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10-25-2006, 09:12 AM
Hey everyone. Wow, been really quiet in here this week. Well I had a crazy day yesterday. I worked Monday night, went to bed around 8:30am and around noon the phone woke me up. It was the daycare, my little boy had fallen while running outside and landed on his arm and he was having a lot of pain from it. We took him to ER and found out that he had a small fracture at the end of the 2 long bones by the wrist. The put a small cast on. Thus far it has been a lot of crying and whining and complaining. Of course it had to be his right hand which is his dominant hand so he can't do much of anything. He hates wearing his sling but he needs to keep it elevated otherwise it seems to hurt more. I was going to keep him home all day but he wants to go to school this afternoon so hopefully it will go okay.

Weight loss wise I did not keep up my great start from last week but I am still down from where I was so that is okay. I'm taking my own advice that I gave someone else to just log on for a few minutes at the start of each day just to focus myself on keeping up with my plan.

Take care all, hope you have a great day!

10-25-2006, 08:17 PM
Ahh sorry Jen about your little guy.
Great advice about logging in to focus.
I am having some health issues and facing some minor surgery so am finding comfort in food. Ahhh to fight this battle another day. Right now I am pampering my sorry butt. Hee hee.
Take care.

10-25-2006, 08:35 PM
Jen, sorry about your little boy, hope he feels better soon!!
I am not doing so hot plan wise, but am going to get back on track tomorrow, been crazy here, had last demo derby of the year this past weekend, so hopefully things will slow down here. Have been working on DH's new demo derby website, for him and all his friends, very time consuming, but is turning out great, so I am really proud!! He had me put a pic of me and him form last summer on the site with one of the cars he won with, it was so embarrasing, because of how big I am!! I vow to put a pic up next season, and be lots smaller!!!


10-26-2006, 09:13 AM
Very applicable title Jen, it has been dead around here. SOrry. It's nuts here.

I hope your little guy is feeling better!! I can imagine how hard it is for him....and YOU!

Luflic-My thoughts are with you and I hope all turns out well!!

Donna-If anything is an inspiration I'd sya it was having your picture plastered on the internet!!!! Maybe I should do that LOL.

I am doing a Christmas Challenege with my sister who just had WLS. She's down around 30 pounds so far in a month. So her weight goal is much bigger than mine, mine is 15 pounds and we both argeed on 40 sessions of exercise. Maybe we should start one here? I'm not great at these things though, I never seem to finish. But Christmas is about 8 weeks away.

I am going to try to follow your advice Jen and check in each morning. I think it would help me set my focus for the day.

Well I have a bit of the morning off until the kids arrive. Thier mom hurt her back and took a sick day so she is letting them sleep in and will bring them when they wake up. Then she'll go home and finish packing as they have to be out of thier house this weekend. I really hope she doesn't hurt her back worse, she can barley walk, she's 8 months pregnant and has to pack pretty much her whole house by herself since her mom coped out and only helped her for 4 hours. I don't think she has a ton left to do, but still. ANyway I better run! Have a great day everyone!

10-26-2006, 09:28 AM
Morning all. Here for my AM check in. yesterday was pretty good. I am down 2 lbs since yesterday. It is all water I know that. I drank a ton yesterday. I once had a body composition test done and I had a lot of extra cellular fluid so I imagine that my body hangs onto water like I'm living in the Sahara! I don't eat a lot of salt or products that have salt so it is definately not that, no blood pressure problems either and I"m not normally bloated. Werid eh? I guess normally I just don't drink enough.

Well Tuesday was actually the worst day for my son for his broken arm. Yesterday he had some children's Tyelenol in the morning and some Benadryl at night because it was itching a lot and of course you aren't supposed to scratch under the cast. I was going to let him off school yesterday and he surprised me by saying that he wanted to go so in the morning we went shopping for a new winter coat for him and in the afternoon he went to school. So he's doing pretty good so far. The hardest part I think will be learning to do a lot of things with his left hand as there is only so much he can do with his right. His fingers are not really in the cast but it loops up over his thumb and about halfway up the back of his hand. He tends not to want to use that hand at all though I suppose just in case he moves it wrong and it hurts. Can't blame him there!

Misty - I was thinking of a Xmas or New Year's Challenge when the Halloween one is over. Sorry to hear about your neighbour hurting her back. I hope her move goes okay. Does she have any other family to help?

Donna - definately posting your pic on the internet would be incentive! Put that other pic up on your fridge or print out that page from the web site so you won't forget.

luflic - sorry to hear that you are not 100% and hope things get better. If this isn't the time to pamper yourself I don't know when it is!

