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11-01-2006, 10:43 AM
Morning Ladies...Here is our new home for the next couple of months. Be back later to post.


11-01-2006, 09:23 PM
Donna...So happy the fairy fat mother paid you a visit. I stayed the same this week, so I guess that's a good thing.:D Here's a picture of the baby quilt. I'm having problems with the computer, so I'll chat with you later.


11-03-2006, 11:46 PM
Hello...Hope you all are having or going to have a good weekend. Wednesday weigh-in was good...I stayed the same...very happy about that. Hope the fairy fat mother pays me a visit this week, I would really like to be back at ticker weight. chat with you all later.


11-07-2006, 03:59 PM
Good afternoon ladies, whereever you are?? Been pretty quiet here I see.:?:

Did everyone go and VOTE today ? I was # 8 in our precinct, then went

to breakfast with some girl friends.

Started a really good exercise program yesterday, now to keep it up. I was

surprised that I wasn't really sore today.

CHERYL: your quilt is so cute, the baby will love it. Are you still having problems with your computer? How maddening that can be.

LUFLIC: How are you feeling? Haven't heard from you in awhile, hope you are getting along all right.

And where is our new gal? hope we didn't scare you off.

Will post more later in the week, right now I have to get my charting done.
Have a great day everyone. DONNA:turkey:

11-07-2006, 10:54 PM
Hi Ladies...Hope you all are having a good day and got out there and voted. Things are going well for me, doing good so far on my eating. Hope the scales show a loss tomorrow.

Donna...What kind of exercise program did you start? Glad you weren't sore. I got a new book yesterday that I ordered from my book club and it's great! It's called "Our Lady Of Weight Loss". If you get a chance, check it out. It's good for a good laugh. Some of the chapters are...Our Lady Suffers from Constant Cravings"...Our Lady Eats a Dozen Delectable Morsels". She has a lot of good advice and also the Ten Commandments of Perment Fat Removeal.

Today I got some more sewing done, but my machine started to make a clicking noise when the needle was in the far left position. So I'm taking it back to the repair shop on Thursday. Cut out the pj tops this morning and I ordered the turtle design I'm going to embroider on them tonight. Can't wait to see how they will turn out.


11-08-2006, 12:58 PM
Good morning CHERYL: Gosh how I envy you your sewing talents. I used to

sew a little when my girls were small but nothing like you tackle. I'm afraid

my grandkids would be mortified if I tried to sew something for them to wear.

The exercises I started I found on Real The doctors that wrote the

book 'You on a Diet' have a spot on there with all sorts of interesting stuff. Be

sure to check it out.

Got some of my Christmas shopping done this past weekend. Now this coming

weekend we are going out to Wyoming to see my DH's mother. She just

moved into an assisted living facility. Will hopefully get some more shopping in.

Time will get away from me if I don't keep after it. Can't believe that we are

only 2 weeks from Thanksgiving. My girls haven't decided what they want to

do yet. Youngest one has a new family to deal with now so hope we don't get

left out. Know she will try to work around it all and we are pretty flexable.

Better run and finish folding some laundry for the clinic. Talk to you soon.


11-09-2006, 09:04 PM
Hi Donna...Got my sewing machine fixed this morning and I feel like such an idiot.
I didn't have the needle in correctly, so it made the noise and wouldn't thread it's self. I'm hoping the grandkids like what I made them. With 8, it's getting expensive to buy for everone for Christmas and I also have 4 with birthdays in December as well.

Have a safe trip to Wyoming this weekend. We are going in May to pick up a car my Hubby just bought, by then the weather should be nice.

I got some Christmas/birthday shopping done last weekend and also today. Now I need to get the sewing projects finished in the next couple of weeks so I can get everything mailed off. FD has no school tomorrow, so I hope to spend the day sewing.

Have a good weekend.:hug:


11-10-2006, 01:58 PM
Hi Cheryl: Don't feel bad about the sewing machine, I did that once with a tv years ago. Some switch had gotten turned. Guess we have to be human once in awhile. LOL:hug:

I'm really worried about Luflic, I hope she got through her surgery alright and is recovering nicely. We haven't heard from her in a long time now.

Sounds like it will be a cool weekend, but that's ok, better than terribly hot
Feels like moisture in the air today. Weather was reporting some light snow
way up north of us near the SD border.

You have a great weekend and keep that sewing machine hummin, Christmas is just around the corner.
:turkey: DONNA

11-13-2006, 05:13 PM
Hi Donna...How was your trip to Wyoming? Hope you had good roads and the weather was nice.

The weather was cool, but nice this past weekend. Took a friends son to the movies on Saturday to see "Flush Away". Pretty cute, and he enjoyed it.

