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09-26-2001, 07:43 PM
This tank just ate a load of butterscotch ripple right from the container-----now she feels sick---it doesn't sit well on barbequed salmon---OKAY SO TOMORROW IS THURSDAY---SO WILL THE INFAMOUS COWTANK PEACHBUT SHARE HER WISDOM---HOW DOES SHE STAY SO THIIIIIIIIIIIN???:s:

09-27-2001, 10:55 AM
Butterscotch ripple and barbequed salmon would be the end of me today, I'm afraid, Bagzie. Got this vaguely queasy feeling at the pit of my stomach. Bleh. Is it the flu? Probably, since I'm supposed to be scrubbing the house. The only thing that will make me all better is a hilarious post from Peachers on her day off.

THE GOOD NEWS........ I am down to 159.5 due to lack of appetite. Tune in tomorrow when I'll probably weigh 165 again. *sigh*

09-27-2001, 12:40 PM
I have no advice on staying thin. Apparently it is just impossible. No matter how we stick to our ice cream diets we just don't lose.

One of the school has the following menu about twice a month:

fried okra
banana pudding
garlic bread

How does that make you feel Sugar?

It is cold here. It's in the 60s and it's only September. I'm so glad I have my fat to protect me.

Have you listened to the news today? In a coupla weeks, I'm to put my baby on a plane to see his dad. He will be on FOUR planes. While I'm trying to help him feel air travel is safe, the news is that if his plane happens not to be safe the Armed Forces will step in and shoot him down. This makes me sick. Why can't they just show confidence that that won't happen?

09-27-2001, 03:31 PM
I don't do the ice cream diet. I do the "just a little bit o' chocolate won't hurt me" diet. Of course "little bit" is relative.

Peaches, look on the bright side. The air fare is cheap. Sorry. I shouldn't joke around when it concerns a wlb child's safety. Would a train be an option? I hate to let them change our way of life, and I feel really bad for anyone in the travel industry right now, but I know I'd have a hard time sending my kids off on a flight right now.

So where is that Lushbutt?

I'm up 2 lbs. this morning. Dern.

09-27-2001, 04:25 PM
That was cruel, Peachie, listing that revolting school lunch. Although certainly Sugar must have lost some more weight reading it.

It's been so nice here. It's been no lower than the 60s and it's almost October. I wonder when I'll ever need to turn the heat on... ;)

Sorry to hear about your various pukinesses, Sugar and Bagz. Hopes ya feel better. I found an excellent way to keep from stuffing mass quantities of food in my mouth in the evening (my most dangerous time) -- Last night I spent hours obsessively trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle. A friend gave us one of those "mystery" 3d puzzles, where you have to assemble every window of the building first -- and they are all shaped exactly the same, so you have go by the pictures and teeny tiny words the people are saying. All that squinting kept my hands out of the cookie jar all evening and I was starving by the time I went to bed. I haven't weighed myself today, but no doubt will have to change my sig.

Did I tell you our kitchen ceiling fell in? Well, practically. We had some leaks months ago and the other night we had a whole lot of rain and we just started getting water pouring through the seams in the ceiling. It didn't amount to all that much water all in all, but now our ceiling is gaping and draping. It's just lovely. DH is still dragging his feet about doing something about it. If he keeps it up I'm going to tell his father on him.

Boy, I don't know how I'd feel about putting the kid on a plane. Pretty damn nervous I guess, what else can you feel? The good news is he's flying around the home state of the terrorists, so that's pretty safe... :s:

See ya later alligators


09-27-2001, 08:23 PM
I guess that's how I got this way. I love lasagna and garlic bread. Fried okra counts as a veggie, and banana pudding is the ultimate comfort food. It's the thought of baked skinless chicken & steamed broccoli that's making me feel puky.

Kiwi, so sorry to hear about your kitchen ceiling. My toilet in the main bath is leaking. Every time someone flushes, the drain trickles downstairs in the basement. The good news is that the basement is unfinished and it has a drainage system and sump pump down there. Don't you just love old houses? They have such character.:dizzy: I'm sure the DH will fix it when he sits on the toilet and ends up in the basement.:lol:

09-28-2001, 06:36 AM
But would I have to eat it in that order, Peaches? The garlic bread after the banana pudding just doesn't do it for me.