Take care all, have a great day!

10-26-2006, 08:28 PM
:mad: :mad: :mad:

Really bad day here eatingwise. I was about as off program as I've been in a long time and don't have the courage to tally up the points.

OK, deep breath.
I commit to:
no more eating tonight
planning tomorrow's food and putting it in my tracker tonight
staying OP thru the weekend

I will also think about switching back to Core (I'm generally a Flex gal), starting on Sunday, which is my WI day. I did Core for 2 or 3 weeks, didn't exactly love it but I did lose a few pounds that had crept back.

Now I am typing with my pants unzipped. What a horrible feeling!


Please send good wishes my way. I made some really bad choices today.

10-27-2006, 08:17 AM
Good Morning!!!!!!

Elana-You are NOT alone, we all have those days!!! It's ok, you're getting back on track and that is what counts. But use this time as a reminder, remember this feeling when you are thinking about stepping off the path again. BIG HUGS :hug: :hug: :hug: !!!!!

Jen-I hope you little guy adjusts to the cast...by the time it happens he'll probably be all healed :) I am sure it will be a long several weeks. We had a kid at daycare once break his leg! He weighed 40 pounds with out the cast all the way to his hip, can you imagine lugging him around? I do though hope your guy feels better soon and that the pain and itching ease. Remember even though it's a difficult time take some time for yourself to eat well and exercise!

Well, today is the 11th anniversary of when I started dating my husband. Tomarrow is our 6th wedding anniversary. So what better time to kick it into high gear? I am wavering between trying this really high protein super low carb thing my sister recommended. Protein shakes (which I bought already) for breakfast, protein and veggies for lunch and dinner. Limit of two startches a day and they should be good startches. All carbs should be accompanied by protien...apple and cheese. Or doing the wendie WW plan, or flex. I better decide quick huh? I wish I could combine them all but the low carb thing is almost not livable for me, but it's the carbs that are causing me to binge. Cereal is a HUGE trigger food for me!

Ok I'm running late so I better go ahev a great day everyone!!!!

10-27-2006, 11:51 AM
Morning all. Had a pretty good day yesterday. I ate well, that is to say I didn't eat junk, ate healthy food but I probably ate a little too much of it! Well I think it's okay because I made a batch of banana muffins and an apple caramel cake yesterday and I only had 1 muffin and none of the cake so I think I did okay! I got out for some exercise with my son, we had a couple of walks. He is doing well, the cast only has to stay on for 3 weeks so that really isn't too long.

Elana - we've all been there with making bad choices. Forget about yesterday, just remember that you don't want to feel that way again!

Misty - I know what you mean about the carbs. Crackers and cookies are it for me. I could easily eat a whole sleeve of crackers and cheez whiz or half a box of cookies. Since you've already bought the protein shakes you might as well try that plan, no sense in the money going to waste.

Take care all, have a great day!

10-27-2006, 02:27 PM
I have never tried any protein shakes, so I'd be interested to hear what you think of it (both in terms of taste and results). Congrats on your anniversary!

I am going back to Core on Sunday; I think it will help me make better choices. Too bad I will have to give up my yummy Kashi GoLean waffles for breakfast.

10-27-2006, 03:27 PM
Misty, I know what you mean about the carb binges. I am going shopping tonite to fill my house with healthy on plan foods. I start back at WW on Monday, for the first time in months, and I will probably be bad the weekend, but am determined to lose 10 pounds by Christmas if it kills me, lol. DH is so supportive, and suggested to go back on our nightly treadmill challenges, so i think that's what we are going to do!!


10-28-2006, 10:03 AM
Happy Saturday ladies!!!!!

The plan my sister gave me is modified from her dr's plan that she was one for several months which included shots and stuff. So I'll lay it all out here for more for myself than anything else....

1) Protein only for breakfast
2) 4 ounce of protein and 2 cups of low sugar vegs for lunch and dinner (no carrots, corn)
3) snacks should be protien based, if a fruit is included protein first (cheese is my favorite)
4) Have the equivalent of one lemon a day (I put mine it water)
5) 1 Multi vitamin and 2 fish oil caplets a day
6)Limit of two startch servings a day and they should be whole grain or in the case of rice brown rice
7) No sugar, no white flour, white rice, whiote potatoes, protein should be low fat, but not necassarily fat free, and watch the sodium

Really it's not terribley different from Core. Just with a few tweaks.