I'm busy trying to finish up a few Christmas projects. Have a friend coming over tomorrow to use my machine and sew out a Pluto design on something. Means I need to go up and clean my room before she comes. I have so many flies, boxelder bugs and japanese beetles. Be kinda of glad when the really cold weather gets here, maybe they will go away. LOL

Got my head back where I need it, and motivated to stay on program. Have done soooo good today with my food choices and I have my cross stitch out to keep my hands busy tonight. Got a Mexican stew simmering on the stove for dinner tonight, going to add a salad to go with it. Now to get the body moving again.:carrot:

Cheryl :turkey:

11-14-2006, 03:23 PM
Hi Cheryl, We had a good weekend. It snowed on Sunday morning but didn't last long and didn't accumulate. It was pretty cool and awfully windy on our trip home. Now they are calling for 30-50 mph winds tonight and possibly 1-3 inches of snow.Oh Yippee, but guess it is that time of year. M-I-L sent
home her noodle maker with me,doubt if I ever use the darn thing,but she wanted us to have it.

Think I am finished with the main part of my Christmas shopping. Of course as it gets closer I think of all sorts of things that I think I need to buy. Have to get my decorations out and decide which ones I need to replace,it would be fun just to buy all new but know that is out of the question.

I should get my cross stitch out again,I have been doing a lot of reading and I kind of forget that I have it, have at least 2 projects that I started last winter and didn't get finished because they were so involved. I really enjoy doing cross stitch. What types of things do you do? My biggest project is a sampler that has so many color changes it just made me crazy

Hope you have a good day and I will talk to you again soon.

:thanks2: DONNA

11-14-2006, 09:26 PM
Hi Donna...Glad you had a good trip and no snow to really deal with. I keep waiting to wake up to the white stuff, but so far no snow in sight for at least a week, which is just fine with me. I like 40 degree plus weather so I can keep my heat down.

I like to read, do quilting/sewing, counted cross stitch, watch old movies and listen to all types of music except, rap, heavy metal and some rock groups. I listen mostly to smooth jazz.

I got two aprons together today, but have to rip out the bottom ruffle and finish the side of the apron and put the ruffle back on. It's a new pattern I bought at a quilt shop and I have to go back and rewrite the instructions. My friend came ovefr this afternoon, and I sewed out Pluto on the front of the shirt and also on the back yoke of the shirt. Turned out real cute.:D Hope I get my new embroidery card I ordered tomorrow in the mail, I really want to finsih the pj tops for my grandkids.

Have a good night and I'll talk to you later.

Cheryl :thanks1:

11-15-2006, 11:19 AM
Good morning Cheryl, well we lucked out and didn't get anything the weatherman promised us. Wind blew most of the night but not like they had predicted and the snow lasted maybe 5 minutes. The sun is shining and it is 30 now and suppose to get up to 50,PERFECT!! Sounds like our weekend will be pretty nice so we should be able to get the lights up outside.

I love to read, our library always has a table of books that they are selling. They are 10 cents for paperback and a quarter for hard. Got 4 hardbacks yesterday. I figure if I don't llike them I'm not out anything and I don't have to worry about getting them read so I can get them back on time. I mostly like history,fact or fiction and who done its. Not real big on the love stories.
As for music I mostly listen to country as that is what my husband and boss both listen to all the time.But I love the big band sound and the WW2 era,
guess that was what I was raised with.I enjoy some movies but don't take the time to watch too many. Can't remember the last time we went out to a movie. Guess I just can't sit still that long,at least at home you can move around and do other things. I'm terrible about multi tasking. Sometimes it makes DH upset that I try to do too many things at the same time.

Got most of the dishes washed up that I brought back from Wyoming this weekend. Now to find a place to put them! Probably end up back in the box and in the basement ;) Hope I never have to move, it would be a huge disaster.

Better go and get my files ready for the day and have notes to deliver to the doctors before noon. Will talk to you later. Have a good day!!

:happ3: DONNA

11-15-2006, 11:22 PM
Hi Donna...Just a quick pop-in to say I'm down 2.5 pounds. Guess that talking I gave myswelf worked, plus watching what I put in my mouth and writting it down keeps me accountable.

Glad you didn't get any of the white stuff:D ...50! I'm soooooo jealous.:p We were lucky to see 34 today.

Cheryl :turkey:

11-16-2006, 03:45 PM
:woo: Way to go Cheryl, 2.5 lbs. That must have been some talk!!!

Whatever you said really worked. I'm so proud of you. Keep up the good

work. I think writing it down always helps, I just hate doing it, but maybe

I'd better try it again.:hug: DONNA

11-16-2006, 09:00 PM
Hi Donna...Think this thread is beginning to turn into the Cheryl and Donna thread. :D Sure hope Luflic is alright and will be back with us real soon.:hug:

I got a new book through my book club and it has gotten me back on program. It's called "Our Lady of Weight Loss", by Janice Taylor. Gave me the motivation to get my tush in gear and also some laughs. If you get a chance, try to read it.

