a weight loss journey. I also joined a great support group, however I have not been very good at checking in with you guys.. I will do better this month. The last few weeks of this year is going to be busy for us. We are traveling to my family's house for Thanksgiving. I am very excited about that.

Congrats to you all for the losses last month and for the NSV's. Let keep up the good work and make this month count.

11-03-2006, 09:24 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

Thanks for starting the new thread Bluesparkle.
I only have a second, I am really busy at work this morning.
Things haven't been all that great when it comes to eating. Actually I feel like I'm spiraling out of control. I am totally in need of a major kick in the you know what. I don't know what happened, but I'm having a hard time snapping out of it. Hope everyone keeps checking in. I could really use an extra dose of support these days.

Elycia-sorry things haven't gone as planned. Hang in there! I know what you mean about the eating. We'll get there. Somehow, someway we'll get back on track.

SAHMof1-Wow you have been busy this year.

bluesparkie-Thanks again for starting us off for the month. I am also in need of some sort of a challenge. Whether we do the 7 day or something else. I definitly need something.

Well I gotta run for now. I'll try to check back a little later.

11-03-2006, 11:55 AM
Angel33 --You asked for it :kickbutt: We all need a good swift kick sometimes.

Since the cooler weather has set in I am wanting some of my old favorites. Its been so hard. I grew up in the south and not having cornbread all the time has not been easy. I still have a hard time making good choices when we eat out. Mexican food is the hardest for me. I love it.. esp the cheese dip and chips..

So its on to the weekend for all of us.. Nothing too excited going on here. I am in the process of getting my spare room set up for a guest. A friend of mine is coming out to stay with us for a little while. I am all excited about that, although I know it will be yet another temptation so eat all the naughty foods.

Here's :cheers: to a good weekend!!

11-03-2006, 12:39 PM
Wow! November already. This year really has gone fast. I was a bit free with my food choices over the weekend. I ate out four times, and had a huge, fattening ice cream cone on Sunday. So, it came as no surprise that the scale was still at 235 on Tuesday. However, it dropped below that this morning, so hopefully it will be a bit further down this coming Tuesday. Here's hoping.

It's really hard to get up the energy to exercise with the time change and it getting dark so early. The sun sets while I'm driving home from work, and it's dark by 6:00. So depressing. I haven't done any exercise this week, but I'm hoping that if I stick to my food plan, I can still keep up a minor loss each week for the next few months.

Actually, I've been thinking about slowing down my weight loss this winter so my skin can adjust. I have a friend who lost 70 pounds over the space of a year and a half. She doesn't have any saggy skin. Even if it takes me longer to lose weight, I think that the wait will be worth it if I don't have to deal with a saggy belly and butt. :-)

bluesparkie - Thanks for the new thread! I always forget when the month switches over. I'm sorry you have to work all weekend. What a drag. When I was in school, I felt like I was going to die since I worked a 40 hour week and carried about 15 credits of classes. It's rough work.

Elycia - That sucks that your new house isn't ready for you yet. It's only a matter of time, though. Before you know it, you'll be moving in and putting everything away. Plus, all that moving of boxes and furniture is sure to be a great workout for you.

SAHM - Wow, you really have had any eventful year. That's a lot of huge life steps to pack into 12 months. I feel you on the craving for comfort foods. I'm from the south as well. Food was always a huge part of family life and growing up. It's really hard to change my view on that. My mother hands out cookies and fudge as Christmas presents. Evil, fatty, sugary cookies that will ruin my eating plan.

Aleecia - I'm sure with a little bit of will power, you can get your eating under control. I've found that it's really helpful to let myself have sweets or additional food every week. It prevents me from having one of those moments when I stuff my face with anything in arm's reach. I eat really tasty food from restaurants on the weekend, but I'll eat really healthy during the morning so I don't feel so guilty when I add the calories from my dinner to the daily total.

I've found tea really helpful lately. Does anyone else drink hot tea? Licorice spice tea is amazingly good. It smells like Christmas, too. So instead of stuffing my face with cookies this holiday season, I'll be sipping on some spice tea. A spoonful of honey to sweeten it up is only about 50 calories, so that's a plus.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. Good luck with your next weigh-in!

11-05-2006, 09:38 PM
Hey everyone,
did anyone else have as rough of a time with halloween as I did? man, it really got me on a bad track. I don't know what happened. one piece of candy lead to a down ward spiral. I think Angel you arn't the only one needing a kick in the rear! I went to my WW meeting today but didnt' weigh in. All week I would tell my self I'm going to get back on track today but it never happened so Today is the day. I didn't have a single piece of candy, and I stayed on plan. I cooked a bunch of meals for lunches this week. all good things. I'm going to get back on track I have to!

