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09-27-2001, 02:03 AM
Good Morning Everyone :) I hope you are all doing well. I'm up late (well kinda) again and thought I'd drop by since I never got here during the day today. It's still awfully quiet around here... hopefully we'll pick back up again soon tho!

Lori... woohoo on the small! Gosh I wish! I'm happy with a large right now... sometimes they fit, sometimes they don't. I don't understand why sizing is so completely messed up. Standard sizes would be nice!

Kim... better make sure that landlord does what he's supposed to! You don't want to be stuck without working bathrooms. How tiresome. I've been pretty lucky in my apartment complex. It was new when I moved in 2 years ago and I haven't had any issues come up.

I'm thinking about getting a pet. Since I'll be home almost all the time again (hopefully)... it seems like it might be a good idea. I'm lonely... I think I got so used to always being around other people that now that I'm back living alone it's kinda dreary. I guess I'll see tho. I think I might stop by the local Humane Society... if nothing else I can volunteer a bit of time there!

Anyways...I hope you all have a great Thursday... we're getting closer to the weekend!

09-27-2001, 03:32 AM
Hi Shalyne! I'm up late too. I can't sleep again. Go figure. I am supposed to be up in less than five hours and I just can't relax. Anybody got any good sleep-enhancing ideas? I am so tired of this night owl stuff when I have an early day. It always rags on me. Maybe I need to exercise even more to make myself more tired-of course since exercise helps give you energy it might backfire. I don't know. Anyway thought I'd pop in and see if anything's happening. Guess you're all smarter than me and are sleeping. Well sweet dreams everyone. Hopefully I'll talk to you later today :)


09-27-2001, 09:35 AM
Hi Guys! It is quiet here at the mo, isn't it? And funny, I was just looking at my buddy list which I did last time they changed the server (several months ago) and there are so many people who've disappeared. Emily, Angie, Lisa, Kirsten, Suzanne ... if any of you are out there lurking, come and say hi! We miss you! And Brenda, come and see us again soon :^:

So ... what's everyone up to? Kim, your house sounds FAB, I have always wanted a porch/veranda like you have in the US. Our houses don't have those. They are all stuck together in rows so there's no space.

Ali - sounds like you and new blokey are doing so fine. Yippee!

I've just wasted a whole morning playing on the internet trying to think of what to do with my future (yes, again!). Still thinking of the education course or the translation course. I have sent off for a whole pile of prospectuses. Now I should really get back to the writing ...

Later, 'gators!

Horsey girl
09-27-2001, 01:28 PM
Morning all, It's quiet today. Rina and Shalyne I hope you got some sleep. Lolly - I still haven't found my old measurements. I really need to spend some time with my mom - she's got them on file in her sewing room. Still tired today but last night was so cool...I had an equine massage therapist work on my horse. Most of the people at the barn thought that he had something wrong with his back but the guy said he's fine and just a little tight in the hindquarters. He even gave me some techniques to use on him. I'm really excited about it. He was soo cute he practically fell asleep until he had enough of being touched and wanted his dinner. On another note...Shalyne - I used to have a ferret and they make fantastic pets. Just a little smelly. Hope everyone is having a good day.

09-27-2001, 02:03 PM
Hey ladies!! How is everyone? I'm still training on new software and I heard a rumor that I'm getting a brand-spanking new computer. It's not quite ready yet! yippeeee!
I have to get a new collar for Bailey...she's already outgrown her first one! Yikes! We can't take walks until she gets a new collar!
Well, I hate to post and run, but I've got tons of work waiting for me!
JenL: Come out wherever you are!!
Tonya: Are you guys on vacation?
Hey to everyone!

09-27-2001, 02:47 PM
OK-I went to WI and am up .2...not much of a gain, but I was expecting a big loss..I FEEL like I've lost!!!! Grr....I'm so frustrated...I feel like I've done so many things right...and if you go by calories, I am not eating that many, so why am I not losing???????
I guess for this week I'll try to drink more water and eat out less/??? I exersize a lot...at least 4 x per week, and I've tried varying my workouts....and varying my food....I'll try to up the protein a bit...any other suggestions? I feel like my body is bound and determined to stay at 150ish....and I want to be 140ish!!! Help!!!!