My scales had me down another 2 pounds this morning. At this rate, I hope to be back at ticker weight before bird day.:turkey: Just hope I can stay in control and not stuff myself.:D


11-20-2006, 12:40 PM
How was your weekend? I found out I'm really out of shape, I HAVE to get back on that old treadmill. I did so good with my eating,we always go to the donut shop on Sat. morning for coffee with friends; so that meant an apple fritter. Had homemade chili for lunch and then I was so tired I settled for a bowl of Cheerios for supper. We raked our entire yard and I got all of my ironing caught up again, about 2 hours worth. My dear M-I-L is back in the hospital and it doesn't sound like things are going very well for her. Just hate the thought of something happening during the Holidays, it is always so hard on families then, It's hard anytime, but during the Holidays just seems harder.
Anyway Sunday I fixed us a nice breakfast, only had 1 piece of bacon and some scrambled eggs and ww toast. Never eatmuch at noon after a big breakfast and last night I fixed us each a small pork steak, baked potatoe and a large salad. I did have a couple of fig newtons for dessert. Our exercise for the day was getting in the attic of the garage and getting all our Christmas stuff down. Put some of the lights outside up and will worry about the house later,after Thanksgiving.I was really tired last night. Started today off with a bowl of oatmeal and raisins with a sprinkling of cinnamon and brown sugar. Haven't had time for the treadmill just yet and doing the clinic laundry now so thought I'd drop in here.
Hope you aren't working too hard getting ready for Thursday.
What will you and your DH be doing, do you have any family around close? Think we will be home alone this year, but that's ok, means more leftovers ;)
Have a good week.:happ3: Keep thinking GRADUATION !!!

hyacinth merry
11-20-2006, 04:02 PM
Hi all, it's been awhile (like a couple months, maybe more??)

Lots of stuff happening, too complicated (and boring) to go into detail here, but I have been thinking about you all and hoping everyone was doing good!

I saw the photos of the beautiful quilts...sigh, I am envious of the talent! I'd like to try to do a few craft-type things for the upcoming Christmas holiday, maybe some fabric ornaments for the tree or something along that line.

On the weight loss front, I'm holding my own and doing OK. Nothing major plus or minus.


11-20-2006, 05:35 PM
HY: My gosh we have missed you.:welcome2:BACK It has been a really long

time. Hope you can stick around for awhile. Cheryl and I keep chatting but

no one else seems to be around. Glad to hear you are holding your own. If

you have been reading, you know that is what I'm doing and Cheryl seems

to be on a downward trend now. Look forward to chatting with you again.

:thanks1: DONNA

hyacinth merry
11-21-2006, 10:41 AM
Thanks for the welcome back Donna and I'm glad to hear you are "holding" too :-)

No I didn't read the posts, just saw the photos - lol!! I'm like a pre-schooler on that account.

Are you and Cheryl on specific diet plans? Just curious. I'm on a low-carb plan and have been since Feb. I had that deal with the thyroid tho - the nodules and having to have biopsies and all that garbage. Ugh, I don't even like to think about it (Note to self: OK, then don't! - lol!!) Anyway this year has been a challenge but I keep on trying and will keep trying :) I managed to lose 17 lbs and have at least kept that off - yea!

Well it's nice to be back and thanks again for the welcome :hug:


11-21-2006, 04:04 PM
HY: Congratulations on the loss and keeping it off. It is hard enough to lose

weight and if you have health issues too it is just that much harder. Thank

goodness my thyroid has stayed pretty even for over 30 years,did change

meds last Feb and I feel like I have more energy. As for diets I'm pretty

sure Cheryl is doing WW, as for me, I'm just scatter brained,LOL. I belonged

to TOPS for several years and that is where I learned all my good eating

habits and I just try to do the best I can. I like the Change One plan too as

it doesn't make you count anything or really even measure, you go by

servings I need to get more serious about it and follow it. I want to

lose at least 15 but would look better if I could get between 18 and 25 off

My granddaughter graduates from high school this year and I really need to

look nice for that.

Will try to post tomorrow if I get a chance, if not,


11-21-2006, 04:08 PM
CHERYL; Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. And don't stuff yourself :D
That was too cute when you said that last week.:turkey: DONNA

hyacinth merry
11-23-2006, 10:39 AM
Just a quick stop to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving also Donna!



11-26-2006, 06:54 PM
Donna and Hy...Just a quick Hello and a very belated Happy Thanksgiving to you both!!! Sorry I have been MIA :( We got switched over from dial-up internet to high speed last week and it has been nothing but problems. One of the perks we have to live with for living in the country. I think my Hubby has all the bugs worked out.

I had a very nice Thanksgiving and I didn't stuff myself. I will be back in the morning and try to catch up on all the reading and posting I need to do.


11-27-2006, 01:42 PM
Morning Ladies...I'm up the four pounds I lost last week, but it's water weight. My hands and feet are swollen and I can't get my rings off. Going to chug water like there is no tomorrow, and see if that helps.

Donna...Sounds like you are doing great food wise. I always have good intentions, but seem to fall off the program, but then I get right back on. Have you and the treadmill had a date together? :tread:
No, all my family is out in Oregon and we will never see them here for any of the Holidays. I would love to go out, but I won't leave my Hubby alone. He usually works the holidays, unless it falls on his days off.

