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11-02-2006, 08:47 AM
Got in my 4:15am workout this morning. Ate more yesterday than anticiapted, but still stayed below 2000 calories. Today's looking like:

pbj sandwich (2 slices whole-wheat no-sugar-added bread, 1 T natural sodium-free peanut butter, 1 T no-sugar-added strawberry spread)
1/2 cup apple sauce
salad (romaine lettuce, chicken breast, cheddar cheese crumbles, and ff ranch dressing mixed with bbq sauce)
soy crisps (barbecue flavor)
Lean Cuisine (honey dijon chicken and veggies)
leftover crock pot stuff from last night (potatoes, water, ff half and half, turkey sausage, yellow corn, and spices)

I got in 3 liters of water yesterday--I'll try for 4 today. We'll see how well I stick to plan--I am soooooooo sleepy this morning and for some reason feel really drained. I got plenty of sleep last night, but this morning, I was actually yawning during my workout :p

11-02-2006, 09:39 AM
Good Thursday morning!

B - Carnation instant breakfast w/ 1 cup skim milk, small banana
s - kiwi
L - Chicken pita
s - banana
D - Didn't have the fish last night (had a chicken sandwich on ww bread with mustard and some grapes), so we'll have fish and rice tonight.

Water - 64 oz.
Exercise - 45 minutes treadmill

11-02-2006, 09:55 AM
morning everyone!!!

B-cereal, skim milk, banana
Sn: yogurt
L- sammie (2 slices of honey wheat, honey ham, provolone, tomatoes, lettuce, lite mayo-I really need to get some mustard instead of mayo), apple
S-piece of pumpkin pie
D-roasted chicken thighs w/sweet potatoes, carrots and onions; salad

11-02-2006, 11:07 AM
You guys.... recently I'm having trouble getting my appetite on... With all these exams and such, I'm stressed and I don't seem to want to eat at hectic times. I don't even know if I would eat this stuff even if I planned it out...

Breakfast: A cup of coffee with splenda and toffee almond creamer
1 slice of ww toast with pear butter

Lunch: hopefully something more than a 1/2 of a 3 inch sub like I had yesterday....

Dinner: Something more than just broccoli and coffee...

Argh this is frustrating.....

11-02-2006, 01:05 PM
B - 1 apple
1 cup skim milk

S - 1 cup de-seeded grapes.

L - 1 boca chick'n patty sandwich with white bread, ketchup and a sprinkling of cheese.

S - 2 nature valley granola bars (1 pack)

D - not totally sure...

11-02-2006, 01:44 PM
b- english muffin with peanut butter; banana; half a protien shake
s- coffee with 0 cal syrup and skim milk; 1 cup nesquick cereal dry
l- 1.5 cup spa. squash with .5 cup pasta sauce and 1 small chicken breast and a half a turkey/chicken bratwurst (cleaning the fridge)
d- fingers crossed for french toast
s- in my bag i have the same as every other day this week - havent been eating them
w- 4-5L
e- already did 1 hour on my bike

11-02-2006, 03:12 PM
Broke down and had a piece of Halloween candy yesterday. But it was just one peice, only 100 calories, so not so bad. The candy should be gone today, so I won't have to worry about it anymore.

B - Go Lean cereal with soy milk and raspberries
S - tea with sweet-n-low and soy milk
L - roast beef sandwich with 2 (that's right, count 'em, two) slices of light jarlsberg and grilled onions; tomato, cucumber, and raspberry salad in balsamic vinegar
S - pear with NF cream cheese
S - NF yogurt with raspberries
D - Tomato Chickpea Curry with brown rice, green salad
S - low cal pudding

Exercise: one hour cardio (stairs, ellipitical, treadmill) and 15 min abs