Galengail, I know what you mean about the time change, I can't seem to get a morning excersise routine going and I'm scared to jog in the dark. but I think I'm letting that be my excuse, I have to figure soemthing out. let me know what keeps you going.

SAHM, can I get a kick int he butt to? j/k I do need one though. I've been overdoing it with comfort food since its been cold to, I have to remind my self to still eat my salad and fresh greens and everything.

Angel, we can stop the spiral, as long as it doesn't go on for two long, not much damage can be done. at my WW meeting a mother and daughter who had stoped coming about 2 months ago came back both had gained over 10 pounds. that mad me realise, I can't let my self go or I'll gain a bunch back as well.

Elycia, I'm glad you are almost living in your house. last fall, I had about 3 months of moving around because I was moving out of my parents and fixing up an old house. my parents sold there house (and moved right next to me, but that is another story) when mine should have been done but it wasn't so I had to move out of our old house into my sisters, then finally into mine, three months late. it sucks especially with two little ones. My son was in Kindregarden so at least we were out of and about most of the day. good luck and have fun unpacking.

Blue sparkle, I dont' know that I worked up to my challeng last month. this month, I think I'm just going to try and challenge my self to get up in the morning and work out even if its only for 30 min.

Hope I didn't miss people, if so I'll get ya next time;)
Have a good week eveyone and keep losing!

11-06-2006, 12:24 PM
Its Monday again!! So this weekend wasn't so bad. I went to weigh in and I am still at 218 but my goal this week is two pounds. I am going home on the 17th so I am going to be good until then. I have already told myself I am going to "treat" myself on Thanksgiving. However there will the traveling days and lets face it eating fast food isn't very healthy. The good thing is we take a little 6 pk cooler with us for water and fruit.. I may even be able to sneak some yogurt in there, so that will cut down on the sugary snacks.

Elycia-- I know how you feel about not getting in your house on time. We were almost two months late getting into our house and it drove me nuts. Luckily Dh could stay on post in the barricks and the little one and I stayed with his family about 90 miles from here. It was rough and I wish to NEVER do it again.

Jennie934-- I won't kick you this I'm glad that you are tyring to get back on track and are taking the steps necessary to do so. It is so hard sometimes when we slip to say "ok self thats enough, healthy food tomorrow" but how often tomorrow never comes.

Gail-- Your not the only one that finds it depression.. I get a bad case of SAD each year. I am one who loves to have the blinds open and the door open for light to come in and when its dark at 5:30 its just depressing.

11-06-2006, 12:25 PM
LOL I hit the post button to soon...

Aleecia, Bluesparkie How you ladies doing? How was the weekend??

I will check in tomorrow.. Have a good day!!


11-06-2006, 12:40 PM
How's everyone doing? I hope you're all well and on track with your food after all this Halloween stuff has blown over. Our next task is getting through Thanksgiving. I'm going to stick with my resolution of not having more than one plate of food. I'm going to pile that plate up, but I'm not going back for seconds or thirds like I usually do.

I'm actually feeling really good today. I slipped into my size 18 slacks this morning and THEY FIT. Yay! I didn't wear them because they were still a bit tight, and I didn't want to have an embarrassing blowout in the back seam. Once I get down to 200, I promised myself some new pairs of pants. I can't afford to buy a new wardrobe every time I lose 20 pounds, but I think I can swing my budget to include new clothes after the first fifty. I think I have a pair of cute, green workout pants in my closet that are 16's. They're my next goal. Hopefully I'll be able to fit comfortably in them by the end of January. My fingers are crossed.

Jennie - I'm sorry you had such a horrible time with Halloween. I imagine all of you with kids and even those of you that just handed out candy had much more temptation than I did. I never hand out candy, and I don't have any kids, so there wasn't much of a change to my usual schedule. My boyfriend's mom sent a gallon-sized bag of candy home with him after Halloween, but I've only had a couple mini Butterfingers. I promised myself that I wouldn't have more than one a day, and no more than three a week. At any rate, at least you're back on track now. The past is the past and you're working toward the future. That's what matters.

SAHM - The cooler with yogurt and fruit sounds like a great idea. It's always hard to eat healthy when you can't find anything that is healthy. As long as you eat right before Thanksgiving, I don't think you'll do too much damage by treating yourself during that dinner. I'm going home for Thanksgiving, too. My grandmother makes the most delicious green beans. Sounds healthy, right? Wrong. She puts so much butter in them that it's silly. So, my "diet" will have to take a backseat on that day.