For the protein shakes I ordered them for Jay Robb online as his seem to be the only ones that do not have artificial sweeteners like splenda and asperatme. He uses stevia. He offers soy and whey in many flavors, and I think eggwhite protein. If you google Jay Robb you'll find a result for his offcial site.

I got chocolate. They had free shipping of orders over $25, it was ground but it got here fairly quickly considering there was a weekend in there. It was $37.64 for the 2 pound container which was 32 servings.

He also has unflavored protein powder, so you can add it to soup, coffee whatever really. My sister has used another brand of unflavored and LOVES it. She says it lends a slight creaminess to stuff, but really it has NO FLAVOR! She has to have alot of protein since WLS and this is an easy way for her to add it without having to eat more. GNC offers MANY varieties of shakes that are cheaper if you can have the artificial sweeteners. I think they also offer unflavored.

I don't mind the taste. I don't think everyone would like it. My sister used to drink hers with water when she was doing this plan, but I couldn't do that. We both now use skim milk (plus the milk offer like 8 grams of extra portein and the powder has 24 grams in one scoop). I think it's 4 points for 1 scoop of powder and 1 cup of skim milk. It's a bit thick and kind of "Sets" up if you don't drink it right away. The trick is to mix as you pour the powder in, or use a bottle you can shake it in. I like the taste of slim fast and carnation instant breakfast, it's along those lines though not quite as sweet. It's not terrible and it's not fabulous, but it's tolerable. I don't really mind it. Honestly I can't say I love it, I perfer carnation instant breakfast, but I can say I could drink it daily.

I am thinking if could do this for 30 days to jump start my loses and ease myself back into WW, which is my preffered plan then maybe I can get back on a roll. I am stuggling so badly. It's like everyday I say THIS is the day and by noon I am saying Ok TOMARROW is the day. I am back up to 232...or at least that's what my scale said before my son flooded the bathroom with tub water and drowned my poor scale. I have no clothes that fit, I am dreadings eeing family and friends forx-mas, and all the pictures that involves. I know there is no quick fix, but I know that I need to get on track somehow and fast!

Well I have to go clean. Some people are coming today to adopt two of our kittens and maybe the Mommy too!! I am so glad they are finding a great home and will no longer be peeing on my front porch and in my flower bed. I feel bad but they ahve to stay outside here. I have two cats and two dogs in my house and oculdn't possibley have any more. I hate seeing them out there all cold. So I hope these people take the mom too. With only three left after that I can probably afford to have them fixed. I really don't like people who come here dump off animals and leave us to deal with them. Just b/c I live on a farm does not mean I need 100 possibley rabid cats and dogs running around my children.

I hope everyone has a great on plan weekend!!!!

10-29-2006, 10:17 AM
hi! Just checking in this morning. Not much going on today. Have a great weekend everyone!

10-29-2006, 02:12 PM
Thought I would check in too, going to start back at WW on Monday, have been bad this weekend, but am getting it all out of my system. Filled the house with tons of on plan foods, and am looking forward to starting tomorrow off on a good foot. Hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend.


10-29-2006, 04:31 PM
Hi! It's been awhile! I decided to start back on track big time today. I bought Dance Dance Revolution and started that yesterday. It's a lot of fun, and it made my legs so tired! I did that again today plus I jogged two miles (which was rough because my legs were so dead tired!).

8 weeks until Christmas. Wow!

I'm going to figure out my meals for the week. I hope to be around more.

Misty, I feel sorry for the abandoned cats and also the poor people who end up taking care of them. I just can't imagine doing that! Are you having the protein shakes for breakfast?

10-29-2006, 08:53 PM
Ladies I am proud of you this sounds like the sistas of old. Motivated and getting back on track. Go girls!

I went to a gourmet cooking class this week end it was wonderful ate way too much. But hopefully I too am making a fresh start tomorrow! You have inspired me!!!

10-29-2006, 09:18 PM
Sometimes cooking classes can actually be really helpful--I have taken several that focus on healthy ethnic cooking (Asian, Indian, other international vegetarian). I got a 50% reduction in tuition because I volunteered to be the chef's assistant. It was fun and relaxing.

I tried out a new piece of exercise equipment at the Y today--a treadmill with separate footplates that move at angles--like walking up a steep hill. I got very sweaty which seemed to make it an extra intense workout.

I restarted on Core today and didn't exactly have an OP day. From the nf mocha at Starbucks to the cheese and crackers for snack, there were a lot of weekly points used that I probably should have banked for later in the week. Oh well, we're only human.