Hy...:welcome: Back!!! We missed you so much.:hug: Thanks you for the complement on my quilts. It's what keeps me sane and not in a padded cell. LOL
Congrats on holding your own. That's Great!!!

Well girls, I'm going to put some music on and do some moving before I sit and start sewing for the next couple of hours. Christmas is biting at my heels. Oh, we got a lite dusting of snow lastnight and we are suppose to have freezing rain in this afternoon and 3 to 5 inches of snow tonight. I'm not complaining, fall has been very, very nice for us. It's almost noon, and we are 8 degrees.

Have a lovely day!!!:D


hyacinth merry
11-28-2006, 11:39 AM
Cheryl thank you for that welcome back! :hug:

Well your quilts are beautiful and I can just imagine what joy you must get from creating them!


hyacinth merry
11-28-2006, 11:55 AM
We might get down to freezing tonight here too - which is kind of wierd considering we're talking about PHX! It does (rarely) reach into the 30's here once in awhile, but not on a regular basis.

I didn't get all wierded-out about the Thanksgiving holiday and my 'low-carb' program...just ate in moderation (and that did include carbs) and tried to enjoy stuff like getting out the Christmas decorations and all :-) :ginger:

This is always a time for lots of treats and I usually don't "do" sugar so need to get some snacks thought up that I can have those instead of the regular fare. One of my favs is splenda coated pecans - it's just that my DH loves these too and manages to snarf down the whole container within a day if I don't hide them!! :mad: :snowball:


11-28-2006, 04:09 PM
OOOPPS! Looks like I'm the last to check in after the big day. I too did pretty well. Ate lots of good stuff and a little of the not so good stuff ;)
Haven't weighed yet though. Was having trouble with my blood pressure
being too low,Dr. says not to worry and be happy that it is so good??? I trust her, I've been going to her for 15 years now, but it still has me a little concerned. She said I should just keep monitoring it and if I get too worried to come back and she can see if there is any reason for it, but have no other problems so she said I should just quit worrying.After taking it twice a day for 7 days it is averaging 106/62

HY: Freezing and Phoenix just don't look right in the same sentence !!! My
brother-in-law lives down there too and so know it can get cold. The high here tomorrow is only going to be mid teens and blustery north winds,
sounds like a really fun day. Maybe some snow tonight.

CHERYL: Glad you had a good Thanksgiving, it must be hard with your
family so far away. We know you will get that 4 lbs off right away. Isn't it amazing how we can wear out a couple of pounds by putting them on and taking them off. You would think after awhile they would dissappear forever.

Here it is the season to be jolly and I'm so mad at my DH. He had the nerve to bake sugar cookies Sunday while I was decorating the house. He froze most of them but left about 3 dz out to eat now. Just what I needed, more temptation. These are like the ones we used to get at the bakery when we were kids, they just melt in your mouth. Of course he doesn't have a weight issue, so it's no problem for him. Me ? I have a "wait" issue, I can't "wait" to have one of those cookies! :D

OK got to run, it's time for my day to be over, so I can go home and get back on my laundry and make some soup for tomorro

:hug: Have a great day gals, talk to you soon. DONNA

12-02-2006, 11:16 AM
Morning Ladies...Sorry I have been MIA...Been under the weather with a nasty sore throat and just don't feel like doing anything, but snuggle up on the sofa with a nice warm blanket.

Hy...We got hit with freezing rain late Sunday night and all day Monday. My poor Ozzy was even having a hard time trying to get back to the house after doing his business. We have about 1/2 inch of ice on our trees, and I'm surprised that the branches haven't broke off. It could happen today with the high winds we are having. I saw on TV where you were having much colder temps than you are use too. We are going to be 10 for a high and -30 with the wind chill.

Donna...OOOOooooooo Men can be so :dizzy: ! Mine isn't any better, but instead he made pasta with a meat sauce. Besides cookies/candy, I stay away from pasta since it is one of my trigger foods. I can't control my portions for some reason. Hubby also bought a box of Vanilla Wafers and two bags of spice drops. He wants me to make some Christmas cookies and he has to make a dessert for our Christmas party we go to next Saturday. I'm going to take a rolling pin to the vanilla wafers this afternoon, so I'm not tempted to eat the entire box, and I had him put the spice drops up where I can't get to them. Be glad to see this month over with!!!

Have a good weekend girls and stay warm.


hyacinth merry
12-03-2006, 10:49 AM
Cheryl sorry to hear you have been under the weather and hope you are feeling better now :hug:

Donna the "helpful" cookie maker at your house...sigh...we all seem to have that guy living with us - lol! I really think that a lot of people just don't get it - I mean that they really don't understand what a struggle weight is for some of us. For me, I just can't do foods or amounts that others can.

