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10-30-2006, 08:42 AM
Good morning everyone--

I resolve to post 4 times this week so we can stay connected. I know I could certainly use the support. Changing the clocks puts me into that horrible mode of: must sleep--must eat carbs. I use a lightbox to combat SAD (it's 10k lux to mimic natural light). I sit by it every morning for about 20 minutes as I either eat breakfast or write in my journal. Yesterday I was on the brink of a nap but I pushed myself and did a good solid workout at the Y. So that's one nap I fought off, but believe me, the darkness is just starting. There's a woman from Alaska who posts at the Maintenance board--I am sure she is very familiar with this challenge!

Is anyone interested in posting a daily menu thread? I am now a participant on the Core board and the menus run every day. It's helpful for me to get suggestions since I'm not experienced with Core yet.

All the best.

10-30-2006, 02:09 PM
Hey everyone. I worked the weekend so I didn't post. It was okay as far as staying on plan but I feel wasted. I work nights and slept very poorly Saturday and Sunday. This morning I came home, had a nice bath and went to bed and woke up feeling worse than when I went to bed! I feel like eating, I'm not really hungry it is just to combat how I feel. I probably do need to eat but I won't go overboard. I'm working on getting into a day shift position cause I've had it with these nights.

10-30-2006, 07:07 PM

It's my daily check in! Super quick. Going across the road to finally carve our pumpkins with Gramma.

I am starting my points as of 5 pm tonight, is do well that way. I decided to go with points but with a focus on whole foods and less processed junk. It will be a bit tricky as I have nothing fresh or healthy in my house right now. I will be having my shakes in the morning and aiming for protein based snacks.

Well got to run. I think I could try to do menu's. SOmetimes i can't keep up but I will try. I hope all is well with everyone!!

10-30-2006, 08:50 PM
Hey chicks, I have started back on WW this morning, and have had a really great OP day, one down, a million to go, lol.


10-31-2006, 09:02 AM

I had a great start back on plan. I even got up and exercised this morning!

Great Job getting back on track Donna!

Jen-I hope you are feeling better. Hopefully soon you'll be able to work days and it won't be so hard as you won't have to flip flop functioning in the day time on your days off and functioning at night on the days you work.

Elana-Yeah it is difficult to adjust when it's dark at 5pm. It's so hard to drag myself up when it's pitch black outside. Just think, 2 months and we'll be on the up swing again :)

Well I have two sick kids here. We had to leave school early yesterday for DD's fever and today she has perked up and DS is running a fever and barfing while on an antibiotic for ear infections. So I gues sit is viral. Problem is he is supposed to be put under anastasia Thursday so we can determine the issue with his eyes. I don't know if they will do it being that he is sick. I hate to keep putting it off. It's taken us since June to get to this point. It got rescheduled from the 26th to the 2nd. My neighbor has to rearrange everything inorder to get her kids child care since I can't watch them when he goes in. So hopefully it will go through and we can be done with it.

have a great day everyone!

10-31-2006, 09:16 AM
Morning all. I feel like I am coming down with this bug I seem to be getting a lot. Felt lousy last night and woke up at 1am and couldn't get back to sleep for 2 hours. I did the nasal spray the dr gave me and I'm going to do it regularly until this thing whatever it is goes away. That worked the last time. It doesn't feel like a regular cold, the dr doesn't seem to really know what it is either, she thinks it is somekind of sinus thing.

Hopped on the scale and of course I am back up but I think that is the weird thing my body does with water because of coming off night shifts. I never take that as a true weight until I've been off from work completely 1 day. So tomorrows weight will be more accurate. I should know better than to weigh myself when I know it will probably be up but that darned scale is too tempting!

Anyway have a great day everyone. Happy Halloween...stay out of the candy!!!!

10-31-2006, 07:58 PM
Sorry to hear about the kiddos, Misty. I hope they get better quickly!