I was flipping through my new Canadian Living magazine (can you say "pining for the fjiords"?) and I came across an ad for Max Factor or something. You know what lip and cheek colours their gorgeous model (didn't catch her name, probably Tawny or Brandi or something) was wearing? Get this: Pouty Plum and Berry Winey . I'm going to go out and get me some right now!

Peachers, my parents will be hopping on a plane on Monday and I know I won't sleep a wink until they arrive safely. How does the boy feel about flying right now? What I think is that it's probably never been safer and that IF something else happens, it won't be on a plane. Some consolation, huh?

Went to the hairdresser today and escaped without the usual bouffante debutante blow dry.

09-28-2001, 01:09 PM
Not really, but that lipstick does fit my usual mood.

Sugar, my hairdresser fixed my hair in a young, happenin' style. I went right home and restyled it into my middle aged 'do. The hair didn't fit the face. Sigh.

My sis-in-law has had her breasts redone (silicone started to leak) and her nose redone (she was never happy with just a new hairdo). The thought of trying to fix every little imperfection exhausts me. I don't know where she gets the energy to worry about it. Well actually I worry about it, I just don't have the energy to do anything about it. :^:

I'm back down 1 lb. I intend to lose 10 lbs. in the next month. There. I've said it. Now I'm going to try and do something about it. In fact, I'm issuing a 10 lb. challenge. Anybody game?

09-30-2001, 11:58 AM
As Kiwi pointed out I live in the homestate of the terrorists.

Then Sugar lives near the headquarters of the terrorists.

The terrorists passed by Kiwi's house on their way to ****.

Some terrorists tried to pass by Wabby's house on their way to Los Angeles but didn't make.

The moral, I think, is that Wabby is doing a better job protecting us than the others of us.

I joined a gym on Friday. It's small and has no shower or dressing room. You have to change in the little bathroom. It's cheap though. I can stink all day to save a buck, right?

10-01-2001, 01:14 PM
Yes, Peaches, I have been keeping an eye out for bad guys. I haven't seen any lurking around my suburbs, though.

Peachy, I used to belong to a little gym with no showers and fancy stuff. I didn't lose weight but I had the firmest fat around. Actually I liked it better than a big gym because I was less intimidated by all the Barbie Hardbodies. Unfortunately, they went out of business, so my only choice close to home is a very big, very busy overcrowded gym. I've been doing sit ups and leg lifts and a few weights for my upper body (flabby upper arms.) in addition to walking. I should never have declared my intentions to lose 10 pounds, because I've been eating like a piggy ever since. Today, however, is another day Scarlet.

Friday night we went out with friends to a place that specializes in Prime Rib, so of course I had to eat a big slab of red meat. Saturday I went shopping with a friend so of course I had to eat a giant grilled sandwich and sunday we had my sis and dh over for a bbq, so of course I had to eat lots of potato salad and bbq'd chicken. And I couldn't pass up the marionberry pie for dessert. Time to get back on the wagon.

Sugar, are the parents there yet?

10-01-2001, 05:23 PM
UnfortunatelyNoKeyboardDHSpilledcoFFee LushbuttHelp? Kiwonk

10-01-2001, 06:28 PM
The units arrive tomorrow afternoon, Wabby, thanks for asking. At the stroke of midnight I will be turning into a 12 yr old. You should SEE how clean my house is. Never mind that my knees are shot from scrubbing the floors. Actually, I don't know why I'm doing this. Mummy was always a crappy housekeeper but she had the BEST cleaning ladies. Gave 'em lunch like Bagzie does.:D

Peachy - your little gym sounds so cute. Is Herbie going too? Are you wearing a spandex crop top?I'm just jealous :smug:

Kiwonki - HowWritewithNOKeyBoarD? JusTStiCkY??%/$&??:lol:

10-02-2001, 04:42 PM
On your knees scrubbing the floor, Sugar?? How German! How hausfrau! My philosophy is that you should leave really glaring gaps in your housekeeping so that your mom pays for a housecleaner for you. My mother usually had a cleaning person in too. Of course she was working most of that time, I think (teacher). One of them swiped some of my money. That must be the basis of my messiness don't you think? Deepseated resentment against cleaning ladies.

I actually cut-and-paste that silly message. Seems the keys have dried out on their own because things are working fine wwowo93939392l2l2lp111p1p or are they....:dizzy:

Later, lovelies