11-06-2006, 02:17 PM
Hi Ladies,

I don't mean to stay away, but I am really struggling and I find that when I'm not doing so well I tend to stay away because of the embarassment that I feel. I feel like a failure.
From October 18th until today I have gained 6.5 pounds. ARGH!!! I don't know what happened but I'm a real mess right now. I think that maybe I am a stress eater. Work has been very frustrating lately and I find that I eat a lot more when things are crazy here.
I have really tried to reevaluate everything and I am trying to get a handle on this before I gain any more back. So far today has been okay. I did work out and I had a good breakfast and lunch. I just take it day by day and hopefully by the end of the week I will be back in the swing of things.

galengail-Way to go on getting into the 18's. I know what you're saying about buying clothes everytime you turn around. I have gotten a few new pairs of pants to get me by, but since I still have such a long way to go, I'm not ready to replace my whole wardrobe yet.
I like the one plate theory for Thanksgiving. I think I'll try that as well.

jennie934-I am so in the same boat as you. We can get past this. I know we can. Usually the whole sweets thing isn't a problem, but this year it was bad.
Some I'm with you, today is the day to refocus. Wish me luck!

SAHMof1-Packing a cooler sounds like a great idea when you travel home. Earlier this year when I went on a trip, I did that and packed yogurt, water, granola bars and LF string cheese. It really helped me stay on track and away from all the junk.
I also have to say I can relate to the comfort foods. My dad is from the south and my mom is 100% Mexican. So I grew up on all those wonderfully fatten foods. I have done pretty good at keeping them in moderation, but there's just sometimes when you need that home cooking.

Elycia and bluesparkie-:wave: How are you?

Well I gotta run, I am knee deep in work to get done today.
Have a great day

11-06-2006, 03:07 PM
Hi ladies, so my fantastic plan of checking in this weekend since all I had to do was work didn't end up flying since I failed to note that I would be working pretty much all night Friday and then 11 hours on Saturday leaving me only Sunday to get all of my schoolwork done for this week, argh!! So not too much sleep for me last night but I got the most pressing things done and now only have to worry about 1 midterm paper and some reports for my clinical work (ha ha, only). Eating-wise I've been doing terrific, staying on plan for everything except one halloween party when I definitely went over my calories, even more than what I had given myself as a splurge. The chocolate and candy wasn't even as much of a problem as the mango martinis... well perhaps I should say that they weren't much of a problem UNTIL the martinis. Something about drinking makes calorie counting completely disappear. But despite that I still had a good WI on Friday and stay on plan the rest of the week.

Elycia, that's frustrating that you haven't been able to move into the new house yet, it stinks not having a real permanant place to settle in. I hope that you're able to get in there soon and get everything in order.

SAHM, talk about a year full of changes! Good for you for making the positive changes that you've made. I totally hear you on the comfort food in the winter. My worst is mashed potatoes, I could really eat them all day long once the temperature drops.

Angel, I'm sorry that things have been tough for you lately, I understand completely about the stress eating. I think that the most important thing is to keep moving forward, even when you have a setback. As long as you stay positive I'm sure that you'll be able to get back on track. One of my favorite things about the people on 3fc is their complete lack of judgement when someone slips up a little bit, we're all here to support you, not to get on your case (unless you ask us to ;) ).

Gale, way to go with the size 18s! That's fantastic. I totally hear you about being less motivated now that the days are getting shorter, as if I needed any excuse to not exersise to begin with. I'm also in love with tea, mint and chai are my favorites but it's harder for me to keep all of the naughty things out of my chai tea so I usually stick with the mint.

Jennie, sorry you had a hard time with the halloween temptations. It sounds like you've done a great job turning things around and you're back on your way with healthier food choices. I'm starting to get a little worried about the holiday temptations because I'll be at my mom's where I feel like I have less control and where there are always delicious things to eat. Looks like I'll have to find some healthy substitutions stat!

11-07-2006, 11:50 AM
Happy Tuesday everyone! Well, I'm trying to make it a happy Tuesday even if I'm at work and it isn't even 9:00 yet. I have so much to do and no energy to do it with. Anyway, I weighed in this morning and I'm down two more pounds. I was worried because I had this totally fattening (but delicous) rosemary focaccia bread for dinner yesterday even though it wasn't part of my meal plan. My will power was tiny yesterday or something.