I was a bumble bee (for Halloween) at work today. We had a good time, and we of-course all ate too much. Good thing it only comes around once a year! Nothing else new here. I'm home alone tonight, exercising, watching TV, and getting some cleaning done.

Have a good night!

10-31-2006, 08:37 PM
Sorry your kiddos are sick, Misty.
I had a pretty good OP day today, I did use a few flex points, but that's what they're there for.


11-01-2006, 09:26 AM
Misty - how are the kids doing today? Hope they are better. Is ds going to be able to have his procedure tomorrow?

Not much new with me, still feeling sick. I hate that I seem to be getting this every month or so. Hopefully it doesn't develop into the full blown losing my voice mess that I've had about 3 times before. I have this nasal spray that worked last month to head it off so I'm hoping it works again. Still I don't feel great and I have to go to work tonight. I had 3 sick days last month and I'm on thin ice with the sick days as it is so I'd better work tonight even though I don't really feel like it. Well it won't kill me, thank goodness I have the weekend off to look forward to.

Kept my hands out of the halloween candy last night, very proud of myself for not even having a mini chocolate. I know that it wouldn't be just one, it would be a dozen and then I'd feel bad. I happened to look at the calorie counts, they are about 60-80 cals each and I know it would be easy to eat 10 in 5 minutes. I didn't even really feel like I wanted them after all so maybe I'm finally starting to wise up a little.

Take care all, have a great 1st day of November!

11-01-2006, 07:53 PM
I dippped into the Halloween candy at the inlaws, but am going to try and stay out of it until it's gone, lol. Pretty good OP day today, used 5 flex, but that's what they're for!! Hope everyone is doing good!!
Jen, good job staying out of the candy!!

11-02-2006, 09:36 AM
Good Morning!

Great job on not eating that candy Jen!!!!!

DS stayed hoem from daycare yesterday. DH kept him half a day and MIL kept him the other half so DH could go to work. The fever and the throwing up are gone, but both kids have a wicked cough and runny nose. Both are whiney and miserable. The procedure for DS's eyes was canceled b/c the stupid lady at the dr office didn't call in the perscription for the eye drops. DH drove to town after trick or treating to pick it up and it was never called in. I was so mad. So frustrated. So I am babysitting today since I didn't have to go do that thing. The daycare allowed the lady I watch kids for to swap today (which she already paid for) for which ever day they have to be there when DS actually has his eye exam.

My eating has been good. I have pretty much avoided the candy, had a couple of peices but counted the points. But my weight is up since I last checked it. DS flooded the bathroom and my scale wigged out b/c it got all wet. But it's working again. So I have to adjust my tracker.

We have a potluck thing tomarrow for work. I am nots ure what I will bring. I really don't want to go. Its after work and I just don't feel like doing much of anything except coming home and sleeping.

Well I have 800 loads of laundry so I better get going! Have a great day everyone!

11-02-2006, 05:12 PM
Hey all. Depressed and upset today. I got a call from the manager of the ward where I want to work. She is worried about my sick time. We talked about it a bit and I told her how fatigued I am and stressed and I was certain that it would improve by getting off straight nights. I don't think she was convinced. She wants to see how I do over the next couple of months and then decided. Since I have seniority she can't hire anyone else but I don't really want to wait. If something else comes up I will take it but I imagine other managers will be just as unhappy about my sick time. Geez, can't they see that someone who is getting an average of 4 hours of sleep about half the time is going to be sick a lot?? I have no energy, so tired all the time, stressed about floating to different wards...seems pretty obvious to me but apparently not to her. Like because of my seniority she basically has to take me but she can delay it for awhile if she wants. I really wanted to start ASAP and she is making me wait until January. Well we'll see, I wrote her a letter, hope it will convince her that things will be better. Anyway just wiped out now, woke up with a hacking cought around lunch and then she called a little while afterward so I haven't been back to sleep. Fun, fun.

11-02-2006, 07:02 PM
Hi all!