09-27-2001, 02:50 PM
Hi!! I am here, just really busy at work!! Not much new, trying to exercise each night but this week it has been difficult.

I am in the middle of planning a vacation the middle of October to see friends in Nashville, TN. I am excited to get away from work for a while!

Well, better get back...I will try to get back in a bit.

09-27-2001, 02:52 PM
Lori ~

Just a thought, but when I work out 5 days a week, pretty vigorously, I find I need to eat at least at the middle to high end of my points range to lose. Your body may be in a starvation mode if you are eating at the low end and working out pretty heavily.

Just a thought....

09-27-2001, 05:14 PM
I'd like to report that I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but I woke up this morning and my cold feels like it's in my chest. I'm prone to bronchitis, so I'm worried about this. I haven't had to use my inhaler in months, and I've already used it twice today. I'm sure not getting enough sleep is a factor. Last night I got 4 hours. I got home from work at 9 and did some laundry, packing the remaining dishes and took two car loads over to the new place, the last one with the dogs. Then I had to take stuff off the bed to make the bed, and finally fell asleept around 3. I got up at 7 because I had a court hearing to cover this morning.

I am a zombie. :yawn: ALMOST done, though. I should get everything over tonight (if I can stay awake) and then tomorrow, we clean! Haven't quite figured out when we're going to pack for vacation. Maybe about 5 a.m. Saturday.

Hey, where IS Jen? Someone asked yesterday. Hi to Tonya, KT, Rina, Lori, Stacey, Lolly, Shalyne, and any lurkers out there.

I was bad and had Sonic for lunch. Just a hot dog and a diet Limeade, though. Here's a question: Are you supposed to tip the people who bring you your food? You wouldn't tip your cashier in a regular fast food place, but is that different? Just wondering.

Better go write my story o' the day.

09-27-2001, 05:30 PM
I usually tip the person my coin change. If I go thru the SOnic drive thru then no tip, but if they bring it to me and I don't write a check, then I give them the change. Nothing over a dollar, though.
Lori: I agree with Tonya! Also, just because the scale doesn't show a loss, simply the fact that you feel better is the key. I think we should do away with scales all together!

Trish O
09-27-2001, 05:33 PM
Hello all.

Not much going on here. My water is off at home because of a water main break, my cable is out and the cable guy says it is our remote (but the box does not work either!) and some small tawn newspaper ad people are messing up my ads and making me so mad.

Jen is at a conference this week. She may be back tomorrow but for sure on Monday. She is dong well.

Kim: Man, do you have a lot of money to lose at your old place if you don't clean. I mean really, they kicked you out so I would not clean a thing. They can just do it themself! Hope your new landlord gets better and the bathroom gets fixed!

Lori: I agree with Tonya, try to eat a little more. That may get things moving. Also, don't forget muscle density etc and the scale.

Lolly: Oh, figuring out what to do with life. It is hard. Would your DF get a job up there then? I forget what line of work he is in. Sometimes I think it would be great to go back to school. But I am not sure I really need any advanced degrees. I guess my college degree is good enough. Plus, we are still paying for hubby's JD. Lori, you must know all about student loans.

Hello to everyone else. I am off to deal with the cable people.


09-27-2001, 05:33 PM
Thanks, Stacey! I think I'll do that next time.

Trish O
09-27-2001, 05:37 PM
Stacey: you are so nice to tip the Sonic person. I never thought of that. Bad me. Now I want Sonic tater Tots. I may have to get some at the store tongiht for dinner.

I agree, no scales!!! I hate getting on one right now. I feel so huge and round. I am only 26 weeks, but I feel like I am huge and should make excuses for how big I am. I don't feel sexy at all, just really ugly. My face has gotten really round too. Basically, I am showing this pregnancy everywhere, not just a cute little belly. I feel like Violet in the Willy Wonka movie, you know the one who turns into a blueberry. Well, I am turning into a blueberry. I am blowing up like a blueberry.

Ok, enought complaining from me. It is only tep and I know I can lose it after. It will be a lot of weight to lose, I am really going to need your help!