Speaking of that, I've actually been baking, but for everyone else!! And I was inspired by Cheryl and made a few little homemade ornaments out of fabric scraps :carrot: Trying not to get caught up in the frenzy (too much, lol!!) and also not falling into the sugar trap. Don't have to explain that one, right? ;-)

Did go to a party this week and the hostess had all kinds of nice party trays, including fresh veggies, but only ONE dessert tray and it was all the same thing - I thought that was great - we get too many sweets offered to us during the holidays. I have a party here at my house for neighbors in a couple weeks and I'm going to do the same thing: offer ONE dessert and that's it.

It WAS really cold here and that was different - lol! But it has warmed up a bit now - at least we didn't hit freezing last night.

My dogs are TOTALLY little stinkbombs so today is gonna be bath day here:D

:hug: Hy

12-04-2006, 12:39 PM
Good morning ladies, here it is Monday again. Sounds like we have a great week weather wise ahead of us so that makes me feel better.

CHERYL: Sure hope you are getting better. Seems like so many are really struggling with colds and flu this year, think around here anyway it is just sooo dry. Need a heavy snow to kill off some of these germs.

HY: You are so right that some people just don't understand what we who are trying so hard to keep our weight on a downward trend go through especially during the Holidays.

We went to a Christmas party Saturday night. Had a couple glasses of wine and my entree was baked chicken, could have had shrimp or prime rib,but I knew you were watching me. No desserts, that was great!!! Dear Hubby made more cookies on Saturday but they all went to the freezer, I did try one though, had to see if they were as good as when I make them;)
Yesterday I got all of my candy made and put out of sight. We will make
large trays to take to our work so that will help get rid of most of this stuff.
I am having to eat 6 mini meals a day to keep my blood pressure up and I hate it. I am not really hungry and not sure just what I should eat. Have been doing like a string cheese stick and half an apple, or yogurt and a piece of fruit or Ritz Bits with Peanut Butter. Got any good ideas? I always
eat a big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast with walnuts,raisins and cinnamon
so I'm really not hungry until noon. Am trying really hard to get some exercise in too but I really am lacking in energy. I hope this month just gets gone and we can think of something besides food 24-7.Everything you look at talks about food for the Holidays.

Did you happen to see on the Sunday Morning Show on CBS yesterday,they had a piece about a restaurant in New York,I think, that you dine in the dark. You order a 3 course meal when you go in and then the hostess, who is legally blind takes you to your dining room and seats you,and it is totally dark. You have to feel with your hands to find your plate and silverware. They said you usually end up eating with your hands because you can't hit your mouth or find your food with a fork. It also said you enjoy your food more because you have to think about what you are eating. What a concept, not one I could enjoy, I'm terribly claustrophobic.

Guess I had better get busy, still have to vacuum the clinic before we see patients today,we are starting a little later than usual as the therapist has to work in one of our other clinics this morning.

Have a great day and ignore those commercials !!! DONNA :candy:

12-11-2006, 11:55 AM
Good morning Cheryl and Hy. You gals must be really busy getting things ready for the Holidays. You haven't been here in over a week, I miss you :cry:

DH and I have finished up our baking and have taken several trays of goodies to our neighbors. I still need to bring one to work. I have been doing very good about leaving the goodies alone. I have something now and then but not several somethings like I use to. You know, it feels really good to say "no thank you, I'll pass". Have really been working on my exercise too. I am determined to get this darn weight off!!!

Hope both of you are feeling well and keeping busy. Hope too that you will be back soon, it is very lonely here without you. Have a great week and I'll keep checking back.

:clause: DONNA

12-11-2006, 02:08 PM
Good morning Donna and Hy...Sorry I have been MIA again...Just fighting the holiday blues I get every year.:( plus I have been trying to get over a nasty cold.

Got some of my holiday baking done yesterday and ready to mail off to my kids. I'm trying hard not to hit the cookie jar. Just about done with the christmas sewing. I have a chistmas stocking for my new grandson almost done. Hope to do that tomorrow, so I can get it mailed.

I have not stepped on the scales in over a week, but will have to get weighed at WW on Wednesday. I know I am up, hope to get back on track after the holidays.


hyacinth merry
12-13-2006, 11:07 PM
Oh Cheryl and Donna I just wrote out a big long reply to you all and when I hit "preview" it went poof and I can't restore.

Did I happen to "copy" before I hit the button? - oh heaven forbid!!! So annoying...:tantrum:

I don't have time to compose another detailed post, so for now I'll just say hi and congratulate you both on hanging in there and making smart choices :hug: Keep up the good work girls!


12-14-2006, 03:20 PM
Hi Ladies...Just a very quick pop-in to see how everyone is doing. Yesterday I had to take a refresher course on CPR. CPR has changed from last year, and I really got a workout. Also had to go and get fingerprinted so I can renew my foster parent license and get my TB test checked out. Looks like I'm good for another year.

I checked in with WW, but I didn't weigh. Going to try and stay off the scales till after New Years and eat healthy till then. Hoping for a nice loss to boost my MOTIVATION.

Hy...I can't tell you how many post I have lost, and it is so agravating when it happens. ERRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Donna...Hope you are having a good week. I keep telling myself...Only 6 months till graduation...I CAN DO THIS!!!!