Jen-That really sucks! Basically, you have to suck it up take zero sick days during the most cold and flu prone time of the year. Not to mention holiday stress time too. Yeah that is so not fair. But maybe if you push yourself you'll have the job you want and be far happier. It will be so hard, but worth it. I will keep it in my thoughts and hope that she sees you as the valuable employee that you are and lets you start sooner.

Did anyone see Oprah today? Imissed most of, something about 4 kids makes watching tv difficult unless it involes animation. It looked interesting.

I didn't journal my food today or last night b/c I left my journal in the van. My driveway is monsterously muddy and the van gets stuck so I had to park in front of the barn. I had zero desire to trek in the dark and mud to go it it last night and DH took the van to work today so I couldn't get it anyway.

I am a bit frustrated at the moment. Sunday I had plans to go to the grocery store. We have food, but nothing real healthy and not much for lunches. DH wanted me to wait two weeks, but said if I had to I could go. Well my neighbor called and said the olde rboy I watch was freaking out with everyone moving thier stuff out of the house (they closed on the sale yesterday) and asked if I could take him. So I did. Which blew my shopping trip. Then between work and sick kids I haven't been able to go Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or today. I have a staff get together tomarrow so that rules out tomarrow. The Saturday I need to go help my mom with a project for x-mas. Granted I could help her then shop, but I have a feeling it's going to drain me just dealing with her. I'll have to bring teh kdis with me and it will probably take a good part of the day. So really shopping will be difficult that day.

I really need some healthy food in here. I do so much better when I eliminate the junk. Like tonight we'll probably have tuna casserole for dinner b/c it's quick and I have all the stuff. Not terribley horrible, but not really a great choice. Egg noodles and canned cream soup are not the pinacle of nutrtion.

I just don't get why buying groceries is such a big deal around here. I feel bad alot of the time b/c money is a factor and I feel like I have to choose health or cheap.

11-03-2006, 10:27 AM
Do any of your stores deliver? If you have a Stop and Shop in your area, maybe you could try Peapod. Since you pre-order via internet, you can easily select lots of fresh produce and other health-supportive foods. Plus you can see the nutrition labels for the packaged foods.

I haven't survived Halloween too well. Partly the fact that I'm approaching TOM, and partly that I let my DD keep her candy around longer than optimal. I ate 3 Reese's cups last night and it just wasn't worth it.

Am back to consistent journaling and resolve to be faithful to Core.

Well, there are always new challenges in life...that's just how it is.

11-03-2006, 02:37 PM
Hi all. Sorry to be a bummer but I'm still kind of upset what is going on with me and work plus I had the shift from he!! last night. I slept my usual 4 hours and woke up with a screaming headache. Misty, I understand what you are saying about sucking it up but on the other hand I am starting to feel a bit angry that I should have to do that. Like is it my fault that I get sick? If I pick up a virus should I come into work where there are patients who might die if they picked it up from me? Last night I was working on a hematology/oncology ward and that would be a great place for someone to pick up a virus from me. Apparently though I am the only one who feels this way so if I get a terrible cold or whatever I am just going into work and it will up to them to send me home because I am sick. Also I am almost feeling like I don't want to go and work on this ward now because of the manager's attitude. I don't know, I am upset and stressed and depressed about the whole thing. Frankly I wish I could just quit altogether but unless I happen to win the lottery that really isn't an option but I'll tell you that I am counting the days until I can quit. Sorry I'm venting and it really isn't getting anywhere.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

11-04-2006, 09:54 AM
Jen-I really feel for you you are in a tight space. I really hope taht you stay well and it all works out. I think it is totally unfair, when you are sick you are sick and like you said you are risking lives with a simple cold. That is alot of pressure and responsibility. Perhaps going in sick and making them send you home is the only way they will accept that you are sick. It's not fair and totally sucks though. We're here if you need to vent!!!!!