Anyway, I'm getting antsy as the New Year approaches because I really want to meet my goal of losing 34 pounds by the time 2007 rolls in here. It will be a great kick off my the year in which I intend to lose the majority of this weight that is stuck to me and has been for years. I took a couple pictures of myself after my first week of "dieting". Last week was the end of my tenth week, so I took another picture of myself. I actually saw a difference, which made me so happy. Hopefully, I'll have an even better picture when I finish my twentieth week (which will be on 1/10/07).

Aleecia - I'm sorry you're going through such a rough patch. :-( Just take one day at a time. Everytime I want to splurge and eat something I shouldn't, I think about the guilt I always feel after doing something like that. I also think about the feeling of accomplishment when I see the scale drop down a pound. Usually, that is enough of an incentive to not eat the evil thing that is calling my name. How was the rest of your day yesterday? Were you able to avoid getting off your plan too much? If you can get back on track for three days or so, then you'll probably fall back into the old routine of sticking to your meal plan. You've lost so much already that you obviously know what you need to do to lose the weight. It's just a matter of getting up the motivation to do it.

bluesparkie - Hey, at least you had fun at the Halloween party even if you did go over your calories. Plus, I think it's a good idea to treat ourselves from time to time. If we stuck to a strict diet every single day and never deviated, then I think we would all get burnt out really fast. I know I would. Even with the martini splurge last week, I still think that sticking to your food plan the rest of the week should give you results.

I hope all you other chicks are doing well!

11-13-2006, 03:40 PM
Hello everyone:

Yes, I know it is the 13th and I haven't been around. The girls are 1 year old today!!!! Yay!!!! I just can't believe it has been 1 whole year since I have been blessed with them in my life. Wonderful! Anyways, things are doing okay. It is a slow going with getting everything together with the house. Hopefully within the next month or so.

Anyways, I really thought that with all the out food that I was eating that I would be back up over 225 after it was all said and done. Unbelievably when I got on the scale, I was at 222.0. Wow, I couldn't believe it. It is only a 1.5 loss, but at least it didn't go up!!!

I am getting back on plan effective today. I started the day with my yogurt parfait and while I may not get a workout in today, I do plan to get back on it tomorrow. I hope to be able to post a little more soon and do personals. I just have alot to catch up on. Take care ladies and I will see ya later.


11-13-2006, 10:44 PM
Hey Ladies,
seems like we've all been busy lately. Well I had trouble getting back on the wagon or the plan or what ever. I can't seem to last longer than a day or two. Its weird, I went 3 weeks with out a single slip up now I can't get it going again. I know what I need to do but its just not happening.
I went shoping today and fit a size 14 jeans I dont' think I've worn that in forever. so that was a big NSV. I'm going to WI tomorrow so I'll let you ladies know how I do.
Hope things are going well for everone and send me some will Power!

11-16-2006, 07:08 PM
Elycia - I'm glad to hear that you're getting settled into the new house. AND, the 1.5 pound loss is awesome! It's it great to see progress when you're not expecting it?

Jennie - Congrats on slipping into those size 14 jeans! Yay! I'm definitely looking forward to wearing a size 14.

I hope everyone else is doing well. It seems like we're all very busy.

I'm preparing for a trip home for Thanksgiving. I haven't seen my family in almost two years, so I'm really overdue for a visit. I'm still sticking to my resolution to only eat ONE plate of food for Thanksgiving dinner.

My scale was down half a pound when I weighed in on Tuesday. I didn't bother to change my stats on the board here because it seemed silly to change everything for half a pound. Anyway, the scale told me I was at 230 this morning. However, I'm not going to change my tickers since it isn't my official weekly weigh-in.

Anyway, I'll be gone until late next week. So, I won't be talking to you all before Thanksgiving. Good luck on keeping up the willpower with all that yummy food floating around!

11-27-2006, 06:47 PM
Wow, it looks like everyone has been busy this last week. I hope you all are well and still on track with healthy living. I just got back from a visit to my hometown and my family. I completely disregarded any sort of diet while I was there. Home cooking and southern food just doesn't go well with a diet. I didn't watch what I ate at all. The bad news? I haven't lost any weight. The good news? I didn't gain any weight. I'm happy with maintaining since I pigged out. Hopefully getting back on my diet this week will give me some results. If I want to meet my goal, then I really need to start buckling down. I have 5 weeks to lose 13 pounds. I'm not sure I can do that with my average of 1.5 to 2 pounds a week, but I'm going to try.