12-15-2006, 01:09 PM

I hope that is ok with everyone. Can't believe there is such a fuss about this glorious holiday. Pretty soon we won't even be able to say to anyone
"good morning" it might offend somebody. Well I say "tuff"

Cheryl: Glad you passed your tests for another year. That must be a relief.
I agree about staying off the scale until after Jan. 1. Might as well wait for the bad news and then we are going to have to really bear down. Thanks for the reminder that we only have 6 months or less until graduation, I'm getting kind of scared about this. I really want to do it, but can't seem to get my body to agree with that.;) Wouldn't it be great to get through the holidays without the blues? I know I seem to have them worse this year than in the past, must be getting old !! Everything makes me cry, I just hate it, poor hubby can't figure out what is wrong with me, thank goodness he's patient.

Hy:Sorry your computer lost your post, I've had it happen too. Where do these computer gremlins come from? It never happens when it is something short, always after a long one.Hopefully you won't have it happen again.

Well I thought we were done with shopping, now DH wants to go again this weekend. He got a surprisingly large bonus and can't wait to spend some of it. He's never gotten a Christmas bonus from any job he's had before,so he is like a little kid with money from Grandma. Think I'll steer him toward a jewelry store :D well it's worth a try.

Have a good weekend and hope to hear from both of you next week, know it will be a hectic one so if you don't get time to get here, we'll talk after Christmas.


:hug: :hug: A big hug for each of you. DONNA

12-16-2006, 11:28 AM
Donna...A Great Big MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too!!!! I hate that Christmas has been taken away and it's Happy Holiday. It seems that more and more of what our generation believes in, is going away. Very sad.

Make sure darling hubby spends a little of his bonus on some bling for you.:D It will sure improve your spirt and maybe help chase the blues away.

I'm taking the FD into town to do her Christmas shopping...Not my thing. Going to take a good book to read and find somewhere to park my rear.

Hy...Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Well girls, I'm trying real hard to stay on program, and I have done pretty good the last couple of days. Bought lots of fresh veggies and fruit yesterday and got out a couple of my Cooking Light cookbooks and will plan menus around a few receipes I found. Still feeling pretty blue and about the only thing that will cure it, is a big dose of family, but that will never happen during this time of the year. At least we are having a very mild winter so far.
Can't believe that we have no snow on the ground and above normal temps. Believe me, I'm not complaining! I would be very happy if it stayed this way till April and then warm up to 70!:D :D :D

Have a great weekend and enjoy the spirt of the season. Sending a hug and my love to both of you.:hug:


hyacinth merry
12-20-2006, 11:35 AM
Merry Christmas to both of you also :candy:

Know everyone is busy right now - me too!! I've done very well avoiding all the traditional pitfalls of the holidays and eating. It helps a lot that my DH hasn't gone all bonkers about not having sweets around the house this year.

It frosted here in PHX last night - we covered up what plants we could but at some point you just have to let nature take it's course I guess.

My posts may be hit and miss here for awhile but just know I'm thinking of you :hug:


12-20-2006, 12:10 PM
GOOD MORNING GIRLS, It is raining here this morning, started about 9pm last night, but the temp is starting to fall now so it will start freezing and they say we have 4-6 inches of snow coming yet today and tomorrow. Guess we will have a "WHITE CHRISTMAS" after all. Not sure that makes me happy. We are planning on going to DD in Colorado, only about 2 1/2 hours from here, on Friday night. Sure hope we will be able to, but if not we will get together the next weekend. After all, Christmas is in the heart not on the calendar. Don't know if I will have to work all day or not, haven't heard from the therapist yet and no cancellations so far.

CHERYL: Since there are so few of us here now, do we want to move into another group after the first of the year? I will leave that up to you, I'm game for about anything, just know I need to keep visiting with you gals or I'm going to fail this. I'm sure you are busy with getting everything ready for the "BIG" day. Hope the blues are better, but know when your family is so far away it is hard. Just don't let it get you down so you pack on the pounds to cover up the pain. :hug:

HY: It sounds funny to hear you say frost in PHX. It is always hard to let those plants go. I always try to cover my rose bushes forever. Finally gave up and they still have buds froze on them. Have a wonderful Holiday and be careful of the :devil: We just have to fight all the time. However think I will just relax and enjoy the Holidays and worry about it on Jan. 2.

DD in Colorado just called and they have 5" of snow on the ground now and suppose to get 20 more and 30 mile an hour winds !!! Maybe I'll be home for Christmas after all.

Here's wishing both of you the greatest of Christmas's. I will pop in again next week for a wrap up of 2006. GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU.


hyacinth merry
12-20-2006, 08:46 PM
Yes Donna, that is right: frost in PHX - lol!! Last night, tonight and they think maybe tomorrow night too. Brrrr....

Now YOU are having some weather it sounds like - eeek! And I saw this afternoon that DEN is pretty much socked in right now. I'm sorry that the weather may "reschedule" your plans, but hopefully you can get together the following weekend.

