South Beach Diet - Has anyone had success while tweaking the diet?

10-28-2006, 04:25 PM
I started south beach diet today for the second time... i had great success last year and now that i look back on it i guess i ate a lot of foods that were not allowed.

1. Carrots: i had about ten baby carrots every other day

2. Light Yogurt flavored with Fructose- i used to eat this yogurt every single day... and yes it was flavored

3. Pumpkin- i'm a pumpkin freak so i eat .5 cup each day mixed with splenda, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a dash of sf syrup and then warmed in the microwave.

So here is the big question... if i had success doing these 'wrong' things last year is it ok to eat this stuff in ph 1 even if i know its not approved? I honestly dont believe that these three items will make my cravings any stronger.... i'm not techinally overweight but i have 30 pounds to lose until i believe i look my best. If i stay in ph 1 eating these items but prolong it to mayve 4 weeks will i be ok in the long run?

Thanks :carrot:

10-28-2006, 06:49 PM
Well, if your calories are low enough you will lose weight no matter what plan you follow. However, this is really not South Beach Phase I, is it? If you continue to eat that way, you should be on Phase II and adding more slow carbs in order to get proper nutrition.

Phase I is a short term plan and should not be followed more than three weeks. South Beach is a lifestyle change.

At 5'6" your goal weight should be around 130 - based on 5 pounds for every inch over 5' which is 100. Remember that extreme dieting can screw up your metabolism, forever.

10-28-2006, 09:36 PM
Thanks for the reply :)

I guess i'll call what i'm doing 'modified phase 1'. I am eating low cal compared to before SB so the weight should come off. I have a hard time eating the right amount of calories.

About your weight goal: at 130... i dunno i'm thin looking at 130 but i honestly look my best at 115-120. Thats when my pants fit the best i feel my healthiest. I was thinking of pushing my goal to 125 but i dunno, just doesnt seem to be where i want to be.

Thanks again!

10-29-2006, 10:30 AM
I am not SBD but DH is but I do W/W. Your goal weight is where you feel comfortable and feel you WON'T HAVE TO DIET to maintain. I am 5'4" and my goal weight is still outside the normal ranges on most diet plans including W/W. I have set 150 because that is where 1) I look good, 2) I feel good and 3) I don't feel like I have to diet to maintain it. Additionally I recommend talking to your doctor about your goal weight and having him or her help you decide on what is right for you.

Also remember that if you have more muscle mass you may not be able to get down to 115-120 but you may be smaller in size...this is why strength training is great.

At 150 I am size 6-8 depending on the style of clothes.

10-29-2006, 11:22 AM
Thanks kelly :)

heres an update on my plan: i'm gonna suck it up and cut out carrots, pumpkin, and yogurt starting on monday. I found someone who can take the yogurt so i wont feel bad. I guess i can call this weekend easing into sb :)

Thanks again for all the replies

10-29-2006, 11:44 AM
Whoa! You can have sugar free yoghurt. The revised Phase I list in FAQ allows dairy.

10-29-2006, 12:36 PM
really? i posted on another sb site and they said that even though my yogurt was fat free and sweetened with aspartine that justs because it was flavored i couldnt have it? Is that correct?