Elana-I wish we could have groceries delivered! That is a service I would pay for in a heart beat. Unfortunatly we live in a really rural area. My shopping choices are 20 minutes away (where I work now so it's not as bad as it used to be), we have two very small local stores. Thier produce selections are the length of my kitchen counter. You're lucky you can find mozerella cheese let alone fresh parmesean or heaven forbid something low fat, 100% whole grain ect. The one carries better stuff that the other. But you are hard pressed to eat healthy b/c 1 it is really expensive and 2 it's just not available. We have a couple of stores just slightly larger about 25 minutes away in the other direction. I have an issue with the one store there b/c everytime I buy meat there it is bad within 1-2 days and milk often spoils in 3. Also in this town there is no Walmart or BJ's where I can stock up on stuff other than groceries, so I still need to go to my last shopping choice which is Olean or Hornell. They are 45 minutes away. The stores are bigger, not huge like you would see in a city. But they offer a bigger selection, fresher and more abundant produce and healthier options. But when I am talking 20 minutes or 45 minutes it's on curving, hilly roads that in the winter are barley plowed enough for one car let alone trying to pass on coming traffic. In the summer it's not as huge of a deal. The biggest issue though is my husband. He didn't grow up jotting to Olean for groceries. They bought what they could at the teeny little stores. We have stuff in the house, stuff like hamburger helper, boxed mac and cheese, hot dogs, white bread (which I detest) that DH bought on sale at the local store. So DH is happy. I don't know it's so frustrating that this is always an issue. It's such a simple matter.

I'm glad to hear you are back on track though. It's so hard once you veer off. It's great that you turned it around!!!

Well I have to go help my mom today (which is almost in Olean so I'll try to grab some stuff as long as teh kids aren't miserable). Have a great weekend everyone!!!

11-04-2006, 09:04 PM
My problem with groceries is not so much location as price. Fresh healthy foods are so much more expensive than cheap food, that is why people with low incomes are overweight, they can't afford quality food. I find the only thing is to make what you can and just not eat that much of it. Like Hamburger Helper, I'll make it with less than 1 lbs as it says on the box and I use lean ground beef. After I brown it I rinse it under hot water in a colander to get rid of the extra grease. So a cup of that made up with the sauce and noodles should be a little less calories than on the box and then I have some kind of veggies with it, generally salad or carrots or peas are about the only vegs my husband will eat. That is a problem too, that he won't eat a lot of different stuff and also I am feeding a 5 year old who is also very picky. Still my son will eat more veg and fruit than my husband will so that is something at least!

11-05-2006, 07:18 PM
Yeah the price thing hits hard here too. In the summer it is far easier and on occasion frozen veggies go on sale. But it is very expensive to eat healthier. Whole wheat bread and pasta are TWICE as much as regular and rarely go on sale. But hamburger helper goes on sale all the time, often for a dollar a box. We get beef free and even if we had to buy it I could feed my whole family for what...$6? But since we don't have to buy it I can feed everyone for $2 including frozen veggies.

I ended up buying stuff locally yesterday when I ran to town to buy cough medicine. I spent around $75 which will have to last me at least 2 weeks, hopefully 3. I watched Dr. Oz on Oprah and then his show on discovery health. He said that if your waist is over so many inches (I Think 40) you have the smae risk of dying as you would if you had certain types of cancer! Yeah taht scared the crap out of me. I ordered his book, it was only $15 on Amazon and included a exercise sample dvd. I typically don't rush out and buy diet books, but this guy made alot of sense.

I did well today. I walked 2 miles on the treadmill, ate a good breakfast. I went to my mom's and helped her. My gramma and uncle came over too, so I bought stuff to make a salad before I got there so I knew I would have a healthy choice. I had the salad and a small portion of spaghetti and a half portion of dessert.

I had to buy some clothes. NONE of my shirts fit and I only have 2 pairs of jeans that fit. I really needed at least one pair of pants for each day of the work week, that way when I do laundry on thursdays I'll have enough for the weekend. 2 pairs is so not enough! Plus all my shirts show my fat roll. I am so disgusted with myself! I need to get back on track. I spent WAY too much on clothes this spring to not be wearing any of them.