Yes, I agree, I'd like to keep our little group going too if possible. It helps me focus on my priorities - my health and fitness.

Wearing a sweater and thinking I might need some gloves too as I type this - lol ;)


12-27-2006, 04:28 PM
Afternoon Ladies...Sorry I have been MIA....Christmas Blues hit me really hard last Monday when my Hubby came home and said he starts 14 days vacation. We asked for vacation last January and were told he would not get it over Christmas, ever. So needless to say, I didn't have any money saved up because it wasn't going to happen. It sent me in a tail spin. I haven't been home for Christmas in nine years, and then to find out we could of gone if his work would of been nice enough to let us know like in July it was going to happen.

Donna...I have been on an eating freenzie, but had a big wake-up call when I stepped on the scales yesterday. I'm soooooooooooo angry at myself!! I'm up 12 pounds, I haven't been journaling or watching what I eat, just feeding my pain. I'm back on track as of yesterday and have 6 months till my Granddaughter graduates, so I can and will do this.

I would like to keep our little group going. I need you both and enjoy talking to you.

Hy...This is the first Christmas in the nine years we have lived here that we don't have any snow and the temps have been in the high 30's low 40's. I love it!!! Can't you tell I'm not oringinally from North Dakota?

Hope you both had a Blessed Christmas and I hope the New Year will find us much lighter by this time next year.


12-27-2006, 04:46 PM
Hi, I am a 57 yr old mother of 10 and I live in WI but grew up in NE. My dh is a veterinarian. I haven't read all the posts yet but just skimmed them. I follow an intuitive eating plan where you go by hunger and fulness. Just thought your thread was so interesting. We are missing snow here, too. and none forcasted anytime soon, just rain. But we are thankful for the moisture. We have a big garden and glad it rains a lot most summers. We used to have 5' drifts all winter but not any more.

12-27-2006, 04:53 PM
:hug: Cheryl, oh sweetie, I'm so sorry that those scales were so naughty
to you. BUT you are so right we will get this thing under control once and for all before graduation. We will help each other through this. I'm really sorry that DH's company couldn't let you know sooner so you could have gone home for the Holidays. Seems like this Christmas has been hard for many of us. We did get to Colorado on Friday night, roads were good most of the way. Came home on Sunday. NOW we had planned to go to oldest D in the Nebraska panhandle this weekend to celebrate Christmas and we are in a winter storm watch area for more rain and snow and wind starting on Friday. I put their presents in the mail today, just in case we can't go.
I'm glad you want our little group to continue, I'd be lost without you gals, I really enjoy visiting with you too.

HY: Hope you had a great Christmas.

I did get on the scale this morning and I am 3 lbs over my tracker. I have to admit that I was shocked, I really thought it would be more. Of course the year isn't over yet !!!! LOL I signed up for iVillage challenge that starts on January 4th. We'll see if it helps me, last year I didn't do so well on it.

:dust: Maybe a little of this will help all of us.


12-27-2006, 05:25 PM
CAROL::wel3fc: We are so glad to welcome you into our little group. Glad we sound interesting to you. We do have a good time. You are a mother of 10 ? God bless you.My little sister is about your age and she has 8 children and was blessed with 2 grandsons this fall and is getting 2 more GB this spring.

I try to use the Change One plan of eating, my biggest challenge is exercise.

We look forward to getting to know you and learn about your family.
Where did you live in Nebraska ? I live in Gothenburg but still call Scottsbluff home.We did have a white Christmas and looks like we are going to get a white New Years !!!!

If I don't get back before next week here's wishing you and your family a HAPPY NEW YEAR


12-27-2006, 05:38 PM
I lived in Hebron which is south of York about an hr. My dad was a dentist and lived there for 35 yr. I have the best childhood memories but when I go back I feel a little sad because things are different now. They retired in 1976. My mom just died in Aug. at age 90. She lived with us and died in our home but she had a good life and was ready to go. She died very quickly from a heart attack.......just the way she wanted it.

12-27-2006, 05:40 PM
Forgot to say that my mom taught school in Gothenburg before she married. She was from Loup City.

12-27-2006, 06:11 PM
Carol, I'm sorry about your mom. It doesn't matter how old they are, it is hard to lose them. I lost my mom 25 years ago and my dad 5 years ago.I'm
60 years old and I still miss them. That is neat that your mom taught school here. I know we are going to have fun getting to know each other.
Talk to you soon, DONNA

12-28-2006, 11:47 AM
Good morning....First I would like to :welcome: Carol to our little group and I look forward to getting to know you. A little about myself...I'm 53 years old and I'm following Weight Watchers Core program. I have two grown children and eight grandchildren that live out in Oregon. My husband and I are also PATH Foster Parents,and have been for six years. We have one 15 year old FD right now. So Welcome, Carol!!!:hug:

Donna...Thanks for your kind words. I know we will get there together. The scales were down 1 pound this morning, so I'm heading in the right direction again. Now to get back to doing the exercising, which I hate. I broke it up into 3-(15 minutes) workouts a day. So I will either go walking if the weather is good or move to music for 15 minutes.

We were suppose to get some of the snow you are going to get this weekend, but now they say we will be missed. Of course I'm happy about that, but my poor neighbors that are farmers are really hurting for some much needed moisture.

Have a good day and I will check back later.


12-29-2006, 12:14 PM
Good morning gals, it is cold and miserable here this morning. We are having freezing rain that is suppose to turn to snow around noon. Oh boy, here we go again !!! but the moisture is wonderful we need it so desperately.

Well I've come for confession time :( I went to my company Christmas party yesterday, they serve us a BIG dinner, thank goodness there is no alchol. I knew I'd be eating heavy at lunch so I had toast and peanut butter for breakfast and some juice. I almost never drink pop, but I did drink a diet Pepsi while driving there, thought it would help fill me up so I wouldn't eat so much. For a starter we had boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce,a wonderful dip, cream cheese,salsa,
pepperoni and mozerella cheese then baked and served with
tortilla chips and stuffed mushrooms. Like that wasn't enough. The main course was 1" thick baked pork chops,
tossed salad and a baked vegetable medly with cheese sauce. And then to top it all off we had dessert, a lovely
strawberry and raspberry trifle. Oh I was soooo miserable, then had to drive home, 2 hours, in fog !!! The only good thing I did all day is I didn't eat supper. Boy will I be glad when these Holidays are over. Hopefully my brain will kick in and I won't eat like I'm never going to get another meal again.
Sorry I had to rant, but I feel better telling my friends what a bad girl I was. Now today I promise to be really good.
I hope you both have a good weekend, I won't be back online until Tuesday.


12-30-2006, 01:35 PM
Morning ladies...I had a really good day eating wise...Made good choices...Wish I could of done that over the Holidays. Why is it when the Hoildays come, we eat like there is no tomorrow?

Donna...Don't beat yourself up. I'm sure the scales won't show that much of a gain. Your meal sounds sooooo WONDERFUL. We are getting together with friends for New Years Eve. I plan on taking veggies, FF Ranch dressing and a bag of weight Watchers Pretzels for me to much on.

Woke up to about a inch of snow yesterday morning and I got woke up at 4:30 this morning with the weather alert going off. That storm that was suppose to stay in South Dakota, changed it's mind. It is snowing HARD here, and not the light can't make a snowball, but the big heavy snow flakes. We need the mositure desperately,just hope it doesn't keep snowing till April! LOL

Have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve. See you in 2007


hyacinth merry
12-30-2006, 09:52 PM
A big *Hey!"Cheryl, Donna, and our newcomer Carol,

Cheryl, don't let those blues get the best of you, but wow, I can understand why you would be upset and disappointed with the stunt your DH's company pulled on you all - that is so inconsiderate. I know however that if anyone can turn a negative into a postive, you can so I can't wait to hear what you decided to do with those 2 vacation weeks :D

Donna, I am really suprised that you made it to CO - I thought about you when I saw the Denver weather reports. Well I'm glad you were able to make the trip and I hope this weekend's trip also goes well!

Carol, that's a lot of kids - lol!! But you probably already know that ;) Really, it's great and the holidays must be so much fun at your house! Glad you have joined us and hope to hear more about how your program is going. Wecome!

I'm STILL freezing my tail off here in PHX!! So bizarre, but the good news is there's no snow - lol! Just a chilly winter here this year. Doing decently on my eating and no major meltdowns when it comes to sweets (yea!!!) Basically I have just been avoiding them and eating protein instead - like nuts - for "treats". This is different approach for me as last year the holiday sweets really sabatoged my program.

I liked what someone told me the other day when we were talking about the holidays and resolutions and that kind of stuff - she said she wasn't making a specific resolution but a general one and that was to work on her patience. And for her that meant to give things she was trying a decent chance to work - a REAL chance- and not to just flit from one idea to another to another the first second something kind of stalled.

Really, REALLY liked that concept once she explained what it meant to her - I think I could use some brushing up on that old patience skill too ;) So I plan to hang in there with my low-carb program...

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's Eve. Happy 2007 to all!!



01-02-2007, 12:16 PM
Hy, Isn't that funny you are freezing your tail off in Phoenix and in WI we are having record highs and no snow. When we first moved here about 30 yr ago we had 5' drifts along our road and didn't have to worry about running off the road. Ha! I've been forgoing sweets and trying to eat more veggies but my DH likes to cook and is sabotaging me. ha! He's so funny. He tells me not to eat certain things and then feels bad when I don't eat his baked goods. Hope I can resist temptation. On the sad side, I saw a man die yesterday. We always go to a fun gym day on Jan.1 where some play basketball, others volley ball and others board games. After one round of bball a 55 yr. old man had a heart attack. Such a shock. We didn't know him too well but his wife and 16 yr. old daughter were there, too.

01-02-2007, 01:33 PM
Hi...I started a new thread for jan/Feb, so see you there.